August 30, 2007

What I Found - Bones and Calcium


I know. You are due a blog or two. But before I get to them, I have something I think I should share.

Now, the other night I was thinking that I should find out what foods are a good source of calcium since I can't really eat any cow milk or byproduct.

So first I found this place and at the very end it tells me what I'm looking for and gives me a nice little table.

I look at that, and it seems like I'm already eating what I should, but I'm going to check out another link or two. Then I came across this one. That just left me scratching my head.

Now I'm a little worried for Nika. I read some of the links at the bottom of the page, and I find this thing to read.

Bone health: The Ancient Chinese Remedy That Helps Build Bone Density And Speed Up The Healing Time Of Fractures

Ok, what do they have I wonder. Osteoking. This is new. I wonder if I could get it in China Town, and how much would it cost? I did a search for it, and I found a rather nice site that sells it.

I'm still going to see if I can buy this in town some where once I have money to pay for it.

If you know anything about any of this stuff, feel free to leave a comment.

Take care.

August 29, 2007

This sounds nice

thai chicken salad with rice noodles

Bon Appétit | September 2007 To give this salad more crunch, add blanched soybeans (edamame) or fried wonton strips.

Makes 4 servings

Anthony Marini
Local in Birmingham, AL


4 1/2 ounces rice stick noodles (maifun)*

4 large garlic cloves
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon smooth peanut butter
2 teaspoons chopped peeled fresh ginger
1 1/4 teaspoons hot chili paste (such as sambal oelek)*
1/4 cup vegetable oil

3 purchased roasted chicken breast halves, boned, skinned, shredded
3 cups shredded Napa cabbage
1 cup coarsely grated carrot
1 cup red bell pepper strips
1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion
2 medium cucumbers, halved lengthwise, thinly sliced crosswise
1/3 cup coarsely chopped roasted salted peanuts


Cook noodles in small pot of boiling salted water until tender, about 3 minutes. Drain; cut noodles in several places with scissors. Spread out on platter.

Puree next 7 ingredients in blender. With machine running, gradually add oil and blend until dressing is smooth. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Combine chicken, cabbage, carrot, pepper, onion, and cucumbers in large bowl. Toss with enough dressing to coat. Arrange atop noodles, sprinkle with peanuts, and serve, passing remaining dressing alongside.

*Available in the Asian foods section of some supermarkets, at Asian markets, and from One serving contains the following: Calories (kcal) 566.95, % Calories from Fat 40.8, Fat (g) 25.93, Saturated Fat (g) 3.94, Cholesterol (mg) 54.82, Carbohydrates (g) 52.96, Dietary Fiber (g) 5.95, Total Sugars (g) 16.00, Net Carbs (g) 47.02, Protein (g) 30.05 © CondéNet, Inc. All rights reserved.

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August 27, 2007

Today Was Just About A Bust.

Let's see.

We were suppose to go to The Children's Museum, then meet Phillys to go and get Japanese Noodles, then Jhodie and Phillys were suppose to go off and shop and I could have stayed if I wanted to, or go home and maybe take Nika with me.

Only the first part happened the way it was suppose to mostly.

Firstly, we got there on time even though I would have rather stayed in bed, but I got up, ate something. Slowly. Got dressed, and we all got out of the house like 12 after 11am. Jhodie then power walked us to the station. We had time in my head, but she wanted to get there just a bit faster.

We were going to do some kind of share thing with Phillys' metro pass, but while Jhodie is shouting at me and Nika to get her card, to get her bag, to get her purse, Phillys talks to her, and now she's calm and we are still reeling from the shout attack we just went though.

The museum was ok. I didn't remember that much of it, but after a while I more or less remembered the place, but nothing really hit me with great fondness or heavy nostalgia. Maybe if I wasn't tried I would have felt a bit more happy about being there. And I'm sure that being this old didn't help me since the place is made for 5 year olds.

We went to all the rooms, and outside and petted some snakes, and we had another 30 mins to kill. Some how we did that, and Nika made a wind thing. I forgot the real name. She liked it. Then as I was starting to push them out the door to go meet Phillys so I could get some noodles, she called.

This is when things changed. It wasn't after her bible study thing. It was to start at 2, not finish like we believed. Next, she wanted us to come there for it. Ha? So just for spite it seemed, we hung out for another 20 mins, then slowly walked to the subway, with a slight stray over to a Riteaid to look around. I almost walked out with some kettle corn popcorn for 99cents. The only reason I left it is because of the popcorn going up into my teeth. I love popcorn, but I think I'll wait until I've had some dental work done before I have some again. I think that I might swing by there and drop off my resume. It looks like they could use some help.

Anyway, we took the train up the other museum, and Jhodie stays there with her and her friend, and I took Nika over to the water display. After a while by back was starting to hurt so I moved over to the side that gave my back some support and I fell asleep. I was tried and I thought I could catch a nap for the 15 or so mins until we left. Every time the sun came out it burned me wake. I then checked my watch/phone at 4:30. Why are we still here? I walked over and asked when was this hour bible study thing going to finish. Oh it's not for an hour Phillys stays. NOW she tells me?!?!? That's it. I'm going home. I'm starving, sleepy, and sun isn't kind to me since I was sitting in it. Nika took some left over fishes that Jhodie had and stayed. I walked home with about 5lbs of posters that Jhodie picked up at the children's museum along with two very heavy newspapers.

