May 27, 2009

The Time Is Now 1:56 am.

Hello you... who ever you are.

Let's see. Today I took the girl to school then I went walking to take some pics on a different way towards down town, more or less through Fort Green.

I was maybe two slow blocks into my walk when my camera started to cry that the batteries were dying. Then a little after that while I turning off and on the cam to make the life of the batteries hang around a bit longer my mom called.

She wanted us to go shopping. So I caught the 53 bus down to Fulton Mall and met up with her. First we got something to eat. I debated the amount of salt that was used on the fries and I eyed a couple of mosquitoes that buzzed the window from the inside, slightly jumping when one got to close.

Then looked at some glasses frames for the heck of it before I got her to buy me new head sets. The one I liked and had gotten from BestBuy had an ear go out on me last week. I've been trying to use some ear buds until I got some money to get some new ones, but they hurt my ears and keep falling out. I almost tripped when I tried not to step on them when I was running for the bus today. :( very sad indeed.

Well the we went to one store and this to replace some of the cloths that my mom had since she hasn't changed most of what she has been wearing for over two years now. So we got shirt and jeans and I even managed to get like two tops out of it. I can't really call them shirts.

I had two skirts, and I widdled it down to one, but in the end I put that back to because we were going to go to another store and I hoped to find something there instead. No in hine sight I should have kept at least that one. I really could have done with out the second one. But then, what will two months hine sight do for me?

Well The total was up there, but this nice lady gave mom one of her coupons and we saved like $50 on the lot.

Then we went Macy's. Jhodie told me that if I didn't use my card ever so often they may make it inactive or something. So we just went for a few things. Mostly more shirts for mom and one or so tops for me and a skirt. We had picked up a bit so I went to see what my credit limit was. First I went by the cashier and she told me that she couldn't see such information off my card. I had to go the fifth floor and use a phone. I went up there and found the phone easy. I followed the instructions which were easy until they asked for the last 4 digits of my SSN. I blanked. After I thinking I typed something I hope was it, but I expected it to tell me that it was wrong and I would have to call my mom to read it out of my wallet for me or I would have to go down to come back up again. But a miracle happened and it went through. It told me that I my credit was clear and when my last payment was and then it told me my limit. I didn't believe it. I almost thought that I had punched in the wrong numbers, but if I had, I'm sure it would have told me that.

Ok. I went back, but took a detour by a toaster oven and stopped. Cool. Ours is ..... well old, so the timer has started to forget to count time and just stay in one place burning your stuff if you don't come back in time for it. When I told mom this the other day, she said that she would buy a new one. With the news of my high limit, I was tempted to take it with me. But I'm more of a window shopper so I just asked the price since there wasn't one to be seen on it.

The person I asked wasn't helping me at the time and I felt bad for asking her since she was helping someone else so I didn't asker her again when I didn't her her correctly. But it was under $200.

So I went back to the dressing room and mom was there sitting waiting for me. I told her we could take everything. It wasn't like she didn't need them. I then turned to trying on my 7 tops. :( I didn't get one skirt.

She was surprised at my limit too. I think it got that high because of paying my tab off in good time, and not using it so much. You know, if you don't need something they try to give it to you, and if you need it you can't get it. Well I guess I acted like I didn't need it. So they felt safe giving me a higher limit. Lucky.

Well it came time to check out and one of my coupons that I had wouldn't work. I had asked the last time I was in there about and the lady said that since it didn't have a date on it, I should be able to use when I was ready. Well it didn't work. This girl tried to use it and it wasn't being accepted. That was just disappointing. But I had something else to try and save some of the money that wanted to be spent. Then I went to take her up to see toaster oven. It has a built in rotisserie.

Here's a shot.

Black and Deaker

It's a Black & Decker Toaster Oven for $130.00 the website says. I'm sure the lady told me it was more at the store. But it was so new that I can believe the price being off.

Well by this time it's 3pm and mom is just looking at her watch. So we leave, with our four bags of stuff from both stores stuffed into two paper Macy's bag and catch a bus down to the start of the mall to pick up something to eat for when we get home before taking the subway at Nevisn.

The food was good. We got it at Mr. Fulton. I'm not joking, that is the name of the place it's quite nice. Small but nice. We got the food mostly because Nika was home sick with a fever and Jhodie had called asking about being something back to eat.

Well we got home. Mom fell asleep in the chair while I checked over at Deviantart. When I was done with that and setting a few things to download, I picked up the bags I walked in with, and took them to the bedroom where I fell into bed and went to sleep. I didn't get that much sleep. I woke up like maybe 2 hours later.

I almost for got. That lady next door bugged me when I came home. The mother of the girl I take to school. She came to ask me again where I was going and to ask why when I won't even come and spend some time in her apt with her and hand out.

