July 31, 2005

Closing Time

... and I spent the whole shift with the girl. The whole shift. I have 10 mins till closing and I'm cold. I get to play two songs before leaving.. I' think I'll play..

*Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated

The other one, I'm not sure yet.

Dr.S came by. He brought me a tape to digatize for him. Since he doesn't need it for these last 3 weeks of school, there's no real rush.

Norton started on this computer when I turned it on earlyer, but I don't if I unpaused it when I went to help her or not, but it's not here anymore. I'll set it up to go when I leave. The computer will restart at 6:30am.

Ok.. picked the next song....

*Soft Cell - Tainted Love. (my fav song)

Ok.. 5 till. I'm not leaving late today.. it takes too long to catch a bus to go home on Sunday nights, and I want to be home for 10:30. Justice League. Oh... my sister called me like 3 times to let me know that she was getting KFC. It's half my fault. She asked me to put the salt fish to soak before I left the house. I compleatly forgot. So that set back her cooking time.


Guess I Was Wrong

I don't start midnight shift today. I start next Sunday.

I checked the note posted by the Library and it said the 7th. Lucky I checked or I would have been walking in here after 4pm.

Well the girl with the end of semester project has caught up with me, and to my surprise, the date for the thing hasn't come yet. I thought it was last night. Something else that I was wrong about. It's next Saturday. So we are going to be spending some time together today to get as far as we can with her project.

I wore a wig today. I like it. I have to get to use to hair being in my face again, but I like it. I think I'll buy one if I can find one. I could send money to Phillys to get me two also. I'll see. I was late for work, and I couldn't find the bush to bush my hair since I didn't have time to comb it out, and I couldn't find it. So I borrowed Jhodie's wig. So far, everyone likes it on me. I used to look this good. When I was 17. :)

This just proves that I look better with longer hair.

There... that is how I look today. :)

Now I have to go help the girl. :)

See ya.

July 30, 2005


That is the time they woke me up today.

I was promised a 9 o'clock wake up call. Now you might say what is 30 mins? 30 mins can mean a lot if you lost around 2 hours from 5:30am till...

Nika woke up to use the bathroom, and she wasn't fast enough so she messed up the bathroom floor. I helped her finish use the bathroom, gave her a wash down, and changed her underwear, mobbed the floor, and set her up in bed with me. I then fell asleep to Winnie the Pooh. Piglet lost her/his voice. I think it's a girl most of the time.

The reason I was awoken so early was because my other uncle took my uncle's other car and went Nevis. I don't think that the car went to Nevis, he just used it to get to the boat. Either which way, that messed up how everyone was going to go to where they were going today. So some how he worked out to come early for us, but we were no where near ready, so he said that he would be back for us in 15 mins. I got Nika up who wanted to stay in bed as much as me. They just put a skirt on her, I walked into something I had on the bed, and we ate some cereal. Lynn took a bath and everything. I was half way thought my rather small bowl when he showed up.

If you ever come here, don't get a low car. This place isn't meant to have low cars. But that is what he had, and with all of us in there, it had parts scraping the road all the way there.

First we stopped by the ATM in town and Jhodie cracked open my bank account, and ran into Bachman who I think had money for her. (Nika's God mother.)

We got there and my uncle got a fan that I saw before he left. I'm sure he got other stuff. He even asked me for $5. I walked out of the house with myself.

Until he left I tried to keep track of his kid. He was running around with Nika and then with this other little boy that was there, then back with Nika again. After they left I stayed with AM. She didn't have much to sell, and I even got a bug repellant from her for $2. It lightly rained on us like 3 times, and Nika hung out in her car off and on for the rest of the time until she took us home.

AM was using Freckle's car. I started out as the water holder, then I was holder of everything as they walked around getting more stuff. Let's see, what did Jhodie get?

1. A blanket, throw. White.
2. An interesting little chest box.
3. A lap table for bed that she's going to use with the laptop.
4. A filter
5. An umbrella

6. Two flash lights. One you can plug into the wall.
7. A small brown bag that I think Nika is going to use t hold her pencils and such.
8. A small oblong red pillow.
.... and about 3 other things I think but can't remember.

I was able to get a ride home from AM, and I took all the stuff that we had with me. She was staying to get the fan and few other things and then come home with Uncle Ray. Lynn took her stuff since she was going to Nevis when she was done. We gave a lift to Lynn’s friend who also came over from Nevis for the sale. We dropped her off at the pier with a self that she got.

Oh... I almost forgot about my good piece of luck that befell me at the sale. Someone found $10 on the ground and asked out loud if anyone missed it. No one answered, and he dropped it saying he didn't need it, and that he'll leave it for someone who did. I walked over and picked it up saying that, that would be me. The girl/student who had a good seat for all of this just laughed. :)

Oh, I remember something else she got. A web cam, and a bag for the air bed. The air bed came in a box I think and it broke.

So I thanked AM, told her I'll see her later and walked into the house to set up the cam for Jhodie. She had bought the cam because the person she got it from used it on a laptop. So it should work fine with her's.

An hour later, the cam was set up, I got some more anime for the torrent to get for me, Nika went to sleep on the new red pillow out on the air bed, and I was trying to go to sleep. I tried to go to sleep for about 30 mins at least, and just as I was about to really fall asleep I heard Jhodie's voice. I woke with a start, and thought that it was just in my head, but I knew something was going to happen. In 2 mins I heard my sister calling me and coming up the steps.

I told her to call me at 1:30 after I came out of the bathroom and fall back into bed.

Shame I didn't get up at that time. I had set my clock before she came, but I just turned it off and laid back down. I didn't rise from my bed until 9 till 2. I took a quick bath, and I didn't doodle, but I didn't leave the house until 20 or so past 2. I looked for the $10 that I had put in a math kit that I thought Jhodie had gotten for Nika. Turns out that it was Lynn's. There goes my lunch money. Jhodie called Lynn to let her know. I'll see when I get that back. I'll just have to break the $20 that I still had on me.

The bus stopped at the gas station and 3 other buses went by us in that time. I got here about 20 till 3. I stopped at the guard house and called down to M. I asked her is Jhodie called to let her know that I was going to be late. ( I called to Jhodie when I was leaving the house to ask her to make the call for me. ) She said no. Oh well. I told her that I was going to get some lunch on my way down.

I walked over and go a garden salad with fries. That came up to $10. I came down and chatted with M over what E said. It seems that E had written a memo to herself saying that she was no longer burning CDs. I told/asked M about it. She said that she noticed that E just stopped burning cds and left them there for her to do. I should tell someone about this, but I'll ask M first. If it was official, M would have been told that she was going to be the only one doing this from Ron. She was never told that.

Then I went in and started to eat. M left early for something, and that is when people started to need my help. By 4:30 I had plugged back up the sound for a vcr, helped someone to see a video, and fixed a wireless connection, and posted something for the SGA. In the process, I was able to drop dressing on my shirt twice. One right above the other on the left side of my chest.

I caught up with some of my tech e-mails that I just let gather in their own little folder. Download.com has a nice new look. If you wonder what I mean by new and say it's been that way for a while, you will know how long it's been since I've been there. I've been living over at snapfiles.com for the longest time now. Anyway, did you know they no longer carry software supported by adware?? Ya, it's true. They thought everyone would benefit from it. They thought about how often they had to rebuild their systems after a round of testing due to all the adware that came with the software, and the fact that the top of their most downloaded list is populated with adware removal software, and thought that it would be a good move. The only ones that seem upset, of course, were the people who paid to have their ads placed there in the first place.

