May 31, 2011

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Just a little note from my m's new iPhone. :)

Weather for Brooklyn, NY (11225)

Hourly Forecast: 5/31

2 AM
Clear. 75F. N 5 mph.
3 AM
Clear. 74F. N 6 mph.
4 AM
Clear. 73F. N 6 mph.
5 AM
Clear. 73F. NNE 7 mph.
6 AM
Sunny. 73F. NNE 7 mph.
7 AM
Sunny. 74F. NE 7 mph.
8 AM
Sunny. 75F. NE 7 mph.
9 AM
Sunny. 76F. ENE 8 mph.
10 AM
Mostly Sunny. 78F. ENE 9 mph. Precip 10%%
11 AM
Mostly Sunny. 79F. ENE 9 mph. Precip 10%%
12 PM
Mostly Sunny. 80F. E 9 mph. Precip 10%%
1 PM
Mostly Sunny. 80F. E 9 mph. Precip 10%%

Updated: 5/31/11 12:16 AM EDT
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May 30, 2011

Hahahaaa... This just reminded me of an artical that a teacher wrote in the school newpaper back home. He was saying that the name of the food shouldn't put them off of tasting/trying it. I had to read it twice before I got it. It was goat water that made it clear to me what he was trying to say. :). Btw it's just spicy goat soup. :D

May 29, 2011

I like one and it fits, but I think it's like $23.

I was wrong. It was really $11.25, but they had a another 15% off so I paid less then $10 for it. Lucky me. :)

I was so full from the very large lemonade and the two beef patties that I fell asleep in the changing room for a little bit and my tummy looked so big.

I didn't bother going over to the other store and just went home.

Such a long day.

Up since 7:30am and all the walking and living through gas pains and eating a late ... something. Then a little shopping then making my way home.

After I got off the bus, I tried to get a vegan smoothly, but they only took cash. I was a little short. Then I tired to get my mom those chips of hers that I ate off, but this new store that I thought would have them didn't.

I then made it across eastern parkway. I thought about getting something to eat, for later, but I ended up spending my $5 on a lotto ticket. I keep telling myself that I have to be in it to win it. :) And if I don't win, I'll just consider it my donation to running Nika's school.

I'm not even looking to win the whole thing. I'll take half. :)

Hope you liked the pics. They look way better on here than on my phone. There was so much sun and it was hot. But I liked to crash that night. :)

A nice casual top.

It looks kinda cute, but I feel a little sorry for the horse.

Cat Bag

Do you like? :) $40. I got her card in case you do. It comes in black and is all leather with an inside side pocket. :)

I can't move the new pic, so it's at the top. Call the cell (c) number on the card and tell her which one you want. The red cat or the black cat. :)

I haven't checked the websites she has on the card, so don't really expect them or her stuff to be there.

I'm sure she will more than willing to mail it you., but that would raise the price, but that is to be expected. :)

Let me know which one you get. :)

Does not come in my size, but it would look good on my friend Tanzi. :)

If you don't want to see any more let me know. :)

@ BAM in Broklyn right now. :)

May 26, 2011

I need a hug... :(. Just finished my last class and last exam and turned in a far less tha steller poject. No, I didn't finish it. And I found out that I made a big mistake and a few other small ones. And if that wasn't bad enough, I asked about my score from our quiz 2 weeks back. 78%. I just wanted an 82%. :(.

Now I have to hope that after writijg everything twice tonight will get me a 90% somthing. I do not want to see a C for this class, but there was so much that went wrong with my project. :(.

I so need a hug. Hopefully by the time I make it home and get somthing to eat and start posting a wallpaper I will be feeling better.

May 25, 2011

I'm done with my autocad final. It was easier than cake. I think I'll go get lunch. :). I'm sticking around to do my estimating project. I had drama coming to school, but it seemed to have worked out. :) lucky me.

May 24, 2011

my last thing for detailing class. I'm going to try and scan the whole sheet later. :)

May 21, 2011

They Keep Trying

I just changed the e-mail address that my blog has again.

It seems that they figured out what it was again and started mailing stuff to it.

