December 10, 2013


I may or may not have said it here on Blogger, but I managed to score a seasonal job at a warehouse for an online store called Uncommon Goods.

I was so surprised and happy when I was told that I was hired, that I didn't realize how I just expected to be rejected again just because, hopefully, they already had enough people to fill all the positions.

I made it thought training fine, other than being listed to do a job that I wasn't trained for on my last day, which was two days long. Then on my first day I took the bus and it took almost twice as long as it did my on my second day of training, so I got there, 5 mins late.

Now that may not sound bad, to you, but we aren't allowed to be late, since each shift is timed to work off the other shift, so every has to be where they are suppose to be so that everything can get done.

November 12, 2013

A Calender of Fractals

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A Calender Of Fractals

I've made a calender with a few fractals. I'm still tweaking it as I learn how to use this program, so you may see updates to this file, a few times. :) Oh, all fractals can be bought as prints in some form of a print, or mug over on my DA account. 

November 01, 2013

Haven't Forgotten

It seems that there are better shots of better costumes than what I have and I haven't even seen what I got yet.

I thought that I had some on my phone which I could attach to my computer easily, but I didn't. They are all on my cam which I have to use my mom's computer to get them off with. 

I have a few videos of people walking past me in the street when I gave up trying to take stills with so many people moving by be so quickly. 

My poor shoes got wet. I knew it rained before, but I didn't think it would rain while I was out, but it did on my way back home once I got to Brooklyn, and while I was walking around Manhattan the water already on the street made their way into my flats. Yes. I wore flats. It wasn't that cold. I just forgot about the wet and I was l was leaving to go the Apple store. The parade was something extra I was doing. 

October 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

For some reason I like this song. Maybe it's how she sings it. I'm not all that clear on all the words, but I love how she sounds while singing it. As for the video I think she's rebelling to the kid image that people still have of her.

She cut all her hair, and wears almost nothing and in parts of video nothing at all. You have to see her differently. I'm sure she will clam down in a few months to a year and a half from now. :)

June 17, 2013

Very Small Update

Well I'm trying, or thinking really hard about truly selling my photos and fractals. I officially got my diploma for an Associates in Architecture this week. I even posted a pic on facebook.

Still going on interviews or sending stuff out over crag's list or what have you. But I'm mostly trying to finish this story, since I didn't even realize I left it for about a year and no one told me.

Oh, and it looks like I'll be going to Canada again this summer for another wedding. I'm not as thrilled as some people would expect me to be, but I think it's because I still haven't found work and I thought I would be working by now and I hate flying. I rather take a bus or train there, but it would take days. Like a week on the low end.

So, nothing much. :)

June 04, 2013

You Can Buy Prints

Yes. You can buy prints of my photos and fractals.

You have been able to do it for a while over at Deviantart - DA Store

But now I have a new place. I just realized that I was suppose to find a place where you could get them on odd or interesting things. Like tees, as in tee shirts. :) Oh well, perhaps next year if no one asks before them.

The new place is over at Fine Art America - My Profile Page

I'm still building it, so it's not as full as the one over at DA.

Now, I know that DA can and does ship everywhere, I'm not so sure about this new place, but I believe they respect the size of my photos and fractals a bit better. :) So there is a reason for both at this time.

If you are wondering what photos and fractals I'm talking about, look over to your left and you will see a slide show. They are all mine. :)

May 14, 2013

Sunday April 23rd 2007 - In My Own Words

This is a very old audio blog file that I made back in 2007 when I was still on St. Kitts soil.

I'm sorry now for how 'held at gun point' I sound at the start of this. I wasn't trying to be insensitive. I was just .... I have stage fright... kinda. And the internet is a very big stage.

