March 31, 2005



I was up late last night as you know.

So I stayed in bed for as long as I could since I didn't have to be in to work until 2.

Well my sister got an all day job today. From 9am until 3pm. She woke me up to let me know that she was leaving, and that part of my bus money was on the computer desk, and to go pay cable and to hang out the clothes.

Since she woke me up I had to use the bathroom. Anyway, I'm thinking about having to go town, and thinking that she didn't tell me where the card was. Great. She left with the card. Came out, and looked where my money was, but no card. Great, I get to stay home. I crawled back into bed.

For the next hour and 15 mins I tossed and tuned until I fell into something of a dream for the last 45 mins that I had in bed. I was almost happy to wake from what I was dreaming. A very mad world.

First order was to hang out the clothes. I did that in my red shirt, and just my red shirt. Then I came in, heated up some of last night's dinner and watched some tv as I ate. Then I made myself remember that I had to send out a birthday card today. It was the last day of March and my friend had her birthday this month. Don't know what day it was, but I knew it was this month. I went to this place and sent her a card from there. It's very cool. Found it a few years ago.

Then I had a quick shower, got dressed and headed out the door after 2pm as always. I ended up getting to work at 20 past. Not bad, but not as good as yesterdays 10 past.

Ron wasn't here when I got in. Mess in admin that I saw yesterday was gone. I got the key from admin also so I can put in the code for software for hills. I tested the rooms to see if they could get to some school stuff for the students.

At 3 I started to cover the front desk. Then I was called upstairs by a teacher that was trying to install a printer. Install a printer?? Ok. I asked for 10 mins since I was trying to fix something else at the time.

I then went up there to see he had borrowed a student's photo printer. The student told me. I had to log in as me to install it. He didn't have those rights to the computer. We tested it out twice, and I updated his version of Irfanview. The girl that was lending him her printer was impressed by it once I used it to lighten a picture. So I mailed it off to her.

Then I came down to a staff member needed me to help her with fixing a few things. She wanted her PowerPoint to look a bit flashier than it currently was. Grin 3

One thing led to another, and I re-did her first and last slide, and animated bit of the in between ones, and got her thinking of getting a thumb drive. She was still saving everything on floppy. "AAHH!"

So she is going states side, and said that she will get one. I was aiming for a 256 one, she went right to the 1 giger. She says that she has a lot of stuff. Oh well. It's only $100 maybe.

When she left I started on the videos that I got yesterday. I told the teacher that he could get them back tomorrow. I'm finishing up the last one now. I was have finished way sooner if I knew that both were shorter than one hour. I just let computer keep recording for like 2 hours each time.

Now its 9:25 and I haven't had anything to eat since noon, and I was colder earlier, but I think that I'm kinda warming up a bit, but then I was just moving around.

Some guy talked to me today on my yahoo id that I had opened as I messed with my hidden page here at work. He lied about a few things on his profile, which made me think what was still on mine. So I updated it a little bit. My pic is staying. It's the same that I have here. It's the only good pic of me I have.

Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan

Here is that link I talked about in the blog before.

Book mark it.

Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan

See ya.

March 30, 2005

I'm here, I'm here.

Let see...

*hitting pencil to lips*

Ah yes...

On Monday with my sneezing head achy self, I took Nika on a bus ride after we swung by work to tie up a few loose ends.

One - I went to get a phone number that needed to be called to register the software.
Two - I went by the office of the lady that hired me so she can call it. Even though it's a 1-800 number, nothing is free other than 911 and 114. She was out so I left a note will everything on it.
Three - Turned in my over time sheet and my sickness sheet.

Then we took a very fast bus ride until it stopped, which was alot sooner then I liked. They stopped at what might be the end of Sandy Point, but since I didn't know of anywhere beyond Sandy Point for them to take us, they turned around and headed back to Basseterre.

On the way there, Nika kinda liked it, but the guy was going so fast on the way back that she got tried of watching blurs. So she napped on me until it was time to get off in like 20 or so mins. At the speed that we were going, he could have gone around the island in just over and hour, and you wouldn't have seen a thing. But then, if you want to go sight seeing on this island, you have to be rich and get a taxi, or you have a car, or you have friend who wants to around the island you who has a car.

Tuesday Nika went back to school, and I was knocked out from my sneezing and running nose and what-nots. My sister woke me up at noon and I didn't even feel like I slept that long. Anyway, she went to her afternoon job, and I woke up so that I could go to town and pay telephone and cable. I slowly work up. Had a saltfish sandwich, was on the computer for a bit. I played music in the shower. I think it was the jagged little pill cd.

I was a tad low on money so I walked it in to town, and because I wanted to see how fast I would take to walk a mile. My sister says that you should be able to walk a mile in 15 mins. At first I thought I was doing well. But somewhere between almost being there and being 10 mins behind, I lost 10 mins when I got where I was going. So I can almost walk a mile in 15, besides I wasn't pushing myself.

Got there but there was no money. It was about 10 past 3. So I thought that maybe I was somehow early even though the bank closed over an hour ago. I stood there and then checked 15 mins later. Still nothing. Waited another 15 mins. Still only $55 on my account. Great. I had to go. I had to pick up Nika at 4. So I walked it over to the bus stop, and caught it up to her school.

I asked her if she wanted to go to town. Yes I was going to try again. I was after 4. Normally we didn't go for my money until after 4. So we went down, and bumped it her god mother who she calls grandma. I went to check the account, but still nothing. Aggy (god mother) said that she would give me a ride home, so I went to where her car was. I told her how I needed the money for some allergy pills. I had come to the conclusion that I couldn't have a cold again so soon. I must have allergies. So I was going to also get some pills so I could work the next day.

She said that she would get me some since she knows had bad they can be. She also told me about her new job that she was getting at the new nursing school. She will be getting a very, very nice pay hike. It's over double what she is being paid now.

I came home with some pills and Nika got some marshmallow things that her god mother got her. I then saw Verey's dirty face looking out at me as I opened the gate to come inside the yard. I had no clue what was going on. I opened the door, and saw shoes that I never say before along with mine that Jhodie borrowed. Ok. I heard singing from the bathroom. Jhodie had my cd player plugged up and singing her heart out as she took her long shower and was washing her hair.

In time, she told me that she was waiting for us, then I remembered that I was suppose to call and let her know that we went with Aggy, anyway, she didn't see us for so long that she thought that I was stuck in town, and went to get Nika. She went and say that no one had come for Verey yet, and it was mins to 5pm, so they begged her to take him home. So she did, and upon entering the house, she called Pearl to tell her to get someone to come for her kid.

Ok, about 10 mins after I came home someone showed up for him. As he was leaving, I really hit me that his face had snot on it. They were feeding him Milk, but I didn't get it out fast enough to tell or ask the girl that picked him up. It seems that the girl, that looked 16 was 12 and was Pearl's sister. I really have no clue how many kids her mother has.

Last night I stayed up abit late to iron my skirt for work. Yes I ironed. I washed, and I hung out cloths at 11pm. I have some cloths looking at me now to get hanged out, but I don't want to. It's 1:30am an my sister is already asleep. Sad I'll see about doing the dishes instead. I might be able to pull off hanging out the cloths tomorrow before I go town, or before I go to work.

Todays day wasn't that bad. A bit overwhelming at a few times. I got to work almost on time. Ron was in a good mode, and I got started doing some web work that I saw in my inbox yesterday. I was almost done with that when Collin said that Ron wanted to talk to the two of us. Turns out we didn't have an up to date list of the printers we had on campus, the ink they needed and where these printers were. A bunch of teachers got moved, a few printers got changed, some places that didn't have a printer before got a new one.

So first we were going to walk around and just look into each office, then Ron said that he didn't want Collin doing it since he had other things to get done, and Collin just didn't want to do the other things. :) At least for a bit. So we were going to call around instead of walk since we were the only ones there. But as soon as I was finished setting up my excel sheet and looking for numbers to call, a teacher called about a printer with a paper jam. Great, and it was the building I was going to call first.

I printed out the sheet, got a pen and told Collin that I was off to Adm4. I fixed the paper jam and started taking inventory. In the process I was confronted with a number of problems from a number of teachers. One teacher swears that she can only print one page at a time of anything. I told that I worked on that the week she moved in and fixed it, but currently she didn't have anything that she wanted to print to show me. So next time she will call me, so I can walk up two flights of steps to watch her print. *grin*

Then the next teacher. The teacher that I've been avoiding. We lost some movies, that we didn't know that were suppose to keep because he didn't come to check out what was listed under his name. After explaining that for a while, he gave me 2 videos to copy to replace two of th 5 that were missing. As I'm finishing up with him, another teacher swings by and asks for help connecting up a laptop to a big tv for a review session that he was having in the new meeting room up there. There was nothing for me to do, he just didn't know about the wireless that we had in the building. (on thing that worked out fine)

On to the other builds.