I took my dear time and walked home. I walked pass my old school and thought about how to get in come September so I can get a transcript or at least find out how to get them to send it to a college once I've picked one that fits what I'm currently looking for.

Then I walked down the shaded side of the street on Carroll all the down and over the bridge until I got home.

A few days ago my mom asked if I had any water boils on the side of my foot. I was very happy to say that I hadn't had any in a while, an now as I was walking home I felt the four at the back of my foot hurting with every step. I had to jinks myself again didn't I? Speaking of jinks. The other night when I had to cook. It didn't go so well for me. Other then the chicken, they liked everything else.I thought that all chicken browned when baked. I never really had lean chicken breast to work with before. Either way. I had to get salt shock. The mash potato mix that I used was way too salty for me, then once I've had that, everything else just added more and more salt to my system even if they were fine. So I was a mess for the rest of the night and was complaining about the lights and sucking down water until I went to bed. I had a headache like I was coming off a hang over.

When I got home I almost wished that I had stayed with Jhodie them. My mom went back to giving me the third degree about God and what I believe and do I think that I wake up all on my own? She asked me if I thought I was invincible? Ha! Me? The girl who just about only believes that she will die. I just answered that by saying something about how could I be invincible when I'm crying about my back? Then she asks if I pray for it to get better? Now I can be a bit more harsh about what I would have liked to have said, but I said that I just waited for it to go away. Which is the truth. Then I walked out the room.

I cleaned up the kitchen, washed a few dishes, and put a few of them up. I didn't put all of them up since I don''t see why I should pack them way when we are just going to take them down again in who knows how many mins. I also packed away some veggies and such that she had gotten. Jhodie told mommy that we eat lettuce and tomatoes, so she got us some along with stuff to make some seasoning.

Then I came in to use the computer. Phillys then called me at 6pm, an hour after I got home to ask me if I was still going with them to get noodles. No, I'm not getting dressed again.

I rather go out and stay out for as long as passable, then to go out, come home, go out again. Ofcourse this doesn't apply to coming home from work and then going out to somewhere. It can't be, or I won't have a life, and then I have school soon. So when time comes for me to be working, going to school and insisting that I needed to go out, I will be out alot.

Well they came home, rested for 5 mins or so. Used the bathroom, got some money, then they were off again. They asked me what I wanted with my noodles. I said chicken since it should be the cheapest.

I stayed on the computer and played two games before mom woke up. Before that I was ready to bed. I laid my head down and so wanted to go to sleep. I didn't because mommy said that she wanted me to help her clean up for when Ms. Brown came back tonight, and I was just waiting for her to get up and I didn't want her to wake me up to help her and be mad at me at the same time. I think.

She woke up with a start and asked me how I could let her sleep when she had to clean. I didn't answer. She was tired, I was tired. So we cleaned up and not to long later they came home. Good. I had eaten a sandwich when I came home, but that was like 4 or so hours ago. It was good, but it wasn't the same as some that she had gotten from Manhattan. I liked that one because it had abit of a peanut sauce with it I'm sure.

Mom got rice instead of noodles, just because Phillys didn't ask her if she wanted anything and just brought back a rice one just in case I think.

We then moved on to stripping the curtens out of the bathroom. She had asked the others to take them down, but it didn't happen. So I'm left to walk the rim of the bathtub taking down shower curtains. Then I pulled up the rugs from the bathroom. Then I packed clothes to be washed while my mom ran out to see if she could use the laundromat at 10:30 at night.She came back to say that the person wasn't there so she was going to hurry up and get her stuff in the machines. When she got back Brown showed up. The bed was also stripped and I heard that I was to make it.

After mommy left I made up the bed with the new sheet set that mom had put on the bed before she left. It's not bad. Dark green with green lines.

I then came on here and stared to blog. That was like 3 hours ago? It took that long because when Nika fell asleep, I had to put her in her own bed hoping my back wouldn't snap. Then when mommy came back after midnight we put up new shower curtains and the inner lining that she washed. I walked the rim again and put them up. Three of those cheap plastic loop things broke on me. My hands still smell like clorox. I had to soak the inner lining of the shower curtains before mom took them to the laundromat. Then to end it off we put down different pieces of carpet. Mom joked how it was a birthday present for Nika. Tomorrow is her birthday. She is now 7 years old.

Well now everyone is asleep but me, and I'm the one who has been yawning since 11am.

I guess that's it. oh. I do have one pic to share. It's of Nika before she left me to sleep in the sun. It's really of the jumping water behind of her. I just wanted her in it.

The other one is a pic that Nika took of the water.

Good Night.


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August 24, 2007

Nothing Much

Since my last blog I haven't been out of the house until yesterday.

Our sleeping has been thrown off by a number of changes and lack of things to do. Not that I'm not still sending out my resume and such still. Honestly, how long does it take to e-mail a resume. But it was hard to come up with a mass cover letter. Tanzi helped me with it on Monday.

