May 28, 2010

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Amazingly, people showed up after 9pm! So I'm still here. This is when I expected us to be dancing. BTW the birthday boy showed up just before 8 himself.

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I actully got somewhere early. :) I'm at the Himalayan Yak Restaurant for a friends of mine birthday dinner.

May 24, 2010

Shame on me

I had found $1 to go and $1 to come back from Boston tickets, but I waited until now to buy them thinking that it was the time slot that had the price and not that those priced tickets could get sold out.

So there I am, on line, looking around at everyone else, then feeling happy I had found the $1 fare and went over to get them since I'm going next week, and what happened? Nil. The best I found was $12 and I don't even think it was on the day I wanted.

I am not happy. :( If my friend wasn't expecting me, I would put off going until they had $1 tickets again. Just great!

In other news, I was rather busy on Saturday.

But firstly, I'll like it to be known that the desktop is now working again. I know, you don't care, but it's news for me. Mom was starting to really hate the laptop because Nika had damaged the plug port for the monitor, so every time it shifted or something, the monitor would go blank.

So my replacement mother board showed up and I called the guy over to set it up for me. I know, I'm the computer girl, but I am really the computer software girl and at times, I'm not even a full expert, I'm advance intermediate.

So he came over, set it up and plugged every thing in correctly, then we found out that when we changed my board we got ride of my license for XP. We tried to get a new one, but found out that the one we had was only good with HP mother boards. Great, So he left to get his Window 7 cd and another hard drive so I could save my stuff in a new clean os, and he'll be back to format my old hard drive and mirror over the clean install with all our stuff.

I was abit worried about the getting a new os, but my mom hasn't really noticed a difference yet. Ya I know. And since it's a bit like Vista, I wasn't in completely new territory. I'm starting to like it now.

I set up three profiles on it. Me, mom and Nika. Nika gets a nice restricted profile because her laptop will be going to the shop to fix the monitor connection problem. The same goes for Jo's since her power plug is going the same thing. Now I have to add my own on another day because my keys aren't working well. Right now I can't the space bar at all and get a space. And my right shift keys seemed to have gone south also. It have served three people and two of them were in the desert.

Ok, back to Saturday.

I had set my alarm to wake me up at 11am I think, but I just turned it off and went back to sleep. So I woke up way later then I would have really liked, but I still thought that it was early enough to get what I wanted done. Which were, by the way, to send back the two computer parts and to get to get the bag of cloths I had to the recycle place at Grand Army Plaza.

I ended up finding the flier I had for them after I came back that told me that they folded up their table and tent at 4pm. I left after 4.

So after I didn't find them and ended up spending $10 on a bottle of pumpkin butter and a bottle spiced apple preserve, I went to find UPS. I thought that I only had like 30 mins to get there and I wasn't sure how far down Flatbush it was, but I found it very good time. Then I took the bus to the Goodwill store down on Livingston. I gave them the bag and asked what they did with the stuff they couldn't sell. Everything I had was clean, but I didn't think they sold underwear and that is why I was taking the bag to the recycle place in the first place.

The person I asked couldn't say that they recycled them since I didn't think he knew, but I could just hope that they won't be truly thrown out.

Speaking of not throwing things out, my mom has this huge 19 inch CTR monitor and wants to get ride of it. She got a flat panel to take it's place years ago, but I refuse to toss it. It works very well. It's just big. So the guy who is helping me with the computer is going to take it off my hands. It sounds like he builds computers for people and he could use the monitor and a bunch of other computer parts that my sister found for me to play with. I made a computer of someone with some of the parts, but I can't remember what happened to it.

Well I had hard drives, memory sticks, pci cards, optical drives and the big monitor. He's taking all of it along with the old computer case. I hope he has a place that he could send what he can't use to get stripped for the metal such.

Oh, the mother board in the old computer did blow. It was time.

As for my original problem, I'm going to wait until just before I have leave hoping that a $1 ticket comes back up either to or from Boston.

Well see ya next time. :)

May 20, 2010

I've just been shot..... Not psychically.

Three or so days back I started reading this story over at Deviantart.

