February 28, 2017

I Spent The Day Out With My Sister Sunday...

... Well once I woke up we spent the rest of the day out. :)

Last Monday I had planned on going to Cohen's for an eye exam and new 'real glasses. I found a coupon online, from them, for both for $99. I thought that my sister would just come along, but she wanted her own too, so I printed out another coupon for her and we planned to go out. But after she told someone that we had appointments I decided to call to make sure if we needed an appointment or not. I hadn't made one.

The lady on the other end said that I had to make an appointment for the eye exam, so I did, and then forgot that I didn't make one for my sister, so I called again and we got them back to back on Sunday.

In true fashion I was up until 4-5am Saturday night/Sunday morning. I then made myself go to sleep so I could get 5 hours of sleep. I got up took a bath, greased up, combed and plated my hair and then walked, dressed and with shoes on over to see how far my sister is, she is laying in bed not dressed. I'm looking at her as if I couldn't believe it. I heard her in the bathroom a good twenty mins ago and she takes like 15 mins to get ready unlike me.

So she looks up from the book she was reading or whatever on her iPad and just looks at me until it dawns on her why I'm wearing a dress skirt never mind dressed to go out. I pointed out what time we had the appointment for and she says that uber told her it was 9 min drive. I told her if she was lucky it would be 9 mins. She clearly forgot to think about waiting for it to get here, anything that might happen on the way there, and then finding the eyeglasses place.

And that is one of the reasons why when she was rushing through the mall to get there, I just looked at her. The other reason being I was wearing sandals that didn't have a back. Yes, I'm aware that it was 30 degrees out yesterday, but I thought it would be ok for just jumping from building to car and car to building. And it was. :)

Well, she called the place and told that we were running late, so it wasn't that bad. When we got there, it wasn't where I expected it to be. There was another place that was spelled almost the same and had the same font used in their logo. I wasn't the only one that got mixed up because of it. I found that out when I asked directions.

So when we got there, we had to find out a paper and they asked if I had insurance. I thought that was very odd for some reason. I guess it has been about 3 years since I got my other glasses and that was the first time. I got through my bit just fine. I went in the back, they used three machines on me to estimate things. I guess it shaved down on having the doctor start from scratch for each person. When I was with the doctor, I had to keep pulling away from that eye thing I was looking through as she changed lens to rub my eyes and refocus them. I wasn't going to get bad lenses this time again.

That happened the last time I brought a coupon to an eye glasses place before I got the other set with my NYC insurance that really worked.

Anyway, I made it clear that needed glasses for reading, also working off of past mistakes, and when we were just about done I asked her about Lasik. In a lot more words she basically said that I was too old to have any lasting effects from it. Ok. I go out and my sister wants me to try out frames. She told me that it was the first three rows were frames we could pick from. So I point to something and he tells me no, these three rows. I then point out to him that those are columns. :shakes head:

I smiled at him and looked at two frames. My sister started in on me on how I wore my glasses. I've had smaller glasses so I would wear them a little low on my nose so I could look over them at things and people I needed to. I need bifocals, but I can't afford them. So when she's telling me that I should wear them higher on my bridge I asked her, repeatedly, if she had the money to buy bifocals for me. She just went back to saying I shouldn't be wearing them that way.

Now that I think about it, that may have had a hand in how she was treated later, but it shouldn't have since I'm her sister and they weren't family to us. But if they were, they wouldn't have done that to her anyway. I'll get to that later.

So I ended up picking my second choice. I didn't realize how comfy they were until after I got home and were wearing them around. :) Picture of them later.

So, I get measured for my frames while my sister is getting light shun in her eyes and then seeing the doc. When she was done she came out to get measured also and as he's lifting it to her face she all but backs away from it. She can see things close up, and her germaphobia had her asking him for disinfectant and wipes to clean off as much of it as she could before he could do what he had to.

We then went to walk around the mall while he made the lenses and so on. Most of our time ended up being spent in Bed, Bath and Beyond. My sister had gotten some things from Cinnabun. I had my pills on me, but they are for just in case. They are not a license to eat dairy in public.