I then covered the front desk and worked on the wallpaper that you see below. There aren't many pics out there for the v-chip. I asked Tishon who walked in earlier, he didn't know what the v-chip was, so it didn't work the way I wanted it to on him. Made a few more adjustments to it, then uploaded.

There might be two people in here, but I only see one. Tonight is the end of semester party/banquet. I haven't been to one in like 5 or so years I'm sure.

Ok, I think that's it. I'm looking at something that says tonight there's a chance of Thundershowers and that it's 77 degrees out. It is kinda cold in here, and I did hear thunder at 3pm when M left.

Ok... spell checking. This could take some time considering how long it took me to type this all up.

Current time - 8:15.

Finished. ... time - 8:39. Not as long as I thought it would.

See ya.

I Think I Made It Too Technical. :(

My latest installment for the Calvin set.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

See what I mean?

If you get it, YA! :)

If not, I knew it. :(

I'm adding it to my photo blog anyway.

I think that I'll go look for wallpaper for the club, but I don't think that I'll be posting anything until tonight after I get home or sometime tomorrow. Something to do on my midnight shift. :) or :( . I don't know yet.

Now for my blog for the day. I have something to actually write.

See ya upstairs.

July 29, 2005

I Almost Didn't Have Anything To Do Today

Even on his way out my boss shook his head and said how he didn't get with me this week. Then he started to talk about showing up this week, but it ended with him saying that he'll just e-mail the list of things to be changed and I just meet with him as I went along.

To keep myself from pacing the floor with nothing to do, I first did the few web updates that were sent to me. I hoped to have gotten an answer back from a person I sent a file back to for approval, for posting, but still nothing. By the time I get it, the few people who would have read it for an upcoming event, (if the event hasn't already pasted) will miss having the information for the event. You would think no one checked their e-mail for how long I have to wait for an answer.

Well after I did the few postings, and a few website touch ups, I went to cover the front desk. E went for lunch along with just about everyone else. It's at least 1:45pm now. I'm sure it was a bit later, but I don't know by how much. While she was gone I did most of this ...

I didn't get it completely finished for a few another hour or so. I wasn't finished with it until after 4pm. I kinda crashed the program. I tried to save it, but when it came time to kill the program, I didn't feel the dread of having to retype it. I knew that I saved it, but I didn't remember how far back. Turns out it wasn't that far back. I just spent a lot of time looking for one of the last two clip art pics for it.

What do you think? The whole thing is real, just no one asked me to do it. The new guy made it for his aunt, and I thought I could do better. I'm just not use to working with anything this small, but it's made to be printed 4"x4", or something like that. It' not as long as the one he had, but it's much wider. I tried to print 4 per page, and as you can guess, they came out a bit small, but two per page should work nicely.

I then worked on this number after I posted some other web work that was e-mailed to me around 2.

This one I worked on until it was time to leave. The ornament was the hardest thing to do. I re-did it like 4 times. It would have been easier if had more white space on either side. That was one of my plans to make it easier on myself, but somehow I just forgot and worked on it the hard way.

I didn't freeze like I thought I would today at work. It's been raining off and on since 3am. Break out room one got a bit wet. The rain came though a gap between the wall and the window. I think. There was the hole at the edge of the front desk. I placed a can there to catch the water. Just now I heard some thunder, and when I was out buying dinner, I saw lighting.

Then I watched Star Gate. I missed bits here and there, and oh, my cousin is here. She's here for the seventh semester sale tomorrow. Thanks to her, I'm going be up of 9am. They want me to go with them. I really don't know why, but during all this, we are going to go across the street, and get a ceiling fan. Finally. The price went down this week, but we don’t know if any will be left. Jhodie called yesterday and they said that they had like 56 left. We are hoping that at least one is left for when we get there tomorrow.

AM came by before closing. Some time around 6 I think. We talked a little, and I got a copy of a cd that she got from a teacher that day. It's the new Harry Potter book on cd. I got it for Nika since she seems to like Harry Potter.

Nika has been bouncing off the walls like she ate sugar cubes for lunch, but my sister recently told me that she just had a late nap. She most likely won't look at sleep until at least midnight. That is in 40mins.

I think that's it.

*Yawn... * I have to go make a copy of a cd for Lynn (my cousin).


The time is now. 11:25pm.

Spell and grammer checking finished. Time - 11:53

See ya.

July 28, 2005

New Wallpaper


I got around to making a new wallpaper today, but it looked a bit better when I was making it, but it's still good.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

What do you think?? Not quite what I was going for, but I have time to fiddle and find out what I need to make it look the way I want. I just know that I'm going to end up using five kinds of effects to get the look I want.

Other than that I just spent like 30 mins talking to Freckles. I should learn her name. She's a friend to me and AM.

Rick was here so he restarted the dhcp service for us to get our wireless back. Now I feel like playing fruit lockers. It's another game that I picked up.

*Britney Spears - The Beat Goes On

There aren't many people here today, and now I have about 40 mins until closing. The few that are here may just stay until the 10.

I didn't even realize that it's soon time for me to post wallpaper again for my wallpaper club over at MSN. At least I got some wallpapers this month, I just have get a few more.

*Cher - The Power

It's been raining off and on or most of the night. I got trapped over at the auditorium when Rick sent me for a biscuit run. I got some peanuts out of it. *grin*

I can't think of anywhere I want to surf to today, but I am itching to watch some more of "You're Under Arrest". It's a great anime, but don't think that I'll be seeing it anytime soon on tv. It has its odd things, but it's far better than the stupid junk that I see on tv these days.

*Aqua - Didn't I

On Sunday nights I can't even watch cartoon network. Last night watching sponge bob hurt me. I was actually in pain. It's that bad. If anyone from Adult swim comes by this site, please, please, check out "You're Under Arrest". Also, just because it's for "adults" ( I question that at times) that doesn't mean that it has to be so, ... baseless. I think the new word(s) for that is "Crude Humor".

*Frankie Goes To Hollywood - War

Hope you like the wallpaper, I'm off to play a few rounds of Fruit Locker. I may start over as someone else to see the easy rounds again. *grin*

See ya.

Say Aaahhhh....

Hello Everyone.

Just saying hi.

I think I felt happy when I got to work today. Don't know why since nothing changed since yesterday, but I'll take it.

I tried to make another St.Kitts wallpaper to post, but as luck would have it, that computer's network access has been shot. It's one of the two at the front desk that they put on the wireless network so they could use the network lines for the printers.

I waited for a while thinking that it might just have been me, but I've had two students come by and ask about it, so I guess I was wrong. I called up Jason since he is the wireless person, but he said that it had to do with the dhcp service, and that it had to be restarted and that was Collin's gig or Rick's. So I called up Collin since he lives closer.

In the mean time I was playing Luxor again. Turns out my old score was wiped from the game. I had to start all back over again. Just as well. I haven't played that game in a long time. I would have died on the first board it gave me. I've managed to work my way up the to the 4th level before I had to call someone for the wireless issue.

Anyway, learned that to send you the recipes like this, I have to use IE. I was trying to do it in Opera, but it wouldn't do it. Let's see how well it comes out when I try to blog it. I think that the first one is odd. Zucchini and the meat, the meat and may be the melon but I don't think I can have them all together. The next one sounds better. I don't know what Chipotle is. The next just reminds me that I need to eat more fish, and the last one provides an interesting way to get your allotted liquor for the day.

Well I just heard Rick in the back. I'll go see if he can reset it so I can up load my pic and the students can get to use the network in the 24 hour reading room. Or anywhere for that matter. The only reason this one still going is because I didn't restart it like I did the other computer.

Well see ya. Take care.


Heat up your barbecue with these great grilling recipes from the latest issues of Bon Appétit and Gourmet.







