April 28, 2005

I Think I'm Awake.

It's 10:43pm.

And I'm trying to blog.

I started to fall asleep today at 5pm. I was staying late to try and fix a number of things that I found "wrong". And it turned out to be quite a list.

1, have the computer forget who last logged on.
2, make the lrc staff admin on the computer.
3, install a print manager hack, uninstall printer manager, restart the computer and reinstall print manager.
4, install vnc, with all it's little settings and a restart of the computer to set it's password. ( I was so prepared to do everything on the other 20 computers over vnc until I found out that none of the vnc files on the computers were really installed just copied)
5, add a few missing short cuts to the start menu for all users.
6, fix the icon cache for the computer.
7, upgrade 2 programs already installed on the computer
8, add a game for the students. Normally I had one game on all the computers for the students to play. But I thought that with the new computers I should get a new game. So after thinking of the mob that might find me for not installing the little cult game Snood, I resided to install something else that looked a bit more refined. By the time I got to the last computer I started to think that the game may have been too hard. I can still change it if I think I should come tomorrow.
9, get rid of some spy ware. I blame E ofcourse. Then I was starting to think that it wasn't here when I saw the same things on more than just one computer in a row. Then I started to think it was here when it wasn't on all the computers.

Near the end it hit me that they didn't have the school seal as a default background for before they log on. I'll have to add that to the list, or have the girls do it. But that would require them to 'hack' the registry. Do I want E in the registry???? I guess I can put that off for after I get all the other stuff done. Just as long as they are ready for Monday when we have orientation.

Other than that, it was decent day. I got to work about 8:30. My sister woke me up late. She said that she was going to wake me up so I didn't set my clock. I thought about buying breakfast, but I didn't really buy what I should have. I think I told you about that earlier. After I bought that, I thought that I should have just gotten a can or two of fruit. Oh well. Then I did mail. Then I tried to start the stuff with the computers before I knew how much needed fixing, but I was pulled away a lot to make IDs. Between batches of ID making, I was asked about the FDC. Collin asked if I wanted to go upstairs and help with the organizing of the computers or what. I looked at him. "You didn't miss me at all yesterday afternoon did you?" I asked him.

I explained that everything was already set up and in place but one APC and CPU. The CPU I still had down here because it had my music on it. It was going up after the wires had been dropped. The APC was to replace a line surge protector that was there before. Then a little while later when I was doing and ID they come down and clapped, saying I did a nice job setting up the FCD. Grin 6

Then around 1 or so tragedy stuck. Our ribbon for the ID printer ran out, and we didn't have any more. Collin ordered the cards, but didn't think that he had to order any ribbion since we had 4 and one was suppose to last about 350 IDs. We looked and looked and looked. We found non. So while he had to run out on an errand or something, I was left to call around to see if anyone had any on island and I was told that I was allowed to call off island to find some.

Great. Ok, first up, TDC. They didn't have any. At least not for that printer. Next, MacPennys. They didn't have any. Then hoping against hope I called Hosford to ask them if they might have a office supple department. She said depending on what I wanted. Great, that's just about a no, but I told her what it was anyway, to see if light was that close to being seen for this problem. Nope. Try TDC or MacPennys she said. I said thanks and then tried to call Poloriad. Great. Well I tried to call the first time and I was reading 1-800-poloriad, but typed 1-800-p0l0riad and there went about $2 or so for just connecting to someone I didn't know. Next I turned everything into numbers and started again. I got transfered like 5 times then she, by accident, hung up on me. So I had to call again. This time I was able to get a number for one of their dealers. The lady was a bit surprised, or at least sounded that way, when she found out that the closest one to us was in FL. I said thanks, and then called them up. I loved the talk we had. I said what I wanted, he said he had it. He quoted a price, and he could FedEx them to us. I told him that I would be calling back in 2 hours to place and order. I don't know why, maybe I thought that when Collin came back he would let me do it, and just give me the information that I would need to order stuff.

Well, since I couldn't do anything else, I went and worked on the computers until Collin came back.

He came back and I told him what I found out, and he tried to see if Rick could find a ribbon in some odd spot on the island. He didn't, but I heard as he put a call though to a photo place that also had an ID printer. I guess he was hoping they used the same kind of ribbon.

Near the end of the day, a welcome commity person came by with at least 5 students. I say that because she had more people with her, but I don't know how many of them were friends, family or other. She wasn't happy. I told her what was up, and that I was hoping to have it by Monday, but it looked like Tuesday. That hope was dashed later when Collin told me that it started to look like Wednesday. They aren't going to be happy.

I then wrote everything down to get in contact with the place that I found in FL for him to call and do what he had to get us some ribbon. But he called me later after everyone had left expect Tishion and asked me to send Tishion over to his house with the information that I had. He lost or didn't or did what ever to the post it I wrote up for him.

Fine. I redid it, then tired to get a working list of all the new computers for the messenger service and for my restart program that I used from the front desk. I also had to look after this girl that Tishion or Rick left in my lap. She is somewhere between 18 and 22. I'm aiming for under 22. She was going to the two year "college" that was in town. She for some reason hung around afterwards to catch a bus ride with me home after I told her that I didn't know when I was leaving. If it wasn't for her I might have stayed longer. I just stayed until 4:30 or so. Not one of my best stay after work to get stuff done days.

Speaking of work. E skipped a few things. She didn't check back up on any of the computers that had a problem when she tried to re-name them. I don't even think she kept track, and she was given a copy of the new map of the computers with what names they were suppose to be given. I had to add 3 computers to the network that she just left. Ofcourse she left at the stroke of 4pm I think. I was working. She just about never hangs around after her shift was up.

I wanted to say and fix or look over the last computer that seemed to not have touched, since most of us had the Monday off and students were going to be in here for Orientation, and the other stunts will now be using the new section. It was suppose to be done this week. Next week we will be working on setting up registration.

Collin talked about up-rooting some of the floor computers like we normally do and use them for registration. But the rest of us said that Ron wouldn't like that. FYI he's off island until Tuesday. So we said that we had to use left over computers that we didn't use for the floor or reregistration. I'll see what happens when we get in Tuesday morning.

See ya.

I'm sorry.. I know this is going to have holes in it with my gammer, but I just got around to spell checking it, and it's 1:26am and I have no time to grammer check it. I have to wake up my sister so she can put Nika in her bed, so I can get my bed back so I can get 5 hours of sleep before work tomorrow.


YAAA!! Woohoo

My Frist Comment.

It only took 7-8 months.

Thanks! Hug 3

I would have sent him an e-mail but yahoo won't let me e-mail anything again. I hope that they are upgrading.

Since I'm here.

I went to sleep last night a little bit later than I should, I cleaned. *bowing head*

I didn't feel that tired, and I'm suppose to do the dishes anyway.

I used that link that I posted, to send myself a file at work. I could have just used my jump drive, but I wanted to test it out. It took longer than I expected to upload the file, but downloading it was fine and fast. I'm sure it's my ISP.

I can smell not to mension hear new students coming to get ID's today. I told them Thursday, and it's Thursday. I'm surprised that haven't seen any yet.

At least it gave me time to eat breakfast. I got a $1 bread from the store down the street from with a can of venna sausages.

Got To go.

April 27, 2005

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

I was looking for this today. I thought that I had it bookmarked, but non of the three computers I use alot had it.

So I just tracked it down, and it was easyer than I thought, but then, I knew what I was looking for.

Check it out. :) You may find out that you could use this.

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

See ya.

I'm Early.

For me I'm early.

Last night I got a bare 4 hours sleep. Maybe. I was already to go to bed after I blogged, then my sister asked me to clean up, and I cleaned up more than I should.