I went to school today to get some home work done or just get my sketch book in case I got there just as they were closing, but it turns out that they had make up classes so they were going to be open until 8pm. Lucky me. :)

So for once I didn't draw, but did my estimating home work. Well some of it anyway. It's a project that we have to turn in on the last day of class which is also the day of our finals. I hope I finish. I'm so much further behind than I think I should be. So this weekend, I'm taking it up to the library. I need space to spread out to do this. But first I'll have to get some ink for our printer.

I'm going to swing by OfficeMax and see about their refilling thing. Then I'm off to the library. I'll try and get my butt up there come Sunday too. Yeah, I'm that far behind.

Sunday night I'm do some sketching, and come Monday, I can work on my dome. Yep, I'm still at it.

I may let you see what I come up with, for both classes. :)

This is my final week coming up. :) I'm almost there. :)

May 20, 2011

May 18, 2011

My autocad teacher didn't want to give me an A-, but I told her that I would have been happy with with just an A. :). She want it to be perfect more than I did since I caught so many things that she and the other students didn't. :). But I'm very happy to have gotten what I did since I forgot it at home and had to call my sister to have e-mail it to me. The week is almost over. Yeah!

May 16, 2011

What are you doing while I swim/walk through fog and funny rain?

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

May 14, 2011

Shopping Day Three

I got shoes (2), and a skirt. My sister paid for them, but she wasn't happy with me for showing up a week after the sale, so we weren't in the store long. I had picked up another skirt, but it was too much. The cashier rung up $68 for both skirt. The one my sister liked was $17, the other skirt made up the difference.

We told the lady that we got it from the $20 rack. She said that was the $20 and up rack. Great! I liked that skirt too. It came to my knee like the other one and it was all flowy and layered. Oh well.

I didn't make it to school today because I wasn't feeling well. The I tried to get there before they closed, so I could get my sketch pad but they were closed by the time I got there before I had to meet my sister at Payless.

So now I'm on the bus heading home and she's at Popeye's getting something to eat. She did not like my suggestion of taking the B45 home.

Oh, one last thing. I was in time to use my transfer for the bus ride home and I got my pills on sale. :grin:

This Day Went So Wrong

I didn't go to sleep until after 7am to start this whole thing/day off.

My sister never woke me up, in fact no one did other than a phone calls.

Firstly. My mom didn't need me to bring the stuff down to her work after all, so I could have slept in a little longer.

No it's 11am and for some reason I wake up. I don't know why. The first thing I do is curse myself out for not hearing my 10am alarm for me to wake up and take my allergy pills. Then I remembered Jhodie and for some reason decided to check her room. I don't really remember why now.

And there she was. Still fighting the laxative that the had the take the night before and took late btw.

So she tells me that she would be going in later. I say great and tell her to wake me when she's leaving.

Does she wake me up? No. Does she call me from her phone once she has left the apt? No.

So I'm asleep and dead to the world until my phone rings at 2pm. It's the hospital. They were calling to find out if I was the one who was suppose to come and pick up Jhoide. I could have sworn that the lady said that she will done in 15 - 20 mins and that she will call me when it's time to come pick her up.

Great! I stumble out of bed, and I'm using the bathroom when the buzzer goes off. And I don't mean just a buzz. I mean, I demand to be let in buzz. I'm half asleep and think it's Nika who wants to get in to use the bathroom. I get up and do all that, including washing my hands before buzzing them in and looking out my apt to see who it is for sure.

It's not Nika. It's the little girl for the lady next door. They right now would be my only reason for moving. I take that back. They are currently the only things that would make me not mind going through a move. I really don't like her/them.

Either way. I close the door on her because she had gotten into this habit of ringing our bell for fun when her mother is home. Then as I'm ready to back to the bathroom to try and finish what I was going the phone rings.

Great. Who can that be?

It's the girl's mother. She's calling to ask if the girl is there. I ask her where she is. There is no reason for anyone to be the house right now. I shouldn't be there to be talking to her, never mind letting her child into the apt.

She's downtown. She's on her way home. Yeah right. She leaves to go to the corner store and it takes her an hour to come back.

So I open the door and I don't the girl. I call her and now she had the nerve to look like she doesn't want to come in and is dragging her feet. I say nerve, because I know she doesn't mean it. She's a fake little girl that just wants things done her way.

