August 28, 2006

Yahoo Weather

A few weeks or so ago I found out that yahoo weather changed it's look. I don't like it that much, but I do like the icons that they have for the weather now.

See, not bad, but that is just about it.

Today was ok, nothing much to talk about other than the fact that I got to work about 15 -20 mins late. I tried to get to the ferry for 7:30, but it turns out that I was given wrong information. There wasn't a 7:30am boat over to Nevis. So I ended up getting on the 8am boat, and pulled into port at 8:55am.

I have to go hand over the computer soon, because she is getting IM's from people and she might get mad at me for not telling her.

I'll see if can get around to spelling checking and such for my last blog. I did a quick check of the one before, so it doesn't reek havoc with the English language like it did before.

See ya.

August 27, 2006

There Goes My Weekend. It Wasn't So Bad.

Things could have gone abit better, but you wouldn't have known that if you didn't go through it.

The first thing that went wrong could be a matter of debate since they happened at the same time, with pre work all ready put into them.

One was my meeting with that guy that stopped me over in Green Lands a few weeks back. The guy who wanted me to help him with this computer company that he was trying to get off the ground. The things is, he might be expecting a bit more of me then what I thought I was going to do for him, and it may be a bit more then I'm capable of doing. I tell myself to go ahead and try it. With me getting old I might not get such a chance to help anyone is this way other than myself, maybe, I should at least try, and then if I do fail, I can't say that I didn't, and if I succeed, I would be happy that I did try. But it still scares me. Yes, a lot of things scare me.

The next thing was Nika's birthday get together. Because we didn't have that much money this time around, it was going to be a small get together for 2 house with about 5 or so kids. They would play a while, sing happy birthday, get cake and ice-cream, then play for a little bit more, then leave with a party bag.

The sad part was that only one kid showed up. It was a good thing that her godmother showed up with some gifts for her, or her day would have been a complete bust. I stayed and cleaned, and helped put beads in her hair today. Jhodie went to get the party bag things in the hot noonday sun and got the rest of the front room ready, and only her godmother and the one kid showed up. A few people came by an hour after the two hour things was suppose to happen. They were family. They didn't feel like coming sooner and they were partly looking for Pearl. That call will cause issues until we aren't near her.

I have Lynn and a lady I'm in training with asking around for a place for me to stay that will only cost me about $300. I can't afford much more. Did I tell you about the place I stopped to asked their rate for a month. That came up to $949 or something like that. I told him that I only get paid... $800?... Thinking... I was thinking of what I would get at my first pay check. I get paid that ever two weeks. Ok, I can open up my rent pay to like $350 - $400.

Other than that, I had an ok weekend. I felt out of place when I woke up my first night back, and that was after a very rocky trip over. It didn't ran until I landed in St. Kitts, but we were having waves that you could surf into land on. I already don't like boats since I can't swim, but come one, I was one degree away from being pitched across the cabin.

I got a few things to take back with me to Nevis. Some things I got on Saturday, and some I picked up today after my little meeting with that guy. I just have to worry about a few meals like dinner.

Well I have to go now. I have to get my hair greased and combed, then there is my skirt and bra to get washed for me wear to work tomorrow. I'm taking the 7:30 boat over. I was going to go over on the last boat today, but to save on bus fare to and from New Castle, I'm going over tomorrow and go right to work.

Well see ya. One week down, and two more of training to go.

August 23, 2006

Another Short Note

I didn't get that much sleep last night, so I'm aiming for a slighty earlyer bed time.

I did find out that I have friends in my training class today. Today we were talking about breakfast and I said that I didn't have much and that I had to scrap some money together just to get a packet of noodles for lunch. I didn't even have a snack for when our break comes around.

I didn't intend for it to sound as bad as it did, because when they came back from break and lunch, they had gotten me an oreo and two packets of noodles. I thanked the person who gave them to me. One was my dinner, and the next one I'm taking with me for lunch. I was thinking of getting something else for lunch, but I don't know what.

Today's training session was better in the last half of the day. The malfunction of the systems continue. It's mostly that way because we will be the first ones to be doing just the west cost, because they just exanded to out there, and the systems are a little differnt and new.

Because of all these failures to get into the systems that we have to practice on, and the teacher being out of class trying to find out what is wrong, we have had a lot of time on our hands. I tried to check the internet for a few things and they told me that I didn't have permission to do that. Then today, we were told that we can't play Solitaire, and we can't fall asleep anymore.

Today I walked down to the main road with most of my "class" and they got a bus going the other way. I was lucky enough to get a bus from there all the way home. Normally I would have to get off in town and then get another one that would take me the rest of the way.

I asked him about going into a contract with me since it would cost me less if he could just pick me up at that spot instead of me getting two buses. But he said that he was from St. Kitts and he wasn't here on Monday and Tuesday. Oh well.

