February 16, 2011

My fun class once again is computer class. :). I'm on my way home and I caught the early bus this time. :). I went in early to do some draying and ended up reading my chapters for perpective class and trying something. I left it in the class, but it was only when I was leaving the building did I think that I should have taken it with me to scan for DA. I might find it there tomorrow. :). It turns out that I didn't need the book for autocad class. I guess that I was just being ready, but it looks like I may not use it after all. The teacher said not to get it. A week after I got it of course. :). Well, like I said on the way home now. At least I'll have autocad at home to "play" with. :). The teaher is going to give us links for the student version of the program. :) Later.

February 15, 2011

I'm In! :D. I now have a note to myself for my combonation. :)

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

February 14, 2011

First day school wise. Got a good lunch. Found out that I can get away from having to spend $10 to use my credit card at Metro King. Was very early for class. The teacher was upset that all of us didn't bring or book or didn't have one for the class. I had the book, it was just home. I got my classes slightly mixed up. Class was on the boaring side, but we got a fair bit of homework for next week. I also have to get two other things for this class. I'll get them tomorrow. Then I went to put my stuff in my locker and I couldn't open it. I forgot my combonation for my lock. :( so not happy. I'm going to end up getting it cut. I can see it. :(

February 10, 2011

The Horror Story Behind My Texts.

This lovely woman asked me what was wrong with me in question to my last two text messages that I posted earlier this week.

I didn't want to go into this before, but since she asked and cares, I wrote her an answer and decided to share it. I'm trying to put this behind me, but it's something that I should blog.

So here is the short of it. There are other little details, but like I said, I don't want to deal with this anymore. I repeated this to three people over the phone at my bank. Two people in person at my bank. To another marketer that got my number from the first people to try and sell me the same thing again, at a more reasonable price. And I think I told one friend some part of it. My mom doesn't want to hear me say it again after my visit to the bank, I haven't talk of it again.

So enjoy the tale.

I called up that company that took $87.13 from last year Nov, and complained that I hadn't been reimbursed and I didn't get a product from them to keep my money in the first place. So the person on the phone said fine, I'll put that in your file or add this to it or fix it.


The next day I get an e-mail telling me thank you for my purchase from them. I didn't want to get into another fight so I let it go for the day. If I got anything I would just send it back.

But no. My bank calls me and tells me that they were taking money out of my account. Not just one amount, but twice. Totaling $90.


My day. Shot! Then I waited to see if it was wrong. Maybe it was suppose to be a refund but for some reason it was reading wrong. Two days later it was gone and I still had my money.

I called my bank and had them deactivate my debit card. I figured, if the card was inactive they couldn't take any money out of my account.

But I was wrong. Poof! Gone in two more days. Another day shot. And on top of that, I had moved most of my money from my checking account to my saving account. I just forgot that I had this overdraft protection thing.

If I didn't have enough money in my checking to cover a charge. They would take the money from my savings and charge me $10 for the service.

I forgot it was there. I just upset that it went through. I didn't care that it was covered do much. It was noted on my account that they were not to take any money but to put money in. But they used that lovely 3 digit code that I gave them and once it was good, it's always good it seems.

So if they want, they can just keep taking money out of my account if they want too.

So On Tuesday I walked into my bank and signed something saying that if they get any requests on my debit card that I can't cover, it does not get honored. No coverage nothing. They get told I don't have the money.

That is what happened.

Oh, the bank won't or can't do anything about this last time. I don't know why. As far as they are concerned, I gave them (the people) permission, at one point, to take money from my account and they can't stop them. ....I am trying not to scream at this ... yet again.

But for some reason... breathing slower... they will contest the first charge of $87.13 for which I got nothing for, but the second time they can't do anything about really, because it's beyond 60 days. Where the 60 days cut off came from, I haven't a clue. But I first person I talked to, in person, at the bank, didn't know about it, because as far as what he was telling me, my money was gone. It was never coming back. Hope it doesn't happen you to again. .....

I'm stopping now. I just have to....

How was your week? :)

February 08, 2011

I take that back. I bloodly hate them! Fucking is way too good for them. I will not taint the activity with what they did to me.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

My mood has been shot! I f**king hate them! My day started off so well.

February 02, 2011

Just saying hi. :)

I have been almost keeping normal awake and sleeping hours. :) Almost. It's 8:50 am now and I've already eaten a bowl of cereal. :) And woke up before that. I've picked my classes, but I'm ordering my books today. I keep forgetting or putting it off for some reason, which is odd, since I went the day I did to make sure that I wasn't late in buying them and having them reach me late.

That Story Daddy's Assistance is done. I posted the last chapter, 37, on Friday. It was received rather well. One of my readers was a friend who had her birthday around that time and asked me to do a story for her that lived in the same place as the other one. Same school, same town, even see if not talk with one or two of the guys from Daddy's Acceptance. :) She is very happy about it. :)

I watched this Asian drama called 'Down With Love'. I found so by accident. I started watching it on youtube, then I saw that a fan club got their hands on it and had full length eps. So I tracked them down and I spent like two days watching the rest of my way thought it. By the time that had happened and had already fought for like 4 days to see up to ep 9 before I couldn't do it any longer. I kept pausing to read what was being said, took screen shots and I got up to do stuff in between. Like wash, clothes, dishes and myself. Smile 

I will post something about the drama. I started to like 3 days ago and got side tracked. Sorry.

Now I'm going to finish watch a movie that I found when doing a search for yaoi movies. The one I picked out of the list I was shown somewhere, was historical. Old Korea I think. It's called 'The Frozen Flower'. At one point I think I did see part if it somewhere, somehow.

Oh well.

Later. :)