September 28, 2005

A Short Blog For A Short Day.

I got up, ate two small things, had my sister comb my hair.

I found some clean clouthes to wear to work, left the house at 10 past to catch a bus.

Got into a cramped bus and made it to work by 20 past. I nibbled on what was to be my lunch. Lentil friters and coconut jonny cakes.

I was then told that E didn't come in today, so I came to cover the front desk.

Due to the expected itching of feet when I tried to go bed, I was kepth awake until mins to four treating them. So I was a tad tired. On his way past the front desk Ron asked me if I was awake. I know I looked sleepy, and I know I shouldn't have looked so down, but I was tired.

I then started to think to something to do while I did a temp clean on my computer. I thought to clean out M's computer, and just before I started to roll over to her computer. She came in. I forgot she was coming in. After I hoped that she would because I wanted to go home tonight. Ya.. I really was tired.

The temp clean of this computer lasted for over 3 hours. I wasn't here for when it finished. At 3pm we had a meeting. Dare I say it wasn't important?? I don't know who came up with it, but we had a staff meeting with nurses from the Hospital. They were here to talk to us about HIV/AIDS.

I just wanted to hear what they had to say. I didn't really think that they would tell me anything that I didn't already know, and may even be a bit behind. They shouldn't be, but alot of things shouldn't be.

But before I went to the meeting, I got a call about the printer upstairs in ClinPath. Again. I wonder if it ever worked stright for one week. I had to bail after 15 mins to go to meeting that I was late for by 5 ish mins.

Dispite what I heard about it, the female condom is still an option. I think that it's a bit short, and should come in sizes. In the end they gave out condoms. They said that it was unrealistic to ask anyone not to have sex, so they were asking that you please use a condom when you did. I started to fall alseep near the end. I just had one question for them when it was all over. How long did the test take. In a week you get back the results I was told.

Then I went to catch the teacher that I did the site for. I was suppose to go by before the meeting, but the printer thing happened. I went in and knocked on her door knowing that she already left. Her door is always opened. I then came out to see her walking way in the other direction. She must have just walked out as I walked in from the other end of the building.

Well she sat down, wrote me out my check, we both said thank you, and I went back to fixing the printer.

Didn't get it to work. Ron called me back down to change something on the web site. I was happy. I was cold up there, and starving.

Came down, did the change, eat, then started to get cold again. The sun was setting so now the AC was making the place cold. When I came to work, everyone was saying how hot it was.

Now I'm going home. I finished up some more of the web changes that I started on Sunday, and I'll have them finished with in the first hour of so of work tomorrow.

See ya.

September 27, 2005

1Click Clocksync

1Click Clocksync


It just hit me as I'm checking to see if there was an update for my clock sync program that I may not have told you about it.

I shared a bunch of clock apps you a few months back, but I didn't give you a way of making sure that your clock was telling you the right time. Well I don't think I did, and I don't feel like looking right now. I just got out of bed like an hour ago.

Well, this is the one that I'm currently using, and It works. I'm surprised at how much my clock gaps these days. It's not out of sync everytime I turn it on, but sometimes it looses hours, other times it's just seconds.

As you might have noticed, I didn't get around to publishing that failed blog yet. I hate having to redo things.

Hey, I may be suggesting a nice new defrag program for those of you who don't know what defraging is, and for those of you who know, but just haven't bothered for the last 2 years. *grin* The only thing being, this one isn't free. Sorry, but it's a very good price.

I'm off to check my mails, and play the trailer for Doom. It seems that they have made the game into a movie.

See ya.

September 26, 2005 :: Software is Free :: Software is Free

Hi ya.

Just giving you a heads up on a new download site that I just came across.

For me this part of the front page got my attentsion.

"At Openwares we follow one rule, and that rule is K.I.S.S. "Keep It Simple, Stupid". Our goal is to promote the use of free software everywhere, and in order to do so we need to facilitate both developers and end users alike. Therefore, all submitted applications are automatically scanned for viruses*, reviewed by our staff*, and repackaged with NSIS."

Ok... I have to get back to the blog I tried to publish this morning at 4 am to have it ask me to relog back in. I went back hoped that I would have most of it back from the recovery thing. Didn't come close. I sent an hour, off and on, writing that blog, and I couldn't do it again. I finished up the sentance that the recovery tool ended it's recovery at, and saved it as a draft.

But before I leave, a little bit about my day.

I tryed to get as much sleep in as I could before going to uncle ray's house, but they woke me up with food. Then I couldn't go back to sleep. I have acid reflux. Trying to go to sleep after eating just isn't done.

Then I left for Ray's house at 2ish. On time. I wanted to go over that at 2. Nika came along, to play with T, but I forgot that he wouldn't be there that early. He was at preschool.

So first I burned off his data to cd. That took longer than I thought, but then I don't think his burner is that fast. It came out 5 years. How slow is his burner? No wonder I could have taken naps in between each burn.

Then I did a restore, and it actually behaved itself. Up until I left, it didn't crash once, and the only thing that froze up was the internet. My uncle's luck my be turning around. :)

I left there around 8 o'clock. Uncle Ray said that he didn't think that it was going to take this long. Jhodie came for Nika around 6:30. So uncle Ray gave me a ride home and T came along for the ride.

He also wants some pictures canned, and he's willing to pay me $50. I'm thinking of giving the job to Jhodie.

Ok, sweating. I have to go seek out a fan.

See ya.

September 24, 2005

My Summer Home


Here is the address for my other home.

It's said that I'll write up my deepest, darkest thoughts there.

I just think I live that far away. *grin*

I'll swing by every now and again, and do a few things. Think up something interesting that I could jot down for the world to read and really think that I'm not all there.

I'll see.

I'll also have to think of a place to place this new link of mine.

Oh, I turned in my hours for the website that I was making for the teacher. She likes how it turns out, and I quoted 10 and half hours. I told Jhodie that she could use the money to get a fan for her room. She is the only one that doesn't have a fan and she needs to get one. She said that if she getting a fan she is getting a ceiling fan. We have gotten a few fans that have just died on us in just a few months.