*prune juice. not quite the way I remembered it. Got some last paycheck I think, just having some. I wanted something to drink other than water*

I did 5 buildings or blocks in all. Adm4, Adm3, Adm2, Adm1 and Adm. In the process, I got about 65 slides to scan, a 1-800 number to call, that took like 15 mins. I packed up some boxes of ink, then before leaving after the 1-800 number I realized that I didn't do all of them. Half of the junk that I passed on my way in to the room where I packed up the ink that I did see was other boxes of ink. That will be be tomorrow.

Got down stairs, typed up everything, and started some work on a laptop that was left at my desk. It was a mess. Not the mess I would expect, but a mess non the less. She said on the note that she had a virus. She had like 7 things on her system put there to keep her virus free. What did she do or didn't do to get a virus? For one thing, I know that Tishon had to update her anti-virus software, and that's all that was needed for it to go wrong.

It lost power before it was finished the first time he ran anti-virus on the laptop. So I tried my trusty friends over at panda software. But it had to give me trouble there too. Somehow, something was blocking the site from running. So I went to another one. I'll get you the link. It's good to have a back up. It found 4 Trojans, but it couldn't clean any of them. I looked at the files and realized that I could just delete the files myself if they weren't currently running. So all in all, I spent over 2 hours on it, and I lost the touch pad. It just died. After restarting twice, I went and got usb mouse so I could try and fix this after already re-installing the drivers.

Near the end I got the pad back, I cleaned out almost a gig of temp files, and used TuneUpXP or something like that to fix a bunch of stuff, restarted it, and left it defraging.

I then tried to leave work at 7:30, 30 mins later then I should be, when I had to go back to e-mail something that they would need tomorrow before I came in, and as I'm walking out the door, I was asked to check class room 3. I had to close up class room 3.

I got home, talked to a few friends, had a dinner a bit late, but it was good. Caught a mouse, and wrote up my blog. It's now 2:04am. I still feel like I can do some dishes.

Off to spell check.
See ya.

*sorry, too long and too late to grammer check*
*ok grammer checked. Now 2:26am. Don't feel like doing dishs now.*

March 27, 2005

I Think That I'm Getting Sick Again.

Well that is what I thought yesterday.

Today I thought it was my ear acting up and making it seem like I had a cold. So I put some drops in and fell asleep before turning over to drain it out. I thought after a bit, that I fixed it. Now I'm sneezing and nose dripping at work and now my throat is sore.

Started typing up yesterday's and Friday's blog, but I just stopped. I think it was late. Don't know.

*pausing to push tissue up my nose.*

Well, I'm happy for one thing. No work tomorrow.

Make that a few things. 1, no work tomorrow. 2, i got the sales printer for hills installed today.3, I didn't get here that late today even though it's sunday. 4, I finished the two websites that i keep forgetting to do. (granted the only know about one of them being finished)

5 more hours then I'm out of here. Last night didn't help the sickness. I was cold. I actually put on an old jacket that was left here years ago. I'm the only that uses it. It looks like a black bear that fell into the spin cycle with white bunnies. I even wore it home. I couldn't part with the warmth. Now this.

Well, just to make myself fall asleep, I'm going to do some online classes sometime today.

Time for another menthol and eucalyptus mint thing. They burn my eyes.

See ya.

March 26, 2005

Going Easy

I haven't much to say for yesterday.

I got to work on time. My uncle gave me lift to work. I did some work. Got the key for the hills place so I could do some work on it this weekend.

I was starting to get cold. I didn't rain until much later. Oh, I should fill out my forms for Monday. One over time/holiday work hours thing, and my sick leave sheet.

Talked to a few people on line before heading home.

Lucky me I got a bus almost as soon as I got to the street. Got in an interesting bus to. Some buses are just old and need to have sets replaced or added, and others have dvd players, or new insides. Some have done things to the seats so feels a bit better. The one I got in a few days and today when I came to work felt the same as in, the seats were a bit over sized, and the front seats were one big long one instead of two and a folded on. Can't remember what was so interesting about last night's bus. Hum.

Last nights dinner (now that I remember) was suppose to be baked spicy fries that we did at home, and my sister was going to get checked from down the street. Well she came in like 15 if that long with fish. :(

It's lint or something. So no chicken. :( So I nuked some hotdogs in the microwave. :) and I had ketchup with honey mustard over my fries and hotdogs. Not bad.

Then StarGate times two. I think I missed Battle Star Galacitca, watched something else I think.

Can't remember anything else. Thinking


March 24, 2005

The Quiet

Two days and nothing from pearl, and we don't have look around out feet for Verey.

When it's all said and down, I'm sorry for Nika. She got use to having someone here to play with. He was here so long she got use to having him around for when she felt like playing.

Well, St.Kitts is having a four day weekend. It's good Friday this Friday, and Monday is Easter Monday.

Ofcourse we are working. Ya... Double Pay!

Yesterday I got in a bit late, but nothing came of it today. Ended up on my hands and knees in my good skirt and red swag shirt. :( Solved part one of a two part problem.

Puddled around with this and that, and got back to a teacher that I didn't want to talk to. I hate it when people are mad, and I feel it, even if it's not my fault.

Got home really late, yesterday and tonight. Somehow I didn't have that much to do at work, but finishing up thing and such just took so long. I left like 40 to 1 hour after the LRC "closed".

Nice easy going day with one or two jabs at what I know.

I just hate having to come home so late on a Thursday to wake up so early for work on Friday.

Yes, 10 is early for me. That is when I wake up when I have work at 2. That is what happens when you go to sleep at 2:30am - 4am.

Well I have to go. It's already to 1:28am.

Blogging on.

March 22, 2005

Guess Who Showed up At my door tonight?

1. 2. 3. Another cop.

She shows up, don't say anything, then in like... 10 or so hours shows up at my front step with someone in uniform.

What little compassion I might have had for her, for kicking her out on short notice, is quickly going out the window.

After that, and leaving to find Jhodie who was up the street with Nika, and then spending about 2 hours over at her father's with Jhodie again, she is now pulling a guilt trip and the consequences of her ill thought out actions. She's sleeping in the field up the street.

Now I feel guilty, but guilty enough to let her back in for the night? and the next night, and the next night for another month because she spent all her money to go on her little tip? No.

Oh... update... it's now over an hour since I typed the word "no".

She came back to ask us for money to go to her mother's I think. The whole thing was a headache. One, she acted like she didn't know how much it cost to take a taxi that far, after saying that there weren't any buses running this late.

1. Buses do run this late. But as far as she wants to go?.. don't know. See if they can pay $5 instead of $3 and get one of them to get her that far.

2. No taxi on the island will go further than my school for $20. To my school cost m $35 if not$51 the only time I ever did it.

Jhodie had her call up the taxi stand and ask them how much it would cost. $75. So it must have cost me closer to the $35.

Jhodie called uncle Ray to ask if might be willing to give her a drive over there. He said no. So my sister was about to get dressed to go down town to take some money off the bank to get her some money and then ask a bus driver to carry her where she needed to go, and maybe offer $2-$3 extra dollars to get her there.

Well, as I'm looking for some money to give here so she can get Verey to a bed, I realize that I'm missing money. I'm pretty sure she didn't touch it, but I don't know what happened to it. I'm just happy that I had extra stashed away.

oh, I didn't tell you why she came with the cops again tonight.

I think I said how she wanted the money that the father left for the Verey the other night. That is what she came back for. She wants the money to pay for rent for a place she has yet to tell anyone she wanted. Especially her father who was holding a place for her.

So for now the drama is over, and tomorrow it starts back over again I'm sure. I'm off to wash some dishes, then make my sister comb my hair for tomorrow. Then go to bed before 3 hopefully so I can get up in good time for work.

I'm still annoyed.


Originally uploaded by JemOfAGirl.

This is my blog for the night.

I only have this to add.

I made the chicken for dinner, and other than it taking longer than I thought it would, it came out great. :)

Site for my seciond best comic on line is

See ya.

PS.. Yes I stuck them together for you.

March 21, 2005

A Cop At My Door.

Guess what?


She walked in here like 2 or so hours ago, and my sister told her that she didn't live here anymore.

Everyone knew that there was no way were were going to let her stay after that stunt she pulled, yet that is not the way she saw it. After my sister asked her if she had anything to say, she said no and changed her cloths then left.

And hour and half later, a cop showed up at our door, with Pearl in-tow. She got a cop to come and say that we had no right to throw her out because she was contributing to the house hold.


My sister had to keep calming me down. Ya, right. She told him that she had already paid for this month, so we couldn't kick her out. Well my sister told him what really happened, and he moved from asking us to let her stay for the rest of the month, to just the night. He asked. I thought, and thought, then said just the night. My sister added that she doesn't unpack anything. Just the night means just the night and we want that is left of last month and the money for the lights that she owes us. Then that's it.

He saw things our way after hearing the whole story, and said that he will be back later to make sure that she wasn't causing any problems for us. Then when he was leaving Pearl and Jhodie got into an argument over money that Tucker left for Verey. She wanted all of it to pay for rent for the place her father was holding for her, that she knew about before she lied about not having money, before she told her sister not to tell anyone she was buy stuff for her trip. Before she paid for the ticket off the island.

