December 23, 2011

I am done.

I'm officially on break now.

Granted my last class was yesterday, but I just sent off my design project that I believe I had until tonight to finish up and e-mail in to my teacher.

I just uploaded it to Google Docs to share since I spent so much time on it and think I did rather well. I still have a bit to learn, and I realized that I can't really make anything 'solid' until I get the paid for version of SketchUp. Yep, I'm living the Google life right now. :)

Well here is the link.  Lake House

Let me know how it works or doesn't work for you and I'll try and fix it.

It's going up on Facebook next. :D

So, world. How have you been since I've been gone? :)

I tried my hand at a fractal last night to just start getting back into the grove of things, and the bloody thing took 6 hours to render. That is what I get for using someone else's parms.

Well I was going to post that tonight. But I can put it off until tomorrow. Don't know about that yet.

As you can see, it's well after sunset on Friday night and I'm still on line. It's the home work excuse. I'm sure she is just about to realize that I'm done and is going to tell me to get off. My luck she woke up a few mins ago.

Well I have fractals to make. Photos to take. A story to start writing, and a friend to visit on my B-day. Yep. I'm aging again. It's on the 12th of Jan. I'm heading out to Long Island to see him.

I made a great new friend at school this semester too. I was aiming for boyfriend, but his wife had something to say about that. So we are just friends. I'm going to try and keep in touch with this one. He's a nice guy and we have fun together.

Ok. Off to share link with Facebook before I push my luck here.

Take care. Happy New Year and all those other holidays you celebrate. :D 

December 02, 2011

Goodread Account

I’ve gone and joined another site. Like I need to. Well I just might. I need feed back and I think I might get it here. Get a few ideas for short stories until I start my newest ‘novel’ or to help me get through a writer’s block once I have started.

Well here is the link to my profile. I will still post the links here to any stories that I post there so you can find it. But there will be things that I will only write there, like how all my photo work and fractals live over at Deviantart.

Now how I got here is interesting. I found a free M/M story in iBooks, downloaded it, read, and started talking with the writer. He then pointed me here, as well as another site for really publishing my work, but I didn’t feel ready for that one yet. So I’ll live at Goodreads for a bit, get my writing more under control and join some writer’s groups and do what I can while I’m off from school, for two or so months. I’m also going to see about redrawing a few things in autocad for practice. But I’m off topic.

School will be out in 3 weeks and at that time, my on like active will spike. Over at DA (Deviantart), and Goodreads. So this could be good. I feel like writing something new.  :)

If you have an account over there, do look me up and talk to me for the love of everything green on this floating space rock.

BTW, I will be posting a permanent link on my page/blog.