Speaking of which, I have to talk to the bus driver tomorrow morning and ask him if I could have a contract with him for next week so I could pay for my boat ride over this Friday. Did I tell you? The fare for the boat between St. Kitts and Nevis went up to $20 on monday. I found out yesterday. Great.

I should go get my bed and get comfy or I'll just be the walking dead in training class tomorrow.

See ya.

Sorry for not spell checking and such. I didn't even think that I was going to get on the computer today, and I have to go bed.

The trials of Nevis? - short on time, can't think of a better title.

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I tried to go to bed before 1am, and I might have if the guys didn’t show up. With the racket they were making I had to watch tv until they left. That was somewhere around 3 am. Lynn’s oldest son woke me up as he talked on this phone and did other things such as turn on the lights. Why?? I’m not even sure if it was the talking on the phone or the lights that woke me up, but I’m willing to bet on both.

If I had gone to bed earlier, I might not have so much, but either way I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I had to ask him to leave and to take the light with him. Then I was about to go back to sleep. Besides it being too short it was a nice sleep.


Work ended at 6pm. We got a whole hour off for lunch. That is why we ended at 6 instead of 5. I walked about 1/3 of a mile to the main road, (and it just grew to a ½ a mile in my later blogs) then got a bus to town in about 10 mins if that long. 10 mins later it was dark out. I got $60 from the ATM and spent $5 f I on a drumstick and two backs at a place tat Lynn told me was the cheapest place in town.

Then I went to where the buses were suppose to be to take me home. But there was just one parked there in the dark with out it’s driver in sight. So at this point with the place not looking that populated, I was hoping that another bus would show up, and one did. Lucky me, but as we started to pick up people it hit me that I was worried for nothing. Stan even got picked up by the same bus. I was even able to use his cell phone to call Jhodie and Nika. Mostly Nika. I didn’t think that I would be able to go home this weekend. I told Jhodie that after counting up what money I did have, and that the boat fair went up to $20 that week, I don’t know if I would be able to go and come back. Then the bus contract came back up again. If I could get a contract with the bus that picks me up, and I’m able to get it to take me home, I would able to go home for the weekend. I didn’t get to ask him about it today because I wasn’t the last on the bus and I couldn’t hold up everyone else. So I’m going to have to ask him when I get in the bus tomorrow morning.

------ You might be wondering where this is coming from. I would be too if I just saw it posted up here. I had writen it down while I was in training. I fininaly got around to post it. It seems like it's the seciond or so day of the whole thing.

Well see ya. -----

August 22, 2006

Seciond Day

Hi ya...

I started my first day of work yesterday.... but it could hardly be called work. I don't even know if or when I'll be able to finish it... most likely this Friday when I got back to St. Kitts. It's kinda hard to get to use Lynn's computer since she wants to stay logged into her messengers all the time.

Well today was ok. I left the house earlier then I wanted, but I might as well start at this being early to work thing. But some how it almost didn't end up that way.

I got the bus into town with Lynn, and I even got dropped off at the bus stop where I try to catch the next bus to Brown Hill. Which is all odd by itself since it seems that only a few buses really come here. (I'm on break at work right now)

Yesterday I flagged down a lot of buses just for them to tell me to catch this other bus. I didn't even get to take it yesterday because some one else from work saw me and gave me a lift. Today I was there waiting from 8:05 and I didn't catch one coming this way until 8:46. They had asked us to be here for 8:45. It didn't turn out to be that big of deal when we got here at 5 till 9.

Every thing was delayed because of one thing or another, and we haven't done that much because of these delays. The hardest part would you believe was just changing the password. They have far more points for you to meet for the new password to be accepted. But I finally got it, and in the had book that they gave us, that I finished reading while I was waiting for the second bus, said that I have to change it every 6 months. I should make up a list and just the off. If I'm still here when the time comes.

I'm still wondering if I'm going to be able to afford the trip over to Barbados. But I think Lynn said that I could get a Vacation Loan to pay for the trip and such. I'll see.

I don't think that it's going to be too hard this new job of mine. It might be the only easy part of coming over here.

I looked at getting a place that I could live with out having to stay at Lynn's place since it seems rather cramped. Last night I slept out in the living room on the mattress. I didn't like sleeping in what Lynn calls the boys' room. But sleeping out in the living room had it own issues. That first night I would have slept in Lynn's room just because she was still in St. Kitts. Shame, I liked her room.

All in all, we seem to be getting along. I thought that we might not since we had a clash of what to watch and usage of the computer back in St. Kitts. I didn't expect to really use the computer considering how she uses it, but I was happy to find out that there were two TVs in the house.

I think our break is just about out. See... I did make it small.

So take care.

August 20, 2006


Hello Everyone.