Jhodie said that the money is for Verey, and she wasn't paying her rent with it because Tucker gave the card for the bank to Jhodie to get stuff for Verey now.

Now Pearl just walked off somewhere. I'm hoping she went to her father's. But who's know.

Now my sister is on the phone ranting to a friend about it. I'm left to vent on line. Flaming Mad

I'm of to watch Jeopardy. Lets hope we all survive the night.

Yahoo! News - Yahoo Purchasing Photo Company Flickr

Yahoo! News - Yahoo Purchasing Photo Company Flickr

The only reason I'm bring this up is because I didn't learn about it until I decided to check out my fellow flickr pics.

And there was the snap shot of flickr's blog telling about it.

Here is that link also. It's more entertaining then the offical report that I found on a yahoo search. :)


Other than find that out. I've a slow day. I cleaned out my ear's, slept until 11 or 12, then my sister woke me up to get in the house. I put the chain on so that Pearl won't just walk in while I was sleeping.

Just cleaned up some dishes, I'm just about cleaning off the table so that Jhodie can make one expensive pie. Apple really. Each apple is like $1.50 or so, and she had like 7 of them.

CSI - Vegas is having a marathon on Spike TV. I'm watching, but I don't really think that I'm going to see an ep that I didn't see before.

See ya.

I have to get back to cleaning the table before my sister gets back with Nika. She's trying to avoid the noisy st.kitts teachers. She knows that they are going to ask her why Verey didn't come to school today, then they will just start digging.

March 20, 2005


Originally uploaded by JemOfAGirl.

Greg got married today. :)

This is my fave online comic, and today the couple in the strip and in real life got hitched Sunday. :)

Check it out and get some back story, but right now it can't go back too far because of a server crash that happen. But we are so hopping that everything will be back up in a few months.

Part Two of the Pearl Saga.

My sister left the house twice before I woke up.

I came out to see Nika on line playing Disney games.

She then bragged how she got my cereal to eat and ice cream this morning. :)

I heard drums outside, so I took Nika out to watch church people walk across the top of our streets with palm leaves. I held her and she leaned over, I saw a little of it, but I came out so that she could see it.

When we came back inside I asked her if she wanted any drink or water. She said no and went back to playing. She knew that if she wanted anything she could come and get me. But she just sat there learning how to spell and count and weight things. :)

I took my breakfast back to the bedroom.

Not too much longer I looked up to see that Nika let Jhodie in.

I came out to tell Jhodie about the small parade. She then said how Pearl had called Sill telling him that she had talked to us and that she had worked things out, and that all she had to do was pay us what money she owned us for rent. She then told him not to tell us. He didn't believe her and called to tell us. Jhodie thinks that she was trying to cover something. Like she knew we kicked her out and that she was telling him that, then come and say later that we changed our minds or something and would ask to stay with him for all we knew. As far as I knew, he didn't live by himself.

Then on that, the guy that she went to see called Sill to ask him what kind of stress we were putting on Pearl. Stress?? Pearl? US?!?

Let’s see, until January, she was living here rent free. She was given one thing to do, and that was clean the bathroom once a week. She didn't give us money for anything. She's had us owning people because she couldn’t. I’m sure you remember that rant. She's lied to all us, and we made her spend time with her son. What stress?

Then we started bagging her stuff. I helped to move the barrel out on the porch with her stuff on in it, then I headed for my shower. Jhodie moved the rest of her stuff. When ever she gets back to the house, her stuff will be waiting for her outside.

I went to work eating my breakfast which was nothing more than snack food that I grabbed on my way out the door. I still have it here, but in and hour I eat lunch. It's the same as yesterday. My sister said that she somehow forgot that we had bake left. She made a lot.

Today I haven't done much work. I've looked for a hack/key for an old version of diskeeper for this computer. I’ve downloaded and looked at a game at I got a notice about in my mail. I've fixed the thumbnail thing on that computer in the back. I tried to help AM with her little project. She was trying to print something out in grey scale, but first she had to change all the dark coloured words to white so they could be seen.

This is my third blog for the day, :) and I restacked the printer. I think that I may try out the game before I got eat, the come back and work on the links for the new computer page. I have to run it by Ron when I'm done. I'm redoing it because he wants it posted on the LRC/IT department page like all the other Universities. I just feel that my computer tips aren't up to pair with theirs.

Well I'm off. See ya.

Back To Work.

Well I'm back to work.

I of course got to work late even thought I left home on time.

But it was a slow day. But I packed lunch today. :) It was some pasta bake with eggplant and some cook-up to cut down on the cheese since I'm not suppose to eat any.

I mostly worked on my computer help page for the school. I learned a few more things about dream weaver.

I also helped out M with her scanning job. I didn't have any real problems to fix, other than Dr. K saying that he couldn't see the thumbs of pictures on the computer. I have to remember to fix that now that I have the regedit codes. :)

Idea Icon Incase you don't have windows XP and you can't see the thumbnails of your pictures when you switch to thumbnail view, write me and I'll e-mail the fix off to you. Idea Icon

A student here told me how my sister and uncle and cousin descended on her earlier that day. :) I just smiled. Between the three of them, they are buy up so much. I know that my cousin has a new home to fill, so I can understand her. My uncle and my sister, I'm not sure off. But then, I don't really think that they are getting anything that they don't need, with such a good price attached. :)

I turned on my IM too late in the night before it was time for me to leave work. No on was on, so I went to play Zuma, and realized that I was on my opening game, and I was near the end of stage 7. The board I started I expected to be harder, but it was the next board that caused me to loose a life, even thought it wasn't one on of my worst boards. I started the next stage before I closed the game.

I closed up on time. I only lost internet connection once, that was nice, and I almost have all of mail. :) For some odd reason, outlook xp doesn't want to show me all the mail I have in some folders. it's like it can't or won't or something. So I did a lot of tweaking and moved most of it to other folders. I dumped all the e-mails from that folder for 2003 to a 2003 folder, and I did the same for 2004. That may have helped. I also told outlook to include that folder when it was sending and receiving e-mail so it could updated the folder and get the rest of my mail.

I got home ok. I was a bit on the cold side, but when I got into the house I was hot. I asked if she was baking or something, but she wasn't. She even had my fan out in the living room. Ouch.

Well, she had gotten a move that was mislabeled as most of them are on the p2p software. It turned out to be a real anime movie. The only bad thing about it was that it was only 48 mins long. It's called Blood: The Last Vampire. I don't quite understand the name of this one.

It's horror anime so of course there is going to be buckets of blood, but the only hint that the "hero" is a vampire is because it was brought up by "cops" who were looking for her. I've given nothing away incase you were wondering.

Jhodie tried to sleep in the couch again, and I told her to go in her bed, but for some reason she doesn’t want to go in her bed and wants to sleep on the couch. Then Ruthlyn called, the cousin who is helping my sister to wipe out the students. She woke her up, and after the anime was over, we watched CSI- Vegas.

Then I yawned and went to bed since it was late and my sister was saying that she had to go out early and I may have to look after Nika tomorrow.

We looked down all the doors and turned off the lights and headed in. I almost left the computer on to download a few things, but I didn't bother. As I was turning off the bathroom lights next to what use to be Pearls room and will be mine in a week. It has to get painted first.

Anyway, I can see that my sister has already started to dismantle stuff.

March 19, 2005

Friday, What A Day.

And here I thought it was going to be boring.

The day started out ok enough, besides the fact that I called in sick. I had a feeling that even though I woke up on the OK side, it wasn't going to stay that way, and I was right. Bit, by bit, the sickness started to come back.

I laid down, not let me see I can get these all in order.

I heard a fight in the house that woke me up. At first I wasn't sure. Then I was, got up and opened my door to see Pearl and Sill in the living room standing face to face. It looked like they were going to take it outside when I turned to go back into my room. Then I heard it start up again, and I looked back out and now that I wake, I wondered why so dressed and late for work. I then asked here were Jhodie was, she said that she went to get Nika.

I walked back in and then somewhere between 5 mins and the haze of sleep, I heard Pearl in her room shouting at Uncle Ray, her father, saying something about how she was 22 years old.

I did miss something. Before the whole Pearl thing, her sister came by looking for her. I said that she wasn't here. I mentioned her sister because this is important for what happens later.

Well, after thinking that my uncle had left and I went outside to see what was going on. Not too long after Nika left. She was sent in by me for most of the fight. When I went out I saw that Sill was still there and some how her brother showed up for all of this.

This is when I find out what all the racket was about.

Well, well.

Pearl has left to go to another Island for the weekend or 4 days. We don't know. She had over $1000 on the bank, she went shopping with here sister on Monday to get new outfits for her trip.

Does anyone remember me talking about the talk we had with her because she asked Sill to pay her rent for her?? Ha? Oh, and she's going to this other island to see some guy friend that she met on line. The main reason for the tiff that she was having with Sill is because they were going together and she was upset when he told her that if she went to see this guy, he wasn't going to be here for her when she got back.

The argument that my uncle was having with her, was him telling her that she can't just go off to where she was going, and shipping Verey off to the country without telling anyone. Then the whole "I'm a 22 year old woman." thing came from.