I had my sister call in and say that I was going to be an hour late for work. I got to work at 9:30am. I feel asleep around 11am, and I didn't have lunch, and from 12:30 until 3:45pm I was upstairs putting together the computers from the FDC. They moved the equipment up to their new place on tier two. It's not quite my media center yet. Ron even said that he isn't ready to let go of me yet, so I'm not moving out just yet.

Well I was up there crawling under tables, plugging thing back in and redesigning the layout of things and for a few moments I had the feeling of being able to do what I wanted. Even if it's not the "media center" yet, it's now mine. I have to remeasure the room for the tables that I want in the new media center.

Well, before I started on the FDC, I first posted some stuff for the students about what classes they had this semester, where they were having them, and the time of their first set of exams. I think it's a bit odd, but I have yet to really be a college student. I kinda want to, but I may be too old by the time, if I get a chance to become one.

Then I went back to making my expanded map of the LRC. I came back down and finished working on it. This is what I ended up with. I think the room sizes are a bit off for about 3 or so of the rooms.

I want to do the rest of the IT department, but it's starting to look like I won't have space, or if I make the space, other parts of the map will be too small to see. Besides, I can't make one yet. The room that use to be the FDC, is said to have some changes coming. So I should just wait.

I left work around 5:15, and I got a lift home from another staff member. Lucky me. I was kinda lucky getting a bus rid to work too. I was able to catch the big nice one.

Well I got home to have the smell of the dark, ash and smoke meet me. My sister burnt the peas, and it smelled like she tried to touch the house. I feel asleep on the couch a little bit after sunset. What?...30 mins? My sister left me there for like an hour, maybe. I'm still tired enough to go to sleep in an hour and half. Which is when, tired or not, I'm heading in. I'm not going to attempt to wake up like the sleeping dead again tomorrow. Even R said I looked like I just woke up when I walked in this morning.

Other than that I had two interesting e-mails today. One was from Ron, he said great job on the layout map of the LRC floor and asked how things were going. Then I got one from a former client of my sister saying thanks for the great job and good luck with her cleaning business. The word business hit me as being a bit odd, but it's true. I have to repost her poster in about a month or so, and this time, I'm putting one up in the student union. Everyone that is calling her is finding out about her by word of mouth, and this will be the 4th or 5th time I'm posting stuff for her. One of the students suggested we post in the student union this time. I will have to add that they have to call two days in advance to make sure that she has a spot for them if it takes off again this time.

Well I'm looking at a shower, with music. Tomorrow I move a few things around, get a few more things connected, and send an e-mail to Hills asking to be paid. I have a hot water heater to get. On one hand I want the cheep one because it's cheep and I can keep some money or get something else we need. But then I want to get the expensive one because it suppose to last longer and they have a longer time between the changing of the "element" in the heater. Then there is the fan. Need a fan. I wanted it here in time for when my sister shows up so she doesn't melt, and maybe a new fan for Nika's room. More likely then not.

I think that's it. Oh, I was happy I wore the shorts again today with all my crawling around today.

See ya.

*spell checked and grammer checked* <- I should make that some kind of stamp. Grin 3

Hello.... I can move my fingers now.

Hi... again.

I didn't blog yesterday for two reasons.

One, I hurt my hands doing assembly work for the whole day with about 30 mins break time for the whole day once I got started.
Two, I was tried. Yawn 2

Like now. I hate. HATE, day shift. I've told my friend Larry, and I'm going to say it here. How on earth do you guys work day in, day out on a 8-4 or 9-5 shift? I wake up tired, I come home, I'm ok for like 2 hours some days then I'm just ready for bed. Then I can't even stay up late or I won't even wake up for the next day.

Yesterday I put together like 10 chairs at least, but I know I did more. Like 13. That is why my hand hurt. Half way though the day, I had to stop get the other screw driver because the hard handle one was starting to hurt my palms and they were turning red. At one point near the end of the day I did get a jolt of pain that went up left arm, but it went way. I had music to keep me going and the pain went just as fast as it came.

Or boss payed for lunch, so I got roti, and an OJ. Then late, around 4:30 or so I left with R. He drives better than the other guys. I didn't reallize that until it was time for him to drop me off.

Today I almost called in sick because of my arm. My sister had to help me get ready for work. But I thought that I could do other things today beside put chairs together, and I did. At first, I was just cleaning up the front desk bit, folding up curtains that E took down and just left there. I don't even know why she put them up in the firt place. Then I put some boxes out side, then I answered the phone.

It was M from another department, saying that we had to take IDs today because the students couldn't come back another time to get them done. I told her that we weren't doing any for a few days because we had to get the LRC ready for Orentaion. We had to move one half of the desks, chairs and computers. Make 10 desks, 22 chairs, set up 22 computers and wiring for 40 odd computers.

Amazingly we got as far as we did today, even though it didn't really look like we would at the start of the day. Anyay. I called Collin over to let him talk to her. She talked him into it. Which I knew was going to happen. So I was going to be doing IDs today. Ok, fine by me. I expected like at least 25 students to come by today. I think I only did like 8. That was disapointing. I also did some webwork. Worked on a laptop for a student. I'm still not fully finished.

One, she needed to bring by her powercord. Two, she was infected with alot of spyware. I think I had to uninstall like 7 bars from her laptop. I was updating it fine on the boyfriend side, but when I went to her's to map drives it locked up on us. She took it home to see if there was going to be any issues with the wireless network that her room mate had set up.

I also spent some time drawing a few things. First I made some more wallpapers for my site, but before I could post them right a teacher showed up with her own copy of the same cd to print out a few of the pics. I'm thinking that she should just have them printed somewhere else. We don't do that kind of thing. Yes we have a colour printer, but it's not ment to print photos.

Then I worked on the new lay out for the LRC floor. I should have started it like 30 mins before I did, but I think that I got side tracked by a few things. I then spent the rest of my shift on the drawing. I used Visio to make it this time around. I wanted it too look good. It was rush job, that I didn't know how to do. So for the first like 40 mins I was just erasing what I came up with. Then when I thought I had it right and printed it out, the printer cut it off all the way around, since I made the drawing to big, and two, I goffed on the numbering. So I fixed it, then changed it again. But just the numbering this time. Then I shurk it so I wouldn't loose any of it when I printed it again.

Well here it is. The new lay out of the LRC Floor.

I got a ride into work. A guy thought that I was a vet that worked on of his animals. Lucky me. Collin drove me home, and I wished that it was R. Collin and Rick drive too fast.

I'm going to be very happy when I'm back on night shift. I have to go sleep between now and 2am. Now being 12:45am.

My sister wasn't feeling well today so after I came back from watching and walking around with Nika on her bike and realizing that the clock stopped like 2 hours ago, I made Nika and me some bowls of soup.

Well I'm off. I think I'm tried, I know I should be in bed. I don't think that I would be asleep, but I should be in bed.

I haven't really talked to any of my friends for a while. My sister is cleaning for my other sister who is coming down in like a week or so. I'm suppose to help paint the room that is suppose to be my room this weekend, so no one would have to sleep in there while the paint was drying.

It's now 1:05, I've prof-read the blog, and I'm now offically tired.

See ya.

April 25, 2005

So Far

.. For all of Saturday I can say one thing. Rain.

It started when I was writing my last blog. It ended sometime around 7pm or so Saturday night. I got in contact with AM after trying to get her on the phone for over 4 hours. Monday I have to write her to let her know about a boat trip to St.Marttin.

Sunday.. It rained off and on, I didn't get up until 12. I was suppose to wash/clean up. I just combed out my hair. My sister used the computer.

