June 26, 2006

Just A Little Late

That goes for everyone and not just me.
Hi ya.
Since the last time I wrote, we have had two black outs. The first one was on Friday afternoon, and that lasted unitl 9:30pm the next day. Most people were told that the power was going to be back at 4pm. We didn't beleive it so I went down to see how far along they were with the repairs myself.
It was a lighting strick that took out the genarator or relay or what every it was for the grid that we were on. It was the whole of town or anything close to that. Just a few "villages" and schools and shops and such.
That Saturday I went into town with Nika to get lunch. She wanted KFC and was willing to spend her own money on it. Since it was Saturday, there was a very long line. If the door could have been kepth open it would have reached half way down the block. It's a small place. The line only have to have about 25 people in the line for the last person to have their back against the door. Then after waiting in the line for a while we had to wait again for Jhodie's order. They didn't have what she wanted, but the lady at the counter said that some would be out in 10 mins, so I said that we would wait. I know it took longer, but I can't really say how much longer. I can say that it felt like I was waiting for about 30 mins, but it could have just been 15. I need a watch to tell time. *grin*
Oh. I haven't gotten around to telling you about Tuesday and Reed's Data Entrey.
Well I got there on time. Way on time. I was very early, and had to wake myself up a few times while I waited for my test. Then it was me and another lady that was waiting with me who took the same test with me. We were taken over to two computers on the other side of the room that was kind sectioned off, and we were given a run through of what the test(s) was. We weren't timed as to how fast we typed anything. Mostly it was too see if you find errors, look for certen things, ues Excel, search the internet, repeat somethings, solve some intresting problems, then lastly express yourself. The whole thing was an hour and a half long. I thought that I was doing well, until the lady came back and said that we had five mins left. I was happy I was last part, but I didn't really get to review most of what I did. Darn!
They said that based on how well we did, we would be called back for an interview. Since I haven't heard anything back from them and it will be a week come tomorrow, I guess I made more mistakes than I thought. :(
Today we had the other power outage. We were expecting it, but not at any particulare time. The outside job of connecting the "station" back to the grin was a pach job that we knew that they would have to come back and fix later. Power was only out for about 2 and half hours this time.
I'm more worried about my pension. I still haven't gotten it, and it shopping time. The shelves are starting to look very bare and I still have a few bills to pay. I'm wondering if I could ask Ayo for the money and pay him back out of my penson when I get it. I was only thinking of asking for $300 EC. It won't pay off much, but It will keep a few things from being turned off.
Anyway. I also have Lynn's computer to play with in my spear time. Her monitor broke, so I was given it work out the kinks and such. It seems like I will have to reinstall it. I'll just use it for a bit while I try to get a copy of winxp to reinstall.
So that it's it. Oh. Nika was out sick for all of last week, Thursday was the other cricket holiday, and today Nika brought back her test papers. She did very well.
Got to go.



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June 18, 2006

I'm waiting for my pill to fully kick in.


I wasn't going to blog today.

Besides three things nothing much has happened for the past few days and I was going to update you on Tuesday.

Ok.... (now thinking about it, there are more then three things), I'll tell.

Oh, the pill is for my acid reflux. I tried lying down before it fully kicked in and I just burned my chest. So I'm up.

Let's see.

Friday I got a call back from Reeds. They want me to come in on Tuesday at 9 am for a test. I would like to say that the job is mine, but who really knows.

Also, Nika's cold got really bad this Friday. For most of the week she has had a cold, but Friday she woke up with a fever and stayed home that morning. She was ok in time to be taken to school for her afternoon exam. We thought that she had missed the exam that was set for that morning, but it turned out that they had taken that exam the day before for some reason. Either which way, Nika did not miss any of her exams after all.

