February 28, 2005

A Boar

Yawn 2
Well the rest of the day was almost as empty as empty can get.

I couldn't even make myself do the updates.

Near the end of the night I tracked down and found some software for Nika. I didn't find the one thing that I would have liked the most, but I found nice set of second place things.

I also found this place that has cds for sale for the price of shipping and handling. I guess they weren't selling that wall, or it's a good way for them to get you to look at what they are selling, or both.

I'm going to try and get a few on Tuesday. I think I'll have them sent my mom's house and she'll mail then down here for me and I pay though the post office, which might happen anyway. I don't get that much mail to really know. Ok, I'll just have it sent straight here if they ship over seas. Ah! The catch. Over seas shipping. Do they, or don't they?

I'll go see, mean while, here's the link. Just leave a few things ok? :)

Don't you like it when I'm wrong. Well I was, about the site having cds that they sold at full price. It seems that all the cds are for sale at s&h price.

Planet CD-Rom

See ya.

February 27, 2005

I'm Early.


Well I wasn't early to work, just in blogging for the day.

I got to work an hour late, but I called ahead to let M know. I was washing my hair, and using a scrub brush to clean my skin since I had hot water. :)

I didn't think that M would mind, since I let her go home early and there is nothing at work that needed to have both of us there for.

I tried to stop by the café on my way down, but they were already closed. The sign said that they close at 4pm and I had 4 mins left. :( Guess it was a slow day for them too. Great.

At 4:30 I went and got nuts from the Auditorium along with some bimbo biscuits. I just wish that they didn't have chocolate in it. I rather have the coconut ones, but I didn't see any and I was hungry.

Well I've been over to my wallpaper club for the day, and I've started a little contest. A screen shot contest. I hope more then two decide to take part if any. It's so hard to get people involved in things. Me included, but I have a decent prize for one of them. My sister found this site on line that had very nice gift baskets or just sweet things to order for you or someone else. Part of the site is for cakes and such, then there is another part for meats and cheese, and one for nuts and such. I know it sounds a bit on the lame or "your joking" side, but it's a good site. I'll get the link tonight when I go home.

Speaking of food, my sister called me up to let me know that she forgot to add peas to the thing I had her write up the other day for me to be post. So I have to go and add in a cup and half of lentils.

I just helped M with her scanning project. I haven't used the program that she is using in a while, but she's learning a few things about it. She looked happy to be doing and understanding and figuring out something.

I don't have much left to do. Mostly I had today to fix or look at those two computers that I told you about yesterday, but they aren't here yet, so I have to find something to do, and man the front desk.

I did just install Firefox on my computer in here. It took me long enough. It's been on every other computer I use for weeks if not months now. I added a few extra plug-ins to this one since I'm here a bit more than the others at times.

I think that I'm going to try and update some more computers with the newer aim program.

See ya. At lest I'll have time to talk to my friends if I find them on line. :)

Oh, Tomorrow is delivery day! phones and a run and my mp3 player. :) I'll be dancing in shower that night.
And shopping day too. We just hope that they show up in time. We were going to go shopping in the afternoon.

February 26, 2005

I'm Scanning again.

After my late night last night, I stayed in bed until my sister all but pulled me out.

I almost made it to work in good time but my shoes made me late. The buckle came out, and my sister had to fix it, or I would have gotten to work like 15 past instead of half past.

So many things went wrong before I got to work.

1. St. S called down asking about a movie I was suppose to edit down to 5, 1 min clips. I almost forgot about it with the other movies I had to do and the printing and scanning I had for him also.

2. The two new printers and the computer I use at the front desk and four computers on the that side of floor lost power. It seems that adding the second printer to that part of the room wasn't a good idea. I've said this from day one when we lost power. Who ever tried to do wiring for this place should go back to school. Half the LRC works kinda on generator, the other half just sits there in darkness. Now this.

3. M had to leave early for sports day for her kid. I let her go because there is normally nothing here on the weekends that needs both of us. I'm such a kind person.


4. Blade, the guy to fix the power issue isn't here yet. So I have to go call him. I called him three times. The first two times the cell just rang and rang. When I did get him he said that he was on their other side of the island doing another job. He'll be here in an hour he hopes. An hour an a half later if not 2 hours he walks in and asked me how things are going.

Soon he was able to give me back power, but I couldn't have both of the printers on that side. It's the extra printer that caused what ever it was to happen, to happen. I'm hearing from people that Ron was warned that this might or would happen. Guess those 25 new computers may be set up a bit later than first thought or hoped.

Well Blade's computer is throwing pops up at him, so I'm going to fix it tomorrow. I'll let him know about my fee then. Also a lady from he Library wants me to update her AV software. Which took a while to get since she didn't know a few little things that made me think that she was asking a completely different question.

After that and working on that movie thing that St. J called down about, I was then reminded that I was going to show the new guy in the library how to do a few things in PhotoShop. Mostly how to make one pic fade into another one. I'm sure the people who went to the courses on PhotoShop and took classes and such know a better way then what I showed him, but mine isn't that hard and it mines work too.

After tying to teach him that for 20 or so mins I went to pop some popcorn and then I came back here to scan some slide for Dr. W.

That is what the title means. I'm scanning 2x2 slides for Dr. W. again. It's no too bad. 20 or so slides. Easy. Yesterday when he dropped them off for me, AM had a look at them and realized that he used a highlighter on them. I just thought that they were so old that the colour was just bleeding off the words. That shows you how much I know about film. :)

Well Ron just walked in and said hi, so I have to go, not that I have much to do. :)

Spell checking will have to wait until I get home. So don't be too hard on this blog.

See ya in like 4 or so hours. :) I have 2 hours left here at work, but Jhoide wants me to help her clean something up when I get home.

Spell checking compleate.

I did a good job on the slides. :) I bought bread on the way home to find out my sister got some also.

It's 2:31am now and I don't know how that happened.

Oh, sorry Chris, I just didn't get to come back on line to talk. Had a little fight with my dvd burner.


Do I really have to blog now???


Yes, I moved the furniture around and got a few new pieces. :)

And it's now 3:35am. It's a good thing I can sleep in late tomorrow.

Ok, short rundown of my day.

I got the digitizing done. I got the scanning down. I even cleaned out the mess that E left behind under the front desk by her computer. We got a new printer for the floor, now they have something new to take they stress out on. but luckily us they haven't started hitting the printers yet. Just the staplers. I made noddles, and I got a free sandwich. :)

I hung out with AM, I helped in the making of a music cd for a teacher, and tweaked a few computers. :)

I felt like I got stuff done.

I got to work in the rain, and lucky me I didn't go home in the rain. Which is a good thing since I went to Dr. S's house to help him with his computer.

He wasn't home, the bus almost throw me though the front window because it was going so fast when I told it to stop for a second time. Then I waited for a bus to take me home as I watched buses and cars alike speeding by me as if it was an inconvenience to be touching the road.

There was dinner after I got home, even though they were saying that I was late. I got home just before 8pm. It was saltfish and dumplings. Oh, on that same note. I got my sister to type up how to make cookup so I could post it here, but I first posted it at that other place and they have to look it over first. I haven't gotten and answer back from them yet. It may take a while. Who knows how many they have to look over before they get to mine. :(

Jhodie bailed as soon as I got home and changed. She had enough of the kids and she was tired and went to bed. She cleaned. :)

I had a full night of good things to watch. First there was the Avatar, eps 1 and 2. It just started last week. I had to skip the second one to watch Enterprise. I get to watch it again today (Saturday) at 1:30pm my time. Then it was StarGate Atlantis, then it was medical investigation, then Monk, then I got to see the re-run of StarGate SG1.

I then tried to fix up this place. I'm not going to go though the kids and such. I don't want to be a mommy. I've been a "mommy" to a lot of kids in my time, and I don't want to do it for real. I've raised my brother and two sisters, I took care of my Aunt's kid for few months, and then I came down here and my sister had her kid. I don't want to do it again when I finally make it into a home of my own, or a home for me and the guy who wants to share that home with me. :) Yes, I'm still hoping.

Ok, it's almost 4am and I'm watching another confusing and isolated ep from Andromeda. I haven't really watched it months. I don't know what the heck is going on, even if I know most of the players.

Ok.. spell checking. See on the re-bound.

February 24, 2005

$100, $200. . .

$537 or so is what it comes up to.

I went and got my new phone and mp3 cd mini boom box.

Walked into town and took off $60 off the bank. My sister thought that it was too much. Considering we got new shoes for Nika and two popcorns and some mini hot pockets before we even got to Courts, I was surprised that we had enough for my down payment which turned out to be $60. It looks like my sister was using mostly her money to buy the other stuff. She had all the money today.

I was almost given an extended warranty without asking if I wanted it first. Maybe if what I was buying was costing me a grand I would get it, but the phone was $126 and the mp3 player was $299. Since I'm not paying out right I get higher purchase cost tacked on.

And as if taking my information all back over again wasn't time consuming enough, Jhodie applied to see if she can also get her own phone and rug from downstairs. I was there for most of it, but I had to leave to come home and get ready for work. But not long after I was out of the shower and about to get dressed and such, she shows up. She said that one good thing was that if her credit didn't check out, she would get back her $40. Then she told me that I have to go back tomorrow. I have to sign the same paper all back over again about having Ross do the payments for me. Why do they keep my file in the first place for? At this point they can just work off of my name, where I live and how much I have left to pay them. :(

So I'm not going to be up that late, but then I don't have Inyuaisha to keep me out here. It's not on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights.