We played e-mail tag building this thing up. It also came up that I should redo my resume. I wasn't happy to hear that, but I'm changing it non the less. You think that it would be easy to change it, but it isn't with all those tables in the template.

I was suppose to meet her (Tanzi) on Wednesday so that we could both work out our resumes and cover letters at the library. But she couldn't make it. I think that she had to get ready to leave. She moved back to Seattle on Thursday.

I was also suppose to go out a few times that week but they didn't happen either. On Monday I was suppose to go the Library to meet Jhodie and Nika, but I stayed to do a cover letter to drop off at the Museum along with my resume, and then I got started with Tanzi and all that. I spent like 4 or so hours doing that until I had to get off the computer to clean or cook or something like that. By the time I even thought about trying to leave to go out, I called Jhodie to find out where they were, and they were coming home. It seems that there was a cold snap, and it was raining. So I saved myself that, by staying in.

Tuesday we were going to go to the botanical garden, but the rain and cold was still there, so we stayed home.

Wednesday was nothing. Jhodie did go to the gym, and I had to take care of Nika.

Most of the week my mom had off. She worked like three days this week. Yesterday turned out to be her longest day. She actually asked for extra hours so that I could get a metro card so I could go to some temp agencies. I was told that I should go to a whole bunch since I may not meet the criteria for all of them, and not all of them will have work for me right away, and I could pick if more then one shows up, and I'm not really stuck with a bad job two weeks or for how ever long the job is for.

When she got home I found out that she had gotten 6 extra hours, and it was all standing. It was some kind of customer service thing.

Yesterday, while mom was at work, Jhodie took me and Nika on a little walk down Flatbush to this place that had cheep boots. It turned out to be Payless. We left late with our sleeping being off, and we took our time on the walk and check out a whole bunch of places on the way. We found a few nice places. One was wig place. My mom doesn't like the wig I had gotten in St. Kitts. Which bites since it cost me $100 and at the time everyone was telling me I looked good in it.

The other place was the first place we stopped it. It's called the Vegetable Hut. I got a soy chicken spinach patty for $2. It was good, and the outside pastry part was better than I expected. Normally they aren't that great, but this one was really good.

Next there was this hog poge type store. It wasn't the cleanest or most organized one there, but the people that worked there were nice, and they had some interesting things.

Well, we made it back to be in the house by ourselves before dark, then Jhodie left to meet Phillys at the gym. They got back before mom did. She didn't make it back until 12:30. She told me that she was going to be home at 1am. So she was early. I was watching "Amazing Grace" when she came home. Nice movie by the way. Pick it up if you feel like some history without blood and explosions.

I didn't cook anything. Mom called and first asked me to cook some chicken that she had taken down from the freezer, but then she told me not to cook it. I didn't know what that was about until later. She didn't want it to turn out like how Jhodie  did her chicken. My mom likes to bit into her food, and Jhodie likes her meat to be "fall off the bone". I came home and just heated up the last of the soup. Which also has a small story behind of it. It was a soup that Jhodie and Mom tried to cook. And I do mean tried to cook. Mom started it, and started in such a way, that my sister didn't know how to finish it when mom told her to finish it up, and went to sleep.

When mom waked up, she wasn't happy. The chicken brook down in the soup, and everything was too soft for mommy. It was half funny how she acted over the soup. She said that she won't let Jhodie cook soup for her again.

The next day I spent a while picking out bones, dumplings and the corn on the cob pieces and used the food processor on the rest of it. I was trying to make it a smooth soup, but it didn't come out as smooth as I would have liked. I added a little bit more salt. I think it needed it. Then heated everything back up in a pot except the bones of course. I was sure mom wouldn't like since she said that she wanted to bit into her food, but she liked it. She had two helpings. I hate to say this, but I think that I may be the one cooking here with mom more than Jhodie.

Well what was left over, is what I had yesterday night for dinner along with some crackers. Still good.

Today mom is asking me what to cook. I just came up with crunchy bake chicken. Maybe some mash potato to go along with that.

Well today, just so I end on the day I'm posting, I stayed in bed because of my back. It was starting to go yesterday. I'm not sure why. Mom is here today because she doesn't work on Friday and Saturday. And Jhodie and Nika are in Manhattan. Nika was suppose to go with Phillys to work today, but she didn't go to sleep until after 2 am. There is no way she could have stayed up, if she could have gotten up to go.

She did get herself up, but Jhodie told her to go back to sleep and that Phillys will get her up to get ready. Phillys didn't wake her up again, and she woke up on her own again at 8am crying that Phillys left without her. We told her that she had one more week before school started for her to go to work with her. She just has to go to bed on time. But it seems that she got something in it's place today. Miss Phillys is out doing something and wanted Jhodie to bring her a few things for her, and I said that Nika should go with her. She called Phillys and asked of Nika could come. She said yes, so off they went before 3pm.

Mom is getting ready to go see the doctor about her foot, and I have to go cook something now.

See ya.


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August 19, 2007


It was only half that good.

