December 14, 2012


Now I know how a horse feels with a bit in his mouth.

Sore, dug into, bruised and slight pain. And I had to go through that for about 5-10 mins. :(

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December 05, 2012

Subway cleaning.

I knew it was do e for our station. :D

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Movie night!

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The girl in the last picture.

It just occurred to me that I just posted a pic of my friend Tanzi.

This is the girl I've been friends with since high school.

This is the girl I took my first bus trip for, to see her at Well's college before I went back home in '97.

This is the girl I went to see and stay with in Seattle before I started college after I got back, 4 years ago.

This is also the girl that had me take down her other picture that I posted of her back in at the start of '08 when I first got back.

But I'm of a mind to leave it, but the more I think of it, I seem to find myself being talked out of doing it. When I get online again, I'll post a different pic.

So yes. We saw the "Rise of the Guardians" in 3D to boot. First 3D movie ever. Not bad. Much better than I expected. I found myself reaching out for a few things.

I liked it. I really did, but that wasn't the only movie we saw. The first one was "Wreck it Ralph". I don't think it was fair to that movie to see the guardians in 3D right after.

I liked both but for clearly different reasons. Both are well worth seeing. :D

So now, I'm on the M15 that will take me to Bowling Green so I can take the train home.


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December 03, 2012

A few pictures from the dental convention taken with my phone

Not many know. I thought about taking pictures too late. These were all taken in the last hour I was there and I was there for over 5 hours.

I looked at the cute boy in the gray sweater so much he came over and gave us tweasers.

I know, not the hoped for conclusion one would like, but it's a convention, he's working and I wasn't that pretty.

Ok, back to getting ready to leave. Later.

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December 02, 2012

I just needed some game dollars, oh, I'm also sick.

I just challenged you to a race in Car Town Streets! Let's see if your cars can beat mine. Play Now!

No, my account has not been hacked or anything like that.

I just started to play this game. It's the first that I have ever seen that had a text your friend choice. :)

I might hold on to this game for a while, but I won't play it as much as I use to play My Town Two.

Yes, this is what I'm doing when I'm sick. Trying to breath, sneezing my brains out, playing games and watching movies on Netflix. I did the sleeping thing earlier. I slept the who day away once I was able to breath. I'm so happy I had those Breath Right strips.

Later. :)

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