Well work was ok. I even spent part of my last $20 on a $8 tuna sandwich. I ate at 3pm. Tried to get all that work that I put off done, and I thought that I was going a long rather well too. Until I checked on my first digitizing job that I took a nap during. It wasn't finished. Humm. Ok, on the scanning. I won't get all of it done, I have an hour left at work at this point. But I got the part that I took with me done. I came back and it hadn't moved. Great. I have re-do it tomorrow. I don't know why, but every so often, it just doesn't want to when I make handle a lot of data. It was an hour long, and at high rese. I may have to ask for a 512 stick of ram.

What else?... finished up a few loose ends from last week. The updating stuff. I even started the install of cleanup and the install of the last version of aim.

CleanUp isn't the best software as far as the team at Snapfiles are conserned, so here is their list sorted by ratings. Look around and see if you find one that works for you. For me Cleanup works fine. I just wish that it went a bit faster. :) Maybe if I didn't tell it wipe and just erase. :)

Stood outside in the cold again waiting for a bus. I'm starting to not remember being this cold before waiting for a bus ever outside of NY, but as it started to rain down on me a bus came by, and stopped for me.

As I got out of the bus a block before my stop, it started to rain again. Great. Great. I then proceeded to walk home in the some what of a light rain. I got the house to find out that Jhoide was asleep with Nika and had put the chain on the door. I had to knock on her door to wake up and let me in. Dinner was chicken and gravy with bread. Half way though I stopped eating the bread and just had the chicken. Carb thing. It felt funny not having anything to really eat with it.

I came on line about an hour and half ago, but I wanted to watch something on tv since I checked what was on before I left work, and saw that the second Tomb Raider movie was on Showtime. I was suppose to be able to see the last 20 or so mins of it, but I never found it so I was left trying to find something that I don't normally see on tv to watch. After surfing for like an hour or so, I settled on "OverHauled".

Now I've blogged, checked my mail. Got two, maybe three good mails, one from someone I actually know. I've even changed my wallpaper. :) Should I share?? It's actually rated like NC17 or something like that. :) It's a drawing of topless, almost nude girl on big red bike with some ties to an old anime movie. :)

Ok, since I have to be up at 9am tomorrow I'm not going to drag this out.

Tomorrow night after work before I can come home, I'm stopping off at Dr. S's house to help with his storage problem in his computer. Personally, I think they should get a new computer. It's win98, 20gigs maybe, and the wife likes making copies and ripping cds. :)



Originally uploaded by JemOfAGirl.

Here is Chi. She is one of the main players of an anime called Chobit.

What I saw was the 24 eps that are on the way tamer side of the world of Chobits.

If you are ever are in the mode for something light, a bit on the inocent side, and some mystery, and something that has it's moments of joy, start watching/renting the set.

Yes, I just had to go find a pic of her to show you. :)

I'm just tired

I don't even remember what happened yesterday.

Oh, now I remember, after making myself think.

My sister was set on getting me shoes. We went into places that the paint colour alone told me that I couldn't afford anything they had, but she took me in there anyway.

I did fine some shoes, and they they are guy shoes again, but they aren't that bad.

Then I went to the nurse. She is having problems with Movie Maker. It won't turn her project into a movie. I half mentioned that she should start over with the program I told her to use in the first place, but she said no, too much work.

Then I went to get Nika since Jhodie was at work.

I went down for nap when she got back, but no one woke me, so I woke up, and stayed up late.

I had to prey myself out of bed this morning, but I didn't make it in on time. But it might not have been all my fault. I called in to let them know that I was waiting for bus in case they were wondering where I was, since I thought I had waited a while for one. They said that it might have been because of the strike. Strike?? I'll take it. about 5 mins later a bus showed up. I didn't even look at the clock when I got in.

I tried to keep from doing the digital work, even thought I think I got my computer working rather well with Diskeeper now, but I just didn't want to. So I did other little things for the day, and I confirmed with another teacher about something. A teacher showed up with more scan work for me to do. At times I like doing stuff for them, but when I teacher doesn't know anything, isn't that old, and just gives the work to other people to do so he doesn't have to learn, it start to wear really thin.

I was already told to pass this stuff on, (give this kind of job to someone else to do) but one, I don't trust E to do it, and two, he expects me to do it, and three, M just got her own lot of stuff to do, and it sounds like it's from the same teacher. Hence the wearing thin part.

But tomorrow I will get most of this stuff, if not all of it out of the way, so on Friday I can complain about not having anything to do, and may take a move break and re-watch a Chobits ep or two. :) It's a nice anime that isn't meant for young ones. No real sex or nudity or swearing goes on. Just a kid trying to get to into college, finds a human doll that doesn't have a memory chip and he falls for her, in a world learning to deal with the whole thing. There are some fun moments like most of things have. Oh, and the whole thing sits on a mystery. It's not very long. Just 24 eps.

Then I was able to go home after an interesting problem presented to me by a student, which she found the answer for herself after I gave it a try for like 10 mins.

Once again the night was bitterly cold and wet, and once again the smell of ashes and fire was in the air. Don't know why, but I heard on the radio that St.Kitts may be stopping with the industry of making sugar on the island. Some one might be clearing land. That's how they normally do it. They burn the sugar cane into the ground. It may smell odd if not sweet at times, but as far as I know it doesn't hurt the earth.

On my way home I barely remembered that I had to stop and get eggs. Came home to find Max on the computer. He was looking up prices for a trip for a friend, but he then learned that the prices they have down town was the same as the ones on line.

Had pasta with cream of something and some stewed turkey winds. I don't know why turkey wings, there is nothing on them. Any yes, a lot of the meat is stewed or cooked in gravy ( How ever you want to say it.) in this house.

I'm tired now, but my sister just told me to add softener to the water at the rise cycle I think. I at least get to watch Inyuasha before I head for bed and my shrunken screen of a tv.

Tomorrow we head to Courts for my mp3 player and phone. Yes I'm getting a phone. Mine suck dirt.


February 22, 2005

Sunday was a real empty type day....

I did like 4 things for the whole time I was at work on Sunday.

I came in, did a few things, then at about 20 till 5 I sat down with AM, and only got up to help like 3 people until it was closing time.

I mostly just helped her pick parts for her new computer. She wanted to put one together, so we were picking parts from TigerDirect . We got a case, a mother board combo with Intel chip and memory. She is keeping her current hard drive, and she got glowing and UV cables since one side of her case is see through. She already has a monitor (flat panel). We also picked out a DVD player and a DVD-+RW burner. Today when I woke up I remembered that we did forgot something. A fan and gel for her Intel chip.

I came home to a good dinner and I needed it. Didn't really anything all day again, didn't drink that much water since I left it back at my desk, and I just got caught up in helping AM. Then there was the cold and rain. What did I have for dinner?...I remembered the stewed chicken. There was a lot of chicken. Oh ya.. mash potatoes with chives and something. It was green. That was good. I even went sleep early, and that was due to a project that I tried out.

A few weeks ago, Collin had asked me if it was possible to change the video over to .rm (real media) format so they could be streamed. At the time I told him that I couldn't since I thought that you had to pay for it and it was too much. Every time I heard about it, there was this discount for educational use, but it was always high. But guess what? I found out that basic software for converting movie to .rm is free. Yep! Free. So I tested it out last night. The thing is, due to my old PII chip, I took almost 24 hours to encode it. It started last night at 12:45 am, it ended at 12:10 am . Just now. But it worked. I know have an .rm copy of a movie file that was an hour and 20 mins long.

No one touched the computer for the whole time. It may have finished this morning if I hadn't told it to do two streams. The software wasn't really meant for just converting any movie to .rm, but for making .rm streams for Internet use. I picked two streams, but I was wondering why I only had one file at the end of it all, when it did two passes.

Monday 21st, February 2005

As for today, I stayed in bed because I could. I was fine at waking up at 9am, but I stayed in for a bit longer. Got up at 11 or so. Got something to eat, tuna and crackers. Then I got ready to meet my sister up where she worked. I left the house at 12:30 with about 4 bags, my keys and a digging fork. We were suppose to get some plants on our way back from some place my sister saw. I got there in good time. Don't know what time, but my sister came out like 15 or so mins after I got there to see if I was coming up the street. She said that it was like 10 past 1 I think. She said that she was waiting for me to come so she could finish up. I thought that it wouldn't be right for me to call for her since she was working and I would just wait out side for her, and when she was done, she would come out side to look or wait for me and we would go.

She bought out some stuff to hang up to dry and first joked by asking me to hang them out for her, then said don't bother and went back in to do something else for the lady. I waited, and waited, then thought I should just hang them out so we could leave sooner. So I did. Two sheets, four pillow cases, a dress and a wash cloth. And once again she had to make fuss with how I hung out stuff. But when she went back in, I put them back the way I had them. We then left like 10 mins later. We stopped every now and again looking at different pants, and looked around at things that had changed for me. I hadn't really been in that part of town for like 4 or so years. So something looked new to me.

Then we got to the abandoned house that had the plant that she wanted to take home. She asked what I thought about it,and after looking at it for a while, it didn't seem that bad. I have never seen that pant before, and it didn't really have flowers, but it had an odd set of leaves that kind came out in a fan pattern in levels. I'm going to have to see if I can somehow find a pic of it for you. I so need to get a cam.

Then we walked down into town, and went to see the BET thing. I said BET Sound Stage. Interesting. Someone was coming out and I looked in after looking up and seeing a sign that said under 18 not allowed. Inside I could have sworn that I saw slot machines. Maybe BET was the owner of the new casino. It's passable.