Last night was Hayden's Birthday party. I ofcourse I was late. It was mostly due to the fact that there was no express train service, so I had to ride local from where I was in Brooklyn all the way up to 155th ST near the top of Manhattan. I also had 45 mins set aside for when Phillys combed my hair. All she had to do was replat what was already there. But she had to make it perfect. My bath and getting dressed was about 15mins. Despite the length of time she took, it came out a bit better than Jho's, but then they plat hair differently.

I almost didn't go, but I'm glad I did, because I don't think that Tanzi would have made it home if I wasn't there. The party was suppose to start at 6 pm, but it seems that most of the people started to show up after 8. Just about the time I was really planning to show up, but I didn't get there until 9:30.

It was a pot luck party, so I cooked up some rice. It was more or less the same kind of rice that I had made before since I've been here, I just added a bit more of a few things. It had alot of yellow and red sweet peppers, and I added some spinach, and red onions, and yellow onions, and some shredded carrots. I almost only cooked 2 cups of rice, but then I remembered that he said that about 6 people were coming so I made 3 cups instead. Good thing too. There were more like 20 people there. Everyone was really nice, expect maybe one girl, but I think it might have been because by the time I got around to being around her, she was buzzed and only let me one song that I knew and liked, before she wanted to hear her kind of music again.

But before that I was talking to this guy.

He was nice. I guess I would have been nice to have gotten his number, but he left before I expected him too. We talked for a long time, and we came back to talking with each other a few times. Tanzi expected me to have gotten his number. I didn't even get to ask if he had a girl friend. I think that, that is a question that needed to be asked before phone numbers can be exchanged. He did get Tanzi's. They both have itchy feet and want to work on organic farms. I told her that if/when he calls her, that she can ask him if it would be ok to pass on his number to me.

I have another pics to share. It's of me and the birthday boy.

This pic came out ok, not as good as the one of me and Tanzi, but I can't post that one because Tanzi doesn't want her pic on line. Go figure.

This is Hayden. I was once again reminded that he has a daughter. An 11 year old daughter. I guess that since he doesn't have any other children, he learned how to use a condom.

I got to leave about 1:20 or so. I was waiting for Tanzi. She wanted to sit for a bit before leaving. She was suppose to have gotten to the party like and hour before me but she ran into the same train issue, and ended up on local service on the 1 line, then had to walk back like 10 blocks to Hayden's place. By the time I got off at my stop it was like 3:05 and my mom was just about to go down and called out to me. She said that she was almost late. I guess with out me there to wake her up, she didn't wake up on time, but she made it.

Although I was yawning as I walked down the street, when I got home I made a sandwich and finished watched the movie that I had on when I was getting ready for the party. I didn't go to sleep until 5:30 or so.

I was suppose to go the children's museum with Jhodie and Nika, but I was just to tired.

Around 12:30 or so my Aunty Phillys called and woke me up, and I decided to stay up. She called to let us know that there was a fair at the end of her street and that it was free, and that we could bring Nika. They had bouncy castles and rides. Ok, I know that I haven't really been there in a while, but doesn't that sound like a lot to hold on a sidewalk?

I called Jhodie and told her before I got some breakfast. Then I spent about an hour or so putting some music together and renaming a bunch of songs. Then it was blog time, so I got the pics off the phone and came here.

There, my last 15 or so hours.

August 12, 2007

E-Card from Jhoy


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Vlad Gerasimov, chief designer

My Pic

Well, I asked two of my friends for a pic of themselves. One, just because I hadn't seem him in a while and didn't find the one of him that I took so many years ago, and the other because I have him in "My Five"  but I couldn't find the pic I had of him also to put on my phone.

Today I was out with Nika at the park and Nika took a pic of my with my cell phone. Speaking of which, I can't make any phone calls for a while, but at least I got a cam out of the deal.

Anyway, the pic came out rather well. So I'm sharing.


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That is this game.

I just finished it.

One of the few, if not the only game that I have completed ever. I even put in a review of this game over at

The only thing, not that I'm complaining, about the game is that I actually finished it in about 4 sitting and lost only 2 lives I think. *grin*

Now, on to more "important" news.

Yesterday I didn't make it to the library or to the clinic. One, my sister had to go somewhere, and we couldn't leave Nika in the apartment alone. And while mommy and I were out doing the wash, it came time for me. I even "ran" back to the apartment to try and leave to get there in time. I realize once I got home that all my clothes were with mom. Great. So I called up the clinic and got a new date. I got it postponed for a week. Same day, same time. Because my doctor is only there on Thursday and Friday. My luck.

Next, did I mention that it was raining? Yep, and it was cold. Granted I'm nothing more than an island girl at this time, but it was really cold yesterday, and I was doing a really good job of getting wet. Then I had to help my mom carry some heavy bags to the subway. She is on vacation. She will be in Philly until Wednesday I think. If you were anywhere near the city, yesterday, I'm sure you heard the news, if you were in it. The floodings, the stranded subway riders and so on.

Today we had stuff to do, and Jhodie and Phillys decided to change them for us. So Nika and I didn't go 0ut because our plans got cut down then cut out, and then we didn't want to go out late in the afternoon because it has been cold in the house all day and we thought that outside was also cold. By the time we really thought of leaving this place, it was already dark out, and I'm not taking a 6 year old out walking in Brooklyn at 10 at night.

