October 30, 2009

Guess what I heard the othe day from a boy old enought to be having sex?

I almost didn't believe him. He told me that he didn't know that girls came too.

This is what is wrong with porn today. You heard me. The girl gets fucked but she then sucks the guy off until he comes. I just thought it was unfair, I didn't think it would be so
I hate myself right now. 5 hours later I realized that I gave away $4 at the place I stopped to eat at today. The girl called me back for my change, but I thought that she was talking about the 5 cents that I was expecting back and told her to keep it. It just hit me like that when I was bringing Jhodie home from the hospital.

They said that it was just hormonal, so they are saying that she might or will be put on the pill to help fix that.

In other good news my go between for my ear buds are here. I can play the music off my phone and stop missing my calls now.

At least the quize didn't happen but he made up for that with the homework. *Shaking head*


October 29, 2009

As I step off the bus she calls me.
This is not good. My sister is in the hospital. After all the tests, she is going to call me to come pick her up. We won't know how bad anything is until they learn something.
He said he loved me ... But I might still be insane. At least I got some answers for some of the things he did. :-)

October 27, 2009

Imitator Sues Artist to Overturn Copyright on Sculptural Art

This is just wrong.

"My original art has been copied by a manufacturer who is now suing me in federal court to overturn my existing copyrights and continue making knockoffs. I have a strong case, a great lawyer and believe that if I can continue to defend myself, the case will be resolved in my favor. If I run out of funds before we reach trial, a default judgment would be issued against me and could put me out of business. I don't believe my opponent can win this case in court and I don't believe he really intends to try. I believe his goal is to use strong-arm litigation tactics to force me to keep spending money or risk losing my copyrights — not by true adjudication, but by default if he is able to outspend me."

Do you believe this? Is this that the world has come to? The judge should have seen this or someone should have brought this to the judges' attention. Heck, the lawyer shouldn't be charging him a dime unless he wins or charge half price.

Well here is the link to the whole story and you can help out if can.

Why am I insane? I'm trying to date someone who has issues. Mental ones. Not to say that all of them aren't mental, just that his come with a perscription.

Like I said, I'm insane.
I'm insane.

October 25, 2009

October 24, 2009

The Things I'm Finding Online.

This is the last bit. I'm getting off line now. See ya.

Didn't Happen...

I'm still with my old phone. At lest I can make calls now until I can change it over.

I got so much wrong information that my head hurt by the time I left AT&T that the cold and rain made the night that much worst.

Firstly the place I went to on Court St, wasn't an AT&T store. It was a Radio Shack. Which I thought was a blessing when I saw that I could get the "Impression" at a much better price. I was already to get it when they said that they can't add me on to my mom's plan. That would have to be done at an AT&T store. Fine.

We tracked back the way we came with another block or so tacked on in the now 46 degrees weather. My sister who went with me ofcourse didn't feel the cold. She never feels the cold.

Well we got to the store and what is the first thing they shoot down? I would have the pay the first price I saw for the "Impression". They didn't have it that low. The lady back at Radio Shack said that they, as in AT&T, did price matching. Well they don't. They haven't in while. So I have to go back and tell them that. So now I'm picking the Neon I want the keyboard and I couldn't seem to find the other one that was on my list.

Next, I couldn't get the phone unless the owner of the account, my mother, came to the store in person and gave them permission to add me on. I asked customer care this question 2 days ago. They said that they could call my mom from the store and they could get permission that way. She didn't have to be in the store. The lady at the store said that they hadn't done that in years. Years! .... Great!

Ok, my head was hurting me at this point so I just asked a few more questions so when I came back with my mom, I could leave as quickly as possible. It looks like I will be only getting 200 text messages. That is how much $5  will get me. For $10 I can get 400. For $15 I can get 1500. Now explain that jump to me. :(  So the bill for my phone, after taxes will be about $25.

Ok, next on my very scratched up list was the adapter or go between for the head set connection. I just got some Skull Candy ear buds, and I would like to use them with the phone, but they have their own connection, so I need a 'go between'. AT&T didn't have one. The girl at the Radio Shack store said that they would have it, but they don't. So I have buy that on line at the makers's site.

Next. Do they at least have a design cover /skin for the Neon. He shows me this see through thing for $20. I'm scratching my head.

I'm going to be so happy when I can an fully pay for my own phone. I'm going back to T-Mobile by the way. Unless AT&T stuns me somehow in a good way, I have no reason to stay away from T-Mobile.

It's raining outside and tonight's SG-U wasn't bad. :)


October 23, 2009

The Three Contenders...


I've done some online research and I've picked these three.

Three Contenders

Now let's see which one I'll pick or if I'm talked into something else when I get to the store.

There is only thing clearly stopping me from getting the Neon. It has had some bad history with freezing. The next one doesn't have a keyboard, bit it has a cool feature of showing the time with a colored glow. The last one has the con of expense and the keyboard feel might not be that good.