I think I should do one each year to keep track of how my voice changes. I do not think I sound like that now, but then, I didn't think I sounded like that then. You know you hear your own voice differently than how other people hear it. :)

I thought that it would play here on blogger, but no. Maybe it's the code I used. Either way, it will take you my skydrive, that I just found out I had, and you can download it from there to play. :) And when you are done you can just delete it. :)

Leave a comment to let me know if it doesn't work for you. :)


A Sunset Picture

Oh, between meeting up Tanzi and being at her house to watch the movie, we were at Coney Island for an hour or two. :)


May 13, 2013

Muse - Madness

I found a new band. :)

Check out 'Uprising' and 'Panic Station'. :)

In other news I got on my knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor with the help of a bleach cleaner and water at 3am.

Before that I was my friend Tanzi's watching an old movie. I nodded off at parts, but it wasn't because the movie was boring. I had been up and walking since 9-10 am that morning.

Phillys took me to Ikea. We brought back some stuff and got the number for a new table. But I didn't make it home with her. Nope. I had to go to the bank for my mom, so I was dropped off and then I met up with Tanzi who had found us around 10:30 when she was on her way to see Iron Man with her mom.

Speaking of Iron Man. I saw it last Sunday. Great movie. Phillys took me. We also saw the GI Joe movie. The Joe move was good, but Iron Man was better. :) I was able to find The Avengers movie on line to see before I saw Iron Man so it all made sense to me. :D I was just kinda surprised that Thor ended up fighting before finding the girl. But now I see that, that is part of the next Thor movie.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, go look for it.

On the job front, since people keep asking me, I'm still not working. Even though this guy said that he was willing to take me on as some kind of temp intern about a month back. We shook on it, but nothing. Then I went to a job fair that the MTA (transit company) was having. Tons of us were lined up around the corner in the rain for this thing. Oh, it was a job fair for Arch's and Engineers.

I hope that I was one of the few least experienced there, so I could get the intern job that they have up, but like I said, line around the block. People came from all over for this. Long Island, up state, and I'm sure some from Jersey were there too. From what I heard, a few of them had been around for a while and were looking for work now.

At the moment I'm heading over to to see about a tech position that my sister heard about.

The day I get a job, you will know. :)

Enjoy the music. Later.

April 04, 2013

Time Spent At The Car Show


I'm back at the Javis Center with my sister and it's not for a dental convention. :) We attended the 2013 NYC Car Show. Here are a few of the ones we walked by. Most of these no one was allowed to get to close to. :)

I like the superman car more than the wonder woman one. My sister didn't think it was Wonder Woman at all. :D

We got there just before 6pm I think and stayed until closing which was 10pm. Our other sister that went on Sunday told us that they closed down at 7pm. We almost turned back when we saw how late it was getting, and I didn't think $15 a peice to get it was worth about an hour. But she was clearly wrong. I guess 7pm was there closing time for Sunday. :)

They dared to charge use $4.25 for a hotdog and a bun.My sister wanted to buy something for me, but I told her I just couldn't make her spend that kind of money on one hot dog in a bun. So she got one for herself, a pastry stick covered in sugar and some kind of friend stuffed taco stick thing for about $14.

No thank you. I got a bowl of food from Chapotel, on the way home, for under $9 thank you.

The 'show' was fun. Talked to a few guys. I wish I kept better tags on them. Oh well.

Later. :) ... and no. I still haven't gotten a job, and yes I'm still sending out resumes.
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January 18, 2013

Had My Eyes Checked Today

Firstly I went by my school to pay them off for my last semester. Pulled out a little used credit card to do it, but it had to be done, I was a month behind in my last payment and two months behind on the one before that. It couldn't be helped.

While I was there I saw that they put up new drawings on the walls that you see when you first come into the school. I am very well represented there. :) I saw the big yellow thing I did for Render class. I have pics on here of it. And I saw that I had pictures of a river side house I did in Design class also. At first I didn't even recognize it.