Zucchini Melon Salad



- There I share my life.

- There I have links to what use to be my life.

- There you can find out what I might want out of life.

Guess I was Wrong.

I don't start midnight shift today. I start next Sunday.

I checked the note posted by the Library and it said the 7th. Lucky I checked or I would have been walking in here after 4pm.

Well the girl with the end of semester project has caught up with me, and to my surprise, the date for the thing hasn't come yet. I thought it was last night. Something else that I was wrong about. It's next Saturday. So we are going to be spending some time together today to get as far as we can with her project.

I wore a wig today. I like it. I have to get to use to hair being in my face again, but I like it. I think I'll buy one if I can find one. I could send money to Phillys to get me two also. I'll see. I was late for work, and I couldn't find the bush to bush my hair since I didn't have time to comb it out, and I couldn't find it. So I borrowed Jhodie's wig. So far, everyone likes it on me. I used to look this good. When I was 17. :)

This just proves that I look better with longer hair.

There... that is how I look today. :)

Now I have to go help the girl. :)

See ya.

July 27, 2005

Myth Of Water Bottles.

Hello Everyone.

Today I dispelled a myth at work, and I thought I should share incase you didn't know.

There is this e-mail going around. It's really 3 years old, but it was updated recently to include the "endorser" John Hopkins.

The earlyer verson of this hoax referred only to the freezing of plastic water bottles. This later version has added on spurious information about using plastics in microwave ovens as well. Both versions contain false and misleading information.

Here is John Hopkins reponse to the e-mails.LINK

This verson spread fast. The day or so after I got an e-mail at work from a co-worker did I heard it from a friend of my uncle's. Who knows how many people threw out thier plactic containers, and ice trays?? Or freaked becasue they thought they were sick on someway from using them for so long??


On a ligher note, I'll be finishing up my blog for Monday and Tueday that I started last night. I just got pulled away from it so many times that I just stopped.

Nika isn't sleeping well lately. She is scearing herself awake. So last night she said that she won't watch any more bad movies. Normally we don't watch anything sceary, I'm a big chicken myself, but some stuff that we just know won't happen won't bother us, but Nika thinks it's possable.

My mom called the other day to find the address for a her half sister that Jhodie met and gave her mom's address in NY. I didn't know any of this, But I gave mommy her phone number. She gave me the name to look it up in the phone book.

The router isn't fixed yet. I'm going to have to look at it again this week, but I'm sure it's dead. :(

Other than that, I'm back to not having much to. I'm looking for bits here and there to keep me working.

I burned my tounge last week. I don't know what gives, just when it's healed from the last time,I burn it again. Now it's all raw and I can only realy drink with out pain. That saved me $8 since I can't lunch. I was aiming for a sandwach again since I only had $10 on me, not counting loose change for the bus.

Oh, we have interns. Did I tell you? I honestly expected to see a girl. Ofcourse there were only to boys. I felt very outnumbered when everone was in here besides the Wireless network guy, Collin and the girls at the desk.

I'm once again frezzing. I thought about bring my coat today, but I told myself that by the time it start to get cold I'll be getting ready to leave. I was wrong. My poor thighs. It's so cold. I hung out in Collin's offce were they blocked their vent to get warm. Now I'm cold again. Now I'm sucking on a hall to stop anything.

Well I have to go help clean out a laptop that was dropped of by a student this morning. They should have asked me to deal with it instead of leaving it be. He's come back twice already for it.

See ya.

July 26, 2005

What Can I Say?

Right now I'm just looking forward to my vacation time. I'm liking not being at work. Considering I haven't had any real work in a while other than helping out St. Jean.

I like work when I have work, but lately I haven't had anything to really do at work. I'm even starting to get a little depressed at the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow. I have to look for what will look good on me for 3 days while I sit somewhere for 8 hours at a time.

Yesterday I did more than today. They woke me up to take Nika to town while Jhodie went to work then would meet us later in town and we would pick up a few things at the supermarket. I was suppose to entertain Nika by taking her to the "new" arcade in town. It's also the only one in town. I can say the only one on the island, but I don't know that for sure. Nika was happy. She has been wanting to go for months, and she was about to get at least 40 mins worth of play time on the car one. I don't like it, but since she isn't going for mastering the game she just likes the fact that she moves the car. Is that what makes teenagers car happy? They get to move something as big as a car??

So we went to town and Nika was so happy, and I let her have her fun, since we were doing this for her and to get her tired, but the arcade was closed. Then I remembered that they closed on Mondays. A few places have that, but not most. Anyway, I just asked her where she wanted to and let her pull me around town for an hour or so. She ate a whole hotdog with a box drink. Then we ended up at the "couch" store as Nika calls it and stayed there until it was time to meet Jhodie. Then it was 12:30, time to meet Jhodie next door. We said that we were going to meet outside the store.

We ended up sitting outside the store for her for almost 30 mins. When she showed up she said that she had walk it down. She didn't see any buses. So she was slightly put off. We then went inside, and just got a few things. Even less then we first planed to. Then we went home.

Saturday 30th

It's a week later, almost a week, and I don't remember what happened next. Sorry.

I think we tried to call the arcade to see if they would open later or something. That may have been the next day for how my memory works. Either which way, up until today we haven't seen them open or anything. We think that they took time off at the worst time of the year for an arcade.


July 23, 2005

I'm talking today.


A few things are looking up. I got my network back. Can't share the internet like on the router, but at least I can look at the movie files from the desktop now. It was driving me mad that it wasn't going as easyly as I thought it should have. After having both computers join and rejoin the a workgroup at least 5 times, I decided to check the IP and Gateway addresses that I gave it. Turns out my sub mask was wrong.

I uninstalled a corrupted MSVM install. But I was told that what I was doing was suppose to get rid of MSVM (Microsoft Virtual Machine), but when I went to MS update, it said that I didn't need any updates. Ok.

I brought the router in today. Rick might show up, and if he does he'll have a look at it for me. I was suppose to bring it by yesterday for him to look at it, but I didn't remember until I sat down in the bus to come to work. Great. So now it's here. I hope he can fix it, but on some level I don't really expect it.

I came in to work on time today. M called the house this morning to say that she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home at 2, so she just called to see if I was going to be extra late or something.

My outfit for the day is very casual. Casual to the point that they might have asked if I broke my iron. But I think most of the wrinkles have fallen out now. My jean skirt was washed and picked up, I just forgot to take it off my bed before going sleep. :) Two older guys talked to me on the bus. I wasn't taking them on, but they put and interesting start to my work day.

I checked the weather before I jumped in the shower, and it said 88 degrees but feels like 104 degrees. Now it's up to 90. Today is a good day to be here at work. I just hope the temperature doesn’t decide to do a nose dive. My shirt is off my shoulders today. At least one of them.

I've made two more Calvin wallpaper and placed them in a photo blog. It's more of a gallery, but it's glitchy. I sent an e-mail to the host site to let them know, but who knows how far down the line mine is. So here is a better link to the gallery. I wanted to post that instead like I did with the second gallery on the right, but I wanted the pictures to show when you came to the site. The odd bit is that I can't get a flip book for the gallery that who's gallery page works fine, but I get a flipbook for the gallery that has issues. My luck.

Last night I enjoyed SG1 more than Atlantis, and I missed almost all of Battle Star Galactica. During Galactica I was messing with the network. I shouldn't have bothered. I didn't get it sorted out until this morning, but would have I have fixed it if I didn't mess around as much as I did the night before? I missed Firefly all the same. It comes on at 7 when I'm still at work. They are re-showing the first one next week along with the next new ep. I told Jhodie that she is taping it for me. (She didn't by the way)** voice frm the future**

I think I'm starting to get cold. I won't let that happen tonight. There aren't that many people, I'll turn down before I get too cold.