My mom is going see what I pick and see if she likes it. If she does she'll get it. She needs a new phone more than I do. Parts are starting to fall off. :P One of the features that is one her check list is GPS.  The three up there didn't list it when I did the compare of the phones.

Well, I've off to get dressed and leave before my mom starts talking about the sun setting and saying I can't leave.

Back in a few hours.

The Day After...

I hope I get a picture now that I think it. I might still be able to take my own pic of it. I have a cam as you know, and it's in my bag. So when I go back to school on Monday I can take a pic of it I guess.

I left the bridge there to help keep it in 'one piece'. But I can still see it falling apart when I touch it again. :) Those dumb rocks were falling off of it on the way there. Only four of us used rocks, two of us used the right size, and I was the only one that attached them to the bridge like you were suppose to.

I need to look at my next chapter and get it ready for posting. FF has been glitchy for like four days now. I've had to actually close the tab that held FF because it just wasn't working. I got back in last night and got to see my traffic page again. I saw only like 3 visits then nothing for the past two days.

Well the day has come. I'm getting a new phone and I'm changing from T-mobile to AT&T. One of the first things I'll do when I get a job is detach myself from everyone else's plan. I'm currently with my sister in a family plan or joint thing, and now I'm moving over to my mom's because she can pay for me better than my sister can right now. I have to ask everyone else to do some stuff for me when it comes to the phone because they are in charge of the account.

Tonight I'm going to have to get cracking on some of my home work. I ended up just doing what I needed for the class I had yesterday. Monday is math, and Tuesday is blueprint reading, and both those days in the afternoon I have drafting class, then come Thursday I start back over again, but this Thursday I have a quiz to look forward too so he didn't give us any home. Isn't he nice.

Well, See ya. :)

October 22, 2009

Bad day.

I may not go to sleep today. 

I was suppose to go by another student's house at 6pm because he said he could help me build a 'bridge' for my class today. I got two change times, and when I did show up he wasn't there. Then when he got there he had to leave to get a laptop, so we left together and got something to eat on the way back. 

By the time we made it back to the house it was after 9 I think. By the time we got to working on the bridge because he was itching to open up his new laptop, it was 10:30. At 11 I left with just about nothing done because he had to leave early the next day for another state. *shakes head*

I came home and had to bag and label the stuff my mom baked then I got back to the 'bridge' by the time she left for work at 2am. It's falling down in the middle, but I just realized that I had to use two more sticks, so I can make it stand, I just have to figure out where to put them to keep the middle of the bridge up. 

So right now I'm just not looking at it for like 30 mins or so. Heck, I may even leave it on the table and take a 'nap' for like 4 or 5 hours then finish it up before getting ready for class at 3pm. I also didn't get the writen part of my home work done. I tried to read, but this chapter is dry. It was on welding. I was more interested in the chapters we had last week on stone and masonry blocks.

Oh well, I'll ask for some of the answers tomorrow if  don't get to do it tomorrow somehow. 

Ok, I'm going to lie down for a bit now. 


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October 18, 2009

I Passed!

Did I even tell you that I had an exam? Well I had three really, but I was only really worried about one. Well I've gotten back that test results and due to the 5 point cure I got 94 and A. YAH! I thought I got about a 89 and I was right.

I also had a bridge to turn in for that class this past Thursday, but I couldn't find the sticks. I know, buy the sticks you say. But the assignment was to find all the parts. The ones I fund were the wrong size and I didn't have enough time to find replacements so I made sure to do the home work read most of what I had to do the home work.

I have been and will be staying late this Monday to make some head way on my drafting drawing. I should have stayed Thursday night after that class, but I really didn't feel like it, and it was cold and I had to get some shoes. I missed the payless shoe sale by a day, but I still got the shoes.

NEWS FLASH......I'm watching CNN.

An all-male college in Atlanta, Georgia, has banned the wearing of women's clothes, makeup, high heels and purses as part of a new crackdown on what the institution calls inappropriate attire.

William Bynum says he discussed the new dress-wearing ban policy with Morehouse's campus gay organization.

William Bynum says he discussed the new dress-wearing ban policy with Morehouse's campus gay organization.

No dress-wearing is part of a larger dress code launched this week that Morehouse College is calling its "Appropriate Attire Policy."

The policy also bans wearing hats in buildings, pajamas in public, do-rags, sagging pants, sunglasses in class and walking barefoot on campus.

However, it is the ban on cross-dressing that has brought national attention to the small historically African-American college. Video Watch students react to the new dress code »

This was not said in the part they showed on the TV. They were talking about a guy how got a very large scholarship to go to Morehouse. They just barely touched on the dress code before moving on. Yet I was waiting to hear about about the ban on saggy pants in the college.