Then my sister had us all go out to get dinner so I took a bath. It was a hot day. Still is. We walked about half a mile looking for some place that was open. The first place we went was closed. The second place was closed. We found a place before our third stop and got food there. On the way back the seciond place opened up. We got a better mail from the last place anyway.

It's currently 2:17am, I'm walking into my bedroom in 10 mins for get up at 7... something, maybe earlyer if my sister has her way, so I can get to work on time. I smell like soap since I just took my second shower and washed my hair after midnight. No, I have not gotten my how water heater yet. I was starting to fall asleep 3 hour ago, then my lactose in-tolerance kicked in and I was stuck in the bath room for 15 mins two times.

I'm sure the gut flooded today if not yesterday. It rained all in the mountians today.

Well I'm off. The real reason I'm still out here, is because I wanted to see the end of this movie that Showtimes has been replaying like it was the new flavor of the month. Which it might be. It has the guy who played Dr. Dannel Jackson from the movie of StarGate in it. I have yet to see the ending and almost every time until tonight I showed up at the same spot in the movie everytime I crossed it.

WOW..I just found out what the movie was. I can't beleive I just watched it. As you can tell I've never seen it before. It's "sex, lies, and videotape". I didn't think it was such a calm movie. Odd ending, but I'm happy that they were happy in the end.

I'm out of here or I'm going to kill the sun in 4 hours.

April 23, 2005

I'm back...

And it's 1:33am.

Granted, I haven't washed any dishes, but I did wash out the trash can. Grin 3

I kinda got caught up in a movie. It's an odd European movie. I'm at the end of it now, and I'm not even sure what happened. I had to change the channel for a one part. The name of the movie is called Swimming Pool. I'm going to look it up and see if they give anything away that would help me. Well I found it. As you see. The words are now a link. This has just about everything. Cover picture, link to the trailer, and almost the whole movie in condensed form. Now, do not take what it says word for word. A few things are wrong. I just jumped to a particular part, and I noticed a few things were wrong. So you can still go watch the movie later without thinking that you know every part of it already.

Let's start at the start of my day... with a prelude from the night before.

Last night I had my uncle's laptop. I think I mentioned it. Anyway. I tracked down and installed about 5 different dvd viewing software on his laptop, after making five burns to one cd over the course of 3, almost 4 hours. The only one that didn't all out crash on me and said so, is a time limited one. All the others clearly crashed and made a point of telling me so. Or, or, they wouldn't install at all and told me that my computer didn't have what it needed to be installed, aka, the OS was up-to-date enough, aka it was too old. So after making sure that the screen saver that I installed mostly worked, I went to bed. Now I'm thinking that I should get rid of it. I think it's slightly taxing the system. It's nothing really fancy. It's a few fishes from Blue Mountain. A card site. The link takes you to their wallpaper and screen saver's page.

Anyway, I called it quits and went to bed since I had to be at work for noon. I had asked Ron last week if it was ok for me to come in late since I was coming off midnight shift. He said sure. Oh.. before I crawled into my room to clean off my bed of the stuff my sister dumped there, I installed the scanner on this laptop to get something done that he asked for.


Well my sister came in and asked me what time to come and wake me up. I told her that I had to be at work for 12, and I went back to sleep. Then she came back a little after 11 to ask me about something for Uncle Ray who was here. I looked at the cook, and got dressed and walked out behind her. I have a few things to tell him about that laptop of his.

Well I went out there, and the first words out of my mouth were "That laptop of yours".. as I pointed at it. I told him how I didn't really believe that the computer was capable of running any dvd's. I think they just used it as a substitute for a normal cd drive for what ever reason they had. I had brought home the software that I thought would work with his system on a dvd data disk. I'm going to take the disk back to work to make sure I didn't goof up that part, but the laptop treated it as if it was a gigabite music cd that was broken. Which kinda gives me hope that it can read dvd data disks.

Well I started to say that I installed the scanner but not the printer because I was working on the dvd thing, and Jhodie said that she installed it. Considering last night when I asked her too, she looked at me as if I was beyond kidding. Then I told them that I did get to install the scanner. They asked why wasn't it working then? I said it was because it wasn't plugged. I then told Jhodie that she was late in waking me up. She said that I told her I didn't have to be woken until 12. No, I had to be at work for 12.

I got my towel, and headed for the shower. I came out, looked for a clean shirt, and so forth, and left the house after my uncle, about 10 mins after 12. I got to work about 20 past. The bus stopped at just about every stop between my house and school. For one part of the trip, it stopped every 50-100 feet. 5 times.

Anyway. I was getting lunch today. I went to guard house, and called down to let them know that I was on campus and getting lunch and that I was going to be down soon. For some reason Roosevelt thought that I had the day off. I don't know why. I then walked along the back or front of campus depending on how you see it, to the cafeteria. I was about to turn off and walk down when Ron drove up behind of me. He asked me if I was lost. Cute. He was going off campus for a bit, and he wanted me to wipe the exam page clean. He also said that were closing at 4. There was just about no one in the LRC never mind on campus.

Well I ordered a grill chicken breast with small fries. She then came back and asked if wanted it in a burger. After thinking I said sure. I then got a fanta from the thing... you push it with a cup and drink comes out.... and the total was $15 and change I think or just $15. After I paid I wondered if I should have said that I asked for small fries. Then I thought, it wasn't worth fighting over a few dollars. So I left it, thought about it again, then left it for good.

Got down stairs, E wasn't there, and like Ron said, it was empty. Just AM was there. I then went inside to eat. And when I was almost done I saw the line... going down my shirt and onto my skirt. Great. After making sure I wore a clean shirt to work today. Well I wiped the page that Ron wanted cleaned, then I went out to talk to AM. She said hi, I said, this use to be clean. I told her how I made sure my shirt was clean for work and look at what happens to it and I haven't been at work for an hour yet. I hung out with her until she left. Found out that our printer was having issues and after a few tries, the sever was rebooted. I typed up a sign for students telling them that we will be opened tomorrow for about 3 hours so they could check their grades. I made AM laugh alot. It helped that the guys didn't know where they were placing the tables. Oh.. They started to move the tables around today. I knew that they were doing it this break, but I didn't think that they were going to start today. So they started to "uproot" tables and move them around. I made a joke about how it was human tetris. Grin 6

Then AM had to leave to come back and I went inside to print out the signs in colour. Then I started the work on some tapes that Rick gave me the day before. I had a feeling that I may have to redo the first one. I didn't remember hearing any sound coming from the tape when I was recording it. And I was right. I had the sound wire plugged into the wrong hole. I may come back Saturday and do the first one back over again.

Lucky me I didn't have to deal with E today. She showed up when I was talking with AM earlier, then left at noon. I don't care why. I posted up the signs, and just waited for something to do. Lucky me AM came back to give me something to do. I copied a few cds for her, she got a copy of all my games that I'm putting together for M. I showed her and a girl who is leaving for clinics Mah Jong, and one of the Animatrix movies that I had. Then when I'm saying I should be leaving, about 4:30 I stopped to play a game that I installed yesterday but didn't get to play or knew how to play but it sounded really interesting. AM and I were stuck there for like 20 mins trying to find a way to win 2 boards.

Oh.. I jumped over this point. About 3 hours earlier, Collin went on a lunch run, and he came and asked if I wanted a Roti. Oh. That came out of the blue, and if I wasn't still tasting my lunch, I would have said sure and saved it for later. But I was full from my lunch and didn't want to be near food for a while. But I said thank you. He said that I could call him on his cell if I changed my mind. Ok. I went back to sorting my downloaded files.