Then we went looking at shoes. I actually saw a boot that I could ware to work, but they didn't have it in my size, ok. They had the same kind of boot in a lighter colour. Ok, I'll have a look. While she was gone I saw the shoe that I had bought before and it was a very good price. Guess they didn't sell that well I thought. She came back. Not in my size. Ok, starting to feel like someone didn't want me to get any shoes. Then I asked about the one I already had, did they have my size in that? She went to look, then came back with a no and a maybe. Maybe being that she was going to check upstairs in stock. 7 mins or so later, she didn't even have to say it. No. Just great. I can't wear my shoes in heavy rain anymore. You can't tell by just looking down at them, but there is a hole in the side of my shoe. :(

But get this, the lighter version of the boots I want, can fit Jhodie, so she is getting them. I have to go some where else and hope that they have better boots in my side to make up for today. :) Ya right.

I wear size 10 guys and size 11 & 1/2 wide width girls. The first place we went to, didn't really have anything I really liked, and then they didn't have my size.

Then we checked the front of Rams and I got some cereal and picked up some multi-grain crackers and two bananas. We may have gotten more, but my sister forgot my card at home. We were also suppose to be paying bills today, but that couldn't happen now, so we are doing it tomorrow before her afternoon job, and before I go the nurse's house since I will have to go and pick up Nika. I just hope that the nurse used a program that I sent her last week to help fix her computer, and hopefully her thumbnail problem.

On our way home, we stopped off at Courts. It's a store for living room sets and other big house hold things. Well, they had sent me a letter last week about this special sale that they were having on Thursday night. I couldn't be there since I was working, so we asked if we could come in Thursday morning. They said sure. So on Thursday I'll be buying a rug and maybe my CD-mp3 player for the bathroom yah!

We then went home, and caught a bus home, but stopped at Nika's school to pick her up since it was like 3:50pm already. My sister took forever, so just left after waking around in the dust school yard with 20+ kids running around and making a racket. Oh, as we got there for Nika, Pearl was leaving with Verey. As I was leaving, Pearl came back because she didn't here keys. She left the house without her keys. As I reached the top of the hill that the school was on, Jhodie called me. I stopped for a sec, then started walking again. Then she called me again, this time I stopped and waited for her. We then went home and I used my keys to let everyone in.

Other than that, nothing much. I stayed in my room for the rest of the day since I couldn't use the computer, and Verey was running around making noise. Jhodie made cookup, and I added some beets to my plate. I kinda fell asleep around 10pm but the mosquitoes woke me up. I had like hot bumps on my arms that got me up. I brought out my plate and a cup and then went in for a bit, I think. I then came back out to see the end of my encoding thing. Then I checked my mail.

One of my friends send me his address and phone number. So I thought about it, and I called him. He lives in Ohio. Ya, long distance. Real long distance. It was after I called him I realized how late it was, but since it already rang, I let it go. It was really hard to hear the person on the other end. Either my phone is really bad, or it was just the distance thing. Or it could have been both. He sounded nothing like what I remember. Now that think of it, do I really remember what he sounded like. I haven't heard his voice in like 2 years or so, if not longer. I talked to him for about 5 mins. I couldn't let it go too long. I haven't called anyone off island from my phone ever.

I have to pay bills. :( :( I need money or one less other person to pay for, at least I'll be getting the $300 from pearl for this month. I have to have a talk with her father. Were is this place he was getting for her????????

Well that's about it. I have to set out some socks for Nika, and put up what is left of the cookup then head in to bed. Now I feel like playing a game and it's 2:47am. :)

Oh, still working on getting my sister to write up the stuff she cooks that is "local". I'm going to first post them at Recipezaar I have a membership there and it's time I added something.

Ok, time for me to go.

That was a long one.

See ya tomorrow.

February 19, 2005

Power Is Back, But What Is Up With My Printer?


The day has given me some free time so I'm blogging now.

Lets see, woke up sometime around 12. You know I was up late typing that thing for my uncle. He was set to come for it today. He had called a few days ago asking when he could come and pick them up. Just as I sat down to print them out, he showed up at my door with Dale non-the-less. He's a half cousin from one of my aunts in NY. I didn't know that he was in St. Kitts. But he sneaks on and off the island.

Anyway, the printer messed up on me. It was keep trying to print in booklet form. I lost like 20 or so pages that way. It ended printing right on my last page. Now I'm out of paper. :(

I had breakfast, then got ready for work. I even put one a set of new socks. I think that I didn't tell you yesterday, but AM's mom sent me socks. :) I was suppose to be at work for 2:30pm I got there like 2:35 or so. Which is good for me. I came to find that the power was back on. The lady in the library said that the power came back since 12 or so. They actually finished early. :)

Well I expected to see Ron here, but he wasn't and everything was locked down and the apc’s were off I found out in 5 mins. After 20 or so mins it was 3pm, and with a slightly aching back after bending over 50 odd times to turn on all the computers and apcs and getting down on the floor 4 times to turn on the apc’s in the middle of the three long rows of computers.

The first girl to come in the LRC needed to use the bathroom. :)

The I went to help a TA that called for help when I showed up, but I couldn't go help her then. I had to make sure that everything was on and we were opened for 3pm. I got up there and she wasn't mad, good thing too, I was there 3 mins before, but I had to go back because I forgot to get the key to open up the cupboard so I could turn on the equipment.

Then I came back down to try and see about this Symantec ticker thing. I can't show you what I came up with, I haven't gotten the go ahead with the posting of it yet. I sent a link out to Ron asking him about it, but I haven't gotten a reply back from him yet. And in the mean time I changed like 20 things. Then posted two announcements on the portal page. One of them I can link you too. It's about the winnings of some students here at the casino. :) The other was just work to get it to be seen. It seems that she had office 2003 or something and it couldn't be seen with out version of word. I told her that she needed to install some converter plug in from Microsoft's office site.

She had been trying to get that file to me for 2 days. Then when she did it here, flash paper couldn't read or give us any words. For some reason she had grouped everything. So I had to ungroup everything and get ride of the pic of a boarder and just put in a normal page boarder. 15 mins later it was posted from when she showed up in the LRC. Even my computer got in on the act and decided to not install her jump drive. :) Then took it's dear time when I told it to re-boot.

**.. rocking out to my mp3 right now *** Bowling for Soup - 1985 ..***

Then I ..

**.. Train - Meet Virginia..**

... I decided to get the tape thing done for Dr. G. I was almost done when I realized that the second tape was 3 mins long like thought or wrote on the tape case. So I had to go find a longer tape to copy it to. I had gotten one that was about 21 mins long. Why wasn't it 30 mins long I don't know. Well I found one, and copied the stuff to it from two tapes. I was putting it away when I realized that I had to also made a digital copy. Oh well.

At 7:30 or so I was called over to the Library to help the guy who was working there something about pictures. He actually came asking for Photoshop. That raised and eyebrow.

**.. Nelly Furtado - Powerless ..**

He said that it showed pictures better. Ok. I had to see what he was up to. On the way over I go the key for our little lunchroom and a bag of popcorn to pop. After seeing what he thought he was up it, it turns out that he didn't know that much about pictures and just knew more less that photo shop showed pictures. It's like you wanted to get from point A to point B, and it's 10 feet away, but you went and bought a motorcycle, went around the block twice and then stopped at where you wanted to be.

I explained a few thing to him about viewing pictures and bitmaps and jpgs. I didn't say a word about Photoshop or paint shop pro. Something else he asked about when he came in to get me.

Ok.. I have to get up and check my computer inside. I set it to defrag before I came out there. That was over 30 mins ago, I know it's done. I just can't vnc into it anymore now that it's been upgraded to sp2. :( I also to pack my blank dvds again.

Well it's after 3 again, and I'm still awake again. But this time it's all my fault. I went hunting for something on line, then I was ready for bed, but I had a huge file downloading, so I cleaned up while it finished.

It finished, I restarted fire fox 3 or so times to change it's skin, now I'm blogging, but not for long. I'm going to post it tomorrow. I'm just adding a few details before I go to bed.

I had popcorn at work, which turned out to help my appetite here, but I was still hungry. I did eat it at 7:30 or so. I got home around 10:45.

I heard that they were canceling Star Trek: Enterprise. I couldn't believe it. I said here I am waiting for the season to start, then when I look up about the canceling, I find out that I'm already missed the start of the semester. It seems that I've been watching StarGate. But I hadn't seen or heard one thing about Star Trek since the year start. I just thought that they were still on vacation or what ever :(. Now I feel bad. But now that I know, I'll just have to watch the first Star Gate when it reruns later that night and watch enterprise. They are going to meet the "other klingon" that we all know from Kirk. I was wondering about that when they had the eps that the guy that played Data guest stared in for a three-parter.

Other than, I had a new paper that I brought to work with me to pick out something nice to copy here for you, but I just didn't get the time. When I got home my sister told me of something that we are going to check out on Monday. It seems that B.E.T. Black Entertainment Television is opening offices on Fort Street. She saw the sign and she says that it looks just like the one from the tv channel. Well, Well.

Well I'm off. Need to sleep. It's 3:30 now. I'll post this tomorrow before I go to bed.

Oh, since today was Saturday, my sister didn't cook, so I ended up eating all my trail mix cereal, all because I couldn't find my canned fruit. We both looked for it. :(

I have to remember to pack my black dvds with me. I want to take off the rest of my anime from the system before it something happens.

See ya.

I'm Done!

