December 24, 2010

FW: Math Death

The dark day of my exam week.

You can now scrape me off of the floor so I can take this class again. I didn't have a clue about the first problem that was on the exam. Nothing. I had no clue how to limit the elongation of a rod carrying a load of 35 kips. None. I'm sure it was in the class I missed when I was out sick. :( at least the rest of the week will be easy. That pic is a wall outside of my computer class. Later.

FW: Monday

This one is from the start of the week. I'm trying to keep them in some kind of order.

I have one more after this.

Message body Finished my first exam in less than an hour. :). I got my lactose pills and I'm feeling hopeful for the rest of the week. :). I'm half hoping that my beta is done with the one shot I sent her so I can post it tonight at DA & :) but I think that I'm asking for too much since I sent it to her this morning at like 3am. I'm still happy. I so aced it. :)

FW: Last Thursday

This post is from last week. The sixteenth I believe. I knew when I looked at my blog that something was off. I wish that I had caught this earlier so that this last week of blogs would have ended up in order or better yet closer to the real time/day that they were first posted.

Message body Now I'm not upset with myself for leaving the house later than I would liked. I bumped into one of my good teachers on the S train. ms. yearwood. She recognized my right off. I didn't have a clue. At first I thought I knew her from when I use to go to church. Then she started talking about school and grouped me with Hayden. Then she told me her name. She looks great. She could pass for 30 something easy. Later.

FW: What Happened Thursday

Well I got a B in my intro to design class. :). So the tally is two A's and on B with 'math' being an unknown. We had a little one on one with this last class then I went to get some bath soap. My friend Hayden said that we be hanging out now that we both are on break. :). Now to cause some damage and post some of my stories. :) night.

The Last Three Post...

For some reason, my blogs from my phone weren't being posted. The three that you see below this one were first sent on Wednesday night starting around 6:33pm or so until just after 8pm.

The next one I'm going to post is from yesterday, Thursday.

I tried to change the time spams, but something showed up in the html code and I got error banners, so I decided not to mess with it and hope that the phone blogging thing is fixed by the time my b-day comes around on the 12th.

Yep. There went another year.

FW: End Of The Day

Message body I Have Twilzzers! :) that is what started my meger shopping spree tonight. :). I got my milk too. :). Now I go home. Tomorrow I'll have to really leave early so I can do my thing for Into to Design since I ended upp going on a Galaxy Tab hunt. :) my shadow and a view from Target.

FW: Tab 3

Message body Ok, Verision's deal. Flat price of $599+taxes. You do not get a payment plan from them for that. Then there is their web plans. No unlimited. They have a number of the other kind. From $20 or so at the lowest up to $80. I remembered that number. :) i do not have a pic because they were fixing an outlet next to it and I didn't want to get in their way. So I'm in Atlantic Mall and I'm going to get some soy milk from Target. :) Later.Window dispay for Daffy's.

FW: Tab 2

Message body :) T-mobel is much better in their pricing. $399 with a $50 mail in rebaate to bring the price down some more. When you open an account with them you can pay it off in chunks. :) they have an unlimited plan for $40 and it comes with 16gigs of space. I like them right now. Cool hah?

FW: Tab

Message body Man my hads are big. :) well I've checked out the Galaxy Tab. It's not bad. Smaller than I expected. Something I'm sure Apple is happy about. Like most new little things it's cute and face. The small hitch is the price. Buy it from a store and you will pay about $630 for it. I'll go as T-mobel and see how much they are selling there's for. Well you pay for it out right. Since you can use it over wi-fi you don't need a carrier. But if you need to because you are out and about with it, then you pay who you want for mobel acces to the net. That price will depend on who you get it from. At&t does not have an unlimited plan for this. Ok. Off I go. :) oh, computer exam was good. I got an A. :)

December 20, 2010

Trillian and Meebo


I'm blogging about software today.

I was cleaning out part of the computer and I came across a piece of software that I hadn't used in ages. I loved it. It saved me from having more than two IMs running on my computer back when we had windows 2000 and the early days of XP.

That software is named Trillian. They have a new site now. I'm pretty darn sure that they didn't have a .im site when I first saw them. In fact this is the first time I'm even seeing it. Before I get too far, here is the address.

Now that I found it and saw how much they expanded, I felt like sharing the link. I went over to my list of 'must have software' and I remembered how I had a slight issue with it when my msn friends would do very msn things and I wouldn't understand on my end or nothing would happen. I think this would have been fixed by now, but I haven't downloaded it to be sure. Heck, I don't even remember what my password is anymore. :) Never mind my user name. I had a hard enough of a time keeping my ICQ number.

I have an ICQ number, I have an AIM account through netscape, I have a yahoo account. I had two really, but somone stole my most used one at the time, so now I'm back to using the one I had forsaken every now and again. I also have my hotmail account.

