March 26, 2008

Don't Know how my longer I'll have internet.

It's like St.Kitts all back over again.

We lost cable today about 15 mins before I was going to watch Homes On Homes. It seemed mom got behind in paying the bill and since we have the phone, internet, and tv all from the same people, it's only a matter of time before we lose internet too.

So I'm just here to let you know that how long I'm gone this time won't be because I have nothing interesting to say or I just didn't feel like writing. But it shouldn't be so long. Just 2 weeks or so.

My wallpaper club will have a fit on me. The start of the month will be here soon. I might post early to get around that. I'll see.

See ya.

March 23, 2008

Hey... Happy Easter.

Is Easter suppose to be happy?


Well spring came. :) This is outside in the court yard.

Either which way, I've made myself put finger tips to keyboard today. I had a decent wake up call from a friend of mine. He sent me a happy Easter text message. That was nice. Maybe I should send one out to my other friends. Not so much because I have anything to really do with Easter, but just to let them know that I'm still thinking of them. That is how I felt when I got my text.

Other than that not much going on my end.

Made it to my sonogram over a week ago. They set a date for me, then said that they were going to call me to remind me to come, but I didn't get the call and missed the first appointment I had. I then called them after I found my appointment paper thinking it was later in the week and made a new appointment for the next day.

For some reason your bladder has to be full when you take this test, so I had to drink about 3 cups of water. No one told me that I was suppose to hold, so two mins after I get back from the bathroom after thinking of holding, I was called and then sent back to drink more water. Then I had an even longer wait.

I walked back and forth, stood in place, light bounced in place a few times. I then said that if they didn't show up in two mins I was going to the bathroom again. Then the tech came out just in time. I'm so happy that there was a bathroom in there. I was praying the whole time that I could hold it in will all pushing she was doing on me. After that and using the bathroom, there was another part to test. This is where I got probed. Ya, probed. I didn't expect that, but I did want to know why she thought that I might be a virgin. I know I said no to having kids, and no to not having sex for what ever period of time she asked about, but how old did I look to her?

Other than that I've been home. I've gone to the store, and went out one day just to see a new Mega store that opened up. Wasted a fare since Jhodie didn't realize that a bus went down there. We could have used our free transfers to get there instead of spending a full fare.

Then I went out yesterday to get my hair done. Finally. I got my hair done. I dozed off a few times, that when I looked at my phone near the end, it was already over 2 hours. In the end, by the time I paid for my hair and leaving it was over 3 hours I was in there. I guess it being really busy didn't help. They are closed today because it's Easter Sunday, so extra people showed up. Infact they have 4 hair dressers in today to deal with all the people. One girl came and got her hair blow dried straight. One lady showed up have her weave combed out and blow dried soft and curled. At first I was thinking that that was cheating. Everyone else is trying to grow their hair and what not, and she just goes past that and puts in about 2 feet hair instead. But then, her hair may currently be really damaged from some thing and decided to put a weave in and instead of getting a wig. But if her hair is damaged, the weave could just make it worst.

But that's her problem.

I got to keep the change, and I went and got some Chinese food. Ya. I tried something new. I'll be tying a beef dish next time.

Other than all that, I was helping my mom with some stuff that she is doing for Adventurers. So I'm colouring and cutting stuff out and sticking stuff for hear. Then I find out that most of it is to help someone else out, yet I'm doing it. So I've just come a kinda stand still just now with that. I'm telling her that I need a bigger stapler to but this scrap book type thing together.

I'm back to watching a few movies. Made myself not read some mangas for a few hours. I got the new "I Am Legend". That is how I would expect it to end, but Jhodie said that I should see the first one. So I'll get that one later. I saw "Silk". Wasn't what I was expecting. I saw the StarGate movie last week. Interesting. It answered a few questions. Or at least one. I caught up on some bleach eps, and I started to play the rest of the audio book that I brought with me from St. Kitts. What else have I been watching?... Let me check. Oh, there was "The Brave One" a few weeks back. Then I got the second "Appleseed" movie. I saw the first one back home. I'm glad to see that there was a next one. I don't know if I told you if I saw "Resident Evil Extinction" the last one. That was a while ago. I kinda liked it, but from that one I want to see it continue. I didn't really look or expect one from the ones before, but from this one I do. I did find this good one Korean movie named "200 Pounds Beauty"... I thought that it was going to be something like "Baby Cakes" that Ricky Lake was in years ago. But not quite. But it's worth a see.

Oh, one last thing. I tried to make some oat meal cookies again. They look ok,  but having some milk with them helps.


Well that's it. see ya.

March 03, 2008

No Bally Card...but I'm being dragged along anyway.


Today after having about 3 hours sleep I got up, slowly, and got ready to go to Bally to get the membership changed over from Tito to me. I left the house later than I should have, and I got there, like 15 mins late. I was already there for about 20 mins when Shantai woke up. She was still asleep.

I fell asleep in the lobby of Bally while waiting for her, to find out that she was still asleep. Phillys called her up and then called me to let me know that she told Shantai that Bally would be closing at 3 and that I was there waiting for her and I didn't have money to go home and come back. Which was true by the way. The money thing, not their closing time.

I got out and walked over to Stop & Shop and just very slowly walked all their isles since I didn't have to go anywhere and was just killing time. I had like 3 isles left to walk down when Shantai called me. She was just leaving home. I kept no going and I still wasn't in a rush. I was one building over from Bally and if she got there before me she would call and I would say that I would be right over.

I even hung out at a casher that was having and issue because I felt no rush, and pointed other customers to other check outs. On my way out I thought that since Phillys was insistent on all of us coming here on a very regular bases, we may come here for stuff and a card could come in handy. So I stopped to ask for one and they wrote down my name and address, peeled a serial sticker off the back of a set of cards and stick it next to my name, and handed me the cards. Ok... I'm leaving now.

I got there, and ofcourse she wasn't there yet. I even talked to the guy at the front desk just to keep myself from falling asleep again.

Well all said and done... (I have to go do something before sunrise)... She showed up like 10 before 3 to find out that we couldn't get anything done there. All the paper work had to mailed back to the head office in CA.

But that hasn't stopped Phillys from pulling me along. The three of us are going to Bally tomorrow to start our work outs together. I'm going as a guest. Ofcourse.

Night... or morning as the case my be.