Oh, also while AM was out of life that day, stuff for my sister slid in. A whole set of white towels and hand towels and a white bath rug. Oh.. note to anyone I may see later in life, I don't like white towels. I don't even wear anything white other than my shocks. Grin 3 The last time I wore white, it looked like I looked for the dirtiest place to walk by and touch and lean back on. I'm not ment to wear white cloths.

Well lucky me, AM had a car until she leaves on Sunday. So she was giving me a lift home along with my sister's stuff. Which now also consists of two lamps, two candle, and a box of pens, pencils, makers, high lighters, and small post its? Well Nika has stuff to play with.

I didn't realize that the girl that I showed how to play Mah Jong, "American" Mah Jong, along with AM was a seventh semester. I'm going to miss her. I think that she and her husband have the a pic of me, of the last time I was out at a student function like a year ago.

Well it's time to leave and AM helped in carrying out the things. She then asked if there was anything she could bring back for me. I told her that thanks to her mom, I have socks. For years, that was just about the only thing I would ask for. Socks. And just about no one sent me any. AM's mom sent me like 12 pairs. :)

So the only thing I could think of, was a "go between" for a tv and a dvd player. My tvs have just one connection to the outside world other than it's power cord. That is just for the cable line, and that's it. So we have this dvd player, and we can't set it up.

All we had to do, was ask Jhodie if she was willing to wait about 2 weeks for the part, since we were going to cough up about $100 for the part down here.

We got home, with AM once again forgetting what street I lived on, and we asked Jhodie, and she said ya she'll wait. So she is brining that down for us, and maybe some batteries, and I'm thinking of a spindle of cds that I can keep of work and out of T's hands. So I don't have to feel bad when I have to make cd for myself at work.

Then Nika started. She wanted to go to the arcade. She went with Jhodie yesterday, but she wanted to go with me tonight. So after I took off my shoes and tried to make her forget about going, she got on her shoes and said that she was ready to leave. So we went to get some money from the ATM so my sister can pay for a vcr so we can tape the shows that I miss when I'm on night shift, and Nika to play at the arcade.

So Nika and I caught a bus to town. Walked over to the arcade, and we played the driving game. I've never touched one of these things before, and I was even wondering if I could fit in one, since they were so close together and they looked like they were were meant for kids or really skinny people, but I fit fine. The seat slid back.

The first one we just tried to stay on the road, but it was alot harder, and it had (bad) odd rules for how the game was played. The next game a kid showed up and took over the game. At first I thought he was showing us how to play the game, but he just played the whole thing, then tried to play the next one. I told him the game was for Nika to play. Then someone came over to move him and he threw a fit, and cried. We didn't do any better on the next two games. You turn the wheel a little and it moved all the way over to the other side. When we were out of tokens I told Nika it was time to leave. I couldn't see her mastering the game, and it was currently a waste of money.

So we went to the ATM to get the $60. I checked how much I had left on the bank. Only $101.58 or so. I'm happy I'm getting paid in a few days. I may have to nag the Hills people about getting paid if no one calls me about in a few days. I'm getting a fan and the water heater with that money. The days are starting to get really hot now for us down here.

It's starting to be normal for us to have our two fans from the bed rooms out here, since none of them move and it's that's hot out.

We weren't gone for long, and we had left overs, mac and cheese with back-a-neck in gravy when we got back. I watched one of the movies that I spent the last two weeks getting. Then I tried to occupy Nika while Jhodie flit the bedroom. She saw ants again. Then they went to bed.

I think you know what happens after that.

Well I'm sorry. I'm not posting this Friday night/Saturday early morning. I'm going to spell check it first this time. It's 4:14 now and I don't want to read what I just wrote and I want to get out of this bad chair and into my bed.

It's raining outside now, and my weather thing in FireFox went from cloudy, to thunder storms, to light showers for the past 2 hours as it's been raining. I think I saw far off lighting 30 mins ago.

Well I'm off. I'll be out here around 10am at the earliest. Jhodie has a job from 9am, and I don't know when Nika is going to wake up, but I'll have to be awake for her.

See ya in 7 or so hours.

I'm back, I'm spell checking.

Finished spell checking. It's now 12:11am. See ya.

April 22, 2005

I Didn't Feel Like Blogging Today....

.. but I do have stuff to share and commit to history.

I just have to wash some dishes first. Grin 6

It's 11:49 now. I'm going to clean up the kitchen. Put some trash outside. Try to pull myself away from scanning stuff, and hopefully I'll be ready to blog before 2am.

Oh sure. Say 2am is so far away. I've lost hours like that! *SNAP!*

See ya.

April 21, 2005


Hi Ya.

I was asked to make a CD of games for a friend of a friend, and late in the day I came
across this site.

So I'm sharing.

I haven't looked the whole thing over, but it looks good. Granted since they are free,
they aren't as flashy as the ones you do pay for, but some are really good games and some
classics can be found here. Not to mention a few surprises.

Oh, one of them named puzzpower is listed, but the download link doesn't work. :( shame
of shames, but I do have the app. I was just looking and hoping the makers had updated it
or something. So if you think you want to check out this game, send me an e-mail and I'll
send it to you. :) I have a website for that. I just have to find that bookmark. :)

Take care.


- First Website
- Online Public Journal
- Wallpaper Group
- Online Pictures

Do You Yahoo!?
Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around


Originally uploaded by JemOfAGirl.

One in a set of sidewalk drawings. Try not to fall in.

As for my day... Got to work, kinda did some work until we lost power for about and hour. Then I goofed off.

Got home to those things I told you my sister was making the night before, with one thing different.

The rolls, almost got burned. They just dried up to a rock state instead. She fell asleep for 2 hours while they were in the oven. So today before I left, she shared her plan of making pudding with it. They weren't so far gone that she couldn't save them some how.

They come out quite good. So good that 10 or so hours later my cousin said he smelled them when my sister called him up to ask for our DVD player back. And he showed up for some too.

I should be asleep, but I don't want to go into bed. It's 2:11am now. I was looking to see if I could get this song for someone at work. It's just proving a bit harder then I would like. Considering I've already forgotten what the name of the song is. :) Oh... I got my hands on some new emodacons. You might see them popping up not to far in the future.

See ya.

Oh... click on the pic to see the other 4 that go with it.

April 19, 2005

Quick Note Before Bed.

Got to sleep in a bit, but then I went to town to meet my sister and pay a few bills and pick up a few things.

They are asking more than we think they should for lights, so my sister is going to see if she can fight it or something.

I walked around town, my sister got some shoes, and I said after we are finished paying off court, we will start going to the gym. My sister wants us to go to the gym at the Police Station. My thinking is.... What do you see when you see a gym at a hotel, verses a gym in an old stone police station?.. I saw white walls over looking a pool, verses a basement with dumbbells and gray walls. But I'll have a look. If it's not as bad as I think it is, we might go.

Well we had an odd little dinner, and my sister is trying to make Kolache. She's actually doing two. One has to sit over night. Now she's talking about doing some cinnamon rolls. I think she got the baking bug.

She's making fuss with me to go to bed. I'm thinking I don't even know if the skit I want to wear to work is clean. Oich *bitting my nail* I have to go look and or wash it tonight.

I just came from touching up my first set of wallpaper pages on my first site. At first I was just adding the last three that I did on my other site to it's list, so they wouldn't have to go looking to get over there for them. Then I started to fiddle with the lay out of the wallpaper pages on this site. I didn't do that great of a job, but I'll have less of job when I have time to mess with them on my midnight shift, unless I talk myself into doing a class.

Did I mention that now that I'm going to be running the Media Center I will have to get MS Office Certified? Well I will.

Well off I go. Oh.. sorry about not spell checking the last blog. I will get around to it. Maybe tomorrow. Ok.