We watched The Little Mermaid II. I haven't seen it before I think. I knew parts of it, but the rest of it seemed new to me. Nika liked it, and I saw why it went to dvd.

At least Jhodie and Phillys feed us before leaving. They got take out from Popeye's and Wendy's.

Well now I'm off to find some nice web site for Nika.


August 10, 2007

Movie Reviews

Warning - Do not read my very little review of these movies if you haven't already seen it. I'm sure I'm giving a few things away, and I'll ruin the movie for you, and I don't want to do that.

- I loved it. It was like watching the Titanic all back over again. A great movie, gorgeously done, and even though you know how it ends, you still cry when you get there.

Apocalypto - Hum. It was only half what I expected it to be. Not that it wasn't a very well done movie. The only flaw I saw was when they killed the jaguar. It did look like a stuffed toy. I really thought that it was about when the white people showed up and the start of the end for them, and in a way it was. It did show some of the stuff that I have read about and such. It was rather nice to see it all in colour. As for the order in which they were killed as they chased after him, it wasn't in the order that I was expecting. But hey, I'll take it.

The Last Mimzy - I got this for Nika, but I watched it too. Not bad. Not a real kiddy movie like I thought. It had nice points. The guy who sees stuff in his dreams I liked, and his girl friend, (or is that his wife) I like and know from "Crossing Jordan".

Bridge To Terabithia - I didn't like it. I think it has to do with how the movie was advertised. I expected something of a "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. " The fact that it was really all in their heads, wasn't enough, or that fact that the girl died really put me off the movie. I'm not really sure which one it was.

Ghost Rider - Already said that I liked it, and my reasons for liking it. Read a blog or two back.

Night At The Museum - I'm amazed that I liked it. I like a Ben Stiller Movie. I don't know if that has happened before. Granted, there are times when it couldn't be helped that I saw Ben Stiller instead of "Larry Daley" as far as I was concerned. On a good day, I may over look that, but when I really think about, I'm mostly glad that I watched it, but I don't think that I'm going to watch it again. At least not anytime soon.

Arthur And The Invisibles - Now after watching the bridge movie, I was just waiting to be disappointed by this movie, but I liked it. I have only one little complaint, which started to bug me near the end of the movie. It was the audio sinc with the CGI actors. They didn't sinc most of the time if ever, but I'm willing to watch it again, the over all story was that good.

Blood & Chocolate - Did I see this movie before? Really. I know that I didn't see that much of the adds for this movie, so why did it feel like I'll already seen this movie. That made me feel abit odd while watching it. I liked how they bowed. I think that might have been the best part of the movie for me. Sad. The only part, that they did "wrong" was when they changed. When they turned, the clothes didn't fall off of them, but seemed to change with them, but when they changed back, they were naked. So what happed to the clothes?

Pathfinder - Hum. I don't feel like watching it again, which is a shame, since I wanted to watch it so badly. I felt like it was a romance novel that was put on the screen. Near the end I started to like it more, but without a good start, I don't know if I would watch just the ending of the movie again.

I just finished watching them all today, and thought that I would pass on something since I didn't leave the house today, or cooked, and didn't really clean. Heck, I didn't even get out of bed until after 2pm. I had no reason too, and I need to get my clothes washed.

Tomorrow I will be going out it seems. One, I'm getting my clothes washed. Two, I'm taking Nika to the library,and three, I have to go the clinic. They just want to give me the results of my pap-smear. I don't expect to be there long.


August 09, 2007

Jhoy Has Posted A Recipe

Jhoy wants you to know that she thinks that this one looks interesting.

You can view the complete recipe online at:

1 cup sliced shallots (about 4 large)
1 Turkish or 1/2 California bay leaf
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
Rounded 3/4 teaspoon curry powder
1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) unsalted butter
1 small boiling potato (3 oz)
1 1/2 lb carrots, peeled and cut crosswise 1/4 inch thick
1 3/4 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth (14 fl oz)
1 cup apple cider (preferably unfiltered)
1 1/4 cups water
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup sliced almonds, toasted

Cook shallots, bay leaf, ginger, curry powder, and thyme in butter in a 2- to 3-quart heavy saucepan over moderately low heat, stirring occasionally, until shallots are softened and pale golden, 6 to 8 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel potato and cut into 1/2-inch cubes.

Add potato to shallot mixture along with carrots, broth, cider, water, salt, and pepper and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, until carrots are tender, 20 to 25 minutes. Discard bay leaf.

Purée soup in 2 batches in a blender until smooth, transferring as blended to a large bowl (use caution when blending hot liquids). Return to saucepan to reheat if necessary. Serve soup sprinkled with almonds.

Cooks' notes:
• Soup can be made 2 days ahead and cooled completely, uncovered, then chilled, covered. Reheat over low heat. Thin with additional water if necessary.
• Almonds can be toasted 2 days ahead and cooled completely, then kept in an airtight container at room temperature.

November 2006
2006-10-20 10:05:42.0

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August 06, 2007

Addicted to Curry.

This was something that I thought that I was going to be posting today, to kinda make up for posting a blog that hadn't been looked over before posting.

