October 08, 2008

They Aren't Just For Carving.

Pumpkin Power - Super food Virtues Beyond Pumpkin Carving
by Sylvia Riley

Pumpkin is at the heart of Halloween festivities, and for many is the only experience they have of the squash all season. This is usually for the joys of pumpkin carving rather than cooking.

When you discover just how healthy pumpkins are however, you'll realize that pumpkin recipes are just as worth getting excited about and that it would be foolish not to eat the remaining flesh left over from your pumpkin carving.

(As a note, if you're rolling up your sleeves ready to tackle your orange fellow there are plenty of free pumpkin carving pattern ideas available on the Internet).

Pumpkin is a super food indeed. In fact, it's not just the inner meat of a pumpkin that's virtuous but its seeds are super nutritious too and contain a wealth of health-promoting properties. Like melons, cucumber, and squash, pumpkins belong to the gourd family.

They were much celebrated by Native American Indians who made use of their flesh and seeds for culinary and medicinal purposes. Pumpkin flesh is high in fiber and vitamins C and E, magnesium and potassium and a staggering quantity and variety of carotenoids, being one of the most abundant natural sources of these amazing phytonutrients.
Dietary carotenoids correlate with lower a risk of numerous cancers, heart disease, cataracts and blindness. Pumpkin contains heaps of beta-carotene as well as a huge concentration of alpha-carotene, with just a quarter of a cup yielding the recommended daily amount. Alpha-carotene protects against certain cancers and cataracts, and has also been discovered to be a powerful ally against aging.

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October 05, 2008


If a girl can wear pants, why can't a guy were a skirt?

Ya, a question that popped into my head and I'm tossing it out there.

I am aware that there are places out there where it isn't a come scab on a male's ego to wear and be seen wearing a "skirt" or "dress".

If the outfit looks good and it shows off your attributes that the person you are showing them off too likes, then it shouldn't be said that you are wearing "girl's clothes" or "guy clothes" although I don't really think that they say that much these days. "guy clothes" that is. Also, practicality of the clothes should be considered too.

I even heard that it's part of the fashion shows this year. They have picked men's wear to pieces and gave some of it to the girls. I haven't gone looking even though I was a bit curious to see what they did this time.

Now in case you went too far with what I'm saying, let me add that I'm not against guys wearing guy clothes.

I'm just saying that people get too uptight about what a sex should or shouldn't wear.



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