December 31, 2007


In case you want to know how I ended up here, you have to see where I started.

TEETH tells the story of High school student Dawn (Jess Weixler) works hard at suppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group’s most active participant. Her task is made even more difficult by her bad boy stepbrother Brad’s (John Hensley) increasingly provocative behavior at home. A stranger to her own body, innocent Dawn discovers she has a toothed vagina when she becomes the object of violence.  As she struggles to comprehend her anatomical uniqueness, Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power of being a living example of the vagina dentata myth.

If you click on the picture you will be taken to see the trailer.

Well I didn't read this before I went on to watching the trailer, so after seeing the trailer I went back to read this, and came across "vagina dentata myth" and I hadn't a clue what that was.

So I looked it up and I found this.

"Vagina dentata is Latin for toothed vagina. The tale is frequently told as a cautionary tale warning of the dangers of sex with strange women."

The rest of the details can be found at this link.

Vagina Dentata


While I was reading this, I came across the link to the subject line.

OH MY G...!

They have pictures of the "condom". OICH! I'm sure that no one would say that it doesn't work, but there are some flaws with it. Like when are you suppose to wear it? And since it's a bit bigger than a tampon what would this do to down there if you felt that you had to wear it constantly?

If anything, it's a heck of story for a movie. I don't see too many guys going to see this one. Girls enjoy.


Oh, Happy New Year.

December 28, 2007

Big Fish Game Savings

If you are looking for a game or two to download and you would like a deal, Big Fish is having a slight sale.



I have a permanent link over there to the site, but I'm putting on up here for you guys. Wish I had a job, I found a few games there that I would like to have a SN for.

Just click on the pictures to go the site. Look around, find a game that you like and have fun.

Got to go. We are suppose to be eating out today.

See ya.

December 27, 2007

Do you hear something?




That is the current state of my bathroom.

We were sitting here, catching up on Bleach, and my sister asked if I heard something. I got up, went to bathroom to find the tub over flowing and coming out of that thing you drop down to stop the water from going out  so you could have a tub bath. Then the sink got in on the act. Then it started bubbling like I'm at one of those gushing springs.

Jhodie called the super, and it's been about ten mins since we called him, and he hasn't gotten here yet. It stopped at one point, then started again. Now it has stopped again, and is now draining itself out. But what about the floor? I guess that I will be mopping that up later. At least it didn't get to far into the hallway. But we should think about moving to a place of equal rent. I don't want to think about the water damage that is going on here.

This time I have pictures, so if he ever makes it here, he can see what damage is being done if he really cares. But they might come in handy for something else.

My night was going rather well until this.

They showed up. The plumber being completely wasted. I just stood in the hallway while two guys, one being the super and one being a plumber talk among themselves, and did something to that side thing. As far as I can tell it's going to happen again because it's someone above us dumping too much water, like I was trying to tell them.

Now that one of them have gone upstairs to check something, the other one was here to see the water back up again, after they "fixed it". Now they are going to look a bit closer at the pipes. And he said that I was right. It was nice to hear that.

Well I'm off to see what damage they are going to do.



P.S. While trying to have a look at something, they asked for a flat head screw driver. I couldn't find it, so they asked for a butter knife. Then it slipped, and he spent the rest of his time tying up his finger so he could stop bleeding and he said that they are going to send some one by tomorrow. Great. Oh well, did I really think that this was going to be easy? The bathroom is still a mess. It seemed to have even gotten a bit worst. And all that water that was on the floor is now in the floor. By the time they came, the only thing on the floor was the suds.

My Eyes, My brain cells!

Last night when I was surfing around and trying to find some H-manga that didn't go one way, I ended up in a very dark place. Now I'm mentally sick. I couldn't even dream right. There are things out there that just shouldn't be. It's just too far.

On the effort of putting such stuff behind of me, and hoping that it falls into one of the many holes in my head, I got up and cleaned "my" room today. Granted, I mostly did it because my mom was suppose to come by and pick up a few things, but I think I was told that she wasn't coming again. But then, my sister wasn't paying me that much attention to me today.

Lynn called us, and then Jhodie called mom to clear up something that she told her last week before she left. It seems that Lynn's nephew was shot and is in the hospital. She told mom that the guy died. That's not true. He's fine, but it's Lynn's brother that died. I think he was shot too, but I don't know when.

The room looks good, and due to my messed up head, I'm ready to crawl back into bed. I got up at 10 something, and I went to bed after sunrise. I haven't had that much sleep, and I think that had too much fries with honey mustard. Or is it to much honey mustard with my fries? Either which way, I should have stopped, but I was hungry, and now I want to go back to sleep and have a good dream.

What do people have against warning people? Yes, my head still hurts. I can't even watch my "normal" stuff without what I saw being over laid with that stuff. I can't even enjoy the new find of a mass download that I'm getting that should have some missing chapters that I was looking for.

I'm going to have to just stop for a while and just flush all of it out of my system.