Sill said that he was also trying to keep her long enough for Jhodie to come and find her before she split. At first I was saddened that he didn't think of telling me since I was in the house, but then I thought about it, and it is Jhodie that I let deal with Pearl. My stand was I don't want her here, you want her here, it will be your problem. Fine.

Then uncle ray saw Jhodie coming home and came by the house to talk to her, and her found Pearl on her way out, and Jhodie told him about seeing Pearl's sister taking Verey from school and going country. This is why Nika and I were hiding out in my bedroom.

And that's not the end of it. Tucker shows up. Verey's dad. Pearl asked him to bring his tv over for them us since he was going to England tomorrow. He also knew nothing. He then went to the airport to talk to her, and her brother went with him.

I couldn't care much less about her leaving. I was mad that she lied to us. I was made that she had over $1000 in the bank. I was mad that for days she begged someone else to pay her rent for her. I was mad that the repeatedly lied to us for over a week.

(then today as we were packing up her stuff and putting them outside for her to pick up when she got back today, it hit me that we haven't made any over seas phone calls this month. What did she do???)

So when I was out there with Jhodie and she continued to rant and rave, I just drank some Kool-Aid and agreed that she was being kicked out. That we were going to pack up her stuff and she will come back to find herself a place to stay and her stuff outside.

When Tucker came back I asked for his tv since he wasn't going to be here to use it, and mine was dying. He said that it needed a fuse. Great, another broken tv set. I'll see if I could get it fixed. Then Jhodie can watch her odd shows or Nika can get it. Most of the time we watch tv together, but at times we don't want to see what the other wants to watch. The two tv's have worked fine until they started to go down hill.

Oh, did I mention that my headache came back? Ya, after being in the house alone and feeling better and thinking of coving the last 5 hours of my shift so it wouldn't count as a sick day for me, but my headache came back the minute I saw my sister. Great, but by the time Tucker came back from the airport I think it wasn't as bad.

Then we tried to watch our Friday night shows. Jhodie was delighted with the calm of the house due to the lack of Verey. Startrek was a re-run, I missed the start of Medical Investigation, ended up watching Top Model. Which wasn't so bad, I got to see the girl that collapsed. That's all I wanted to see from the ep. Then two or so more shows then I watched Battlestar Galactica, then I watched the two StarGates. I was shocked with they did with SG1, then I was upset that they killed off someone I liked in Atlantis. Bawling

Then we turned off the lights, and went to bed.

March 18, 2005

I Was Sent Home

This blog is for Thursday.

My sister woke me up to a bad day in a bad mood.

Our cousin came by who was suppose to have been building out kitchen cupboards for the last 4 years. He came by, but my sister in a bad mood, she came and woke me up, got me in a bad mood, then I came down with the cold or something, as she calmed down.

I was sneezing a lot, but I thought that I could go to work all the same, but I wasn't ready at 2pm, so she called and said that I was coming in late because I didn't feel well.

I got there later than I wanted because the bus that I got, stopped for gas and made me that much later. I had felt ok until I had stepped outside, but I couldn't call in now again and say that I wasn't coming in.

But when I got to work, Ron and Collin looked, then 10 mins later Collin told me to go home, so I left. For two reasons. I had gotten no mail asking anything of me, and I had no jobs on my plate and I know this makes three, but one and two are more or less the same, my noise started to drip. Pure sneezing I can deal with, but not being able to bend my head and always having to have my hands free to catch stuff falling out of noise was not a state to be in at work.

I went to tell Ms C something that I forgot about yesterday, and said just wanted know why I came in to work if I was sick. She more less said looking at me made her wonder why I came in. She left work a bit early and gave me a ride home, and more or less bad mouthed the buses.

I slightly laid back in the couch and I thought, ok, starting to feel a bit better. But as soon as I full sat up, I started to sneeze again, and I gained a headache. After the kids came home from school, I went into my room and soon I was sleeping.

Then they woke me up sometime around 7 , everyone ate, I got something in like 40 mins or so, still had headache, still sneezing, but I was kinda hungry. It was cook up.

When I came out to get it, the floor was completely clean. That was more or less the problem that started off the day. My cousin, my sister says, is something of a neat freak. From what she tells me, outside of work they do two things, take care of the kids and clean. So the fact that we had a pile of dust, some dirt, and toys in a pile near the kitchen door that we keep adding too each time we sweep, didn't sit well with him.

Anyway, tonight at 8:30 she was so tired from all the cleaning this morning, looking after the kids this after noon and taking them out then coming back and feeding them, she just fell off to sleep. It took me 20 mins to get her to read Verey a bed time story. I read Nika's hers because Jhodie was too tired to read it to her. Half way though, somehow we ended up in the living room, and she cleaned up. I went back my bed because of my headache, then she came back for the rest of her story. I then told her to read it to me. She knew the story. Every time I read it to her, she would chime in about this, and about that. First she looked at me all odd, because she knew that I knew that she couldn't read yet. I then told her to tell me story from the pictures. And she did well. Then she went to bed. I them came out her to watch tv on a slightly better tv. I also tried to take something for the headache, but in two maybe three hours, two aspirin based pills and three paracetamol have already worn off, if they were really worked at all.

It took me a while to come 10 feet to type up my blog.

The drippy noise thing, and the fact that I hate this chair, oh and don't forget the headache.

But I did it. Don't expect me to stay and re-read this for grammar mistakes. I'll check and that's it. I kind hope that I feel better to go to work tomorrow, but at this point. I'm not feeling it, and my shift starts at 11am tomorrow. I can just know that my bones are going to ach tomorrow.

On small victory for me tonight. I really baged a mouse. Just now when I was blogging I hear an odd noise coming from the kitchen. A/the (I'm hoping) mouse went into a bag for something to eat, and couldn't get back out. So I closed the top, picked it up, and threw it outside. Did you think I was going to step on it?

bye. *ACHHhhh*

March 17, 2005


Originally uploaded by JemOfAGirl.

The day I got this... "this tuesday", I got a message from the phone company, just after I came from town and paid them off, mostly. :)

As for today, my sister has just let me know that my fav online comic has a working archive again.

I don't know if you can get into this with out some back story, not that is much of a story, but check it out if you can. :) It's cool.

Back Again.

Ok... where did I leave off???

Oh yah,

Monday - Part 2

After I cleaned up the kitchen while Pearl sat in the living room watching tv, she showed up when I thought about taking a nap and was back in my bed.

The lady that she worked for today, had her do a lot of extra stuff, so she was there for 3 hours instead of two. Then she said that we weren't leaving yet, we were going to get Nika at 3 or so, and all go to town together.

So after another 30 or so mins, Jhodie's bath and me getting dressed, we went to get Nika, and we got a bus into town. We got off at the market. We looked around for some tangerines, but they didn't have any so we got some egg plants for Jhodie's pasta bake and some small pineapples and some oranges.

Then we walked over to Ram's to see what they had and left the stuff that we got at the market there since we were coming back. They kinda bag check your bags while you are shopping. Oh, we also had some tomatoes I think. We got 4 things or so since we didn't have much money left. Then we went to the ATM. Since we were so close, we went to our bakery. I haven't been there in a while. They must wonder what happened to us.

I bumped into one of guys living on our block, and Jhodie made a big fuss with him for saying hi. Not that way. We have known him all our lives, more or less, and I'm sure Jhodie sees him more than I do since I don't go out, and she wanted to know, how come he was talking to us now. I thought so too, but I just said hi and continued walking. Jhodie had to stop and say something. I let her have her little rant, but not without thinking "WHY!", and just wanting to leave.

Got the bakery, got some puddings, a macaroon for Nika, some slice bread, some wheat rolls, and some bread sticks, small bunch. Also some hot dog buns with some two box drinks. I wanted a Fruta, but they didn't have and didn't have any "fruit juice" labeled 100%. So I didn't get anything to drink.

We then stopped by C&C for a few thing and my Fruta. Grin 4

We got my ice cream, and we got a few other little things. A bug mat and a big red onion. I think. Oh, and some tissues because Nika sneezed and stuff came out,

I cracked opened my can as we stepped outside, then we walked back over to Rams. But before we got there, we were very saddened to see that they were ripping up "Mango's" . Years ago, I may have mentioned this, Mango's was an outside dance clue under a canopy that was under a mango tree surround by a garden. In the day time, it was a bad restaurant. I heard it was bad because everything took too long to get to the table.

The big red flowering tree that came over the wall was already ripped out when we went past. It was like there was a hole in the sky. Cry 3

After the guy who ran the place called it quits for what ever reason, it became the building for the English consort or something like that. Today it looked like they had moved out also.

We made it to Rams and got a new number for our new stuff. Near the end of the shopping we were thinking, "see the cart isn't that full, we aren't going to spend that much." Ya, to that I said, the last time we thought so it, we were so wrong. The total came to $330 or something like that. The Jhodie said that it wasn't that bad. NOT THAT BAD!?!?!? She then enlightened me that she had spent $400 already at Rams. Ya, when she went shopping by herself.

