August 17, 2009

More about the day of the missed party.

I was able to get out of that house warming thing, even though I felt a bit bad about not going when I heard only two people had showed up 2 hours into the party.

But before the attempt of getting ready for the party I had gone with Phillys to get her eyes tested and to get new glasses. I didn't realized that she wasn't wearing her glasses. I'm sorry, but I hadn't seen you in 2 months and it wasn't like she lived in hers anyway. Well it seemed that she forgot them or broke them in Canada.

As I walked into to the store with her, I thought I knew the one of the ladies there. She looked at me like she knew me too. I read her name tag but it didn't ring any bells. When she had a free moment she called my by name and asked me how I was doing. We did know each other. She was from school. She asked me why I wasn't at the reunion two Saturdays back.

I was surprised. I told her I didn't even know. No one told me and then I remembered to tell her that I was in Seattle at the time. But for the reunion I might have come back early. I could have saved some money and I might have even remembered to pay my BestBuy bill on time and save myself a $30 late fee. Oh well. In return I got to see my friends from Ross and hung out with Sarah.

Well I asked the girl every now and again who was there at the reunion, but she was bad with names and the one teacher I asked about wasn't there. It said that only one teacher showed up and I don't remember who it was, but I don't think I knew that teacher anyway.

But guess who was there? Hayden. So when I was ready to feel angry with him for not letting me know, I called him up and was sent right to his voice mail. I tried calling him for 3 days before I was able to get a hold of him. and like always he was busy with something and would call me back. He didn't ofcourse.

Back to the day of the eye exam. I helped Phillys to pick out frames. I hated her criteria. In the end it was the same type and style that she choose. She got the buy one, get one free thing that was going on at the time. That buy one get one deal seemed to be on just about everything on the store. Cleaning liquids and accessories as well as glasses. The only place I didn't see them was on the contacts.

We then left after she paid over $400 for everything. The lens, frame and eye exam that a bit more than the normal kind.

We then came home and crashed. Then she did my hair since it well past time. That was really the reason why we weren't at the party. My hair takes so long to get done, that it was after 11 when I was done and we started around 6 or 7pm.

Phillys for some reason thought that it was ok to show up minutes to 12 to say hi, take food and run. I told her I wasn't doing it, but she was free to go if she really wanted too. I don't remember now if she went or not. Actually I don't think she did. She went to get a gift when I thought she went when I was still under the dryer.

Well I have to go now. Either I'm going to take a nap from eating a big breakfast or I'm leaving to do what I tried to do this morning but found everyone still closed.

I have a long list of things that I want to get done today. Put money on the bank, renew or get a new library card, pay a bill or two, talk to BestBuy, talk to Macy's check on B&N, pick up my sister's meds. I don't know why she doesn't get them herself.

Well see ya. :) Oh, I'm back on ICQ again. Tried to catch my typo errors but I really need to lay down. bye.

August 08, 2009


It seems like I've been put back into slave duty and tonight, after I finish with my hair being down, my sister is taking me to a house warming party that she doesn't even want to go to. She says that she is going because she was invited.

It started at 6 something. It's 9:22 now. By the time we get there it will minutes to 11 if not after. I don't want to goooo.... :(

Windows Live™: Keep your life in sync. Check it out.

August 04, 2009

On The Road Again

I'm not joking.

It's a good thing that I uploaded my chapters for the week early. I got here around 2:45pm. Here being Portland. I'm kinda hanging out with them today, then I'm off again tomorrow morning after breakfast. Just when I was falling back in love with the internet.

I then get back to Seattle, and finish packing, say good bye to the guy(s) that I met, and leave Thursday afternoon around 2pm to make sure I get to the air port on time, which is really early, and be on the plane back home by 4:50pm.

Why am I going back you ask. Easy. For me to stay in the apt while she is gone for a week requires me to be placed on the lease. To be placed on the lease I have pass a background check. To have the background check performed, she has to pay the company. She doesn't have the money for the background check so I can't stay.

The cheapest ticket I could find is for Thursday afternoon for $270. Just to rub salt in the wound, I looked up how much it would have cost to leave two weeks from now on the 20-something. It's $158 or something. Just about the price I paid to come out here. Shame. :(

I'll get around to writing about the trip down and back up again when I'm in New York and I'm thinking back on my summer days. Which this has turned into for me. I kinda like it. Just a bit more money and I would have been golden.

I should go upstairs and hang out with the friends I came to see. All I know is that we are now eating, and it has to do with grilled fish. :)

Take care people.