Jhodie has already abandoned Nika. As in, yesterday she said that they were going to do this, they were going to get that done, and then some how end up at the library. I got up before both of them and Jhodie is in here on the laptop lol-ing her way though chat, while Nika is in the shower by herself, and it's now 1:35.

I'll get up later and see if I can make myself call up the printer people. Ya, I haven't gotten around to that, but something named Christmas just popped up. I didn't even know that it was Christmas until I was getting IM's. Sunshine's was really early, he sent me his since last week. But I guess he did it while he stilled remembered me.

I'm gong to try and dream of G and the two weeks that I want to spend with him.


December 25, 2007

Jack - Part Two

“Thank you for telling me, but it was not necessity. Jenny would have told me.” I waited for him to walk out the door. He stopped and looked at me.

“What I said means nothing to you?” He asked. He was looking at me again. Why was he looking at me?

“Should it?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said. “It means that we can be together.” I just stared at him. ‘Be together.’?

“I was not aware that you wanted me, never mind me wanting you.” I said, while showing cool stillness, when I was starting to feel odd inside.

“Don’t give me that.” He said. “I know that you want me. You have for the longest time.” He came towards me as I backed up behind the door. “I don’t care what you told me, or what you told anyone else. You’re in love with me.”

“No I'm not.” I said as I looked at him. I had started to tremble. I hope it was not that obvious. “And even if I was, you have not even shown so much as liking me. Leave me alone.” I wanted to leave, but he was blocking me from going anywhere.

“I felt like I had to act that way. I actually do liked you. You were starting to feel too comfortable. It did not feel right. I had Veronica, and when I told you that we were no longer together, you moved to quickly.” He wanted me to understand, but I just felt like crying. “I wanted to give into you. You had always tried to take care of me. That’s why I didn’t say anything, when you had your hands in my hair. I was so close to turning that chair around and taking you into my arms, but I felt that I would be giving up on Veronica too soon. That I did not give her a real chance. I’m sorry.” I felt the tears as they ran down my face. “I'm so sorry, that I was so cold to you afterwards” His voice sounded as if it was cracking. My hands started to hurt with wanting to hold him but I didn’t.

“So aren’t you going to give her another chance now?” I asked, as I wished that he would touch me this time. He just shook his head.

“No, I can’t. The relationship isn't worth saving now. Some thing have just gone too far.” He did not touch me. He just stood there looking like a defeated angel. An angel with curly black hair... SNAP OUT OF IT!

“What do you want from me Jack?” I asked him. He came closer. His hands reached up and took a hold of my shoulders.

“I want the chance that you were offering me, that I was to dumb at the time to take. I want to take you to the beach, like you asked me to when were still friends. I want you.” I couldn’t take it anymore. My hands reached out and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him. He pulled me closer and kissed me back. I started to drown in pure relief. Soon we were on the floor, striping off each other’s clothes.

I had only touched him once before, and this brought back that memory. Cool, soft, delicate, and strong, and that was only his neck. Who knew what the rest of him had to tell me. I reached, I held, and I kissed. He gave more than he got, and I was shivering before we were ready to end. Before we ended up spent and wrapped in each other on my wood floor, I went through four orgasms. Four very long orgasms. He had at lest two. I had stopped counting his when he kicked in my third.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked him. I was looking up at his profile.

“I don’t think that there is anything else left to do.” He told me with a weak grin.

“That’s not what I mean, and you know it.” I said as I snuggled little closer, and his arm tighten a little more.

“I guess that we lay low for awhile. Low but together.” He told me.

“So when are you planning on taking me to the beach?” I asked him.

“Next Sunday.” He said. “Is that fine?” He asked me.

“Yes it is. Thank you.” I told him. “We can’t stay like this anymore.” I told him as I started to get up.

“Does that mean that we are moving this to the bed room?” He asked as he stood up next to me. His hands came out and pulled me to him. “Because I am not ready to leave yet.” He said, just before he kissed me. My hands went to his back and his hands held my hips. I pulled away and looked up into his eyes.

“You can stay on one condition.” I told him.

“And what is that?” He asked.

“That you move your car. We can’t have it out there for everyone to see. Especially since you said that we had to lay low for now.” I told him.

“True.” He said just before he kissed me on my nose. He then looked around for his shirt and paints. He then picked them up from their spewed places. His paints from the other side of the couch and his shirt from on the side table. I buttoned up his shirt then stood back and watched his as he put on his paints and shoes. When he was finished I walked over to him.

“Come back into the house by the side door. I'm going to lock the front door.” I said as I walked him to the door. I stood behind the door as he walked out. I still did not have any cloths on, and I intended to remain that way for a while.

“Jack.” I called after him, just before he took the first steep down.

“Yes?” He asked.

“I'll be in the bed room, and I’m not going to tell you were it is.” I said just before I closed the door on his smiling face.