I was going to post the link to Trillian in 'interesting links' but I wasn't sure how many of you would consider it all that interesting. So I opted to doing a post, like I use to do all those years ago when I had software I wanted to tell other people about. :)

So I start the title for this post and it hits me. It does the same thing that Meboo does. And I'm currently using Meboo to log into a number of places and talk to my friends. Which I will be doing more now that I'm in my last week of school and having exams all this week. :)

Ok, back to the software. Now, Meebo had one distinction from Trillian. Trillian is an IM program that groups your ably to talk on a number of different IM at one time. Meebo does the same thing, but from a website, unless you are on some sort of mobile device.

Oh, here is the link to Meebo.

Ok, so, Meebo you don't download and with Trillian you do. Both have their good points. Which has the most good points? That all depends on you. I think I'll go check out Trillian and show how they have changed. :)

And if you are left chatting across a number of networks at one time you might to check them out too. :)


December 17, 2010

Adam Lambert - Vanity

I had to share. Yes I like him, but I'm not one his loony fans that scream constantly.

This was interesting and funny and almost true. :)


December 16, 2010

It's freaking cold!

Unreal. Feels like 8. :(


This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

I Am Not Happy With Myself

A few months ago I had some time on my hands and cleaned up stories folders on both computers. I had this very, very small felling that something was off, but I didn't realize what it was until about 2 hours ago.

I deleted Love's Loves from my computer. The pdf version and the .doc version. Lucky for me I shared. I went and downloaded it, then looked for a site/software that could change the pdf into some form of editable document. I found this place I think. I chose to have it changed into rtf since I'm fast at editing, but I wanted the words to be as unmessed up as possible.

So I've just looked up and saw that it's 5:41am. I was planning on going to school early. I kinda need to really. But I also know that I should make myself blog abit before going to sleep.

Let's see.

On Monday I had no class because the teacher wasn't going to be in town. That is why three out of the last 4 saturdays I've had a make up class including this past saturday. On Sunday night my sister made some custard. She didn't like it, but I ate it since I like custard and I hadn't had any in ages. I knew to take my pill. I saw the amount of cow milk she used. But that didn't save me. From the time I woke up Monday morning until Tuesday night I was fighting off throwing up. I went to the bathroom about 6 times. When I tried to eat something late Tuesday afternoon, I had to fight really hard not to throw up and instead had to take a bath, and wipe down the chair I was sitting in and the floor around it.

No where near a decent picture never mind a pretty one.

So once that happened I wasn't go school. And what class did I have Tuesday? 'Math'. It's not really math, but it's easier for me to call it that. So Some where around 9pm I tired to eat something again. Besides that last try back in the kitchen, I hadn't eaten anything since the Sunday night.

I had ginger spread on some bread. Oh, I had gotten my sister to get some of the pink liquid stuff. I had taken some before my little accident in the kitchen, and I had taken some since then so I thought it was worth a shot. Lucky me it worked. I was laying on my new bed.

I had sent a text to my friend at school telling her that I wasn't going to make it and if she could get me notes from class and tell the teacher that I was out sick.

So today I woke up fine. I was told that the supper was coming by to paint the bathroom. He was in there last week doing a very bad speckle job, so I stayed in my room and fell back asleep. But before I did, I set my alarm and 10 mins before it went off, my mom came home and the super came in the door to the apt waking me up. Great. Just great.

So I get had to use the bathroom later then I would have liked, with pant smells clinging to me as I leave the about 30 mins late.

Lucky, I got most of what was said in class and was further along than most of the students. I'm just having issues with XREF. If you don't know, you don't need to know. So after that I tired to look for my friend to ask for the notes, but I didn't see her. I told a guy she knew that if he saw her, tell her that I was going to get something to eat.

Now you may have heard that we are like shaking in our boots, this north on the east coast right now and it's true. They tell it's it's officially 20 degrees out, but it will feel like 8. Great. Just great. So I'm in my three shirts, and three pants one being pj's with my coat, and hat that borrowed from my mom and I go to get a fish sandwich with real onion rings. But their fryer is up right now. Great. So I think of where to go. I change my mind once I think and ended up at this place where the heat is coming at you through the food and the glass. I get what I picked back to school and it's just warm.

I only walked 2 and a half blocks.

Well I got to hand in my math work to the teacher since he was there teaching another class. He explained where I messed up on a quiz I thought I had Aced. That should have been my first clue. I don't Ace anything. I messed myself up when I did, I was going fine until one part then anything that needed that information was wrong.

So I tried to make sense of the notes and stopped a few pages in and just xroxed it.

Today I'm going in early to get someone else's notes and maybe working on some of my home work. Then I have to draw up something for my intro to design class. If I wasn't sick I might have done something on Monday. I was planing on some school work that day.

Now tonight I came home a little early, met a lady from upstairs on the S train and gave her the seat next to me. We walked home together, and complained about the weather. I rocked out a few songs until my mom left for work. Then I decided to put a cover on my pdf of Love's Love and to my dismay and over an hour of looking, I couldn't find it.

Now I've blogged and I can crash for a few hours until I drag myself through this cold, cold snap. Heck if it did snap it would break into more than two pieces.

Now if you think I'm going to read this over, you are very mistaken.

Night, I'm out of here.

December 06, 2010

It's freaking cold!

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T