March 21, 2016

Solty Rei - S.A.V.E Box Set - AVAILABLE NOW!

I just finished watching this over at Funimation.

I don't even remember how I found it, but I'm happy I did. It's a great anime. I'm surprised  I haven't heard of it because of how good it is, but I also can see why it wasn't jumping all over the tv and such despite it being 10 years old.

It is one session long. 25 or so eps. Could be watched over the weekend once you don't have other plans.

It deals with a lot of grown up things I think. It's not a very playful show outside of one ep. I'm not saying the whole show is nothing but a downer, but I'm also saying there aren't an over abundance water works, feeble women, chibis and everyone lives.

I highly recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys real dramas. :) And I'm posting it here for myself for when I get old and can't remember the name. :D

March 17, 2016

The Smells

I was up until 3:30 am baking along with my sister.

I just watched about 3 or 4 EPs of an old anime that I found three-ish days ago. I was able to pry myself away and crawl into bed and you know what I'm  smelling?

Cookies. The base oatmeal that I made two kinda of and the late thing my sister made and I just packed up for her. Chocolate chip cookies with coconut.

I think my blood could almost get a sugars high from the smell.

Night. Or morning as the case may be.

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March 11, 2016

Vanished! The Surprising Things Missing From Ancient Art

The Surprising Things Missing From Ancient Art

The Surprising Things Missing From Ancient Art
Ever notice that in ancient texts skies aren’t blue, seas aren’t blue, and nobody seems to have had blue eyes?
What else is missing?

Remember when I said...

I had a run in with a dandelion?

I was holding my phone upside down for some reason. That is why the pic looks odd.

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March 10, 2016

I Have.... News?

It was good news, then it turned into not so great news, but I might be able to work with it.

First these guys.

Jade Eatery and Lounge

My friend got me thinking of looking on line for art calls since I'm actually going to try to really promote and sell my work. I then found one and it was only up for like 3 hours when I answered. At first I thought I was in, then I wasn't sure, but I sent an e-mail anyway since I was told to contact this person about the showing.

We have exchanged a few e-mails since then, and it seems like they like my work, I sent them a link to my on line portfolio, and I'm the only one going to show my work at the time. Just now I wanted to see how the space was, since they said that I would have to have at least 15 pieces and that is how I got the link up top. And no, they aren't going to help with printing or framing. So I have to find that money myself. Since I was doing this to get money, I was really hoping they would at least split it with me.

I have sent back a few questions, one being, if they would take a cut of any sales I might make and if so, how much. I think it's a fair question. If the answer is yes, and it's too high, I will have to turn it down. The showing isn't until mid April then run for a month I believe. So if I have to pull out, they have time to find someone else. But I want to do it, even if I have to max out my $400 credit card.

I just feel that $400 may not be enough to print and frame 15 pieces. And if I do make it, what if I don't sell anything?

Am I worried? Of course. But not as worried as I feel I should be since I haven't committed myself to anything yet. I thanked them for picking me, and I'm asking them questions, but I have yet to agree to the showing. When I answered their call, I was being picked. I know I can still walk away.

So now I'm waiting for their answer. Which I should get back by tomorrow night. Other than the two days it took for them to get time to flip through my little portfolio, the emails go back and forth like once a day.

Yes, you may wish me luck.

March 08, 2016

Duck/Duct Tape....Did you know?

A lot of you have been asking about this Duct vs. Duck thing we’ve got going... here is an explanation from Jim and Tim, the Duct/k Tape Guys: 

Dear Duct Tape Users:

Is it Duct or Duck? We don’t want you to be confused, so we will explain. The first name for Duct Tape was DUCK. During World War II the U.S. Military needed a waterproof tape to keep the moisture out of ammunition cases. So, they enlisted the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division to manufacture the tape. Because it was waterproof, everyone referred to it as “duck” tape (like water off a duck’s back). Military personnel discovered that the tape was good for lots more than keeping out water. They used it for Jeep repair, fixing stuff on their guns, strapping equipment to their clothing... the list is endless.

After the War, the housing industry was booming and someone discovered that the tape was great for joining the heating and air conditioning duct work. So, the color was changed from army green to the silvery color we are familiar with today and people started to refer to it as “duct tape*.” Therefore, either name is appropriate.

Today, Duck® brand Tape is manufactured by ShurTech. After thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the hundreds of duct tapes on the market, we have found Duck® brand Tape to be the most consistent in quality. And, we are delighted with the large array of colors that they manufacture (including camo tape and new “X-Treme Tape” which comes in hot day-glo colors).

Jim and I do lots of appearances promoting Duck® brand Tape and do so without reservation. Therefore, we go by both The Duct Tape Guys, and The Duck Tape Guys. And, we use the words Duck and Duct interchangeably throughout our web site.

So, whether you call it Duct Tape or Duck Tape... you are still using the “Ultimate Power Tool” in our estimation.

--- Jim and Tim, the Duck/Duct Tape Guys

A bit more information can be found at this site. :) 

For the record, I said Duck tape. :)

March 05, 2016

In other news...

I had a run in with my mandolin and now trying to touch type with one finger taped up.

I surprised myself with the new sets of swear words I was able to come up with as my night progressed from there. I just thank every thing that I got a cut ointment and pain reliever last weekend.

I sliced off the top/dome of my nail off my longest finger on my right hand. I will no longer complain when someone is complaining about some injury they have gotten some how in some show or movie. Granted, I wasn't that unmoved before considering the pain of my cycle, even if I did just consider it the monthly curse that I just had to live through.

I wanted to get some typing done this weekend, starting tonight, but I can't even do both touch typing and hunt and peck very well. Can you touch type with your left and hunt and peck with your right?

Granted, it seems to be getting better now. Maybe tomorrow it will be better, but I'm not looking forward to pulling off this band-aid when I wake up to put one more ointment.

At least I was able to finish cooking dinner. Like most of my meals, it looked pretty good, but a little under-salted, and I take less salt than most people. :)

Well, I'm here and trying to find a little job somewhere to help with bills and still be able to be here for the little girl upstairs after school. I'm also looking to get my photos and fractals into showings and post more of them on other sites outside of Deviantart.

I have an odd Tumblr art thing going, and I'm adding to mine Fine Art America account.

That reminds me I have something else I can do, even with my crippled hand,

Well Enjoy your weekend and be careful of mandolins.

Bear with me, just testing something out...

Art Prints