I'm pleased to announce that I will be signing work papers Monday morning in Nevis in a place called Brown Hill for a company named Clear Harbour.

It's not the job that I would have liked, but it's more agreeable to me than the only other job offered to me in the last 3 and half months.

I am scared about going to live in Nevis. I clash so badly with Lynn and her family and how they live, but there is no one else for me to stay with.

I'm not going to be paid enough to come home every day. It's $400 before taxes, and with the going cost of $30 a day to go to and from St. Kitts, I have to stay over in Nevis during the week and come home on the weekends. That plan was made when I believed that I was going to be paid weekly. Then I found out that I'll be paid every two weeks like before. I will have to change a few things, but what is going to help is that Jhodie has a new client and she is suppose to get another one when school starts up again. When that time comes she will be getting paid more than I will.

That check that one of my friends sent me, we thought had cleared on Wednesday because I was down to $27 and it let Jhodie take off $60. I went in on Friday to take off some money to get some things be told that the check was still floating and I wouldn't be able to get more then $40. I went in to get $120 to buy lunches to pack and pay for bus rides and the boat ride over. I only got that $40 after talking to three people at the bank for over an hour. They said that the rest of the check would clear on Tuesday. So I guess it will just have to do. They reason why Jhodie got any money that day was because they were having and issue with the system that day. It shouldn’t have happened. I was lucky to have run into my Uncle at the bank. I asked him for $30 to help me get to Nevis when it didn't look like I was going to get any money at all from the bank.

For some reason I've started to read again. Which is going to help me I thought when I was thinking about it. I'm to be reading a bit more or read something far different then what I use to before. The second book that started to read I've already finished like two days ago. Another one that I was pleased with in a way. I liked the story; I just have an issue with what it was named, since the character that the book was named after died like 6 chapters before the end of the book.

Well that's it.

This is going to end up in my blog. I kinda felt that I should let you know. I have been meaning to blog for the past 4 days, but something would come up or Jhodie would stay on the computer until 3 am and I would just give up and go to bed. The day I did try was Wednesday. I think it was to let the world know that I did a good job with dinner that night since Jhodie came home tired and stayed in bed. The only thing that went wrong was that the packet said to add so much butter and I did, but in the end it turned out to be rather salty. Now I know to cut back the next time.

I took Nika to town to have her picture taken for her passport. I also tired once again to talk to the place that is holding my “pension”. The manager was out. She was out every day up until Friday. And on Friday I wasn’t able to get there on time due to the bank. The place that took Nika to, to have her picture taken had taken 4 extra. When I asked for them, they said it would cost me $20 even though I heard him tell the boy to shred them. That is what the $20 from the $120 was for. I still spent the $20 on them. I’m taking one with me to Nevis. I go so use the house and everything this last week.
I'm washing my stuff so I can take them over tomorrow afternoon. I just have my blacks left to hang out tomorrow. I may have to get up early to do it depending on when I can get a ride to Lynn's house. It's like a bad joke that the gov built those houses more or less out of the way of most buses.

I'll see at the end of week if I could afford to come over for the weekend so I can breath air that I know a bit more about. Jhodie said that she should have the money to get me back over if it comes down to it.

Well, it's time to say good night, and thank you to everyone who inquired after me and how things were and to Misty for sending the money that she did. It looks that is what is going to keep me going for the first two weeks.

Good Night.


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August 09, 2006

It's Offical

I got my offical phone call today.

I have the job in Nevis. I have to go over on the 18th to sign my contract and to have a little get to know who we are type of thing.

I was going to take Nika over with me, then hang out a bit afterwards with her in Nevis. But when I got the phone call from Clear Harbour, I was told that it would be my first day on the job and I couldn't bring her. Oh well. It was just an idea and It wasn't even mine.

In other news, I called up the company that doesn't want to give me my so called "pension". I called and asked for a person to lodge a complaint with. I got a girl. I gave her my name, and told her that I have been waiting almost 3 months for this little check. She asked for my phone number and I stayed home all day hoping she would call back. Today. Silly me.

Other than that I hung out some clothes. Nika watched the last 6 eps of Samurai Jack that I got, to see how the show ended. It didn't really end. They were just cancled it, or something like that. Around 3:30 Nika went next door to play with a girl that was visiting our neighbour. Then Jhodie came home about 4:50 or so. Then around 5:50 Nika came back over after Jhodie went over to see how she was doing to watch "How It's Made". We normally watch it together everyday at 6pm. No one felt like cooking. I've been doing some of the cooking for tthe past 2 days and I didn't really feel like it since I didn't clean the kitchen because of the washing. So I took Nika out so she could pick out a fried fish for her dinner. Jhodie and I had sandwiches.

