January 31, 2015

My Life Ticks By

Well the new year has started.

We haven't moved yet.

In case I haven't talked about it. The sister that I'm sharing my room with wants to move out. She was helping a co-worker apartment shop in NJ and saw some nice affordable places. So she started to think of moving over there. I'm grateful that she just thought that I would go with her. I hope to have better luck looking for work over there.

At some point another co-worker ended up in this move. And she comes with a little girl. So then I was turned into the live in nanny, but at least I would still get my own room. They will be looking for a three bedroom with a living room that can be turned into a bed room. We have lived without one for so long, that it would be odd to have one. I don't think my sister has had a living room since she lift St. Kitts. By the time we get one, if ever, it would be mostly treated like extended space for the kitchen. :)

Either way, we aren't suppose to move until Feb,which is just around the corner. The other girl wants to use her Tax Refund money to pay for her share of the down payment. The real estate people my sister is working with wants to her to sign about the same day that she goes looking, so she isn't going until she has the money and having it line up with some kind of move in date that the land lords have. I'm not all that sure about that part. I just know that when it gets going, a lot of things will happen very quickly.

Which also includes moving my mom from the room she is in, to our now empty one. Both of us don't like her in there just for the junk that my sister has piled up next her bed and around the room in general. I know I'll be in deep pain when those days are over.

Now back in late December, I ended up baby sitting for a few days while the mom worked, but the school was closed and she couldn't get someone to look after the girl on a few days that week. Yes, it's the same girl and co-worker mentioned above. It turns out they live, very, very close to us.

I thought she was eight, but found out that she was five. Five! How am I suppose to relate to a 5 year old? I ended up doing a few of the thing I had already planed to, but a few little things changed and others weren't like how I expected, but amazingly, the girl had fun.

I took her to the museum. I was suppose to show her the houses, but they are currently having a shoes exhibition called 'Killer Heals'. You should swing by if you can. It's there for a few more weeks.

We went through the African exhibition first. She liked the first part better than the last. They had a tower of Buddhas, and we ended up playing a little game in trying to find them from this catalog they had next to the tower. That was one part she liked. I kept running into the issue that she couldn't really read anything. So most of things just went by her. When we reached the shoes thing, she looked at the movies and videos that were bright and moving oddly. I participated with passing conversations on the shoes themselves and took a few pics to send to my friend. Turns out there were no bars in there, but I sent them later.

By the time we sat down to watch a video of how shoes were made, she started to yawn. So we got our stuff and headed home. In the rain. It had to rain that day. In fact, I had to go back and get the umbrella. I wasn't the only one. So it took a while.

The next time she was here I think we made cookies. She liked cracking the eggs, but she was rather dainty about everything else. I'm inclined to believe that it was her age and being unsure, but she didn't jump into playing with messy stuff like I think she would. So a win and a fail at the same time. She helped to make about 5 of each. I was left to do the rest. They didn't turn out like how I expected at all. No, I don't bake. The oatmeal cookies were suppose to be chewy, but they were hard. Not bad, but not chewy at all. The almond butter cookie dough was ... wrong, but they tasted the best. :)

Either way, on the last day I took her back to the museum to see the houses. She seemed to like that and we saw a tree growing up through a piano on the same floor. I also knew that I would be getting the job of looking after her afters school on a regular bases. Then just make sure that I knew I was right, my sister said the co-worker wanted to take the girl out of the after school program and would be asking me if I could look after her. So about a week before my birthday, which was the 12th BTW, I started to pick her up from school about 2:30 and watch her until her mom picker her up. We came up with $50 a week. Was it worth getting La, La, Loopsy stuck in my head?

Well this Monday was the last time I picked her up. Her mother called, well texted, that some family members were in town and they wanted to look after her for a while. How long that will last, I don't know, but if we do move in together, I'm back on call. It felt a little cut off since I was going to take her to the garden so she could play in the snow on Wednesday.

The Thursday before I had an interview with DSW. I got all dressed up and had them dry cleaned too. The same day I thought that it was a very good interview, even if they had me waiting for almost 2 hours, if not over. But as the days went by I saw everything I did wrong. Then I got an e-mailing saying that I wasn't picked. I'm not going to bother looking for work again until I move. What's the point? Maybe I might be able to keep it, or I'll have to quit about a week in? Or they just won't bother hiring me because I'll be changing addresses.

So now what?... nothing. At least nothing off line.