It was a dark erotic story and there were a few mistakes and I pointed them out. Now because I didn't gush over her work before and after my little note on a few things I saw wrong, she, her friend and now another person, have attached me. Even if her last message to me wasn't saying that I should stay away from her corner of DA I would have anyway. I'm getting out now, before I end up taking on a whole country.

I read four chapters, with each one I saw something and said something and asked a few questions. She could have just told me that I missed something and pointed it out to answer my question(s). Or say that I will understand later.

She was the one starting out harsh when I told her that she needed to have spaces between her paragraph because it was hard for me to read the way it was and she jumped down my throat about how it was due to DA's new site design and that she wasn't going to go back and fix it.

After that I was accused of just reading to find faults. AAHHH! So I said fine. Maybe it was me. Maybe there was nothing wrong with what she wrote and that I hadn't a clue what I was talking about, and invited her to read one or two of my stories that I had posted on DA and to have at them. Let me know what she thinks of them. I asked her to tell me everything I did wrong with my own story.

She then said that I was advertising. ADVERTISING!!!!!

I told her that I didn't need to advertise and that when I read I see stuff and I comment on what I see, and I got back a comment from a new person saying that I shouldn't read if I can't find enjoyment in it.

What The F**K?!!!! I can't see mistakes? I'm not suppose to let them know that something is wrong? I'm suppose to just read and move on? Like some drugged up dingbat that is just happy they read something?

I ended it there. But now I can't read something and just leave an honest comment of what I found without feeling like I'm doing something wrong, or questioning what I read in the first place.

My week was going fine until this came up.

I got my grade for my drafting class and my last draft's score on Monday. I got a B on my last draft and my whole class grade was an A. I got a bunch of stuff done, found some old friends from back home and got an e-mail address to keep in touch. Then I got help with my desktop issue, and we had to send back the motherboard  and ordered a new one in exchange.

Then on Tuesday I helped my sister with something she wanted help in the rain, wind and cold weather. It should have been miserable but it wasn't that bad even if was walking around midtown for over 3 hours. Then I got to see Iron Man 2 and over all I enjoyed it.

On Wednesday I went meet up with a friend to see my teacher in another school that she teaches at. We sat in on presentation day for her class. We got there a little late because it was further away then we expected, but it was interesting. I think it would have been better if the students had fully completed their projects. But I think I learned something. After that I just rode around on the buses for a bit.

Today was my day off. No jumping around and not spending any money for at least one day and sleeping in until I was ready to get up. Which happened to be about 3pm. Which isn't that bad since I was up until sunrise again. Then I read that! :( It has been happening over a two day period and I give up. I'm walking away.

They even tried to say that when I asked what rothfl, I think, was, I was playing beyond dumb. That there is no way I could have been at DA for 8 years and not know what it meant. This was the new person. I know two. lol and brb and once in a while I shorten Deviatart to DA and Fanfiction to FF but that's it. I type out all my other words and most of the people who I talk to on line also spell out their words.

I just know that I'm bickering with some snot nose 14 year old who thinks that she's not wrong.

But this is it. This is my rant and I'm not saying anything else about this after I send this message, no matter what other new point I find out. I don't care for this at all. I'm sure I'll be getting two or so more replies but I won't answer them. I won't continue this fight. I won't get flagged over this.

So. How was your week?

The New Busy is not the too busy. Combine all your e-mail accounts with Hotmail. Get busy.

May 19, 2010

Multimedia message

I like the Ziegfield Clear View. :) Iron Man 2 was great by the way. :)

More pictures of the place.

Tired, going back to bed, kinda.

May 15, 2010

I know now..

That this is a lie.


I would have thought, “What Gives?” but then some nice lady added me and my story to her alert list. I then go to my traffic page and I see nothing. This says that no one has been to my pages since sometime Thursday, but this lady had looked at, at least one of my chapters and liked what I wrote to put me on her alert list.

So I should tell Pam that she did tell me “I told you so,”. In time. :)

I’ll have to get around to doing at least one thing today, which involves me leaving the house some how.

Oh, before I leave. I had a little outing yesterday with Tanzi. She was in ‘NY’ for a week or so and she’s heading back to Seattle now. NY is in ‘’ because she was jumping around the east coast too. Maryland, Washington DC and ofcouse here in NY.

We hung out yesterday with Hayden. If I knew that my mother wouldn’t have disowned me and kicked me out on the street, I would have gone out dancing last night with Hayden and his friends that we met up with after the ‘poetry’ ready. 

The poetry that people use to think about, or still do for some, isn’t the poems that are recited anymore. It’s not all fluff and girly anymore, if at all. Everyone wants this edge to their work.

Well, I ended up walking a good deal of my way home last night. It was just after midnight when I started home, and you know how buses can be that early/late in the day.

One of the reasons I’m not running out of here is because I’m slightly afaide of putting my feet back into my shoes. They aren’t that bad, but walking in boots after having them on for while and still the walk before that that started you day off 6 hours ago would still be felt the next day. But like I said. I have to leave the house. I think I’ll dig up something that I can call breakfast, then get the code for one of my rebates and finish filling that out so I can post it and packing up one of the things I’m sending back and then back all that up with some clothes that I’m recyling at the green market up at Grand Army Plaza. The one thing that I have to do out side the house today.

Later.  :)

May 12, 2010

Catching up....

I am working on my last draft. Tomorrow is my last class and my last exam.

I should be working on it now, but my sister cut up and fried some onions and my eyes are feeling it. But I will have it done by it's time to turn it in tomorrow even if I have to stay up to get to a place I'm happy with. It would be shameful if I didn't finish this one.

The Ukrainian girl who is math class with me says that she get's lost too in this class, but I think she pasted. At least she has the slight excuse and difficultly of not knowing english that well.

My friend from Seattle is on the east cost right now. She got her hair braided and she's then off to Maryland. Then come Thursday she'll be back and we can hang out for a day or so. I'm not going to Seattle, I think I told you that, but I will be going to Boston for one or two days. I found a bus place where I can book on line and pay a dollar to go, and a dollar to come back. But I have to travel at night. Since my friend then said I can stay with her, I don't care that I'm traveling at night. :)

I got one new song, but I haven't even played it yet. I head the song on Stargate Universe and I tracked it down. :)

I ordered parts for the down desktop, and I thought I plugged in everything right, but it didn't turn on. I messed with a few things, but it didn't seem to help, so I think I I'll have to take it someone else and have them look at it and I'll have to get 2 ATA converters for my DVD Burners. Also, I'm running low on space in my laptop, so I'm thinking of getting and external hard drive, but the one I saw had a comment on it saying that it needs a power source other than the USB cord if you connect it to a laptop, so I'm not sure now. I didn't want to spend too much, but I might have to make sure it will work with the laptops. I know it's mine, but my sister will want to use it too and her laptop is older than mine.

Almost forgot, I have to turn two things from what I ordered for the desktop. One I got two of, and the other thing I can't use because my motherboard is too small and doesn't have another powerport for a case fan I got to try and make sure that the case didn't over heat. I could send back the case fan no prob, but the thing I got two of, was only sited to be exchanged on the site, so I got around to calling them today and asking about being able to send it back. They gave me a number so now I can send that part back too and get refunded. I just have like 10 days to get it done. :)

Other than that....

We got a new stove, and a new fridge yesterday, then today some guy showed up, ruined my sleep and reglazed our bathtub. Now, my bedroom that was just full of kitchen stuff is now full of bathroom things. :(

Ya, interesting week. :) Oh, did I mention that my cycle kicked me in my teeth at the end of last week which is why I'm bit behind on this last draft? Well it did. Sometimes it sucks being a girl.

Sorry about not writing sooner. But between the end of the semester, the stuff around the apt and reading a new story I found that is kinda long, I just didn't remember. In fact I forgot to do one other thing. I got my other draft back. The one I got locked into the school drawing. I got an amazing 86% on it and it wasn't complete. If I finished all my drawings I would be living in the 90's. Another reason why I want to get this one done. It will be my last chance to get a 90 something.

So there you go. That is just about my week plus some future plans. :)

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