Well See ya. I'll send off the e-mail to my friends about getting the job Friday afternoon when I get back from Nevis.

Hi Ya.

I tried twice yesterday to send off a blog, and both failed.

Guess I wasn't ment to post anything yesterday.

Yesterday and today was a holiday so I didn't get to call and rant to the place that is taking it's dear God given time to give me my entitled "pension". Pension my foot. Less then a grand.

Either way, I posted up my wallpapers for the month. I tried to send copies, and I think that is why it did go through yesterday.

I'm once again up too late, but this time I fighting sleep so I could blog and check a site for something. My sister got on the computer since 10pm and I was waiting for her to get off. And since I was standing over by the fan just yawning, I let her know why I wasn't in my bed at 1:55am when I was so tired.

Oh, before I say good day and bail, check out the wallpapers for this month. I got a really nice girl pic this time around. It's from a set of art pics that I have on my computer that I downloaded from a place I haven't been in ages.

Take care.

August 04, 2006

Tilly Trotter

Hi ya.

Well I found out why it ended so oddly.

Down at the very bottom of the cover of the book where it was very chipped at, I read "The first novel of and exciting new trilogy".

Which helps to explain this when I found it on Amazon a few moments ago. Tilly Trotter: An Omnibus (Paperback).

I personally think it's a shame that they are selling it this cheaply, but that just leaves it wide open for some nice person to get it for me who already has an account with Amazon. *smiling while batting eye lashes.*

Oh, speaking of which. I think I'll give my book another toot. Well, not my book, but I'm attached to it non the less. Writing In The Asylum: Student Poets In City Schools (Teaching for Social Justice Series) (Paperback) I would love it if someone else left a new review for this book. I was suppose to get a copy of it, but I think she just forgot or something happened.

I was slightly surprised to find out that they made a movie of the Tilly book years ago. I don't think I want to see it.

Ok, the rest of my day has been ok. Not that there was much of it. I went to bed really late. I stayed to watch the end of "The Wrath Of Kon". I was ready to go to bed before that, but I got acid reflux and couldn't lay down so I watched the movie while my pill started to work, and hoped that I could go to bed when the movie was finished. It finished at 4am. So I took my time getting out of bed today, but at one point I just had to since I had a very messy kitchen to clean, and I got it all done not counting three pieces. Ya!

Just remembered that I have to go post to my wallpaper club this weekend.

Yesterday, I remembered a memory and was pleasantly surprising, but now that I'm ready to write it down it's gone again.

Well dinner is just about finished, and I'm going to enjoy watching my StarGates tonight.

See ya.

August 03, 2006


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Aug. 3) - Tropical Storm Chris swept through the eastern Caribbean on Wednesday, forcing cruise ships to change course and tourists to evacuate small islands off the coast of Puerto Rico as it threatened to become the first hurricane of the Atlantic season.


I saw this on the news and I was hearing for a while that all today we would be swimming through the rain, and that even the power was going to be turned off when the storm hit.

Storm? What storm??

I had to go on line to find out anything about it. All today was fine. No rain until about 9pm and that was only for a few mins after the 15 mins or so of thunder and lighting.

The only think that let you know that there was a storm out there today was the fact that the waves on the bay were ruff. Jhodie made me take her to the beach/bay today. I didn't want to, but Since I won't be in St. Kitts that much I took her. I still hated it and l let my sister know it.

We got a lift down thanks to my uncle. Nika made "sand castles" and we stood where the waves crashed after we found a spot that wasn't too bad, but Nika called an end to it, when the waves seemed to be getting bigger to her.

I wasn't a sight to be seen, but I'm sure the people passing me on the road would disagree. As we were leaving the beach to walk two "blocks" to a water pipe to wash off and change I had no clue how my back looked. I had the skirt pulled up to below my bra, but the water had pulled down the back. I didn't look like a cow in wet clothes, but I did looked badly dressed. That I can live with.

Jhodie, expecting a downpour didn't plan on going to work today, and then later she wasn't feeling well, so that became her reason for not going to work later. She was feeling better around sun set and cleaned up the front yard of the house. I'm not completely sure what she did. I'll have a look at it tomorrow.

I found a nice little viewer for pictures while they are still in zip files. I didn't get it for that, but luckly me. I got something for something that is turning out to be very short lived, but look, it can do this too, and I that can be very handy for me. It's called CDisplay it can be found here.

Other than shimming a skirt up under a towel while mostly exposed the rest of the world, there is nothing else to talk about it.

Oh, one thing. I finished the book. I'll get the name later for you. I realized that I read the ending of the book before. That might be why I got it, to see how it got started. I don't remember anymore, it was soooo long ago. I didn't really like how it ended it. It makes me think that there might be a part two to the book. I'll look it up and let you know when I tell you about the book.

Night. Posted by Picasa