March 29, 2014

T is for Tumblr

I have an account. Actually I think I have two. One was just to get me in to see porn, like most people. But then I saw a lot of people over at DA using it to expose their art to other/new people. So I thought of doing this with my fractals.

So now I'm working forward, but form the beginning.The first post I put up, was the first fractal that I posted on DA. Then we/I moved on from there. I just posted my 4th one I think. I'm trying to do one a day. I have 14 pages to go through so I shouldn't catch up with myself for a while.

March 19, 2014

I've Started Again

I've stared to read through ads and send out my resume again. I'm planing on going to WorkForce 1 for a mass interview on Friday, but even though they say that, I just expect to be sitting in a room filling out forms with about 20 other people at least and not seeing anyone from the companies.

Either way I need to wash my hair and scrub myself down. I haven't left the house in ages and I needed a bath.

I've also looked into starting to sell my photos again. I've officially run out of money. So I'll see about start up funds. I need to sell my stuff in person at showings and perhaps on a nice street some where... either way, I need money to print a few and to frame a few.

I woke up way early today and I made some tuna salad and the can cut my finger. My luck.

March 01, 2014

Spring is coming and so are sun outages.

Have you gotten an e-mail like this from your cable company?

This is the first time I'm getting one, never mind hearing about it. So I'm sharing.

Oh, if you live in the tri-state area and you have Optimum as your cable/phone/internet company and you haven't gotten this notice, you may need to check your account to make sure they have the right e-mail address for you on file. :)