April 30, 2017

It's all cold now

Last night I plugged in my fan and tonight I'm cold. It's a good thing I grabbed my coat.

Headed to Penn to get bus tickets. And tomorrow I work on Medicare. I think that is what it is called. Depending on how early I get that done, I may be seeing a doc after, but I have a feeling, I have to wait, be approved, and then notified.

If that is true, and I haven't caused myself serious hard, my body would have healed itself by that time. I can only hope. I sound far more calm than I really am about my foot.

Bits of me go to sleep or get numb from sitting wrong or something like that all the time, but I'm freakin out that it's staying that way all day.

Well, night.

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Numb still

Hey. I somehow made it to lunch time, and where as the pain in my thigh isn't that bad until I sit, my foot has been constantly numb.

We have been busy today, and I have mostly been at the door, but I try to move  around my shop as much as I can since I wasn't given greeting duty.

As much as I was looking forward to sitting, this could be more painful than when I was standing. I have to fix this numbness in my foot.

I was actually going to once again say that now it's cold again we are being swamped and it was very clear when I came to Applebee's. This place is full and there was a line.

Ok, lunch is here. Later.

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Got a lift

My brother showed up at 1 this morning waking me up, but he ended up giving me a lift, so it worked out.

As fir my left leg. Still in pain an now my whole foot is annoying and possibly numb. What gives?! My right leg and foot is completely fine.

I asked my brother about it since he works out and had gone through drills and training and such. At first I willing to believe that I actually tore something, like my muscles, but where was the numbing coming from?

So I pinched another nerve? Great! So I can't put I off any longer. I have to go get Medicare so I can see someone about my leg. Right now I'm just hoping to survive the day. Then tomorrow I ho to the health department to apply.

I took my one aspirin, Advil and ibuprofen  but my hopes aren't that high that they will help much today.

I have just over an hour before my shift starts, so I'm going to the second floor for half an hour. I don't want anyone putting me to work be for my time.


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April 29, 2017

Day of pain

I didn't even work today and I was in agony. Maybe that was why I was in so much pain.

I tried to detox from the pills I was taking, but it got so bad I had to take something. I tried out the icy hot roll on that I got last night, but I think I might have done something bad when I put a pain patch over that.

Three or so hours ago I realized that my left leg was in pain and than an hour or so ago I realized that my whole leg was numb and at the same time felt like something was wrong with my bones in my leg. I also broke out in a cold sweat and almost vomited. I then dragged myself into the show even as I felt like laying down in the bottom of the tub.

I pulled off the two patches and took a shower to wash off the icy hot. I saw myself throwing up as my sister called my job. As much as I would like a day off, I didn't want it that way.

While I was in there I decided to wash my hair. It's not a great job, but it will do for a day and I can try again on Monday. My next day off.

Thinking that I decided to check my hours for Sunday. I'm there all day. 11am till 8pm. My legs and I aren't that happy about it, but at least I get an hour lunch break. I'll have that burger and fries from Applebee's again.

I tried to order some take out to take in with me to work, but I seem to have been mistaken about... Now I remember. I knew I had $5 but when I was placing my order and the lady on the phone said what I ordered was over the $20 I had, I couldn't find the $5. I just remembered that I gave it to my sister when we went to Manhattan last weekend. Well, that mystery is solved.

Back to my leg. It almost felt worst when I got out, but now that think about, there was a little less pain, but the over all numbness of my whole leg was not something that set my mind at ease.

I thought that perhaps sitting would help since laying down, like I've done for most of the day, may help my leg. And wonders of wonders, the numbness went away within 10mons I think and it actually felt good. Now an hour later the pain is coming back. Maybe the aspirins I took after my shower helped with the numbness, but can't work on the pain. I only took two baby aspirins.

I know I have bad circulation and with the numbness I thought it would help somehow.

On a bit more pleasant news, it's very warm right now so I'm thinking of plugging in my little fan and I don't know what I'll wear to work yet. I need to wash my jean skirt. Heck, I need a new jean skirt, or two.