I put in the other bedroom, turn on the tv, find a kind channel for her, and tell her to stay there while I take a shower.

I take my shower and I'm drying off in the bathroom when I hear her moving into and around my bedroom. I tell her to go back to the other room twice before I hear her go. And to make it sound like she was coming towards the bathroom, she asked if I had any disinfectant.

I told her no. She shouldn't have been doing anything that needed that. As I finish up in the bathroom, I'm thinking that I will have to wait here until her mother comes, when I don't even know when that will be, or my mom comes so that she could be here with her and Nika who was do to be home in a few mins.

When I came out the bathroom, I went to find the girl, not that the apt was all that big, and found her standing in front of the tv in the other room. I ask her what she needed the disinfectant for. She's all smiling and said that she wanted it for her hands that she were ringing and moving around her as she half looked at me.

I went to get dressed.

Now during the next hour or so, Nika shows up an there is now shouting going on as I continue to get dressed. I look up how to get to the hospital and what temperature it was outside. I had on my shoes and everything when my mom came home. I told her about the girl and her mom as I got my keys and store cards. I'm running low on my allery pills and need to get more. I was planing on getting them before coming home.

Either way. Mom was going to go by the doctor and had made an appoint at the office that was just up the street from us. I guess she could take the two of them with her, but I heard a plan about leaving both of them with the lady next door when she came home. I haven't a clue how that worked out.

I got my keys, and my cards and my bag with my charged phone and ear buds and left here about 4 or so pm. I just know that I was there for a lot longer than the 20 mins the 'nurse' told me. For all I knew, Jhodie was at the hospital waiting for me to get her for an hour already and the 'nurse' had forgotten to call me back again.

I hadn't a clue where the hospital she was. Not one.

So 20 mins later if not 30, I'm walking up and down the grounds of the hospital going from building s to building c and building t, just to find the right department. Then when I get there, they don't know I'm talking about. They had no such person on their roster for the day.

They ask me if I'm sure I'm in the right place. I told them what she was having done and that she told me this hospital. They say that she may be at the other hospital across the street. So one of them called them up and got someone to answer their call. I called the number back 7 times since out of the subway and was walking around the place. The fist time the line was busy. For all the others, no one answered.

Well it turns out that she was at the other one. Great. At least this nurse was able to get my directions as to where in the other building she was.

By the way. It was cold out, and I was wearing a knee lenght skirt and a short sleeved shirt. So much for my planning. At first, I just thought that it was the wind, but the wind never really stopped blowing so it was just colder than cool the whole time. I could have used a jacket/coat and my jean pants.

So I go across the street and seemed to have taken the back way in. Since I thought I was avoiding another hospital I didn't realize until I was going in on the other side, that it was two places in one. At this point, the outside seemed to have gotten abit colder to me.

I got in, and found the department with only one minor misdirection and she was awake yet. She wasn't a wake yet. Did having the nurse from the other hospital stop them from calling me to get her? What was that 20 mins for? Was I so asleep that I so misunderstood what I was being told? Was she saying that they were going to start in 15-20mins in such a way that I thought she was saying what I expected to hear about having to come pick her up???

So I set there, in the hall, on a blue chair that they pulled out for, to wait for her. Almost everyone who passed me, who happened to be staff by the way, asked me if I was Jhodie's sister. We look alike it seems. I'm willing to admit that we could be two different versions of the same person, if we weren't sisters two years apart and she looked older and smaller then me.

So I sit and wait, and wait for .... 30 mins. So by the time she is ready to walk of the department with me, it's after 5pm. I want to say 5:30 but I'm really now sure. But we can't leave just yet. Nope. She has to make another appointment with the x-ray department, and she wants to see about picking up a note for when Nika was there last week to help prove that Nika really had a good reason for not being in school.

Yeah Nika.

A week or so back, when I wasn't here, I found out that the iron fell on Nika's head. How on earth that happened I don't know. A day or so later, she said that something was hurting her, her neck or head, I'm not sure. I wasn't told much. Just that she was going in for scans and she had a lot to take so she was there, in and out, for a few days just getting scanned and checked out. As far as I know, everything is fine. But now the school is asking for the paper work.

Ok, back to today.