See ya

What Have I Been Up To?

Work Wise

I set up a computer to do DVD burning. It's a way faster and newer system then mine. It was set up for a 7th semester thing, but it didn't happen, so I burned off my Anime stuff instead.

I worked on my department's front page. I think I told you that.

I have midnight shift. It started the 10th I think? It ends this Friday coming. Last week Friday I had to come in for 11am after running a midnight shift the day before, and it hurt me to get up. I asked my boss if I could come in an hour later this week. He said yes.

He also told me that they have found a place for my media center. I say my media center becasuse it's going to be run by me, and it's going to be my office. I'm going to be a tier up. I don't know if I'm going to like being separated from the rest of the department. I know the teachers will like it. I'll be on their level and they won't have to go far for help.

Other than that, I've had empity days at work. At one point, I crused though about 2 days without really doing anything. At this point I have three days left of my night shift with one being until midnight. Then I get the weekend off then it's the dreaded day shift for two weeks.

I was there two days of last week. I was there for a combine time of about 9 hours. I was showing them how to do a few things, but mostly I was just doing data entry. We had to get about 150 names into the system with details.

I had to go in today tsee if I could get a request by the lady that hired me to come though with the program. I said that I would be here before the store closed so they could tell me what she really wanted since I wasn't there when she looked the program over. I stood around, let them finish up what they were doing, then they told me what they wanted, and pushed a button. They looked at it, then said thanks, I can leave now. Great. I spent $2 for tech help that took 1 min. I showed them what I pushed, and they clicked on history, and that was it.

The girl that I was working with the most on this gave me a ride home and talked about how people think they are race cars on this island, and her bad sunburn she had gotten that swelled, and she gave me peice of sugar cane to suck on. Sugar caine is a hushy thing that you bite and suck the jucie out of. She had them in nice cut peices.


I sleep, or at lest try too. I've fallen asleep so easlly some days this week. I'm in the living room and I just start to fall off, or when I tried to watch Van Hellsin the other day in my room.

I have the webcam I got from the teacher. I got it work fine at work, just not with any IM. It might just be my system. But at least it can see it, I have get to get that far with it at home. Right now it's just sitting on the printer.

Today I got up and washed dishes before things started to change colour and bubble. It wasn't that bad. I've doen dishes already for the month before now. I'm just mostly doing up keep.

I went and got Nika, and walking home was ok. I even found her at school sitting with her friends and her bag waiting for one of us to come and get her. When we got home, we desided to go to the store and get some bread. You have to have bread in the house down here. Anyway, we went down to "four ways" to get some bread, and some cookies for Nika. They had no bread, and they didn't have the cookies I was looking for, or the ones that Nika wanted, so I got some twisties chips.

We came home and danced a bit. I had music on when I was washing dishes. I even rocked out a bit before going for her. When we got back we danced some more. A little after we turned it off, Jhodie comes back from a job. Then a little after that Peter shows up. That's Nika's dad. Now I couldn't get up. I only had on a shirt, and it was slightly torn on one side. I had forgotten to give Jhoide to mend. So I was stuck in that couch for about and hour or so as he stayed and play with Nika. Which for the most part was fine. It started to go south when Nika wanted to get down, and he wouldn't let her and then he started to swear. We don't swear in this house. Nika got down, and we then found out that she cut her arm and it was bleeding. After a bit he left, but not without trying to start something again.


Yesterday and tonight I did some website thing over at my seciond website. www.geocities.com/jhoym . Like I said in my earlyer blog, I added a few more links to my link page. Now I'm working on my island picture page. They are in the form of wallpaper. I have 3 clear pages, but I'm working on about 3 more. But they may not be finished until this weekend. I have to find 5 more pics that I like from the set I have, make wallpapers of them, upload them to my new place ImageShack.us then make thumbs, and upload them to my geocities' account.

I was over at one of my fourms, and posted a few things. I played a new game that I found. It's called Maui Wowee it's like Big Kahuna Reef but on land, with it's one new spin on things. So now I have three new games on my computer at the same time. Those two and Luxor.

These days, I'm not even on the computer that much. It's on to try and dowload a few things. Speaking of which I have to start it up now. It seems to do better at night.

I think that's it. Tomorrow I'm going out with Jhodie to pay some bills, and do some walking. I think I'll have to do some washing tomorrow so I have clothes to wear to work come Wednesday.

It's 3:13am.... I'm posting it now, and I'm spell checking and such tomorrow. Sorry. I have to post, but have no time to spell check.

See ya soon.

I'm awake to talk to you.


still alive, even thought I was put on the wrong side a few days ago. That put me off from blogging for a few days.

I have a part of blog that I'm going to post in a sec, then see where I leave off with that, then summrise the rest.


April 14, 2005


Trying to sleep, trying to work with hills, trying to get a web cam work at home, trying to leave work on time on my midnight shift dates. Trying to do some web art, trying to upload something intresting. Trying to stay up late.

Hi. Smile

Not doing much.

Had a small lunch/dinner tonight. Kinda fell asleep for 30 mins at the front desk. Then I woke myself up to fight with my IM's for an hour.

*George Michael - Father Figure*

Now I'm back from eating and I think that I should blog considering I haven't said word one here in about or almost 4 days.

I messed around with the link secion of my seciond website. I posted a small announcement on the pictues page. That is where part of trying to upload rant come from.

I've been thinking of doing an x rated page, since my site is also about sex, and the links I have aren't the best in the world even though I thought so when I posted a few of them.

*SparkleDrive - Baby Hold On*

Today I didn't get any of the sleep I so wanted. Nika stayed up late last night, and my sister was so sure that she wouldn't wake up in time for school that she left for work early today. And just as she walks out the door at 8am Nika walks into my room. By the way, I didn't make it into bed until 3am. I am not a morning person.

I got a few things done at work today. Trying to rememeber what they were. .... One, I updated the front page of our department's website. Two, I was going to do a long burn job for a student, when Ron told me that we weren't doing such big jobs anymore. It would have taken me about 2 days to get it done. 2 days I hoped. Fixed a few other website stuff. Three, I ran an experament and sent an answer back to the person who aske the question.

Be back later... I think that was Wednesday.


Now I'm back.. and it's next week Monday... too tired, didn't feel like. Pick.

Oh... if you have been wondering why I post songs during by blog, it's because I'm currently playing them at that time in the blog. I don't get all of the songs down.


April 11, 2005

Busy Me.


I'm just living though some small instant black outs. Blip!, and there goes the computer.

I was just over a one of my forums posting a message, when it went on me. Today when I was working at Hills, it went out on use like 4 times. It's a good thing that we had to save each record before being able to add a next one. At first we thought it was school tripping out, or our part of the campus. Then when it was time for us to leave and the girl that I was working with got me a ride home, we were told that it was happening in other places. So it was an island power thing.

I was suppose to meet the girl at 3pm, and I was on time, thrill of thrills, but there was one catch. So was the inventory. Someone re-ordered. No one was suppose to re-order. That is what we were getting ready for. Great.

Anyway, we couldn't do what we wanted, since they were stacking everything and left us no room, so I went for lunch. I got a garden salad and fries and covered it in Thousand Island Dressing. That cost $10, which I didn't think was that bad. I then thought, that that happens when you have a little more $70-$80 for two weeks of bus fare and a few lunches. Especially when I have to give my sister a few bucks for this and that.

Well, at hills we got 4 pages of the first list into the computer, and sorted the second list. On the second black out blip, I went downstairs and made a mp3 cd to take up some of the quite, and for the guys that were still packing the rest of the stuff. But guess what?