Ok, I'm leaving now. Yawn.


September 23, 2005

Back Again

Wednesday Night I got soaked going home. My luck. When I walked in the door my sister sent me right to the shower so I drip in there as I got undressed. I left my skirt in there to get dry over the rail.

I left my shoes in there in a little bit, but they went to bedroom before I went to bed. I think my socks are still in there thou.

At least I didn't have to iron them again the next day for work.

Oh, speaking of Wednesday. I worked until 10. I told you that didn't I??

Well for the rest of the week I showed up on time, and left mostly on time too.

Today I got a ride to work from my uncle. Verey was in the car with him. He looked awful. Bumps and cuts all over his face. Jhodie told me last night how he had ring worm all over his face, but this was the first time I saw him in a while. Uncle Ray said that the last time he saw him his cuts where's so wet. I told him it may due to the fact that they still fed him milk products, and it made his skin all calmly. Yuck!....

Either which way. I got him to drop me off by the cafeteria, but I ended up not buying anything after all. I got someone to get me a roti from town for $6. I was going to buy it up there for $10, but I wasn't all that sure it was worth $10 and there was a long line, and I liked showing up before 2o past.

I ran into a teacher up there. He is a teacher that wants this and wants that. Computer and such wise, but will not learn or stop to read the how to's then come to us asking us to do this and that for him. He has a palm, I think, and he use to sink up with his e-mail, but something happened and it doesn't do it anymore. But it seems that he doesn't know how to set it up. So how did it get connected in the first part?? That was the Q going thought my head when he was asking me to have a look. I told him that I don't know much about palms. I've never had one, and never really worked with one. I told him that only one that could really help him was Rick.

Yesterday I was busy, today I'm busy. I left here working on two computers, I came back to work on two computers plus come more. One I got the student to do for me while I watched and worked on another laptop. How can they be so infected, and so under protected?? I'm not even talking about keeping their AV up to date. I'm talking about have AV in the first place, and turning off windows update. Never updated their OS???

I'm thinking of swinging by my uncle's house and seeing what I can do for the computer. I'm thinking that all we may be doing is backing up his data until CD, and I'll come by Monday and do the rest with him when I won't be missing anything on tv.

Tonight is StarGate: Atlantis. :) It's a two hour special. They did the same thing last week with StarGate: SG1.

Well it's 5:35 here. The laptop and computer that I've been working on since yesterday are finally done. I talked to Ron about the laptop, to have him tell me to drop it and have the person come and back up their stuff, because I said something about rewriting the registry. *grin* He doesn't like us spending days on fixing just one laptop, so I understood. But I continued anyway. I was ok doing it, didn't have anything pressing that needed to be done, and I was almost finished. Then it turned out that I had to delete what I wrote up along with the string they were in. I was writing up polices. They weren't suppose to be there anyway. I learned that 1 hour after I wrote them up. I checked another laptop that also had XP home installed on it. Now what I tried to fix is now working. :) I did it!

Now I'm going to give it back to the person telling them that I did the best I could, and the minute it looks like it's starting to go down hill again, start backing up your stuff and get ready for a re-install.

I wiped off tons of spy ware, ad ware, trojans, downloaders, worms, and the one he noticed which was MyDoom. Ya, the big one got his attention. Right now it's defragging. He hadn't updated his OS either. It was pre SP2, and no AV.

I think that I can play a game after I check the exam list for the LRC. A teacher came by and said that he was having an exam in here on Monday. I thought that it was abit early, since the semester just started, so I have to check to see if anyone has booked the LRC for the end of this month and next.

Well, see ya. Oh, I'm looking for something that sets your wallpaper as you sign into your profile.


September 21, 2005

Intresting Day

I woke up a about an hour before I had to be at work, and I had to wash my hair, maybe eat, iron my skirt and shirt, and leave by 10 past the hour.

My sister went to town at 9am so I couldn't ask her to iron anything for me. I was in the shower longer than I wanted. She showed up and saved me from the melting that I was going through as I tried to iron out my stuff at 1 till.

She came back to be taken to her job. A student picks her up and takes her to clean her house. She asked her if she could give me a ride to work since it was now 15 past. I was just about to pick up the phone and tell who picked up that I was waiting for a bus. Small lie, but I could have lived with it.

She said that sure she could give me a lift. She just had to change her pants first. I walked into work at 11:30am. I then proceeded to find out that three people were out sick and one was on vacation for a week, and I would be working three extra hours because one of the sick people was night shift.

And those three hours start now. It's 5 past 7. In 10 or so mins I'm going to get some peanuts. The cafeteria is closed, and I can't call out for anything. There's really nowhere to call out too.

I'm now here finishing up some laptops that have just about been ignored all day.

I got two updates from house to post all ready. I also got one from the nurses office on a list of doctors, and for the first time in 3 months I got pics of the progress of how the building of the dorms are going. I was thinking of e-mailing him and asking him what gives, but he beat me to it.
Going back in time

On Monday I didn't move that much. I wanted to heal and not be in much pain. I moved out to the couch and stayed there for most of the time. I wasn't lying down or anything, just staying fairly upright and not bending. But at one point I had to go back to my bed and lay down flat again. I start to feel really better when 11 pm came around. Go figure.

Well since Monday was independence day for us, just about everywhere was closed. You would think that there would be parties and such and people and stuff going on, but it was just quite. I didn't even realized until it was over that we didn't even have the parade that we normally do starting at the top of our street.

Ending the sugar crop is changing alot of things.

Either which way. Jhodie was going to take Nika down to the beach to maybe swim, but if the water wasn't that clean, they were just going to get pebbles so they could stick them to the bathroom floor. My sister saw it and thought it would be great. I was worried about my feet hurting. But seen then we've seen it a number of times on tv. Well some kids showed up and Jhodie gave them some yard work to do, so that put off them going to beach, then Uncle Ray showed up so Nika went for a car ride with him for like 2 hours I think. She had fun, but didn't ask for anything to eat while they were out.

On Tuesday I was pretty much back to normal.