I was thinking of getting some new shoes with my current pay, but my sister needed  $60 to cover rent. There goes my shoe shopping and clothes shopping money.

Maybe I'll be able to get something cheep so I could stop wearing my rain "combat" boots and be able to wear shorter skirts.

I wonder what I'll wear tomorrow, not to mention do with my hair since I'm washing it again in another day and it's not that clean now?


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April 28, 2017

Surprise 🎊

I get an hour for lunch today. I'll take it and a Jamba Juice with the lunch I brought. 😃

Later. Going to eat and read. 😊

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April 27, 2017


In case you think that I'm being held upright by that massage, it's so not true. I takes pills when I go to sleep so I can get up later without crying out in pain from the agony of my back or pelvic cradle.

I take pills at the start of my shift and after my lunch for the rest of my trip and to kinda get home. I take about three pills. One Advil, one aspirin, and one ibuprofen.

When I go to sleep I take a little extra. Maybe one more Advil. I need to restock so I'm not in a rush to use them all up now.

Almost home and the bus is so full.


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It kinda worked

You remember yesterday when I said rain made people shop. It seemed to happen yesterday.

For some reason they tell us everyday what they expect the shop to make and how much we made the day before.

I don't mind being told what we made, but telling us how much they expect to be  spent is... a waste of breath in my opinion.  If 99 people show up, then the store can only sell so much.

Anyway, the day is good so far. I thought I  might be here till 5 but it's till 6. Still not bad. Spent like 30 mins this morning rubbing my legs to get rid of the muscle ache. It might have worked. I don't feel any worst at least.😊

Ok, back to lunch. I have 15 mins left.


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April 26, 2017

The day is done...

... And I stayed back an extra 40 mins. I didn't mean to. I was putting up, or back some stuff slowing in between trying to help people when one of the managers came and gave me something to do. Fix and fill in the boy's underwear. No big really. Other than breaking off one of the hooks.

When I was done the girl who was replacing me, since I was the only one in kids now, was there, so I was helping to put up some of the clothes and now is when people started asking for my help.

Robin even came and asked me how come I hadn't clocked out yet. I told her that I was hanging up some pants when I was asked to help. She then to just let her know when I was leaving since we have to be checked before leaving the store.

So, I'm done helping people, We put up and away all but 2 things, so I was taking the box of left over underwear inside and talk to the manager about the hook breaking. When she made it sound like I was staying, I told her that I should have clocked out 40 mins ago.

She told me to have someone bring the cage out with the underwear and such for kids, but I couldn't find anyone so I took it out to her myself. Or at least I tried to. This is when Robin found me again.

We talked a little and I left the cart next to the underwear with the help of someone else and I clocked out.

I didn't have to wait long for the bus, but it's all warm now. The one time I could use some cool breeze. 😊

Around half way home now. Going to see what I can cook for dinner/lunch for tomorrow.


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I was praised. 😁

Everyone wants to be told that they are doing a good job, and I just was.

He said that he was told that I was doing good in kids and that he always like my level of customer service.

So yeah for me. 😊

On a thirty min break today because I clock out at 5. Good thing o bright lunch. That and I didn't get breakfast.


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Already at work

I wish that I could work every other day, but that won't be happening tho week or the next.

Anyway, left the house about 15 past, and somehow made it to the bus stop by half past I think, just in time to get the express. Yeah.

I wanted to use the bathroom, but I knew I had to hold it in until I got here and I got here at the top of the hour.

So now I'm trying to convince my body to do what I wanted 45 mins ago.

I was slightly surprised that I made such good time to the bus stop without ripping out a lung. My legs and hips still hurt, but I think they will continue to hurt for weeks yet.

It's raining outside, but they said that I should stop soon, but we will have fog for most of the day. You think that would keep people home, but according to Antony, people with cars and money come out to shop on such bad weather days because they can't go to the parks and such.

