February 27, 2009

I typed up something


I'm going to bed a bit late, but I'm going to bed.

I was somehow able to get two pages out of myself just now. I'm amazed how that happens at time. I stopped when Inuyasha was going to jump Miroku's bones. I'm trying to figure that one out. It's going to be a quickly, but I need to go to bed so I can get up in about 3 hours.

I'm going out with my sister in law. She is suppose to be getting something wear to church, and hasn't a clue what that means. While I'm out I may get them/her to get me something. *grin* (them if my brother comes along too)

Well, I'll be talking you much later today. After 3pm for me for sure.

Take care, stay warm. *grin*

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February 25, 2009

New Do

I got my hair done today. I know all you can see is my fat face, but if you happen to have my other pics or the one of me over at my Deviantart page (Link To Your Left) you will notice that my hair is like 2 to 3 inches shorter now.

I look so much better in person. That's all I can say.

I was at the hair dressers for just after 3 until after 7. That happened because I went with my sister in law, so she got her's done first and I has to wait for Daisy to come into work at 5 to get my hair cut. She is the one that cuts hair it seems.

My sister in law was a little upset that I cut my hair but I had to.

I failed to comb my hair for a about a week, and then tried to wash it. Bad idea. It matted and I had to pull bits, quite a few actually, out. But I was lucky. I didn't rip out as much as I thought I would have to, or my hair cut was have far more.

Well I didn't see the cut that I wanted in the books they had, so I settled for something else just to find out that it wasn't possible. That style was for a weave. Ok, so she did something else for me. It's not bad. I still have a full head of hair, and the lady seemed to think that it looks very well on me. It's all now in layers since my hair was so choppy, but it's good. No one said anything bad about it, so I guess that's a good thing.

I tried taking a back shot of it but it doesn't have anything great to show so I ditched it. Sorry if you were looking for that. In a few days it won't look like that at all since I can't keep up the salon style look, but I'll see what I can do to look presentable for a while. At least it will be easier to comb. :)

Night everyone.

February 22, 2009

I Just Realized

.. Hey, I'm back and finally better.

I also realized that I haven't posted my page over at Fanfiction.net yet. So I've posted it.

I didn't have a reason to post it until last month. I've posted some work there. The one I have up is from "DeathNote".

When I've gotten to the end, I'll start posting my Inuyasha story. I'm working on chapter 53 now and I have yet to give it a title. I'm guessing I'll come up with one after it's finished. *grin*

February 13, 2009

sick.... sick I say

I just had to go out in 55 degree weather without a coat. I was all to happy not to wear that coat now I'm sick.

I've been sick since I woke up yesterday. I've drained every cold medicine bottle I could fine and now I've resorted to Zantec. It's allergy medicine. Hope it would at least dry me out and take the edge off the headache.

It's taking me awhile to write this up to let you know what going on with me. I wanted to send you an e-mail yesterday too, but at the time I couldn't. At some point I carved out a few lines. Amazingly I was able to think up a few good lines. I was able to read over them again and my inspired genus was still there. *grin*

It just made me think and hope that what I decided to do with sess will get an ooohhh out of you by the time you get there. Because by the time you do, I may have finished the whole thing.

I hope I'm better tomorrow something before sunset. I have a lingering clue of what to do next, but It hurts to think some times and I just give up reading or writing.

Well, take care, keep a coat on and I'll see you around.

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February 11, 2009

Warm Day To Get Out

I went out a few times today. Once to pick up my laptop which had decided to now work. I feel like my laptop just wanted a vacation from me. Odd I know. After I got back, I got undressed to start to cook to find out I didn't have any rice or peas. So I got dressed again and went back out to the store this time. I took Nika with me since she was home already.

I picked up some pasta also while I was out. I didn't so much as picked them up as I had Nika reach for them. They were up at the top of the shelf, so I lifted her up unto my shoulder to have her reach them. They were on sale as 4 for $5. I lifted her up at least three times.

It was 60 when I went out the first time but by the second time I went out it again, it felt colder. I had worn a light jacket the first time, but I left it home the second time thinking that I wouldn't need it. Honestly only my face got cold.

I've reached page two of the new chapter and I've more or less decided to not do the whole 9 yards of an all nighter again. I left them happy. They can pick it up later if they or I feel like it. I came up with some rather new and or interesting things with what I had them do, so I'm not going to push my luck.

Oh, I've started chapter 52 now. I really don't think I will make it 80, but I do hope to have it over by the time I get to the late 60's. I don't want to hurry things along. Sometimes I don't think that I know how, but I'm running out of things that would make it last longer. If anything I have to think of a good way to get it to the end or re-think what I want for an ending. :)

I just ate dinner. I guess it can be considered good. The rice didn't end up with as much taste as I wanted. It came kinda close, just not close enough. Oh well, next time.

I have a back entry or two to add.

So see ya. :)

Awake, but not for much longer.


I manged to scrape out 4 pages for chapter 51 and I ended it there when I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to jump to somewhere else.

I've started a new file for chapter 52-54 and I've laid down about one sentance I think. I don't remember. I just watched two eps of CSI that I somehow missed on tv.

I was suppose to go to the movies today, but he had to work late, so I called it off. But I did get to go outside and I mailed a letter for my mom while I was out on my walk. It wasn't really cold and it was already dark when I went out.

