August 30, 2010

They Did It...

I got a notice from my bank saying I got a mail from them. I know it sounds odd, but this way, I'll never expect or believe that an e-mail asking for some things from me, looking like it's from my back, is from my bank.

Either way, I went there to see what it was, but I found something else far more interesting waiting for me.

That guy, from the bank that I talked to last week signed me up for the card. I have a Slate Chase Card with $1000 credit.

Did I ask for a credit card? Was I not clear? Didn't he tell me that it was up to me if I wanted it after he sent me information and the card?

Maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe this is part of it. Maybe if I don't activate the card, the account would dissolve. Or maybe he thinks I will keep it?

But now that I see it there, I feel like I already have it. Now what will I do?

I've been sitting here thinking about it. That alone proves I can use it for something.


August 27, 2010

The End Of Last Week

My week was ok. More interesting near the end as my text to you hinted at.

I walked around a mostly closed mall at sunrise, then took an express to Manhattan to go to china town to get some steamed buns, and I got some fried turnips and some stirfried rice noodles with vegges and egg. Then I swung by my school about those last two books that I need for classes. I got the go ahead with one of them, but the book is unknown for the other one. I may end up getting that come the day of class from their book store. A foreseen price tag of $100.

Then I went to talk to my bank about sending me a replacement card for the one I can't find. Then because I kept on talking, he set up payable accounts in my online banking account then proceeded try and get me to take/have one of their credit cards. It was after 12 and my mom started to ask me from her seat half room away, if I was going to spend the whole day there. So I told him that I couldn't decide to get a credit card now when I've refused to get one for the three years I've been here.

So he's sending it in the mail to me, long with stuff to read. If I want it, I will activate it, if I don't want it I could just tear it up with my other card offers. The only reason I didn't say outright no, is because he caught me with saying that I wouldn't have to pay the amount of interest that I was now paying for the next 6 months. But I still have issues with that or I might have said yes.

Today I was up until 8am I think... maybe 9am, I watched Angle and Charmed this morning, but I was cleaning before that. Swept 3 rooms, cleaned out cat litter, cleaned up the kitchen and 'oven offed' the stove top.

So I didn't wake up until 7:40pm. People have been waking me all day for stuff, but I didn't give up the fight until then. I came on line after my mom finished reading the bible and doing her Sabbath school lesson with her friend on the phone. She told me that I couldn't come on the computer, and I told her that I wasn't going to Look at the ceiling all night. I was going to go on line.

And here I am writing you. BTW I didn't like this keyboard. Did I say that before? Let me say that again. I don't like this keyboard. I haven't written anything in a while. I'm sure my friends expected a chapter from my by now. I realized that when I rolled over tonight. Along with the fact I missed Jeopardy. I wish someone had woken me up for that.

August 26, 2010

Palying sleepwalkes while yawning on the subway at 3am. :) I'm following my mom to work today. :) Watch me crash when I get home sometime around noon today. I haven't gone sleep yet, which means that I'll good until 7am :). Here is a bad shot from my farry to Statan Island. If i took one of outside you wouldn't see anything with this phone. Sorry.

August 19, 2010

There is a pic of the new keyboard. This is why I wanted to touch it in person first. Did not take into account that it would be flat. I've typed at an incline for ages.

August 15, 2010

At 2:30 am I call it a night. I'm cold and I don't drink. At least at Mango's they had music that I liked and knew. Oh well, at least I went unlike some people. Well later. I'm hungry. I was hoping you could have eaten here.

I'm thinking of cutting my losses and leaving. I don't even remember what the guy like like. I just remember him being tall and clear skin. It would be easier if it was just people from high school her, but we are mixed in with the normal bar folks. I don't like bars. They have nothing for me. Hey Brave Maxumus at home? :)

Now the place looks like how I expected it to almost three hours ago. I'm kinda hping a boy named Yoshi shows up. I'm not even sure that that is his name. I'm inclined to think that it isn't.

RE:RE :New Message

I was just going to tell you. :) I can't hear my phone in this place. Well, one guy talked to me. He graduated the year after me. And the only girl/person to give me one for the pics we took for graduation showed up and let me hug her. She's now off someplace in a very short pink dress. :). A shot of the bar that I can't drink from. :)

August 14, 2010

My luck lives on. This was suppose to start at 10, and how many people do I and here? Three guys and a dark room. If only this was a different story.

I need better lighting an a taller camera person. :)

Bits and Such

My total for my two keyboard was $30.

I finished chapter 16 of story.

I had my hair straightened and now in curlers for the reunion party that is going on tonight.

I was suppose to go with my friend Tanzi, but she bowed out when I asked her what time were meeting tonight. Great. Just Bloody Great. She's making me go by myself. She is going home tomorrow and doesn't want any kind of hang over making her late. Which can I understand, but I'm still going by myself. :(

It's now time for to really get ready. It starts at 10pm and it's a short bus ride away from here.

I hope I have a good time. I'll be sending pictures. I'm charged my phone today, and I'm going to plug it back in until I leave.


August 12, 2010

My search ends here. No one sells silicone keyboards in any of the places that looked. Not Bestbuy, Radio Shack, Staples and now Apple. I will have to buy it/them online.

I was thinking of getting two. One for my mom so water wouldn't kill it too soon and get rid of one of the recovers she has and one for me so it won't be too heavy for me to move around with.

Oh, incase you didn't get it, the keyboard on my laptop isn't working again. It seems that it is broken. To have them replace it would cost me $130. That is not happening since I just paid them $32 to have it cleaned, which did nothing by the way.

I'm now heading home with a full tummy and less money than I would have liked.

I'm going to start leaving my money at home. A burger fries for me an a cheese sandwich with fries for Nika and I'm out $25.

Had to share. :) currently walking up broadway. :)

August 11, 2010

Hahahaa. Guess what? My brother's car got towed. :) so we are heading to the subway now. We can thank his wife for having tickets. Here and Texas. *grin* see ya.

Can you figure out that I'm in an Apple store from that shot? Well I am. I'm also about to be kicked out since it is closing time.

I got rid of a 19 inch CTR that has been in the bedroom for way too long. My mom changed over to a flat panel almost the year I got here. I also dropped off my laptop to have it cleaned at the same place. Bestbuy in Soho.

I think after here we are going home. I tried to make some nachos earlier, but it came out wrong and now my tummy hurts. I think I took my pill in time for the cheese and sour cream since it's been two hours already and nothing else is wrong with me.

Anyway, I'm picking my laptop up tomorrow and I pray that I'll be a happy child when I get it back. Later.

August 08, 2010

Just finished watching two movies with my brother. Now we are on our way home. Later. :)

Touching Base

I'm good. Still awake, as you can see. I'm working on trying to finish the next chapter. I'm just not sure how far I should go. I can end it at two points. One point would have me finishing this chapter in like two hours with a read through and corrections. The other one will have me going for another day or so and it will be one of my longer if not longest chapter.

Other than that, I've been fighting mosquitoes and loosing. My brother showed up yesterday (Friday). He will be in city for a month. My cousin was gone again for another week, but is said to be back this Monday. My mom's friend is here. The same lady I stayed with when I went to Philly. She came Friday night and she will be leaving tomorrow (Sunday) I'm told. I tried sleeping on the air bed, but I hate it, so I'm staying awake tonight until someone wakes up in the morning and I can have their bed. If I can't hold out for that long then I'll crash on the floor. I won't be using the bed even if I wanted to, because we gave it to my brother just now. He's staying at our dad's and he needed something to sleep on for the month he's there.

So my sister is going to get another bed for my cousin who is coming back on Monday.

Oh, and I have get a new keyboard for the desktop because my niece left her drink on the table about above the pull out keyboard and my mom knocked it over onto it and they had to take the one I was using for my laptop since my own keyboard there needs to be clean and is misfiring some keys. Something that I'm going to ask BestBuy about. I might as well get it over with and just go and ask them tomorrow. :)

August 04, 2010

Quidditch For Muggles (CBS News)

hahaha.. :) I had to share. :) I was just checking that I had the word spelled correctly and I found this.

Hahahah... so funny. :)