I hopped over my clothes and shoes and his underwear on my way to the kitchen where I opened the side door for them. Then I went to the bathroom where I took my pill, and washed my mouth. I then went to my bedroom that was at the end of the hall. I opened the door to a fairly descent room. I had cleaned yesterday, so it was clean. The only thing was that my bed was not made. Easily fixed. I walked over and pulled the top covers off. I then dusted off my bed and fluffed the pillows. I folded the cover spreads in half and laid them across the foot of my bed. I ruffled through my draw until I found a purple scarf and hung it over the lamp shade. I looked at it and changed my mind and threw it back into my draw. I opened the windows to let some air in but I closed the blinds to have room a little darker, than the 4:30 that it was out side.

I was looking over what I had done when I got an idea. I looked for one of my sticky note pads and a pen. I then scribbled unto it hoping that I spelt everything right. NO CLOTHES ARE ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT. I then stuck it to the outside of the door, as I heard him entering the kitchen. I then went back into the room and closed the door quietly behind of me. I then got a chair placed it at the foot of my bed with its back towards the door and straddled it. I ran my fingers through my hair a few times when I heard him coming down the hall. I heard three doors open and close. Then I heard him as he stopped in front of my door. At first I heard nothing, then I heard his shoes as they hit the floor. I expected him to walk through that door any second. Instead I heard him knocking.


The second part didn't have that much to clean up. Guess I did do something after all when I "fixed" them up 5 or so years ago.

Still looking for comments, different point of view or ideas for other stories.

December 24, 2007

Jack - Part One

I was walking up the hill on which my house sat, in the afternoon sun, when I heard a car screech to a halt behind of me as I turned off the main road and into my driveway. I turned around to see Jack’s car. It was a car that you would not have had a hard time recognizing. It looked like something that Germany would be proud of, if it was not colored neon purple. What was he doing here? I just come from my sister’s, and she said that they, Jack and Veronica, were in the middle of a fight. She said, that he told her that he was not going to see her for a week. My sister had predicted three days, till he came back to her. I disagreed and gave him two.

I had always liked him, but now that I knew that he was no longer attached, he seemed way more interesting. I came into work that day to hear him on the phone, talking to one of his friends. He was saying something about him not dealing with his break up with Veronica and downing shots of tequila until he was surprised that he could stand. I was sorry and frighten for him. I did not like the idea of him getting drunk and getting into an accident or worst. A few days later he seemed worst if that was possible. At one point when he had his head in his hands, and looked like he could go no further, and the fact that the computer refused to work with him, did not help. I got up from where I was and walked over to him and I combed my fingers though his hair. What possessed me to do that? I cringe everything it passes though my head. At the time I so happy with myself when I thought that he had actually winded down a bit.

Then, the very next day, I find out that they were still together and that I was fried, there was a very delayed reaction. Don't touch your boss even if you think you are just about his step sister-in-law. They thought that I was in love with him. I ofcourse denied it when she asked me if I was. I was not in love with him. Granted I liked the guy. Given some time and him remaining single, it might have happened, but not now. He had shown himself to be somewhat of a coward, when he sent the message of me not having to come in to work the next day through Veronica. Especially since he was in the next room. I take that back. He is a coward.

So what was he doing here?

I was standing in the middle of my driveway looking at him as he climbed out of his car, and walked towards my gate.

"Hi, Jill.” He said as he waved his shades in my direction just before he put them on.

"Hi Jack and it's Jillian.” I said as I walked over to him. We stood there facing each other, with the gate separating us. I know that I should let him in, but he did not make me want to.

“Come inside Jack.” I said as I opened the gate to let him in. He walked up the steps and waited for me to come and open the door. When I had gotten it opened he let me go in first, then closed it after he got inside. I stood half way across the room from him.

"Is there something that you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked him. He took off his glasses and placed them in the front pocket of his shirt. I was giving off clear signals that I did not want him here. Never mind talk to him. He then looked as if he was trying to concentrate on what he had to say to me. If my heart did not hurt when I looked at him, he would not have had this chance to talk to me, but if he did not say anything soon I’ll tell him that I had somewhere to go and that he had to leave.

His time was ticking away. I was about to look at the clock that hung above his head when I saw him taking something from his back pocket.

“I came by to give this back to you.” From his outstretched hand I saw a yellow piece of paper.

“Thank you.” I said as I took it from him. I did not even unfold it. It was a note that was attached to a poem that I had written years ago for an old boyfriend. It was suppose to help him sleep. He had said that he had lousy nights, so I gave it to him. I dropped it on the table next to me. I then turned back to look at him.

"Yes.” He said.

“What?” I asked him.

“Yes. It worked.” He told me. “Remember. You asked me to tell you if it worked. Well it did. Thanks.” He said. He was looking at me. He had never looked at me. Talked to me while looking some where else, yes. Looked up to see who it was, then went back to what he was doing, yes, but he never looked at me.

“You’re welcome.” I told him. “What are you really doing here?” I asked him. I was looking at him, but his gaze had shifted to my sofa, where he was scraping something off it. “Jack, answer me.” I told him. He looked up at me, then back to my sofa.

