May 29, 2006

Meeting Ayo

I know that I’m late, but it’s not from the complete lack of trying.


Well I got up, ironed my new outfit and went out. I got the bus stop and stood there thinking of where I was going to go.

I had to go to town and get my resume printed out along with the things from HP, and to have a bunch of stuff Xeroxed. I also had Ayo to go and see and find out if wasted last week with Labour and the telemarketing thing.

I decided to go to Ayo first. I held my coat over my arm until I got to the school to cut down on the wrinkles. I got there and then I had to find out which building held the LRC. Turns out it was the same building that held most LRCs I’m learning. The Library.

I walked in the library to find Mr. Coffee writing up something. Mr. Coffee, use to be the director of the library over at the vet school like 6 years ago. So that means that I worked with him for the first 2 years I worked at the vet school.

Well I have good timing it turns out. That day was his last day. He wanted to talk and to talk with me, but I finally had pull away and go see Ayo, since they called down to let him know that I was coming and the place wasn’t that big to keep for that long. So I told him that I would be back after I talked with Ayo.

I walked over and I walked towards the desk for the LRC and it took me a while to realize that it was Roosevelt. I really haven’t seen him in a while. I of course stopped and talked with him for about 5 or so mins. It’s from him that I found out that they have been trying to get in contact with me since the afternoon I was fired. That I didn’t expect. They may even have known before me for all I know. I knew that he didn’t reconsider anything. Either which way, Roosevelt would be happy to have me working with him again, and he did say that so I could take care of the teachers mostly. So I then went in and talked to Ayo. At first I didn’t think that he was there, I passed and office and just thought that it was his, but it was Roosevelt’s. So I walked over and Ayo let me his office.

I sat down as he finished his phone call. Then he turned to me and asked what I did to my brother Ron. That’s how he talks. Everyone is related as far as he is considered. He has his kids calling me Aunty Jhoy. So I told him what happened. I backed up my hard drive to and external drive, as it was crashing to save my data, and a week later I took stuff off the external drive and left it plugged into the computer. Ron had to get something off the drive, and looked into the folder with my name on it, saw what he saw, and decided that he didn’t want it on his network and that it was a firing offence, and called me Monday afternoon to let me know that I was being let go. I argued my point that I didn’t copy it to any of the computers, and that wasn’t there for sharing, and that he knew that I backing up my hard drive because it was crashing. He pretended to go think about it, but when he called me back you could hear it in how it said it, he didn’t really think about it. He just hung up, looked over what I said in his head for about 5 mins, then he started deleting things, closing my account, and contacting human resourse for my final paycheck and what not.

That last part I didn’t tell Ayo, and he asked me if that’s it. I said yes. The dismissal letter said more, but that was made up of inaccurate/incomplete information and lies.

The rest of the meeting consisted of what I was going to do next, after he said that he is going to try and see if the could talk them into making a media center, and then hire me to run it. That would be great. I would work more in my field again, I could quit my telemarketing job after giving them two weeks notice then come work for the Nursing school that would pay me a bit more he hinted. I left him resume for when he had to pass my by his boss/dean. He didn’t look at it since he knew me and knew I was good worker.

He then had the third member of his team show me around the school. As it stands now, it’s only three buildings, and one of them being a two story. I ran into Ms. Beachman near the end of my tour, but we didn’t really talk. She just commented on one of the things that I was being shown then she went to look for someone.

Near the end of the tour the guy who was showing me around told me of this other position that he knew about that trying to be made over at the bottling company. But it sounded very involved. If I took that job, I couldn’t quit and move to the nursing school. If I took that on, I would have to be there for at least 5 years. It would just be me, then I more or less would then help build the department around me, and then I would be the head of it, and I would receive very specialized training for this new thing that they want to do.

I went back down to say good by to Ayo, but he was busy, so I just went to say good by to Mr. Coffee instead.


Three months later and I don't remember what happened next. So I'm mostly publishing this so that anyone who is back reading this blog has a clue about what happened since I said I was going to post this, and for the save of it being saved by some internet logger out there so I can dreg it back up in 39 years if I ever loose this blog.

May 28, 2006

Just Shopping.

We decided to do the shopping today in hope that I will have a job next week.

Now I'm just tired. I think that I'll go to bed now. Night. Posted by Picasa

May 26, 2006

Sound Files....

There is where my day seems to be ending.

Yesterday it was far more interesting and expensive, and it turn out to be a major waist of time and money.