It's 2:19 am and I just finished typing up that thing for my uncle.

I made a few small changes because it looked like it had formatting errors, but if it turns out that they wanted it the other way, it's easy enough to change.

My day was was smooth for most of the day. I even cleaned out my desk and moved a few things around, and found like 15 pens and pencils in a box that was in one of draws. :)

I didn't even get pressed with anything until about and hour before closing. Ron wants a symantic ticker on the IT department front page. Fine. I found it, modified the code, and copied it. Then I ran into a nice tug of war with the CSS. The code from symantic would like to live on a nice clean html page without css. but mine had css, and since I'm not a wiz at css I fought, and fought, and gave up 2 hours later. An hour after I should have closed up and gone home.

My sister called me to tell me that I didn't call to say that I was going to be late. I normally call, but I was so intent on trying to beat the code that I didn't get to call home.

But get this, about 30 mins before my sister called me a student came in got me, because she needed help with something. So what if there were three students still in the LRC when it officially closed 30 mins ago. I helped her out, waved to the guy that was in there and hoped that the girl in the back of the room got the hint that it was time to leave when I turned off one half of the lights in the room after helping the the girl. But no, at 8 when I came out to get the keys to lock up she was still there. After closing up the FDC, using the bathroom and turning off the lights for the restrooms and the hall going to rest rooms and locking that door, checking 5 rooms to make sure that the windows were closed, and walking to the end of the room to turn off the lights for the other half of the room, 15 mins later, she asks "Is the printer still on?"

ARE YOU JOKING!! Is what went thought my head, but the word that came out was "yes."

I went behind the desk and turned off the two front desk computers and the apc attached to them. We won't have any power tomorrow from 8am until 3pm they said. The day shift girl gets the day off and I get to officially come in 30 mins after 2pm. :)

I was going to take home some papers that I found when cleaning out my desk, but I decided to leave them, so I got the key for were my desk was and opened it back up and place them in their new place. Came back out, and locked it. Then as I was walking past Jason's Office I checked the door. It was left open yesterday and again today. He isn't use to locking that door. Collin normally does it. So I did that, and picked up my stuff and the key to the last door that I have left to lock because she was still there. She had printed two things. Gotten up and walked across the room twice, then sat back down as I waited next to the door to wait for her to leave.

Getting home was ok, the same as always, this time I just had cold winds to keep me company for my short wait. but there was no dinner. Between taking Nika to the hospital and getting x-rays of her lungs and coming home to a nap, because a good night sleep hasn't been had by either one of them for a while, then going down to the clinic to get the meds for Nika, then picking up Verey and looking after the two of them, she just didn't get around to making anything to eat. So I just took a bit of everything I saw until I ended with a bowl of trail mix cereal in my lactose milk. That is what I get for not eating anything since 10am.

At 9 my sister put them to bed, and hung out with me for like two hours until Nika started to cough again. We think it's because she was laying flat, when she came out here and was sleeping sitting up, she didn't cough. The doctor said that she had some kind of drip going on in the back of her throat, and that was what was making her cough. I don't know about the x-ray yet. I'll ask Jhodie tomorrow.

Now everyone is in bed but me, I've seen my Star Gates, and Battle Star show, and they were all good. I've finished my job for my uncle. I just have to have my sister clean out the printer before we can print it, and I've blogged my day.

Mission completed.

Oh, side note. You know the other day when I talked about maybe changing somethings on my blog page or lay out? Well I added something, just not as big as I first had in mind. Allllll.... the way down at the end of this page you will see three links. Check out the one that goes to flickr.

:) Night.

February 17, 2005

Let's See.

I got woken up by E today. She called to ask about the laminator that we lent out to the admin office like a week ago.

I think I then crawled back into bed since I was up so late typing that thing for my uncle. As you can see from my last blog I made to bed after 3am.

Then around mins to 12 my sister came and got me. I checked my mail then hung out some wash for her. Right after my cousin walked in the front door with out knocking to see me sitting naked in front of the computer. I don't sleep with anything on. It's my house. He should not be walking in the house without calling out never mind waiting for someone to let him in. Amazingly, I wasn't really that embarrassed. I was just mad at him for walking into my house like he owned it.

I put on a shirt and went outside to hang up the wash after he left. Had some breakfast, took a bath, bushed my teeth, and waited 10 mins as my sister greased my hair. If it weren’t for that I would have left the house a lot sooner. I got to work around 2:25pm :(.

No one made fuss with me, and I did my work. More web stuff to post. Waiting for the approval of the laptop stuff. Most of my day was spent doing msn messenger updates on all the computers on the floor. I got most of them done. I have two more to do before going home. Tomorrow I'll do the ones in the rooms.

Right now I'm chatting it up with two friends. It's nice to chat every now and again. :) And I got an e-mail from Sunshine a few days ago.

My sister took Nika to the doctor this afternoon around 4pm. That is where all my money went. I’m down to $10 in my purse. I'll find out what he said when I get home, if she's still awake. My sister has this little habit of falling asleep with Nika when she goes to put her down for the night.

Ok.. going to spell check. See ya tomorrow. :)

UrbanDictionary.com: Define Your World

Check this out.

What is a cell phone?

Incase they change it by the time you read this a

cell phone

A device for communicating with others needlessly. Day in. Day out. Whenever. Wherever. Good for holding up lines in stores, traffic, etc. Also the latest technology found in ghettos-overtaking the more common "boom box".

Typical cell phone conversation: Hey, where you at? I'm over here. Oh. What? I dunno. I'll be there in 5 seco...

Ha! :)

Click on the link for more such things. :)

UrbanDictionary.com: Define Your World

Now I'm off to bed. It's 3am here now.

February 16, 2005


Tuesday I was in bed.

During Monday night when I acutely went to bed early, my other eye started to fell odd and swell.

My uncle then showed up around 9 am to give me those pages to type up for him... speaking of which. I have to leave soon so I can start typing. the second page. Ya, I'm so rushing. :)

I should. He told me 8 pages over the phone or something like that, but he bought me like 19 pages. And he wants them for Friday. So not happening. I'm going to be on the on the computer typing aways tonight. I may stop for a show or two like last night.

last night was odd with tv. My sister was channel surfing so we found like 3 things to watch at one time. That is why I didn't get past page one, that and my eye, I think. And I'm sticking to it.

Oh, yesterday when my uncle came by, there was a dog on our porch. Pearl must have come home, saw the gate open, just closed it behind her and locked a dog in. That morning my sister came out to see a trash bag all torn up, stuff all over the yard, and a scared dog on our porch.

Well I'm heading home now.

I'll be finishing this up tonight.

I have to go get bread for part of my/our dinner. :)

ok... back.

It's now 1:42 and I'm in the middle of watching Inyuash. The reason why I'm so late is because I was doing that typing thing for my uncle. I just called it quits. I stopped on page 10. Not bad. I should get the rest of it finished tomorrow. Won't he be happy. But there are one or two things that he will have to fix before it can be printed. He left out a few points.

Anyway, I didn't eat that much dinner, and then I wasn't feel too great. I think it was the cheese. I know I'm not suppose to eat it, but something it bothers me, and other times it doesn't, and I already forgot about the other day when I had a yogurt bar and was sick for a few hours.

Anyway, when I started typing up the papers a new show for fit tv was on. Their only cooking show. This guy is a chef and he is losing weight by going on a low carb diet, and of course he cooks everything himself. So he shows everyone how to cook great food that is very low in carbs and you watch him loose weight as the shows go on. :) He's down 50lbs already. For some reason I saw two eps while typing away. Hearing him talk and then having J from work talk to me about the same thing, I'm actually considering giving up rice and bread for a while. Not sure about the pasta.

My sister may be too happy when I tell her. But I'm not completely looking forward to living off of veggies and lettuce. :( But he did say I can have all the nuts I want. Which use to do in the NY and start walking again, and then try and keep it up for a about 5 months, I should be feeling better than I have lately.

Ok, that's it for today.

Oh, Jhodie is taking Nika to the doctor tomorrow. He isn't coughing as much as she was a few days ago, but she's had it for way too long. But I know that she is going to spend the $50 to go she him, and he going to tell her to do just what she has been doing for the past month or so. But we have to try and hope.


Hey.. just realized I mentioned nothing about my pre-evening day.

Nika was coughing up a storm or something this morning, so she couldn't go to school, my sister had a day job, and she wouldn't have been back in time before I went to work, so I called in to ask if It was ok that I came in about an hour and half late because of Nika and stuff. I called twice, but I didn't get Ron. So my sister called and said that she couldn't make it.

Then I started to fill sick and my headache came back. So my sister gave me the Bayer tablets. I had yesterday too, they took like like 5 hours to work on me, or they didn't at all, and my headache went away on it's own.

Either way, woke up at 11am and went to take a shower and wash my hair. Luckily me the water wasn't' so cold today, but I had to wash my hair three times to get the grease out of hair. It may have started off cold then got a bit warmer as my bath went along.

I got to work about 15 till 1pm or so, and I hit the ground running when I student needed to know why his laptop wasn't connecting to his cable modem. Then I answered mail, posted some stuff for the SGA, and did a few call backs, tied up a few loose end.

Then Ron with his Visions. That just means that someone talked to him, or he found a site and the gimmes go him. I have nothing against making our site better. The better I maker our site, the easier it will be for me to get stuff later on. Credit in college, a leg up on a college only person, a second thought from someone somewhere.

His ideas are so grand sometimes, or we don't have the information that he is being dazzled by to be posted by us. But I did get one up on him today.