I kept an eye out for a tech store, but now that I remember that it's an outlet mall, I guess hoping for real tech was me just wishing. So we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond when we were called to come pick up our glasses. I got mine first and he gave me stuff to read to make sure and everything was great. He even took a while cleaning my lenses for some reason. Around this time my sister is complaining that there is something wrong with her lenses, they weren't in well enough and that they weren't cleaned and that she see's specks in her lenses. When I finally got my hands on them to see what specks she was talking about, I told her that they were a part of the lenses. She was being her picky and fast talking self, so I let most of it go, but once in a while I told her to cool it and she was kinda smiling, I think at one point. Then she got around to actually putting them on after I read the finest print on what I was given to test out the glasses.

It seems that besides one lens being loose in the frame, one or the same lens wasn't what it was suppose to be and just blurred her eyesight. As she was getting started, I checked my watch and saw that it was 4:26pm. We had found the movie theater and bought tickets to see The Wall at 4:25pm. So she told me to go while she dealt with this.

The movie theater wasn't that far so it didn't take me long, but I had to go outside. It was right next to the mall, but it wasn't attached like I thought it was before we came there. So I go in and I expected to see a somewhat full room. I was even a little nervous since the place close to us is almost always me and two other people. I turned the corner to look for a seat and the place is only half full. Well, at least I was able to get the seat that I was use to getting. I hoped that she would show up before the movie actually started. She walks faster than I do, even in sneakers. But the movie started and she hadn't shown up yet. She ended up walking in about 10-15 mins into the movie. Not bad.

I was more once again impressed my China. It was a great movie. I had unfairly started to rant about this before I stopped myself and said to give it a chance weeks ago. I was still riding my disdain for what they did in the movie 'Gods of Egypt'. Yes, I'm talking about the white-washing they did in that film. If they didn't have that one black guy in there, I don't know if I would have bothered watching the movie at all.

So after the movie, she tells me how they told her that she wasn't use to wearing glasses and that she had to get use to them and wear them for one day and if they were still bothering her to bring them back the Tusday. She told that she when they open and close she's at work, She can't just leave the glasses and just pay for eye exam because the coupon said no refunds. She thinks that the doc wrote down the wrong thing and I'm sure with how fast she was talking didn't help, so what was suppose to be a deal on exams and glasses is getting expensive for her because she can't use the glasses, but now she seems set on having a pair and she is going somewhere else to see an eye doctor to get a prescription and then taking that to made to fit the frames she now has. And her insurance doesn't cover any of this because her cheapskate boss won't pay for it. He has insurance for them but it doesn't really cover anything. I'm this close to tell her to opt out. Since she has to pay for everything anyway, she should save her money. Another rant for another day.

So we leave and I'm starving. I was hoping to grab something on my way into the movie, but I walked past nothing but deserted concession stands. So we went to the food court. Just in time to walk around and watch everyone shut down. Well almost everyone. We were one of the last people who go into Jonny Rocket. I think I skipped through a Jonny Rocket once, 8 years ago. By now it's 7pm.

We split fries and onion rings I got. We each had our own burger and I sent back my tea. I don't know what I expected, but I didn't expect a small cup of hot water and a tea bag. Other than disappointment I felt like there was caffeine in there, so before I sent it back I asked him if it decaffeinated. He said that he didn't know, so I sent it back without touching it. I had water with my meal which was fine. Everything tasted fine. Great even. We took out time. hung out, then walked towards Dunken Donuts to get some donuts before calling for an Uber. I know, people are up in arms over it, but I'm not one of those people. It's just how I get around this place. If they go away, then I'll use Lyft or whoever else comes along.

When we got to DD they were closed so we called Uber. While we were waiting, I saw a guy in there tossing the donuts into the trash. So I asked for them. I don't know if he just wouldn't outrightly tell me that he couldn't give them to me or was playing dumb or he couldn't understand me, but it went in circles that they were closed. That he already put them in the trash and then when I asked for the ones that he hadn't tossed yet, he said that they were closed. I didn't want to play. I was already losing my cool. It was such a waste. I could have given some to upstairs. My sister could have taken some to work. But no. "We are closed" as he tosses them into the trash in front my face. And I'm not crying over just donuts. Muffins, breads, anything that they made. I wonder if he would give them to me if I had shown up a min before closing and asked? I don't think so. I really thought about dumpster diving. But I just walked away so I would see him.