Oh, on the light note, Nika got her own strawberry ice cream, and cones that were on sale, and she got to run around for a bit with her friend, who's mom works at Ram's.

We got a cart, and headed to get the taxi. Once again I missed some shows, but considering it's now 1:45 am Thursday morning, I don't remember what else happened. Oh... one thing I remember. We lost internet access that night. I was going to blog, and I couldn't.


I get to pay bills today. I sent out and e-mail yesterday with a small hash about it, and I tried to send it here too, but that part of blogger wasn't working that day. Cry 3

So I have re-type it since I don't save copies of e-mails I send from my yahoo account. I've been thinking about changing that ... hold on.. I may have a copy.... be right back. Grin 4

Found it. :)

"Hello Everyone.

I know... I haven't written in a while. Shame on me.

I walked into town today to pay off my bills, well
most them.

Walked all the way to the bank, almost wiping out my
account, then walked back to pay
what I could on my bills. An hour and 25 min later I
was on a bus home.

As I'm getting undressed, the phone rings, and I
hear a recording from the phone

It said something about reaching or exceeding the
credit limit on our over seas calls.

That doesn't mean anything to me. I don't all
anyone, never mind off island.

Now Jhodie she will care. Last month I made 7 calls.
two to school, 4 to the nurse's
house, and one to Sunshine in the US. That is the
first over seas call that I can recall
ever making. The bill was $175. That includes the
cost of having a phone in the house..
that is like $23 if it hasn't gone up again. I
remember what that use to be $5. My over
seas call came up to $9.20 or and the local calls
came up to less than that put together.

Then I checked my mail, and here I found this."


As for what it was that I was trying to e-mail.. check next blog. :)

I'm going to bed now.

I'll write up Wednesday's tomorrow See ya.

Oh, almost forgot..... software tip. :)

Ok, I had to get the copy of the e-mail I posted from and e-mail that someone sent back to me, and it had those > on it, and I didn't want to sit here and deleate them out, so I went looking for my e-mail stripper, but it looks likeI didn't reinstall one when I re-installed the system, so I went and got one.

Stripmail - LINK

Bye 3

March 15, 2005

Before I forget everything.

Playing catch up


On Friday I was given the web project by Collin to do, and had to reorder a code to make it work. That's all I did on Friday. I don't know how I got away with it. Outside of talking with a teacher, that is what I did for my whole 8 hours at work. I made buttons, redesigned buttons and lay outs.

When he came over to see how I was doing, he was very pleased. Found out that we were working for a bid on being the company to give the gov site it's new site look and feel. I asked how much it was for, he said that I'll get some if we won or not. I closed up more or less on time, and headed home.

Oh, one more thing. The day before I talked with the Dr, that was hiring me for the hill's thing, and today I went to pick up the key so I work in that "office" over the weekend. I picked up the key around 3pm, and cleared up my record in admin. You know, where I live, my phone number at work and at home.

And I think that I set up a move to convert from it's 500mg file size to something smaller before I left.


I got up and wanted to leave home a hour before I did. I got in round 12:30. I was going to look at what I had to do fir hills. I just hoped that I could really do this. It sounded easy, what their goal was, but how they wanted me to achieve it, might be over my head, but I'm going to try. If I really do, I'm going to learn a lot. If I don't, at least I tried.

Got there, and it was nothing more than a two small rooms with a desk by the door with a computer on it. I expected to find the computer in sad shape, but it was a lot cleaner than I expected software wise. That might have been due to the fact that it didn't have internet access.

First I checked out what they already had. It was nothing more than excel files, and from what everyone was telling me, it just wasn't working. There was also the program that Collin had made for me like a semester ago. (a semester down here lasts 4 months) They said that it didn't do what they wanted, which I considered odd, since it made it from starch for them. This is where I think I may be able to do what they want.

After wasting time doing that I went to unpack and set up the box that I was there to set up. I found a lot of things in there. A cash box draw, a recite printer, a card swipe, and a bar code scanner, and the software that I thought was going to make all of this work together.

At 2 I called it quits and went to get a bagel and cream cheese before I went down to work. Don't remember much, expected to see Collin later that day, but he came in late. I showed him how far I got, and asked me to make the other pages. He showed up like 9:15 or so. So that was put off until tomorrow. Closed up 30 mins after he left, and I think I got a ride home from T. Ya, he showed back up again at work.


I wanted to go in before work to have some more time with the hill's set up, so I knew what on earth I had to do, but I didn't sleep well again, so I just went in for work.

Today I had to do the thing for Dr. Shocky. Ya, he came by Saturday, I forgot he was coming, he had gone to Disney world, and wanted me to get the movie off of the tapes and burn them to cd. I do a lot of favors for this guy, and today it was just really out there for me to see. But I did it. I couldn't use my computer inside since I set it up to the movie thing, and I have the plug-in that I needed for the site, and I couldn't find the site that he more or less wanted me to copy information from to fill the empty site.

So I made a powerpoint for Danny (doctor) and let him know that he would need to have a picture in a number of parts, if he wanted each part animated. The then dug up the psp template that I saved of the wallpaper that we used for the walrus computers, because 2 semesters after making and approving, and using it, Ron and Collin realized that I spelt a word wrong.

So I updated all the ones on the floor, and fixed the size for the ones in the rooms, and in a side note, made sure that all the computers were listed in my restart program, and my net send program.

I still haven't gotten around to finish installing the updated aim on the rest of the computers yet, but I'm starting to have a feeling that the MSN 7 will be out soon. Bad Mood

I may give this one to E. Devil Grin

The night ended out, I walked left the LRC without locking the door. Sorry 2

I left, mostly happy, then remembered that I had to come in tomorrow early to get the key back so that the other hill's people could have it to open up to sell food. Then it hit me. I set the alarm. I looked over into the library, but I didn't lock my door. Great, I'm a airhead. Walked back and closed up and left.

The guards seem to have an odd, outside meeting every Sunday night. I walked pass them to see what time tomorrow hills was going to open, and it was 11am. That means that I had to get the key here by 10:30. Great. No chance of sleeping in tomorrow.


I got up at 9am and I was out of the house by 9:30 I believe. I was a little groggy, until I got off the bus at work. But I'm not turning in the key just yet. Oh, since I was on my way in, I took my card thing that courts gave me when I made my first payment on the phone and cd/mp3 player. I figured that I should get it done with before they start saying that I'm not paying them.

Well I went to the hill's little office thing, and tried to scan stuff in, make inventory, tried to make the software that I was selling something, and so-forth. Part of that worked. So I took the book with me to read up on what I was doing wrong.

I went down to office to return the key at about 10:40. I spent an hour up there trying to understand stuff. Then I went to the accountants office and got the thing with court squared away. Starting next month, they get another $50 out of my hide.

I toyed with the idea or going to tell E that she had to be joking, when she asked me to have a look at a computer. Which I did Sunday night. She wanted to know if it could just run internet for this guys grand kids. HA! Hysterical

The front of it was taped up. The back was rusted, the inside had dust, cobwebs, and I think crusted salt, and it didn't help that there was a part that was left to just be knocked around on the inside.

But I plugged it in anyway, and nothing. Not surprised. I placed it back behind the desk. The computer was dead. You would or most likey have to replace everything, and for the parts cost, you might as well get a new one. I just don't know how it got that bad unless they lived on the beach, and didn't use it that much or something.

But I didn't bother, and went home.

Now it's time to wait for Jhodie so we could go shopping.

Yes it's shopping day. I just had to wait for Jhodie to come home change and we were off.

I got home, got my mp3 player, and rocked out in the shower as I took my bath, and just was I coming out of the shower, Pearl come home. Damper, I couldn't play my music in the bed room, but I was glad I remembered to take my towel with me to the shower this time.

Then I went to my room, put on my bra, and waited for Jhodie. An hour later, I went and did the dishes because she was so late.

End of Monday Part I. I'm going to spell check and post. Tomorrow I'll finish up.

March 12, 2005

Short Post For Thursday

I yawn.

There done.

Yesterday I was running around and multi-tasking like mad, and today. Nothing.

I covered the front desk.

So, late in my day, I decided to uninstall office and upgrade to Office 2003, and continued my battle with net send.

I also uninstalled something things from the computer that it was telling hasn't been touched in months that E installed there. She was her annoying loud self as she asked me the other day why this game she played on line wasn't working anymore, and how tired she was playing this one game. Guess that means that she didn't play those other games that weren't installed by me.

Later in the day, Collin stuck around doing something, and ever so often called me in to help him with something. 2 hours later he handed it off to me. He confessed to not being a web page maker. Grin 2

So he gave me specks and sent me this add on for Dreamweaver to help make really nice popup menus. Then Dreamweaver decided not to work. It was a long time in coming. It would take it's time to delete things, and other small things. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. In the process I lost all my other plug-ings. I have to go re-get them.

Then my night was over, and T walks in. So I got a ride home from him. I was once again a back seat driver. Mostly I was just telling him not to pass other people on curves and hills, and he told me that he wasn't going to pass anyone, he just didn't like being right behind another car.