After I got rid of her, Jhodie said that I hurt her feelings. I really don't think so, which I why I don't feel bad. She doesn't get it. The lady that is. She loves to bug me then ask why I don't want to hang out with her. Even after I told her last week that the only reason I'm even talking to her when I do is because she is my mom's friend. I've said it before. If I had come across her with my mother's help, I would have been happy that I didn't know such a person.

Well that was mostly my day. I just left a little bit here and there. I'll catch up later. I still Saturday to talk about. :)


(Sorry no spell or grammar checking was done on this entry)

May 19, 2009

As of Midnight...

The first day.

Not bad ha?

This is part of my stats page from over at I knew that this would happen once I changed who the story was about. At first I had the story under the twin's names. Now because it explains so much, I had to change it to who the story was really about. Ron and Hermione.

I got like 42 the day posted then it widdled down to what you see I was getting until the update and the changes.

Now I'll go back to writing the last chapter.


May 18, 2009

Busy for me.

Hi ya.

It seems that I've done an update just about everywhere but here.

I updated two/three of my sites and places.

I'm going strong still with taking photos. I even have some up for sale if you think you would want it hanging on your wall, or as puzzle if you felt like doing that. But I don't expect that to be happening anytime soon. What I really want is for my wallpaper to be liked, commented on and downloaded for use.

I have managed to make quite a few good ones to tell the truth. I've was doing a lot of plants and flowers and thought that was wrong. I'm in the city for crying out loud. And not just any city, New York. I have to show the buildings and the streets and the subway.

So I've been doing that lately, but hopefully not like most people. I've mostly being taking shots of the sides, corners and tops with views of, what we call, the sky.

I started to do it that way at first just because most of us never look up. When you do, the same block that you have been walking down for years looks complete new to you.


Always - 2 by ~jemgirl on deviantART

I think it's rather nice. This is not a wallpaper by the way. This is a pic for hanging on your wall or something like that.

Besides praising or cursing out my cam, I've been writing.

That story that I use to talk about is now up to chapter 59. I'm working my way through it now. I know I should be further, but I took a break to change the pace and I did a story under a theme for a website for pay. I sent it off to them at least a week or so ago, but I haven't heard back from them. I didn't expect to hear from them yet anyway. I'm sure they are busy. I was looking for feed back before I sent it off to them, so I posted it up over Deviantart and crossed my fingers. I got one real comment and one smiley face. I though the smiley face was meant to be a sly happy grin, but I'm not sure. Very few people knew how to or bothered to download the whole story to read it.

Also, over at my story bank website. That is where I hold mostly all of my stories on line. I fixed up a few of the stories that I had there, along with uploading my newest that I'm waiting to hear back from the site about.

When that was done, I was hit by a story idea involving Ron and Herminome From Harry Potter. It was meant to be just a one shot with an odd ending, but someone asked about a chapter two, so after thinking about it for a while I wrote one like two days ago, and uploaded it to Fanfiction this morning. I had to rename the first chapter that I posted before and give the whole story a new name. So now the name of the story is "Couples Conflict". The first chapter is call 'Brothers' and the new second one is call 'Library Mice'. The last one is called 'Resolved'. I'm still writing it.

This same morning before I got to the good part ... BTW, I got 98 hits for my story today and two reviews along with one notice of the story being watched. *grin*...

Like I was saying. This morning I didn't jump out of bed when my alarm went off and the girl came over at 7:30 when I was in the shower. I'm not going to get into that, but when it came time to leave I couldn't find my 'new' 30 day, $81 metro card. I had to borrow my sister's unlimited to take the girl to school because I couldn't stay any longer to look for mine.

I took the train today and came back more or less quickly. Normally I would take my cam with me and take pictures and come back home like 2 hours later, but I wanted to find my card and do the dishes before my mom came home.

I came back and I found a card, but I had to go back to the subway to see if it was my card. I half didn't think that it was my card because it already had wear marks on it, and I didn't remember it having any. So I put on my mp3 player and walked up there slowly because I didn't sleep on my back last night and this morning it hurt. I got there and I had to swipe it twice before swiping it again to make sure what it said. Then I still gave it to the teller for them to tell me for sure, that it was my unlimited month card. It was and I came home a whole lot happier then when I left.

Ok...that's it. You have caught up. :)

I'll try and post something sooner next time....Oh, one more thing.

I did my hair at home last week. I didn't have the money to go to the salon and the straight only cost me $6 and I got an olive moisture to go with it because I didn't want to use too much of the grease and weight down my hair. So my hair has been curly for a few days now. Each day the curls go away bit by bit. In two more days it will almost be straight. At the start the curls were really tight and now it's something of a loose wave. I like how it is now more than before because you can see the length of my hair.

Now you are caught up. :)

See ya.