April 12, 2012

We got here at 9:15am or so. Nika has ben sleeping for most of the time. It's when we had to move due to a leaking celling, that Jhodie decided to join her. It is now 12:20 something and we are waiting for our housing interview. We are looking for a bigger place. My sister thinks that they lied when they said the place was new construction once we got here.

April 07, 2012

More Info

The fire department said the building is over capacity by 6000 people. There are about 17,000 people in here right now.
There were another 1000 so on the outside with me trying to get in. 100 or so went up on the external balany and looked in on the warm people and the band playing in the lobby.  :)

If you weren't inside when the doors were closed, you weren't getting in that night. For them to allow anyone in, other than people working that night, the building would have to come down to the buildings rated capacity, and then loose about half of what was left.

That wasn't going to happen in the next two hours that the party would be on for on the inside. So I was just going to leave the only person who was there for me to meet. Tanzi. :)

Well she was tried, so she walked me home and talked about a few things. My house isn't that far away.

We are going to try for a day time movie next weekend or something.  

Doors closed by the cops

I tired to meet two sets of people at the Musem and this is what I found. I need a better cam in phone, but I don't really think there are any. Oh well. 

Too many people came to the party. They closed the doors to keep them from going inside. I'm not dressed for the cold. :(