July 31, 2006

Short Note...

Lynn showed up and is currently using the computer. Nika got her off to watch a movie, and taking this min to drop to a note here.

Thursday was interesting. I got a call back from the teleamarketing place that I went to the week after I lost my job. They called to see if I was still interested in working for them. The odd thing is that the day or so before, I had called clear harbour to let them know that I will still try and find a job over here on St.Kitts. So I asked the teleamarketing place how much they paid. They played $100 less and I would still have to find a way to pay for the bus for the first week for each place. Granted I wouldn't have to pay for the boat trip if I got the job with them, but I didn't really want that job anyway, and after building myself to get the job and then them not calling me has put me off it. I asked her if I could call her back to let her know, and she said that it would have to be by 5 that afternoon, because I training started on Friday. I wanted to talk it over with Jhodie, and she took her time coming home too. Either which way, we decided to keep the job that was coming my way from Clear Harbour.

Next I was set out to get dinner since Jhodie did come home late. I ended up running into a guy that met a year or so ago when he worked on the nurse's computer the time they tried to add new memory to their computer and something went wrong. He was putting a company together. I might still get in on it with him. He got my number after he explained a bunch of stuff to me about his venture.

When I got home was so hungry that she almost chewed me out for being so late until I told her why.

The rain let up a few says ago so we got to hang out some clothes for the first time in like a week and a half. If it wasn't raining, it was making us think that it was going and nothing got put out.

Oh, I found that manga of xxxHolic that I started looking for after I read that most views of the show felt that the show had quality issues when compared to the manga. I haven't really started reading it yet since I got it last night/this morning and Lynn has been on here for most of the day. I don't think that I would be able to get near the computer in Nevis. I'll just have to wait until the weekend to let the world know what I'm up to.

Well the little bit of non-sense news that I wanted to share is in two parts. One, two weeks before I ship off for Nevis my sister has made curtains for my bedroom. And they work rather well with the colour on the wall. But in her defense we only re-found the cloth like 3 weeks ago.

Next, I'm actually reading a book and I'm almost finished. A real paper back. I've had it for years. I mean years. I think it found it when Nika was like 1 when the library was throwing away books. I didn't even crack the cover until we lost power that Friday. I picked it back up again like 7 or so days ago I think. I'll tell you about it when I'm finished.

Well that's mostly it. Other than Nika not liking having noting really to do during summer time. Her friends are mostly gone. They got shipped off to the country or to the US, and I don't like the beach as some of you know, but I think that I might be taking her this week. Which I'm not really looking forward too since I just washed my hair today.

Ok, it sounds like Lynn might be waking up and if so, then my time here is over.

Take care, I'll get back and spell check this thing.

July 25, 2006

Yanime - Addicted to Curry

If you like anime, if you like fun comics, if you have, or know about mangas, you have to read this.

I've read all, and I believe that this site has the most issues out there for download.

If you know where I can buy the English version let me know. As far as I know, as the issues come out they scan it and translate it for people like me.

I'm currently blogging about the past 2 days, but I know I won't have it done until tomorrow.

Anyway, check it out. I have to sent this link to my friend AM. She would love this. Funny. HA!

See ya.

Yanime - Addicted to Curry


I went looking and it seems that there are a few more eps out there that aren't listed here. It was heck to get to, but I'm still in my sharing mood so here is the link to the other place.

I'm sure that they will get around it since it's them making them, but just incase you get to the end before they update the first site, here you go.

tidwah :: MANIGA++ - Addicted to Curry

Enjoy. ^_^

July 23, 2006

Intresting Thursday.

Well Thursday turned out to be a day.

First the bathroom flooded, that made Jhodie late in combing my hair, then her morning job showed up and she asked for extra time. Then Nika, who was going with them since I was going to Nevis for a job interview, got her finger caught in the car door. That had screams for like 15-25 mins.

Then at 10:28am the power went out, and then came back 10:30am. It came back and I went to town to cash the check/money order that my friend sent me. It wasn't as much as I was kinda expecting, but I'm happy I got anything at all. I then got to town to find out that I won't be getting any of the money for 4-6 weeks. Anything that says personal anything and coming from a bank that isn't here will take that long.

So I had to wipe the last $40 from my account so I could pay the ferry. I was suppose to go over early to stop off at Lynn's house to test her computer with a different monitor cord, but it turns out that all my cords are attached to the monitors.

So I went over on the 11:30am ferry. I wanted to walk around the town a bit and get to the place early incase I got lost or something. I couldn't walk as much as I wanted because my foot was hurting me from a very crammed bus ride I took a few days before when I was coming back home with Nika from the Bay for a little dip. It wasn't that great of an experience, but Nika liked it all the same.

Either which way, I went to a store to look for some bread that Jhodie wanted, not that I could get them when I thought about it since I didn't have the extra money like I thought I would, so I ended up just getting a bottle of water since I hadn't eaten anything for the day and it was better than getting something to eat and not having enough money to wash it down on such a hot day.

I found a bus stop, and just wanted for a decent time to flag down a bus. Just before I got one I asked a lady where I could find Clear Harbor, that was the name of the company. She told me it was in, or on, Brown Hill. Lynn told me to go to Gingerland. I asked the lady if Brown Hill was before or after Gingerland. It was before she told me. Where was Lynn sending me? Lucky me a bus pulled up that had written on it that it was going to Brown Hill, and the lady said to tell the driver where I wanted to go. But in the end I didn't have to. The girl in the front of the bus was going there too. I got there like 8 mins after 1pm. I was way early. Which turned out to be in favor in the end.

I had like three test to take, then I was taken to two different sections that I was being considered for, or applied for and then I had an interview with a lady that seems to really like. In the end, it sounded as if I had a job once my references paned out. But now I have an issue. I should have brought it up when I heard her say it, but for some reason I didn't.

Contract. I'm suppose to be leaving for NY soon, or at least Barbados I know that at Ross I could just have taken my 3 weeks off and at least go to Barbados, then just transfer to FL or NY, but now.... I don't think they would let me go just when they got me. I'll have to call them and find out on Monday.

Well, when it was all over it well after 4. I got a lift down to the port, which was a good thing since I didn't remember the distance from the main road being so far away. Most places seem to be set away from the main road. Even in town, some places a little set back from the street. As you go further out, you leave the main road well behind. I'm going to so need a map of that place. By the time I walked over to buy my ticket it was 10 till 5pm.

I got the same boat back that I got that morning. They had a dvd player on the boat down below where I sat. There is no way I'm sitting up top. Well it was interesting. It was local talent. Some guy from Jamaica and his variety show. I took a nap over and I tried to take a nap back, but it wasn't as good. I don't like boat rides.

I got to St. Kitts, got a bus, and came home. The bathroom was still drying, but the toilet seems to be flushing now.

Then Friday came. Jhodie had to pool just about every dime to pay off cable to keep them from cutting us off. Then we ran out of gas that night just as dinner was finishing. Lucky us. At lest we would have something to eat that night and part of Saturday. We had some money to buy dinner Saturday night, but right now we are at a loss. Well my sister just changed the plan. She'll just buy food until she has enough to get a tank on Tuesday. She was waiting for Little Ray to bring by the money that he owes her, but he's taking his dear time.

There was on very big surprise yesterday. Jhodie's computer came back to life. We all thought that the hard drive was toast. But low and behold Jhodie turns it on while we were in another short black out, and it stayed on. The power was out for around an hour or so. Anyway, my sister turned it on just to watch it cycle she said. Crash, reboot, crash, reboot and so on. But it really turned on and logged her in and such. She was able to get off her stuff that she thought she lost. Then the OS really crashed, and I reinstalled it. Shame I don't have a valid copy. I just don't get any thing new from MS. I can do that.

Ok.. I'm going to save this and then spell check and post later. I don't want to go over this right now. See ya.

July 17, 2006

I had something to say.

I know I did... but now that I'm here ready to type it up, I can't remember what it is.

Oh, now I remember.

That computer that I had my room that I got an old 8 gig hard drive for died not to long back. It was the hard drive. It gave out like an old heart. Also, Lynn sent for her computer a few days go. Nika fell asleep in my room next to a computer and woke to find an empty space an hour or so later.

I have so much room now. I can swing my feet off my bed without having to avoid the monitor now. The monitor is now at the foot of my bed where I have no reason to go, and I can fully see my new rug again.

Other than that, nothing has changed. The house is looking cleaner, and the plants on the porch have been moved around a bit. Tomorrow Jhodie doesn't have work so we will be a bit short this week, and I'm waiting for the letter from my friend so I don't have to ask Jhodie for money, for the boat, to go to the interview on Thursday.

Tomorrow I have some mopping and a little bit of washing to do.

I did quite well today with cleaning up. I cleaned the bathroom, mopped half the hallway. My sister didn't want me to mop anymore. Did dishes, then picked up and hung out clothes, and my back has yet to warn me about anything. Wouldn't it be a hoot if my back got better now?

I might go and get my pap smear tomorrow. I think that I've avoided it as long as I could. All my excuses have run out, and I should get it done before I do somehow find work and can't get the day off. If I go to Nevis and find out that I don't get the job for what ever reason, I will have to call around and let everyone who got my resume that I'm still available for work. That will be depressing.

As for the Nevis Job, it turns out that if I try to go back and forth on the $400 I would be paid a week, I won't have much left for anything. I haven't told my sister yet, but I may end up having to stay over in Nevis every other week for a week, so we could get at least two good paychecks. She is already unhappy at me leaving her here for the first week of the job if I get it. But if it has to be done, it will have to be done.

When I was outside hanging up the clothes, I was thinking of writing about how I'm almost thirty, then somehow G showed up, and I started to talk about him. I talked about how many years we knew about each other, how we hooked up for one night then he left, then came back years later, and we spent hours together this time. If I actually end up with him, we will have an odd, "how we meet" story.

But I'm not going to go into detail about that, since this is already not the blog that I wanted to write. Well, not completely anyway.

But I will add. I just found out that the show, "The Iron Chef" ended in 1999. I thought it was still going. That is what I get for not having the Food Network. I really liked that show.

Ok, I'm going to surf for a while, then wipe down the kitchen counter and table then go to bed before 4 am.

See ya.

July 13, 2006

While I Still Have Internet

Hi ya.

This has been something of an odd week.

M passed by the house and called for me. I was trying to sleep, so I thought that she was in my head and was one of the voices trying to keep me wake so I told it to be quite and beded down for sleep. She came back and called me on her cell to make sure that I was home. By this time I was asleep and was still mostly that as I stood at the top of my step looking down at her.

She wanted me to come by and look at her computer for her. I told her after Jhodie came home around 3 or so. Time came and I went over and while I was there power went. Power was out for us until Sunday night around 11pm.

Each night the power was out we went walking. The first night, Friday, I took Nika down the hill to see how far it went. All over was dotted, and we saw that the Tony's, the local large watering hole and slots place had a ganarator. Parts of town had power and parts didn't. They tried to connect us Saturday morning, and I think that is when something blew. Then Sunday night we ended up at our uncle's house whos power stayed when they turned it on Saturday. But T wasn't there for Nika to play with, and the rain helped us stay a bit longer. Jhodie asked uncle Ray for $10 to buy some ice for the fridge to try and keep what had from going bad. I wanted to stay and watch this movie that was on when we got there. The movie took a long time to finish. Uncle Ray was going to leave me watching the movie and told me just close the door when I was done. Then he came back out to wait for me. He was going to give me a ride home. I told him I was going to walk home. He didn't like that answer.

The place isn't so safe anymore. It has gone from just about nothing in way of crime to guys taking down guys because they aren't from that area. Dumb people. That left the rest of us trying not to get near such things, since they some how have guns now. This place was such a safe place to live I think.

Either which way, while I was waiting for the movie to finish, Jhodie calls to say that power is back. By this time it's around 11. Uncle Ray gave me a ride and said that he no longer has to lend me one of his lamps. He doesn't like the fact that we were using candles. It's a small fear for most people down here. I think it's because most of  us grew up in wood houses, and that fires are still very common.

Well the power didn't last that long for us.Around 1:30am a storm came in and it rocked us. Car alarms went off all over. Thunder rolled though clouds miles long over the house. I was very surprised that Nika didn't wake up. And just as my sister asked if it would take power out again the tv went black with the rest of the house. We lit a few candles and went to bed. By the time I woke up the next day we had power back.

Today we have another stom pass over us. I went over by M again to get something and drop off something, and the rain came down. I wouldn't have minded that much if I hadn't just opened all the windows in my room before I left. At least my bed wasn't soaking wet when I got home. I t was wet, but not as bad to say I would have to sleep on the couch tonight.

As for internet it has been on the flakey side. I think something gets turned off or on at the cable company that make is unuseable at night. This time I'm trying to beat it, and I might just win. *grin*

Other than that I might be getting a job in Nevis. One of the places I sent an online resume to called be back and had me fill out an on line form and sent me four job descripsions to see what job(s) I was intrested in so I could list the two that I would like to apply for.

Then I got a link to an online interview the next day. It said that it should take about 20 mins. It took me 4 hours. Well it felt like 4 hours. It might have only been 3. The last hour or so was spent trying to find back pay slips and trying to figure out how much I was paid for the last 4 years.

Also, while I stuck over at M's today, I got a call back. She wants to set up and day and time for me to come over to Nevis to take a typing test and for another interview and then we'll see if I get a job. The date that was open for her was Thursday at 2:30. I'm guessing that by that time I would have gotten the money from my friend. **Thanks Misty**

Ok.. I'm not going to try and push my luck so I'm sending this out like it so it can get posted. Sorry if I messed up some places. This afternoon I wasn't feeling well. I was cold and I felt like someone tried to take and axe to my head.

See ya.

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July 07, 2006

Job Hunting

Tuesday I went out to drop off my resume at a place I called the day before when I was checking to see if the HR departments of places I went to had already gotten them.

All but one had, but I got the same answer. There was nothing opened. I let one of them know that I would take a part time job because I needed a job. She said that she would make it known to the guy who did the hiring so he could ask around the company to see if any one could use anyone full or part time.

There was an opening at the place I dropped off my resume to that Tuesday, but I haven't heard anything back from them. I also took a copy over to the Labour (that is how it's spelt) department so that they could have it on file. The girl thought that I had given them one when I first showed up weeks back. I told her that she didn't. She didn't even look at it for as far as I know. She just sent me off to telemarketing thing. Someone else who hasn't called me back either.

On the good side, Jhodie is getting a new client at the end of the month, and I'm hoping that by then I’ll have a job too so I can pay for my bed and living room set. A friend of mine is willing to send me some money to help out. I might just put it down on that and the lights bill depending on how much it is. By mid month I will have to tell the company something if I'm still out of work.

I tried mopping this side of the house today, but Nika slowed me down. She's always for cleaning at the start or when she has nothing else to do, but give it like 10 mins and she's a dead weight. At least I got the living room done, and with them gone tomorrow, I'll be able to finish and get some dishes washed before my back goes out on me.

I was actually able to move the mop around without hurting my back like last time.

Lynn was a pain today. On Tuesday she shows up, to spend the day or something. She called the night before saying that she wants to take the computer back with her on Tuesday. So I stay up until 5 am getting ready for her. Then she doesn't take it. I ask her to at least check it out so it has she what wants before she leaves. I asked her twice and She doesn't even look at it. She even had me do her new boy's resume for him. Then when I ask her about the computer when she was leaving, she told me that she was going to get it on Saturday. Great. I lost downloads because of her. For some reason the bit torrent down loader that I installed on her computer seem a bit faster then the one on this computer, or at least I think it is. Either which way, I moved everything over here and I couldn't continue the download, and lost the files and I didn't have the link for where I got them from to try and do it again.

So this morning she calls and says that she is getting uncle Ray to come and get the computer to have it come over on the boat. Then uncle Ray calls to say that he was going to come over early to get it so he wouldn't have to come back this way to pick it up later. Great. I was downloading again and I had other stuff to move off. I was still up late with out trying to be, and I had to get up to get her computer ready and such even though she said she wasn't going to get it until Saturday. Well it was taking a while to move things over for some reason. So it took like 2 hours to move just under a gig of data, which is just wrong. So I undid the changes that I made to the settings for the NIC cards. First on my computer, and just that had the data moving like it should. A 276 meg file in like 30 seconds. So I had to do that for hers also. Deleted files and I ended up deciding to install a cd burning software.

But I left what I was downloading, downloading. I wasn't going to loose these files. They were so close to finishing. We had lost internet early that day or they might have already be finished. Either which way, after taking Nika to school late, which turned out not to be school but a play day, I went back to bed, then around 12 something uncle Ray shows up banging on my door. I told him that Lynn wanted to talk to him and that I had stuff to copy off of the computer. Once I told him that I had stuff to take off, he said forget it. She can get it later, and left. Then I went back to my room to see how the down loads were coming and she called to see if uncle Ray had picked it up. I told him he just left, and that I had told him to call her because she was trying to get him. She said that she didn't want to talk to him, and now her plans are ruined. She wanted it that night, now she can't get anyone to get to her house until Saturday. Then she hung up.

She keeps making plans without finding out stuff from us. She knew I was going to be using it until she got it back, but she keep saying she wants it and I drop everything for her then she leaves it. Well I'm sorry. She told me Saturday, and that is when she is going to get it. My down loads finished around 2:30 or so.

I'm not going to down load anything else on that computer. I'll just play the games, and let Nika play her Barbie Game on it, so when Saturday comes around, I just unplug and have it waiting for who ever is coming to get it.

Tonight I was walking all over the village trying to find some stuff for Jhodie to make some bread, but the stores were out of it or closed. I was out later then I thought.

Now it's bedtime at 1:23 am. I was just going to look for something on line then pack it in since I want to clean tomorrow.

Oh, I once again forgot to post my wallpapers on time. I remembered up until the day then I forgot until Tuesday. I posted them up tonight since I can't say that I can't do it because I was at work, or I was busy, or the set I wanted to post was on another computer either at home or at work.

Oh well.


July 01, 2006

I Might Be Gone A while.

This might be the first time that I've ever sent a message to everyone in my address book.

For those of you who get this and don't consider us friends anymore for what ever reason you can disregard this and / or send me an e-mail to take you out of my address book.

Now for the reason for this e-mail.

On May 15th I was fired from my job at Ross. I cried for two days, and was just depressed for a while. I got my vacation days paid out to me, and they half cleaned out my desk for me. He didn't want me back there or see me for as far as I know.

I've been job hunting since a week after I let go, but I haven't gotten anything yet. Two jobs that I thought I would have gotten, haven't called me back for what ever reason.

I'm down to $100 and I have about $800 worth of bills to pay.

So I most likely won't have internet never mind lights in a week, and that will go for my phone too I'm sure.

I wasn't going to tell you guys about loosing my job until I got a new one, so that if anyone from Ross came back and wanted to see me, they would already know before they came down.

The reason for why I was fired is posted over at my blog.

My mom sent me a barrel with some stuff in it so I don't have to worry about having to buy a few things, not that I can buy anything right now.

Well see ya around.



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- There you can find out what I might want out of life.

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Hi Ya


This is the link that I really wanted to post, but the whole page is made out
of flash so the *right click and click on "Blog This"* wasn't and


I'm trying out a new blogging extension from firefox.

It seems ok.

Well the name for this is very misleading, and I'm sure they considered it a
pjus when you realized it, but couldn't change it. Or better yet, didn't want

Well Last night I think started Music Festival. I'm glad that they have
something like this, but we never go and this time it was Jhodie's turn to tell
others that she wasn't going.

Later I'm going to post a notice type post.

Any which way. I'm currently having a nice issue with quicktime and xp and
watching trailers from quicktime.com.

At least I got the computer up and going for Lynn.
I didn't even get to install the OS until she brought over the copy of XP that
came with the computer. I think it's pre SP1. The computer has the product key
for win98 on the top of it. Making it run XPSP2 might be a little too much for
it. If it becomes to much for Lynn
to work with and she freezes up too much, then I'll just have to re-install all
back over again and this time with win2000.

But I think that I did quite well with setting up this computer.

Lynn's even here. She found out
that she has high blood pressure and Diabetes, and wanted Jhodie's company.
Then the next day, today, she got ribs for lunch.

Well I'm going to see if the living room is clear. I've just about had no tv
today. First there were the friends for Lynn
that were there until mins till 4, now a friend for Jhodie is here.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of taking Nika plant picking. A short hike to get
something for her to have in her room growing. I'm going to have to reminder
her to open her windows in the morning so the plant could get some sunlight if
she was going to leave it in there.

Well, enjoy your weekend.

See ya

PS... Ok, new blogging thing didn't work. So I'm back to this one.

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