March 24, 2017

I have a ... job?

Yeah. I had two interviews with the same place and I was already told that I had a job after the first one. The second one was to see if I wanted a management position that they had open. Of course, I said yes. Better to try at something and fail than not to try right?

So why didn't I say something before? I didn't wany to say something and then have to take it back. It's not like I've had that great of a record of getting work that I applied for. I'll be working for Tommy Hilfiger at the Jersy Garden Mall by the way. My orientation is Friday at 5 pm.

I haven't been nervous in a long time, so when I was asked if I dealt with stress well, I said yes, but now I feel like it was almost a lie. It doesn't help that this all started on the same day as my cycle. Now I have a headache and all those other nauseous feelings are there too. How much is from being nervous? Half? Maybe?

Breathe... I'm telling myself to breathe. Even if I mess up or don't get the management position, I still get a floor job. The only part of that I'm not interested in is making sure people aren't stealing things. I'm not liking have to learn about fashion, but at least it's contained to just what is sold in the store.

I'm learning how to get there by bus, but the fact that one driver drove past me making me late for my second interview doesn't endear me to the #40 bus at the moment. I was stuck outside in the cold for over an hour and over two hours when combined with the long wait I had to catch the #107 to that stop to begin with. It was like 32 degrees and windy.

I managed to pry my cold fingers apart to call and let them know what happened and somehow I got there without anyone being upset with me and kinda finding out that the person who we were having the meeting with was busy himself until just after I got there. But I still apologized to the other person who was there for the same interview as I, since I first thought that they were made to wait for me to show up.

BTW, we weren't there for the same job. We had a combined interview because he didn't have enough time to have two interviews.

I had my second interview the day after I had my first one. That first interview was a group interview also, but it was widdled down from about 13 to 10 to 9 people I think. And get this. About 5 of us that remained were under 18. This was pointed out in my second interview, that a good deal of their staff is currently made up of teenagers.

Some of what was said did calm down some of my nervousness as in, "I get that bit," it's not going to be all new to me and there will be training. I asked that question. I said I didn't want to be set up to fail. So in the end, he once again assured us that we had a job there either way and thanked us for showing up.

I then went to see a movie. I wanted to see Kong because my sister didn't want to see it with me, but the time was off. The only one that was going to start playing then, was Logan. Such a sad movie. My only great takeaway is that we really get to see him use his claws to kill people.

I then took the #40 bus all the way to Penn Station to get bus tickets so I could go back when they called to tell me about the orientation, which I got when I got off the bus. As you already know, it's today. Friday at 5 pm. We don't have a uniform, but we do have a dress code. I may end up buying some tights to wear under my one or two pairs of paints that match what they want us to wear. They said that you could wear jeans, but wouldn't you know it, I don't own any? I have a jean skirt that I've had for like 12 years. :) No jean pants here.

So I'm wearing my black slacks. I should have another one in my wardrobe, but for some reason, I think it needs a button and I need tights or stockings under that to keep my thighs from bunching up the inside of the pants. I know, loose weight. But everyone says I have and I when I try to do more, my back starts to act up again.

Anyway. By the time I make it home on Wednesday, I'm just about done cooking with my sister walks into the house and we had baking to do because she was hired to cater for a birthday party this Saturday. Now due to the orientation, I may not be of much help to her. I was told that we were going to put in a few hours of work on the floor too so I may not get home until after 11 pm for all I know. They close at 9 pm every day but Sunday when the whole place closes at 7 pm.

Well, I should get out of this now. It's 3 am now. I spent some time redesigning my Jem's Pages blog. I was told when I logged in that they, Blogger, had some new themes. I hadn't touched my layout there for a while, so I tried out a few. I didn't like them in the end and used a simpler and older template that I modded.

So that's it. Not as detailed as I would have liked, but I don't want to sit here typing up for the next hour or two.

So, I'll let you how the orientation goes. At least it will be about 10 degrees warmer when I'll be going out.

Take care people. Later. 

March 12, 2017

Up and about today.

I got about 4-ish hours of sleep but when I got up this morning I just stayed up. Then I got ready to go with my brother to the Magic The Gathering Tournament for the last day just to see something of it.

There isn't much stuff to buy outside of the cards, which makes sense. But every booth but two artist booths did nothing but buy, sell and trade cards. Some cards were being sold as cheaply as $1 or $2 and as expensive as $500.

I posted a pic of my brother loosing over on my facebook. I know, I should have sent it here,
Sorry, but it wasn't much.

Then I got home and I saw that I got a note from this one person over in DA. She liked an old piece of mine and then shared it on Twitter. Great. :) I thanked her and posted it on my facebook :)

Now I'm falling asleep at my desk.


March 11, 2017

Back and a lot of updates.

