October 28, 2011

I really can't remember....

What I wrote about in my posts.

I just know that I'm at school hours after I wanted to be, but thanks to my 10 am alarm I made it here before noon. I just wish it wasn't so cold. At least I'll be inside tomorrow when it will be snowing I hear.

Well I'm here and so are the HAVC people. They seem to be missing a piece. They just broke for lunch and it just reminds me that I'm hungry but I don't really have time to get food and eat. :(.

Well see ya. I'm going to try an draw something.

October 26, 2011

Can’t do it now.. so tired, ….

and I have to be up early tomorrow.

The only thing about yesterday is that a black guy crossed the street sooner than he wanted to, to talk to me and get my number. All because of my big hair. Smile 

I was running late for school, so I told him I couldn’t stop. I wish it was someone that was more my type.Sad smile

ok… I guess I’m writing now.

Now before I switched over to today, I have to say that my rendering teacher thinks that I’m improving. I feel like I’ve said this. Odd. Well we did colours yesterday and other than not saturating the colour in the space I gave it enough, he liked it. Smile 

Now for today. I got one of four pages completed. Which is just as well since he gave me another section to draw. If I drew anymore I would have had to start back over. But I think that he gave me something else to do because I hadn’t gone that far in drafting up my other wall section.

I got up a little later than I did the day before since I didn’t really know what to do, and then I got lost in reading something that I found on line. Very not school related. So that would be why I only got One sheet done.

Last night I bought some grapes for two dollars that I got from this guy at school. I sell school supplies in my free time. Open-mouthed smile Not really. I got something called Friskit or something like paper. It cost me $13 for two yards I think. That is 6 feet by the way. So if anyone wants some in the class I’ll gladly give them some for a small money exchange. The trace paper I have anyone can have for free. Smile 

So I get home with my grapes last night and my mom eats almost all of them, so today on my way home again, I checked my pockets and found two more dollars so I got another bag. This time black seedless. Yesterday it was read seedless. That was a nice ‘invention’. You know people created the seedless grape right?

Oh, I seem to be now posting my poems over on DA now. They are well received it seems. I should post a fractal before I crawl into bed.

One last thing before I get off again. I got our optimum account fixed so now we have the optimum app on all our Apple products. We can watch live tv. scroll through a nice looking tv guide. Set up things to be recorded and watch On Demand shows/Movies. It also acts as I remote for the cable box. Smile 

Ok, that’s it. I’m out of here. Sleep well everyone.

October 25, 2011

I’m back again.

I remembered my mom.

She went to Canada 3 weeks back. I know I said something about it.

Well she came back Sunday morning. She brought back stuff with her too. Stuff to knit with. It seems to be hard to find what she likes here, but found it easy enough up there.

She had fun. Everything seemed to have worked out well for her, even if she forgot what day she booked her trip to Toronto for. Smile 

Let’s see?

I don’t want to talk about school. I might be getting betting better with my rendering class. My teacher seems to think so. I think that I might have felt differently if I was giving it more time. But with my detailing class, that’s not going to happen. I’m trying to read over and do some home work on my book class. Because of how my ‘well’ my first project went over with my design class, I think I should do good there. And I think I have more free time, or will have more free time, since I’m going to do the next project, or I’m going to try and do my next project in AutoCad.

I haven’t touched the program since the end of my AutoCad class last semester. I think I should have signed up to take another AutoCad class during the summer. I think I need to have reason or a plan really, before I open AutoCad. I’ll see if I could do something for the winter break at another school. I need to get that list of schools I can move credits from and to. Smile 

As for today, I got up at 7:30ap. But after waking up, taking a bath, getting something to eat, then hanging out on line checking mail and DA comments and stuff, It was after 9:30 by the time I left the house. When I got the shuttle, I ended up just missing the train so I had to wait for the next one. By the time I made it to the next station to transfer and have the train show up, it was like 9:56am.

I seem to just back petal and not get very far. I spent most of the day just doing research and trying not to fall asleep and getting some lunch.

Then I worked on darkening what I had gotten done and put in the dimension lines and more or less just prepping it for when I had to my lettering. I just ran into a block with doing my windows. I wish I had gotten that done, so I could work on my other two sheets tomorrow and look like I was finished instead of just passing the half way mark.

Oh, my class had to do two wall sections of this old brick city home. I did one section through a fireplace/chimney and the other had to go through the fright of the building. The one going through the front of the building is the one giving me hard ache right now.

So I’m off to bed. Later than I would have liked, but I’ll just get up at 8:30 instead and save breakfast for a take out affair since I only have cereal in the house. I could make some quick oatmeal. I’ll see.

Well that’s it.

Oh, no it isn’t. Just remembered.

My Inuyasha FanFic Is Now Finished!