I looked and looked and even ran over to a store mins till 8pm to see if they had a shirt I could buy to wear to my interview on Thursday. It didn't fit; the size tag was a lie. So come Thursday morning I was up with Nika and Jhodie, I got ready we all left the house the same time. Jhodie and I went around town looking for something interview appropriate.

I don't think that the labour department is that much help. I don't think they gave me any leads 8 or so years ago when I first tried to get a job, and yesterday was just about down right insulting to what I use to do before.

I know she told me that it was a telemarketing job, but I didn't believe her. It became shockingly true when I walked into the place 20 mins after leaving the Labour department. Before that I was running around with Jhodie getting money off the bank, looking for clothes, and end up spending $149 on a suit. I don't like suits, but at least this one had a few nice flowers on it. I had the idea of taking a pic since I walking around in $199 worth of new clothing. I wore the new bra too.

She, the lady at Labour, didn't do anything other then copy down what I wrote on the paper the day before onto a new paper that had carbon paper with it, and made the new adjustments that I told her. I got my phone number wrong the day before, and I upped the about of pay I was looking for. She didn't even look at my resume. On the way to catch a bus to the place I was to have to the interview we stopped off at the Kba (formally Ram's) and picked up one more shirt to swap out with the brown one I was currently wearing for any other interviews I might have. I also paid for a tv tuner card. It hurt, but I had to buy something to not feel like I was not throwing away the money. Three pieces of clothing in less then 2 hours and I had spent just under $200.

We got to the place way early and walked around a showroom on the other side of the street. It's really nice, and really expensive. I may get one of their pots and or some candle holders after I get a job.

Speaking of job, I walked over there, open the door and saw a small sea, closer to pond, of cubicles with girls wearing head sets and the a lot of chattering. The lady from Labour wasn't mistaken. It was telemarketing. Everyone was looking at me, and there eyes followed me into the next room.

Another room, that in my head, screamed union, middle wages, and the sound of the assemble line on the other side of a half wall didn't help to prevent. Interesting place. One half had a phone pool, and the other side had a brush assemble workshop going. Once again I filled out another form. It seems like they get some immigrant work from some of the questions they asked. I wasn't the only one there. Somehow guy ended up here also. That reminds me. I should send my resume to McPennies. One of their works just came to work for us. Maybe his spot isn't filled yet.

Either which way, after I was done with that, I was given a touch typing exam. Mummm. (with a cocked eyebrow) Ok, I wasn't going to say how much I typed this time around and just keep my mouth shut and take the test. It wasn't as fast as I would like. I think I got as high as 34 wpm. Which on days is a little slow for me. The numbers slowed me down, but then I was trying to cut down on mistakes. I got a 96% accuracy. Then after sitting down for like 5 or so mins and having some lady from the office part of this whole thing ask me questions, most of which were on the form that I filled, that she was reading, I was lead away for the actual interview part of this whole thing.

Now I could show off my resume. She seemed impressed, but not until after I read a script. A Script? Yep, they were pushers. I was about to join the original spammers. I read it rather well I thought. My nice upper class talk came in handy. Among other questions she asked if I ever sold anything before. I told her that Ross was my first job. I didn't think of mentioning MCI. Since that was just a complete failure. Which is why today I starting to think of calling the Nursing school and asking Ayo if they had any openings.

At first I was thinking that it wouldn't be as bad as MCI. I wouldn't be knocking at doors and trying to push something to their faces. But then I would still fell the rejection all the same. But it's not personal I told myself. It shouldn't bug me, but it does. I feel like I'm talking myself out of not liking this job. But I should call around all the same so if for some reason they don't call me back I might have something else.

Oh, that thing about the new shirt, that was after the interview. I got that mixed up. We also got two watches fixed in town before we went home. I almost took a pic of me in my new outfit for everyone to see what $199 EC looks like. Granted, in 3 months if not sooner, the outfit will be discounted down to $60., but I didn't have the time to wait and hope my size was still there.

Jhodie had a nap until I woke her up at 1pm. I was suppose to wake her up like 5 mins earlier, but I was messing with the tv tuner card. I have it working fine now, but a few things went wrong, a few things weren't understood, but now I like it, and I don't have another appliance running when I'm on the computer, and my sister can do the same when I'm not here. That could end up helping out with the lights bill.