Since Friday I've been practicing my touch-typing. I'm learning again where the x and the z keys are, and hitting them with the right finger. I'm hoping this helps with my "test" that I have to take at Reeds. In the newspaper they asked for someone who could type at least 25 wpm. I haven't been that low since I left high school. As of my last try I was 41 wpm with 95 % error free. Not bad. 45 wpm would be better for me. So I'm practicing.

Friday night little Ray called Jhodie to have a look on his new little girl. *another story that I know just about nothing about*

Well Jhodie went around 6pm I think. She didn't get back until 10:30pm. The baby had a fever, and a bit of a cold I think, and being all of 2 weeks or so old, the mother *I don't know her name* gave her some paramal. It's the child's version of an adult medicine, but most of us down here don't give babies anything outside of the hospital or clinic. Either which way, they went to the hospital because the mother had already called someone there and they were considered that she had given the baby something, and as always, they took forever once they got there.

Other than that, the mother didn't know a thing. We don't have *how to be a mommy* classes down here. So Jhodie had a few little chats with her. Oh, the fever came from a shot the baby got the day before. They didn't tell her that the baby might get a fever. I thought that they were suppose to tell you this? Guess I was wrong.

Oh, about the paramal, she only gave the baby a drop, and she was fine after a cold bath. She was fine before they went to the hospital, but they got a shot to keep the fever from coming back by a nurse there.

That night Lynn said that she was going to bring over her computer for me to work on it while she waited for a new monitor, but Saturday morning and Lynn came but no computer. She missed the first trip of the ferry that morning that she had a ride for. Now come the second ferry trip, she couldn't get a ride, so the computer stayed at home. She stopped off here and got her Raspberry Vinaigrette, and left something for uncle Ray with out telling me that she was leaving it. I just saw it sitting in the couch after she left. And as she was leaving, Jhodie came home. She went out fishing that morning. I would consider it a waste of time since she didn't catch anything, but I'm sure she wouldn't say that.

We did a little washing, Jhodie did some gardening, we all nipped at food for the whole day. The closest to a meal any of us got was Nika. First it was a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast, then another sandwich for lunch or was it dinner. I asked her if she wanted any saltfish, but nope, so she got bread with cream cheese instead. Oh, I did have breakfast. Just remembered. It was a small bowl of cereal.

Also, my lovely ankle won't stop hurting me. I'v been thinking. If I do get this job, then I could walk it into town each day after work to help me loose some weight. But it's going to be heard if my ankle keeps bugging me. Then there is going to work for Ayo once the media center thing comes through. Go from entering data and such to running a media center. Another shift in gears for me. Can I, and will I do it? Is what I've been asking myself.

I think that I'm just about ok to go to bed now. I'll go spell check this and such so I get to bed before 4am.

See ya.

Night or Morning G.

Oh, I also decided not to send and e-mail out to friends until I get a new job, so when I tell them know that I have been fired, I would have something good to add with it. It was a good thing that Allen came and saw me when he did. A week or so later and I wouldn't have been there. It was nice to see him again. I'm going to like seeing my friends when I get back to the US.
Ok… leaving now.

June 15, 2006

Little Bits

Hi ya.

I don't remember what happened Monday, but I remember washing my hair that day.

Tuesday I got Jhodie to plat it, but I couldn't go out. We had a small storm. It rained for the whole day. After Jhodie did my hair I was up for another hour before I went back to bed. I wanted to stay up, but as I was watching tv I was slowly nodding off.

But I did help to make dinner that day, and it didn't come out that bad. I cooked the wings and started to cook the peas. We ended up not using the peas because they were taking too long to cook. I just asked Jhodie about them since she was suppose to put them up for another day. She forgot about them. So they are being tossed out.

Today we had chili today, with guess what?.. Blueberry Bagels. Yep. My sister wanted them. She ate them together and she said it was what she wanted. Good for her. It didn't gel that well with me.

I do like the bread pudding that She made last night. It was one of the reasons I stayed up so late last night. But I think something in it is giving me a headache. I've had one for most of the day. It tastes great, and everyone likes it, and it may not even be that, that is bugging me.