I helped Jhodie put up that shelf thing I told you she found. When it time to hang it, we decided that it looked better upside down. Well that really all depends on which side is really up. *grin*

Well we took down a single shelf to up this thing which gave us four. Shorter than what we took down, but 4 non the less. Then we put the one that we put down and put it over the washing machine. Now that holds the washing stuff and we can now take them off the fridge.

I tried to help her cook, but I she wasn't being clear, so I just gave it back to her after making 3 "big" mistakes. Despite that, dinner came out ok. Red peas with rice with coconut, plantain fritters and stewed chicken.

I watched "My Name Is Earl" I like it. I found out really late what was playing this fall, but I like this one. The net wasn't up for most of the day, so the most I got to do on line was check reallife comics.

A few hours earlier when Jhodie was cooking she ran out of stuff so Nika and I went to the store for eggs and oil. Had to go to two stores, then decided to get some bread from an old family friend. She didn't have any, so we just then went down to my uncle to see if that thing I read was true about hitting F1 to get a something that would let me tell the netvista to boot from the CD Rom. I went, I tried, and it wasn't it. I also showed up in time to see my uncle try to scan some pics and print them. Why print them?? I don't get that. Nor do I get putting a pic of yourself up as wallpaper. He also does that.

We talked and he gave us a ride home. I was suppose to go by his house tonight and help him burn off his information so we could try and restore his system again this Friday.

I hate WinMe.

Got to work on one of the laptops.

Time = 7:25pm.

See ya. I'll spell check later. Maybe.

Ok.. I used MSWord to spell check for me. - 7:55pm. Now I'm off for peanuts. :)

September 18, 2005

A quick one

I took it easy again today. Did some cleaning up at work. It was mostly in a hunt to find some tape. Hurt my knees but I still didn't find the kind I was looking for. But I did find the heavy duty staples that M was looking for.

I reinstall Dreamweaver. The part for inserting tables started to show that part of it's code was messed up.

I finished up moving St.Jean's files to the secure domaine for the students. I found a great powerpoint shrinking program. Now I have to get my boss to pay for it so I can keep it on hand for other teachers and for when St. Jean, if St.Jean updates some of the files, and to shrink the rest. It's only $30.

I'm currenty trying to rid a girls computer of a nice virus she picked up. I just wish that she brought in earlyer. I have 30 mins left before closing and it's maybe half done with the AV scan from Norton. Norton takes really long to scan it seems. Since I wasn't sure where all this new virus was hanging out, I told it to a full system scan after I cleared out all temp and prefectched files. I then thought about just scanning the windows folder which could have saved me 30 mins after the scan was already 25 mins in. Smart me. :)

I wanted to install SP2 on her computer before she leaves since we are closed tomorrow and I don't come back until Wednesday. I may leave it with her and have her do it. I did get to install MS Antispyware on her computer for her. I thought she had something but she didn't. Surfing the net without XP being up dated, and nothing to fight the adware and spywares of the the world.

The poor girl has had it with this comptuer. One of the other guys had her computer for a while and what ever he did wasn't right for her, so she took it after telling them off or something, did what she could, then brought it for me to have a look at and to help her finish. Kind of. As you alreay read, she didn't get her SP2 installed yet.

My sister called a few times tonight. One to say that Nika's ear has been hurting her for most of the day. They were painting that shelf that I told you about, and Jhodie turned Nika's hand the right way to do it, and hurt her wrist. Then he ear started to hurt and as of 6 it was still hurting her. So she was saying that, that was why she hadn't gotten around to cooking for the night.

Then she called back like 40 mins or so ago asking me to go get her KFC. First she wanted SubWay, but they close at 10pm. So that's a no go. So next up was KFC. They close at 11pm. So I'm going to be taking a long bus ride then maybe walk back home. I don't know yet. Unlike my sister I can't be back home with 10 mins of leaving KFC. I have no reason to walk that fast, and I'm sure I'll hurt my hip if I even try.

15 mins till closing. We got new night time cleaning people, and for the most part they are nice, but they are here way to early. The reason we got night time cleaners was becasue the students complaned that they didn't like smelling the cleaning flumes and having people cleaning around them and making them move when they are trying to study.


Ok.. back. I had to stop to go to town and get KFC for Jhodie. The girl came for her computer at 10 till and I then got held back with two girls who weren't even students of the school. I'm going to have to talk to Ron about this. You aren't allowed to share your account with anyone. We have to know who is coming on campus when we talk about safety and such.

Anyway, I just about ran up to street level. I didn't realize how fast I got up there until I was there. I was hurrying so I could get to town and KFC before it got to late. My legs surrvied the trip up there fine, but my back was another story. Once the bus had reached town I was felling fine. I then walked over to KFC, and I got in just in time. 10 mins later they closed the doors. They made up one last batch of chicken, but not hot and spicey that Jhodie wanted. The manger let me call Jhodie to ask her what she wanted now. She said that she was going to try an orignal recipe. She hates that kind, but she was going to give it a try tonight. I then walked home in agony after trying to wait for a bus twice. My gave out and buckled and what my muscles went though just to keep me up right worked it way into my thighs and I was in all out pain, and my sister looked worried as I layed over the back of the couch. I then slowly and carefully moved through the living room to my bedroom. Where I just laid on my back for at least 15 mins before I sat up. I took off my clouths and then layed back down again the other way without getting up. I did not get up for over 30 mins.

Now I'm finishing up my blog. I ate my small dinner. It was three small peices of veggie / Itel pizza. It's no oil like you see on normal pizza, but then, it's not the same chesse. I think it's veggi cheese. Then there is the shreeded carrots, corn, sweet peas and onions.

Ok... my back is starting to hurt again, and I'm a bit hungrey. So I'll post this, and change how I'm sitting and then look for something on the light side to eat.


Now I remember


The website that I was asked to make for a teacher so she could rent out her place when she wasn't here.

I think I'm just about done.

So here is the LINK... let me know what you think. :)

I'm out of here.

September 17, 2005

There was something I wanted to say

... I just not sure what it was now.

