November 30, 2016

The Universe didn't like... plans for the rest of my day.

Somewhere around 6:15 or so this afternoon my sister calls to let me know that she was notified that the freezer was ready to be picked up.

In case I forgot to say, we got a new freezer because we got a new fridge. The fridge is just a fridge. There is no freezer part.

So now I had to unload the freezer and defrost it before it could go upstairs. No big. I do that. Wash some dishes, heat up some of the food. Some of what I put into the oven concerned me, but I put it in anyway. Then I decided to make some lemonade.

This is when the universe started to spit on me.

I had 'The 100' on, turned to watch it after I had the sugar and lemon juice in the container. I was shaking it help mix everything up and help to dissolve the sugar. Anyway, I turn around shaking it and three seconds after I look up to see what was going it, the container broke, fell from my grasp and exploded on the floor.

I stood there in shock for few seconds before reaching for the broken thing and then running into the bathroom to get some to absorb all this liquid. I was less worried about getting everywhere and more worried about it leaking to downstairs. And there is the fact that I don't own a mop and bucket. So I'm dabbing and pushing my sister's uniforms around the floor trying to get them to soak up the sugary liquid. The container was only half full at the time.

So when I think I got most of it, I called upstairs to see if they had a mop and bucket to borrow. And to think, on Monday I saw both at the discount store but didn't get them because my sister doesn't like them. I'm getting them the next time I go there. Which most likely will be sometime this week.

So the tub is filled with hot water and the mat that was under the splash is at the far end hanging over the rim. I then preceded to wash out everything that I just did to them so they could dry and not smell like dirty floor or lime or be sticky with sugar. I would have done a better job if I had more time, and I wasn't worried about my back giving out on me as I'm bent over the tub.

I still have a hot pot of water in the freezer melting away the ice that is clinging to the shelves. I go back to that, catch some water that was dripping out. Mopped that up, rung out the towels that I had in there to catch the water and ice and then preceded to pull the freezer out of it's 'nook', out of the kitchen and in out of the way of the new freezer and into the living room.
I then got the few hangers I could find and was about hang up some of the shirts that I washed out when my sister called. She was downstairs. Great. I called up to have her come down and help since they were getting our old one. I then went to get dressed and as I slip on my shoes I hear my sister along with someone else, pulling or pushing the freezer up the stairs. I open the door just in time to see as the freezer was flipped over end and onto our landing/floor. She then went back down to maybe talk to the driver and lock up. I hauled the freezer into the kitchen myself. It wasn't very, very heavy.

My sister comes back in and proceeds to cut the plastic ties over the box. But the time the girls come down from upstairs, the driver is already gone and I'm looking for a box cutter. I didn't even know that the mom was back. She must have shown up when I was in the bathroom washing.

I'm so upset that happened. If only I hadn't turned around. I'm not upset the container was not faulty. I'm a little upset at the lost of the ingredients. And the floor I don't even actually mopping. It's the fact that I had to use my sister's uniforms to soak up the mess. I haven't told her that is what I did. She would flip. I hope the smell 'normal' tomorrow. She hasn't asked me what happened, so I think she thinks I washed her some of her clothes for her. It was raining all day and just yesterday she said that she had less uniforms to wear than she thought a day ago. So I could have washed some on hand for her.

It's not impossible. I spent the better part of my first 15 years alive washing clothes by hand. So once again I hope they smell fine in the morning. If not, I'll just have to take them to laundry and wash them again. I just hate going up the hill. It hurts my back too much. I've been taking my calcium pills to help strengthen my bones, but I'm already 40, In a month and a half, So I feel like I'm just maintaining instead of building anything at this point. But I was able to lean over the tub longer than I could have before, so maybe going up the hill this week won't be the chore I'm dreading it to be.

Oh, the part of the food that I heated up before was bad like I thought. I tossed it. I didn't need food poisoning tonight too. I restocked the freezer. I had to take care of the plastic bag issue and sorted the paper bags from the other reusable bags that we have. And we do have a lot it seems. Everything that was on that side of the kitchen I put back and put all the stuff that was around the freezer by the door so that when my sister came down from helping them upstairs with their new freezer, she could take them out.

I turned on the heat, so at the moment there are two of her paints in here with me, getting very toasty and dry. I'm tempted to get about two more and put them on the radiator out in the living room.