Either which way, I went to apply for the job like I wanted to on Tuesday. Lucky me I ran into the nurse and her husband. They were on their way into town and gave me a lift all the way to Reeds Data Entry. I went in and filled out a form. I took my time filling it out because I was looking around a lot, and some of it I didn't understand. It looked different from the last time I was there. I guess that's a good thing since it's been 8 years.

When I was finished I handed it in along with my resume, and I will receive a call back for when I should come back for some kind of test. This may be my best chance yet.

I didn't get a bus rid back into town, so I walked all the way back into town and hurt my feet in the process. I almost forgot to check my bank account to see how much money I had left and to take off $20 for future travel expenses.

My feet were hurting too much so I didn't bother to hand in my resume to anyone else, since in the end, for all I know, they wouldn't be able to find it, never mind remember it, when a job did open up. I would have a better chance waiting until they said they needed someone to hand in my resume.

Well it's 10:49pm and Jhodie and falling asleep in her bed, Nika has been asleep since 8:30, and I'm up blogging because I haven't in a while and I wanted to know what gave with the internet. I was down for most of the day and I don't know why. But since my other computer doesn't use the internet now I just plugged this one right into the modem and now it works. Oh well.

Oh, the over hard drive is just kinda gone. I was able to copy over my data on Sunday over the network. I took a long time, but I got it done. Great. I don't have to re-find back anything.

I also found out on Sunday night that I could watch the tv and the hard drive wouldn't click. Or that is what I thought. Last night it clicked so badly I couldn't keep it on to hear the TV. So I turned it off. I also disconnected it from the network because some damage was done to the AV so I wasn't protected from anything. At this point I didn't have anything on that computer to loose, but I didn't want anything getting into the network. So I unplugged it.

Oh, before I forgot. I saw Unleashed with Jet Lee the other night. The only part of it that I had seen is the fighting parts. Then in one ad for the movie a few weeks before I saw it showed a family type setting. Ha? This was something new. That gave me a reason to watch the movie. It wasn't that bad. I liked it over all.

Yesterday I called up the vet school, I'm trying very hard not to say school or work, to ask about my pension. We are spending the last of my money tomorrow. I didn't get the guy I was calling but Donnie picked up the phone. She got my phone number for him to call me back. He didn't. I asked her who was in charge of the Ross Link now, and told her where to get the template from in my profile. I wonder if they will use it. I could always ask M when the next issue comes out.

That is what I did Monday. M called me after I washed my hair. She wanted me to check out her computer for her. It turns out she needs to get a USB card. The ones that came with the computer aren't working that well. For one, what ever you wanted to use had to be half plugged it for it to be seen, while the other one doesn't seem to be working at all. She wasn't suppose to be home, but her son was sick and teething. So she asked to stay home to take care of him. It seemed that she wanted to talk, so I hung around until 4:30 or so, and then I went down to my uncle's house.

There I seemed to scare him when I came inside. *grin* I copied the pictures from his camera and found it that it I might have done something that I shouldn't have the last time I was there, which was the 5th, which made it harder for the computer to see the camera this time around. I would like to take the time to mention that this is defect of WinME.

My uncle still hasn't gotten around to really testing it out on his own yet. The camera that is, but he does like the Picasa2 program that I got for him. It lets you rotate pictures without having to save it afterwards like you would have to in Irfanview. I even have it set up for him to use it e-mail pictures to other people, but ofcourse he already forgot this and I showed him again. I may have to devote a few hours when we are both up and ready for it.

Ok. I think that's it. I'm going to get a new wallpaper for this profile.


June 11, 2006

Not Happy

My hard drive for the computer in my room died this morning.

I woke up to a clicking noise, and I couldn't turn off my computer other then pushing the power button.

I over worked my very old 8 gig hard drive and it gave up last night. More like this morning around 4am.