“Leave Jack.” I told him as I started to walk pass him and over to the door. As I passed him, he grabbed my arm. I turned cold, and my breathing froze.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He said. “I'm leaving Veronica.” One simple sentience.

“Let go of me Jack.” I told him as I pulled on my arm. I had not looked at him. It seems as if it took a few minutes for my request to reach him. I felt him looking at me, then I felt as he let my arm fall from his hand. I then continued to walk over to the door. I stood in front of the door and thought about what I was doing. I opened the door and looked at him.

"You still want me to leave?” He asked as he came closer to me, and I also hoped, the door.



There is the first part. Any comments?? "Yes I'm re-writing my old stories. Some are long and in parts."

December 23, 2007


I failed to mention that these aren't for kids. The links in the last post. Heck, I'm sure some adults don't what to know that these things are out there, but then most of them never got past "the normal" stuff after being married for what?.. 7 years? Not that they are that tame, they do have a edge all their own. So be prepared for almost anything.

So consider a few things. Some are odd, some are "wrong", but they are just stories. Just like how people have fantasies, but nothing comes of them.

So call me a pervert. I'm very normal, and even a bit sex deprived sadly. But once I see G next year, I'll put an end to that one way or another.

This afternoon I took Nika down to a mall that I didn't even know was there until we got to the end of the B41 bus route. Today was a nice warm day considering how cold it's been, and on the way back we got poured on. I forgot the part about rain later in the day, but I don't think that we got that wet down.

Nika got to eat, while I watched over her and waited for her to finish. There weren't any free tables or chairs, so she sat on the carpet next to some chairs, hence the watching over part.

Now I'm going to make something to eat. Bye.

It's Not My Page That Is Down.

site down

I just went to check out my e-snips page to see how many people showed up to get a download or just swung by, but I couldn't get to my page, and I thought that "Oh NO! I've been ripped from the site." I then went to the main home page to see what was going on, and I see this. Check the picture to your left.

It's them, it's not me, it's them.

So check back in about a week. I don't think that they would down longer than that considering I don't know how long they have already been down.

If you wanted to get to my hentai site while they are down, here's the link to the down load pages.


#1 5 zip files
#2 9 zip files
#3 7 zip files
#4 9 zip files
#5 8 zip files
#6 8 zip files
#7 7 zip files
#8 8 zip files
#9 6 zip files
#10 6 zip files
#11 9 zip files


It's not fun not having anything to say because you are afraid to go outside because of how cold it's getting, and you don't have a job to drag you out there, that you speak bad about later while you drink some ginger garlic tea so you could do it again tomorrow.

*Spinning around in the chair.* (if I had a chair to spin in). Do you remember when I said how I was starting to not want to work the more I was out of work? Ya, I'm getting there again. It's a little morally depressing. But I do try to have some house work done before my mom gets back from work once I wake up before she gets home. A few times she has walked in to see starting to wash the dishes. I like it better when she gets home and I've made the bed, washed the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and had something done for dinner. But most of the time when I'm thinking of doing dinner, she calls to ask what I'm making and I can get her to bring something home for it, or to get some to go with the meal like already cooked chicken. So she can eat as soon she gets home.

Currently my hair is a pure wreck. I've eaten things that I shouldn't have just because I didn't really think of cooking today and spoiled something that I was good for me because I left it out of the fridge too long when I was defrosting it. I watched a few things on the computer an got a few more hentai manga for uploading to my esnips site. The link is over there. I have to sort and zip and make a cover page and such. I have a mother board that looks like it doesn't want to get updated, and the fax line/connection that we have isn't working and I'm suppose to call the phone company for some help on that one then if it's not the phone line, then I'm calling the maker of the printer. I'm sure that I will be calling the printer people.

Then I almost fell into dept to the tune of about $2500. I didn't really expect anything to happen, and I was treating it as something to just fill time and treat as a joke, but then I thought that it might be real at one point. It was for one of those mystery shopper jobs. I expected to be asked for a fee, and I would say forget it. I expected them to send me to some site that I would have to sign up with, I expected a few ways this would end. If you aren't asking me to sign something saying that I worked for you and getting my SSN for taxes, it wasn't real. But they said that I was on their list, and I was in group 5 and my first job would be to go to a wal-mart an a money gram place and evaluate them and they have sent me everything that I would need to do these two jobs in a fed-ex package. Ok... I thought and waited for the package. Incase it was real, I looked up two places to go. The closest wal-mart was in NJ.