Ok, I'm yawning here.


November 29, 2016

The bowls.

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Tuesday was a given... then a wash.

I was told that Khloe would be let out from school around 12:45 today. Great. I was planning on going to the movies to see Dr. Strange.

Then Khloe said that her aunt would be home today. I confirmed it. So yeah, I could go to the movies after all.

I woke up a little late, but no so bad. What made it worst was the pure downpour of rain. I am cold enough in the movies without being wet too. I don't need to be that cold and wet to boot.

So I made an omelet and then came online after checking to see when would be a good time to go see the movie. The good slot was 2:30pm. But no. Still raining, and I'm cold now.

So ... going to fill the rest of my day somehow.


Not Much Happened Monday

Before I get to Monday, I would like to say that I did indeed end up making the stuffing Sunday night. :)

It had cranberries, mushrooms, and pecan pieces. :) I wasn't going to bake it, but my sister insisted. It came out quite well. The girl upstairs that wanted her share didn't come home until 'late' Monday night, so I had it heated up for her, for when she came to pick up Khloe.

In fact, Sunday was more exciting than Monday. Sunday I cleaned out part of the kitchen that I haven't gotten around to cleaning for months. In the process, I was reminded of some frying pans that I hadn't seen in ages, and I found a whole box of 6 boxes of chicken stock. I think I might have gotten them last thanksgiving. I really don't remember.

That whole place looks so much better now. Next, I have to tackle the growing plastic bag holding area that is growing out of bounds.

Now Monday.

I didn't get up early. In fact, I haven't since I stayed up to make sure my sister got home from some thanksgiving type party Saturday night/Sunday morning. As for going out for my walk, I ended up doing it later in the day. I was hoping to make it longer, but I just couldn't get myself to move that quickly. I got up, took a bath, and oiled up my skin so the cold wouldn't kill it and keep my feet from badly drying out, but I couldn't get myself dressed and out in good time to get back before Khloe got home from school.

I hate not getting back here in time for her drop off. Heck, I hate having them honk to get my attention when I am home, so I'm downstairs waiting for them to show up to keep that from happening.

So, I dumped all the stuff that I cleaned out of the kitchen on Sunday, normal trash, and some recycling. Then when Khloe got home, we took that walk. We went to the discount store. So we went downhill, three blocks. Walked a long block under the highway. We walked around Popeye's, then down three blocks.

Now I just didn't walk there because I wanted a walk and didn't want to take Khloe too far. My sister said that she wanted some of those big mixing bowls that look like mini bathtubs for babies. She is going to be making so much black cake, aka Christmas cake, for the office, that she can't use the blender. In fact, with all the cut fruit in there, the blade or paddle can't even move. So you will be doing it by hand in the end anyway.

So I got two of those big bowls for her. I should have taken a pic. Anyway. I also got an air spray, some birthday candles, because my sister keeps thinking that we have some for when she makes birthday cakes for the office. But we never do. So I got about 25. I got a 5 set of trick candles. I almost told my sister, but nah.. let her find out herself. :)

I got some cookies for Khloe, she picked them, since she didn't have any snacks left over from school. Normally she does, and she eats what she has before taking her nap. There was something else, I think, but I can't remember.

So on the walk back, I started to feel like getting a sandwich. So we went to White Castle, Yep, White Castle. It's across the street from Popeye's. We got green bean fries, and sweet potato fries. I got the veggie slider and I got a normal one with cheese for Khloe. Making her eat green bean and apparently sweet potato fries for the first time was enough.

She didn't get any of the cookies. I wouldn't be surprised if she forgot we got them. I'm not eating them in case you were wondering. They are chocolate chips. I don't like chocolate at all. I'll eat it in a Snicker just to get to the nuts. It's something I put up with, not go looking for. She'll get some when she comes by next time.

Homework wasn't that great. I even left her to it at 8 so I could start dinner. Which was a simple fare. I had ground beef with diced tomatoes, and three kinds of beans. That went with some pasta and veggies that I tossed in near the end to defrost and cook a little. That was it, but it was good.

To end off my day, I logged into Netflix on the computer and edited my account. A few days ago I started to see all these movies popping up in my recently watched list, which I would never, never watch. So I'm sure someone got into the account somehow. I cleaned them out. Changed the password and logged out all devices.