But the link I found to most of the known scans for this manga isn't anywhere near as good as I expected.

So it seems that you will have to wait until I get my hard drive encased and plugged up to the computer. Which I'm sorry to say, will not be until I get a job.

Well, I have one other thing to pass on.

I can cook it seems. After not really being allowed to cook while in St. Kitts, I was asked, more like told that I would be cooking. At least I got someone to season the fish for me. Not that, that kept me from touching it.

I made a frying batter for the fish, and I half made it up, and it worked. *happy*
I made curry rice and I half made that up as I went too, and it came out really good. *smile*

Mommy liked it, and I really liked it. It come out darn well. Jhodie took Nika down by the children museum to go to the park down there. Phillys forgot to ask Jhodie back for her train pass so they took the train down there. It seems that the museum has it's first hour free to enter on Saturday and Sunday. That would be 11 till 12.

Well, they should be back soon, and she can tell me how good it all turned out. Phillys is already here and making noise. I don't expect her to tell me if it's good or not. Last night she ate gravy with a sugar ice cream cone. *raise eyebrow*

Ok... she wants to use the computer now. Well the laptop. I only have it because I was using to look up recipes, that I kinda used. :)

Ok... I haven't forgotten the pics to be added to the last blog. I just need to get back to the other computer that have the pics.

See ya.

Quick note... I think. -- Pics Now Added

I currently have two blog entries to catch up one. At least I've already gotten one started.

Today Tanzi is suppose to come over so we can look at pictures. But I was planing to have her here when no one else was. But that back fired on me. One, Nika and Jhodie didn't get to go to the children's museum like I wanted. They are closed today. Next, my mom is home early. She didn't have to go far for work today.

One of the posts I have for is from Saturday. I avoided the church thing, and I was going to go out with Tanzi that afternoon and just to walk around, but we ended up having Jhodie and Nika come along because we all left at the same time. I also have a few pics. It turns out that the Brooklyn museum was having something, and we saw so many people.

The light was a but bright when I took this one.

I had others but they didn't come out that well. My hand moved and they got blurry.

This one came out fine. This is the entrance to the museum.

*this looks like it will turn into that post after all*

Well we were there for a bit, saw mock-a-jumby and dressed up girls. At first I thought that they were having a parade. I'm not really sure what it was, but it had something to do with St. Lucia I think, and admission was free, and in the back there were having a dance thing by the time we came back from Prospect Park.

We went to Prospect Park after letting Nika run around the kid's play ground next to Botanical Garden.

Main entrance to the Botanical Garden.

We went to Prospect Park to hang out until sundown so we could watch fireflies.

While we were at the park, Nika got to run around with a dog. The owners let her play with the puppy.

Then while she was doing that, the puppy lead her all over the place and into a boy and his family. The little boy came by and played with her and Tanzi. Then near what turned out to be the end of his time with us, the brought his dad over to show us that his dad could stand on his head. :) The really cute part about that is that the dad stood on his head for us. He said that ever since they took him to a yoga thing he has been going around bragging about being able to do yoga. The did do a few little thing before showing his day off to us.

I thought that I acted young, but Tanzi. Wow. I go back to being 16 or so when I'm happy, but Tanzi went back to 10 when she was playing with Nika.

We tracked a few kites. Then when it was starting to get dark, we saw the fireflies and went up a hill to be in the middle of some as they flew around. It was about 9:30 when we started to walk home. It was this time when we walked back by the museum, and went inside.

This is the new subway entrance right outside the museum.

We all walked around a bit once we found everyone again after mis-timed bathroom brakes. We walked though the gift shop, then took the elevator up the 5 floor. Nika then went home with Jhodie. I tried to call mommy to let her know where we were and to let her know that Jhodie and Nika were on their way home. I was able to get mom on my phone when we were in the stair well going down to the 4th floor a few mins after Jhodie and Nika left.

The forth floor had the rooms in it. There are rooms that hold other older rooms in them behind glass. Sorry, no pics. I forgot that I had a phone that I could take pics with. I have to get use to it. I haven't even really left the house with it yet other than that day.

We then hung out on that floor and the one below it. The 3rd floor was the one that we could have lived without seeing. Scary. It didn't help that we couldn't find the elevator out and ended up taking the stairs down and out the building. We then just stood outside and talked for a bit.

When it was time that we started our walk to get back home, we took a around about way, just to walk a different way. We were kinda hungry and looked to buy something when were back on my street. But somethings I couldn't get because of the milk or butter content. We ended up trying some fish sandwiches at the Chinese take out place. Tanzi said how great they were. I was a bit.. let's say... let down when I saw the white toast. White Toast? Heck, it wasn't even toast. It was just white slice bread. It was just fried fish, in two pieces of white slice bread. At least he asked us what we wanted on the fish. I choose BBQ sauce. Tanzi had ketchup and hot sauce. The fish tasted fine. That's all I can say about it. BTW, Tanzi paid for the "meal". I"m still broke.

When I got home I ate something real, and then tried to find a way to add some games to my phone and to take the pics, that I did remember to take, off the phone and unto the computer to upload to my blog. *which I will do after I finish dinner I think* *I will also grammar check and such at that time I have to run now. *


Ok, I'm back.