Yeah. How could I have forgotten to tell you that? It finished it a while ago too. I ended on chapter 91. I somehow seemed to have ended it on a slight cliffhanger. I didn’t see it that, but one of my readers did. Now I’ve posted all chapters on DA and Fanfiction.net. I’m still updating over on my Scribd account. I even made a cover for it, but I’m waiting for official permission from the owners of the bits I used to make it.

I have one. One other person seemed to have fallen off the face of DA, so I’m waiting for the last person to get back to me. Once I get the ok, I’ll work and putting them all together with the cover and book mark each chapter in a pdf file. Smile 

Ok, I have more, but I have to at least start laying down now. Smile 

Night. See ya tomorrow. I’ll let you know about the blow out from today and the rest of my day from today.

October 24, 2011

Not as early as I would have liked, but still good. I am now face to face with what I don't like about morning rus hour. Crowds and coffee. :(

Way Over Due

What was the last thing I wrote here? I don't know smile

I do know it’s been at least a week.

And even then I’m sure I held a few things back.

Like three weeks back or so I got my brother to take me into school for just after 8am. I’ve been measuring my other days by that, but I haven’t come close to that on my own. On a few days I was only there for like two hours.

Oh, I finished my first project for one of my classes and made a very bad model to go along with it. It wasn’t meant to be a sturdy as the others since I was trying to show how it would travel and come apart since I thought that was one of the selling points.

The teacher will be posting it, along with a pic of me that I’m sure I’m going to hate, and I’ll just point you there and you can see the others that were submitted at the same time. Now I think, as of presentation day, I had the most complete project and viable concept. Now I have work on the next one. A comuntiy center. You would think it wouldn’t be that hard. But I have a few things against me.

One, I don’t think I’ve really been in one. And two, I think we should stay a little away from making just a box of a building.

My other class that I was going in early for just … lets just say that teacher I was happy with for a most of last week.

Now it get interesting.

You saw my pic below right? The one of my grade in my only book class. I was feeling really happy with that class until my sister sent me a text to tell me that Nika wasn’t home yet. When she texted me that, It was already after 7pm.

So when class was over I was texting back and forth with her to find out what happened what was done and who was contacted.

In short, Nika never came home. No one she knew, from her friends to the girl next door, haven’t seen so the cops were called to help find her.

Then I get home  about 20 mins before the cops come back again and ask for something for the scent dogs to help find her. I came home to find her mother crying in bed, but when the cops came back, she had already left the apt to ‘look around’. She couldn’t stay still any longer.

Then a little after 10 pm, an hour after I got home, Nika rings the bell to come in. I thought that maybe the cops found her and let her buzz the bell. But no. She came walking in on her own looking tired.

When she rang the bell, her mother was on the phone, so we told her that she was home. Then the cops called her, and they came over to see her and find out what was going one and to return the pillow case.

At this point, we find out that she took the bus and got lost. You would think, oh well, that kinda understandable. But here is where it’s wrong.

One, she takes the train home. Two, she doesn’t know how the bus home and never have. Three, her mother asked her if she wanted to be showen how to get home by bus. She told her no, without even thinking about it the night before.

She told them, in such a way, that she got lost, that they didn’t believe her. This is when I find out that the night before another 11 year old girl was kidnapped and that they had called in extra people to help find her. They were searching parks and brought in the scent dogs. I don’t think I really knew what they had come before for, until then. Still. There was no look of guilt on this girl’s face at all.

The real story? Shifty Still not sure. She got on a B12, that doesn’t come anywhere near where we live, ended up on the G or E train some how, made her way on to a 2,3 train, that she should have taken hours before, and made it home, with a lot of walking in between.

Well, We had everyone that knew her, or my mom calling, when she was missing, then it spread just as fast once she was home.

The next day I went to school, but she was ‘sick’ and her mom called 911 and an ambulance came for her. Good Grief! What made that so perfect? At the start of the week if not the week before, a social worker came looking for her and her mom because she had missed so many days of school for the semester/school year.

We told them that this was going to happen. That she just can’t not go to school. That she had to go to sleep on time so she could wake up to go school. But no. And then her mother doesn’t push her to go to school anyway to teach her to go to bed on time.

Speaking of which. I have to be in bed too. I have to make up for not getting to school on Saturday. I didn’t have a class. I just go in for a few hours to draw and get my sketch book to do my home work for Monday’s class.

So I’m expecting to come home and find the social worker here one night and she will be surprised to see how much… input we really have with raising Nika.

I don’t know what else to say right now. But I’m sure I’ll think of something tomorrow. I’ll try again to add on to this in a new entry and let you know how my day went.

October 14, 2011

I was told that my OSHA exams were going to easy. That I didn't even need the book since he will give hand outs.