When I got there the program that I left working yesterday, didn't want to work now. So I had to uninstalled them, then installed two new ones to make sure that one worked with the burner after the reboot. That took a while, then I made the CD. I added winamp to the cd to make sure that I would have a player for the files. Good thing too. There wasn't one.

After the hills thing I was suppose to go the supermarket and get three boxes of cereal. But as I was dropped off infornt of the market, they locked the door on me. But poor me, I didn't realize it since I stood for like a full minute on the outside reading what was on the door. Then I tried to pull on the door. I looked at it, it said pull. I looked further down, and say that it was locked. I looked up and the casher was shaking her head at me. They were closed.

So I walked home, and made really good time if I do say so myself.

Ok, I typed and typed, then I was in middle of spell checking and grammar checking when the power went out again, and since I wasn't using MS Office, an I hadn't configured this word processor to auto save, I lost everything new that I did. It's a good thing that I did this save back when I was paranoid.

How much did I lose? Just me on my way home and a few bits about the day that I forgot the first time around. Ok, take two.


Let's see. I walked home from BestBuy. That's the name of the supermarket. I made good time too. I stopped at Ottlies to get some cereal there, but they didn't have anything that I would have spent my money on. So I got some butterless, saltless microwave popcorn, a small can of mixed fruit and what I thought was a bag of 10cents bread. But it wasn't. It ended up costing me $2.50. For that I could have gotten the other bread and have more to go around. Oh well. I won't do that again.

I got home to last nights dinner and everyone eating. I have to go to bed soon. We are going celling fan shopping tomorrow and it has to be early to get a bus to that part of the island. I guess we will be calling Pam to come over and hook everything up for us this weekend. If we get a fan, and there is that light we have for outside by the kitchen steps. I don't really think that I'm getting the heater with the money from the job, but with the money that I'm going to be getting from Hills.

Now what else did I say before? Oh the guy.

Do you remember the guy that I said I think likes me, that I found playing a racing game on his laptop? Well, he saw me when I was leaving the cafeteria. We talked and he walked with me over to the door, and just as I got outside I bent over the railing and hacked up part of my lung. He said how romantic. I said that if I knew we were on a date I would have said excuse me. I told him next time to warn me when we were on a date. He just smiled and looked cute as he ate his tart. I then said that had to go get something from down stairs then head over to Hills. He said he was with a friend and they were heading over to the student union. As I left he went back to his friend.

He left his friend to come walk and talk with me. I'm sorry, but I'm not normally treated that well.

What else, Oh. My uncle and laptop stuff.

One, my uncle came by to see about his laptop and brought a few dvd's to test out the player that I installed yesterday. The player didn't work. It just crashed after it tried to play the dvds that I put in. I tried to show my uncle a few things that I did to it, but he got lost when I said zip file. Grin 3 I have to get a new dvd player on Wednesday.

Also, when I was at school I got an e-mail from the student that he had gotten the laptop from, and she said that she left the nic card at the front desk with the software. But I completely forgot to pick them up on my way out after making the cd. I was just so set on getting back up there after the time waisted with the uninstall and re-install of cd burning programs.

I think that's it. I'm going to save this, then check for spelling and grammar. I was so close last time. :( I hate reading my stuff. I would ask someone to do that for me, but some people would take the way I write as being wrong, when it's the way I wanted it. Ok.... going.

See when I started? I'm now pushing the publish button and it's 2:23am.

Free Ride Home


Tonight was our first night of midnight shift, so I got a free ride home.

They hire a taxi to take us home at night since the buses more or less stop at 11:15.

I didn't speak much again today, and I forgot to do a cd job that I wanted to take on, just to make sure it was done right. I got caught up trying to find code for a cd burning software that I liked.

I didn't order lunch/dinner like I said I would. I was able to pick up a coconut and veggie patty on my way in to work, and I didn't feel hungry enough to call out for food.

Right now, my nose just feels stuffed up and it's like I have a cold now. I'm still trying not to talk, but the last time I did I sounded better.

Oh, my uncle got his hand on a laptop, then called up my sister and told her there wasn't a mouse. :) I looked over the laptop, got ride of a few things, installed a few things. I couldn't do much. It's a windows 98 laptop with a 4gig hard drive. I would have liked if it could have read from or/and installed my usb drive. Ended up taking it work where it was easier to move between a good connected computer with a floppy drive to this laptop. I did a dumb thing. It's more and over site then dumb, but I wish I had realized it hours before I did.

The girl he got the laptop from failed to include the nic/modem card for the laptop and there was no software. I would like to have the laptop version of 98 incase anything happened to it. So I sent her and e-mail. She gave him her e-mail address incase he needed to reach her for something. So sent her an e-mail saying that a few things were missing and that I was going to be in the LRC until midnight. Then 30 mins until midnight it hit me. I have what use to be laptop. She can't read mail from home. Great. She'll show up tomorrow, read the mail, ask for me, and they will tell her that I'm not back until Wednesday.

Well time to put up the food and head for bed.

I got a torrent manager to help the downloading, but it got rid of all the progress that I had gained with Shrek. It's back down to 0, while the others got back to most of of what they had before. I'm wondering what would happen if I unistalled it. Would they go back to what they were before?

I'll do that tomorrow between things. I would have liked to keep my days off free so I could just recover in peace, but at $10 US an hour, I'm being compensated decently. They are running on a deadline so I have to go in.

Well, tomorrow I have the hills things at 3pm, I'm going to crawl out of bed tomorrow, walk down the street for 3 blocks to buy some corn flakes, then maybe see my uncle and show him how to use a touch pad. But he won't get over it until he's used it for a while. When I first touched one I hated it, but then I got use to it and it's ok now.

See ya.

April 10, 2005

blogging... blogging...

I found this nice little site the other day. I was just testing it out.

The site is called ImageShack It's nice. I would like to think that they will last a long time, but since the the .com bubble has long popped, no one will be here now if they couldn't go for a while.

Well here is how the past couple of days has shaped up for me. I think that I told you about my throat. I haven't really said anything all day. I more or less can't talk. When I think I can I do then my voice just goes away. At one point I was like that lady in the Disney movie "How the Emperor Got His Grove Back". The part near the end where she was turned into a cat, and she started to talk, then stopped then asked, "Is this my voice?" Then coughed a few times to make sure.

That was me when I was trying to enplane a few things to my "client". Grin 3 A guy came in with his laptop Friday morning, and I got my hands on it to help configer it for out net work and such, when I found 176 viruses. He showed up as the last 160 of them were being found by the antivirus software. How could this happen you ask? Easy, he didn't have any antivirus software installed on the computer. So I was able to get a job re-installing his system for him. I told him I cost $10 and hour, and he said go for it.

I finished it up today, and it took me a little over 10 hours. I worked on it for the last 2 or so hours of my Friday shift, then I started it when I got into to work today and I finished it up about and hour before closing, and I got a cool $300 EC. :) I can get lunch tomorrow. :) He was happy with my work.

Now for today,... I think I skipped something. .. no just have to finish it. My voice. What voice. I actually tried to talk on the phone once, don't know how I thought I was going to pull that one off. I had to call T over to tell the person that I couldn't talk because of my throat. The odd thing was, I didn't realize it until he said it. He said that my throat was sick, and I thought, what primitive language. I use to speak like that when I was younger.

Besides my throat, just about everything else went very well today. I left home in good time, got to work in time, for the weekend, and I got my client's computer all set for him, and got paid. Grin 3

I got to scan some pics that Dr. W brought down for me. Now that he knows that I work weekends, if he has anything for me, he brings it by for me on Friday afternoon, and I have the whole weekend to work on it. It was only three pictures. He could waited for them that afternoon if he wasn't in a rush, and I don't think that he was, either which way. He hug out and talked with a student while I talked with my client that day. Then came back to give me the pics. Go figure.

On Thursday and Friday I tried to blog and it acted as if it went up in smoke twice, and then I would try and try to post it, but I wasn't seeing a post. Then an hour or so later I would see multiple posts of a blog that was suppose to be smoke.

Oh well, I'm back home and my throat is still out of it, I had to hunt for food, didn't even ask my sister this time. Right now I'm snacking on Arrowroot cookies for babies and my milk. Grin 3

It's 1:54am. I'm heading in soon. I have a meeting with a girl from hills tomorrow at noon. The only thing is, it hit me today, I didn't get the key from admin, did she? If not, we will just have to put this off until Monday. Fine by me. I don't really think that I will be able to talk all that much tomorrow either which way.

I was just over my wallpaper group before coming here. I think I mentioned that. You can stop by there see what I said in the latest post.

Now how do I spend my money?? A new mother board? A hot water heater? or do I pay off a bill? Or do I use it on "rent to own" phone and boom box? I'll ask my sister on the 15. I won't have all of it by then, I will be getting lunch this Sunday.

Ok, time to go. It's 2am. And if this is going to keep waking me up, I should get as much rest as I can.

See ya.

April 08, 2005


LG Electronics announced Thursday that it is ready to debut 410 Series Mobile phones whose design reminds people of sports cars.

410 Series is a sequel to LG-M4300 that LG showcased at CEBIT 2005 held in Germany last month. The design of the handset is just like that of sports cars in detail, the handset maker said. 410 Series will be supplied to domestic mobile carriers such as SKT(SD410), KTF(KP4100) and LGT(LP4100) within the first six months of this year and then shipped to North America and Europe.

The phones sport 1.3megapixel camera, ergonomic compact folder, 260,000 color TFT-LCD, video recording, MMS, MP3 and mobile banking functions.

If users want more sports car like feeling from the phones, they can set car starting sound played when opening or closing the folder or put images of luxury sports cars on front screen thanks to “Fun” menu.

By TelecomsKorea.com

Now this sounds and looks intresing.

Granted this is coming from a girl who doesn't have a cell or realy wants one, but these things look cool.

My day is going ok so far. It didn't seem like it was going to be when I tried to stay in bed today. If wasn't for a meeting that I had to be at today, I think I would have called in sick.

I hate how expensive doctors and meds are. Sad

I was starting to think that I would have to ask my sister for money to go see the doctor next week. Now I'm feeling better. Now I think I just have a chest cold. The bad part is smelling like mucus. Sad

Well I have to man the front desk. E, just walked in and said lunch. So that mean's that she's not there anymore.

Today will be slow for me. Other than the meeting, I can do just about anything I want, which means I'll be doing stuff to keep awake. The meeting wasn't as bad I thought it was going to be. I've set up some dates for when I'm going to help the main person incharge of keeping the inventory in check and a few other things.

Ok.. got to go. I think there isn't anything here that I need to spell check. *crossing fingers*

April 07, 2005

Still Awake

It's 7:47pm and I'm still amoung the living.

A bit less today then yesterday... which just reminded me of something I have to go do.


Be Right Back 5 hours later. It's now 12:25am.

What I remembered to do was make up a sign posting our closed times for exams for the last two weeks of the semester. Then I remembered to do a movie thing. I had to join 5 little movies together to make one bigger one for a teacher. I did it yesterday, but somehow something went wrong and you couldn't play the last part. Then I sat in the dark after 10 updating the exam dates page on the portal site.

Then as I'm leaving I remember that there was a room left to turn off equiptment in, but it was 10:30. :( I went anyway. I looked in the door and saw that the tv lights were off. Ok, the turned them off for me. I started walking up the hill to the street.

I got a bus right as I got there. Ha Ray!, it saw me and stopped.

I got home to a chained door and a sister sleeping on the couch. It took another 30 mins before she was awake enough to drag herself to bed.

Dinner turned out to be chicken balls and stuffed pasta with sauce. Yum!

Now I have to go, it's time for R.O.D. for tv. :)

Oh, sharing a link that I just saw on "The Attach Of The Show".. so odd spin off of the new 'Screen Savers' . http://ourmusic.org. Currently they are down, but that always happen after they announce a site on techtv. They crash the site. :) It was on on going gag on the old screen savers' which I liked more then this one, but hey.

See ya.

Oh, Oh... almost forgot, my place, well one of my places, www.deviantart.com was also featured on "The Attack Of The Show". They are having a intresting convension, and I'm one of the past artists. You can still find my stuff there. I'm going to pull myself to gether and make something new to post.

Speaking of post, I did a search on myself today, and I saw that someone actually linked to my site on their site, and said I was cool. I'm honored, but now I feel like I should start writing again.

While I'm at it, I'll call up G and ask him if he will ever marry me.

Got to really go now. I'll post this before bed. See ya.

April 06, 2005

Feel Asleep At Work

.. Yes it was that interesting. :)

I wasn't in a sleepy daze all day, just two hours before it was time for me to leave. I once again blame it on the fact that I didn't eat anything. That, and not really having anything to do.

I got a good bit done, and I got to eat some easter bun. It's another miss named food. It's a loaf of sweet bread. For two years in a row, or so, the school has sold east bun for $35 or so. I called up one day and asked what was this easter bun that was worth $35. They were so use to it, that they couldn't tell me it was a good size loaf of sweet bread made in Jamaica. It has dates or/and raisins in it, and it kinda reminds me of a fruit cake. Our kind of fruit cake Grin 3 . Our fruit cake has browning, and raisins and fruit pieces in it that in a traditional one, has been soaking in rum for a year or at least 6 months.

I nibbled at that about three times as the only thing I took in other than water. All the time I was worried that my sore throat was abit more than that, but by the time I was heading home, I wasn't as worried. It's still sore, but it doesn't feel like I'm going to have to see a doctor. Which is good, since this pay check I'm down. I just have to not get too sick for 6 more months and I could afford to go to the doctor. Ya 6 moths.

I closed up three class rooms before I came home, and by a hair I miss the big soft bus. Oh well. i wasn't there for too much longer. The torrent downloads are doing well. One is up to 27 percent, and it has 69 and half hours left to go.

Well my sister isn't here. She had some night shopping to do. She went with my uncle to go to a student's house to get a few things. Nika went off with them, with her nice new hair doo.

Here's a nice black thing for you. I was walking over to where they had the new equipment so be shown how to use it, when I walked by a student and she asked if I was growing my hair out. Huh

Ok, growing out our hair to us means that we stop treating our hair for what ever reason, and growing our hair to the point that we feel comforting enough to cut off the the treated part. I knew after the girl talked some more that she meant to say that my hair looked longer.

That just about it. Dinner?... so far, slice bread with honey mustard and venna sausages. Grin 3

See ya.

April 05, 2005

Slightly Missing In Action.

I just didn't want to. I would come with the intent to blog.. and end up doing other stuff.

Sunday night I looked and posted wallpaper over at my club/group at msn.

For the last week or so I've been running a thread on a game I found named Luxor.

Monday I was almost a maid in my own house. I felt like a paper weight, but I had to drag myself out of my bed to do dishes. I've been putting that off for a week or so. So I just had to. Then there was the hanging out of the cloths that my sister wanted to me hang out. Then my ex- and first boyfriend showed up. I don't talk to him. He came to see my sister about getting one of our banana trees it seems.

Last night when I was about go in at 4am, I saw R.O.D. For TV. G4Techtv got the last 12 eps. Well I hope it's the last 12 eps. I would hate to see it start re-running after 4 or so eps. I just have to catch it earlier than 4am Tuesday night. I do have an 11 o'clock shift Wednesday after all.

