April 13, 2011

Phone thing acting up again...

I was all happy with myself that I started to blog and keep in touch over my phone again that this is the first time in a few weeks since I actually checked my blog and I see that none are posted. Again.

What gives? Blogger thinks that my story blog is all fake or a spam blog as they call it that it's been cut off from access for months now. Every couple of weeks I do the little messed up word verification thing to get to give it back to me, but they just keep re-locking it, and now this with my phone blogging.

Did someone say it was ok to pick on me again?

I'm going to have send a note or e-mail or something to a human about my stories blog. I can feel it. As for the phone, noting much I can do there. If it is my carrier, no one I can talk to in person even knew that I could do this in the first place, so they wouldn't be able to tell me what is going on. As for tracking down IT help in the middle of AT&T world of employees, I don't know if I want to waste the time.

I'll just have to post the old fashion way again while I keep testing my phone.

But not now, at least not to black blog. It's 6:19 am, and I was just checking something. I shouldn't be awake yet. I was up at 10am yesterday, and was in school drawing from 1pm almost until I left at mins to 9pm.

I just barely stayed up long enough to wake my mom up for work t 1:30am.

So later. 6 or so hours. :)