The place to get the note for Nika was closed, so we went to the x-ray place and had to wait to make and appointment. When it started to take awhile, I thought it was rediculus, so I stood in the front of the desk to make sure she didn't forget about us. At this point, Jhodie goes back and tells them/her that she just needs to make an appointment. She ends up talking to a guy, and I though ok. She makes it and we are out of here. Nope. I don't know what he did, but says that the lady that to set the appointment. We leave about 30 mins later if not 40.

We stop to use the bathroom and some kid must have been playing with the water because the front of my shirt was wet when I moved away from the sink. Great! Spent time getting that dry, then we go out into just a slightly cooler day. We passed on CVS and another chain drug store that I had a card for, but they didn't have the meds I needed. Of course.

So we make way for the subway. We ended up going to Atlantic Ave because Jhodie had to pay on her Target card. She didn't have her's but I had my copy. We got a few things while we were there, but now after I tried to buy some shoes.

Yes I said try. I wear 11 and 1/2 Wide width shoes. I look at what they say should fit me and laugh. I all out laughed. But twenty mins later I have one found pair that I seem to like and is walking around in to get use to how flat they are. I then find another flat pair and send Jhode off to see how much they cost.

Payless is having this buy one get anything else 50% off. But of course you pay full price on the most expensive itme and the cheaper one gets it's price cut in half. So she comes back and tells me that they are $30. $30! People like saying that they have a fixed income. I have no income. None. I'm trying to get what I need and save as much as I can for next semester books. I guess I really am selling some books this summer.

Well, I cried at the unfairness of it all. I really liked those shoes. And they looked strong too. Thin wimpy shoes won't last long with me.

So after trying and trying and trying to find a second pair that I could justify, I gave up and took the one pair and some lip gloss.

After that and paying on the Target card and getting a few snacks we parted ways. She was fine at this point. She went in search of things to make a nachos and I got the bus home. Now it was night fall and more than an hour and half since we got off the train from the hospital.

My transfer still worked, which I was very happy about btw, since it looked like I would have go out again tomorrow. I had found a pair of sneakers that I liked and really needed. I only have one pair and they are so close to dying. Jhodie had reminded me that Phillys said that she would be more than happy to buy me a pair of shoes and such. I just had to ask.

So when I got home, I asked and she said yes. Right after she asked me for my Macy's card. There she goes again. She went last Saturday too. At least she'll have me in mind and not spend so much so she can get me the shoe(s). I can always hope.

We are more or less set to meet up after 3pm. So If I get up at a decent time, I'm doing some home work at the school. If not, I'm just grabbing my sketch pad so I can do some other home work at home.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was in the kitchen cleaning up over two days of mass messes in the kitchen since I got home. I breaked every hour to eat something since I was so hungry and had been running around on and empty stomach.

You wouldn't really know that now, because Jhodie had now decided to clean out the top cupboards even thought I only told her to wash one pot that she left macaroni in the night before. It's soaking in the sink. Macaroni and all. :(

I don't care, I'm going to bed.

If you expect me to read this back over, you don't know me or at least you haven't been reading my posts here.

It's 2:40am. I'm gone.

Later people.

Oh... one last thing.

Dont touch my smokes by =vaporotem on deviantART

May 12, 2011

That is what I will like to know.

Well my late nights, early morning sleep time has been axed for tonight/tomorrow. I have to meet my mom in town at 9am, then an hour later I have to take my sister in for a minor thing, that I have to pick her bake up from a few hours later. I'm kinda tired now, so it may not be that hard to go to bed early tonight. :). Well, I'm onm my way to school now. I'm typing this up on the B train actually. While I'm out and about for other people, I might as well get some or a pair of shoes.I tried on Tuesday, but everyone was closed. So later people. As you can see I'm made it to school. :)

May 08, 2011

End of it all...

So in the end I didn't get the skirt.

Way to short. I like being in a skirt again, but I couldn't buy it. I could never wear it outside of my apt.

I did get the last shirt, with another one over at Old Navy. That last shirt turned out to be cheaper than I expected. $4. :)

Before, over at Macy's I got the shirt I showed, even though it don't look that good in the shot I posted, along with this pink and white open sweater thing. I have a pic, bit it's not decent. Sorry.