I might work on another Calvin wallpaper, or and I might bite the bullet and take a class.

See ya.

July 21, 2005

Re: addy

Hi Larry.




You are having no luck with yahoo these days. I think it's the expansion they are doing. They just acquired a company named Flickr. I have an account with them, but I mostly use Imageshack for my picture hosting now.


I've been having more problems with msn then with yahoo. But I've had bigger issues then getting into an e-mail I don't use to check for discounts at overstocked.com.


It's all computer based. And the other day I killed the wireless router that my uncle lent me. If I can't fix it, I'll have to pay him $140 or so, and still come up with the same money for mine that I already ordered.


In my defense, the set up paper that I got with the unit gave me the wrong version of the model. Now it won't work at all. This being a day after I told my uncle that his laptop that the he got not that long ago has a cd rom drive that the laptop won't see. So I can't install the drivers for the cable internet to let his boss install some software unto it so he could do some work at home. I can't tell him I broke the router without offering to pay him back for it. I'm just hoping that I can fix it. Slim hope. I spent almost an hour talking with a tech from Linksys and we couldn't get it to work. She thinks it's broken, maybe beyond repair.


Other than, I have a virus that won't leave me alone, but so far I've been fending it off with two Anti-virus software.


Emily just gave us some rain and odd winds. Nothing much. I knew the other one Dennis, got far inland of the US. I didn't know that it got that far north that you got rain. I heard that it was hot up there by you. So I guess the rain would have been nice.


Nika graduated from pre-school yesterday. She wore a little blue and white dress with white shoes and she had blue and white beads in her hair. Come September she will be going to kindergarten. I just wish that there was a better school that we could send her too. I'm not too happy with the one she's going too. Not that I've heard anything bad about it, but it's just changed alot since I went there, and I don't think it's for the better. I don't even know if they still have capital punishment going. The day they beat Nika, Jhodie with have a fight with someone.


I'll try and get some pics of her later. Her Godmother was there and took some pics of her, and our uncle was there with his video camera. So we'll get a copy of something. I'm glad that didn't take the afternoon off to go to it. My sister said that they almost walked out of it because of what the guess speaker was saying. He flat out told parents to beat their kids. Ya, not something you would expect.


As if I didn't have enough fights on my hands I'm trying to post a photo gallery (blog) of two sets I'm doing. One of all the St.Kitts and what I've done so far of Calvin. I'm going to try again, and see if I can get it posted on my blog today.


I don't have that much work right now I have nothing. I was hoping to get something from Ron on some web changes he wanted, but he left by the time I got back down here. I was called to help with a printer thing, then I stopped by a teacher to help her with something, but she was a student so I would come back in 40mins. On my way down, I stopped off at the FDC to see about another printer that wasn't working because it wasn't connected to find that it was connected, but not installed. I installed it, then found out it was out of ink. So I went back twice to get ink. First for a black one, then for a colour one. Then when I finish, it was time to go back to the teacher.


I came back down to find everyone but Rick gone. I asked him for him with my router thing. He just about laughed at me, but said to bring it in tomorrow anyway. We'll see.


There's a nice nutshell of my past 2 or so days.


I did a little web work, so I think I can go an mess with the gallery/blog thing or make a Calvin wallpaper. I have two right now, and was kinda intending to make another version of the second one, but it's grown on me and I don't think that I'm going to make another version after all.


Now back to you.


It's the summer now, they can extend the hours for the MRI place. That makes me wonder. When it get dark at 3pm during winter in NY, what time does the sun set up there??


Who is paying for all these tests?? I know that Canada has a good medical plan, but that good? And will they cover alternative medicine?


As for the e-mail's, those were the two that I was talking about. I was hoping you got the ACDSee one, I just trashed it.


Ok, that's it. You must wonder what got into me to write such a long e-mail.


*kiss* Take care.

Love ya.


PS... I only got one e-mail from this address. Is this your ISP e-mail?

maysryan@execulink.com wrote:

Hi Jhoy
I think Yahoo took the account, I don't know. I got intouch with them
about having trouble but told them not to bother fixing it because I was
sick of their problems (using this email) Again, my friends in England are
having the same problem. I haven't been back to find out if they fixed it
or not. I got an email and a forward from ACDsee last week.
The doctors are leaving me on the same drugs for awhile but increasing
them and changing the times I take them to try and get them working for
me. I have a couple of more tests scheduled as well. (Including an MRI
next Thursday at 9:30 at night. So many people are in need of an MRI that
they have increased the hours that they give them.) If these tests still
show nothing, they will try something else drug wise, maybe what you
I see the latest hurricane, Emily came closer to you. Did you get much
from it? It's dying out over Mexico I see now. The last one made it all
the way up here and gave us much needed rain. by then the winds were not
strong at all. I'll go for now. Love ya!
P.S. did you get the last email (addy) once or twice? I sent it twice
actually just trying something on Execulink.

> Hello.
> What happened to your other account?
> Did someone take that one too?
> Jhoy.
> PS.. did you get the last e-mails from me? I sent some last week.
> --- maysryan@execulink.com wrote: I'm using this email as of today.
> Larry



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July 20, 2005

I Want To Sleep.


It caught up with me. Staying up late that is.

This morning was not a good idea even if my sister took the laptop from my bedroom this morning to use her new found wireless ability.

I tried so hard to stay in bed, for as long as I could, I even skipped breakfast.

Now I'm starving and falling asleep at my desk. I really came here to spell check the thing I posted last night. *YAWNNnnnn*

I thought everything was going wrong for me today.

One, last night I read in my work mail that we were having a meeting today at 11am. Great. Then Jhodie went to work and town early so she could be back to let me go to work on time. Nika didn't have school today incase you were wondering. But Jhodie didn't get back home until 5 past 11. As she walked in the door, I called work to let them know that my sister just got back from work and that I was walking out the door now. I turned and asked her how I looked, she said fine. I walked 3 blocks to catch a bus because there was a children parade where I would have caught the bus. Then when I did catch a bus I looked down at my skirt to see that it was covered in lint. If the skirt wasn’t black I wouldn't have minded as much. Oh, and I forgot my ID.

Then I got here to find that the meeting was post-pone until tomorrow 2pm. Again at the start of my shift, but I should be able to make that one. Ok, still worried about the "snow" all over my skirt, and walked into my "office" to see my flat panel missing. That didn't really bug me. I was told that if they need it, it would be taken. What I was cross about was the few turned over things that they left behind, and that the other two guys had to give up their flat panels too, but they found time to set up monitors for themselves, but left a blank, dusty space for me to find. I picked up one of the huge CTRs that we have back here, and since it didn't have a sticker on it saying if it was good or bad, I thought it was good and used a chair to move it over here. I wasn't ready to add back pain to my "bad" day. Then it found it was only slightly bad. The right hand side is discoloured. Light tint of red and blue that comes in about an inch or 2. I had to move everything to the other side so I could work in the space.

Ok... I'm off to get a sandwich for lunch. It's mins till 2pm. I’ll be back in 10 if that long. I'm going down stairs to Turtle Jane's. It still bugs me. The name without the meaning behind it.

Let's hope I don't fall asleep while I'm eating. I just know I'm going to crash when I get home tonight. At least I don't have anything to stay up late for tonight.

See ya.

... oh, I'll spell check when I get back. Really.

Back... spell checked and such.

I got a better monitor. Spent some time getting the screen lined up. I got it as good as I can get it.

My desk is very crowded right now. I'll see if I can get someone to get one of them to one of the teachers if not to drop it off in thier e-mail box.

Off to the other one.

What I Was Running From Yesterday, Got Me Today.

A power outage.

Yesterday I thought it was going to happen, but it's tonight it stuck twice.

Why haven't I come on earlier. Power outage that lasted a few hours, then I set up the wireless/wired router that I got from my uncle.

He came over for help with that laptop he got a few months ago, and I couldn't help him. One, it didn't have a nic card to connect to the network at work. Two, it's cd rom drive wasn't being seen by the computer in any way, even though it looked and sounded to be working fine. And three, it's a win98. It needed the win98 cd to install everything. I think that thought about copying the cd to the hard drive, but didn't because of space. It's only a 4 point something gig size hard drive.

He almost got around the internet/network connection thing, but it asked for the win98 cd. So I lent him my thumb drive to get what ever it was that he wanted to copy to the laptop to his desktop instead from work. I just hope that what ever it is, it fits on my thumb drive. It's only 128mbs.

Well I woke up as late as my sister would let me sleep. I messed with the re-infection of my computer for another few hours, and I was able to wash some dishes and clear the table. It turned out to be a good thing since my uncle showed up with his problem like a min after I wiped down the table.

Oh, I hoping, but so far, it looks like the linksys has put and end to the viruses and Trojans and such that were popping up every 25 mins or so on this computer. The only down side, which now seems a fact of peers v. lechers, is that my download speed is way down now. The upload speed is the same as before, but the download is now 1/4 of what it use to be.

I'm going to go and test out the wireless connection.

20 mins later.....

Ok, it's working. I have a fully working network. Cool, and I think that this is the kind that I ordered, but it might be a newer model. I should be getting it in week or so. I don't know when Rick ordered it for me.

Other than all that, the day was ok. A bit on the hot side until the downpour we had. Once this afternoon as the clock struck 4 when Jhodie was suppose to go for Nika, and then tonight about 7:20 when the power went out. I was dreading the worst. Thinking that a wire snapped in our area. Didn't think we would have power back until the morning.

It's starting to rain again.. so I'm post this now. Please forgive my spelling and other typos. I'll fix them tomorrow. I'm off for a shower.


Ok..spell checked and such. :)

*I might go work on a calvin wallpaper until they give me work to do. :)*

July 19, 2005

lights flickering


I was in the middle of writing about my day, when everything started to flicker. So I saved a draft and I'll finish it tomorrow.

Very abridged version...

Went walking, went into town, got a new hair thing, got my court's payment thing updated, came home, had a nap. hour and a half long. Then pulled weeds, hung out clothes, and then came in, to fiddle with the computer for like 10 mins. I watched some of the newly downloaded anime. They were two good eps. It wasn't as old as I thought it was. If you can rent it, check it out. It's the anime "You're Under Arrest."

Ok.. see ya.

Ok.. working something out to get you music. I'm thinking of giving your my user name and password to the site to get into the free account.


July 16, 2005

One Down.

This is why I left work a little late.

What do you think??

I feel like I should make another version.

When I was looking for backgrounds the idea that I had in my head kepth changing, or it would go compleatly blank and I would forget what I had in mind in the first place.

Tomorrow I'll try another verson. The strip part of the wallpaper will remaine mostly unchanged.


I thought that I posted this last night. :( The time is now 11:08 am Sunday morning.


Well I'm Disapionted. :(

Just had dinner.

It was a rip off.

I forgot how expenive subway is.(for us)

I spent $19 for something that had less to it than a $7 roti. :( (in my opinion. I'm still hungry)

I'm not buying from them again until I really don't care about the money.

I got caught up in getting more pics of the hotel, so I haven't started the Calvin wallpaper. But I'm about to start it now. I found a good link for the hotel. (it's down there)

Now it's starting to get cold. (looking up as the gust of cold air went by my legs)


Nothing much.

The only big thing with me was the watching of the new StarGates last night.

I was in such shock of what they got up to, that I had to watch it twice.

My sister didn't have such a nice night. She got to see almost none of it because Peter came by and they got into a fight over Nika, then she felt bad afterwards and went to bed early.

Today, I stayed home before work while Jhodie and Nika went out with grandma cookie. I over slept. They woke me up too early, but the phone woke me up after I should have been up. I Kinda wished that someone was on the other end, since I could have hurt myself for how fast I tried to get to it before it stopped ringing.

Then just as I'm ready to go for my shower at 1pm they came home. She got potting soil, and a few other things.

I got to work ok. About 17 past. I saw AM, and gave her the money I owed her, so we are now square. Then we hung out and tracked down this hotel.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

and a room.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I came across those when I was looking for wallpaper on this Russian site, and we weren't sure if the place was real or not. So we hunted it down. We spent like 20 mins at least looking for the place.

We finally found it.

It's called the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Here is another link for it. I went looking for more and bigger pictures. This has more pictures.

They have a few more pictures on that page. I wish that they were a bit bigger. Man is that place expensive! Maybe after you read all that you get for that price, you might think it's worth it.

Now I feel like making another Calvin wallpaper, I'm just having a time finding the back for this one. I just started looking so mind hasn't started to crack yet.Grin 4

Right now I just sent that permission question off to the guy to see if I can really post the wallpapers that I made out of his artwork. I also asked him how come he hasn't made any in wallpaper size. It's not like all of them have blank backgrounds, but he just stops outside of the subjects. Oh well.

Guess I'm off to look for the background for Calvin. I could just go look for dinner instead. I ate around 11am today, and it's now a good 7 hours later. What would I get? Yesterday I sprung for lunch and it was quite filling. A grilled chicken burger and fries. Now I'm starting to feel hungry.

Ok... food then Calvin. Grin 4

After I spell check. Grin 4

I hope to have yes or no to my permission thing by Monday.

Oh.. that thing with the tatu songs, was abit delayed due to megaupload. Looks like rapidshare is going to get the job. I'm going to try tonight and or tomorrow morning to start uploading them to rapidshare. I've already divided them up. The set is in 3 zip files. The first two are just over 400megs, and the last one is like 260megs or so. I'll upload one and see how they like me. Grin 4

ok.. spell checking will have to wait until I get back from up stairs. A teacher just called for help. :) So I'll get din din while I'm up there. :)

The time is currently 6:26pm Saturday afternoon. Grin 4

Ok.. Back... Helped a teacher install a program. He didn't have rights to do that, then I realized that his computer needed to be defragged badly. By the time I headed up the last set of steps to the cafeteria it was 10 til 7 and they were gone. Lucky me, some students were on their way up there and I broke the bad news to them, but I was able to have them bring be back something from town. They are off to subway. Cool

I'm getting a wrap, with no hot peppers and such. I'm not a heat girl, and that is what I said when he asked about the peppers. So in about 30 or so mins I'll be having lunch/dinner.

Off to spell check.

The time is now 7:16pm.

*Jeffery Steele – There Must Be Something In The Water.

July 14, 2005

Megaupload Dumped Me.


I wasn't going to post until later, but I just found out that MegaUpload is deleteting my files.

So I'm just letting you know that I will post them again over the weekend with someone else.

Don't know where yet, but I'll find somewhere.

Also, that T.A.T.U. link that I gave a while back hasn't been back up as far as I know, so I'm going to also post that for you to get, along with a few others that I'm not sure why I have them, or what. One or two I got just for one or two songs.

I may use rapid share. I'll let you know.

Since I'm here.

We have been covered in rain since the hurricane is moving below us. I'm kinda cold, but not so much. My first day back was a bit light. I kepth it that way by not calling Dr. St. J back. I heard that he came looking of me earlyer. I wasn't ready to see him today. I'll talk to him tomorrow.

