December 10, 2013


I may or may not have said it here on Blogger, but I managed to score a seasonal job at a warehouse for an online store called Uncommon Goods.

I was so surprised and happy when I was told that I was hired, that I didn't realize how I just expected to be rejected again just because, hopefully, they already had enough people to fill all the positions.

I made it thought training fine, other than being listed to do a job that I wasn't trained for on my last day, which was two days long. Then on my first day I took the bus and it took almost twice as long as it did my on my second day of training, so I got there, 5 mins late.

Now that may not sound bad, to you, but we aren't allowed to be late, since each shift is timed to work off the other shift, so every has to be where they are suppose to be so that everything can get done.