Oh well, the only things I lost were my newly downloaded henti movies. Just 4 of them. Oh well, but now I have get back the free games that I found for Nika and the smiley faces that I had gotten and found out I could use in MSN.

Another slow day. I should be washing my hair, and I will be soon. It was another hot day. I was outside and I hung out some clothes while side stepping ants in the back yard, and I washed some more dirty dishes while my sister was taking a nap. I wanted to take a nap too, but she needed to have some dishes cleaned before she could cook.

It was a nice day all in all, even if I just lost my computer/TV. At least I found two new eps of my anime to get tonight. Well I guess we are back to sharing one computer until I get a cheep hard drive for my computer.

I might just wash my hair tomorrow since I rather dry my hair during the daytime. Either which way I'm not going anywhere tomorrow. I'm going to town Tuesday, to drop off my resume to four places. One being the Labour Department for any Gov. jobs that might fit something that I've done. Then Cable and Wireless, then Digicel, then Courts. But first I have to clean my printer. I should have cleaned it days/weeks ago, but I don't know how much Ink I have left.

Ok, that's it. Night.

June 10, 2006

PopCap Games - Typer Shark

PopCap Games - Typer Shark

This is a game that you have to play to really get, and along the way you will learn to touch type.

I love this game and it comes from the site that only had one other game that loved. Chuzzle. It came out here first and only recently it's been shared out. At least to Reflexive Arcade.

Thursday or last night, I think it was last night. I sat down and did a great blog. Then I lost it. It was my own fault. I was using a new blogging tool, and I forgot where it's publish button was and hit the clear button instead. AAHH!

It was really nice too and I even said good night to G.

Today nothing much happened. We just cleaned out Nika's room. Dust flew, a bucket with water got knocked over, and Nika got tried of helping when it was no longer fun.

The amount of stuff this girl has.

Last night I found a download program that I've been looking for and it worked well until just now when I turned it back on. I was working just fine since last night until this afternoon when I turned off the computer to let it cool down. Now when it tries to down load something it says that it has an error and has to shut down. I wonder if a reinstall will fix it. First I'll run a cleanup program on the system. I've been maxing out my poor 128 ram and 8 gig hard drive for the past 3 days.

Wednesday I took a trip around the island. I guess you could call it an express tour. But the bus wasn't going really fast until we were on the south side of the island. It was kind fast at the start going from basseterre to Cayon, but from there until Sandy Point they didn't go that fast I think. I took 3 buses to make it all the way around.

The first part cost me $2.50, the next bus driver told me to save my money for the next one. I think he liked me. I don't know why, but I thanked him. It gave me money to get a bottle of water. The next and last part cost me $3.

The next day I stayed off my feet. I hurt my ankle some how and I didn't want to make it worst. That afternoon I called up this one place to see if they still had a job open that I saw on a sign outside the building when I went over there for the telemarketing job interview. I called and asked, and they had no clue, but told me to come down and leave my resume anyway. I got there later than I planed. Not that knew when I was coming, and I wore my new wig. I kinda had to. My hair was a mess, and my sister couldn't re-do it for me.

I spent too much money on getting copies of my resume and stuff. I stopped off at an internet cafe. Ya, we have a few here. I thought I could get it printed there, step out, and catch a bus on the corner. It didn't work out that way. It took forever to get it printed. Then it cost me $1 a page, so that was $10 gone. I forgot my drive as I rushed out to get a bus. Not that it mattered. I was turned down by about 8 buses before on gave me lift, so it gave it plenty of time to come out and give me back my drive. Then I got the to place to see that the sign had been taken down. My fault for not remembering sooner. Then they said that I could fill out a form and leave my resume with it. It was a Horsford form. Great. I told her that I filled one out like 2 weeks before, but later I remembered it was only a week ago.

I started walking back into town, and ended back up at TDC. I made one copy of what I had, paid out $2.50, then turned in a copy to their Human Resources Department on the other side of the block. Then I came home.