I also got two sets of twin sheets because we couldn't find the few that my sister had gotten us. After I get them my other sister tells me that she washed them. We hadn't used them, they were all zipped in plastic bags and she washed them. Not only that, she didn't tell us that she took them to get washed. I don't know when this was done, but I think it was a while ago. She could have told us and saved me some money.

So she just took our sheets. We are sticking with that.

Either way. I had a $25 'gift card' from Macy's to spend at Macy's, so that is how I paid for the two sheet sets and one shirt. Over at Old Navy, I paid for that myself. :) Oh, the other shirt over at Macy's went onto my Macy's card. My sister can pay for it for me. :)

I found a gourmet popcorn place, and got a mix of Macadamia nuts and caramel covered popcorn. Maybe my tongue is a bit off, because I taste salt. I expect sweet, not salt. But it's still good.

I came home via the 2 train and got some Chinese food... kinda. I got fried white fish, veggie fried rice and some french fries. This is the first time in a while since I've had that. I've been getting garlic viggies and white rice for ages. I like it, but I miss coloured rice and the french fries.

I'm the girl that goes to KFC for the wedges. I can't stand biscuits and I'm not as fond of meat as some people would think.

Ok, I'm going to bed now. I crashed after I got home and ate, then people woke me, and I stayed up to watch stuff that I recorded and ate some more popcorn and water. So now I'm going back to bed. I was only really up this long to do some driver updates on my laptop. This last one is taking forever. *shaking head*.

Night, or morning as the case may be.

May 07, 2011

The shirt isn't bad. It would be a good shirt for work.

I'm starting to like this skirt. It has pockets. :)

I hope this looks better on line than in this pic. I'm shoping at Macy's. I think I'll get this one. It looks good on me in person. :)

May 04, 2011


I am 4 ways to being late for school today and I'm cold. Why did the temp drop to 45 degrees? :(

May 03, 2011


I found something that I wasn't expecting and completely forgot about.

I sent an e-mail to my blog. I fully expected it to post, so when it didn't I went to see if I had changed my address again.

Nope. That wasn't the problem. The problem? I had turned off the feature. *embarrassed*

.. but not as embarrassed as this girl who is currently playing 'Repo Games'. I got side tracked.

She said that Bill Clinton was a founding father that invented electricity by flying a kite in a thunder storm. ... How????

I feel sorry for this country.

Where was I? Oh yeah, e-mailing my blog.

Now before I thought that I'm just dumb for trying to mail to an address that wasn't set up, I remembered that I was having issues with it and turned it off. I just forgot to turn it back on. I have been busy with school after all.

So I'm going to resend a few messages, and then come back in here and change the dates so they will be in the right order.

Take care people.


Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 14:49:52 -0500

From: Jhoy's Phone


Message body The oddest thing just happened to me. I'm sure it was some kind of joke, but It's so odd that I really hope it was a joke. I'm walking towards the subway, an hour later than I wanted to really, and some skinny...14 year old comes over an tells me his name. I grin an say hi. He tells me his name again and I'm wondering what is going but figuer that he wants me to say his name. Fine. I said hi again and say his name this time. One of two things happened next. He either asked me what my name was, of if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I just know that I said no, and he asked me why not. I do not look that young. I told him that I was 34. He asked "So?". Then I just left. So???? What was that? Odd.

It's Official

I'm still hung up on Pat.

I was out on Saturday. I went to school to draw, then I walked around taking pics, then I went by his house.

I know he's not there, so I was really going to go by to say hi to his mom and wish her a belated birthday and ask how Pat was.

I got there, and saw lamps on and thought that they were home, but no one answered the door, so I guess they were out.

The whole time I'm there, I keep seeing Pat opoening the door to let me in until I left. I hung around a few houses down the block hoping that they were busy and took a while to come to the door, but no luck.

So about 6 or so blocks and 100 photos later I had a small heart attack. I thought I saw Pat standing in front of with another girl. The height was right, the hair colour and type was right, then he turned around more towards me and I calmed down. It wasn't him.

It was then that I realized that I wasn't anywhere near to being over him yet and and it's already been a year. :(

Leaving for school now. I'll try and blog again tonight to catch you up on things.