I got the stuff very late in the day... and it was way lighter than I expected, and nothing in there was what I expected. I had a paper that didn't look like I should have gotten it, and three money orders each being $830. Ok.. what gives. I sent them an e-mail telling them what I got, and asked what gives mostly, but in a very nice way.  I got something back from them saying that the paper was a mistake, here was what I was suppose to do, but the money orders where right. It seems that I was suppose to cash them at my bank, take $50 for transportation. $100 to spend at wal-mart, $200 was my pay, and they rest was suppose to sent back to them because it had to be over $2,000 for whatever reason to help evaluate the money gram place. Everyone but me was a bit more worried about the last part. But I did write them back saying that if the money orders were cleared by my bank I would have it all done by 2pm the next day. From the time I got the package I was given 48 hours to get the evaluations completed and sent back via e-mail. 

By that night everyone was really worried about it and I saw that something was up with the addresses. One, the address was different on the money orders, then what was on the fed-ex package, and the place I was sending it too. The money orders were from a bank in TX, the place that I would be sending the $2000+ via money gram was also in TX, but they came from NJ. So I called up the phone number on the money order to the bank in TX. If anyone would be able to tell me if they were real or not, it would be the place that they supposedly came from. I called too late, so I called them first thing the next day. I had to call them back a second time because the first e-mail address that I got didn't work. I was sending them scanned copies of the money order for them to look over, but this was just to make really sure, because during the first call, I was told that they weren't any good after we realized that there wasn't a date on any of them. It said void after 90 days, but there wasn't a date to count from. I got back an answer in like 2 hours or so, I don't remember, but they weren't any good and the matter was sent down to their fraud department. I sent them back another e-mail saying that I found this this place, and there they were looking for people all over NY, and that they will be getting more of the same soon.

Then a day later, the people who sent me money orders e-mailed me asking about my evaluations. I told them that the bank didn't clear the money orders and that they sad that this was a scam, and that this was the end of my dealings with them.

I could have used that money, but that is what they are working on when they send this stuff to you. Next thing you know, in a month's time, the bank will come looking for you to pay back the money when the bank the money orders came from said that they weren't real.

Oh, my mom is on vacation. Ya, nothing great there, except I can look at porn sites without looking over at my shoulder to make sure that she is still asleep. While she is gone it would be nice to find a job, but I'm not holding my breath, but I do have to try to get the fax service to work again. My sister was trying to send papers to the phone people about her stolen cell so she could get it replaced, but the fax only worked the first two times, and when we tried to send the papers back again with additional information they wouldn't go. I spent 4 days trying to send them, but it was always an incomplete call and nothing was sent.  So I have to try and get that fixed before she comes home.

Other than that, I think that I might start re-writing my old stories. When I was looking for work, I saw that some people were looking for new stories and I know that my stuff needs to be re-done badly. So I may start that this week while I have so much freedom.

Well, that's about it.

Have a better Christmas than me if I don't get to say merry christmas to you before the day shows up. :)

December 11, 2007

Mimobot - Designer USB Flash Drives by Mimoco


mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives by mimoco | welcome to planet blõôh!

I'm sharing.

I found this site like 20 mins, about two hours now, ago. I went to check out my deviantart account, since I haven't been paying it that much attention and I'm thinking of making some things again, along with writing some new stories, of not fix some of my old ones.

Either which way, I saw this on the side and went to have a look. They looked so cool, and why not have a USB drive look like something that matches you? They have quite a few there, and they have previews of others that you can preorder.

I picked this one. It's cute. The name sounds like it's a machine, but it looks like a flower on the front. At least to me it does. You can get them in a number of gig sizes. I picked the highest at 4 gigs and it came up to $110. Oh, you get this little baggie clip on thing that they call a Protohoodie.

Gigglebyte  Gigglebyte with hoddie

This is a cute little thing for gift.


As for my day, not as nice as the USB drive.

One, I had a nice sleep, and woke up after 2pm, or just about 2pm. I was suppose to go out and put the money on my bank account so I could pay the cell bill. Mom gave me the $100 to pay on the bill. I was suppose to do it yesterday, but I didn't go out. Today I made myself leave and I took Nika with me since I couldn't leave her alone. It's a good thing that the bank was close by. It was cold out. (Oh, the sleep was the only thing good.)

So cold out that by the time I got to the bank a mere 3 blocks away, my nose was hurting and started to leak. I was able to get it deposited so I could pay with it tonight. Then I walked up the subway and put $10 on my metro card. Mom gave me $20 but I held on to $10 incase I needed it for something.

Then on the way down the street, miss Nika said that she's hungry. She had a whole slice of pizza before we left the house. It gave me a reason to stop into this place that I've been wanting to go into for a while and see how much their meals cost. It wasn't so bad. I just couldn't eat anything of it. Before I left the house, my tooth started to hurt, by the time I got the eatery, I was saddened that I couldn't eat any thing, not even one of the soups. The chicken noodle looked good and it was only $3 for a small, which seems like a nice size.

But miss Nika didn't want any soup, and just chicken. I didn't really have the money to buy the soup, never mind the chicken. The chicken didn't come by itself either. If I wanted just chicken, I would have to buy a whole bowl for about $6 or so to get any.

