November 27, 2009

School is closed until Monday. The guy freaked me out for nothing. We do have a Friday class, but that is next Friday To make up for the missed Thursday. Nardi I think will have the same thing for her english class. Hi Nardi :)

November 23, 2009

How We are graded

 61-80 is a B in my math class. An A is 81-100. So I got a B for both my math exams. Not bad.

Windows 7: It works the way you want. Learn more.
On my way home now. Stayed at school untill we got kicked out. I was there with one other person. I got a good amount done.
I got a B in my math exam. It was 77 I was hoping for at least an 80. :(

November 21, 2009

The New One

Well I'm switching phones. Now I have to figure this phone out. Such a shame about the other one. :(


I'm now home and I've had some time to look at it and use it and it's doesn't seem so bad now. I won't like the keyboard for a while longer still, but I'm stuck with it now once it keeps working.

I now have a Samsung Propel.

This is the color I got. Black and blue. I had my pick between this, green and black and red and white.

I'm not getting a cover for this one. I can't afford it. I'm just dying to see how much a go between is going to run me. Not!

The waved my restock fee since my phone was giving me issues and I just didn't want to change my phone just because. They also seemed to have realized that the phone had issues. Couldn't they have told me that earlier? Heck, they shouldn't have been selling it at all.

As for the rest of my day.

I ended up getting to school at 1:16pm and I found it lock down and dark. HA?!?!? What The Heck?!?!?

I thought about that before I left the house. But I thought they wouldn't been so mean to me. Last time they waited until I showed up with 45 mins to go to have them tell me that they were closing 30 mins early. Today they closed before noon! and how did I know not? How do I know that they didn't wait to see if I was coming and closed it down before I got there?

I was suppose to meet my friend there and draw together, but she never showed and I tried calling her all day to find out what was going on and to let her know that the school was closed. When I finally got a hold of her, she told me that she got there around 11am and they were closing.

I told her that wasn't true. She didn't go to school, saw them closing up and didn't call me to let me know not to waste my train fare. That didn't happen. But no, it did happen. She's not getting any of the candy I had to make up for showing up late and I told her so too.

Well Arial came down to the school and after she caught up with me after I went to AT&T and Macy's we went to where the towers were and just walked around there and wall street until we had to had. We then ate some pizzeria food and then walked two blocks to Bowling Green station and went home.

November 20, 2009

I Have A Record!

This one shot made it to over 900 hits in one day. ONE DAY!

(click on the picture to see a clearer and larger version)

In a month I never got that much with weekly updates.

The closest I ever got was what? 500?

All this is over a yaoi one shot that I made and posted over at The link is on the left side of this page.

My friend tells me that 'Drarry' is very popular in the yaoi fanfic world.

I didn't make up that word. I would say DracoXHarry or something like that. I haven't gotten the hang of which goes first. But in this story, I don't even know.

I'm amazed at the numbers, but I would love a review. I know, how could that many people view and read it, but no reviews. Well I got two reviews. One said 'great story, good ending,' the other was a bit more creative with their praise. :) But I have yet to get a proper reveiw/comment.

But I'm happy that I got anything at all. I wonder how many I'll get today. :)

On the down side of my day... I'm having issues with my phone. I think that I'll have to change the type of phone this time, and ask AT&T about their texting thing. I can't post pics now it seems. I can do it on Saturday I guess.

Oh, the other part of my test from school was to say that I passed and that I got a 86. There was no curve this time around.

Well night. :)

November 19, 2009

News flash! I had the highest score in the test. Oich! I knew I could have done better. I know where I went wrong with some so I just have to learn a bit more and I should get a 90 on my last exam. :)

November 18, 2009

Multimedia message

The man is persistant. Once again it's a shame he's black. He came back to give me his card. Seems like he is involved in a club that is having a toy drop off next month. He still tried to touch me up. Who thought lifting my shirt would get him hard? Yes he showed me the first time, and when he left the last time he said he liked what he saw. *Shaking Head*
The UPS guy felt me up after I fashed him on his request. I had to push him out the door before he tried to talk me onto a blow job. Shame he isn't non-black.

The Last Test

Well the last test for week 10.

That was Tuesday - Blue Print reading. Every class he stops and tell us it should really be called something else since the drawings are no longer blue.

Well, we had 100 questions and I got there at the stroke of 11. I was kinda 30 late. The test started 10:30am. It was to let anyone who thought that they would need extra time for the test to get that extra time. For or 5 week exam he said something along the same lines and showed up an 2 and 1/2 hours late. I was not happy with him since I came early for that test. 9 o'clock early.

Well I did good. I only left one blank because it asked us something that I know we never went over. I stayed and extra 10 mins trying to make sure that I got one set of questions right. I should have done better than my first one. I shouldn't need the curve to get to a mark of over 80.

After that nice test, I got my stuff, set up my drawing for the next class and waited with one of my friends for other friends that were still taking the test.

Yes, I had lunch today. I know I haven't said much about it. But most Mondays and Tuesdays I don't have lunch. I normally work thought them. I got to my drawing class. Set up, and start drawing and draw though lunch and through class and after class too. On Mondays I'm standing there drawing until 7:30 - 8pm. I know it sounds like a long time, and I know my feet feel it, but only on very good days do I get very far.

On Tuesdays I don't much time after class since another class takes over that room at 6:15pm. And from last week I will now be going in on Thursday to get more time in on my drawing since I can't bring it home to work on. I did say something about that already right?

This Thursday I'm thinking of showing up early since for some reason I didn't get much done today. I think half my time is taken up by just figuering out how to do it. Doing the actual drawing doesn't take that long. It's making sure it's right, knowing what I'm doing and then the lettering. For me who didn't really write anything with a pen for over 3 years it's kinda hard. But I looked it compared to some of the others in my class doesn't make it look that bad. At least not the bit I put on the paper this time.

I came home and I seemed to have fallen asleep twice, but I've been in some kind of state close to being awake for over 5 hours. I'm surprised that I'm still a wake. I'm sure my mom getting up and asking me to do stuff for her kept me up these last 2 hours.

Well I was hoping to get a one shot story back from a new friend/beta and post it today, but I haven't heard a peep out of her, and that alone is odd enough to let me know that she is very busy and most likely working on school work.

So it will have to wait until tomorrow. I hope I get it tomorrow. On Thursday my free time from home work will be over until the end of the semester in 5 more weeks.

Ok, I'm going to try and go to sleep now.

Oh, I have a pic of what I had to turn in on Monday. I wasn't finished, but I got close. Just another hour and it would have been finished. The closest I've come to handing in finished drawing in three projects.

I'm not even going to back read this. My eyes are itchy. I'm happy I can touch type. :)

November 16, 2009

Lived through the math exam better than I expected. Now in my drafting class.

November 14, 2009

November 09, 2009

This week feels too good so far. I wonder if my fall will come on test day this Thursday. :-(

November 04, 2009

The insanaty is now over. He knows how old I am and called it off. I knew that that was going to happen, I just wish that I was the one to tell him my age. Only the two girls I was hanging around with knew my age.

Now I just feel bad because I liked him. He said that he will be my friend, but you know that works. We will only be seeing each other because we have a class together. This has ruined my day.