I know that Thursday was a good work day for me. We had a test for most of the day, so I got to concentrate on making the housing site. (all back over again) I was cold again as it's getting normal these days. Then I spent 2 hours packing up all the screens we used to cover the computer screens during the test. Then I went back to working on the site.

I didn't get all done like I hoped, but I got really far. I had like 6 left.

The next day wasn't bad, just really busy. I had to trouble shot so many things that afternoon that it's a wonder I got the site up by the time I went home. This one student showed up and confessed to doing something that everyone in his class did last semester. He got a virus over his AIM. And Just before him a girl came in with her laptop that talked about a part file before it decided to kick the bucket. Then it crashed 3 times, and then just failed to boot at all the last 5 times we tried. She was going to let it "rest" then try again to get in and burn off her data. I wish her luck.

Anyway, the guy had a look of issues. That took me 4 hours to fix. Most of them anyway. I was just left with one thing that wasn't working right in the end. I told him that he had to come back Tuesday to have the other guys look at it. Either which way. He said with me and his computer for the 4 hours I worked on it, talked to the girl, and finished up the housing site, while I scanned something for and moved a few slides for St. Jean. He was mensoned the about of work I had to do, and the girl confessed to not thinking that I was a tech. That may have been my first taste of not being thought of as a tech because I was a girl. But then I know how much they (students) think outside of school and studying. She was easily forgiven.

Now back to the guy. This is his last semester, and until I saw him, I could easily have said that he had already left. Anyway, he gave me a lift home. I was suppose to go by my uncle's house to test out what I read on his computer. But when we pulled up the house, I didn't want to go in. I spent the whole day working on and fixing computers. I didn't want to go mess with his thing. So I told him that I might come today. Might. He said fine.

Then the guy took me home. We talked and I told him I might see him Wednesday. I got home on time.

Today I took it easy. I played two games. One for an hour until it ran out. I couldn't find a code for it. I like it, but I think it's damaged in a few ways. I think, but if you want to see what I'm talking about it's THIS game. Then when I taking a break from work, and moved to the front desk to keep from freezing I realized that someone uninstalled my games. Not all of them, just three of them. I then went looking for one of them to re-install in my saved software folder. And there I found some thing that AM was asking for a while ago too. Chuzzle. Hey, AM, how long would it take you to download a 50k or o file?? *grin*.. she's working off of a 56k modem now. :)

The new cleaning ladies showed up over an hour early today. It was just odd. There was just about no one in there tonight after 8, so I left like 4 past 10. I kinda felt like leaving early, but I can't leave until 10 no matter how people are not there.

My sister went hunting for scrap wood over at the college work shop and she also came back with a pretty nice shelf.

It's 12:42am and I'm the only one still up.

Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday I got that router from the girl. I was slightly concerned when I realized that it didn't have a cd, but I checked the site to see what they could tell me. I was able to get it up and going and now both the desktop and the laptop are in working and connected order.

I also had to clear out the virus that was hanging out on the system. It stopped it from connecting to the internet like a week or so ago and I didn't bother cleaning it since we were going to get a new hard drive and I was going to reinstall the os and such. Then we found out that out mother board couldn't read anything higher than 128 gigs. So now we have to get a new mother board, and when you get a new mother board you have to get a new chip and memory. I've thought it over and I'm getting a new case too. I just have to stay under $175 US and I'm fine. That's Wow..... $455 EC. Ouch. Maybe I should try for under $155 US....Still over $400. :(

Ok... No way around it. That is one of the reasons I put off getting a new board and chip and such. It may sound cheap in US, but in EC I'm in depth for a year.

I have to think, and sleep too.


September 15, 2005

My Day....

I'm still thinking of getting a phone, but it's going to come with a plan. I'm not going to call anyone on it, unless I really, really had too, and that is when I will use something called a phone card.

I don't really think that I need one either, but Jhodie said that there are times when I go town for stuff and she wants to tell me something else, but can't reach me. My phone won't be used that much I'm sure. But who knows. It may be something that I will think of using until I get it. :)

Today started out so well. I was up, more or less, for hours before work. I left the house 10 min before the start of my shift, and I got to work on time. I found out that not my hard drive is fine I just need a new mother board like I thought, and I'm getting a router for $70, and I found a flyer for a teacher that I thought I lost and was 3 behind in scanning for him.

But I wish it was enough to keep me on a high note for the rest of my day. But come one point in my day I was crabby and ready to snap someone's head off. First I had meeting with the housing lady over the finishing up of a site within our site that we started almost a year ago. She proceeded to point out to me all the outdated stuff that was found all over the site. A few made me feel bad for not having updated, while others where stuff that others needed to send me to get updated. It wasn't information that I had on hand, or affected me, that I knew it changed. Then she went on to say that this will be the best section of the whole website. This was going to be my best work. Does she know that I'm not just a webmaster, and that I'm not even certified yet?? She then gave me two and half days to turn 38 documents into a her perfect website for incoming students. I tried to explain it to her that I had to reformat everything she sent me because it doesn't keep when copied to the web making program, but she still didn't get up until she left and hour and half later.

So with that over my head, I was constantly interrupted and annoyed by everyone around, and it got worst when I got cold. It was only after almost everyone was gone, and I had gone and gotten warmed up a bit in the bathroom did I start to feel normal again. I tried to do as many of the documents that I could before I left work, but I only got 8 done this afternoon. I then stayed back for another 30 mins, to finish something from earlier that they just left for me to do. I think they thought that I was closing today. They left the screens behind for M to put up. I thought that they were going to do it themselves, but they left and they were left in their boxes. Poor M. I told her to ask Collin to help her since he was still here. I had to leave. I was on edge still and I was too cold to stay any longer. I'm so taking a coat with me to work tomorrow, and I'm sitting at the front desk when E leaves.

I didn't even realized that the hurricane was as strong as it was until it was said and done. I thought it was a 2 maybe. But I found out that it was a 5 until like 3 hours before it touched down on land. It was a 4 by that time. Tuesday they actually showed a body on tv. Up until now, they hadn't showed any dead people. Dr. Phil went down there to talk to the rescue people and he was walking by a chain fence and there on the ground was a black dead man. I think he was black, but he could have turned that colour from the water.