I currently have $1,500 on the bank, and that will only get us so far. Now I fell panicky again. I need a job. Ok, Nika came home yesterday and crashed. She was out for like 3 hours. So she was up late. I know I fell asleep before her. She was in awe that the tv was on my computer. So she stayed in here with me. I fell asleep with Nika next to me, the computer going and a window open. I'm not sure about the computer, but Nika was in her room and the window was closed when I woke up at like 4:30am.

Today wasn't that bad. Very good compared to how my life will soon be. I would have been able to sleep a little longer if I didn't have to take Nika to school. She ofcourse woke up late, so I took got her ready for school once she woke up. I got her to school just before 10am. I came back and didn't go back to sleep. I'm sure I wanted to, but I did something else.

Around 11am I started to think about being a telemarketer and was dreading it and thought that it was time to call Ayo over at the nursing college. That was heck. Firstly it was hard just getting a number for the nursing school. Two of the four numbers I got were for the vet school, and as for the other two numbers. No one picked up. I called both for over 2 hours, and no one picked up.

Then when I thought about calling Ayo at his house, I found out that I didn't have that number anymore. So I have see if I can get the number from Nika's God mother. She works at the nursing college.

Today was t-shirt day, and they let them out early. Again with out telling anyone. What if I wasn't home? Now we have to give her a set of keys everyday so that she can get into the house for when they do it again and we aren't at home this time.

Grief!... I just remember that I was suppose to go by my uncle's house tonight. When he came by to get Verey, he said that he wanted to show me something. Oh well. I can try tomorrow.

Well the day is over.... the time is currently 2.36am. Ya.. a long time from when I started writing this.

I checked the last blog I wrote and realize that I skipped Tuesday, but Tuesday was nothing much. I think I saved a draft. I'll go look for that later. I should be posting that tomorrow.

Don't expect a blog for Saturday. I don't expect anything to happen other than a walk over uncle Ray's and maybe down to guy's house to install those typing programs for him. I may just settle on one instead of the two that I was going to give him. They don't need two.

I'll also came back and spell check this thing tomorrow also. I just can't re-read all this right now. I just hope it's not to bad, but I'm sure there is a line or two that is completely messed up as it came from my head and out my fingers and got past my eyes.

See ya.

PS.. The sound files title. I was looking for sound themes for windows just before I started the blog. There aren't any out there. I found maybe 2. Shame.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Dell deal bolsters Google search

BBC NEWS | Technology | Dell deal bolsters Google search

May 24, 2006

Häagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate

Häagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate

I haven't had any Haagen Dazs since I left NY. Not with the price starting at $26.

Just thought to start sharing again.

I'm in the middle of blogging for yesterday and today. It should be up tonight. The kids will here in about 10 mins so I don't really think that I should start that again until Verey has been picked up.

I guess I should do some dishes.

I guess I can blog about today really quickly.

Nothing much. I got up, had my hair combed, and went to town to see the labour department to leave my resume and see if they had a job for me. They told me to come back tomorrow at 9:15, dressed for an interview over in the industrial site to be a telemarketer. I don't know if I want to do that, but all I can say is that if I do it, I hope it pays well and that I won't be at it for too long.

I'm also waiting to see if I can get another job that I e-mailed my resume off to yesterday.

I received a letter of recommendation from a teacher today. I read it when I was at welfare. It was quite nice, but I don't really think it carried that much weight.

I came home to see a letter from AM. She got back to me fast. I told her that I was canned, and like everyone else she was surprised.

I fell asleep in the middle of writing the letter, then I woke up an hour or so later and finished it up.

Well everyone is here now and Nika brought a friend, but I need a drink so I'm going get something to drink and maybe clean something.

Oh, if any friends come by, I have just installed yahoo messenger on this computer. I think it's time I talk to my friends again. It's jhoyelba at, if you wanted to say hi or something.

See ya.

May 23, 2006

Cricket Day

I woke up feeling a bit more normal today. Jhodie didn't have work until 1pm today, and I could go looking though my box for those things from Ross and head down to the Labour department and be back before Jhodie had to leave.

But the same reason why Nika was home today, is the same reason why I couldn't go to town. It was a cricket holiday.

Let me quote from the newspaper that we had since Saturday, but didn't read until last night.

"Whether you like Cricket or not, you will have to bow to the major history-making even that is happening on Tuesday 23rd of May when the first One Day Test match comes to Warner Park, St. Kitts when India will battle with the West Indies."

"...Two public holidays have been proclaimed by the Government of the St. Kitts and Nevis to commemorate the Federation's Hosting of the International cricket.

... His Excellency Dr. Sir Cuthbert Sebastian "acting in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet has proclaimed Tuesday 23rd May 2006 and Thursday 22nd June 2006, as public holidays in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis to commemorate the historical One-Day International and the inauguration of Test match Cricket in St. Kitts and Nevis."

So today sounded as dead as Sunday morning. Nika was getting cabin fever so we went to town about 2pm. Jhodie didn't have work after all. Her client thought that she would want the day off, and forgot to call her and let her know that she could work another day. Jhodie waited for her for over 40 mins at the top of the street. Either which way, this left her free to come to town with Nika and I.

I expected to see more people in town, or at least on Fort Street. Boy was I wrong. There were a few scattered venders here and there, and it looked like a few places were setting up for an after party. There was a stage around the green clock and a tent was going up outside of Bambu's. Jhodie tried to get some Nachos, but the kitchen wasn't open yet. We ended up get something from KFC for lunch, then we come home. I stayed outside and waited for Jhodie and Nika to come back out, since the place was full.

While I was outside I saw Rick, he waved more or less, but we didn’t talk. Also, I think that I was mistaken for a “working girl”. A rental car parked on the other side of the street, and this guy came out and walked over and started asking me questions. If I was waiting for someone, and such. It’s was a bit flattered that they would even consider paying for me. Granted it would have been between two maybe three guys, since that was how many were sharing the rental. But I’m not that desperate yet, and I hope never to get to that point. At lest I now new that that new brown shirt I got made me look good.

We ate some of it there because Nika wanted to, then we went home. Not much happened after that. At least I don't remember anything else happening.

May 22, 2006

Well We Did Make It.

We got to town on Saturday after all.

We made it to the first shop before the rain come down again. We were stuck in the store for like ten mins with nothing to do but wait for the rain to stop. It was a small store, and it was near the end of our visit when the rain came.

We then went to the back of Ram's. Oh, I have to say. Ram's, at least the outlet and duty free shops have a new name. They are now called Karibhabana or something like that.

Well they got over $100 from me. And that was for two shirts for me, and two pairs of PJ's for Nika. Then Nika still got a new rain coat downstairs. Then we went by this other place to get a colouring book for Nika and some crayons. Now I thought that we were going shopping for stuff for me, for my new job and interviews, but I was then reminded that buying stuff for Nika is a constant. We did notice that the store had shopping carts for sale. There was no price. We will see if I can get one after I get a job.

We then went by the ATM to drop off most of the money. We forgot to put the date on the envelope, but we think it wasn't that big of a deal. I also wanted to see if I could get a capture card so I didn't have to fix my tv and just plug the cable into my computer and watch tv that way. But by the time we got into town and standing in front of the first computer place, we found out that they closed at noon, but the wig place was open. Yep, I said wig and I got one. I could only get one. It cost $95 and we got a brush to go along with it.

After that we went to get some bras. Jhodie had one on lay away for her, and I went to see if the one she found for me would fit. Well the first one did, the second one didn't fit even though it was the same brand. The one that did fit me was $50. At this point I was happy that the other one didn't fit, I couldn't spend anymore money. We made a few more stops before we were able to catch a bus home. Nothing major was paid for during that time.

Nothing much happed the rest of the day. Nika fell asleep early and stayed asleep until the next day. Jhodie and I watched War of the Worlds. Interesting. Which part was a war? I didn't think that I would be able to sleep after the movie, so I stayed up for like an hour watching something else to help me forget parts of the movie. I don't think that the movie messed with my head as much I thought it did, but all the same, I didn't go to sleep until after 3am.

Sunday there wasn't much. I tried to sleep in just because I was up late. I then got up and started working on my resume. While I was getting stuff together for it, I decided to read my dismissal letter or what ever you want to call it. It wasn't really to me, it was meant for the record, and I just got a copy. A copy I had my sister shred. At the time I thought that it didn't affect me, but I was wrong. I've been headaches ever since. I got half of my resume finished, but I finished it up today. I just have to look for a few odd bits, like my awards from the school, and some past certificates. I may not even get the last ones since that was such a long time ago, and I don't really think that anyone would still be using those programs.

Jhodie sent me out back to have a look at one of the planting trees. It's like the last set I posted pictures about. I looked up and saw that it already had 3 rip ones on it. I stayed back there and cleaned out the drain since I wasn't going to be cutting down the tree, and the drain really needed cleaning.

Today I was suppose to go to town and hand in my things to the labour department for women and check out welfare, just to say I checked it out. I don't think that they can help me that much. But I ended up not going because of my headaches, and I had to take to Nika to school. She wasn't feeling well this morning, but I got her there at 10 after she started to feel better.

I didn't even eat anything until 4pm this afternoon. I just didn't feel like eating but I knew that I had to have something. Most of day was spent in bed since it hurt to sit upright and I didn't want the tv on to hurt my head.

Ok, I have to leave now. Nika wants to watch a movie on the computer. She had a long nap after school.

I'll spell check later. See ya.

I actuality came back and spell checked. *grin*

May 20, 2006

Rained In

We were suppose to be having an outing today, but it started to rain before we left the house. We might have beaten the rain into town if Nika wasn't slow in getting ready. She doesn't want to go out to begin with.

Jhodie is no help since she went out this morning tring to get to the market early enough to get some beef. But she got there like an hour or so late, so there was nothing there she wanted. Now she's in her bed.

Yesterday, nothing much happened. I found some cds that I thought I left at Ross, and M came by just as I finished washing my hair. Nika made it to something at the church last night with Jhodie. We had cook up that I helped (very little) with, and I got some fonts so I try and finish up the letter head job that at teacher gave me for her husband to fix.

I still haven't found the right font yet, but now that I think about it, I may not need it, and I can just tell him how to the last change that he wanted.

On Thursday, most of the day was blah. I cleaned up some, and Jhodie had a PTA meeting, not that they have a real PTA. More of a parent teacher meeting. We ended up buying dinner, then we swung by uncle's house to see that Verey was still there. Pearl had yet an pick him up and it was after 8pm and it was her day off. I installed a new printer for him and tested it out. He may have a few bugs to work out with it. It may just need to have the papers restacked every now and again.

I think the rain is finished.

I'll go look and wake up Jhodie so we can go out. I've been dressed with shoes since 16 past 10 and it's almost 11:30 now.

See ya.

May 18, 2006

Day Of Calls

Well the news is spreading through the school.

My first call was from Violet. A teacher's wife. We became friends a long time ago.

She called to see how I was, and to get my e-mail address since they had already shut down my ross account.

She said that everyone was upset about it, and that she and her husband hope that this means that I now get to move on to something better. I told her that I hope so too.

Like 5 mins later I got a call from M. She seemed to have been having a hard time making phone calls from school so she used her cell or the pay phone outside. I don't even know if she has a cell phone, but she couldn't talk long.

Like everyone else she wanted to know how I was holding up. She also said that she told Ms. Cumberbatch good bye for me and that she will be by to see me. M herself will be by on Friday to talk.

Later in the afternoon a teacher called me. He asked if I needed a letter of recommendation, and that he would be happy to give one, and that he was very sorry to see me go. I told him thank you and that I would like that letter.

Then back around sunset, which is like 7pm I think I got a call from Gary. The first guy that came by to see about things on Tuesday.

He wanted to know if I said I was sorry and begged to get my job back. I'm not begging. Nor am I really sorry. I'm sorry it turned out this way. I'm sorry to have my friends be worry about me. But I did something that I thought I could do. I am not in the habit of doing wrong things, know I'm doing wrong things, sneak around doing it, then kiss feet when I'm caught.

I went through school thinking that if you were going to cheat at a something what was the point of doing it in the first place? When I did my job at Ross, I did my job. I asked what could or couldn't be done about something if I didn't know. And if I ever lead someone wrong it was because I was miss informed or not informed to a change in the first place.

I told him that I didn't beg, and that I'm not really sorry, because at the time I believed that I wasn't doing anything wrong, and to a point I still think so.

I had an odd day dream today when I was napping from my headaches. I dreamed that they called me in, and we were in the dean's office, and they asked me to come back with a few conditions. Like being on probation for a time, and maybe taking a small paycut for a few months. I knew that it wasn't Ron's idea to get me back, and I said that I would have to think about it.

Could I go back if they asked? I'm sure that if I did the details would have gotten out about why I was fired in the first place, or at least the worst part of it, and then there would be Ron. Could we ever really work together again? I didn't give an answer in my dream, but after the talk with Gary over the phone I came up with no. I don't think I could once it wasn't Ron's idea to get me back.

That was a small closer for me, but it didn't keep me from feeling sick again. I almost cried after Violet hung up earlier in the day.

At least my sister is happy.

I sent her to town to cash my check. It was a little over 3 grand. She paid off water, and most of lights, and all of Courts. She picked up a new handle for the shower, a new bottle of liquid hand soap, lunch (on the cheep side) and something else I'm sure. She came back with over 2 grand.

I would have gone to cash the check myself, but I seem to have developed a medical condition that keeps me from walking. Really. So she went off and did that for me. But I will have to call Hosford myself and let them know that I don't have a job so that if I can't make my next payment, they won't be to quick to come over and reposes anything. BTY, I have about 4 grand left to pay them.

That is one of the things that scares me the most. As far as they are concerned I'm still paying off for a washer, a living room set and now a matters. Maybe I can get them to have it be that I've already paid off the washer and the matters, and that I'm just left paying off what is left on the living room set. It's worth a shot since I've paid off so much already. That would have to be done in person I'm sure. So that will have to wait until my leg is better. At least I don't have to worry about not being able to pay the next payment at the end of the month since I have so much.

Well it's now 2:11am and I feel a bit too sick to go to sleep, but since my tv is busted I can't lay in bed and watch tv until I fall asleep with it being on a time for it turns itself off in like an hour.

Did I ever say that I'm still afraid of the dark? Yep, 29 and I'm still afraid of the dark and with everything else going around in my head, sleeping at night isn't all that easy.

Well, I guess that's most of it.

See ya.


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May 15, 2006

Well It's the day after.

Today I called human resources around 8 or so to ask about when I should come in and pick up stuff. He told me 2pm, but first go to the accountant's office.

I got there 10 till, but both accountants were out for lunch. So I went by him instead and found that they had cleared out my desk for me. I couldn't even clear out my own desk. I guess that meant that I wasn't going to be allowed to hook up my hard drive and get stuff off the computer, never mind network. Luckily for me I made a copy of my profile a few months back. Hopefully it has a few things that I need to pass on to someone. I just have one problem. Ok, make that two. My e-mail account is shut down, so I can't e-mail the person since I don't know their address and two, the disk is a dvd. I don't have a dvd drive at home yet.

Collin brought me the disk. He didn't say anything, and I just said thank you. I don't think that there was anything to say.

I got paid out for my 30 vacation days. I asked about my pension thinking that I wasn't getting it because I was fried, but it seems like I'm going to get it anyway, it will just take some time to process.

I didn't go to the LRC or near the building since they didn't want me over there, but I was going to say good bye to one teacher. On the way up the stairs, I bumped into another teacher and talked to him about his router like everything was the way it has always been.

As I got to the top of the steps M showed up. She thought that I came in for the meeting. I figured that she hadn't heard yet. Ron told everyone in the department that I no longer worked there with out giving details. Gary came by about noon to find out what happened. For how he questioned me about stuff, I didn't think he cared that much about me. Well, M didn't take it that lightly either. I told her to tell Ms. Cumberbatch good bye for me. As I turned to leave, I saw a girl from the library come up the steps and I heard her as M what was going on.

I almost started crying again as I walked away and opened the door to the teacher's office building. I walked down the hall and knocked on his door. He wasn't there. As I was leaving campus, I walked past Paintfield and by the time I made it up to the top of the street, he was there again and offered me a ride home. I was going to get some OJ cakes for Jhodie since the guy was still open, but I opted for getting a ride as close to her work since I had to get Nika and bring her home. Jhodie took Nika to work with her. She woke up around 3am and her arm was hurting her, so she didn't go to school today.

I started writing this blog hours ago. Then my uncle came by at 4pm looking for Verey. He wasn't here. He was suppose to come here after school at 3pm, but he hadn't showed yet. I told him what happened yesterday about how Verey pushed Nika down some steps and grated the skin off her arm. He said that, that must be by he didn't come here today.

I let him print something off the computer since he seems to be out of ink and he wanted something printed. I'm going over by him soon to help him hook up new printer. He can't seem to find the money to buy inks, but he gets printers left and right. He has like 4 already.

Well, after he left, I decided to put of the rest of the stuff from yesterday's shopping. That took awhile, then Jhodie came home when I finished and sitting in the living room about to pour Nika some milk. Jhodie then called up uncle Ray like 5 mins ago asking for one of his phone cards. That's his new job. He helps to run a phone card company. So he's bringing one over for Jhodie and he's going to give me lift over to help him with the printer since my leg is hurting me.

So now I'll spell check this and then post it.

See ya.

The Sad News First.

Today I was let go.

I'll give details tomorrow after I've handed in my ID and keys.

As you might have guessed, I'm not feeling that well right now, but it's better than how I felt a few hours ago.

And no, this has nothing to do with why I haven't blooged in a while.