I then ended the night watching Poldark and playing Township. :)

November 28, 2016

Did you know about this?

This is going to sound very contradictory, but I don't care that they are dating each other, but it was a surprise for me to find out.

I saw alot of Katy Perry due to her involvement with the Clinton campaign and I watched alot of behind the scenes of the hobbit movies in the last month so both are fresh in my mind so to speak and now I find out they are an item.

I saw two worlds colliding and I just thought that it was something.

Congrats to them, even though it's abit late, and I really hope it lasts.

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November 25, 2016

The state of my mouth

I had something alot longer, but I lost it when the dentist came back.

My teeth feel like I cracked them. I have this dull aching pain that comes at me in waves.

Almost home now. On the bus now.


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See? Grey.

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Grey skies

No blue sky shots today. Good thing I was planing mostly inside shots today. I'm heading to Macy's after my crowning.

And with all the pain in my feet and legs, I'll be taking my time doing the rounds.

I saw holiday lane and it looks ... Well that is why I'm going back to take pics.


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November 24, 2016

So late...

Just got on the bus to go back home. My feet and back hurt. I didn't see myself doing stuffing tonight.

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We got a few things

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I'm talking about November 23rd...

Tuesday I didn't go out for my walk, as you know. I did some in-house exercises. Come Wednesday, my thighs hurt like I actually had sex again. Sorry if that was a little crude. But the last time my thighs hurt like this, I had sex for the first time back when I was 23.

I was late by choice. And I should really say vaginal intercourse. I've been with guys before and we did a lot of other things, but I never did anything that was designed to get a girl pregnant until then. Anyway, I was fine the day that happened too, then as I work up in the morning and just tried moving ... the burn in my thighs.

So, an oddly nice memory that I could have done without the pain. So I didn't do anything that day even though it was playing in my head that I should somehow work through the pain or it could be harder for me to get going again. Since Khloe was coming home early, I decided that we were going to go down the hill, three blocks, then walk along Elizabeth, about 5 long blocks, to the discount store and get a few things since I had some money on me.

We got there and took our time looking for stuff. I knew I had to get a tension rod for one of the windows. And perhaps a curtain. And some hand soap for the bathroom. The potato masher was a remembered thing. The mattress cover was something I knew I had to get but never remembered. I picked up a baby bottle brush, to help clean my dish rack, but I ended up putting it back. It had this bend in the handle I didn't like.

I got two more wooden spoons. I tried to get some curtains, but they just had those two piece frilly messes with frilly tie backs. You may like them, but I never have. I got some red wine vinegar and two over the door hooks for my coats and bags, I had tried some stuck on ones... they are all lies. They can't hold anything, at least not for long. One my way out I grabbed a vapor rub.

I spent quite a while thinking about taking a comforter. They only had a full king and queen sizes. I didn't remember that I borrowed my sisters when she was at the convention out of town and I had no issues with it being as big as it was until I was home again. So I'm getting the next one I see once the price is right.

I know I said I was going to get an electric blanket, but I haven't looked that hard and when I did see some, they weren't the brand I wanted.

So Khloe and I came back with the stuff and we stopped off to DD to get some donuts. She got something with sprinkles on it and had pink frosting all over it. I asked for a simple crawler and the lady didn't know what I meant. I described it to her as I looked for it on the shelf behind her. It wasn't there. That could be one reason she didn't know, but does this mean that in the time she has been working there, they have never had crawlers?

I checked the spelling. The full name is French Cruller. The ones that look like big truck tires?

They are like the only donuts that I really like and mostly only eat these days.

After we got back, Khloe said she wasn't tired, so we did some reading of some things she brought home from school. Things were ok until we got the fourth and final one. She started to have a meltdown over how to use 'corporation' in a sentence. So I sent to her nap after I got something correct out of her.

I think I messed with photos and such for a bit before starting dinner early. I had already decided to make potato salad with roasted hotdogs, but when I was prepping, I decided to toss in some radishes and some sunchokes into the mix. I didn't have much peeling since everything was one the small side, expect a few of the radishes and the sunchokes that needed peeling.

So there I was, scraping the skin off the sunchoke when my sister called to ask if I started cooking yet. I told her that nothing was hot, even though I had the eggs sitting in water on the cold stove. She got sandwiches. Great. I finished peeling everything and washed them off before I dumped the water out of the pot and put everything in until today. :)

Then I realized that I was only suppose to roast some veggies, make stuffing and do the chicken we got from the store for today. But my sister it was ok to have the salad there too.