I watch it when it comes on, even though I might have seen it already. Last week and early this week I saw people just starting to turn on the gov. One person said that the new people had gone down the day before, stayed to report on it and were there the day after to show the aftermath, but the gov didn't show their faces for a week. And they are right, it's sad.

Well I have go now. It's after 1 am and Jhodie will be dragging me all over the place before my shift at 2pm.

See ya.

September 13, 2005

Re: Hi from MI

Hi AM.

Everyone is asking me if you wrote me yet. :)

Right now I can only remember Jhodie and the guard asking about you right now, but feels
like at least two others asked. Maybe freckles did.

My office is on standby at best. I cann't even get a new computer. My c drive is failing
and since I needed a upgrade I asked for a new computer and sited like 4 reasons why I
needed a new computer. Ron was sorry, but he had already alotted out the computers that
we had.

Oh, back to my no office. The bugjet for the "Media Center", or the moneny for a person
to take over the media center wasd denied. Or something like that. So I'm staying down
stairs for a while longer.

Back to hard drives. Ron said that I could get a new hard drive to replace the one that
is failing, I just haven't seen it yet. But then I haven't pushed it. We had and have a
few things to do until I can bug anyone about that.

Speaking about bug. I was asekd to work with a few weeks about on entering some data in
that web calender. It didn't help us much once school started. Three teachers didn't look
at it and we had conflits for a few clases. But entering in the information might have
given me less headachs if I had done it all myself. E just complaned and actually took a
nap infront of me after I had asked her to start working on her half of the list. Ron
actually asked me to try and get along with her before we started. I think that he may be
trying to get her to do something worth while, but I know that she doesn't really care.
She had an hour head start on me because she crashed her computer and I treid to fix it
and had to go back to a restore point in the end.

She just grated my nerves, then the next day, I had to delete everything for one room,
for her to re-enter it, then I looked over everything else and I had to fix stuff that I
should have seen if you looked over her work. That was during the last week of break. The
day before,I was taking everyone that she couldn't come help them with setting up for
reg. because we had to get this thing done that day, and she let it spill over to the
other day, when she had an hour after her shift when she was waiting around for her ride
to come pick her up.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm pretty sure she went and asked Ron about her doing it. I ofcouse
wasn't there, but I was thinking, if she was going to be asked to taken off of this, he
will ask her to close the door, and as I thought it, she closed the door. Ofcourse that
could just be me wishing and what not. She didn't look happy, nor did she look upset when
she came out. She was walked back to the computer, and stood and did some of the work.

I hope you find your suitcase. Ron lost his too after he back from his vacation. I think
they didn't any of thier stuff when they got back. I'm sure they got it by now, it's been
three weeks. It's been three weeks for you too. You still haven't gotten it yet??? :( The
longest that I've lost my baggage for is 12 hours.

So I guess that the computer hasn't been put together yet. 58k modem. For how Ron talks
about it. It will be like having cable down here. :) I was thinking of hosting the other
Honey and Clover eps for you somewhere so you could download them, but then it hits me.
You can just download them from the torrent site your self. Just install a torrent
manager and maybe bittorrent. Some managers come with it installed. Then I'll send you
the link to the site, and you can download it yourself.

Check out my blog. Saturday night the movie came on that you were asking me about. The
one with the cat girl. :) Talk about timing. It's like it made sure you were gone before
it came on, on tv. I think I got rid of the movie myself. When I was watching it on tv, I
remember that the copy I had had a dark begining. Oh well.

Well Nika if not Jhodie will be happy with the instructions. They just went to town. Nika
seemed to have woken up with a fever today so she stayed home. On Sunday I didn't wake up
that well either so I got to stay home from work. Now I think Jhodie is starting to not
feel so well. But then it could jus tbe that she had a long nap in the day day. She
doesn't do day time naps.

Well, I have to go hunt down some sites that I like to the one that I'm making for a
teacher. She wants links about places they can go and stuff they can do while they are
here in St.Kitts. She's planning on renting out her house while she's not using it during
break. Not a bad idaa.

Well see ya. Say hi to your mom for me, and go easy on the laptop. :)

Love Jhoy.

--- Anamaria Varela <> wrote:

> Hi Jhoy,
> Hope all is well with you. You are going to laugh at this. Sam MOrgan (not sure if you
> know him or not) ended up sending me the instructions for the ice cream maker instead
> of giving them to you (he sent me some stuff that would not fit in the suitcases). I
> will be sending that at some point as I will be sending a comunal package. As for my
> suitcases, I am still missing one! BAWAAA! I sure hope they find it soon. I need all my
> stuff (all the cables for everything (computer, etc) are in it. I have the harddrives
> of course. I have limited access at home to internet as I am using an ANCIENT laptop
> with windows 98 and VERY LITTLE memory. Well that and of course the modem is a 28.8
> (dial up is free so since $ is tight no other way around it until I get my computer set
> up as it has a 56 modem). So how are things back in St Kitts? When will your new
> upstairs office be finished?
> That's all for now,
> Ana
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- There you can find out what I might want out of life.

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September 12, 2005

I Was Going To wait Until Later....


Today was called in as a sick day for me. It was true at first, but then I got better, but I have already called in sick and I didn't think that it would look good for me to show up later for work after they found someone to give up 5-6 hours of their Sunday off to cover the end of my shift after M had left.

After the guilt and my headachs wore off, I decided to try and start the upgrade to my desktop. First I was going to copy everything to my new hard drive then install the OS all back over again. My only worry was wondering if I had the OS cd to do the reinstall. We did get into the organizing of the mass about of cds we had, but we didn't find it. So I have to get it for when I do. Either which way, I pluged out one of the three drives that I have installed and plugged in the new one, and it said that it was only 178gigs. ?????????? The package said 250gigs. What gives???? Maybe my systems's board can't do better then 128. So my sister said that we were getting a new bother board. Enought with putting it off. So I looked up all the parts that I think we need and the price comes to $155.99 or something like *grin* It just hit me. With the upgrade of my motherboard, I can install xp. :) cool. I'm actually going to buy that peice of software. Since they have that valadation thing I kinda have to. It's just a good thing that it's not so expensive as Win2000 is on I have to go back and see how much it really cost. I think it was sub $100.