About 3 months at least ago, I sent out an e-mail to everyone in the department saying I've updated our department website, have a look, let me know if I forgot anything or messed anything up on it. About 2 or so weeks later he sent me information on our little pairing that we have with IBM for laptops for student staff and faculty. I did it all up the way he asked.

But today. Today with his vision we were going to make a page for the laptops from IBM that we are offering to our students. Doesn't this sound a bit on the familiar side? Yep, he completely forgot.

So we just revamped what was there, modified a .pdf files and linked to them, and made a nice little banner sign to get anyone our site's attention. So the day wasn't as hectic as he thought it was going to be. But I got my sister's flier up. :)

I got it signed and posted them on my way off campus today.

Now I can saw see ya.
Night, Night.

Hope my grammar isn't too bad from my fingers typing faster than my head telling it what to type. :)

February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day.

Bah, Humbug!

A day to honor a priest who married people that other's didn't want to get married, but he did it anyway because they were in love.

It's turned into a day to sell or buy anything red. To send gift baskets to be seen or to show off that you got this, or you sent that.

What I got for St. Valentine's Day. A swollen eye. It still itches and hurts.

I also helped my sister with the bi-weekly shopping, and finished putting things back into my room.

Due to my need for professional looking clothes I put this nice red thing on lay-a-way. I have $45 left to pay on it at the end of the month, and since I was spending money, I bought a blue necklace pendant I think. The band was too small, I'll have to get another one with a longer band or chain. Besides, it wasn't the one I really wanted, but it was only $10.

Now it's just after 10pm here. I put up most, if not all, of the stuff from the store. I've watched the antique road show, and now I'm watching pbs explain dr. kinsey and the Kinsey's report. I do want to see the movie on that one.

Tomorrow I have the nurse, maybe. But it's mostly to fix the computer, and not finish the slide show thing. She made a comment that she had to pay me every time I came over, why can't I do anything thing for free for her. Fine, I'll go, I'll fix, and I won't take the $20.

My uncle called like 40 mins ago. He wants me to do a type up a few lawyer things for him for the 17th. About 8 pages he said, but I don't know if they are on legal size paper or not.

Well see ya.

Another day, another blog. :)

The Highlights.


Let's see.

I found a way to change the serial for my work computer so I could get it to upgrade to SP2, and that part worked a lot easier than all the things I read. Then I rebooted it, and the shell crashed. :(

Ok, I know that you may not know what the shell is, but you kinda need that. The stuff you see when you see your files, how you get to them, and a few other things is the shell, and it's called, oddly enough, explorer.

Well mine was cashing every time I logged into my profile or the local admin profile, but the other parts of windows continued to work. So at the end of 4th log on or so, I believed that SP2 wrecked my shell. Fine, I'll just get another shell. I decided to get ASTON
. I think that I tried it out years ago, and this was a good a time as any to try it again, considering I needed a new shell. I went, got it, installed it, changed over to it, and was slightly impressed. Then I tried to get the code for it so it would continue to work for past the 30 days. I got one that I hoped would work, but then I read the how to, and I had to exit Aston to apply it. I wasn't looking forward to working without a shell, but I had to. So I switched over, logged out, and logged back in. ..... It's back. Explorer is back. It wasn't crashing or anything. WoW. My luck. Now I don't have to explane why they would see this funny thing when they tried to log into my system.

AM was there for part of the crash, and when I came out after finding explorer to be working again. I then understood something as I explained it to her. One, the shell that was crashing wasn't explorer. It was xplorer. This thing I knew about last year, ok 2003. And when I used the built in shell switcher from Aston to go back to explorer, it chose the right shell file, and now everything is working. I need to defag it, and clean out some stuff, but it's back. :)

Sometime that day I found and installed the codec that I needed to play my anime that I burned to dvd, and made a cd using the new drive. The drive is too slow. It took over 2 hours the other night burn the dvd, and then today (Sunday) it took over 16 mins to burn a cd of less then 300 megs of data.

Today, getting to work was odd and cold. Not as cold as the rest of the night that was to greet me, but cold. Also, a bus driver was kind enough to give me ride to work even though he wasn't working. He couldn't. All the seat behind the front ones were taken out. He was having it re-fitted or something. But some how we were still stopped by three people who didn't mind since they really needed a ride and space to hold boxes of canned soda. There was something of a box in the back for them to sit on. When I came out of the bus and into the falling rain, a girl come out to take my seat.

What else? ... On my way down to the department, I saw rain for hours and I had on a short sleeve shirt. I was going to freeze. M left early today. We packed the last of the paper into the cupboard. I went back to tweaking up fixing up the rest of my system. For one I had to turn messenger back on. Not MSN messenger, but the OS's messenger. Home computers don't need it, but it's a nice thing to have when you are on a network.

Then the student's server went down. Every so often it just doesn't want to do what we have it for, and it has to be restarted. I called one person, nothing. Called him again, but still had to call the other person because he was far away, and the other person told me were to find the keys to get into the room to restart it. Great. 10 mins waisted calling around.

The rest of my night I was spent trying to fix everything that sp2 messed up, and unistalled my office and acrobat, then reinstalled office. Defraged my system with diskepper, after making some more space. I also posted some new web pages for the site and did some researching then I came home in the very cold night air.

The other interesting part my night was when I got home. I couldn't get in the front door. Not that I tried. My sister told me that I had come thought the kitchen door. I did, and looked over to see why I couldn't come in though the front door, but before I saw my bed standing on it side in front of the door, I smelled something. Paint. She painted my room. That is why all these other things and my bed were in the living room.

That is one of the reasons why I'm doing high lights. I have to go and fold some cloths before I can go to bed. My room looks great. I moved a few things around. Everything didn't go back to where they were before. Once you clean out a room and put everything back it always looks bigger. But my room looks big now that everything is back in, and the walls are painted a nice creamy light yellow and the floor is so clean. :)

Now I mostly have the cloths to contend with now. I'll leave the rest of the dirt and trash for tomorrow when I wake up, and tomorrow night I'm sure it's dishes. I would have been dishes for me today or tonight if first I wasn't up so late last night, and then the rebuilding of my bedroom tonight. Oh well.

I had a bag of popcorn to eat at school, but I had the same thing for dinner that I had for breakfast today when I woke up at 12pm. Crackers and refried beans with corned beef, but I heated the beef in the microwave for dinner, considering I was so cold.

It's been raining off and on for the last 4 hours. Well that's it.

Tomorrow is shopping day for us. I thought that it was going to be Wednesday, but my sister couldn't do it because she had a job Wednesday afternoon. So we are doing it after her morning job tomorrow.


February 11, 2005

I Haven't Left...

I'm just behind.

I've been working on Wednesday's blog for two days.

I just have too much to write and not wanting to write it.

I'm still blogging... back here.... somewhere... some times. :)

I'm trying...

But I wanted to let you know that there will be some back log in a day or so. Right now I'm looking at getting a new template for the blog. As always, not as easy as it sounds since I want to use one that isn't offered by blogger.

Here's a not from today that I will be talking about in about 2 days. :)

I installed a USB DVD-+RW drive today. I saw one on one of the guy's computer and asked if I could borrow it for a day or two, he said no. Then the next guy said I could use the other one that was over there. I did a nice 180 and found it behind the cd cases in the back. After installing it I tried to back up my anime collection that I got into trouble for months ago. It did it the wrong way, but the burner works. So now I have to go spend $10 each for more DVD-R disks. The two smaller sets that I have can't all fit onto one DVD so I have to spit them up.

In a few years.. 4 or so, if we still have the computers we have now, will may have to add dvd drives to them so that students can access stuff off of dvd data disks.

Well... see ya.

Oh, I'm starting to not feel the need to change the look of page, since it turning out to be such a hassle.

Saw my Friday night line up. Friday seemed to have come so quickly this week.


A Two for.... If I can remember.

Ok.. I'm going to join up Thursday and Friday.

I have a feeling I won't remember much of either.

Ok.... I remember a few things. I think I declared my map as being finished on Thursday, I think. I had left overs, left overs? ok.. moving on. Friday was ok. I didn't do the rest of St.J's printing, so I tried again last night before closing from the same computer I was using, and it just locked up on me for like 3 mins. I'm not doing that again.

Oh, there was that DVD-+RW thing that I started to talk to you about the other day. (blog after this one) Well I should have picked make DVD movie or something like that, but instead I picked, make DVD data disk. So now, the anime that I burned on to it, (that took over two hours) can only be played in a DVD drive connected to your computer, and not the one connected to the tv set. I tried the tv one before going home, it didn't work. It couldn't read it.

Bummer. I wanted to give them to the anime club. We don't have any DVDs in the computers here yet.

So far, as you can see, I'm only mostly remember Friday.

About 30 mins to go until the end of my shift and my sister calls up to ask how much money I have to see if can buy some chicken to go with the fries that she is now putting in the oven. I didn't get to leave on time. She was expecting me to be home at 7:30 at the latest. I got home just after 8pm. I was at work until 7:30 helping someone resize some pics, then I tried to play the DVD that I just made in the DVD player connected to the tv in one of the rooms. It didn't work. Then I found out that the codex for the sound was on a time limit and it ran out. So they played, but no sound.

AM was the girl that I helped with the picture thing that night and she hung out and walked up with me. She got a ride before I did. A student was going her way, and stopped to give her a lift while we were talking. I was left to wait for 30 mins before a bus came by for me. Then I had to squeeze into the front seat because it was full bus. The bus had a DVD moving play too.

