February 27, 2014

What Am I Doing?

Tempting fate maybe?

I have levels of things I should be doing. Maybe not real levels but I have a list of things I work down when I don't want to do what is above it I guess.

I have to start sending out resumes again, but it's so defeating when they don't show that they got your resume, never mind consider you for a position.

So I'm working on my newest story. I'm about 38 chapters in and for a while I hit a writer's block, then I felt like I was getting over it, when I started to think of Inuyasha. First it was to get details for part two of the story I already wrote, then I need to find out what info I already had in the first one that would be needed in part two.

February 03, 2014

No Power?

(My attempt at trying to really blog again)

Today is Monday and there is a ton of snow outside. I think it's still falling. It's so heavy it was falling in clumps, like bombs, out of trees when I went outside a few hours ago.

I was sent to the doctor's for my mom to get her doctor's note and to give them her co-pay for when she visited a few days ago.

Then I went to the supermarket to get some real matches. I tried to buy some last night when we were coming home from my cousin's 'birthday party', but all but one store didn't have any more matches. Cigarettes, hookahs and cigars yes, no matches. They ran out they said. Then when I got some, it was a booklet. I've never had a booklet before. I honestly thought that I was trying to get a box of matches all this time. That is what I got when ever I brought matches before. Ever. I thought that booklets were stuff you picked up in clubs and bars for promotion. That could be why they, the store that did have any last night, just gave it to me.