I took one of those pills today and last night. I don't think they work, at least not on me. At least my arm isn't hurting me. I think I'll just give them to Jhodie when she's cramping.

Here's something the family would like to know. Jhodie is going to take some classes at the college. She wanted to finish up high school first, then maybe take a few courses after that. But it seems like she doesn't have to do it that way down here. She doesn't have to finish high school to take college course. We both thought that was odd, but she's going to anyway. It's $100 a term, and there are 2 a year. I'll let you know how that goes.

Currently I'm on M's computer. The computer that I'm normally on I set to do a cleanup of temp files and such. Since 4pm or so. It's 15 after 8 now. Ofcourse it's getting rid of all of E's stuff. I'm going to end up stopping it at 9 pm just to play a game before closing.

I'm also trying to disinfect two laptops that Clayton left in the back today. Just something to keep me from going stir crazy.

Well, I'll come back and spell this later.

Stay dry.

I'm back.

And I can move my left arm now.

That is why I haven't blogged in two days. I couldn't use my left hand. Some how I hurt it Tuesday afternoon, and I couldn't move it without feeling like someone was twisting my arm off.

After thinking of what to do, and what would happen, I went to the hospital this afternoon. To this point it was far better than how it was last night, but it still hurt and at times just by keeping my arm still it would hurt.

Right now, as long as I don't make any big movements with it, I don't really feel any pain, but if I do, I mostly remember the pain that I was in and add it to the pain that I'm currently feeling. So I'm trying not to hurt myself right now.

I had my sister call Ron last night after I tried to get her to pull out my arm, thinking had I some how dislocated my arm, or moved a ligament out of place from all the heat I was in yesterday. We went walking back up the ladies house again and another or two outside hanging up the clothes and picking up Nika and going to four stores looking for corn meal so she can make dumplings for dinner.

Today it was a rainy day, and I got caught going and coming from the hospital. I got there later than I wanted, but considering I was in and out of there in 45 mins, if that long, I got there on time. All the other times we went there we were there for at least 3 hours. Today I was the only one there, and too add to my good day, I seemed to have gotten some what of a nice doctor. Young, talkative, and on the nice side, but he knew nothing of plantain trees. After extending and rotating my arm, he gave me some pain killers and said that it will fix itself. Since it seemed to have gotten some what better since it started.

I got home and Jhodie went to town to get the pills of me. The Pharmacy at the hospital was out. It only cost $14 Jhodie made me take one around 7pm or so with some cereal. I have to take it with food twice a day. It didn't last that long, and it didn't get rid of the pain. It may have lessoned it a little, but it didn't go away. I might have taken away my headache for like 4 hours, but I think that was it.

I'm ready for bed even though I was in bed for most of the day, trying to rest my arm so I could go to work tomorrow. I'm just up this late to blog. Jhodie went to bed a bit later then she wanted. She burned a cd, and it didn't want to come out. So she went in her bed while I restarted the computer to get it out. I don't know if it's the heat or what, but sometimes the tray just won't open.

Well I can type now, so I guess I'm going to work tomorrow afternoon. My week just got one day shorter.

I did find out what happened to the computer. It was some kind of worm that was blocking my internet access but letting my bit torrent program keep on working. I set up something to watch what gets added to the registry and to block a few things from happening.

Well that's just about it.

I did like the rain today, I just wish that this was one of my days off. I wish I hadn't been sick on a work day, and I wish my arm hadn't gone out on me when I was about to clean up my room.

I'll to pack up the left overs and head in to bed. My torrents are doing well. 31k down, and 28k up. :)

See ya.

July 11, 2005

Fwd: Re: permission

I got permission. :) Yaaaa! :)

Below is everything.

A link to the wallpaper I made, and a link to the maker of the back ground that I used. He provided it for me, and the whole thing is me asking and him saying yes. :)

I just got back from my 4 hour walk. Ya, long walk. first I went to Wades Garden, then went to town, and walked all over town looking for stuff. Jhodie was trying to find me clothes, which at the end we did.

I tried to look for the new power cord for the laptop. Did I tell you about that yet? Well I was suppose to get a laptop from this guy in October. He was getting a new one and he was going to give me his old one, but on Friday he brought it in broken. One of the problems is that power cord was broken. That is what I tried to look for today, but no one has a replacement.

I ran home to let the cable guy in to check out internet since we can't really get on for a while. I got here, picked up Nika and hurried her home to try and catch the cable guy, but he already came. I found a note on the door, which I'm leaving there for Jhodie.

Ok, I'm going to lay out in front of my fan on my bed. It's a hot and sweaty day.

See ya.

--- Vlad Gerasimov wrote:

> Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 20:56:47 +0900
> From: Vlad Gerasimov
> To: "Jhoy E. Meade"
> Subject: Re: permission
> Hi,
> you have my permission as long as link to www.vladstudio.com is
> provided. Thanks!
> Vlad Gerasimov
> http://www.vladstudio.com
> -------------------------
> Jhoy E. Meade wrote:
> > Hello.
> >
> > I was thinking of a way to make a calvin and hobbes wallaper, and I
> > came across one that needed a night background. I went looking and I
> > can across yours.
> >
> > I was wondering if I could have your permission to post it on my
> > blog.
> >
> > This is how it came out. Not great, but not too bad either. At least
> > I think so.
> >
> > I\'ll ofcourse say where I got the background pic from and post a
> > link to your site.
> >
> > And this my blog. http://jhoye.blogspot.com
> >
> > Thanks for taking the time to read my e-mail.
> >
> > ===== Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.8)
> > Gecko/20050511 Firefox/1.0.4 ===== Message sent from vladstudio.com
> >
> >
> >

July 10, 2005



I did some work today, but mostly gooffed off. I was slightly tempted to do some "school"
work, but I just supressed it. I know that the time is coming when I'm going to have to
sit down cram. The good thing I remember things for short bursts of time, so once I go
all the way to the end, I should be fine for that class.

Well In hunor of my Calvin and Hobbes wallpaper that I made and waiting for permisson on
to post since I used some other's wallpaper for background, I'm giving you the link of
the best link that I've found so far for Calvin and Hobbes that wasn't put together for
money. :)


It wasn't easy to find. Most of the links that I found at this one site weren't there
anymore. And since this one is over at geocities, they have to stop by every 6 or so
months of it get's shut down or something.

Well, It's 10 till now. I'm going to start my rounds. Oh.. that reminds me. I have to
uninstall the vnc that I have out here and install the old one.

I'll be back with my hours from early this morning, and I do mean early. G'ssss. :(

See ya in like 4 hours. *grin*



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Nothing Much To Report.


I fixed my mpeg problem, I used a tool that came with my k-lite codec pack, and it pointed out a few messed up codecs. I had to "hack" the registry to get rid of them. Then I uninstalled my codec pack, restarted, installed my codec pack again and it worked.

I did try this thing from analog x but it didn't look like it did anything. So I don't know if it helped or not, but now it's working right again.

The rest of the day I played with paint shop pro and played games. I didn't really have anyone to help even thought it was kind full for the first part of my shift.

Well here are the things I came up with PSP.

This is the first one that I uploaded to test out to see if I was still logged it. I made this years ago. I found part, and made them into full wallpapers. I got it from FredArt. It's pending permission so it may disapear if I don't get it this week or so.

This one is one that I made today. I was working out a background for the baby thing that the student is suppose to doing. I was trying to make one for when she comes to me and looks like she hasn't a clue. Instead I made this with a pic of a friend that I've been holding on too. Isn't he cute. He hasn't talked to me in years.