I haven't told you about this yet have I?

Well a few of the buses out there have DVD players installed in them for the passengers can watch something during the ride. You would think that we would be looking out to the sea or at the island. We have seen the sea, and most of the time, we are moving too fast to really see the island, and it not like we have a scenic routine.

So anyway, there was the DVD player, playing a Kong Fu movie, and I think it was an old one. :) The stuff I grew on watching every Friday night with the bubbling over. These days I rather hear their language and read English. I just hope the driver wasn't taking peaks at the movie. I wasn't ready to die that night.

I then got off at the street were my sister told me to get the chicken from. She wanted wings and I was getting drumsticks. As I walked it was 8pm. If I leave in the next 5 mins Jhodie may not be too mad at me. That possibility went down the drain quickly. 2 minutes into the guy just standing there, and talking every 40 seconds or so, I realized that he was trying to make up his mind if he wanted to lend out something to someone or not. When he finally started to move to the door to get the chicken, and stopped, I told him to got the food then decide about giving the guy the thing afterwards. He still stopped for 30 seconds to just bug me. I know it.

Well 5 more mins later he came back out with a palter of fried fish, a what I had asked for wrapped in foil. What was it? 5 or 6 wing and 4 drumsticks. It was for me, Jhodie, Nika and Verey. After paying him more than I expected I made my way home to see my sister standing on the porch looking out for me.

She didn't talk to me for like 30 mins. I thought that she was mad at me. I told her that there were no buses and such. When she did talk to me, she said that she was just hungry. I'll take that.

The spicy fries were hotter than I thought they would be, but they were good.

By the time Star Gate came on, everyone was in bed but me.

It was nice set of shows, but as always with Battle Star Galactica, it felt like I missed part. Then sometime around 2am. I don't know what I was doing up that late, but I was.

I made a little voice recording for an online friend of mine. I had to do it 5 times. One of the problems, that I now realize, I talk to quietly. The other thing was that the recorder that came with windows was adding pops and clicks and stuff to the recording, so I had to go and download a new voice recorder. This one goes a bit further than the one that came with MS. This one records right to MP3. That saves me a step.

I think I wrote up something about the rest of my night.

I've just spent, off and on, almost 6 hours writing this blog. A few things came up that I had to do. I am at work after all. :)

See ya. I think I'll get tonight's blog done tonight. :)

Sorry no time to check for grammer, but I did spell check. :) closing time.

February 09, 2005

Wrong Lunch.


Ok.. I know I didn't blog yesterday, I thought I could do it today since I tried to get to work on time today by going to bed at a good time, but that didn't happen either.

My problem is, I don't really remember what I did yesterday right now.

Ah, now I remember... I tried to move a plantain tree, with a small measure of success.

In our "back yard" we have plantain and banana trees. Well plantain trees grow really high, and this one was over the roof, and the roof was cutting into it, so my sister wanted me to help her prop it away from the house.

So we did that, and got bites from little red ants. Then we tried to move one of the 'smaller' ones out of the way. That was a feet in itself. It didn't want to move... my sister was just about to give up when it gave way. I still don't know if she planted it yet. She just left it out after all the problems it gave us.

Then I went and got ready for work.

Today we were going to have a luncheon for Rick's birthday. He had called me earlier that day to ask me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted to know what was in the meat loaf. If they had added any other meat to it, I was going to have tofu. It turns out that they didn't, and I asked for that, along with a salad and macaroni pie.

I got to work mostly on time I think.

I did stuff. Work stuff, then I looked out at 3 till to see if anyone was going up for the luncheon. Came out to find Ms Cumberbatch coving the front desk for us. “They all left me?” I asked her. She just smiled at me as I walked out the door.

As I was on the second tear of campus on my way up to the first one for lunch, I ran in to St. J. I asked him if he got my e-mail and he said yes. But he meant the first one I sent him on the weekend about clearing out some stuff from a folder on the network. I told him that I sent him another e-mail, but all the time he was moving away from me. I guess he had to be somewhere. He said that he would get back to me.

I got up there to see two of them waiting around for their plate. First E said that it wasn't what she wanted. I read the labels to find, it wasn't out yet. Then I saw it about 3 mins later after Collin came and got his. I looked at my plate for a while, then said, this isn't what I asked for. They got most of it right, but there was no salad and in it's place there was tofu. I have nothing against it, I was going to ask for that if the meatloaf had something else it in like I said before, but I didn't want both of them. :( I wanted some green. Then there was the meat loaf. It looked like it could have been half of a small one. Way too much protein for me. Lucky me I got the baked macaroni and cheese, and I some lemonade to help wash everything down.

Lunch was lunch. I was just slightly dismayed that I ended up between the "Mr. Universe" of the department, and E. While I was stuck contemplating what to do with the rest of my meat loaf after everything else on the plate had been eaten, the boys were talking about cars and roads and speed limits and that kind of stuff. I was just waiting for the lunch to be over so we could have our meeting as I slowly ate the last of the meat loaf. It was good meat loaf, just a bit too much. After I ate it, I realized that I don't throw away food. I was full for the rest of the day.

We were suppose to have our meeting the new "Caribbean" conference room, but it was booked for something else, so we used class room 2. Nothing much was said in the meeting. He mostly explained a few things for way too long. Everything he said I think I knew other than the news about the new pres of the Ross.

Then went back down to work. Once again I bumped into St. J. He asked that I print out what I sent him the e-mail about today (I sent him an e-mail, along with the rest of the department, about some printable versions of the slides he had us scan for him). First he wanted it in colour, then I told him that we didn't have that much ink, and beside he couldn't make colour copies of them anyway. So I have to print them out for him.

When I got downstairs Collin gave me some work. He was asked to make a staff contact/photo sheet, so he wanted me to clean up what the computer came up with. I wasn't making the sheet, just cleaning the database that they were coming from. So as I did that I printed each document for St.J. There were 34 or so documents that he wanted printed. There is an odd lag or freezing that happens when you tell it to print it out, so I would go back to cleaning the database while it did that. Then come back, set the next one to print, and then go back to the database. I did that for about 2 hours or so. I ran into a few things that I went back and forth with Collin about, but I got the database cleaned up by the end of the day.

I then went out to the front desk to cover it for the rest of the night. I just worked on the map that I had forgotten about for the past week or so. Turns out that the version on the front desk uses the line tool different then the on my computer inside. So I spent some time wondering what was going on, then I had to give up and just learn how to use this one. Just before I started that, I went hunting for some software. First I thought that I had to re-install a RAM meter and optimizer, which just change the problem, but it "worked" either way. Then I went looking for "AllToTray" That lets you minimize any opened program or window to the system tray. I wanted it so that I could have outlook opened so I would know when mail came, with out having it take up task bar space. Then as I'm looking for that, it hits me. Why don't I just get an e-mail checking program? I tested out a few years ago when I couldn't really us it or really need it. So I found one, and I'm testing it out now. I'm not completely in love with it, so I think that I'll look and check out another one later.

So now I'm working on my map until closing time, and half an hour to go, and the program crashed on me. What bites is that I didn't save anything. I almost slid out of my chair. Ok, ok. I know what needs to done. I can re-do it. So I did, and it went a lot faster since I knew what I had to do, and come the top of the hour, I had all that I had done, and saved.

Then I went home.

At this point... four days later... I don't remember what happened after that. If I remember I'll come back and add it on.

On to the next one.. if not yesterdays. :)

February 08, 2005

Veal cutlets with anchovy garlic butter

I started using my new toy as you can see.

Lost one for the night I promise. I may not even use this for another week. :)

So far we haven't seen any veal on sale never mind beef ribs. They don't even know that beef ribs can be eaten as far as I can tell.

My sister does like anchovies, but I think they stink to high heaven. :(

If it wasn't for those two things we may try this one out.

My sister really wants me to pay for the real paper magazine so she can start stocking them for their recipe. The mag is called "The Australian Women's Weekly"

I hope the pic comes out right. :)

See ya.

Originally uploaded by JemOfAGirl.

Veal cutlets with anchovy garlic butter
Veal can be marinated a day ahead; butter can be made a day ahead.
Serves 4.

1 lemon
8 small (1.3kg) veal cutlets
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tablespoon fresh sage leaves
� cup (60ml) extra virgin olive oil
salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 whole anchovy fillets, drained
1 clove garlic, crushed
125g butter, softened
1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh sage

Peel rind thinly from lemon using a vegetable peeler. Cut the rind into long thin strips. (Or, remove rind with a zester.)

Combine cutlets, garlic, sage, rind and oil in a large bowl; toss to coat. Cover, refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight.

Sprinkle cutlets with salt and pepper. Cook cutlets on a heated oiled grill plate (or grill or barbecue) until browned on both sides and cooked as desired.

ANCHOVY GARLIC BUTTER: Meanwhile, pound or chop anchovy and garlic together to form a paste. Beat butter in a bowl with a wooden spoon until smooth; beat in anchovy paste and sage until combined.

Serve veal cutlets with Anchovy Garlic Butter.

Not suitable to freeze.
Not suitable to microwave."

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Hello Every one.

Movie worth showing you the trailer for.

I know in like 4 months you will all the ads all over the place telling you about it, but I just wanted to beat them to you. :)

See ya.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

I Have The Power Of Pictures Again...

... As you can see. :)

I'll check back with hello after they have fixed their problems, I like their's a bit better, and it lets you chat with others, (when it works)... but it's just not working for me right now. I almost though that it got fixed tonight, but it just didn't actually post anything. It said it was trying, but that was as far as it got.