Today I was suppose to go to town and get money off the bank to pay for internet and cable tv. $240 if you wanted to know. I was on time, although I slept late. I got up, had a blue berry bagel with cheese, watched a movie and greased my hair, so my sister could plat it later. Well the movie I was watching wasn't finished when it was time for me to leave at 3, and it was on an odd channel and I don't know that I would be able to see it again, so I stayed to watch it, hoping that I would still make it in time to pay the bills when it was finished. Then 10 mins later, Miss Pearl called. She wanted to know who was picking up Nika so that person could get Verey too, because Sill wouldn't be by until 4:30.

Well the movie didn't finish in time for me to pay anybody, but after Sill came for Verey, Nika and I could go and get the money for Tomorrow and maybe get something nice and small from the supper market.

Well, at 5 till 6, Sill shows up talking to Pearl on his cell. I called him him over so I could talk to her. I told her that since she lied to me, don't ask me to pick up Verey again. Not that short, and not that sweet, but I made sure she understood why I wasn't going to again.
We went town anyway. We were hoping to be back before Jhodie. Speaking of which. She had a job today from 11:30 and it was 6 and she wasn't back yet. Jhodie also said that she wasn't going to spend any of the money until the end of the week. So it would feel something like a paycheck. Nice. She's worked three days and she has about $110 or so in her purse. She has three more days to go.

Well we got to town, walked over to the atm 5 or so blocks away, then walked back. We got the nice big soft bus, then came home to see my sister at the computer and the chicken that I seasoned up 3 hours or so ago on the stove cooking. We like well seasoned food.

Currently, I'm trying to use bittorrent to get three movies, it sucks since the net down here is like 10 years behind the US's. It's so bad, that it's going to take me at least 15 days of not turning off them off to get a file that is 700megs. I'm watching Law and Order: SVU. I have to wake up my sister in an hour so she can do my hair for tomorrow. She was tired and went to bed with Nika. I hope she can wake up. If not, I'm wearing and afro to work tomorrow. I'm going to look up when Anime Unleashed comes on, on G4TechTv so I can see R.O.D. for TV. One or two things here and there, then fall asleep before 3am I hope.

Ok.. off to spell check.

Oh.. back... watched the end of law and order. It did what I thought it was going to do. It left us hanging. It didn't let us know how the case turned out. Right as the guy was about to read the verdict, it went to black.

April 02, 2005

Not quite the day I was looking foward too.

Yesterday I was just tried to stay in bed as long as I could.

I got to work not so late that I thought I could swing by the hills place and add the code.

Then I got my only shock of the day. They cut the lock because I had the key. The same key that wasn't signed back in, which lead me to beleive that there was another key. Great.

I managed not to feel really bad about it. I had good reasion to think that they had another key to get in. So come next week I have to talk to Dr. Y, The teacher that hired me for this gig.

*Rusted Root - Primal Scream*
*replayed again*

Back 10 mins later--

I'm starting to have a little of a odd feeling that the groups don't talk or work with each other a lot. I occured to me later that day, that couldn't they have found or knew where the guy who is suppose to be the manager who had his own copy of the key?

Well I put the code in, and then tried to show off the program to the guys since I was there and they were there, and they didn't have anything to do right that moment. I was taken back by a question that one of them asked me. He wanted to know if the software would tell them when feed was going to go expire. First I said that the software would show them what was being sold and what wasn't so they shouldn't have more than 3 or so bag left so there will be no food to go bad, at least not that much. He then asked the same question. The software doesn't let you know when it was going to expire. Which led me to ask him, how long does it take for food to go bad? Oh, a year. A year? You over ordred so much, you have food that had gone bad? Oich. Ok.

At that point I told them to play with the software, it's the best way to get to know what it can or can't do. They took the key from the set that I got from admin, since it wasn't any good for anything anymore, and I took the rest to the office. I told them what happened.

*Andrea bocelli & Sara brightman - time to say goodbye*

What happened next? Well I went down stairs and I think I did some web work. Some how I ended up stairs. Oh, I was putting the tapes for Dr. S, in his mail box. I ran into Ron up there. We had a look at the ink's new home. They use to be down here, but they got moved up there last week. We were just getting around to orgernizing them and putting in an order for the ones we were out of or running low on.

Anyway, I was left with orgernizing it, and making signs on the front. We get ink from some many differnt perople, that it's not always possable to tell right off, which ink is which. Next week I hope to have a chart saying which inks go with which printer.

At first I thought that who ever put in the rest of the inks for me, ( we showed up to see all the inks were in, when I had put up less then half the other day. ) Well most of it was in right, but later when I started to make the signs I realiszed that I had to move a few of them to make space for when we got more, and to tell one set from another.

I did the firs set of signs and after I started to cut then, I thought that they were too small. So I went down stairs, because it was to noisy up there, to make the signs again, and to ask how big they wanted them. They ended saying that the size I had them the first time was the size they wanted. Ok. Then Ron showed up and said that he was trying to clean out a computer that we have in the fdc to make room. Now the mistery was that, it was using up over 4 or so gigs of space that ... ok.. let me try again.

Ok.. this computer has a hard drive of lets say 9 gigs. All the data on the computer adds up to 3.5 gigs. Yet it was saying that it only had 100 megs of space left. Then he goes into a rant of everything he did to find out what was going on with the gap between how much space was being taken up, and the numbers it was giving him back as to how much space was left. He got back 450megs back from deleteing a typing program that the day school uses. Ok I thought to myself.
We have both doen it every manual way we would think of. Ron even used dos to try and unstand what was going on. So I did something that I should have done months ago, and I don't know why I didn't. I had gotten this software way back when when I wanted to know where the space was going on another computer. It's called I-Disk, I think. I'll go see.

"i.Disk v.1.80" I wonder if there is an update yet. *gone again*

*Madonna - Don't Tell Me*


Found the makers site, but he hasn't updated it yet, but he was/is working on it. HomePage You should check out the front page of the site. He had some othe software that may come in handy for you.

Well I ran the program, and I found where the missing space went. The recyeler. Non of us knew why, but after trying to find out a way to empty it, I went back to the program, and right clicked one of the of the things in the recycler and it let me delete it. YA! Cleared almost everything before the program failed on me. Now we have almost 3/4's of the hard drive back. *smiles*

I e-mailed off a page that I found about what the issue was, just a few of the other things didn't match up. Like the filing system, and the OS. *grin*

I then got a bit side traked my mail. The first one wasn't much of a side track, just notice about today. There wasn't going to be any power on campus until noon. So besides posting it on the portal page, I sent him back and e-mail asking if we were going to be closed. He then said that he'll call M and let her know not to come in to work until 12. Turns out the power didn't come back until 1 or so.

Then the other e-mail. Please print this out for me. I'm sure it was the same girl that I was asked to print others out for last time. Well, I couldn't just print out a set of Dr. K's powerpoints with out trying to fix them first. So I spent like 40 mins at least fixing and printing out 7 power points. Then I printed and cut out the signs again and went upstairs to put them up.

I got some double sided tape and put them out, then I was done.

At this time, it was after four. I went back down stairs to take over the front desk. I restarted both computers, and on one I updated a few thing and even talked to mother for the 3 mins she was there. Then I more or less just hung out until it was closing time.

*Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People*

I did try to find a better crack for a game that I liked. I know, I know, I'll pay when I get back to the US. Well, I didn't find one. So I played a few levels until it was time to leave.

Then I found out that I wasn't going home just yet.

*Will Smith - Just the two of us*

*Clif hanger*... be back tomorrow. (Monday... to tired to finish blog).. I'll spell check then too.