Got home in one piece. Then I had to stay up with Jhodie to talk to Pearl.

As you know, since is taking her dear time moving out and it didn't look like she had started to save any money, we had started to ask her for rent. Well, earlier that afternoon when I was at work of course, Sill came by to give Jhodie, Pearls rent money. She asked Sill to pay her rent for her. SHE ASKED SILL TO PAY HER RENT FOR HER! Fuming

In a month, she gets paid almost as much I do, if not more, and she get's $150 from Verey's dad for Verey every 2 weeks. The only thing I've seen her buy or have new is some chicken 6 times that month, and an new outfit that Jhodie told me about. Oh, and the phone cards. Sill isn't staying there, why is he paying her rent?????!!!!

This was the main reason for the talk. My sister did most of the talking. Some how, she spent her money on an outfit that came up over $100, some shoes for all $100, Spent one of the payments of Verey's money on phone cards, as well as most of the second set of money. She paid his school of course, the $30 or so, and she has like $20 or so left. For some reason, her boss has yet to pay them for the last two weeks of February, and since doesn't have bills to pay, she hasn't really asked him why she has yet to get her check or whatever.

There is no way he could work like this. People must have already demanded their paychecks by now from him, or looked for a job that could pay them on time.

So after Jhodie's long talking it ended up that she was more or less going to keep Pearl's money from her, give her some spending money of course. $50 or so, and take out rent money, pay for Verey's school, and put the rest on the bank, in a new account that she will sign over to her at the end of 2 months, when come hell or high water, Pearl is moving out.

Then I went to bed.

March 10, 2005

Work Work Work

I was busy Wednesday.

It was a good thing I went to the seventh semester sale before I went down stairs. I didn't get a chance to come back out again.

I did this, I ran and did and that. I got a job from St. J to scan some pages and send them to a someone like now, so I went in the back and Rick was there showing the new library person how to use the computer and such. But he told me to give him 20 mins. AT first I thought it was odd, but I said fine and went back out. Then just as I got back behind the front desk, Ron came in and gave me some like 19 pages that he wanted scanned and in word format as soon as possible. I told him that Rick told me to wait. He then went back there to talk to Rick and then came and told me to Rick said it was all right. Great. I walked back there and he's laughing.

First I started the scans for St. Jean. I only have 5 of his and he just wanted them in .jpg format and to be e-mailed off. Then I started the stuff for Ron when Rick was done. They were using the computer with the OCR software. Then it scanned those things at 300 I checked my mail to find that Ron sent me something else to do. I had to do with the printing off of power points from the restricted area.

We have a few set of computers that have access to some information via login. Once you are in, you can't save, print or use internet to send anything. IE won't open up. But somehow they got IM to work, the transfer doesn't work, so we are fine by that.

Anyway, I had to print off these things for this girl, because she has a learning disability. At one point I thought, nice way to get notes and such, but then I just thought it was dumb idea. And after I was done with the point points, which took abit longer that it should have because I had to change some things in a PowerPoint to make it printable, I typed up my overtime sheet. When I was doing that I found out that I had goofed and opened it up in acrobat maker to fix the problem. Then when I was done with that and still on Ron's pages, a Dr. showed up and of course needed my help. That reminds me I have to look at the end computer back there. Another teacher showed up and for some reason on that computer it was making .pdf files at word docs.

I was stuck back there for another hour or so. When I was finished, I walked into Ron's office just as he was putting on his coat to leave. I gave him my over time sheet, the print outs for that girl, and I gave him back the sheets he gave me to scan. I e-mailed him the .doc version like 20 mins later. At this point it's like 5pm, and I have 2 hours of my shift left.

Earlier I had sent M to get some eggs and tomatoes for me from upstairs. Every Wednesday a "farmer", I don't really know if is or isn't, but he sounds like one. Anyway, he shows up and sells eggs and veggies up on the grass. I've been forgetting for weeks to get up there. Since I don't really leave down here anymore. She came back down and asked me if I care if the eggs were brown or white. I told her eggs are eggs. Don't care if they are brown or white.

I don't remember what I did, but I know I had stuff to do. In an hour I as at the front desk covering for M who went for lunch or dinner or what ever you call it. I call it lunch. My sister called and I was yawning on the phone, and I was ready to leave, and I even said as much. My sister called to say that she didn't really cook, so buy bread on my way home. Great.

Then it came time for me to leave and I set up this program to compress a movie file that was too big and taking too long for the students to open. After setting that up it was already like 20 past, then I remembered I had a classroom to close up. T had told me before he left at 5 also.

So I went by and closed up then took the bus home and stopped off to get 4 bread for $5. I was tired. I even called it quits and went to bed way early. I was in bed and sleeping before 10pm I'm sure.

End of Wednesday.

March 08, 2005

One Day Off.. and I was still busy

I was so hoping that M wasn't going to be sick today also, if she was, I wasn't going in, but it turned out that I couldn't go to work, even if I wanted to.

Nika was home sick again. Nothing major, just heavy coughing, other than that she was fine. Oh, she woke up late. So she was home.

Now that there had been time for Jhodie's room to be aired out for the most of the paint smell, she needed my help with laying down the new rug she got, and help to move things like beds and such in her room. Killed a few living things as we went along. Then we finished in time for her to get ready for her job.

I was left with Nika to go to town and get a few things and get money from the bank. But it seemed liked we were given a hitch that we weren't going to bother with. Back when Jhodie was getting ready, she went to ask Pearl something, and low and behold, she left out the back door without telling us anything, and I think she said that she left her keys behind also. Well, I wasn't going to wait for her. If she came back before I let with Nika fine.

Lucky her she did. And just for added effect I asked her if she was going to work today as I was putting on Nika's shoes. She then said something and I told her that I couldn't hear her. Which I couldn't, and I she walked in, and stopped mid stride as she realized that we weren't staying home. Then she asked if we were going out. I said yes and she walked out. Guess she is going to get someone to pick up Verey.

Nika and I were going to walk it into town and take our dear time. I didn't have money for the bus and we weren't in a rush. We had about another two or so blocks before we were officially in town when we got a ride. I asked Nika if she wanted to go in the car. She said yes. He dropped us off at the store called "china town", and we said thank you.

We went inside to get a kid's hanky for Nika, but they were out. I then looked around and saw that they were back with my noodles and the seed crackers. I took one of each and it came up to $3. I was on my way out when I looked around some more and remembered that Jhodie wanted me to get some spoons from there, so I put them back and got two spoons for $2:50 each. When I was at the casher, I asked if they had any belts for kids. She said that the store down the street had.

Took Nika there and found one. Her paints were falling down, and every 4 seconds of walking she would tell me stop so she could pull them up, so I had to get her one, even it cost me $10. We had stopped outside of a place that had those paper bags to put on her belt, so we went inside to see if they had any the size we needed to hold her smaller pieces of toys. They didn't have any, so we went to the bank to get some money.

I had $245 left. I took $60 and went to get Jhodie some hooks. I had almost forgotten to tell the truth. I only remembered because I asked Nika where she wanted to walk and she went down that way. She wanted 10 hooks that were size 16. So I got her that, and they came up to $2. The cheapest thing I bought that day. Then were off to Rams for Toliet Paper and popcorn and anything on discount that we would like.

I got the TP, and the popcorn, and Nika got a handy snack and a small bottle of what I guess I'm suppose to call juice, but I won't. We left with me be like $9 poorer and sat outside so Nika could eat her stuff. Lucky we were there at the right time to be in the shade. I don't know how people could sun bath. When she was done, we walked over the bus stop an got a bus for home.

As I got home Verey and Sill walking in behind me. I guess they saw us as we got home. Then I was stuck with him until my sister got home. Then my sister left lift, just 20 mins later to go get stuff from a student. My uncle took her and they were gone for a while. So I was alone with Verey. Alone. Help

Finally my sister came back over and hour later, and my uncle was very happy with a digital cam that he just scored. I had a look at it, since he wanted me to show him how to use it. Grin 3 After showing him what I could finger out, he left and we put them to bed. Or at least tried to. After we came back from town, Nika went down for a nap and didn't wake up for like 2 hours. She already went down for her nap 2 hours late. So she ended up staying up until like midnight. There is no way she can go to school tomorrow.

That was Tuesday. Oh.

I was suppose to go the nurse's today to try and fix movie maker, but because I had Nika I couldn't go.

Yesterday I Went To Work.

Yes, Monday. On my day off. I went in to work.

M was out sick so they wanted someone to cover her night shift. Since they weren't short in the early afternoon I got to come in an hour later then her shift started. So I worked from 3pm until 10pm.

That just messed up my sleeping, and my night time viewing time. By the time I got home at 10:45 or so pm, there was just about nothing left for me to watch other than "how clean is your house" which I'm starting not to watch anymore because of the antics that they keep coming up, and their need to smell every thing that is foul and could be considered a contaminate.