We shall see.

I work from 10 till 5 today and I work for the next two days. All about the same time. 10 or 11 till 5 or 6 something.

Oh, I bright lunch with me today. I somehow spent over $120 in two-ish days, so I have $13 left. 😞

Oh well. I'm going to see about making much for us again and stop buying things so often.


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April 24, 2017

Not 40 looking?

On Friday the first person I told my aha to, still doesn't want to believe that I'm 40. I would older than him and his mother.

His mom started young.

I think I look good today. I tried to take a pic in the bathroom like the rest of humanity, but I only have an hour for lunch and I hadn't ordered yet. I'm at Applebee's again. I asked for a veggie burger with fries.

That shouldn't take too long right? And as I type that it comes out, but with butter on the bun. So back it went to get new buns.

It is now getting close to 30 mins. I rather have my lunch hour from 2 till 3. Oh well. Later. It's back now.

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A new week with new pains awaits me, and my hips still hurt like I've been having sex all weekend.

How do I know about such things? I was 23 once. 😉

Today is 10 till 6. Later.

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April 23, 2017

Having dumplings in little Korea with my sister

The ramen 🍜 just got here.

Huge. 😃  that is $10. Needed the two bowls.

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April 22, 2017

Quick update before going to read something and sleep...

Hello. :)

Now, first off. What 'shop' was I talking about before?

At work, they have split up each department into sections or 'shops'. Some are larger than some and some are manned by one or two people at a time.

We are highly discouraged from leaving our shops just to keep people from walking off with stuff. Today I got a talking to because I was given 'put backs' to put back where they came from the fitting room, but I made the mistake of actually finding their place within my department instead of just handing them off to the person in that shop.

I currently think it's the only thing I have to stop myself from doing. Going into other shops and staying there. I can walk over, drop something for them, then hurry back or call them over to take care of a customer that needs something from their 'shop'.

So. I have worked every day since Saturday and on Wednesday gave up my day to come in from 3pm until 10pm, but then they changed it to 11pm without telling me until I was half way through my shift. So I ended up leaving after 1am. One other new worker, the same guy who waited with me at the same forsaken bus stop on the first day of my interview, lives a few-ish blocks from me, so he gave me a lift on his Uber ride.

Yes, we still use Uber. I use Uber. My sister uses Uber. And some people from work use Uber. They are far cheaper than the local taxis that are parked outside the Mall during normal hours.

Now because I gave up that day, I'm 2 hours away from entering real over time territory, so I was told to not come in for my Sunday shift. Yeah. I get a real weekend. That was one of a few good things that happened today.

I did miss my bus by like 30 seconds, but the I did get a bus like 10 mins later and we even caught up with the bus that missed and got to work almost an hour early. Wonders of wonders it was short ride today. I went upstairs, near Tommy's and sat down to read the book I started on the bus. I came down, went to Jamba Juice and it was going to be my breakfast, but I had to put it away and finish it during my break at 2pm.

BTW, it was a Green n' Ginger. 

I've had three of them so far. Size small. :) But I didn't realize that it had lemon juice in it until today. But I think I'll mix it up next week. :) I may get the Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie next. :)

Also, I thought I was working until 6:30, but I was told that my shift was until 5:30. Cool. Still didn't leave the building until after 6 due to a number of reasons. 

One, I went to get Haagen dDz for me and my sister. Then when I'm getting cold outside waiting for the bus, my sister calls and asks me to get her candied nuts or dried fruit for a cake she was going to make. So I had to walk the length of the parking lot and almost the full length of the mall to find this one place that two kinds of butter toffee nuts. Two of them, for her at $3.49 1/4 lb. I got her almost half a pound of the two nuts combined.

I normally fall asleep on the way home one the bus, but I did fall asleep really early last night, so I wasn't that sleepy. Tired feet yes, and aching bones, but not really sleepy, so I went back to reading my story. 

Which is what I'm going to be doing now. :)


April 17, 2017


I was given men's shop 3 to take care of with one other person today.

I don't think that shop should have less than 3 people in it for how big it is and we have shoes and underwear back in a corner that l am told is shoplifting prone.

But I never got that other person. She was pulled to do something else so it's just me and I am in the weeds. I stop yo help one person and my tables look like a tornado hit it and as I'm helping someone people are popping up telling me to fix places.

So it is a vicious game of catch up and you know that you can't win because when you have one table back the way it should, you see the others you did are back to how they were before and you are being asked for help.

They came and told me that I got 30 mins break, and I laughed. Not for the length of the break, but for the fact that I was being told to leave the floor, but they said that I had to take it so I left like 10 mins after I was suppose to, do fix one or two things.

I only left when I felt like I was taking too long. I told you how one of the managers got short with me for just putting back some bags.

So I have some veggie chips and water. I'm out of here at 5:30, but I don't have my watch today, so I have to wait for someone to tell me it's time to leave.


P.s. I'll explain about the shop thing later. Like Wednesday or Thursday. 😊

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April 14, 2017

A Snack?

I like these, but it only had three little squares.

Oh, the numbers on the tear is 180.

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Work - Sunday 16th - 11am-4:30pm

I hate Phillys. I had this entered from the week before when I clocked in the first time with my code, but by the time I check again, it had been taken out, but I didn’t realize it until Robin called me asking me to come into work tomorrow. I told her I couldn’t because I was going out with my sister. But I also told her that I did have work this Sunday because she had said that I wasn't down for any work this weekend. 

I tell my sister this after I check my calendar, which I did after I talked with Robin and she said that I should have said yes. It’s not her bones that are aching, but she said that in the least I should let Robin know that I have time set aside to come in for work, but it was no longer true. So what happens? She, Robin, extends those hours from 4:30 till 8pm. Then while I’m writing this, someone else calls me back and asks why I’m not coming in for Saturday when I said I would.

I do not remember this at all, and it goes back and forth a little bit until Robin comes in and sets things straight. I seemingly agreed to work this Saturday from 12 till closing around 7 or so and the Sunday. So I got more work on Saturday and the new Sunday hours still stand. In addition to that, I have Monday and Tuesday work. I get two days off, and I’m back again on Friday. And all of them are from 10 or 11 am till 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30pm.

Great… I knew that I was going to work my way up to about 5 days a week if not more, but I was enjoying the now of fewer hours just to get my body into going to work and moving so much again. It still hurts to just sit that I know I’ll be pain come tomorrow.

I started off hating Phillys, but now I’m just back to being sore about being sore. 


I'm at the laundromat. I had this odd fear hit me that I didn't have enough clean socks for work, so here I am. 😆 Of course I'm washing more than just my socks.

I'm texting a friend while I'm here and he told me that he wasn't at the library and how they would be closed Monday too.

That would be why there aren't any kids in the schools I passed. And I kinda timed my outing for when they would be in class.

Swarms of kids and the cars coming to pick them up is something I hate walking through. It's not right next to my house but I have to walk pass there to get here.

Oddest thing just happed with the dryers.

One machine took the card ok, and gave me 10 mins for 40cents, then I had to fight with the next one and it gave me 12 mins for 40 cents then the last one that displayed the information nicely I think gave me 40 mins for 40 cents but I'm not sure, so when I put the card back in to just check, it seemed so, but when I pulled it out it told me to pick a cycle, so I picked the one I did before and it gave me ten more mins. And that was my smallest load.


I'm also leaving here heavier then when I arrived. I went to family dollar to get a few things and get cash back to do the wash. The card charged me $1.50 for that. 😞 Yeah, it's not much, but it also cost me $3 to move money from there to bank account.

Oh, you may not know what I'm talking about. The job gives us our pay through this pay card that they issue us.