I've added the pics and I rewrote a few things. Ouch. Some were bad.

August 04, 2007

Well, Well.

I don't remember posting this. As smart as Nika is I don't think she did this. Guess I was half asleep at the time. Good. That is one less picture for me to post.

As you may know this is Nika. The blue thing she has, is a prize that she found in one of those grappler things down at Conny Island. Lucky girl.

My first moble post. :)

Hello - and good night.

August 03, 2007


Hi ya.

I've been a bit quite lately, but I'm still writing. I just haven't finished the other one for the week yet.

I wasn't feeling too good two days ago or so, and today I just stayed home. I did a little bit of cleaning while I watched a few things. I cleaned the room up really well. I even cleaned out the vacuum cleaner. I saw the last ep of Heroes, and I watched two movies. I liked the first one better then the second one. It wasn't a movie very high on my list of ones to watch anyway. The first one was Ghost Rider. Ya, I'm the last person to watch it. It liked it. And ofcourse, there are people out there that think I'm just off my rocker to say this. But I have a defense. I don't know anything about Ghost Rider to start with. So there was no where for it to go wrong for me.

I have one more movie to watch. It's Bridge To Terabithia. I'm putting off watching that one until Nika is with me.

Yesterday I got a phone. This one.
(razr 3vr)

But it's reddish pink. Jhodie is suppose to get a new number to go with the hand-me-down one that she got from Tito. This was all done after he got married. They had a civil service. I didn't get to go, because he didn't tell us what time it was going to happen, and Jhodie barely made it out with him, and it turns out that he didn't even really know when he was suppose to get married. He bought the marriage license yesterday, and the service can not be proformed any less then 24 hours after the license is bought. She he had to wait until the same hour that he got it yesterday. Which had them waiting for almost two hours. I've learned of a way to remember my new sister in law's name. I think it's the only real name in a song that RuPaul sung. Shanta ? I haven't a clue how it's spelled.

I also have that fav five thing going with my phone. I put the wrong number in for Tanzi, and when I tried to change it, it said that I can't until the start of next month. So make sure that who ever you put in your five has at least a month long reason to be there.

I was going to post a pic of my nice clean room, but the cam on my phone can't get the whole room in one shot, and it doesn't look that good for some reason. Either which way, my mom was happy with the clean job.

Speaking of my mom, she called me up to pick up some shopping from her around 1pm I think. She wanted to do more shopping in Manhattan or something, so I quickly got dressed and went to get them from her at the subway. As I was about to walk out of the building, I looked down at my feet. Putting on sneakers would have taken more time than I wanted to spend, so I put on my flip flops and my feet were almost as white as crinkled up paper. I thought about going back, but I just left hopping that not to many people would be looking at my feet, and ofcourse I saw everyone else's.

It was a bunch of dried fruit and a few nuts. I guess she is going to do some baking this week. Last week mom didn't bake anything for the church. Too much stuff came back from the week before, and she just didn't feel like it I guess.

Then when she came back from that little trip 2 or so hours later, she went over to the supper market to pick up a few things. Some bananas, and some bread. I asked for the bread, and some cereal, and there was something else. Oh, oil. She called from the store to see if we had any. Just about a cup was left.

Now she is cooking dinner, and I really wanted to get a post out today, so now I can mark that one off my list. I'm going to see if I can get some tv in before mom starts talking about how it's Sabbath now.

See ya.

August 01, 2007

Sunday Out With Tanzi

Hi everyone.

I've been out sick. Heck, I've been sick from almost the day that I go there. Yesterday I just about ate nothing after living in the bathroom for most of the night before. It wasn't anything that I ate while I was out with Tanzi I'm sure. We had very veggie meals that day.

Now as for Sunday.

I don't remember what time we met up, but I think it might have been around 1pm or so. She called and woke me up around 10:30, then we talked for about 40 mins on the phone, then I finished some cereal that I had started while talking to her, then I took a shower and left the house about 10 till. We had agreed that I would meet her in the subway on the 2 train near the back.

I thought that I might have missed the train that she was on because I stopped to take out the trash, but I didn't.

She was tall. Taller then I remembered. We hugged, but she says that I just looked at her and commented on how tall she was while she hugged me. I won't say that she was lying.

We then decided to go to lower Manhattan to see NYU and all the places we use to go. We didn't come out on the street we wanted and for the next 4o mins were trapped in the rain. We stopped for shelter not to long after we got out of the subway, but the next few blocks we just soaked. I couldn't find my sneakers so I work flip flops forgetting that it was going to rain that day.

I was at a complete disadvantage. Tanzi was tall and thin and in boots with a big umbrella. I was slow as I could be walking in flip flops that were trying to come off my foot with every step I took. Then I was trying to keep my self and my bag as dry as possible under my smaller umbrella.

I lost my shoe like twice in three blocks. At one point when we had stopped when it was really coming down, not that it didn't pour on us while we were walking again, some guys walked by and made a passing comment about or too Tanzi. It sounded like they liked what they saw. I think we would have liked it better if they had just smiled and walked backwards instead.

We ended up at DoJo's, which is the coolest restaurant that we ever went to while we were growing up. Heck, I think it was the only one we ever went to.