Today it can get as high as 60 is some areas around here.

I corrected part of my story that was like 20 chapters back. I named Edo and being the capital of japan back then. I just realized how wrong that was today so I fixed it to Keoto. You know what I mean. I'm not looking it up because I'm going to bed.

My mom just left and I get to have about 3 hours of sleep before the girl gets dropped off.

See ya.

February 08, 2009

"Date" Over.

I'm back.

I got here not too long ago. About 9:30 I think. I changed and went to stick up my meto-card on the front door to the building so someone else could use it. It's good until 3am. I asked. I spent more then I wanted on the card. I was just going to get a $2 one, until I learned that I couldn't get a card with just $2 on it, and the $2 one that they do sell don't come with transfer. I just realized that I should have just payed $4 for one instead and I'll have another fare for another time. But I got a day pass instead.

It was fun. It wasn't so cold when I went out but I felt the dip in temp around 4 or so. I paid off Macy's for me and added some money on to my sister's. I put some money on to my mom's bank account for her. Then I called up Hayden. He didn't call be back until I made into the Manhattan to get the inks from BestBuy after getting something to eat. Since I had the unlimited, I figured that I might as well joyride around. I was on my way back down on the M15 when Hayden called me back and told me to meet with him on 14th street and 2nd Av. I had just passed 92nd street, so I had a ways to go still. Lucky me I was on the express bus.

We met up just before sunset. Me with Hayden that is. I was dancing on a corner as I waited for him to stay warm. Then he had me walk out on an order that he tried to cancel, because he said to was too much to spend on an experiment. So we made our way to Dojo's and spent $10 less for our dinner. I felt so bad for the girl. She was so confused by what he was doing. I don't blame her for trying to save the order.

It wasn't so bad. The 'date' that is. We talked alot and made plans to see a movie on Tuesday. He's going to have to swipe me in since I don't have any money left.

Well I'll see about getting something typed up tonight. I'm moving my computer to the kitchen and come back in when my mom leaves. If don't get anything typed then it wouldn't be a big deal. This was my day off after all. :)

Sunday Outing.

So far I just got a few paragraphs typed out. I changed places and picked with the other couple. It was part of my plan to begin with, I just cut to them sooner than I thought I would.

I found a new game to play when I didn't feel like reading and even less like writing, but I'm making myself type now. The name of the game is "Green Valley - Fun on the Farm". It's rather good despite the talking between rounds. I think they could done better on that part. My mother is actually playing it. She's been suck on another game for months now, so I'm happy to see her playing something differnt. Nika started to play it, then Phillys asked for it so she could beat Nika's sore.

I have the soundtrack from Slumdog Millionaire. I saw it last week Tuesday and I had to get the soundtrack. The movie opens and ends with a great song. Have you seen it yet?

I have to call back up that guy about my laptop again. I wasn't in much of a rush to nag him since I got this one, but he hasn't called me to let me know that he is doing anything with it. So I'm calling him up to see about getting it back, if anything just for the cable so I can hook up my laptop to the tv so we can watch a movie from the laptop there.

He's not even really fixing it unless it can be sawdered. (melt metal to join metal parts) He was going to open it to find out for me it if can be fixed or if the part could be replaced. I was going to call him earlyer in the year, but I heard that his dad was in the hospital, so I gave him some time, but it's just wrong now how long he has had it.

I am not staying in the house today. I'm already bathed and getting ready to leave, but doing my hair will take a while.

I have to go out to pay Macy's. I went last week, but my mom still had my card so I couldn't pay. Then I have to call up Hayden. He said that he wanted to go out today. So I'm calling him around 1 to find out what gives.

(back to my story) I should be able to keep sess from getting too riled while at Keade's house. In my story he doesn't trust her much.

Do you ever get dizzy with how I write by jumping around? *grin*

I'm thinking of the other story and I'm just seeing details. Details that I will have to really have to really iron out first before I can start to write anything.

Well see ya later. Stay warm.

February 06, 2009

RE: Hey, are you ok?

I wasn't avoiding you so much as giving your some space.

You sounded a little bogged down so I wasn't going to add myself to your list until you had time.

I miss talking to you too.

My story is at a stand still right now.

I was planing on having a lemon that lasted like at least two chapters. You know put into detail one of those all night sessions that goes on but no real details are given. But I've just stopped.

I think I just needed to talk about it. I'm starting to think again.

I've settled on what college to apply for. I'm going for or to the Institute of Construction and Design. My brother is back for a few weeks. He came in today or something. He's in Texas I think. He has a place down there from when he had training. But he's coming up here and he's going to try and get two things down with me. One, sign over his gym membership to me and try and get me a job at the fort. I don't think that last one is going to happen with some many people looking for job these days.

Soon I think I'm going off line. I have to baby sit over at her place. I'm sure I'm going to pass out before she comes back around 8am tomorrow. My eyes are already itchy. She came over about 3 hours ago to let me know. I hope I can get a connection in her apt, but I don't think so. So I'll be sorting out my music and some manga, and maybe, if I'm really lucky, get at least a full page written down.

I've never done a bit where one was taken completely through his big O and then had one that was very ready for some joy. That's my block right now.

How has your busy life been? *smiling*

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