The car came, we got in, saw IHOP on the way out, and was a little surprised as I got out of the car that we spent the whole day out. It was nice. But before we went inside, I went and got the boxes that I flattened and put out since last week. The person who put out the trash doesn't seem to know or remember to put them out. so while they were dry I did it before going inside. Then my sister had me enter each room to make sure that her imagination didn't come to life and was waiting for her anywhere in the apt.

And now I've recounted a good day. Oh, back in Bed, Bath and Beyond, she almost got us these little towels with our letters on them. She found her 'P' but no 'J' for me. I told her no. Just no. We don't even have a towel rack in our bathroom. What are we getting it for?

PS. I'll come back and read this over another day. I've spent way to long writing this and I want to go into my bed now. Later. 

February 16, 2017

FW: [tumblr] Re: Something else

This is my drama with Tumblr and trying to have it show my art blog in it's search results.

Not going so well as you can see.

As for the links on my blog and the example I gave her, it's to DA (Deviantart) and I have seen posts like that all over Tumblr.

I've very sure it's due to the fact that it's not my default/first blog. But can I pull up roots now and start all back over??


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Your request (5070509) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.
Kat (tumblr)
Feb 15, 8:57 AM EST

Thanks for the example. That post contains external links, which can prevent a post from showing up in search results. To make sure your posts show up, I recommend removing external links.


Jhoy E. Me
Jhoy E. Meade
Feb 11, 8:50 AM EST
Hello Kat,
1, Some of what I'm looking for has been posted for month if not years.
2, I have toggled the lock back and forth. It does change what I see, sometimes, but since what I'm looking for is safe for work, it wouldn't be filtered out or back in. But I do see a post that went up on my NSFW blog that explains why I changed the name of my NSFW blog so that people would fine my art blog instead when doing search for 'Jem' or 'Jemgirl'.
3, I checked it on day one, if not two, of creating my blogs and I've checked them since. As recently as last week.
4, For my art blog, I am the original poster for a lot of it.
5, I have three examples of 'Fractal Twins' on my art blog. I did a search on Tumblr's main search page and I got two posts and one blog and neither is mine. And like I said above, my posts are days, weeks, months and years old.
6, I have done a tag search and only three of over 50 of my posts show up. When I change the tag to something more common, I haven't seen any of my posts, but a mix of mostly 4-6 tumblr blogs with few others mixed in and they are displaying posts that are far newer than what I have, and if date was the issue, I have others posts that are newer than what is being displayed also.
7, First five tags? That will be something for me to look into. I thought the more tags, the easier it would be to be found. Ok, I did a search with just one or two tags from a recent post. In a normal search with hashtags in front each word I went all the way to the end of both most popular and recent and the photo I was looking for wasn't posted. Clicking on one of first five tags is just… a bunch of repeats that are in their right an original post. But that just buries my one post that went up a day ago. Anyone finding me this way would be a miracle of timing.
8, I need to have the links I do and I have found during going over your points here, that other posts with links to the same site didn't imped them from being listed in all the searches I did. So I don't think my links are a problem. By the way, most are to Deviantart, with a few to Redbubble, Fine Arts America and Etsy.
So, outside of the order of my tags, I believe that my blog(s) has somehow been bypassed.
Here is one of my most recent posts, from my artblog, for you to test.
It was posted Feb 10th, 2017 at 11am.

Kat (tumblr)
Feb 10, 9:33 AM EST

If something's missing from search or tag pages, make sure you:
·         Give it a minute to show up. Sometimes it takes a while for information to propagate across servers, so there could be a little lag between adding or removing a post and seeing the change reflected.
·         Have content filtering turned off via the lock button on the search results screen, if your blog is marked NSFW. An open padlock means that NSFW content is shown, a closed one means it's hidden. In the mobile apps, make sure to drag the filters bar (top, recent, etc.) all the way to the left to find the lock.
·         Check that "Allow this blog to appear in search results" is enabled on that blog's settings page.
·         Were the original poster, as the original post will show up rather than any reblogs. So if you reblogged a post and tagged it, you won't be able to find your reblog on that public tag.
·         Haven't been posting too often on a particular tag or search page. If you've made multiple posts in a given public tag, only 3 will show up per page of that tag.
·         Have scrolled down far enough. If you're looking for your post on a very active tag, it could already be far down on the tag page. You may need to scroll for a long time to get your post, if hundreds of other people are posting items with that tag too at any given minute of the day. If you use your mouse to hover over the top right-hand corner of any post, where the little corner flips down, you'll see the time that the post was published appear. Note when you published your post, and then you can use those timestamps to scroll all the way back to where your post should be.
·         Added five or less tags to your post. Only the first five tags will be indexed in public Tumblr searches, and the first 20 tags on your post will be indexed on your own blog's tag pages.
·         Removed any links to external sites, as some links may cause photo posts to be hidden from search as part of a larger effort to prevent spam on Tumblr.