I'm starting to wonder about that pension check I was suppose to be getting from Ross. I think I should have gotten it by now. I'm going to call him Monday afternoon to ask him about it, Then Tuesday I'm going to take my resume to Cable and Wireless and Courts. Those are the last two places I can think of right now. I might also try DigiCell while I'm at it since they seem to be a growing company from St. Kitts. Which is something new. Then I got back to waiting.

Well that's it.

See ya.

Good night everyone.

June 04, 2006

Fruit and Pecan Granola Bars

By The Culinary Institute of America

Oats are a heart-healthy grain that can be an integral part of quick, tasty desserts and snacks. Toasting oats brings out a rich nutty flavor. These easy-to-make granola bars are lower in fat than many commercial snack bars, and don't have any of the additives or preservatives.


1 egg
1 egg white
1 cup light brown sugar
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups toasted oats
2/3 cup dried cranberries, chopped
1/4 cup pecans, chopped
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

Preparation ........................................... Cook: 40 Min

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Spread oats on a baking sheet and bake, stirring occasionally, for 15 to 18 minutes, until lightly browned and fragrant.

2. Reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Line an 8-by-11-inch pan [per recipe yielding 16 bars] with foil. Lightly oil or coat with nonstick spray.

3. In a large bowl, whisk egg, egg white, brown sugar, oil, cinnamon, salt and vanilla extract. Stir in toasted oats, dried cranberries or golden raisins, pecans and flour.

4. Spread in prepared pan and bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until golden brown. Cool; cut into bars with a lightly oiled knife.

Nutritional Analysis

Number of Servings: 16

Per Serving Amount
portion 1piece

calories 130
protein 2g
fat 2g
carbohydrate 24g
sodium 50mg
cholesterol 14mg

I washed my hair today and played a M J cd, and I like granola bars.

Other than that, just three things.

Jhodie went fishing and Nika crawled into bed with me after she left. We woke up as she got back at noon.

Tomorrow is a holiday and she just remembered to tell me, so I'm taking Nika with me tomrrow to town to find the bus that goes over to the Marrott so I can find out when to come and catch it, so I can get an interview if not just leave my resume.

It's so hot down here. For like two weeks it's been nothing but, heat and sun from 10am until you are asleep under a fan and wake up to it the next day.

Ok, that's it, good night.

Super Collapse 3

Super Collapse is back with the third installment of this highly addictive series! There's more action and surprise than ever before! Adventure awaits as you explore 10 unique lands in the all-new Quest mode. Earn coins to purchase items in the Shop, or take a breather and try your luck at one of 10 mini-games in the Casino. And for the true Collapse aficionado, Quick Play mode delivers endless, back-to-back challenges with 7 different modes! Once you start clicking you won't be able to stop!

I hope the pic isn't too big.

I think that I may just start another blog for games I've played and let you know what I think about them and if you should get it.

I know that there are tons of game reviewers out there, few for puzzle games as far as I know, and the sites that get you to buy the games from them won't say anything bad about it, and as for a bad review, that would be nice, if anyone left a review some times.

Also, I might be able to add a few things to the description of the game. They stopped telling you small things. Like how many points until you get a next life, and stuff like that.

I wouldn't expect it to be the be-all and end-all of game reviews, but it might be interesting to see what I say about some games. Wouldn't it?

Either way. I rate this one quite high. If you didn't get either of the first two you don't have to if you get this one.

That screen shot is one of the major differences between this one and the last two. This takes you on a journey of sorts, in which you will have to go through all the modes of the game to pass a level. I haven't gotten very far yet, but it's good, and at times, hard.

The modes are from the other two games that have been polished and updated a bit. So if you think of just getting the first one to go easy on your nerves, you will notice that some of the features are missing from the third one.

Well it's time I went to bed. It's after 3, and I'm sure my sister will try and wake me up "at a decent time” tomorrow.

June 03, 2006

Visa USA | Personal | Advertising

Visa USA | Personal | Advertising

Hi ya.