We walked down to the next block and got some cubes for seasoning. Jhodie was complaining that she didn't have any, but when I got home I found one of the two that I bought in the cupboard. On well. We got home and I made some noodle soup, which Nika ate some of. Most of the time I was just waking her up. She didn't even try to come in here and when I was going to get her to come in the room to start her homework, Ms Brown came home and then Phillys' friend showed up for her I-Pod and is now currently copying over some songs to the I-Pod even after I added the music that I ripped for her. Two CDs and one song from another cd.

I left Phillys there to help her with the moving of files while I gave Nika her shower. The drain isn't working that well and is constantly backing up, so no more bath tub baths for her until it's fixed.

Now I'm back here.

Well, see ya. I would like to at least start something before I have to leave. Mom doesn't want me disturbing Ms. Brown while she is sleeping. 



PS. I'll be adding the link to the side.

December 08, 2007

Friday and Saturday.

I did what I do every Friday night. I watched Flash Gordon and StarGate Atlantis on tv.

Tomorrow(today) will be different. My mom is taking me to church. More like making me go to church, but since she hasn't made any real fuss for me to go to church every week, I'm not going to make a fuss about. Besides, she said that people there have been asking for me. After they see I don't remember them, I guess that would be an end to that.

I do feel a bit bad though. There was a guy and girl there that I used to hang out with every Saturday. But I don't remember anything about them anymore.

Today (Friday) I gave blood and got my birth control  shot. Both arms hurt. This time after I gave blood I felt bad. I think that I was hungry. I didn't have much to eat for breakfast, and the cold took something out of me also I'm sure. I woke sometime around 9:10pm and I've been out since sometime around 3:30 or so. Maybe 4:30. I wasn't paying that much attention. Now I'm hungry again.


This little thing was taken out of an e-mail I sent Tanzie who is living over Seattle now. She wants me to go there. I think I said that already.


Well, today wasn't so bad. I remembered a whole bunch of stuff of that I forgot about the SDA. The ushers for one, and I think they painted the place. I don't remember the walls being white. But the glass as still there, along with the two gold  angels on either side. The singing is just as bad. A few of them I just couldn't bring myself to sing along with. It doesn't feel like I ever used the bathroom until that day. Which I know isn't true, but before we left the apartment today, I told mom that I don't remember where the bathroom was. It was on the first floor, and it looked like it was very recently remodeled. The whole thing looked very new. I ofcourse was falling asleep, but it was sooner then normal I think. That was because I didn't really get any sleep last night. I tried to go to bed at 1am, but I just couldn't fall asleep. I didn't even start yawning until 3:30am, and an hour later I turned of the tv because Phillys was not asleep and tried to go so to sleep again.

But I don't think that I showed it too much. I used my bathroom break to also get some water to help wake me up. But as soon as I sat down upstairs again, I started to yawn. I half think that my body was working against me since I was trying so hard to stay awake. I stood up for every song and prayer and at the time I heard just about everything the pastor was saying. I just couldn't remember when it came time to leave. I almost stayed to eat, but the place looked like it was going to be full, and I remembered that I couldn't really eat much there, and I wanted to lay down and get some real sleep. Oh, I might have taken a while to fall asleep since I was on the couch. I don't sleep well there.

Well I came home and I checked my mail, and answered one of Tanzie's letters, but when I started the next one, Jhodie came home, and I just tuned off the monitor and went to bed. One I was tired, and two, the second e-mail didn't need a response from me, and I needed to get some sleep.

My sister is hurting my head. I'm up now because she has constantly woken me up to help her look for something. I finally got up, walked over to the printer and picked it up and she took it from be before I can really look at it to make sure it was what she was asking for. Then she just walked off and left me. Fine. I went and got something to eat, washed 3 or so dishes, and gave the cat her wet food for dinner. I then came back in here, watched some tv while I ate, then I came back to e-mail that I had from Tanzie and started this blog. Now my sister has printed out a form that she was suppose to fill out and fax, and she gave it to me to fill out. I told her that it won't look right with two different hand writings on it. So she told me just fill in the numbers. I told her to take it with her. She went to the laundromat, and after she as packed them in the washer, she has like 25 mins of waiting for them to finish. She could fill it out herself. I just want to lay back down in bed.

I have nothing to do on the computer, and I can still feel the sleep in me and I'm still yawning.

I'm done.

See ya.

December 06, 2007

Tonight Was Phone Issue Night.

I had it a bit better than Jhodie.

I just had a small synching problem with my computer. It had issues seeing my phone and letting me back up my contacts. Then when I thought that I messed up the software that I was using to do the backup of my contact list, I then tried to find it again. I didn't find. I found something else thinking that I thought might be better, but I just found software that updated the software on my phone instead. When I realized that, I tried to use the other software one more time to save my stuff that I put on there that I didn't have a copy of.

And on my last try at this, it worked. But it was only partly the synching software that was having issues. The computer had to reinstall the drivers for my phone. I wonder how those got uninstalled? So I got that going, and I backed up everything. Then I tried the software update thing for my phone. But it didn't update, which I was half happy about. On one hand, I wanted to see what new things they came up with for my "dated" phone. Then on the other hand I was happy that nothing was changed. Ya, I'm half chicken.