After Khloe left and my sister came home and we ate, I was into the fractal making and photo editing. I got some good stuff. :) It felt odd and familiar to be working in Apo again after all this time. I have so much to remember with that program. Then I fell into trying to find the opening song from an anime I'm watching. I've been attacked and lied to by websites for at least 30 mins before I gave up and bought a cover of the song. I faved the vid over at youtube since I can't download the whole song that I want. The only place that may really have the song I want is iTunes. But I'm not going there.

There are some pieces of software that I don't want to install on here. At least not yet, if ever and iTunes is one of them.

It is a great song and I'll live with the cover I have of it, from Amazon, that I paid 89 cents for. :)

I'm heading out with my sister to  Manhattan on Thursday. JC Penny is selling a slow cooker for $7 at 3pm and we are taking the 107 bus over. It's going to cost us $6 that way, but that isn't so bad. :) We may get some curtains while I'm there. A comforter would be nice too.

I'll cook what ever when I get back.


November 22, 2016

A Bit Happened Today...

Let's see. I went sleep a little late last night. But I still got up at 6 am. I was able to give my sister some stuff that she needed to do for me in Manhattan. So I didn't have my bank card today. But I had $44 on me. :)

I planned to go to the movies and I did, after I exercised. I didn't go out today. I have a smart tv so I got a fitness app and followed as best I could for just over 15 mins, then I stopped to save my heart. I was quite happy that I worked up a sweat and moved a few new parts.

I then went back to reading my new book after eating some milkless apple pie. :) I ended up needing and using most if not all of those calories once I got outside.

I knew it was cold, but the wind I wasn't prepared for. It just about pushed me back up the hill once I got down there. Oh, because I was reading my book, I got a slightly late start to leaving. I was hoping to go up the hill and catch the 39 to Newark Penn Station where I would get a sandwich, new/more bus tickets and catch the 1 or 25 bus to the Cityplex

By the time I got out there and on a bus half frozen, I didn't have time to do to Penn for anything, But I knew that when I left the house so I went down the hill instead of going up. I got the 1 and made it in time for the next showing at 12:15pm. And movie do you think I saw? :)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. :D

I actually expected to find more people there even though it was in the middle of the day. But no. It was just me and a couple. Today it seemed sad, but it's mostly that way when I go. Me and one or two or three other people. The only them I was new true, was when I went to watch Batman vs. Superman. That day the place was decently packed.

The movie felt a little familiar and I'm not talking about the opening theme that will make you remember every Harry Potter movie you watched. :)

Colin Farrell and the era had me remembering another movie I saw him not that long ago. Well, it doesn't feel that long ago. :) Winter's Tale. He was the good guy there but ... memory games and such...but I did enjoy this new movie. :)

I question what happened to his friend, but I had to look at it as 'history' and I was a less upset about it, especially after they ... I won't say anymore. :D

So the movie is now over and I have to rush home for Khloe, but I thought I had time to get that sandwich and tickets. I needed the tickets. But once I got the bus, after hiding from the wind behind the shelter, I knew I wasn't going to make it back here in time for her drop off. So I sent a text off to her mom, then once I was abit further along, I remembered that her aunt said that they call her too, so I sent her the same note. A few mins later she texts me and asked where I was and how long I thought I would be.

I didn't have a real clue. Taking the bus always takes forever when you actually have some place to be. I estimated 12 mins. If god forbid I had my own car, I would have been there in under 10.

So 15 mins later I'm getting off the bus and briskly walking towards the street that I had to walk down 5 blocks in 30-ish degree weather with a strong wind making it feel like 20 degrees. I got a text from the aunt asking where I was, So I told her I just got off the bus and was walking down. I'm two blocks from home, without turning the corner and walking the half a block to get there when my phone pings again. I left it alone thinking I'll be there soon enough.