If you still believe your posts aren't appearing at all, please send me a link to an example post from your blog, and describe to me the date and time that you posted it as well as the link where you're expecting to see it.


Jhoy E. Me
Jhoy E. Meade
Feb 3, 11:49 AM EST
Hello Ben,
I'm not talking about a-sos, I'm talking about a-tw. My second tumblr. My non-default tumblr. My art, safe-for-work tumblr.
And for the record, even with the content filter turned off, I'm not finding my posts in searches where I should have at least one result from my NSFW tumblr, not to mention a few.
But for now, I want work on my second tumblr. A-tw (A Tilted World).

Ben (tumblr)
Feb 3, 9:07 AM EST

since your blog is flagged as NSFW, you'll need to use content filtering to find it in search results.

Content filtering can be toggled on and off via the controls on the search results screen. In the mobile apps, tap the little lock that appears when you press and drag the filtering options (like top, recent, etc.) to the left. On the web, just click the little lock. An open padlock means that NSFW content is shown, a closed one means it's hidden.

Once locked or unlocked, that setting will stick across multiple searches until you change it again.

I hope this clears things up, and please let us know if there's anything else you need.

Tumblr Support

Jhoy E. Me
Jhoy E. Meade
Feb 3, 3:18 AM EST
I have two blogs, but other than finding my second blog by name, I can't find it in any kind of search. I even added #jemgirl to all my personal fractals and photos that I made, and it's still not showing up. But the post I placed on my main blog is coming up in the search that I posted the same day.
I do repost some posts from Tumblr there, but most come from another site.
I can't fav anything with that account. As far as I can see, it just defaults to my prime account for all comments and following of other sites.
I would love to have separate following lists for the two blogs, but right now I'll setting for having my second blog show up in search results. I have been carefully tagging all my posts and I don't see any of that helping me.
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February 12, 2017

I have joined Society6!

But I'm having some trouble with their promotion code. It's suppose to look something like the DA slide show on the side of my blog or Vladstudio's that only shows just one or the newest one posted to my profile.


But like I said, it's not working so I don't know. I'll go work on that in a bit again if not after sunrise. I'm still tired from being out yesterday and then going to Costco this morning. I was up all night before heading out. 

February 09, 2017

So cold out

I knew I should have gone to the store yesterday when it was 60 degrees out.

The snow already stopped falling. As you saw. 😊

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Water soaked bread pudding

Lets hope that the middle sets while it cools. This is the kind I grew up making and eating.😊💗

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Apple bread pudding

It deflated a little. But still looks good.😊

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**Update. :) Feb 12th, 2017

Both puddings are good, but I made the mistake of eating this one first. It was much better than the next one and made the other bread pudding taste not right. Once I got the apple one's taste out of my mouth, I realized that the other one wasn't bad at all, just a little too much cinnamon which was my fault. I dropped a little too much into it when it was being made.

So I'm making this again in about two weeks. :) Oh, I used hamburger buns. :) The potato kind. I learned, from my sister who went to the baking convention, that potato bread is something that is only seen in New England. Cool. I thought I would find it anywhere in the US until then. I guess normally hamburger buns would work too. Not the stuff that goes flat if you hold them too hard. The ones with substance please if you want to try that recipe.



The guy from across the street just spent over half an hour trying to leave his house.

He slid into our driveway and he almost hit a parked car for the house next door.

Then when I thought he gave up, he went inside to get a roommate, really a housemate to help him.

They twist and slide for another 20 odd mins. The landlady for next door shows up and offers her shovel. The guys had one just 5 mins or so before.

I leave to take out my apple bread pudding and when I got back, I took this photo. The post was going to be about how even the birds knew he wasn't going anywhere as they sat in the middle of the street eating something. 😊

But the man really couldn't give up it seems. So the landlady gets in the diver seat, and her tenant helped push the car? Truck? Van? Whatever, with the car's owner and housemate, and they actually get the birds to move and they got the car past where they were feeding.