This is being posted for anyone who wants to share the ad from Visa that had the checkbook that flipped with the worm break dancing.

I know people find these blogs long after they are written, so you may have to look for that add if you get to this link a few years from now if you even remember the ad that is.

Other than that, my day was rather quite until I tried to take a nap around 5:45pm.

I was up at 9 to look for a bathing suit for Jhodie and get Nika ready for her play date, and get her breakfast. I stayed up waiting for Jhodie to come back from being in town with Lynn, and she got back late. About a min after the lady came by to pick them up, I was about to walk Nika up the street to her car and tell her that Jhodie was late, when Jhodie walked across the top of the street to talk to her, herself. Nika ran up the street to mommy.

I then went to my room, but I didn't go to sleep. I ended up hunting down wallpapers for my club and watching tv.

Ya, I remembered on time this time. I didn't say that I was sorry for not posting for last month, and I just posted the wallpaper. I'm having a bad month, as you know, and I didn't want to get into anything. Besides a few people that stumble across this blog, I know people keep signing up for my wallpaper club.

Anyway, it took me a while to find the four wallpapers for this month. I didn't have any on me since my data is more or less "locked" in my larger hard drive that is currently sitting in my top, left hand draw in my bedroom.

It took me a while to find a girl wallpaper that I liked or thought was decent enough to be picked. Then I upload them to imageshack and then posted the links over at my msn group (club).

Then I started to get tired around 5:30. I turn off the computer and turned around to go to sleep. First something happened. I don't remember what it was. Then the bread people came by as I put my head back down on the pillow, then I went back to bed and as my blood clamed down, Jhodie called from outside.

Oh, the blood thing, I was thinking the worst again. That kinda pressure isn't doing me any favors.

At least Jhodie let me sleep. I woke up like 2 or so hours later. Nika was asleep when I woke up, but she woke back up like 20 mins later.

Tito, my brother, called from the AIT or something like that. I told you he joined up right? Well he finished boot camp last week, now he's on to training in the field he signed up for. He's there for like 13 weeks, then he's assigned to a post somewhere.

Now I'm just looking for stuff since I don't have much to check anymore.

Well see ya.

I back posted. So if you are an unseen reader of mine, you may want to back track a week or so.



Chuzzle Deluxe
Download Now!
Want to have some Chuzzle fun? The Chuzzles are very interactive. Try some of the following to see their best tricks: Giggle - Double click on the Chuzzle or right click to get a cute giggle. Burp - Click numerous times on the large Chuzzle to get a nice loud belch. Dizzy - Drag a line of Chuzzles back and forth to make them dizzy. Grumpy - Leave your cursor on one of the Chuzzles for a little bit and it will get grumpy and bat it off. Bald - Click numerous times on a small Chuzzle to make it sneeze and lose all of it's hair. Sleep - Let your Chuzzles sit for more than 5 minutes and they will fall asleep. Who needs a dog when you've got Chuzzles!


There is something intresting for you.

I'm working on monday's blog, I started it last night in word. I might have finished if my sister didn't keep calling me.

Tomorrow I'll be posting wallpaper to the club. I know no one missed me over there, that is why I didn't scramble to post anything for last month after I realized that I forgot. I'll have to go hunt down a few since I don't have acess to my saved up stash.

Nika has a set of play dates for the weekend, and on Tuesday I'm going to find a way over to the Mariott to see if I can get a job there. No one has gotten back to me.

On Tuesday I went into town to settle something with Horsford, and I dropped off my resume at their head 0ffice. Come tuesday they would have had a week, but I don't expect job call backs on Mondays, since they would want you to start on Monday I would think.

Well enjoy the game. It's a game that I've liked for a long time, but Reflexive just got it. Younger people would like doing the things I posted at the top. Nika knew about them getting mad and kicking the cursor away, and she would do that for a while and just gigle.

Well night. Posted by Picasa