January 25, 2009

RE: Brain stormig.

I don't know why I'm awake.

I woke up like an hour ago. I know why I woke up, I had to use the bathroom. I then got something to eat. Some bbq flavored soy chips. I got them from Whole Foods. That was my last stop before coming home.

But I'm talking about the end of the story and I haven't started yet.

Let's see. I was up until about 8:30am today. I woke up 8 that night. I thought, I could get a little 30 min nap. I figured once I didn't expect to sleep for a long time I wouldn't try to bite anyone's head off when it comes time for someone to come wake me up.

I ended up with about about an hour's sleep instead. I got up, took my bath, got dressed, moved things over to my wallet and put that in my coat pocket along with some very weak battires for my mp3 player and keys.

We left around 11am, after Phillys an Nika ran over to a friends apartment to drop of something that mom left for her.

Oh you didn't know. Mom was in Philly since Thursday afternoon. She got back yesterday night.

Well,it was cold out.



I hate this. I hate this!

I had over a page written up and I lost it. I just got that part back that you see at the top.

I'm not re-writing it.

I have a new bra, some Whole Foods stuff, and a new headset for my mp3 player.

You know about my sleep patten before all of that, and when I got home around 6 pm I cleaned up the bedroom then crashed until my mom came back from Philly and woke me up around 11 pm with lights the tv while she was on the computer.

I then went back to sleep and decided to stay in bed or back to sleep until I woke up at 6 or so this morning.

That's it. You want more details, write me, post a comment/question. If you have my phone number use it as an excuse to call me.

That's it.

I'm getting out of here before it wipes this too.

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January 23, 2009

In Case You Didn't Get It...

My birthday was back on the 12th.

The 'wine' or whatever you want to call it, was poured onto that cake. A few times really. It was then placed back into the oven to dry it up a bit each time.

That is Caribbean fruit cake. I also have nothing against American fruit cake once it was made right. I'm british. Sue me. :P

My inability to get a job has my family telling me to apply for finaid and get back to the college thing.

One of my friends made me think too much about staying with computers. I want to do architecture just because I have always wanted too. Don't know how good I would be at it until I get there. So now I'm truing to figure out which to do and where.

Other than that, the other everyday things are still there.

I'm slowly working on the story. The girl who has never had a true boyfriend is finding it kinda hard to find stuff for two people to do other than sex when they are an item and alone. I found something to get over a slight bump in the story, but then I slowed down again.

Along the creative curve I made another wallpaper the other day. I went back my subject of yaoi. I only just realized that in most of them theya are kissing, so I have to find one that has something else going on in it.

Back on the college subject....

I don't think I can do a masters in anything. history, math, English, business courses, and all that well rounded stuff... I'm not that young anymore. I think I'll look for associate degrees instead.

Which brings me back to my first choice of ICD. (institute of construction and design) in case you didn't know and ir I didn't saw before.

I think that I'll go there, ask for the tour and see if I can do as much as possible the same day to get in. I'm going to have to get my transcript from my high school to take it with me for when I go there.

Ok, I have to go and see why my laptop is locking up when I put my thumb drive in. If you have a clue let me know would you. :)


January 09, 2009

Intresting Week

It started off with the posting of a short DeathNote oneshot that I posted over at FanFiction.net. It's not yaoi, for those of you who have been paying attentions to my very scant updates.

Speaking of which, I'm up to chapter 49. I took some time off for the hoildays. Just to make the time not feel like every other day.

Now for the link to my fanfic page. http://www.fanfiction.net/~jhoy . I only have that one story posted there at this time, as much a wanted to finish up the story for the new year, it clearly didn't happen and it doesn't look like it's going to end at least for another month or two.

But as soon as I get 10 chapters bataed (checked by a friend editor) I'll start posting it, a chapter at a time.

Now back to the week. After I posted my story on Tuesday I left the house twice. Once to pick up Nika, and again to watch a movie with Hayden. He wanted to see 'The Wrestler' and I saw it on a list of the best movies for 2008. This movie some how came out on top of that list and I wanted to see why.

Hayden met me way late, so we had to burn time until the next showing at 9:45pm. So I got him to get us something to eat at BBQ's that was across the street. We shared some tempura and chilli. I was so, so cold. We had freezing rain that night and it was raining on us when I we came out of the subway.

We still had almost and hour's time to wait when we finished eating, so we go in and hung out in another movie until ours started. I saw close to the ending of 'Valkyrie'. I knew of the plan in history, but I didn't know all these details.

The move we went to see wasn't that bad, but it wasn't my kind of movie. I will give them credit for the good acting that I saw, it wasn't my type of subject matter.

Ok, that's over, and the week has moved on to Friday.

I woke up coking around 5 because I was asleep from being being up until 8am. I was still recovering when my mom starting in about how I shouldn't be getting up to turn on the tv and get on the computer at sunset when it's Friday. I wanted to talk back, but I didn't bother. There isn't any commandments saying we had to keep the sabbath. I also didn't bring that up.

Now I'm watching the end of Stargate Atlantis. I'm not really happy. I know it's the end, but why am I watching people die?

Well that's mostly it... wait... he's back?... Sorry, I have to go now. Night.