April 15, 2007

Hi... Quickly.

Hello Everyone.

I still don't have any inernet. I'm over at my uncles using his connections. I might have been here sooner. But his computer went down two weeks ago, then I fixed it one day, then I gave him time to catch up on stuff that he needed to do before asking to use the computer. My sister and I checked our mail and stuff. She went first, now it's my turn.

Quick catch up since I can't stay here all day.

One I got a job. Not a great or really good job, but I'm getting some money to keep us going. Currently, I'm stacking shelves at Ram's in BirdRock in the produce section. I'm really covering for a girl who is on vacation, then when she comes back I starting training for casher. The only way I even got this job, was to promice that I wouldn't run off to another job for at least 6 months once I started training, because they really need a casher now, and they didn't want to waste time training me, to have me up and leave.

So my feet are killing me, I'm hating the smell of hot spoiled tomatoes and sweep peppers. And I hate puting out bananas, because there is always too much of them, and it takes me forever to put them out and boxes are heavy to lift.

I lift alot of things. Something that some of them don't like. They also don't like that I don't go for lunch, work over time, and wash things. Oh, and ask for stuff that they can't shell, but are still useable after you cut off a part or two. Because of that last part, Ms Linch really doesn't like me. I'm setting myslef up to bug her for the last 4 or so days that I'm doing shelf stacking. The girl comes back on Friday, so I think I go to trainning to the Rams on the Bay Road on Friday.

I work 6 days a week from 9am till 4:30. Well suppose to. I haven't left at 4:30 since the first week when I was with the girl I was coving for. This is too much work for just one person. They really should have two people doing this. I never get it all done.

Well I'm going to make two last ditch trys to get a job somewhere else, but if they don't work out, Rams owns me until November.

Oh, the pay is $350 a week. Beleive it or not, that is most then the other girls that do same work. They get $300 an that is before taxes.

Well I have to go. I'm ok, always low on catch, almost finished paying off my living room set, then I can work on paying down my cable bill to get internet and tv back, and my lights bill isn't so bad anymore.

The money I got from Clear Harbor wan't that bad when I quit. It helped us get a new tank of gas so we don't have to worry about that finishing at the very wrong time.

Well I have to now. Once again sorry for the grammer and such. I don't really have the time to go over this and such, but on the bright side, I'm thinking of taping my blogs, so I could just up load an mp3 and you can just hear my ramble and find out what my voice sounds like at the same time.

Won't that be fun. *grin*... well see, take care, and remember the good times.