Beleive it or not, I got this from Ulead's site. I went there to help fix my codec problem since one of the broken codecs came from them, but I found out that they now have monthly wallpapers, with the current month stamped on each one. I cleaned up this one so it doesn't have anything on it.

Then here is my desktop. It was so pretty today. I had to take a picture. *grin*

I got the nice bus home, and I hunted for dinner, so it has mostly been parts. It didn't help that I decided not to eat today at work. I'm going to eat tomorrow so I don't starve and eat everything I can get my hands on when I get home. Granted I pass right over the chocolate things. I don't like chocolate. So I'm not such a gobbler. *big grin*

Well I have go now. To tell the truth I've saved this like 4 times already and went to help my sister with stuff. She's calling me again, but I can't post this yet. I have spelling errors to fix.

Be right back.

Back, and spell checked. See ya.

Time is now 2:09am

July 09, 2005

I Should Blog...

... but I want to go to bed. :(

I'll saw one thing.

They picked today to give out length of employment awards.

Today when my hair do is fuzzy and three days old. When I wore a brown shirt that you can see my white bra though. Well I could, don't quite know what everyone else saw. At least not yet. They took my picture getting my certificate. Great.

I may not have said it before, but I'm saying it now. I don't like my picture taken. That pic that you see of me over in the corner, I came up with that pose, with that outfit. That is the only thought out pic that I have ever taken. The one they took of me today, is going to be posted in a health ad. Do you look like this?? Try our new product you'll look and feel so much better.

The only good thing, well two good things. One, I converted the teacher's movie over to WMV and I cut it up with the help of the teacher into the pieces he wanted. The second good thing, I did my exercise today. I didn't do them on time, but I did at least 15 mins worth. I wasn't feeling so well when I woke, I didn't think that I was going to be able to do any at all, but I did.

Now I want to go to bed.

I've been wanting to go to bed since midnight, but I had to wash the dishes first and put up dinner.

To leave on an up note. I love the part in movie The Incredibles when the kid says "That was totally wicked!"

I bring this up due to the fact that I watched part of the movie with Nika before I put her to bed tonight.

Tomorrow I have to clean up this disk before I go to work. Which shouldn't be so hard since Jhodie and Nika will be out for the whole time I'm home. They are going out with grandma Cookie, then they are off to see Sponge Bob. I hate it, but I'm just happy that I'm not going to that thing.

Well, night.

July 07, 2005

Here Is The Link For The Third AVM

AMV - Life On Mars by HypeOdermic Studios

update.....a small one.

I thought for a seciond that I got the use of my mpeg codec back.. but I was only half right. One program still works fine with mpeg files. It's a small splitter that I found out I can use as a converter to wmv.

And it converted without anything going wrong because it can play mpeg files. Very odd.

night.. It's 10:16 now had to use the bathroom and watched one of my shorter filmes. It's a tv ad really. Never heard of it before I got it.

See ya. I might post that one for you tomorrow. It's really nice. We will rock you by Britney, Beyonca and Pink. I know I got the names wrong. See ya.

Hi ya.

Nothing much going on… really.

Just the same...

St. Jean and his tech challenged self, but I'm trying to put a stop to it. As of yesterday, I started teaching him how to do a few things, since the last straw was when he sent me pictures to put into PowerPoint.

Fine he didn't know how to rotate a pic. Fine he didn't know how to scan. But not know how to put a picture in PowerPoint?? That was it.

Yesterday I tried to show him how to rotate. You have to copy the pic out of PowerPoint into a picture program, I use Irfanview as you know, rotate it, and then copy it back. Sounds easy ha? Ya, I thought so too, until I started to show him.

Today was making a new slide in PowerPoint and inserting pictures for him. That went a lot easier, and I made him type up words that he wanted me to scan. It was like 3 lines worth. I told him that they were going to be typed in. He shortened one of them so he wouldn't have to type so much. :)

But he did good. Really good. We will go back to rotating, and I'll still help with the scanning, but he will be placing them in the PowerPoint until I get him scanning without too much problems which won't be for a while.

Other than that, yesterday I was swamped with web updates and posting. Monday and Wednesday I did my exercise. I think I cried Tuesday about the pain that I was in. I still had some when I started Wednesday morning, but it went away a bit when I was doing the exercise, and I got a bit further than last time. Tomorrow will be my last time for the week. Jhodie said that she will be doing that one with me. We'll see.

A whole bunch of sites don't seem to be working today. I'm having issues with my computer here a work. For some odd reason, it just stopped playing mpeg movies. I have an editing thing set up with a teacher for tomorrow. Actually, it’s not really tomorrow, he didn’t say when he needed the file. I could put him of until next week Wednesday and give myself the weekend to work on the problem with my computer.

I did what I did with my home computer plus some, and they still won't play. It's not even like the program is crashing when I try to play them. It just says it's playing the file, but nothing is moving, not even the progress bar. Very, very odd.

I don't like being cold without having a nice pair of wool stockings on. *I’m cold if you didn't know*.. At least I have 2 hours to go.

This weekend, we are going to try and go walking. I don't really have anything on tv to watch, and we should go out since Nika gets board staying inside.

Oh, I'm uploading another AMV for you. I picked one based on Armatige III. They use another Armatige movie that I didn't know of to fill it out. I don't have a third fav AMV really. I left it going on the computer that is having it's small crisis with mpeg files. I even forgot about it. I went outside to warm up and came back in talking to AM.

*Christina Milian - AM to PM

I have a headache again. I think that since the hit in the head I will now have headaches ever so often now. I was kind a proud of the fact that I didn't have headaches growing up, but then some people would say, there is no real reason for normal kids to have headaches. That is something grownups get from living out here. Either which way I don't like it. It's bad enough that I don't want to be here because of how cold I am.

Oh, I found out the name of song that I've had here for a while. I was calling it "Come, Come My Lady". I put it in a search engine and I found out that the song is called Butterfly by Crazy Town. I don't think I know Crazy Town, but in an off beat way I like this song.

*Amateur the band - Crash

Nika didn't go school today. Jhodie over slept so she couldn't get Nika ready in time for school. Nika on the other was up at 6am sharp. I didn't get up until 11 or so, and I hung out with Nika abit until Jhodie took her out at mins to 1.

*The Human League - Human

I do have some new pics to post as wallpaper; I might give that a shot before going home.

Oh, about the AMV's that I'm posting. They will be deleted from the server unless they are downloaded at least once a month. I'm also thinking of posting the T.A.T.U. songs since the link I gave a while a go has gone bust, and I still have all the songs. It's a good amount of songs. A gig and half or something like that. I haven't really looked at the folder in a while. I just speared it from being deleted. I started clearing out things that I saved on DVD for some more space. I need a bigger hard drive.

*Elton John - I Want Love

I know that I just got an 80 gig one, but I need like two 120's to be comfortable and have space. :) I need a new processor too and I'm looking at getting a DVD burner. I should have thought about that when I got my cd burner.

*The Troggs - Wild Thing

I'm not sure about the router yet. Rick hasn't said anything to me yet about it. If he's ordered it yet or what, but he did mention that a girl is trying to sell one that she has for $50 EC. That's not so bad. If it has LAN ports and WiFi, I'll take it. I should have asked for her name. Tomorrow, if I don't find it on the for sale page.

*Sting - All This Time

Yes, I'm just sitting here rubbing my hands together.

Ok... I'm going to work on the wallpapers. I already sized them, I just .....*my sister called*.......

*Betty Hutton - It's Oh So Quiet

Wallpaper, I already sized them, I just have to upload them to the server after making some thumbs for the website, then I can link them.

My sister sounds out of it, and Nika is watching a movie. She said that nothings wrong, but it doesn't sound like it. Nika is fine even if she did have hotdogs for dinner. There was alot of rice left over from last night.

*En Vogue - Givin' Him Something

Ok, off to spell check.

Finished spell checking and such. See ya... Down to an hour until I get to go home. :)

July 05, 2005

I"m In Pain

My sister got me to do some excersie yesterday morning.

I had brought home a copy of a tae bo tape for both of us to work out to. She was too sick... well not that sick.

Well I only lasted 10 mins. I took me about 30 mins to cool down, then I went out three times, got caught in the rain, and later cleaned dishes and cooked the pasta.

From all of that I fell asleep at 10pm. 10pm. I then woke up at 2:30a, and it took me over 2 hours to kinda fall back asleep again. Then when I was time for me to get up, two things happened. One, the headach that I had came back to plaqe me when I opened my eyes at one point today, then my back and my side that tae bo tried to get me to move,... I saw Ouch!!!

Ouch....... can't sit long.. at least not like this.

My little face thing's site is down, waiting for it to come back up. I didn't get rid of it.

I'll be posting the last AMV's. I couldn't decide on just one, so third is a tie.

See ya.

July 03, 2005

Up Late To Watch InYuasha <- I have to find the right spelling.


Just posted my wallpapers to my club. Late I might add. I knew I forgot something today when I was going to work. I didn't realize that until 4 something I think. Just before we lost power today. Another reason why I didn't post my wallpaper on time.

Since there was no internet, there were only like 5 or so students in there for the rest of the night not counting AM who played a round or two with me of that marble game. Para something.

I was left to my own devices for most of the shift. Tomorrow I have to digatize a movie and post it on the site on the Hurricane page. It's Dr. H spreading the fear. The only reason I don't so much about it, was because I always felt safe. We never lost our roof like people around us did. Once It almost came off, and we just put some blocks on it, but that was a really bad one that year. I think it was Hugo. I think it was the only time that we got a ride to go around town and the village to see who still had a house left. Odd considering I sleepth most of time, the rain is always nice to fall asleep too.

Well my show is done, and so is the chicken meat loaf. I really made it. I did some cleaning up first. I may wake up in time with the will to wash up some more of the dishes. :) We'll see.

Oh, here is one of the wallpapers that I posted at my club today. This is the one that I liked the best.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


July 01, 2005

Hi Happy

Besides my very happy look, I'm freezing again. I don't know what happened to the AC.

Work was ok, yesterday and today.

I had some time near the end to play a round or two of Tumblebug.

Dr. St. J brought by more work for me to do today. He brought work by for me to do yesterday, and the day before. :) Can someone please show him a stop sign? All things considered, it's not that bad when I don't have anything else to do.

Three days in a row I've tried to install the new photo shop for a teacher and he hasn't been there, until today. I had to wait until he finished with a class in the same building to get it done. Then he said that he was upgrading the program because he wanted the arrow tool. So I stayed and spent about 10 mins looking for it in that version and making sure I knew how to do somethings like rotate it. It's not right for you to see. Photo Shop CS was made my a minimalist. Most things have been packed away now.

Did the scanning of the jobs that Dr. St. J brought me on Wednesday. I made him stay to help me with the new batch he brought today.

Jhodie isn't feeling well today, and she called not to long ago telling me she's feeling worst. I may take Nika out walking tomorrow if she still isn't felling well.

Well I just uploaded my FAV AMV for you to get a look at. The other place that I signed up for isn't working that well right now.

Here's the link.

Lord's Prayer
This is this maker's website. Sorry to say, but he is no longer making any, but you can still download the others that he has. You may need to sign up with another website to do so, then there is some kind of waiting time before you can use the site. I don't know why.
ErMaC Studios

I'll get the second on up there from home, then I have to decide on what I think is my third fav. I don't know right now. I could be the one that used MJ's Scream song. I'll see.

Well time for me to leave. Catch you later.

Oh, one more thing before I bail. I had found a pretty good wireless and wired router for sale, and today when I tried to show it to Rick I found that they were all sold out. :( How rude.

Back... Time is now... 11:08pm (the same day)

I am currently uploading my second fav AMV for you to get. The only reason, ok, one of the two reasons it's not my first is because I found it after I was in love with the first one, and second, the viewing area is too small. If I could donate DVDs to this guy to have him do it over again, I would. 10% has been uploaded. I think I'll see if I can find a third, but that might have to wait until I get to work tomorrow afternoon. I copied everything to DVD, but I don't have a d..v..d... I do have a dvd player. :) It's in my sister's laptop. :) Cool. Things you forget. Ok.. I'll bring them home tomorrow.

The one that I'm uploading now is called "AMV - DBZ (Vegeta) - Linkin Park's In The End" I can't remember off the top of my head who made it, but it's displayed at the start and at the end of the video. I should try and find them again, see if they have come up with anything, bigger. :) 19% finished.

Update on my sister. She's been knocked out since 7:20 when she called me to let me know that she couldn't move and Nika wanted something to eat. I came home with veggie pizza for us, and to a black house. Nika was sitting in the dark watching tv, with the door locked and Jhodie passed out on the bed. Earlier when she had called me to let me know that I may be buying dinner tonight because of how bad she felt, she said that she had gotten the shakes when she was at the supermarket. I think that she is going to sleep all the way though the night and tomorrow she will be better than she was this afternoon. It happened before. I don't know if she will be able to go to work on Sunday.

Ok, I had a little set back with the uploading. Somehow, I lost connection to the site and it couldn't upload anymore, even though the website showed that it was still trying too. Well I'm now back at....10%.

Let's see. AM stopped by to see me tonight. She became the second person that I talked to about Dr. St. J. They are all just happy that I'm helping him. I also asked her if she put a picture up for this thing that I'm helping the girl with. Yes, I helped her today too. So far, and I might be wrong, but it's starting to look like she knows how to surf, and IM. Only. I know, don't knock what gives me a paycheck, but the fact that she slight freaked out over not knowing how to add clip art to the system from Microsoft had me looking oddly at her.

Ok., just found a glitch with my tag box. I hate when I get home and find things not working, and my ISP some how finds a way to stop me from fully understanding what gives. Well the upload is now at ......26%. Further than last time.

Zoning back in.. watching CSI: Vegas. :) Oh.. the box might be having glitches of it's own. My last try went though. 32% finished. My bittorrent is moving quite fast considering the cap, but I'm sure that cap is on downloads and not uploads, in some cases. Some how, between this morning at 2am until I checked at 9pm tonight, it seem that it was able to download 438megs of a file. Where was that luck a few months ago?? Now it's kinda stalled again, but that leaves me to ask why I'm downloading another copy of Shrek 2?

The lab was freezing again, and now I'm sweating since I don't have a fan and the real world is currently 79 degrees and no wind speed. Well I found a new router to spend my money one. Not at the great price I had found before, but I'm hoping that I'm getting a less likely to fail product. I just have to come up with some money for AM soon. I still owe her for the go between for the dvd and the tv and the tapes, and the cds.

The time is now11:49pm and my watch alarm just went off, and the upload is at 46%. I'm going for some ice water.


back.. I was just going to sit here sipping my ice water, and wait for the upload to finish which is at 88% by the way, but Jhodie woke up to ask for a few things. She doesn't sound any better yet.



Done.. now you can download the AMV "AMV - DBZ (Vegeta) - Linkin Park's In The End" Enjoy.

I'm off to watch Star Trek Next Gen. :) It's a two parter.

See ya. .. I'll post, and spell check at the same time. Done spell checking.. and such.. but I think that I have the spelling mixed up for one word. Sorry.