I was going to go into work tomorrow out of guilt for not going in to work today when the housing lady was suppose to send me the data today, but she didn't so I'm not going in to work. I have to fill out my over time, and this Friday I get duble pay for working on a holiday. Nice paycheck. :)

It stayed at 90 degrees fo most of the day, it's now 88. Nika was happy when Jhodie told her she could splash me me in the shower before bed. I just talked about taking a cold shower because of the heat, and me melting into it, the next thing I know, it's Nika's water park time.

I changed over to Avast! antivirus software, I'll let you know it goes in a few days. So far I'm happy with it. It does a boot scan. I haven't seen that in years! And I'm glad it does it. It saves me from have to boot into safe mode to do a virus scan.

I'm going to install this new game from BigFish Games, then I'm going to pack up dinner, of not before, then go to bed. I don't think that I'm going to watch any anime tonight on the computer, but I did get a small anime fix tonight from cartoon network. They have a new anime out. I have to go dig up the name for you. But I do know that it was popular within the torrent anime lines a few months back.

I was thinking of looking for the old show from back in the early 90's for my sister as a torrent, but I know that I can't get them if I do find them to download until I get the new hard up and going, and that won't be until I get the new motherboard.

Ok, I'm leaving. I'm melting and I should save the food.

See ya.

September 11, 2005

One More Day Until My Days Off.

Today was as dead as I thought it was going to be, I just didn't count on frezzing. I turned it up before I left so when M came in tomorrow it wouldn't be to warm for her.

The last week that AM was here, she asked me about this anime movie that I downloaded before I got into trouble for downloading. Either with way. I was showing her Outlaw star, and a cat girl in the show reminded her about the movie. I had no clue. I stood there looking like "Ha??" for like 2 mins until I brought back something in my me and I started to remember. I couldn't for the life of me remember what the name of the movie was. I was sure I lost it the day they ghosted the computers on the floor. Anyway, it's on now. Wouldn't you know it. A week into the semester, it comes on, on tv. At least I know know the name of the movie, and I think I got rid of the movie myself. As I'm watching the beginging of it, and I remembered that it was really dark the first time I saw it. Either which way. Hey AM! The name of the movie is Escaflowne. *grin* Also, people have been asking how everything is.

I also remember now that I was trying to get something else, and got this by mistake. That's one mistery solved.

Well I have that picture that I wanted to show you about the price of the phones down here. I decided to scan both back and front of the flyer. I was actually impressed. With the designe of the flyer that is. I also got a mail from Trade Winds today. I decided to play with it and to share. Have a look.

and the meal of the day.

Oh, back to work.

I did some much on the site for the teacher. I'm still waiting on pics for it rest of the site, and I have to go link hunting. I would have today but I got too cold to bother. Then around 8:15 or so I read and e-mail from the housing lady. I wish I had checked my mail sooner. She just about rehashed the site's informaion, and it have it up in time, and to make the whole site more like one place, I'm going to have to remake all the web pages. She wants it all finished, if possable by Tuesday. Since I don't work Monday or Tuesday, I have to have it finished this weekend.

It might have been a bit better if she knew a few things about a few computer things. She doesn't quite grasp the idea of what a web page really is. All this time I thought that she used front page for the up keep of the past housing pages. Now know why they looked like they did. I'm not going to say anything else bad about her. She tries really hard, and she did all that she did to help me out. It's just so far off base that I had to say sorry when I wrote her back. Now I know why she asked me about what font I use for the site.

Well, I expect her to have mailed me the pages that she wants updated, in my mail box by the time I get to work tomorrow. So I'm going to busy for my whole shift, if not most of it tomorrow. I just have to remember to take a coat along with me.

On Monday I'm set to go walking with Jhodie. If I want to back out of it, I should say something before I go to work tomorrow. My only reason for backing out would be that I don't have the shoes to keep up with her. I have yet to buy some sneakers. Jhodie was lucky enough to get some from a student. They were hand me downs that they didn't want to take back with them.

I got to play a game, and I learned that I messed up a game also the other day when I tried to go back and play a board.

I was going to uninstall the antivirus program that I have and install the other one that I got, the link for and eveything, but it's too late in the day. It's 2am now. I'll just save it for tomorrow.

Well see ya.

September 10, 2005

I Think I Have A Cold Today.

First my arm started to hurt me, and by everything you see on tv that isn't a good thing. But it's been a few hours now, and I have a scrachy throat.

I think that I'm going to start the upgrading of my computer on Monday while everyone is out, if I get up early enough. I think I will. I just stayed in bed today because I wasn't feeling well.

I'm making some oatmeal to eat before I get ready for work. I had a bath last night, so I'm not taking one before work. Work. With it being the week end, I can do the stuff that I've hadn't had the chance to do during the week because of the laptops that I've been helping to config and fix.

One girl was in such and uproar over her computer. Granted she had every right to be the first day, and I think I worked it out well with her, but then the next day she was so overly ... loud. First she couldn't connect to her internet at home. That turned out to be my fault I think. Her wireless connection was turned off. She didn't know how to turn it back on, and she broke down crying. That makes me wonder if she is going to make it though her time here at Ross. Then she all out insisted that someone show her what she needed to know about wireless.

Then another girl that was going though her own two day ordeal showed up and was also a bit one the loud side, but she was more ...hyper. First she said that I told her to do something. I didn't tell her to do that. I told her where she could find Rick, but I didn't tell her to leave her laptop in his office. So now she shows up 5 hours later thinking it's been looked at and fixed. Rick hadn't even seen it as far as I can tell. But lucky me he was there when she showed up, but somehow, Tishon who was taking to the girl about the wireless, talked to the girl who left her laptop, and Rick talked to the girl about the wireless, and I turned my back on all of them while I worked on configering the laptops that were still there.