Personally I want to see it gone. It looks like they couldn't wait to get naked, and that goes for either sex. They so look like easy targets for a gay guys who is just itching to fuck some one. Not all rapists are straight men. But hey, forget about being raped. How about just believing that you are gay and possibly a 'street walker' looking for a 'john' and that you are just advertising. In the case of girls, I don't want a guy talking to me who likes like he's ready to jump me in the street. Look like you mother showed you how to get dressed for crying out loud.

Now I don't know what else to say. Oh... now I remember.

I'm working on my 69th chapter, and I've just uploaded my 43 chapter to Fanfiction. I was thinking alot of delaying the posting just to see if anyone would ask what happened, but I know no one would and it would just make me feel bad. Besides, if I didn't post it this weekend, then I wouldn't be able to next week and I would just feel bad for putting off posting.

Besides I'll be doing that when I catch up with where I am at the time in the story. I was quite happy with myself tonight/today. I jumped almost two chapters in one day. I think I had so much time to think about it, that I when I got time to write I just went.

Well it's 5:04 am so I'm going to bed now. I lost a few hours while I was doing a few things, but now my eyes are letting me know that I should go to bed now.

See ya.

October 09, 2009

First Test

I'm now convinced that my Thursday class is the hardest of my first semester classes.

Today was the first of my 5th week exams. Every 5 weeks we have an exam for all our classes. Next week I have two more. Math which I believe I will do well in and blueprint reading which is said to be and open book test.

My other class doesn't come with a test. We just keep drafting our given 'blue prints'.

FYI - blue prints aren't blue anymore. In fact since they aren't blue anymore and get printed like anything else on white paper since most of the drawing is now done on the computer, they are called white prints. I think it sounds funny.

Anyway, back to my test. I know I passed, but I don't know my score even by guessing. I kinda feel that I had issues with 8 questions, but I can't bring myself to say that my score was 90 anything. In fact I'm happy and willing to believe that I got 79 even though I think that might be a bit low.

We even got a project for the class. I have to make a 'bridge' with rubber bands, stones, sticks and string for our next class. I don't make anything. I wasn't going to work in that department. But in school you do everything.

Now I have to figure out how to use stones in making a bridge.

I was going to tell you about Tuesday, but then I think I already posted something about that. Just to make it even more odd, I want to think that the teacher for my hardest class kinda likes me. But since he is my teacher nothing is going to happen. Shame, I think I could like him.

October 07, 2009

RE: College

That is the only thing that should be down with paper work. :) 

I was trying to do a group date thing with some friends from school, but I ended up going with just the one guy that was suppose to be in the group. Because it was just me and him, I ended up doing a few things that I didn't think I was going to do. 

Not what you are thinking. Not even close. 

I left class early to walk him home and catch the train from by his house instead of having him come back to school to get me. I felt so bad, but then I saw that I wasn't the only one to have left early. 

He house turned out to be not as close as he told me. I meet he downstairs neighbor and his father who happened to have been home. 

Next I ate movie house pop corn. My poor insides. I forgot how bad it was it. We did not finish the bag. After the movie he wanted to hang out so we walked around for a while and he got something to eat because he blood sugar was low. He's a diabetic. Then around 10:30 or so we got on the train and we parted at Borough Hall.

The only reason I hung with him for about an hour after the movie was over was because he said that he didn't have anything to do, and I didn't feel like ditching him and I have tomorrow off, so I could sleep in. 

He seemed to have had fun. I came home to do dishes and eat grapes and some sugar cake that was saved from some burned coconut that my mom was cooking.

I'm on the desktop now to just check my mail and play a game that I only installed here. 

Well, see ya. 

funny. i like the way you said 'deal with some paper work.' that's how i feel about work. and often, school, when i was in one.

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 8:07 AM, Jhoy Meade wrote:
I'm just trying to keep up with the reading right now. 

I read before, but not this much. No matter what people thought. 

I feel asleep last night trying to cook something for my mom and burned it. I knew I should have set an alarm for it, but I think I feel asleep just after I thought that. 

Well I have 1 more hour of sleep before I have to be up and go into school early to deal with some paper work before my afternoon class. 

See ya.

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October 02, 2009

I should be doing alot of things....

Hi ya.

I should be studying my test next Thursday, I did a little of it earlier. I should be doing my math homework, I have what I need next to me. I even sharpened my pencil. I should be finishing up the last of the dishes in the kitchen, that is what I was just doing before I stopped to do this.

But I found a link that I had to share. I have been trying to find any mp3 downloads of the songs from the FreeCreditReport.com band, and tonight I found it.

For some reason it doesn't sound as great as the tv version, one or two of them, but at least I have something now.

If you believe that you have or have found a better version for download be a dear a pass on the link.

Ok... back to the dishes then on to my math. I want to get them done before Monday so I concentrate mostly on the test. I have hundreds of pages to read over.