I think that they were trying to do right by the kids they employ who didn't have bank accounts. But for the rest of us it isn't that convenient. At least I don't have to mess with checks. 😊

And on my way back him I'm picking up some cooked rice to go with some veggie  chicken dishes that my sister brought home last night.


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April 11, 2017



It is edible. But some help was needed. My sister brought home Chinese food / Chinese chicken with mixed veggies. 😊 I assumed that the pineapple one was for me, since the other one was missing come. That one had, I think, garlic chicken with veggies. I say thing, but at the same time I think I'm wrong. My sister has always liked the sweet stuff. Oh well. She can kill me later if she wanted the pineapple one. 😃


Oh, at least I now know what will happen to rice when left in a slow cooker for over 7 hours. I'm sure it was at least 8 with another 4 at least in warming mode. I'm pretty sure she stirred it when she got home too. Not so sure if she ate any, but I think she at least tasted it. I'll ask her tomorrow… well today when we are both awake.


Oh, the rice is much. Porridge even. Gruel if you want to be unkind.


There is also Popeye chicken on the counter too. At least I don't have to worry about what to eat tomorrow/today too much. 😊


This shift wiped me. I had two helpings. Now I'm going to lay in bed and watch The Magicians on, On Demand until I fall asleep. Right after I'm able to stand to get my plate and glass into the kitchen. 😊 The Slow cooker bit is too hot to put up right now, but the other stuff can be.




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April 10, 2017


I'm. Starting to think that what I set up to cook won't be edible.

I'm seeing it very under salted and the chicken not cooked through because I put in a block of frozen chicken parts.

I will report with pics when I get home. Nope. At 11:19pm and I'm not home yet.

We had a lot of clothes to fold, and they had to folded before I could leave. I left just before 10:30. I got the bus from work right away, but now I'm waiting for the 37. Where I pick it up is the end of its route, so they are resting now.

I don't mind the wait, I have a bench here. 😊 But I could do without the car fumes, but it can't be helped. It's right next to a highway and the airport.


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The Day Drags On

I actually got here in good time today. Maybe it just seemed that long to me the first time because it was the first time.

So, I was placed in the fitting rooms today. First time. And there is a mountain of clothes to refold and send back to the floor. I'm sure I will be here after 9 helping to get rid of it.

By the time I asked someone what time it was the first time, I was dismayed when I was told it was just past one.

I'm very sure that most of, if not all the costumers are repeat visitors, but they just walk into rooms without waiting to be assigned a room. So I ended up walking in on a woman who was in a room without a count number on the handle. In fact, it wasn't the only time. But I messed up on my own with walking in on one person. I forgot how that happened, but I know I did.

Normally I get a work out without knowing it, but today I do. I'm bending over to check under benches and reaching around mirrors and checking picture frames to see if anyone got any of the security tags off. Now I wish I hadn't worn my sweater. I expected to be on the floor. This would have been fine for out there.

If I am ever sent to the fitting room again I will not be folding. As much of work out and how frustrating it can be at times, folding is twice as bad because they have to fold and still help out with customers. They should have more than 2 people working back here. Heck, I think there should be no less than 3 people there. At least one dedicated to folding and moving the clothes. One dedicated to seeing to the rooms and the customers and a floater to help where ever/do a little of both.

Due to my long shift today, I'm on an hour break. So once I was told to go on break, I took some bags to the floor and tried to put this other bag back in its place, but the lady got short with me for not already being on break.

I was just trying to clear up that area a little now that I was no longer tied to that spot.

So, I went to the food court looking for something decent to eat. I ended up paying over $5 for a small fruit salad.

Ok. Times up. Later.

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I set up the slow cooker so Phillys would find something to eat when she got home because I'm covering for a girl who has finales today.

Her shift is from noon till 9pm. I don't know why I took so long to say I would. She came over and asked me, she even said my name but I'm sure some told her to ask me.