Right now I'm waiting for Nika and Jhodie to come out of the shower... why and I waiting for them to come out of the shower?? Didn't I just say that I wasn't taking a shower?? Ok. Guess I feel like I should. I already know what I'm going to wear on the good side of getting ready for today.

So what will I be doing at work today. I have two things to scan. One for a teacher, and something for you guys. I high way robbery of cell phone prices. What is even sadder is that I'm starting to think of getting one. Then there is the website for the teacher. I haven't put in as much time as I would have liked. Mostly I'll looking up decent sites about the island to put on her link page. I also want to add on too, or remake the picture that I made to go to the side of that page. I'll put up a link later today if not tomorrow so you can see what I've been up too.

ok.. 1:30pm. I think I'll go and try and get a quick wash down. :) I did it before.

See ya. Oh, that anti virus that I told you that I was going to try out seems to be working out pretty good. It's a slight shame that it only works for a one day free.

Oh well.

See ya.


I was tired of saying hello, so I changed it to ello today.

Well most of my long week is almost up.

Last week I sold my two days off. So my first week of the semester is 8 days long.

I think who ever it is that has the abily to play with my life that I didn't have to come in once this week for 8 am. After having to do that for the last week of break, my normal 11am shift seems late in the day for me now. It's starting to wear off since I had to be at work until 10 last night. BTW, I didn't get home until 11 last night because I was working on my uncle's computer. But just to give me a hard time, the computer couldn't boot from CD. So I had to restore the ME verson of MS to the hard drive. I'm not happy with that, nor was I happy that I had to push the power button everytime 4 mins because I would cause it lock up or crash but runing more than one thing, or more than one thing too soon after closing the first thing. I can now say that I really don't like ME.

Also speaking of hard drives. I got my new one today. :) *grin* *grin* So my computer getting massively infected today (desktop that is, not that my laptop didn't start scraching from being so close) wasn't the compleate headach and start of a really bad day like I thought it was going to be. I've been able to save the laptop that is how I'm able to blog now. This was shut out of the internet for the past two days because of the infection it got. But due to MS antispy ware software and spybot I was able to get around it when I took my laptop to work today.

But i'm still fighting off the infection, and a few other things living on my cable modem network. It did help me fix the other girls computer. You see, yesterday a girl brought in a laptop that was having issues when we tried to get her configered for the network. Parts of her desktop started to disapear, then parts of her start menu weren't there, and she lost her wallpaper, and she couldn't apply any. That night when I come home I saw it on the laptop, then this morning the desktop. You know what happened to my computers. As for her's, it seemed just deleateing her profile worked.

The virus that did this hung out in the personal temp folder of the profile. I would have just deleted that part since panda (antivirus) couldn't find any viruses to get rid of from her computer like it did mine. Go figure.

Right now I'm waiting for the rerun of Battlestar Galacitca. My sister doesn't like so she changed the channel just after it got started.

I have to go find a new antivirus. I'm currelty downloading kaspersky's AV to see how that works. Althought I'm a bit sceared or running my computer without an AV installed, but the computer is runing a bit faster with them installed. Oh yeh, earlyer tonight I tried insalled Panda's AV to have it do a bit better of a job cleaning out the system since I knew it knew the viruse that was on the system my my system just crawled. So I got rid of both when I read the reveiw for Panda. I do know that not all reviews are to be relied on that much, but what The heck, I'll shop around.

Got to go now, the download is finished.

Take care, and stay up to date.

Oh... one last thing. Nika's first week of school is over. That reminds me I have to ask Jhodie something. Two things happed that were, odd at the school for Nika. One, on the second day of school, I think, she tried to walk home a bit to late in the lunch period. She didn't like the soup they had for lunch and by the time the left the school to walk home to get something to eat, the crossing guard sent her back to school. I felt so bad for her. The next thing being, the doors to the bathroom were locked for the first 2 or so days of school so she couldn't use the bathrooms. Jhodie said that she was going to ask about the bathroom thing, she didn't back to me on that one. That is what I have to ask her tomorrow.

Like I was said, I'm out of here. Oh.. my website job, moving very slowly. Would really like some more pics of the appartment to post.

Bye... leaving.... out of here. ..................... yes, yes... bad speller.

September 06, 2005

I'm hiding from my wallpaper club.Shhhh..

Ya, I didn't get to them after all. I started to pick out what to choose from, but then I started to show Jhodie the new wallpaper that I got, the next thing I know she's talking to her frineds, then it's midnight and I'm yawning my head off.

I'm sorry. I just went to bed at that point.

I think I'll just put it off until the weekend.

They are going to hate me for sure.

If I can find the courage to go there tonight, I'll post along with more appoligies.

Well, back to work.

September 05, 2005

This is Monday.

Hello Again.

As you can see I didn't get around to posting anything last night.

Small miss hap. My uncle's computer crashed on him again. It was only a matter of time. I'm slightly surprised that it lasted as long as it did. It's WinME. Ya.

Either which way. I spent over an hour trying to under and what gives and helped him hook up a PS2 mouse and keyboard so we could get into the crashed system.

Then I had a website job to work on.

Ya, excueses, excueses.

Well, I did start to pick what to post today before I came in for work. I'm doing over time.

Here is a make up for being late. I hope anyway.

Free Image Hosting at

I hope to get them up tonight when I get home.


That was the message that I left over at my wallpaper club today.

I was going to tell you a few things, but I just got an e-mail to go do something.

What I can say is that I sold away my two days off. I'm doing over time. Monday and Tuesday. 10 am until 6pm.

See ya.

September 02, 2005 Star Wars and spyware mixed up in users' minds

Do you beleive this one??

Americans show know about this stuff. Since most of it came from amearica to being with. It's just sad how some of us can't go to most websites we want without something trying to wiggle it's way unto our system.

A reinstall is looking more and more pending. At least I have a slight plan. I get the new hard drive that I need. My 80 giger becomes my new C drive, and I get a nice clean install of Win2000. Why not XP? The rest of my system won't be able to handle it that well. It was ment to run Win98. I won't push it that far.