As for the rest of my day, lets see.

I woke up with a start at 11am or so when I heard a noise, and knew that no one was in the house but me and Nika. Ran out to see what happened, and Nika was asleep in the couch. Guess the noise didn't come from the house. Ok, I'm awake now.

Checked my mail, no wrote me as usual. Then Nika woke up with a fever. I put one of those cold gel things on her head in a towel. I got her something to eat and drink and more or less talked her into going town with me since we were out of TP and her meds.

We were getting ready to leave when Jhoide showed up. Today is work day for her. Last night or so she got a call from a student at school who was told that she was a house keeper/cleaner, and wanted her to come and clean her place today at 2pm, and that morning she had her normal job. She got home, said hi, I told her that Nika had a fever when I found her this morning. She wasn't happy to hear that. But she said it was good idea to get her out of the house for a bit.

I dressed her in light clothes so she wouldn't get to hot and may have the air cool her down.

Got a bus, got to town. Went to Rams, got the TP, my lactose reduced milk, got her her Aramol (liquid paracetamol for kids) and orange flavor multi-vitamins. I got some spicy fries with plans of baking them this after noon. Got Nika two or so little things. Then we went to do something for Jhoide. She got paid for a job she did last week, and she got money from her regular job, and she wanted me to put them on the back for her. One was a check and the other was a cash. She's really cheep. $10 EC an hour. But before we went to do that, I went to get us something to eat, but Nika didn't want to eat in town so we took it to go. It was a saltfish and johnny cake.

We slowly made our way up to Jhoide's bank, Nika was sick and walking slowly, and I was carrying heavy boxes times 6 of milk. My poor hand. The other stuff was light, the milk taxed me.

We got there and I let Nika sit in one of the chairs while I tried to write up a deposit slip for Jhodie's stuff. Went thought 2 slips, and scratched a bit on the second one.

By the time we were ready to leave, Nika wasn't feeling that great, but a block later she seemed to have perked up, but then her shoe started to hurt her foot. So we stopped for a bit, and she had some of the OJ that I got her at the store. After a bit, we went and got a bus home. When we got home, she went down for a nap,I had my saltfish and johnny cake, did most of the dishes while I played music from the computer. I tested out Itunes today on this computer. It crashed the first two times when I tried to drag and drop about 4 gigs of songs into it.

Then I tried to do something on line.. can't remember what that is right now. But then I started to fall asleep when I had to use the bathroom, then Nika woke up, and I had to wake to take care of her until my sister got home, at which time she would also be tired and I would have to stay up more until she finished her nap in 2 or so hours.

Anyway, Nika woke up, I took her to my room propped her up in my bed, got her her saltfish and johnny cake and the rest of her OJ. After she ate, I had to hold her down and fight with her to get her to take her meds, for her fever. It brought her fever down nicely in about an hour I think. We laid in the bed for a while, then we Nika started to feel cramped on my small twin bed she said that she wanted to go out and lay down on the couch. So we were out there when Jhodie came home in another hour.

Oh Verey. I almost forgot about him. Pearl left around 3, with out telling me anything about Verey, and 30 mins later her boyfriend showed up with him to drop off his back because he wast taking him walking he said. Fine. He asked me if Pearl told. I just just said no, with the sound of "you expected her" sound behind it.

He showed up like 30 mins, if that much, before Jhodie got back. I was doing some hash browns in the oven. I let Nika pick between that and the fries. She chose the hash browns. Jhodie then went to get some chicken to go with it, and to get some bread for tomorrow. She also had to find a carpenter friend of her for a job somewhere that she was told about. I take that back, Verey came when Jhodie was out getting the chicken. Maybe. Ok, I give up, I don't care to remember when he came. I just know that he hung around Nika like a fly, and she wasn't paying him any attention. She was to busy watching the things on WWW.FLOWGO.COM . She went to the clicked on the babies page, and I showed her where the back button was when she had clicked on one, so she could get back to the list, and I left her alone. She was there for about an hour.

Oh, I've been on this computer longer than I should have. I looked for things, installed stalled things, uninstalled things, looked up things, fixed a few things and now blogging. I'm here a bit longer than I should be because one, my sister let me fall asleep in the couch and I woke up about 2 hours later at 11pm. Then when I was blogging I had to stop and help Jhodie give Nika her meds. Yes thing fighting thing.

Now I'm about ready to crash if not sit in a better chair, and my sister is now awake.

See ya. (time stamp - 4:31am).. oh note....

Rosters crow from 3am until sunrise. I say that because there are a lot around me an they are causing a racket now, and I remember someone saying that they only thought that they crowed at sunrise. Ya right.


February 07, 2005

A face a mother could love - and maybe on special guy

A face a mother could love - and maybe on special guy
Originally uploaded by JemOfAGirl.

This was me last year. I would let you see more of me if it was a better pic.

Guess what I've been up to tonight? :)

I'll be by later to really blog for the day.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I hate writing this late.

It's 2:30am and I shouldn't be up never mind typing my blog.

At least I don't have much to say.

Yesterday I could have curled up and gone to sleep in the back if I had a bed. Just about no one needed me, and I did nothing other than get paper for the printer.

Came home to corn bread with mac and cheese. I should have gone to sleep on time but somehow I just lost a few hours and stayed up until 3am

And here I am again tonight.

I did do somethings at work today. I uninstalled my browser that use to be called MyIE2 and I got and installed FireFox. I was starting to think that it was letting somethings though. So I'm going to try this out. I got a ton of extensions for it.

I found a link for a movie last night or the night before, I'm not sure, and it's almost done. If I stay up for two more hours I might see it finish, but I'm not.

Anyway, I did that, did a little poking around and found a file that may have been messing with the system. Not sure yet. I need to give it a few days to find out. Then I was about to send my wallpaper in to my club, because I didn't remember in time to do that, and one of my bosses showed up. We'll he's staff manager. Either which way, he's also our programmer. He came in to trouble shot a problem and I find out it was the same problem that he came in last night at 9 to start fixing.

So after he found the solution he let me apply the fix while he did other things. First I just had to run a regedit file, then I had to uninstall the program that we were fixting, restart the computer, install it again and then run the regedit file. On all the floor computers. That's about 57-69 or so computers. I had already done about 12 or so when he came back with the uninstall bit.

So I did that until it was time to leave. I didn't get to do all. I tried, but I had to stop for two things. Together they may have taken up 15-20 mins of my time. One was show the new guy from the library how to use the scanner, then pick and post my wallpaper to my club. It's a good thing I already knew which ones I was going to use. I did get one nice surprise there. Normally they would crunch it down to a degraded size and such, but today I saw that they let you choose how you want it. Untouched, which I picked, a little be smaller, or smaller than that, the one they were using.

So I did all that, waited a while for a bus, but lucky me, a bus driver that knew me stopped for me, but almost got run into because the guy behind him was tailgated and speeding. Everyone speeds by the university. Then when he stopped to let me out, instead of wait 30 seconds, two cars almost ran me over going round the bus when I was trying to cross the street. Idiots.

Got home, and had bits here and bits there to eat. Jhodie didn't feel like cooking.

Tomorrow she has two jobs so she will be out all day. I get to sleep in, but when I wake up I have the rest of the dishes to wash.

Oh, that lying girl that is staying with us, told me that she only got paid $135 or so for the first half of January. She's a waitress and does a few other things where she works. I didn't ask how come, and just took it. Then my sister found her pay stub when she was looking for something and it said that she got paid over $700. She is lying to me. The person who let her stay here. If I had said no way back when who knows where she would have been or what. And she won't pay me $300 for saying here. when she gets paid between $500 an $700 every two weeks. She get to use everything in the house. Internet, tv, she plugs her cell up for recharging, uses the washing machine, and I'm sure she doesn't even buy her own detergent. We feed her child, look after him when she's out or at work. He's gotten us sick a number of times and she lies to me???

And then there is this. She was allowed to stay here so she could save up money for rent for her own place and she says that she has no money and I just started asking her to pay for rent this year. She's been here since August?? Or was it April?

My sister is going to talk to her. I know i don't want to talk to her. I didn't want her in the first place. I'm going to have to talk to her soon. I know it. I just hope nothing too major happens to make me do it.

Ok.. I'm out of here.

February 05, 2005

A Real Quicky.

Like I said, I was more or less left to myself for the rest of the afternoon. I sat at the front desk and looked busy until my boss left at 4.

Came home to buy dinner. My sister wasn't up to cooking again, and surprises of surprises, Pearl gave Jhodie the whole $300. So about $40 of that went to dinner since I was already broke.

Got chicken and fries, and some more OJ.

Got back, watched Star Gate the two of them, but I missed Battle star. I should be watching it now, now that I think about it.

After doing a bad reading to put the kids to bed, I helped my sister find an e-B-day card for one of her friends. Then Vervey woke up and yuck. I had to clean him up and for some reason he was just crying like I was making him take a bath. Then his mother showed up, but I still finished the job of cleaning his snot encrusted face and nose.

Then I did some dishes after trying to find that audio mixing program for the nurse. I got rid of a few things, washed a few things, now I came back to download something with my new download manager. I'm just testing it out. I haven't washed a dish or fork unless I had too due to my cold making the water feel even colder, and the water already being colder than normal for some reason.

It's been cold down here. 72 degrees cold and rain and wind. That's too cold for down here. Anyway, cleaned out one half of the sink, I'm going to try and wash some plates, and one or two big items, but my back is already hurting me. I know I did something to hurt it at work, but I can't remember what it is right now. If didn't already hurt it, I could have washed the dishes for over 30 before my back would start hurting me.