Anyway, I had nothing for week except that Sunday and like I said I needed to start saving again. So slow cocker is on and setting that up had me leaving the house about 10-13 past 10 am. I was suppose to leave the latest at 10 itself since I'm trying to give myself 2 hours of active traveling time. Get out and I walk down the hill, then doe the side of the park to get to the 24 bus that ends at the mall. The only thing is, this bus takes the longest to get there that I have taken yet. Almost an hour.

I arrive at the bus stop at 27 past which I thought was good. I was going to use this text number to check when the next bus would be, but they didn't have one. So I waited and waited until about 10 till. And when I finally saw it there were 3 of them one after another in a nice line.

The time is currently 11:03am. Just passed the post office in Elizabeth and some check person came on and asked for proof that I paid to enter another zone. That is the first time that has happened, but now I know what those old transfer slips of paper are for. I just paid $1 to continue my ride, but now I'm out of dollars. I got a water yesterday. I'll have to break the $5 I have on me or I won't be coming home easily tonight.

Well later. 😊

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April 05, 2017

It's Odd Part Time

I've been off for two days. One was of my own choosing. I was called yesterday and ask if I could come in that day, but I couldn't, so I said I couldn't. Then today I expected another call. I waited until about 4:30 before I went out for a walk and take some pics since I had none left to post.

My foot was still hurting me, so I didn't go far, but I found a new trail or two if not three to slowly wonder along before I came back home. I might have only been gone an hour, but I walked slowly, due to my foot.

I came home, took off my pics and checked something that I thought would tell me when I had work, but it didn't. I get that information from another program that I can't touch until tomorrow. I'm not even sure when tomorrow. I was just told not to try setting it up until Thursday.

But the first site did remind me that I'm a part time worker and then I remembered what one of the managers said in at the start of my Saturday shift. This new software that they are using to set up work hours for the staff has its own way of staffing the store and it would help us to get more hours of work if we able to be there for morning hours. I have my available hours set at 10 am to 10 pm.

It takes me two hours to get from home to there. I will have to be up an hour and a half before that to just get up, get ready, and get something to eat. So to be there for 10, I would have to wake up at 6:30. I can't get up much earlier than that and not consistently. Then I have to stand for all of my shift. Which doesn't bug me that much. I remember when I worked for Uncommon Goods. That did a number of my feet. I had to stand in one spot for 8 hours with an hour break for lunch I think. Then it was in the dead of winter and I had to walk uphill for like three long blocks after all that standing. I'm surprised my feet didn't bleed some days. It felt like they should have been.

But here and now, it's just my big toe on my left foot that feels odd and like it's trying to take the rest of my foot with it. It has this numb pain going on with it, I massaged it a lot yesterday and a little today, but I think I hurt my nail before I went for that walk. It feels a little better than before, but not normal.

I do like greeting at the store, but no one else does, so unless they are told to swap with me, it's me for the whole shift. That happened on Saturday and Sunday past. All the while I was still getting over my cold and coughing. Luckily, I didn't cough at anyone or that much, but the whole thing did a number on my throat. I was able to rest up my voice these two days.

Other odd bits related or not to work.

I have to wash or find a white shirt to wear to work on Sunday the 9th for a meeting. I'm expecting to get work that day and I possibly the next day. When I ask for work, I seem to get it so far. The guy that hired me wants to keep me, so if he's there I'm sure I'll get work and as far as I know, everyone has to come in for this meeting. It's mandatory.

On my way past a window on my walk today, I think I look a little smaller. So I may have lost some weight. Actually fat, water or muscle I don't know.

My bank account is down to $17 after paying our cell phone bill for the month. So that Jamba Juice that I got Monday before work is the last thing I'm paying for until I get paid this Friday. Time for me to start dusting off my saving skills again. I know, I've managed to save money all this time, but I haven't really put a dime towards my saving account, but I did stop myself from moving what I had there over to my checking account.

I'm thinking of canceling my Slacker Radio subscription because the app isn't working on my phone and that is why I have to pay for it. I have a Windows phone and for the app to work on my Windows phone I have to pay for it.

I think that's mostly it.