I came home to a very nice dinner, that was still cooking. Roll Eyes 5

When it was all send and done, and still on the hot side, there was stewed turkey in red gravy, with coconut dumplings and some cooked root veggies. You wouldn't know what root veggies I was talking about even if I spelled them right. :)

Don't remember how long I stayed up, but I think I did a little cleaning up. Oh well. Time to get this posted. I'm way late.

March 06, 2005

Here I am

To start off, I got to kinda sleep in, then I couldn't go back to sleep because they left my door open. Then as I sat up, they invaded my room and took over most of my bed after I had something eat.

My sister was going to paint her room today. (She didn’t get to do it last time) But my uncle came over and stopped her. He said that he was going to help her do it, and she asked for some of his paint that he left there. He didn't want to since it took about half a 5-gallon bucket to do my room, and they told us that all our rooms had the same area. Grin 2

So that stopped her and she waited for him to come back later so they could start painting. He showed up as I came out of the shower. By the time I left about 10 past 2, yes late again, he was just laid the bush against the wall. I was going to ask AM if I saw her if she had any masks that I could borrow for Nika. She coughs over everything, and the paint fumes and such will he around for at least a day.

Got to work and worked. Grin 2

I helped M with her scanning job, I started doing the rooms today. I changed up my plan. Then I got caught up in my fight with my net send programs. It can't send out any messages to any computers. I can send a message if I told it to also restart the computer, but not by itself. Great. I need that ability. Cry 3

So for like 30mins or so I restarted my computer, restarted a floor computer, tried to send, didn’t happen. I tried to send a message to a computer that wasn't on our level, still nothing. Then I opened cmd, and did net send in DOS. Still nothing, so I sent an e-mail to our Network person and the guy who is responsible to for the wireless network. I just got and e-mail back from him being nice, saying thank you for pointing this out, he'll have a look at it tomorrow. Fine, I'll just have to use my wired computer in here to net send when I need to tell the students stuff.

I tackled an excel job that I was given at least a week and a half ago. I just remembered it yesterday after working on it the day I got it. It's not a carbon copy of what I was given, but I think it's still good. I e-mailed it off to Ron. I'll find out later if they want me to change it or what.

Then I talked to AM for a bit, we chatted, I told her about the Avatar, and stuff. I asked her about the mask, but it turns out that I was remembering it wrong. They didn't have that kind of masks. She then left when she started to complain that she was cold. Grin 2

I was going to do a few more computers, and I may, and just leave them to finish up by themselves, and get restarted at 6am. I might get a few done that way. :) At least do another 12.

I tired e-mailing something to be blogged like the last one I tested, but it' coming from Hotmail this time. So far, over an hour, and it's not here yet.

Well I'm off.

CarmenElectra wallpaper (JPEG Image, 1024x768 pixels)

Renoiro-1024x768-wallpaper-2001-45-CarmenElectra.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024x768 pixels)

Ok, I'm off to my bed now, but I decided to share since the last thing I decided to do was to stayed up to and clean out my bookmarks and the last folder I did was wallpaper sites. :)

I forgot to log my day before leaving. I was a level up on my way out when I remembered.

I've cleaned up a bit of this side of the house, so my sister will leave me alone tomorrow until it's time for me to get ready for work.

After I blogged earlyer, AM came over and she helped me to loose like an hour of my time. Which also stopped me from doing anymore computers that night. The defragging took so long, that I didn't get to do more than three tables, each with four computers on them. Sigh

Oh well, at this pace I won't get the whole floor done until Thursday. At least.

Ok, off to my bed room.


March 05, 2005

Slightly Cold

Ya slightly. *blowing hot air into my cupped hands*

***Sting - All This Time***

Jhodie just left here. We forgot that I had the new debit card. I think I told you about. Back at that start of February the bank send me my renewed card. The one I had ended that month. Anyway. I held on to the new one, and tonight Jhodie was in town, and realized that she needed the one I had. So she called to let me know, and I called the guardhouse to let them know that she was coming.

Nika came with her, and was looking everywhere and in everything. She was here like last year I think. That's about how often they come here. Once a year. Nika also went to a "pool" birthday party for a girl that is in her school. I don't know if they are in the same class or not. Anyway, Jhodie said that she had fun, and she was smiling the whole time she was here.

*** Sarah Brightman - Who Wants To Live Forever **** (I know it's a queen song, but her version is good too.)

Right now I'm installing up dates over the network again and as if doing three updates at once wasn't enough for me, I'm also defragging them, and having them restart and scan disking. I'm doing the other side of the room. I made sure that all 24 on this side were done from yesterday, and I'm just doing as much as I can today on the other side. I have tomorrow to finish up. This does not include the rooms. The rooms are for another day. I mostly have all 5 or so updates to do on those. I'll find out when I start.

I stopped for a break and had some popcorn in by my desk, and then I found a file that I forgot I had to. I don't really think that I'll get to it before the day is out, or just leave it until tomorrow. Besides being cold, I want to get as much computers done that I can.

***Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero***

It's a good thing that there aren't that many students here tonight. Oh, another nice surprise was that the other day I tested out diskeeper for networks and I tried to install just diskeeper over the network on another computer using it, but it told me that I didn't work, but now that I'm defragging, I find out that it was installed. Most likely it's a trail, but that's find by me. Grin 3

I have 2 hours left to go, my feet are getting cold, and I know where the keys are to turn up the heat.

*** Annie Lennox - No More I Love Yous ***

Last night after the attack of cockroaches was over and for a few hours, I helped my sister pack away a few things. We left the living room a mess, but at 3:30am it was time for us to go to bed.

I had grand ideas of actually making up my reports today and mailing them to Ron. I'll be happy with just adding it to my very long list of what I did today.txt file. Happy

*** No Secrets - That's What Girls Do ***

I have no clue if that is the real name of the band.

I guess that's it for now. At home I expect to clean up, even if it's very little, eat something. Hopefully not leftovers, and wish for something nice on TV to watch.

March 04, 2005

AAHHHh! They're Every Where.

Let me explane.

Around 8pm tonight, my house was invaded by cockroaches. One come in thought the window in the kitchen, 5 crawled in to the bathroom that way too. Nika ran screaming to me, since she was in there washing her hands at the time.

Then one flew in another window and came right at me when I was sitting at the computer. Another one crawled it's way in another window in the living room.

I'll be back with the rest of my day later. :)

Right now watching my Friday night line up and today it has a few twists. :)

See ya.

March 03, 2005

Not Compleatly Board.

I can't seem to get to bed before 2:30pm anymore. As you know last night I made it in a little after 3am.

Got my sister to plat my hair, then I had breakfast. A bowl of cereal, then my bath. Had my music with me. We need a shelf in the bathroom so I can leave it in there, or at least have somewhere decent to place it. Right now it sits the toilet facing the shower so I can get all the music :).

I wore back the same outfit again today fishing for complements. Only one other person said anything this time.

I was suppose to bring four things with me to work. Two I had already packed and had there waiting for me. The Meso soups for AM, and a noddle pack for me. A cd of office 97 for Sandy, and some snacks. I forgot the snacks and the cd.

It's 9:30pm now, I'm pretty sure that he isn't coming again.

I got a few little things from Ron to get done today. One was a power point that wouldn't open in power point viewer, but other wise works fine. So I rebuilt most of it when I saw that he had imported slides from other power points and his formating exceeded the slide's area on a few of them. Now it works fine.

Then I had some files to turn into acrobat files that could be filled out on line. Also, I'm looking for a reg file that has the fix for the the thumbnail viewing error. I still haven't found it. I'm hoping it's at home so I can e-mail it to Ron.

Right now I'm cold, hungry, and blogging. I tried to work on a set of pages for a new part of the site, but it's odd working on the files from here since I started it on the other computer. I also have a tape for St. J, but I forgot about it, I'll work on it tomorrow.

At least I was able to find and give myself access to the walrus files so I can fix things. So after I digitize St. J's tape, I can add it to the walrus files.

Other bits I got from my day at work.

1. FireFox is updated.
2. The missing computer in the back is said to have had a bad hard drive so that is why it's been missing for 2 weeks.
3. I don't like wireless. I'll use it when and only when I have to.
4. I really look bad on film. I look fine in person, tape = Bad Language

See ya.

I'm off to eat meatloaf and some cabbage with pasta and sauce.
Happy 2

I'll spell check and such when I get home. sorry.

Ok.. all clean now. :) and full. :) "yum"

AOL Movies: Star Wars Episode III Teaser Trailer

AOL Movies: Star Wars Episode III Teaser Trailer

I found the star wars's trailer. Intresting. I have a few questions, lets see if the movie answers them for me.

Apple - Movie Trailers
Check out Monster-in-Law, it wasn't what I thought it was, but it could be a really good movie.

It's 3am and I'm out of here.

Another Almost Empity Day.

Struggled to get out of bed today due to a late night.

Wore my new red blouse to work along with a black and white skirt that I haven't seen in years. I think I thought it was too small for me, as to why I haven't worn it in so long.

But as I'm ironing it 1 min until 11am I realized that it had pins instead of buttons. I have to go button shopping for it, but it was flowy enough that no one could tell.

