February 26, 2010

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Cars not hills. :)

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I've been kicked out of the house to take off the money I put on the bank yesterday to put it on my mom's account. She over spent and is now negative in her bank account. :( I have to go out there.

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I had to go out tonight.

Some of the snow was above my knee but lucky me most of the sidewalks were clear unlike the drains at some curbs. Some were lakes others were frozen marshes and a few were rivers. Only like 6 were clear.

I'm so tired now. I'm turning in early. When I get up I have to put some real effort into my drawing. ( I need to add a pic for my whole measure to be posted)

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Still snowing.

February 22, 2010

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I got a solid 80 (B) for my first drawing even though it wasn't complete. I'm very happy with that score. The one we passed in today was complete. I just missed two things that I'm aware of. Well I'm at school drawing after hours because we have another hard one. Later. :)

February 16, 2010

The light changed colour.

I have now improved on that 5 hours thing.

This week/end I have sat down from 9pm got up 3am to eat, and take a bath and check my mail, then sat back down again 2 and 1/2 hours later to not get up and go to sleep until noon.  I did one panel of a my 4 panel work sheet.  It was completely done. All the lettering in was done, all the dimensions were in along with the detailing.

I was very proud of that even if I lost my ability to see near the end.

But I was right. The teacher wasn't happy with us. She some how expected us to make copies of the drawing on our own to turn in to her when we came back to class, when everyone thought that it would be done as a class thing.

I woke up at yesterday at 4am and drew until 9:30. I'm happy that I made it on time to my first class. My mom actually thought that since it was a holiday I wouldn't have classes. :) Ha! I did fall asleep on the way home on the bus though. Lucky me I woke up just as it stopped at my stop. Who knows where I would have ended up

So now I have a new one to work one. I'm going to be writing a bit for this one, but no way as much as another one I'll be doing for another one later on.

Well It's time I got to it. The drawing that is. I woke up at 1:30am. I got up to take a shower and changed my mind. I made breakfast, watched some tv and answered some mail. It was a long e-mail.

Now I got to go. :)

How are you?

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February 14, 2010

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Imve done it. I've compleated the 4th section of my paper. And it only took me 15 hours. I'm going to die tomorrow. :( but I have to go to bed now. I started to loose my abilty to see near the end. :( I really need to sleep. Later.

February 13, 2010

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Chunky peanutbutter and orange marmalade sandwiches with soy milk. That is what I'm up to at 4am. Actually I was up to watch some game shows on GSN. I'm going to bed now. BTW I realy like tomato and peanutbutter sandwiches. :)

February 12, 2010

I'm about to go to bed... and I see this.


I thought that the pooch was wearing bling.. I was wrong.

I stayed up all night drawing.

I did not let myself go to bed until I drew something and a good about of something. So no matter how much I rubbed out I stayed at it. Slowly but surly. Now it 9am and I'm call it quits.

Enjoy the video. :) I tried to find and embed link but I could find one. Sorry.

February 10, 2010

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No school. Happy and sad at the same time. Had 2 & 1/2 hours of sleep because I didn't really believe that the snow would stop classes. When I went to HS we never closed for snow. Now I have to have my drawing finished. :( well breakfast then back to bed for a bit before going back to my drawing. I'm currently being talked into a winter walk to try and take some winter shots But it's Nika that realy wants to go outside and her mom can't take her far. Later.

February 09, 2010

Classes still the same

I asked about the classes I needed to and found out that if I changed the one I wanted, I would loose one I wanted to keep.

So I’m stuck trying to making this one work. It doesn’t help that this is one of the easier sheets to draw for the class… I’m just about ready to put back up my desk to work on it for the what I can today before going to school tomorrow and having another 2 hours to work on it before having to turn it in.

I had a moment of good news but now it’s unconfirmed. It is suppose to snow tomorrow. Nika came home and said that her school is going to be closed tomorrow because of the snow storm that was coming.

I quickly called up the school to find out if we had school tomorrow. She told me to check the news on the radio or to call the school tomorrow morning to find out. I don’t really think they will close, so I’m still going to do my drawing.

I tried to do some editing on the chapter for my Inuyasha story that suppose to be posted over the weekend, but I was trying to draw back then. So the editing happened last night. Or at least it was started. I already had issues with this chapter back when I wrote it last year, but I was just tried and couldn’t continue. I wonder what if I would get any bad comments about it.

I would love to get a comment… good or bad at this point. Maybe they could give me something else to write that I didn’t even think of before.

I’m still playing the Harry Potter audio books. I’m near the end of the third one now. Man they changed so much stuff when they changed the movie. The second and third movies were seriously re-written.  I half thought that the movies were written for people who had already books, but for those of us who had never read the books and watched the movies first are starting to feel cheated. Well I feel cheated now that I’m finding out what the books really said.

Well, next time.

Oh, I should be posting more incomplete drafting sheets.

Bye, enjoy the snow if you are anywhere near NYC. 

February 05, 2010

Update… kinda

I'm playing the audio books for Harry Potter between the things I do.
My B-day was on the 12th of Jan, I've now started another year of my life.

On the 1st of Feb I started school. I'm suppose to be doing my drawing/drafting homework now. But the table I got to do my work on this semester is shorter and not as strong as the ones at school, so it keeps shifting on the adjusted legs when I lean too hard on it. Because it's shorter my back hurts after leaning over it for not too long.
I had to get a new T rule because my old one drew a inclining line so anything too long would look like it was trying to get off the page.
So it seems like I'll do what I can, take a break then go back to it because of my back. :( I don't know how I'm going to get through this class. I only found out after I started that it was the accelerated class, but to when I looked into getting the non accelerated one, I realized that it conflicted with one of my other classes. :(

Not happy. Well back to that now.

I'll see about uploading another pic before the month is up, but since I haven't taken many pics, I don't feel that inclined to post any, but I have many old ones that I could use I'm sure from last year.
I have some how kept up with my Inuyasha yaoi story over at FF. My pen name is Jhoy over there. I don't do nicknames well.

Well got to leave. See ya around. :)

Sorry about the spam

Hello Everyone.

I just checked my mail and saw some bounced e-mails talking about a laptop.

I'm really sorry about that.

I've changed my password, and I'm about to run spybot to see if finds anything, but I don't really think it will find anything that dangerous. This is a web account after all. I don't have any programs other than my messenger that can access my mail, and I actually uninstalled it yesterday while I was doing some 'light' cleaning because it couldn't remember my password. :)

So I'm sorry for the inconveniences. All I ask is that you don't put me on your spam list.

Well, other than that, take care. :)

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