I look over and there is the drop-off fan slowing down to pick me up. I did not expect that at all. I guess they felt bad for me out in that weather. I told them thank you and sorry for being late at the same time. When we got out, she tells me that Khloe is getting out early tomorrow. She will be home at 1. I asked if she knew why. She said that she thinks it has something to do with Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving. I get to make stuffing. :) I liked that stuff before I moved to the US. My mom got it for us when we were little, well younger and I've liked it ever since. :) I have been known to eat it out of season. :)

Anyway, we got out of the cold since the porch is enclosed and there are packages there. They both have my sister's name on it, but I don't think she ordered anything. I could be wrong, but she didn't tell me to expect anything and she does. I'm sure they are for Canada.

Did I tell you about the 12 or so packages that showed up here over the course of two weeks for us to ship to Canada? I might one of these days. If I do, I may back date it. :)

So we bring the packages in and put them in my sister's room and I start on the oatmeal. I was cold and I was going to have oatmeal. I did get something to eat while I was out. I got some curly fries from the Cityplex. A small serving for almost $5. If I wasn't hungry I would have considered it robbery. As it was, I just considered them alittle pricey but they seemed a bit more than I thought at first as I ate them. So all was good.

I washed up all the dishes and put up a few things with Khloe's help. I even made enough oatmeal so we both could get some. But since it was too hot, she put it aside while she took her nap.

Outside of answering one or two things over at DA and reading two articles of news, that is how I got to be here writing this with Khloe behind me doing her homework. :)

See? I'm getting back into my groove of posting on here. :)


November 20, 2016

Do You Remember Winamp?

I do and I clicked on the link I had at the bottom of the page and saw that they are ... going through something. See for yourself.

I had and used the program up until my computer rolled over and died on me. But it might be actually on it's way out since no one really downloads mp3 anymore. I tried to get back Banana Rama today because for some reason the one song I have from them stopped working, I don't know how and everywhere I went either tried to get me to pay for it and have it streamed to me over the established companies or tried to infect me with something.

I haven't tried to get a mp3 in a few years, 2-ish maybe. I have or had a streaming radio until a few weeks ago. I still do, but they won't play on my phone anymore unless I pay for it now. Everywhere else I can still play it for free, but for them to keep playing on my window's phone, where I mostly play it, I have to pay for it.

Since getting mp3s are no longer possible, I'm going to go see how much they are asking. If I can do it, I'll do it. I'll still have my mp3s on my phone for when I'm somewhere I can't get a signal.

Oh, my radio? Slacker Radio. :)

It Snowed??

 So I went out for my walk today and I looked up at the house that gotten solar panels and saw white stuff. I almost stopped when I saw it. I knew it was cold and 34 or so and I think I thought it rained, but this makes me think that it snowed instead.

That alone was interesting.

The wind was cold and blowing, but I did all my 4 laps. I took these shots on my 4th time around and near the end.

I also got a picture the sign in case anyone was interested looking it up. I wouldn't suggest getting it in the winter, but here's a note anyway and you can look into it now for when it warms up. :)

I Got A New Computer!

This is the first time I've gotten a new, out of the box, just for me, new computer. :)

It cost me ... $500 from Costco. Of all places, Costco. I wonder if I could find the ad? Be Right Back....

Back. Found it. :)

I was hoping it wouldn't have the mouse and keyboard, but it turns out that I needed a new keyboard because the one I was using had the old P2 connection and this computer didn't have any of those. :)

So it was set up last night and today I've been going to my sites and getting passwords in and during the last 2 hours I've been getting software installed and getting ready to start working on photos or making fractals again. I have one of the two fractal programs downloaded, I haven't tried to use it yet or really set it up.

But I have gotten Gimp and got to use it to update my watermark and tag that I have. I seemed to have believed that I copied the newest versions to my external drive, but I was wrong. But doing the update was easy. If anything, it reminded me that I have at least two font families that I need to copy over for the moment. The other 200 can wait. :)

What? I've been collecting Fonts for years.

On another front, I've gotten a jump on my new year's resolution without thinking that I was. I started going for a morning walk. I've been at it for four days now. :)

There are a few reason why this is a big deal. One, I hate the cold. I have been hiding in my bed trying to stay warm since the temp dropped below 74 degrees. Then there was the fact that I slowly ended up being awake until sunrise so I was just too tired to do anything, never mind get up, until the girl I babysat comes home from school.

But last week, for the second time that week, I was asked to see her onto the bus because her aunt who normally does, wasn't home to do it that day. Then there was the fact that I been worried that I was stuck in bed, never mind the apartment, too much. And the slight pain in my chest that I felt the day before didn't do anything good for me mentally. So that was it.

I made up my mind. The first thing I do in the morning is get dressed in my sweats, whatever shirt I've picked to wear, my heavy winter coat, and a long scarf to go around my face and head and I walk around my block 4 times. I may walk around a fifth time to take pics of things I might have noticed during my walk.

At this point, I just want to get up and go out and a walk around my block isn't that easy. At least not for me. I live on a hill and I'm going up and down even when I'm walking across. So I'm normally good for the first two laps, then by the time I'm done with my forth, I'm trying to catch my breath and my heart is beating a mile a minute. I don't even feel the wild beating until I've slowed down or stopped this morning. Maybe I'm getting better already. I have told myself that I won't see any improvements for a week at least. So if that is true, not bad, but I won't expect anything else for a while still.

I alternate the blocks I walk around so people don't have to see me every day. I walk around the block I'm physically on, then I walk around the one across the street from me. Both are steep on the sides, but that other block has more uneven cross streets.

Now let's see if I can make it to my birthday. And to help me get to that goal, I got 'rubber chains' with metal 'spikes' for my shoes for when it's icy or snowing outside. I plan to keep going. Oh, another part of my plan is to not be up after midnight. That is actually the hardest part for me so far. I've always been a night owl. I admit that saying up until sunrise was pushing it even for me, but to get up and do the things I have to do and get my walking in before 11am I need to go to sleep before midnight. And having the sun set around 5pm is messing with my sense of time at the moment.

I have never liked how it gets so dark during winter up here.

November 08, 2016

Get This...

Two days ago I tried to turn on my computer. Yep. Tried. I walked over to it and I lifted my foot about 3 inches off the ground to push the power button on my CPU with my big toe. I heard the click... and then nothing. No beep, no light, no fan whirling. Nothing.

I bent down and pushed it again. And again and again. I walked away to do something else and when I came back I cracked the case open as I remember smelling something burning a few days ago and I didn't know where I was coming from.

I know you think that's odd. But it could have been a leftover smell from the popcorn or someone else had burned something and it slowly worked its way into our apartment. It has happened before. In the summer time, we are under constant threat of b.b.q. fire smoke.

Anyway, I'm thinking that something burned out in my computer as I open up the case. Once I have it open I start to think it's the power supply. I pulled out my power cord and pushed it back in. I checked where it was plugged in and it was getting power. I tried to turn it on again and still nothing. So I really think my power supply died. Nothing is turning on, so power isn't getting by, never mind into it.

Then guess what? Hours later my computer came on by itself. I just realized that I was hearing the fans and stuff and looked over. There was the nice blue light around my power button. I was thinking that I would just leave it on then since I didn't think it would turn back on again when I turn it off. But the first thing I did when I got back on was back up my new stuff. I had already taken most of my stuff off of it since I was going to reinstall the OS. I just hadn't gotten the CD yet.

After I got what I needed and did one or two things online, I left the computer on, but I couldn't leave it running. I never could and after a few hours, I told it to run a system clean and check and turn itself off. Of course, 10 hours later when I went to use it again it wouldn't turn on. I pushed the button a few times thinking there might be some sort of short I could jump if I did that. Nothing happened. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, it was humming again. I backed up my faves by syncing my Chrome and Opera accounts.

 I'm now typing this on my sister's mostly discarded laptop since my computer has not shown signs of life since. I'm tempted to take my CPU to another room and see if that does anything, even if my tv is plugged into the same place and is still ok.

Of course, this happens when two of the comics I help out with, in totally different ways, start posting again. So that is really why I'm brushing off this laptop again. It has two, but really one issue. The second being its OS. It's Vista. Yeah, a vista computer. I've never used this OS outside of this computer. The real big reason is that I have to tell the BIOS what day and time it is every single time I turn it on. Unless I leave it plugged in. Oh, another reason that I forgot about. I have to leave it plugged in just for power. The battery doesn't hold a charge anymore.

I have almost never used a laptop without it having to be plugged in since I've never had a new one to my name, so it doesn't bug me at all.

That's it really. I had bronchitis for like two weeks. I say I got it from my sister, she says I got it from Khloe and her mom. Currently, I'm being torn physically and mentally apart my cycle so I'm getting off the laptop now.