I think he changed it up this semester. I saw questions that we hadn't seen yet never mind answered. There was 6 or so of us, and I took my dear time to answere the questioons and I finished with the last person in the class with me, other than the teacher of course, less than an hour later. Later. Falling asleep here.

October 09, 2011

Seeking model project update... My hands hurt from cutting through a lot of sticks. I have started on my insulated canvas walls. I almost wish I had real canvas, but I'm using paper intead. I have the velcro. But I need some netting. Does anyone have any to give me?

October 08, 2011

So tired

Today I had my 9am to 3pm make up class.

We were there until 2:30pm really. It looked liked everyone made it. It was only like 7 of us. Oh... I remember. There was suppose to be one other guy. But he already said that he finished work at like 3am and 9am was to early for him to come in for class.

Well we broke for lunch and everyone went across the street to get subway. :) I got to use my subway card for all but one. I remembered after the first guy left. :)

It was a rather nice class even if I was falling asleep in parts. It's from 9am. I had my alarm go off at 7, then I couldn't get up until 15 mins later. I got my bath then I looked for something to wear. I tired on stuff and changed twice. In the end I wore a big red sweater thing, and I loosely call it a sweater, and packed a short sleeve shirt for when I left school since it was going to get really warm later.

My only problem was that the short shelved shirt was also shorter in length than I would have liked. I wore tights/leggings today to make sure my legs were warm on my way into class. I'm almost not worried about my ass being seen, but not my middle. So I walked around with in 80 degree weather with my fleece on and zipped up to just above my belly button while walking with my big sketch book, bag of scales and triangles and tools, then everything I got from the story to start my model and lastly by school bag.

At least I didn't have that big book from the class on me. I left it in my locker. I didn't want to lug that around with me. If I feel like I could stay up long enough to read it at home, I'll take it, but right now, I don't think that is going to happen. If I read it at all before our exam, this Thursday, it will be while I'm at school.

So I got home, stripped down, changed over to something lighter since I'm so hot, and see that the room needs some cleaning. My brother was here last night and he kicked/knocked some stuff onto the floor, and I have clothes left all over from the past two days. So I do some cleaning, but ended up eating a little of the sub that I packed from lunch and then fell asleep before I finish cleaning.

Now I'm up and watching my Chopped eps that the dvr recorded. It was only suppose to have one ep per week, which I would leave for mom to watch when she get's back, but I it looks like it's just taping all eps as they air. So I'm picking out the ones that we have already been seen and leaving the new ones for her.

Well time to do something for a bit.

October 06, 2011

I had a late start today. I just had to sleep in. I can not be sleep deprived. When I was tired from working two jobs, 8 hours each, I gave up dinner for sleep. Today I just needed to stay in for an extra hour.. Or two. I was there by 11. I woke up before 10. I was in the shower by that time.

Well I got my site plan done. Tomorrow is my last drawing class for my em shelter. When school closes, I'll ge getting my things to make my model. I would like to put it together at school, but ... But what? I'm taking the other drawing home to draw on my table top that I'm piuttingon my mom's bed... I'll see. Either which way, I'm get the parts tomorrow and I have a whole day, 9-3 make up class, so, I'm not drawing anything at school Satuday. :(

The weather has taken a dive and people are getting sick all around me at school. I'm still in good health, just cramps at the moment.

Well, Imm almost home. On th S. I got out early today. Later people. :)

October 04, 2011

Second Chance

Well, after hurting my eyes again for the second day in a row, I got some good news.

I made a slight mistake with how wide my bathroom is on the second floor, but I can fix it. I'm sure I can. I'm allowed to move walls. :)

Well, about the second chance thing.

My teacher for my Detailing 2 class said that we can correct/finish our work from these past 3 weeks and present a complete(ish) work next week. I'll will have time, more time than I did last week anyway. Tomorrow is my last day to finish up drawings for my other 'design' class. I have to get as much as I can do so that by the time the class is over he can approve them so I can start my model.

Yep, I said model.

I have to make a model.

Paper fear me like you have feared no one before.

... Me? Make a model? I have never made a model before. But in all honestly, I don't think that it will be that bad. I have something rather simple to make this time around.

More pictures to post.

When I get around to it.

I'm going to be crashing soon. I'll be up at 7:30 again today. I think I'll bye breakfast today. I still have alot to do for my class tomorrow. One elevation, two sections, and one 'sub floor' plan.

Just leaving the house. An hour later than yesterday, but I will still get there in good time.

I told some one that I spent 13 hours at school yesterday, 3.5 of them for a class. It looks like today will be more of the same.


October 02, 2011

Ok. How cold is it up there? It's like 53 here. I'm staying in bed till noon. Later.
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