Well it's 2:55am and I have to go to bed soon. I'm more or less set to go to town to pay my over due Internet bill of $100 and get some more tangerines.

Tomorrow I post wallpapers for my club, I may look though the some that I have here, and take them to work and compare, but I can feel that I'm going to downloading a whole new set just to post. :)

See ya.

February 04, 2005

Hello isn't working... least of my problems


I think that I'm coming down with the cold again.

I started to feel it sometime last night after I got home.

As for yesterday, I got to work right at 2pm. I just didn't get to go the nurses house like I should have, but sometime during my shift I took time out to write her up a how too on how to finish it up, providing she had the music and pictures set up the way she wanted them.

Ron thought that I was in a good mood that day. I just said it was because I got to work on time today. He showed how happy he was to hear that.

I got a lot done that day, that was why I was happy, but I'm sure showing up on time for the first time this year was nice too.

I e-mailed, I made the web for the security department, and sent a request for pictures. I saw him on my way in today. I won't be getting my pictures until next week. He's heading to Nevis for the weekend. Oh well. It's he last page.

Did some video dubbing, tried out a new game, returned some stuff to teachers, cleaned up my desk, wrote up my report for the day, closed up a class room, and got am e-mail from R inviting us to a belated-self-hosted birthday lunch. Ya, lunch. :P

When I got home my sister's profile started to dive, so I backed up her stuff and erased it from the hard drive, then re-built it. While I was copying her stuff, it seemed to be that there were too many things running in the background of the system. I used a profile that I only use to really fix things that hardly gets used.

In my starting to get sick state, I tried to run MSCONFIG. I did it like 4 times before it hit me win2000 doesn't have MSCONFIG. I got the error message, but for some reason I didn't believe it. Oh, not that I got it, I went to see what start up program manager I had and see what was starting up with the system. I didn't find the one that I now remember I have, but installed one of the others that I had. I had like 15 things not counting 3 extra services going at start up. So I nixed them and finished re-making my sister's profile.

It was so smooth after I got rid of those things. I wish I had done it a few days sooner. It was starting to add odd a few days ago. But now as far as I can tell it's working fine. I’m a bit concerned about explore crashing, but I'll see tonight when I get home.

After fixing that, I talked to a friend for about 20-30 mins, then I went to bed around 4am. That might be why I'm feeling bad, no sleep.

Woke up this morning to find out that my dream of clean kitchen was just a dream. I thought it was real. Either way, I wasn't feeling that great, I heard Nika coughing, and I found my sister in bed with tissue up her nose again. She was fine the day before. Just when I said that Nika should go to the doctor to see about the tummy cramps she has been having for almost a week now.

Ok.. got to go back to work. It’s 12:45. I was covering the front desk while E was on lunch, but she locked her computer so I couldn't do anything. I sent out a few network messages, re-filled a printer tray, and I just got a little slide-scanning project from a teacher. He was still under the impression that the 2x2 scanner was still broken. I was down over a semester ago and I sent out and e-mail, I think when it was fixed.

Well see ya. I have to go make another how too for the nurse, and do he slide thing. I have nothing else on my plate for the day. So I may fiddling around with stuff later when I'm here all by myself. :)

Off to spell check. :)

February 03, 2005

I Went To Sleep Too Early.


It's 3:35am.

I'll be going to bed in about 40 mins, just because I'm now blogging.

For some reason I was tired and fell asleep around 9pm. My sister sent me to bed, and left me there. Woke up on my own around 1:30am, half thinking that it was like 4am.

I just spent over 1 and half hours trying to get my hello account going along with using the program to upload one pic that I have of the Four Seasons Hotel over in Nevis.

It was earlier today when I was cleaning up the side computer at the front desk that I found them. They were from a screen saver that I also tried to track down this morning. Can't find it yet. I'll look some more tomorrow.

As for this morning it could have been an ok start if my sister was yelling at me to get out of the house and helped. But she didn't help and yelled at me more for washing my hair, when I told her that I had to wash it.

I got up, put water on to boil, got some cereal, added milk and heated it up in the microwave. I didn't eat all of it, got the water from the stove, and dumped it in the bucket in the shower. Walked back out with the pot and went to wash my hair, and have a hot bath. It then seemed as I had water running down into my face that someone finished the shampoo, and didn't tell anyone and left it there, empty. So I called my sister and asked her to get me the other one, she just yelled that I shouldn't be washing my hair. Which didn't help since it was already wet. So I used the bath soap. I used it before when I was younger, and when we didn't have shampoo, so I washed my hair, and took my bath, then came out.

Bushed my teeth, and went to my bedroom to get dressed and such. I then ironed my clothes. Which she then yelled at me about citing the time. At this point I just didn't say anything and just ironed my clothes.

I couldn't find my afro pick. Ya, I still us that, and I have to now that my hair is all normal and not treated. But it couldn't be found. Then my hair shrunk since I just washed it, so some people my think that it was cut badly, or that they imagined that my hair was longer.

I left the house 5 past 11, so I was almost find as far as I was concerned. The time eating part was getting the bus. Stood there for like 10 mins, then there were two stops. So I got there about 25 past. Then I got a surprise. E wasn't at the front desk . One of the guys were sitting there.

I told him that he was releaved, but don't think that the heard me. He was trying to fix something. He was logged into the main computer at the front desk. So I took the side one and filled out my sick leave sheet for last week and handed it in. When I did that, J asked if I had tested out the ram, ra, mov files thing that I sent him the e-mail about a few days ago. I said I hadn't gotten to it. So I came back out and tested it out. It was much better. It only took like 2 mins this time. Before he did anything it was taking over an hour. So an hour or so later I sent him and e-mail saying it was much better and thank you.

Then I did some web work. Took down announcements, added announcements. Then I was told to get cracking on a tape that I've had for a teacher for over a week. After 40 or so mins of trying, it turned out that the tape may have been damaged. I couldn't get it to play back so I could digitize it. I just wished that I hadn't waited so long to find out that I couldn't do it. Then I worked on Dr. S's tape. His son shot something and now the teacher told him that he wanted it on cd. I got it digitized, but now I have to burn it to cd tomorrow. I think that he doesn't need it until next week.

Between those two jobs I helped a staff member who some how lost or had his password changed on him, and I picked up lunch after 2:30 as I headed over to see Dr. K. Somehow he could type, but he couldn't click anything on his menu and tool bar. Which for him, meant that he couldn't save it, and he had been working on that document for the whole afternoon he said. So I walked over there it still seemed like a crash like I was telling telling the guy that sent me over there. The short cut keys worked, so I saved it to his hard drive, which I'm going to have fix tomorrow I'm sure. I then told him about using Ctrl+B to type in bold, and Ctrl+I for italic or slant, and Ctrl+U for underline.

And to restart his computer at the end of the day. The guy who sent me over asked why when I got back, since he just locks his computer at the end of the day. Since he is having problems, it wouldn't hurt if he restarted it, it may even save on him having to call us over because he's gone thought like 20 docs that day and crash happened and he just went on using it for a few days and then this happens again. Well I didn't tell him all that. But it's true.

I also helped a student who couldn't connect to the wireless network again. I was just hoping that I could fix it. And I did. :) Ya for me.

After all that I got to work on Dr. S's tape. At first I couldn't find the part that I needed to copy. Oh, before that I had my lunch. It was just a tuna sandwich with cheese that cost me $9 and an oatmeal cookie for $3. I drank water. I need to have and OJ for the cold I still had, but I couldn't afford it.

So I spent like 20 to 30 mins trying to reach Dr. S to find out, and then I found it after going beyond the blue stuff, then when it was saving and rendering, I took a nap. I just wish that my arms didn't hurt when I woke up.:(

Well, M woke me up when she came to tell me that she was going to eat. Lucky me I had 2 min let on it. I went to use the bathroom, back back out and the clock said 6:30. Wow. I lost time somewhere. I don't even remember 5pm. My nap may have been longer than I thought it was.

Well I went to the front desk, logged on and talk to a friend for a few mins, filled out my “what I did today at work” list, then as I'm leaving, I was told of a class room that needed to be closed up and such. I went and did that, that went to catch a bus home.

Little Ray showed up. He brought me two boxes of cereal, which was nice. Since I told him that I didn't want him coming here since he shows up, wants stuff, and doesn't bring anything for us. He wanted to borrow the dvd player, and burn a cd. I asked him if the boxes were full, and thought that he wouldn't bring half empty boxes but when my sister went to check, one was just about empty the other one was full.

When he was burning his cd I fell asleep. He had to go home to get his own blank disk.

Well see ya. :)

Tomorrow I'm stopping off at the nurse's house before work. I went by yesterday to help her with her slide show thing. She did good. It wasn't the program that I had for her to use, but it more or less worked. Ran into one problem though she wanted to have music playing in the background as she narrated part of the slide show. Movie Maker for windows only lets you add one track of audio. So she had to just have her talking for each pic without the music.

I was suppose to look for a program that would let me mix two tracks into one, but my sister let me sleep. I may get one tomorrow before I have to go see her. But I think I may be in bed longer than I thought I would since It's now 4:30am. At least I don't have to spell check this. I typed it all up in OpenOffice. I uninstalled Microsoft office last month. I was really looking for a publisher viewer, but no luck, and I didn't want to re-install office, so I just kept this. It's not bad. :)

Now I'm posting.

See ya on the flip side. Oh... forogt to the link to the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis.