January 27, 2007

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January 19, 2007

Found something intresting to share.... check out the comments for the item.

Hi ya... ya, cute pic. I can think of someone I dream of doing that too. (click on it)

Either which way. I'm back in St. Kitts now. Oh, even the people from St. Kitts call St. Kitts, SK it seems.

Well, I got the garlic bread from the bakery, I was almost in a car accident, but just twisted my damaged ankle in the sudden stop instead. There was no 7:30 boat, but I still saved $2.50 by getting Ken to come for me. I had to go to the bank to get money for my boat ride, but my bank's ATM was out of order, so I spent the $8 extra to use another bank's ATM.

That turned out to be the start of my night running around in the rain.

Two girls from my department left this week. One left yesterday, and one left today. They are going to be teachers. One girl from my department is on vacation. I think that she will be back next week, but I'm not sure since I didn't think that she was going on vacation until Thursday, but she has been out since Tuesday.

My friend is still trying to find somewhere down here to more or less stay for free, but she has taken a small break and has gone to Seattle I believe.

I got hit on as much as a punching bag tonight. I guess when your boobs are half out and you are perceived as been someone new that happens to you here. But speaking of my boobs, I think that they are smaller. At least to me, I don't know why. I think it's the black bra.

Either which way, got to top up $5 on both my phone and my sister's and because it double bubble today and tomorrow, that $5 turned into $10 for each of us. That was the last set of paper money that I had on me.

Just before our boat docked in St. Kitts my sister called to ask me how much money I had on me. I had about $4 left in my purse. She told me that she'll give me $10 to get something from Tiga to eat. I almost just went by Kim Shaw's for $5 chicken and chips, but their chicken reminds me of over cooked duck and I've never had duck. So how could it remind me of something that I've never had? I would walk though China Town a lot when I was NY, and use to see it hanging in the window, and just the look and heavy smell of oil helps that image along for me. So I got in a bus and came home. I got home, and Nika's was sleep and I talked to Jho for a bit before going to Tiga's before she closed.

And wouldn't you know it. As I was walking down the street, the rain started to fall. Tiga told me to go stand on the porch so I wouldn't get wet. I did fell like I was getting wet where I was standing, but the edge of the roof started to drip on me so I had to leave. When the rain let up I went back around to the front to get my dinner, and as I started walking back up the road, it started to rain on me again. I thought it wasn't so bad, I could make home. I was wrong. I took shelter at K's house for about 4 or so mins. I had a look at what I paid $8 for. There didn't seem to be that many fries in there. I go the fries with one piece of chicken. Oh well, I knew things changed after the oil price made everything cost more and such.

Nice dinner non the less.

I heard from Jho that the gov is trying to have school closed during the world cups games on the island. I'm just thinking, "Cool, over time days!". They will not let use have the days off, but they will have to pay us over time for the days. Ya.

Well one more piece of good news before some interesting news. We now have the food network in St. Kitts. Ya. I haven't seen it in almost 10 years. We had it in NY. I'm watching it now. I'm so happy, I get to see the Iron Chef Sunday night. Yes, I'm abit sad that it's not the original, but I'll take what I can get.

The interesting news. I was on my way to see this place that I heard over the radio books cruse ship trips. I'm still trying to make my dream come true of taking a curse ship out of here to Miami or any Fl city, then taking Amtrak up the cost to NY. I'm not in such a rush to get back to NY when we do leave, that I don't want to take a plane back to be rushing and cramped when I could spend just about the same amount on a curse and train ride.

Anyway, I had my weekend bag with me and I didn't want to go lugging it up the long road looking for some place when I can't be late for work and to boot my strap was braking on my weekend bag. I first thought about getting a top up when I saw the sign reminding me that it was double bubble day as well as tomorrow, but the girl who ran the machine wasn't there so I just walked around that little mall and found this place that had a sign that said that they did a free diabetes test. I've been meaning to get one since I got back from Barbados, but it wasn't as free as the sign said.

It seems that you get a lot of free things, but along with all that you have to have a doctor's exam and that costs $168 or so. I know it's $160 something. The free stuff is what the gov is paying for or requesting to be free, so they can get stats on the population. But the place has to make some money. If I just wanted to do the tests, I have to take the cholesterol along with the diabetes test, then it's about $60. But I really just saw the $30 for just the diabetes test. I told him that I came because it said free, and I only had $25 left on me, and I had to be at work for 10 so we talked a bit more, and he told me that I most likely had too much estrogen and he had a cream that was flying off his shelf that helped to regulate the amount that I had in my system, and this would help with my weight, and after two months reduce how badly my cycle hits me. But I told him that I'm quite happy with my shots. I'm old enough that I should be birth control and I get to go to work without having to worry about my cycle when it's time for it to come around.

Ok.. I've typed enough. I'm going to read this through and then call it a night.

See ya.

January 16, 2007

So Far, So Good

So far it's been a good day.

I got brakfast, I got a ride all the way from New Castle to the other side of town by the Round About Bakery. I got some bread since I didn't have to pay for my ride into town, and I even ordered some wheat and garlic bread for Friday. A dozen worth. It will only cost me $5 and change. That does sound a bit wrong, but I hope it's just me, and not really$5 and change per bread. If so, I'm going to owe money. But I don't think so, because lower on their list, I saw prices for over $50 on there. So I feel kinda safe. *grin*

Got to work on time. I even got the bus that goes to Brown Hill to pick me up on it's way into town and it brought be back up here. Cool. Our bucket had less then 20 orders, and now I'm helping with the back log of pending orders.

I wrote up a good cover letter for a job that opened up in St. Kitts. It would be really nice if I got that. I'm so hoping. I also hope that my sister is dropping it off today.

I've having one of my wheat rolls with my veg soup today.

Well got to go. See ya.

January 13, 2007

This is a birthday?

Well it was mine anyway.

Today on Jan 12th, 2007 I turned 30 years old.

I've been dreading this day for like 2 years now. I'm now middle age more or less. This is where most people think you start to go down hill from.

As for this great day of mine, it started off with no water. I couldn't take a bath, never mind brush my teeth before work.

Then I had the honor of having Lynn's mother swearing at me and calling me names and talking about the police. I think the lady isn't half there to begin with. And what was I doing to deserve all this? Getting dressed. That's all. Lynn's youngest son, walked in and out of the room 3 times "looking" for his back pack. Then I had to get dressed for work and locked the door, then this is when she decides it's time to "talk" to me for the day. I just said that I was getting dressed and she makes it sound like ... I don't know what and wants to drag me out my hair because her grandson is looking for his bag. That was it.

I got to town, put $5 on my phone and on my sister's cell, and I had more or less made up my mind by then. I'm asking Bussy if I can stay with her. Lynn is not my only only family over in Nevis, but I didn't think of going there because Jhodie made it sound like it was already such a full house to begin with, that I didn't want to add to it. But after Nanny and this, I've had it.

Right after I added the money to my sister's phone, she called me to wish me a happy birthday. I didn't even remember that it was my birthday. But I was still mad and just told her that I've had it, I'm moving out. She thought it was Nanny again, but I told her it was Lynn's mother. I don't need this. My mother made sure I didn't grow up like that, and I can't live like that now, or would I ever want to.

I got to work on time, and with a whole bunch of people from my department. I got one thing that I asked for, for my birthday. A sweet pastry. I asked for it yesterday. I actually thought that he would forget, and he acted like he did too when I asked about it. That turned into my breakfast. We had a few computer things going on that morning, so we started a little late, then I got tied up in a long phone call with a customer. I rushed to get a few more orders done before my day was out, but I ended up one less then yesterday.

I got to town, and took $60 off the bank, and hurried over to the pier to watch a boat leave. Why was the boat leaving, I wasn't late. The boat the would leave at 7:30 was a on charter. I don't know what that means. For all I know, it's having some kind of two day trip thing to another island so people could do some shopping or just see the island. So I had to wait around for almost an hour for the next boat to leave. I then had a nice little nap on the way over.

When I got over I went to the store to get Jhodie some tampons that she asked for and to look for something for migraines. She's having them again. I asked, but they didn't have anything stronger than Advil. Which wasn't strong enough. I also got a newspaper while I was there. I then came out of the supermarket to have Lynn give me her bag to bring home for her, because she didn't want to walk with it, which she would have done if there was a 7:30 boat. So me and four bags got into a bus with a girl I knew from Ross. She use to work in the Library then she quit when she went back to school. We talked for a bit. Then I tried to get out of the bus with all my bags and stepping over small child.

I came home and Jhodie was on the phone with Mommy. She wished me a happy birthday too. Then she asked about things. Jhodie was already telling her what I told her of my day. She asked me why I hadn't gone to live with Bussy yet. I told her that I was still thinking about it, this just made me think about it more. I hadn't stop thinking about moving to live with them, I was just thinking about it. I would get feed there. It was closer to work, and as far as I know, they have much better manners. But there are so much of them there. Would they have space for me? How much would I have to give towards the house for staying there? I have to give them something, but would it be enough?

So I thanked mommy for calling and wishing me a happy birthday. I ate a few things since I hadn't eaten since 2pm and we watched some tv. Then I took some curlers out of Nika's hair. They didn't do anything really. Nika doesn't have that kind of hair. Then I moved over to the computer to blog about my day. And guess what?

We lost power. And 3 mins later, Lynn came home. We looked around for candles and flash lights, and when we some kind of lighting going on, she went for a shower, and the three of us ended up in Jhodie's room. Nika ran to the shower ever so often to laugh at Lynn as she cried out in the shower from the water being so cold.

Lynn soon left and I could smell her perfume all the way into the bedroom where I was laying down with Nika. Soon, after a little bedroom fight over Nika's bed, the three of us played a card game. I Declare War. I won. While we were playing , we saw that a street lamp was back on, and every now and again we looked up to see how much brighter it was. Then when I won, we turned back on the breaker to the house. Jhodie was soon in her bed. Nika and I watched some King Kong until she started to fall asleep and went to lay down on the couch, and I came back over here and plugged the computer back in and turned it on. It started up with a bad sound, but now it's gone, and King Kong is over, and Lynn is already back and in her bed.

The time is now 2am.

See ya.

January 10, 2007

Fwd: Important - Please read asap


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Thank you!

With kind regards,
Rolf Hilchner
CEO & President

I found this in my mail tonight when I got home. I was about to delete it when I thought that others out there might need to know this. So I'm sharing.

No over time to night. I'm still tired, and I may crash early. Ya, right. When I'm done, I'm off to see what is on tv. A lot of thing are starting now it seems. I missed most of the new House because I fell asleep. Oh well.

Bye, have a good night.

Have a burning question? Go to Yahoo! Answers and get answers from real people who know.

The iPhone is Here!

The odd thing is that I heard the rumor about it the day before it came out.

Now I have proof. Along with the rest of the world.

On local news, I had no incidents with Nanny last night or today, and I got to work on time and we currently don't have that much orders to fill. I'm expecting much more later.

Take care.

If you click on the pic it should take you the site for this little thing. :) Bye

January 09, 2007

2nd Day Of The Week.

Well, I've some what survived my second day of working an 11 hour shift.

I had a shouting match with Nandy today. He was back to swearing at me and making me feel like dirt because he did something wrong and I told Lynn when she asked. I trying to make it sound like it wasn't bothering me, but I didn't fool myself. My lips were trembling when I was trying to make it sound like he wasn't that bright and couldn't come up with anything new to say. Say about me, but he found a few new things to hit me with.

I tried to call my sister, but I called Lynn by accident and told her a bit of it. She just told me to ignore him. Easy enough for her to say. He's not shouting at her and calling her curse words. I'm not sorry that I don't swear or like to hear swearing. The boy is an moron who like calling me a Fat F--k whenever he sees me. I've already seen the two of us getting into a fight and one of us dying and one of us going to jail, and that is why I try to keep my distance from the boy. And I do mean boy. In like 3 days I'll be 30 and he's just 20 last I heard.

The only good thing about my day is that I got to talk to Jhodie during my lunch at 4pm. She's mad at him with me now. I was able to contact my new bus driver to come and get me at 9 tonight. I came out and saw him waiting for me with another passenger. And besides all the set backs we had at work today, I still made my quota.

Well I'm off to watch house if I can and set up my bed. I want to get out of the house early tomorrow, but I also want my sleep. At least I don't think that we will be doing over time tomorrow unless we get alot of orders tomorrow.

Well take care. Oh, my birthday is on the 12th. I was thinking of showing up early so I could go over to St. Kitts and hour earlier, but there is no real boat for that time. Shame. Oh well.


Oh, one more thing. I remembered this on the my ride home tonight. People in Barbados don't tail gate. They love to do that here, but I was nicely surprised when I looked up one day and saw that they gave each other room on the road.

Now I'm gone.

January 07, 2007

The Sun Always Take Longer to Set When you Don't wash Your clouths.

I didn't wash anything. I thought about it, but that is as far as I got. I'll just pack what is already here and dry.

I don't want to wash my hair, and it's getting later, and later. I did make it out of the house to play with Nika a bit on the pasture. I didn't go out anywhere else today because I didn't want to hurt my ankle.

I didn't really get a paycheck this week since I only worked for 4 days, and then the gov got their cut. I got less than $300. Next paycheck we go back to paying people.

Oh, here is something about Barbados for you. I don't really think they have numbers on their buildings. Your house has a name, and you use landmarks to help people find out where you live or work. It was odd, at least for me any way.

Yesterday we were out for a while, and walked all over town. Mostly because we ran in Lynn not too long after we started into town. We were looking for new school shoes for Nika, and we were able to find them before we ran into Lynn, but we were still pulled into a few places by her. But we were able to witness a bust in the back of Ram's. I still call it that. A lady tried to walk out of Ram's wearing some shoes she didn't pay for. The door check searched her bad and found the shoes that she walked in, in. I think right after I walked out the cops came for her.

We did find some deals in Ram's supermarket. It seems that the "found" some stuff in their warehouse and we got deals on them. :) cool. We went to catch a bust just when the walking was starting to cause my ankle to hurt. We walked around town for about 2 hours or so I think.

Well I have a movie to watch with my sister before getting ready for bed because I have to get up really early to get some money from the ATM before my boat ride to pay for my boat ride.

Well take care. See ya.

January 03, 2007

Work - and life in Nevis

Hi ya.

Back to the mundane stuff.

First off my first night-day in Nevis. First, I barely made it the pier before 8am just to find out that there wasn't a boat until 8:30. So I hung around with a few people and some tourists that were going over for golf and some sand. Different set of tourists.

I had a little nap on the way over and then got to work with about 10 mins to spear to find out that I was suppose to be at work at 9am. Now I'm told that on holidays you show up at 9am so you get to go home an hour earlier. Gee. Not that it would have done me much good anyway. Since it was a holiday, there was only one boat going over to Nevis that morning. I still couldn't have made it any earlier, and I wasn't going to come over day(s) earlier just to be there for 9am. Not for this job, or this island or this house.

Other than that, I told to hurry up like a little girl being pulled by a babysitter that wasn't a happy about having to babysit you, and trying to meet her boyfriend before he leaves work for home, and she had to make it there in 5 mins.

I couldn't move any faster. I already had log on issues because the rest and over hauled all the systems. I had to find all my user names and passwords for the 5 systems that we use, and then it was things were new to me again. I even forgot what code to use for part of the program. Then I lost an hour because everyone but me came in an hour earlier. I ended at 21 or so, everyone else sounded like they ended off in the 35-45 range.

Then I came home to a house that had no water, three out of seven light bulbs lite up. So have the house was in the dark, and there was no dinner. I took a piece of bread and put some dressing on it and ate that with some water. I guess I'm back on my diet again.

I had to go back outside and turn back on the water to use the bathroom. They can just use what's there and not think twice about it, but I can't. I found out the two reasons why she turned it off. One, the pipe for the sink couldn't turn off so water was just coming out. I went under the sink and turned it off there. Next, it was the toilet again. Some how the leak has gotten worst and if you turn around to long, the little bucket would be over flowing and the floor would be wet. That is what Lynn was really running from. She told me as much, but I thought that I did something to the toilet to stop it from leaking so much so that I could leave the water on, but Lynn got angry at me woke me up, then went outside and turned it off.

Oh, I had interesting accommodations last night. She took apart the bunk bed to make two beds in the boy's room. The guy that hates me and her oldest were not home that night, so I got to sleep in a really bed. I just had to take off the two layers of clothes , and sprayed it down with my body spray to get ride of the smell before I could sleep on it. I hate their smell.

Oh well. It would have been better is she didn't keep putting the lights on in the bathroom after I turned it off. I couldn't sleep. I would wake up every 2 or 4 hours, then 10-15 mins to fall asleep again. One reason why I stayed in bed as long as possible. I still made it to work on time. Even with waking up late, and having to turn the water main on and off.

Well I got to town, took money off the bank. $60 that I would like to make last until Friday. I got three noddles, for three more days off work, and I got some light bulbs. I got to work on time again, and I had all my passwords and such this time and I no longer had to make any call backs.

I didn't have breakfast again, but I got a better tasting packet of noddles for lunch. By the end of the day my count was 34. They were proud of me. I meet my set amount. If I keep this up, I'll be able to keep my job. I was also able to fix one of my orders that errored out in this program that so reminds me of DOS. It's a command based program. Anyway, I did it myself without asking for anyone's help. I wrote down the notes as to how to do it a few weeks before I left for Barbados.

Barbados, which by the way I seem to be missing. I would have liked it if I wasn't there alone, but it was really nice once I got over hating what the embassy did to me.

After work, I got off at town to put money on my phone. Oh, did I mention that I got a cable and wireless phone before I left so my sister could keep in touch with me, and I was tired of waisting so much money calling from a Digicel to a Cable and Wireless phone.

Well I went into the store, and another girl came in from work, and asked for a digicel card and I chimed in and asked for one too. I don't know why I did that. I didn't realize until I went to use it after waiting over 30 mins for a bus. It was too late to go back to where I got, they were already closed. So I started walking to see if I could find a place along the bus route to top up my phone before a bus came by. I didn't get that far. A local stopped for me. I got a ride to Jessup, and was about to walk over to the gas station to top up my phone when bus pulled in behind the guy that just gave me a lift. Lucky me.

Which turned out to be true. I got his phone number and he is willing to come and pick me up when I have to work late, and I can call him to see where he is when I've been waiting too long for a bus on a normal night. YA!

This way, I can go to interviews and just come in later on those Mondays. And then the Monday after my shot date, I can go to nurse to get the good kind of shot. I've had my cycle for over 2 weeks now. I think that I'm 2 days into week 3 now. I'm not happy.

Well I'm back at the waterless, empty plate house, and joy of joys, the "boys" are back, and one is sleeping on my pillow and wrapped in my blanket. EWWWWWW!!!!

Lynn went out to a party and took her oldest. The think the other thing finally left after he turned up his confounded cell phone to plague me for about 40 mins. The youngest was going to go to the party too, but by the time her ride showed up, he was already asleep, so she left him on her bed and left me on the computer.

Well that's mostly it.

Oh, here is something nice I found out tonight. On Dec 31st, the cast of Law and Order, all of them, were at The Four seasons for the fireworks. Lynn was ofcourse more upset about it then I was. I'm not a star struck person, but I do love the shows.

Ok. It's late, and I know that I'm not going to be able to sleep in tomorrow.

Night. Take care, and forgive the typos. Can't back check tonight.

January 01, 2007

Happy New Year.... for you that is.


I'm here, we just had our new years parade and my sister thought that it was over all, it was good except for the for bull players.

We have people that dress up like a cop and bull and maybe a handler. The bull is suppose to get away and more or less "attack" the people watching the parade, and "wokup" on some grown women. "wokup" meaning, simulated hip motion moving in circles to make it kinda looked like sex. It's done quite quickly. The kids they just scare and make them think that they are going to poke them with the horns. Which are real bull horns by the way that are mounted on their red masks.

They just danced around my sister said. They didn't even try to scare the kids and run though the crowds. It was a sore disappointment for her. But we thought that it might have been a bit too much for the tourists, and that they were told to keep it down.

Other than that, it was good I was told. They just about never came to a complete stop, and they moved on to town in good time. They didn't even start the music until an hour or so before they were ready to leave. When I was a child, the music would be going hours before they were ready to leave. Like small pre party.

Oh, I must say that last night was a let down. There was no new years party in town, and to top it off, the fireworks were only at the Marrott again. Town was empty. And way was it empty? It was Sunday, oh that and the fact that the gov wasn't having fireworks in town. In fact we think that they went to the Marrott to watch their fireworks. We walked around with a few people who didn't go to church and when I was able to get a ride to the rich side if of the island where the Marrott was, Jhodie had walked off with someone and I had to turn down the ride. Nika and I found her in the squire after I remembered that we both had phones and mine had on money. So I called her and was quite upset that we missed what turned out to be our last shot at getting a ride over there in time for the fireworks. Then she said that she was wondering on how we would get back to town never mind home once we got there.

So we ended up standing in a parking look close to Port Zante watching the tops of some fireworks coming from the Marrott, along with a few that made it over the hill that was between us and that side of the island. We also got to see the very far off fireworks that were going on in Nevis. They were coming from the Four Seasons Hotel over there. But at least you could take a bus there to see them. Granted, it might have been hard to find a bus over there at that time of night, but I can only hope that they would make that night an exception and do late night runs.

There was just one place open in town other then KFC, and KFC closed it doors at 11. After what was to be seen had been seen, we walked back over to him to get a chicken leg and go home. He ended up offering to take us home if we stuck around for a bit. Considering that there was nothing in town to take us home we said sure. Then 10 mins later, people showed up in town. Not as much as should have been there, but compared to how dead the place was before, it was a major improvement. So that slowed down him leaving, then he started to stock his freezer for the next day which should bring a whole bunch more people.

Well after it seems that he was taking a while I offered to help to get moving since Nika was already asleep on Jhodie. He said yes, and I more or less finished the stacking of the beer in the freezer and some water in a fridge and cleaned up a bit. When I was finished he said that I was rather good. That actually put a shine on my night. That made me think that I could do something like this if I had too. Mentally that is.

So I helped moving a few more things in side, and got the key for the truck so that Jhodie could sit in side with Nika while we finished up. It was kinda cold. out. I know it doesn't come close to matching what people have a bit further north, but for us it was cold.

It turns out that he had cut his hand on something just before I asked to help, so when we were in the truck and heading out, he had to find some band aids. I got out and them for him at this place that was still open at almost 2am. It was 30 cents each for the ones they had, and I said ok, I'll take 10 and that should be $3. The kid didn't believe me and still got it wrong when he tried to add it up himself with the use of the cash register. Shame.

Then we just about ran into Lynn's ride as she was backing out of our street. I went up and asked her for the keys. I didn't say good night or anything. I felt kinda bad afterwards, but then I realized that she wouldn't remember that I didn't say good night and just asked for the keys back. That was the first time I looked right into her face since she showed up earlier that day.

I have been dreading, dreading having to go back to Nevis, and here she is bring Nevis to me. I am this close to walking out on my job so I don't have to go back there and everything thing over there that is set to make my life sour. But I need to keep my job, and to keep it at least until after I get the loan from the bank. Jhodie will be sending out my resume for me so I could change jobs as soon a possible. If they ask for an interview day, I told Jhodie that she would have to ask if it was possible to have it on a Monday morning, and I just in later to work. That just means that I have to get a phone number for someone to pick me from work after or around 9pm. The guy that use to pick me up, has gotten married and will be moving to a different island to live with this new wife this month.

So I have to find a bus to come and get me now. All because the bus "system" closes down at 7:30.

Well, I've washed my stuff and my two bras, and they are outside drying. I have to wash my hair tonight before 9pm hopefully. I'm going to try and post my first set of wallpapers for the year and for a few months now also, and then prepare myself mentally for going back to Nevis.

Ok.. that's it. See ya.

Like I said. I hope you have a very good year. Take care.