So I spent my first $2 on a bus ride, and got to work to see a smiling guard person. I think the fact that I a layered scoop neckline helped. I then walked onto campus 18 late, if not 24. Two people told me something about my outfit. One, a girl student, said that I looked too good to be going to work. At which, I wished she was a guy so I could ask her to then take me out so I would be wearing it to the right place. Then a lady from the library, said that I looked great and the colour suited me very well.

I walked into my office place, and I know they noticed, but they didn't say anything. I collected a whole bunch of stuff that teachers were suppose to come down here for, but haven't in two days. I needed my desk back, so I took most of it with me that I could carry. I dropped off like a stack of paper and four or so books for St. J, then for Dr. G, I left him three tapes, then I was on to Dr. M's office to install a program.

Then I walked back down, and just about fell asleep off and on for the next 5 or so hours. I took down an announcement, posted the school's newspaper, talked to one student about her laptop, restarted three power points during and exam in the LRC because the students closed them out. Took my butt upstairs after we cleaned up after the students who had the exam, to get some eggs. I actually remembered to go get some.

Rick left early, and as he was leaving he gave me breakfast. Tuna sandwich in half a dollar bread. The rest of the day I sucked water.

When it was time for me to come home. T the new kid was still here, so he said he would give me a ride, he just had to close up the lower part of campus. Fine, I'll even help. I was walking out with him when I stopped to fix something at the front desk. I then went down stairs and closed up classroom 3, then moved on to ML 1. There were three students in there studying. So I was going to be as quite as possible, then he came in and didn't even try to be quite when closing up. When he was done I just stood there continuing to look at him before asking if he could have many any more noise.

This is when I start to dis-like him. I'm still slightly put off by that and what he did once we were in the car and leaving campus. A student had dropped something and was trying to pick it up. And since she wasn't in the dead center of the road, he tried to edge past her head. All the time I'm telling him to wait, and stop. Then he started up about he didn't have to wait, and that I should get a car to know what he was talking about.


I was livid enough not to talk to him for the rest of the trip.

That put me in a slightly bad mood for the next hour. Verey didn't help. Nika is coughing again. Jhodie was sick, and I ended up making sandwiches for everyone.

My sister then come on line for while after the two of them went down for bed. She just left like an hour or so ago because of Nika and she was tired. She has a cold too, but not coughing like Nika. She didn't make it into work today, and she couldn't get Nika ready for school either.

I washed some dishes before coming on, I didn't want it to get back to how it was too soon. :)

I was suppose to uninstall Ares because it hasn't worked for my sister in like 4 days, so I told her maybe they got shut down. But just before I uninstalled it tonight, I looked to see what their site had to say. As far as they are concerned, they were up and going. So I uninstalled it anyway, downloaded the light one, and reinstalled it. Now it's connecting. Lets see how long that lasts. By mid year or so, we'll be paying for our songs on line and go legit.

Does anyone know where I could buy the cartoon star wars thing from cartoon network? I haven't looked, but it would be nice if cartoon network was selling it. Speaking of which. I hear that there is a trailer out for the third star wars' move. I'm going to go see if has it.


March 02, 2005

Sugar Cakes. :)

Trinidadian Sugar Cakes

I actually found it.

This, for the most part, is the only "cookie" that is native to St. Kitts, and it looks like it's not even from St. Kitts.

The only thing that we do different here is that I've never heard of cream of tartar in a sugar cake, but then, I don't know what that is.

Next, we use any size coconuts. Really thinly grated, or big chunks of the stuff, and anything in between.

The colours we've had for long time. To get white ones you have to use white sugar. We normally use brown sugar when making them, so they come out brown.

Also, they have started to add ginger in them. Oh, when you take them out of the pot, we used a wooden surface at home, and we flatten them out. All sugar cakes in the island are flat that I have seen.

In the recipe it doesn’t say to flatten them, I don't know if she just forgot that part, or it levels itself out.

I haven't made them in a long time, in fact, I've only made the once. We just buy them from other people. Grin

Well, have fun. You may want to save doing this until the weekend unless you are looking to do something with the kids during the week. We might do some too now that I've thought about it.

See ya.

March 01, 2005

Went to See The Nurse Today.

Exclamation Mark 2 Not Meant for the Squeamish or the guy that doesn't want to hear about women things Exclamation Mark 2

The nurse that I was suppose to go see today, wasn't at home when I called, so I went to the other one at the district clinic. I've been due for my birth control shot. I haven't seen my appointment book for days. And since my last appointment was in November, I knew that I had already missed my date, but I didn't know by how much.

I searched everywhere it was suppose to find, but I didn't. After calling the nurses house one more time and making sure it was the right number, I got my keys and went down the hill to the clinic.

I had to do a pap smear, and I wasn't looking forward to it. I hate doing it. It just hurts, and it still hurts like 7 hours later. :( Since I was coming in for birth control, they would normally think that I'm having sex. Two visits ago I told her that I was taking it for all the side effects, and not getting pregnant was a nice bonus for when, a guy, once in a blue moon, that I liked, liked be back enough and was drunk enough to have a one night stand, at least, with me.

One of the side effect that didn't seem to kick in until last year or so was the gaining weight part. Before, I stayed at the same weight for the first 2 plus years.

The good news is that my blood pressure is down. It was up for a few months, but I started to go down a while a go, but was up 3 months ago, now it's down again. That's good. Oh, the other good thing. They were a bit impressed by how easily I got off the table. I've always been more flexible then people think I am.

On to the rest of my day. Oh.. before I left, I got my shot, took it in the arm, and once again she mentioned how "cool" I took it. Grown women have gone into fits of crying over seeing a needle. Don't know why. Well I know why, but it has to be done. It's the stinging pain afterwards from the medicine that hurts the most. The only needle shot that I never liked, was the one I got in the 3rd grade, they passed the needle over the fire first.

If I told that to Brian, he would just take steps back. He already hates normal needles. A hot and blacken one may just make him faint.

Anyway. left there at 3:30, and thought about having to pay $2 for my bus ride to school tomorrow as I tried to walk up the hill as quickly as possible to raise my heart beat a bit. I think it worked, and it felt like I may have done it in recored time for me, even if someone else passed me on the way up. But then their body weight was way lower than mine.

Anyway, came back here to find Pearl gone, and I got to use to the computer for the 30 mins before I had to go back out again to get Nika. I don't know about Verey. She didn't tell me to pick him up and she saw me leave like an hour and a half before school let out for them.


Took a 30min break. Grin 3


I missed seeing "House" while I was typing earlier. Now I'm between Law & Order:SVU and Charmed.

Back to this afternoon. (not much left to write)

I went and got Nika, we talked on the way back, and walked up and over the other hill that the 'Village' school sits on.

We got home and soon, Jhodie came home with like 20lbs of turkey parts I'm sure. Along with some roasted turkey that got sliced. That was a lot too. More then I expected. The girl that she cleaned for today, drove her around to help her shop. That was nice of her.

Today was her birthday, but I didn't get around to getting her the shoes she wanted. I think the phone is keeping her happy for a while.

Then Verey came back. Oh Verey. Sill, yes, Sill. He picked up Verey, and took him out until 6. He came back at 6. While he was gone I installed another game for Nika. They are all came from this place called "The Learning Company" but every time I install a game I get a folder with the name "". Yet when I go to there site the banner says "Riverdeep". A lot a names for one place. I guess that happens when companies eat other companies, that had already eaten companies. Here is the link . You should check it out if you have kids. The really young ones. :) Pre-school till Kindergarten. So far the one that is the best so far is the Symbol Sandbox one. If you live some where, where it doesn't have snow in the winter time, don't bother with the Calendar Clock game.

Over the next hour or so, Peter showed up, Jhodie went out with Nika to ride her bike and Peter went with them. Then Verey started to cry because he wanted to go. Then 10 mins later his grand father showed up to take him to his house, then Jhodie came back with Nika, and we enjoyed a Verey free house. Then little Ray shows up after my sister goes down for a nap because her head started to spin.

I was on line talking to a friend who doesn't have much lime left to be on line. It was after 11pm for him and he has work the next day. Ray wants to use the computer, to check his e-mail. Great. I have to watch him try and find each key then using one finger on one hand, hit each key as he finds it. I almost fell asleep waiting for him to get off. By the time he did, I thought my friend was already gone, so I let Nika pay the sand box game again. Then at 9 I sent her to bed, and I got back on line and he was there waiting for me. Grin 3

We talked for the next 30 or so mins. Near the end, Verey came back. Since it was after his bed time, I got him undressed, and closed all the windows in the room. He will cry and not go to sleep if the windows are open. Gave him some water to drink and got him to wash his hands.

Then the blog started. :)

Hmmm. This blog took a while longer than I thought. It's now 11:45. I guess I started the blog before my uncle brought back Verey. It say here that I started or at least opened this page at 9:37. Hummm. I think it was because I was watching a movie at the time, so I would stop and watch the movie then come back type, turn to watch the movie again. Oh, it was Tarzan. Disney's version.Grin 3

Ok.. spell check. Bye.