Then when I was in in the office talking to the girls about looking for work and how my mom infected us all with the flu because she doesn't want to take the flu shot because of something that is her own reason, I saw that a smaller wall were large shots of a day care I drew up for Design class also. Design class is the only really class that you have to come up with stuff on your own where you are given a good amount of leeway. And you get semesters of it, so you can end up with six projects. Completed would be nice, but some of use don't finish them once the deadline is reached and we didn't finish.

Well after school, which I was told I was allowed to haunt once school was back in session, I headed to Manhattan to get to my appointment on time. Which I actually did. No rushing involved. I knew I could do it. I was slightly concerned when I left school later than I wanted, but it all worked out.

Now for the glasses part. I had my exam and I have pretty good eyesight. I just need something to keep me from squinting when my eyes get tired. So I got a weak prescription. I then went looking for glasses. I was kinda hoping that I wouldn't get glasses since they seem to mark the fact that I am getting old. I know. There were children in there getting glasses. And I know and happy to know, that it wasn't until I was spending a lot of time drafting did my eyes start to bother me.

I just remembered the end of my last class, which was an exam by the way. I couldn't even seen the sheet in front of me to know what I was really writing at the end. So now that I remember, I feel a bit better about getting them. I'll just use them when I need them, like I'm suppose to. :)

Well I ended up liked the frames on the bottom of the picture that I posted, but I felt like I had to ask someone what they thought of them, other than the person at the store. Tanzi my best friend, picked the ones on top. Once I got home, my mom and the cousin, who is still here, liked the ones I did. Phillys, my sister who has actually tried on every pair of frames in the store the last time we got her glasses didn't like either and said that they didn't match my face. I knew I should have taken her with me when I left.

Either way, to make sure that she doesn't harp on this later, she is going with me after work to see if I miss the pair that suit my face better. But I'm holding out hope that I still get the ones that I ended up liking by the time I left the store. After all, these are my glasses I have a right to pick the ones I like.

If I do get the ones I like it will be $118 on my credit card after the use of my Groupon. Yep. I did this through Groupon. It was $35 for eye exam and $200 in frames and lens. The frames are really $290 and the lens are $90 at that cut/size.

So... before, I said that mom infected everyone in the house with the flu. That is almost true. Only Phillys and Lynn, that's my cousin, didn't get it. So I haven't been out in a while and I stayed out taking pictures with a cam that I had fully charged for going out with last week when I was struck down. I didn't even know it was my birthday I was so out of it for a few days. I just started seeing messenges here and there about "Happy Birthday".

So I have some pictures to touch up and post. I took a bit of a number of stairs since there is this stairs contest going on over at photo club on DA (Deviantart). I got my friend to enter, so I have to get something in myself. :)

Later. :)
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January 08, 2013


I went to a "starving" artist sale Sunday. Talk about false advertising. The only thing true of what I was told to find there was alot of paintings. I think they got them from painting classes. There were multiples of the same paints. 

I got there very late, but I managed to find a few nice ones. If I had the money I might have bought some, and not just for me. I know this thing happens like once a year. At least. Oddly, a guy there so I seemed to have tagged by accident kept coming back to talk to me. Shame he was black, but I still thought he was nice.

Anyway, he said that they were having the sale again next Sunday. I told him that they tv add said that it was this weekend only. He said that they wouldn't say no to making this much money.  I have a few pictures. I took all of them with my phone.  

I was expecting to see artist with booths or roped off areas. Nope. I don't even think the artists were there. But there were cashiers and framers and a few people that fixed up the paintings after people put them down wrong and alot of people were doing that. I was the only one treating them with some care that I saw other than the people who fixed them a bit and framed them. 

The biggest ones were $69 and the smallest ones were $17 I think. I like the one with the cactus for some reason. 

In other news a frying pan cut me today when I tried to clean it. 

I don't know. Frying pans aren't suppose to be sharp. :(

January 04, 2013

Moved My Bed

I didn't find a dead cat, but I did find a lost, open, bag of twilzzlers. Not happy about that.

The cat is still missing.

January 01, 2013


Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York. :D

Happy New Years.

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