But now everything is ok, and my phone is deemed up to date, and my synching software is a-ok again. :)

Now I get to share, or at least try to share. I have a few wallpapers that I feel like sharing. They are perfectly sized for your Razr v3x or a flavor of that model. So it won't be pulled out at the sides when you use it on your phone like some smaller wallpapers that I've seen.


And this is the one that I'm currently using.



Now the bad news.

It's Jhodie's phone. A kid at work stole it at closing time. She was very upset. I was very upset. She asked me if I what to show up tomorrow to see the brat and watch him get fried. Do I get to hit him too? Actually I want to press charges. At least jail him for a few days. It's out right theft! We are hoping that he doesn't sell it between now and tomorrow so we could get it back. In the mean time, she turned off service to the phone that incase we/she did get it back there won't be a huge bill of long distance charges on there.

Guess I have to look for that extra fare anyway.

Well night.

Quote of the Day:
Dishonesty, cowardice and duplicity are never impulsive.
--George A. Knight

**Wow. The quote fit the night for Jhodie. **

December 05, 2007

This is what I wanted to look like....

and I think I look like at times. Just add darker skin. :) The smaller wasit, the even skin tone, the cute but full face. My arms without flab. The buxom look.

tempted by *ladylionink on deviantART

I found this as I try to track down some new wallpaper. Which just reminded me. I have some girl wallpaper on my computer already.

Oh well. :) :)

So Scared of the Cold I missed my interview.

I got there too late for the interview and I offered to stay, but they said that there wasn't anytime after they saw the other people that came for an interview also.

I keep thinking that it's just me going for interviews some times. Oh well. I tried to call them to let them know that I was going to be late, but the number they called me from, I couldn't call them on. It said that it was a non-working number of the tech university. But I went anyway, and got frozen. It was cold and windy. To make it worth coming out since I was almost out of money I tried to get my blood donation date changed to then since it was close by and get it over with, but they were closed. I then went over to the women's clinic and asked them a few things. I got both done and answered. Then I decided to go by the salvation arm to ask them why they never called me for the part time job at their store. But I just missed the HR person by like 3 min's. I think she drove past me as I was crossing the street. My luck. Then I walked like a mile or so. It seemed really far because of the cold, but it wouldn't have been that bad in the summer or spring time.

Also I walked down to Franklin Av from Long Island University so I could use my transfer and save my other $2 for when I go to give blood on Thursday. But lucky me, when I got home the blood place called me to remind me about the appointment, and I got them to change it to the same day as my doctor's appointment so I would go and give blood first, then walk down to the street for the other one and I wouldn't have to come back out and find fare for two days. Cool. The only thing that went my way today really.

I'm late in posting my wallpapers for my club, so I'm off to do that, and for the next few days, I'll be practicing my touch typing. That was something else that might have worked against me at the interview. You had to type at least 45 wpm. And I know I can, I just haven't tried in ages. I got up to 42 the night before. I need to practice. So I'll do that for a while for the next time.

Quote of the Day:
Do first what you dread the most.

December 03, 2007

Wasting Time Badly.

Today that is. Yesterday I cleaned up and washed dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and even half cooked. There was left over rice from the day before so I just heated/fried it up with some veggies and Jhodie them got some chicken to go with it. The day before I had made spinach rice with steamed fish.

Today I watched last week's Hero's ep so I would be up to-date so I can watch the new one that is coming on tonight. I jumped over the parts that had to do with Sylar. The guy creeps me out!

Anyway, other then that, I just took my pills and answered my phone and slept. I just really woke up. The phone call was from a university. I found a add for a part time IT Lab Tech of a university over on Jay Street. I answered it over the weekend, and they called me just before I went back in bed. I really woke up to check my e-mail to see if they wrote me back. There wasn't one because they planed on calling me. They would have been fine with me showing up today, but I put it off until tomorrow because I was hopping to get some washing done when my mom came home from work. But she just let me sleep and didn't do any washing at all. I'm going to have to get the money from her to do it myself tomorrow.

The interview is tomorrow at 3pm, and before that I'm going over to the women's health center so I can see about getting my shot. I'm sure they are going to tell me something that I don't really want to hear. I almost didn't go back thinking that it was time that I stopped using it, but I the more I thought about it, the more I thought that it was a bad idea. I don't want to have to work and to deal with the pain and blood. I just don't want to. If I could take out my uterus I would. Also, my insurance kicks in this month.

Jhodie wanted me to go out earlier, but I wasn't awake enough to want to. I got off the computer and told her to come watch Bleach while I went back to bed. I woke up like an hour and a half ago, 4:30pm, and told her that I would take a shower and go outside. But she was already getting dressed to go out. Great. I went and had "breakfast".