Ha-ray! They did it. Now what? I'm not trying to jinks him or anything, but if just moving his car 15 feet was so much drama, what will happen on his way up or down the hill he lives on? It's getting colder. This snow was already part ice.

I've given up going out again this afternoon for a number of reasons. A bag of rice isn't worth me getting in a bus crash or hit by a car that couldn't stop while I was walking by.

So, I will be posting pics of the two bread puddings I made. Yep, two different kinds. 😃 One is a cut bread custard pudding with cubed apples. The others one is a water soaked bread pudding that has raisins, craisins, and the last of my orange marmalade in lou of sugar.

Yeah, we had and still have a lot of stale bread. The soaked one took over 2 hours to bake. I doubled the recipe so it's very thick.

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February 08, 2017

Yeah, I've been silent for a while

Not that I haven't thought about writing.  I just don't seem to make it to this page to jot it all down. But then I also think it's not worth writing about and I let it slide.

In fact, I can't remember most of it.

I think there was a cake thing. I helped my sister with a multi-coloured cheese cake because she was tired and needed sleep, and I got one stepped mixed up and she screamed at me for like half an hour and around the same time I stayed up to write her a letter to get notorized, without much input as to what to write to have her mark all over it the next day. I had kinda expected that, but tacked on the cake tantum is what kept my mood sour.

Last week, for two days I thought that Thursday was Friday. I asked the child's mother if she was off tomorrow, thinking tomorrow was Friday and she said she had work. On "Friday" I was looking around for Grimm and couldn't understand why I couldn't find it. My sister came home on the same Thursday when I thought it was Friday and I was cooking dinner for that day and to have extra for Saturday. We don't really cook on the weekend, so I was getting some done so she wouldn't starve, live on cereal or call for pizza or Chinese food, with is just wings at this point for her. I actually get the food when ordering. :)

This Monday I was up for the whole day. Not 24 hours, but I woke up around 7am or so, and I stayed up and awake until I don't know when. Somewhere between 11pm and 2am I was falling asleep and laying my head on my hands that quickly went numb on me making me go to bed and not thinking it was that late or wondering how it got that late. The next day I couldn't really drag my butt out of bed. that always happens when I do the daylight hours. Whenever I'm awake, when people think I should be awake, I end be being wiped of all my energy. I don't know how you guys can be up so early every day and be up or so long. But then I'm awake for the same if not more hours, when I sleep in the daytime and up at night and I'm fine. I just have to cope with daytime hours for getting some stuff done. :)

I think I had at least one food photo that I didn't post just because I didn't want to be one of those people, even if this isn't Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.

Speaking of food, my sister had started to take steps to selling her baking. We both looked cards because despite her shouting at me, people were still staring and asking about the multi-coloured cake. Everytime she heads to work with her see through cases she get's looks and some questions. But this time she wished she had cards to hand out so they could contact her for something.

Well, we couldn't agree completely on a card. She showed me a card. I liked it, she changed too much, I no longer liked it and hated her font choice. But she got a phone number through google and new e-mail and she looking into something else online to advertise her baking.

Oh, Monday I wanted to go buy a few things, then I decided to buy 'locally'. That meant I waited until the girl got home and we walked up the hill to the only decent grocery store around here to get some potatoes to make mash potatoes and one box of pasta and a few other things. But I need lactose-free milk and new reading glasses. One of the handles broke off yesterday. So I have to head to ShopRite and Dollar Tree that is across the street from ShopRite today.

Oh, I get to be out for a while today because the girl's father is here for the day. So I don't have to rush back for 3:30. Yeah. But I have been waiting for two days for a new fridge to show up. Not for us, but for upstairs. Their fridge died on Sunday I think, if not Saturday. She called the landlord, who turns out to be Panama again. So his daughter came to have a look, like she would be lying about something like that, and one was suppose to show up Monday/Tuesday, or so I was told and was look out for it. So far, no new fridge, but I told the dad that it may show up today and that I was going out and my concern over their floor/apt not having a door bell. They do need to talk to the landlord about getting one.

Why is he called a landlord? We aren't renting land from him.

Anyway, I have to go take a bath soon and spend some time hydrating my skin, but I feel like doing some online organizing of one of my accounts for something before I go there. I hate being wet in this apt. So drafty and cold, but I have to today.