But I won't be able to go into all now. So perhaps highlights? :) I also have a question, but I know no will answer me so I'm just going to share a problem I'm currently having at the end of this.

Firstly, my sister and her glasses come to a head or end today. Saturday. She went back last week like I told you and they found out that the axis was off. It was the right prescription but the axis, or where your eyes should be looking through the lens was off. So today she goes to pick them up. And I'm going with her to go to the movies afterwards. :D

Two, upstairs is moving back to Brooklyn today. Yep. She told me on Thursday. Two weeks notice my foot. But in all honesty, she did tell me a week or so back, but she also hedged it like it might not happen. Well, it's happening now. She gave the landlord notice. She signed the papers at her new place. And today she was suppose to be changing the girl's school. Just when she wasn't a bother to me anymore and was starting to pay attention. I hope she keeps it up. Today might be last time I see her for a long time.

Three, my brother and his friend showed up at 2am Friday morning. :) They will be here for 3 nights. 2 down 1 to go. It was also on short notice and still not exactly. Last month he told my sister that he was coming down this month, around the 23rd if he got permission for the weekend. She said "Sure, just let us know when you are coming, if you are coming." He said fine. So he calls her when he's in Brooklyn getting ready to come over to NJ. His friend is cute and tall, but he smokes. Oh, they are here for a Magic The Gathering Tournament here in NJ.

Four, I found myself in a story and I'm already 6 chapters in because I have made myself write a chapter almost every day. All of them over 1100 words. :) This is where my problem comes up. I wanted to know how sailors/captains knew when a storm might be coming when they still had decent weather. Oddly it just hit me that they would be out there and see the storm coming, but I feel like still using some of what I found since I spent so much time looking this up. I was originally looking for some kind of sailor's almanac, but I couldn't find one and that lead me to Weather Glass and Storm Glass. Pics below respectfully.

I've seen the last one, the storm glass, in tubes and I'm thinking of using this one since no one knows how long it has been in use, but it created it to the captain of the USS Beagle. The ship that Darwin was on when it mapped the coastline of South America and had that 'breakthrough' on the Galapagos Islands. :) His name is Fitzroy. So you may find examples of storm glass with the name Fitzroy's Storm Glass. But he didn't make it, he popularized it in two ways. One, he wrote down what happen to in certain conditions, like you see above, but in pics, and then he started weather forecasting in Great Britain.

I'll double check those facts for you and confirm them in my next post.

So yeah, and interesting set of days. :) And I haven't even talked about the onion that I found growing in the bag and is now trying to grow hydroponically because when I found it, the temp outside was 60, but the next day it was 23 and snowing. A good real inch or more. :)

Oh, and I may be handing out my resume while I'm at the mall today. I saw a few 'We Are Hiring' signs when I was there last time. I'm almost positive that any resume that I may try to hand in will be given back to me with the words, "Please Apply On Line". I will try because I should start trying again.

So I'm going to try and write past 1000 words before I go to sleep and it's already 5:02 am.


March 07, 2017

Waking Up with Sam Harris #12 — Leaving the Church: A Conversation with ...

Would you believe that I didn't really know anything about Westboro Baptist Church other than their name? Amazingly, they, this podcast, not only have insights on this church for ISIS as well. I think it might be worth your time. I didn't consider my time wasted playing this.

March 04, 2017

Just... one thing...

I'm drowning in mind blogging acts that Trump has either committed or set in motion... I'm not going there. I didn't come on here to talk about him, and I even try to not say anything about him here.

So, why am I here? Glasses. Yep. Remember my sister and her issue? Well, it didn't go the way I expected or told you. She went to work and talked to one of her co-workers and they were upset on her behalf that she paid $100 for glasses that she can't use, that caused me and my little $100 every two week pay from babysitting to buy her a bus pass for the month and cover her payment to Bestbuy for the month along with paying the few bills I was covering.

So, her friend/co-worker even called up the eye place at the mall and railed enough that she's going there tonight to have the eye exam done again and get the correct prescription for her glasses. In fact, she just left.

I'm not that sure on how she will get to the mall. She has 25cents or so, in her bank account, so she's not getting there via Uber. I do know that she has one of my clean credit cards. I was paying off three due to some twist of fate and failed promises to help me pay for my associate degree. Some of the money I got from my mom's pension and such has helped me to pay two of them off and I've kept one as emergency funds and the other... is what my sister just walked out of here with.

Other than that, I made waffles today with homemade vegan 'fudge' and blueberries. I had found this recipe for vegan fudge and I picked one but it came out more like unsweetened chocolate that melts very, very quickly.

Believe it or not, I don't really like chocolate. I'll eat it to get to nuts, which is why I like snickers. 😁

But I am aware that chocolate is of some health benefit to me, so I had a little half the waffles. I don't think I really saw it.

I guess that is more than one thing. Sorry.


March 01, 2017

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