We were talking about how the place seemed so much bigger. When we were kids the placed seems so much smaller, so much more packed. I gave Tanzi the ice from my water. Then before we even ordered, we saw the lady next to us throw away a whole plate of food. She told the waitress that it was more then she could have eaten. The waitress asked if she wanted that packed up for her. She actually said no, and told her to throw it away. To Throw It Away? A whole Plate Of Food! She barely ate anything, and threw it away. Didn't she like it to take it home? Tanzi and I just looked at each other and waited until she left before we said anything.

At the very least she could have packed it up and given it to some homeless person. We then ordered our own meal. We had the same thing. It was a tofu dinner with brown rice and salad with home made carrot sauce, with a glass of oj with out ice. Tanzi didn't finish up her's so we packed it up and went to see if it was true that Tower was now no more.

It was true, and both Tower builds were empty. As we walked pass what use to be Tower Music, I told her about when she brought me here for the Sponge concert and the guys we met, then they bailed on us. She didn't even remember. Shame.

She then said that an organic place that she use to go to was around here somewhere. She asked this guy that was passing if he knew where Whole Foods was. He pointed her over to place about 5 or so blocks away. The place was nice. She brought me there so I could see a place where I could get goat cheese since I can't eat cow cheese anymore. Once again it was raining. Had it even stopped? I don't think so. We got there and we were given a plastic bag to put out umbrellas in. That was nice of them, but at the same time, it was to keep people from slipping on their floors. I'm sure the rain helped, but it was really cold in there.

Well, we headed down to the subway that I use to come out of like every other day when I came to the east side to hang out here when she got a phone call. She was trying to get plane tickets somewhere, and the person she was getting them from, I think, worked from home. Well his home was on Mott Street I think, and we just passed it. So we walked back up where came from then walked all the way to China Town, in the rain, with my feet slipping out of my slappers and Miss Tanzi walking well ahead of me. She stopped every now an again to look back and checked on me. She told me the address again so that if she got there before me I knew where to go.

But as it turned out I got there just as she did, or not to far behind that the she waited for me to catch up with her before going inside. The apartment was two floors up. It was a small apartment. The ones you keep hearing about in New York that let you cook while you took a shower. Granted, it wasn't really that small, but he only really had 2 rooms not counting the bathroom. Currently that is just one less than what we have here in Brooklyn.

Well he seemed nice, and he talked with Tanzi and I just wanted to leave since I was following her here and had no other reason while I was there. I thought about asking to use the bathroom, but I just couldn't ask.

When we were leaving we some how ended up saying that we were going to go see Hayden. I know I suggested it so I could use the bathroom. Which sounds really wrong, since we ended up traveling to the top of Manhattan about 155th street.

When we got there, Hayden wasn't. His room mate was there, and she let us in. At first I thought that she was his girl friend, but that wasn't true. She was just his room mate and friend. She already had a boyfriend.

I got to use the bathroom. Ya!... odd I know.

Well they called up Hayden to get him to come over so I could see him, and he took way too long to get there. He was over in the Bronx. He said that it would an hour to get here, but his room mate didn't believe him. She said that he is always late and it always takes him twice a long as he says to get somewhere. I think that I was starting to fall asleep before he showed up, but to his credit he got there in the hour time he said over the phone.

He looked just about the same. A little bit of added was on him, but he was about the same. He said that I looked the same. That was nice of him of him to say, but he hasn't seen me since graduation night back in 1995. I think his memory is abit dusty, but just about everyone else says I look the same even from when I left St.Kitts and came back 5 years later, but them I believe, since there was less time between when I left and came back.

So we talked and found out about his very bad miss hap. He lost his paycheck. This was like in the last 24 or so hours. He cashed it, and it fell out of his pocket. He doesn't have bank account to put his money in. So now he has nothing for two weeks.

This is when I heard about temping from his roommate. She said that back when she use to do it years ago, she got like $25 an hour, but she doesn't think that they pay that much anymore, but it's more then normal she said. See said that one job she had gotten was at a lawyer's office where she just blacked out words from papers and made tons of copies. See said that you may not get great temp jobs, but at least you will have some money at the end of it. Not have a bank account at 30 years of age. He even remembered that I had a bank account when I was high school. Oh well.

The room mate, I don't remember her name, asked us if we wanted to say for dinner. I said sure. It wasn't bad. Nothing that I have really had before, but not bad. I had some jalapeño smoked almonds. I'm not sure if I liked it or not. *it's now been almost 2 months*

We didn't want to eat and run, so we hung out for a bit longer, then we were told about taking the bus over the bridge and taking the 4 train down. I wanted to go to St. Mark's since we had talked about going to the book store down there. But it turns out that Tanzi couldn't come. She had a normal metro card, and not a pass like me. She had known about the metro cards and the passes, but didn't get one for some reason. So we just went home. I told her that I wanted to go to the book store with her, and if she can't come, I'll just go home. I had already been out and about in the rain for hours now and I can go home. It wasn't raining anymore by the time we left, but it was cold, and when we first go there, there was a fog over the East River.

Well that was it. A long wet day that was nice. :)