An XP upgrade will come when I get my new prossesor and board or with my new computer.

Well I have to go fix the layout issue that I'm having with my last blog.

See ya.


Star Wars and spyware mixed up in users' minds

By Colin Barker

Some 11 per cent of the British population are convinced that spyware is "a gadget from Star Wars", according to research published on Thursday.

The survey, carried out by NOP and commissioned by security company Blue Coat, appears to highlight a lack of concern in the UK market about spyware, with more than half of those surveyed unaware that spyware is software on a user's computer that tracks their behaviour and reports it back to a third party.

While 33 per cent of adults are concerned about viruses, according to the survey, only eight per cent show any concern for spyware. A third (30 per cent) of adults said they used a spyware checker every day but that percentage drops to only 16 per cent of adults when using their computer for personal use.

The survey highlights an issue that is now of grave concern to companies, including Microsoft which last month enhanced its anti-spyware software. Spyware, which was once considered merely irritating, is now seen as a threat because the innocuous pop-ups that are typical of both adware and spyware can shield viruses and worse.

Nigel Hawthorn, vice president of marketing for Blue Coat, said: "Clearly this is a huge problem for the enterprise."

"Spyware and the nature in which it attacks should be viewed as the smiling assassin. Enterprises should face up to the problem, educate their users and take the spyware threat very seriously indeed."

Colin Barker writes for ZDNet UK

Copyright ? 2005

September 01, 2005

Catching Up..... Again.


Say "tomato" however you want — there are plenty of 'em right now! Make the most of them in these tasty recipes from the latest issues of Bon Appétit and Gourmet.







Oven-Dried Tomato Tart with
Goat Cheese and Black Olives


Hello again.

I'm taking time out of my shift to say hi and share.

I hate working day shift. One more then a 10 o'clock one on Saturday for regastraion, then the same on Sunday I think, then I nag my boss about what time I start work that week. I would love to just not show up until Wednesday, but I haven't a clue what he's thinking up.

Let's see if I can recap anything for you.

On Monday I came back to work. I got to there about 8:35 or so. I slowly got out of bed, and sliped into some clothes, then caught a bus to come to work. Nothing was waiting for me, but everyone said hi, then 10 or so mins later Ron came in. He didn't so much talked about vacation, then he talked about losing his suitcase coming back. He was, as always, happy to be back to work. He then asked me how things were going after he talked to the other guys who had a bit more on their plate to do over the break. I told him I don't know, I just got back. Then he remembered that I was on vacation too. I told him that I got as far as Nevis. (something else for me to you tell you about)

Well I didn't do that much work wise that I can remember that day. Infact I had to go looking for stuff to do. I decieded to update the video list with the 6 or so new or brought back tapes that we had. I just have to look most of them over first and see what they were and such, and lable them.

I had two granola bars for brakefast. I grabed them on my way out of the house and drank water, for lunch. I don't remember what time I left and got home, but the next day I was late getting home, but let's continue with Monday.

When I walked in E was doing ID's. I knew that job was mine now. She didn't come back to doing any until I had to leave to help a teacher upstairs. But that was the next day I think. Anyway. I did like 15 or so IDs that day.

Then there was Tuesday, I got to work a little earlyer, and I still took the granola bars with me, but right after I ate them I was called upstairs to get a lunch. I kinda ate late because we had orentaion that morning, and I helped out. I wasn't told too. I just did. It was kinda expected. Rick wasn't finished making all the profiles so some of them didn't work when they tried to log in. A few students had been in the system since last semester even though they started this semester, so they had like 5 pages of mail aready in their inbox. I may already made some friends, which is good, but I still have to wait and see.

Oh, lunch was after orentaion, and when I went up to get a plant of something that was left from the lunch they had gotten for the stuents I ran into a teacher that needed me help with something. It seems she wants to rent out her house during summber when she's off island, and maybe another site more geared towards school work.Well, she wanted me to help her make it. At first I thought she wanted me to make them for her, so I was talking about after school started to do it, but she wanted to start that afternoon. Ok. I told her after 4 I can come up and see. So after work I went up a little after 4, I had to do something. I'm not sure what it was now, but I called her up to let her know what I was going to be a little late.

Ah, now I remember. I was told to help some staff members back up their computer data because they were moving or/and getting a new computer. So I was in admin for like an hour and 10 mins before I went up by her. Then after it rained for the third time and it was after 6pm I called down to see if anyone was still in the LRC. I had called down before I went up stairs to help her to make sure someone knew not to lock me out, but it was after 6 now. They may not be there anymore. So I called down, and no one picked up. I left all my stuff down there. So I left to see I was really locked out and I found Tishon down here. He didn't want to pick up the phone because he didn't want any more work for the day, and he thought that the teacher was calling for help, when it was me calling to make sure he was still here.

Well I got my stuff along with some food that I got that was left over. Noodles with tofu and some veggies. Then I went back up to her office. Then we called break, and she then again asked for my price. Normally she would have asked for it befor hand, but we just got right into making the site. I quoted $10 and hour. I just didn't say if that was US or EC. I'll decide later.

That night we watched Dirtist Jobs, but one wasn't that bad, but then we thought that not every ep he has to be waist deep in something who's fumes could peel paint. He needed a break every once in a while. We had the food that I brought home, along with some stove top. I like stuffing.

Then I tried to watch some anime off the laptop before going to bed. It was kinda early for me. 11pm maybe. It could have been 12:30. But that didn't happen. I didn't even bother to open the laptop once I got it to my bedroom. I just rolled over and went to bed.

The next day it started all back over again. Slid out of bed and into my clothes. (bty, I'm taking baths at nights) I wore a new outfit that day. I dropped something from the lunch on my last shirt.

I got in today like a min earlyer than the day before. Then Ron come by as I was setting down my bag to say that we were having a meetting that morning in like an hour. .....

Sorry, I have to go. It's almost 15 past 4 and I have to go help the teacher with her website.

See ya.


- There I share my life.

- There I have links to what use to be my life.

- There you can find out what I might want out of life.