Now I'm awake and Jhodie is out and mom is asleep. I look down next to the computer and I see that she had something to eat. Great. I don't have to worry about cooking for her then. I'll just have some soup later.

Now I'm blogging just to keep blogging and looking for something to watch on tv. Oh, speaking of tv, I missed an anime that I haven't seen yet. Showed up just in time to see the credits rolling by and to see it say, "You have just seen Howl's Moving Castle." I sat there and waited to see when it will be coming back on. It didn't. Why didn't it? It was the start of the month. Not again. Just a one time showing like the french version of Beauty and the Beast that was from back in 1945 or something like that. So I went on line and looked up the channel to see if it really wasn't coming back on again. Well it was half true. It wasn't coming back on, on that channel again, but it was coming on again on another channel for only one day, with three showings. I so put in a reminder for the second showing. It's so hard to see a good anime movie on tv these days. Normally if I don't get to see it the first time by chance, I don't get to see it at all.

Oh, I just remembered something. The other day I was thinking about this site that I had posted some files on and I tried to track it down, to not find it, and to find out that I had already book marked it. Then when I logged in I see how it has been doing, I see this notice up on my page. I have two folders marked for deletion due to them containing copyrighted material. So I'm trying to save the files since I don't have them with me now, and then I'm going to find a way to make links since some people will come back there to get them again and to see If I've updated. I even found some others that I want to post. I don't want to link to where I got them because of the pop ups and how they have them laid out on their site. One of the sites I found is ok and is done well, but this other one isn't at great. So I may link to one and do my own posts for the ones that came from the other site.

Well mom work up. She will be wanting the computer soon. She also got me a chicken roti. :)


December 01, 2007

Just A Little Note Before I go To Bed.

Ya, I know it's abit late, but I helped my mom bake a few things and it threw off my sleep a bit.

Either which way, waited for a call back from this interview I went on with Jhodie, but they didn't call us back. I thought that they might pick one of us. On the next set of maybe jobs. I'm going to re-apply to Target, and Pathmark. Don't know why Pathmark would take me now when I already applied to them before.

I have packed up everything that we baked. Coconut patties, veggie patties, pineapple patties, carrot cake and sweet potato pudding. The zucchini bread and the cassava pone didn't come out well enough to sell. 

I'm yawning, and Tanzi was in the hospital yesterday. Lack of iron in her blood. Yep it got that bad. I don't have much details since she could only type with one hand and was tried when you was typing. In a few days I'll find out how she got the hospital. She's trying to get me to go out west to hang out with her and to work and crash on her couch. How much harder or easier would it be for me to get a job over there? Either which way I don't think that I can run off yet and leave my mom.

Even if she still wants me to go to church and it taking me next Saturday. Not looking forward to it. Maybe it won't be too bad. But I know that when people start asking me if I remember them and I say no, someone is going to end up feeling hurt.

My mom did let me buy a DVD -+ R DL burner for the desktop. It is said to be here come Tuesday. YA! I get to tinker. It was a rather darn good price. It was like $20, and I got it from Tigerdirect and it was made by Samsung. See, not a no name brand thing. I was going to give you the link, but they have all sold out. Sorry.

Oh, I'll be putting up a few things for free and for sale on Craigslist. Nothing major. Just a few things that I found when I turned the bed around and moved a few things. One cassette-tape-radio-clock, that I think I'll ask for about $5 for. Then there is the cat perch thing that you hang more or less next to your window-sill . That's for about $5 too. Our cat didn't take to it. It would rather sleep on my feet when I'm in bed than on it. The one thing that I have to give away or try to give away, is a Direct TV cable box. Don't know why it wasn't just sent back, but if someone wants it they can come and get it. I'm just trying not to toss it since I was told it works fine.

And now to use a plug-in that I got for this blog writer.

Night, or morning as it seems to be 4:14am on my side of the world.

Quote of the Day:
Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
--Dr. George Washington Carver

November 28, 2007

Anime Review... my little take.

First I'm going to start off with the one that is turning into a disappoint for me. I haven't even finished watching it due to the plot turn that is wrecking what I thought had a promising chance at making an interesting story. I wish that it wasn't such a disappointment to me. I was looking forward to watching this for ages. Maybe it will change back to something that I want to watch. Oh, the name of this show is "Ah! My Goddess" also known as "Ah! Megami Sama".

It occurred to me that I might be expecting too much since it seems that this might have been written for a the younger set.  Ofcourse the whole thing is thing isn't set in the "real" world, but to have some sense in a few things would be nice. The sisters are suppose to be helping to run "heaven" and the great computer which is currently crashing, but they bailed and didn't go back. And the last sister that showed up is the one that is making a mess of the story line as far as I am concerned. At least the first sister was trying to get the two main players of this thing story together. From the time the second sister showed up she said out loud that she was there to keep them apart. I still have like 13 or so left to watch and the movie. I started to watch the movie first thinking that it was like a few others I've seen where they just stitch the first 3 or 6 together depending on how slow the eps are. But it wasn't it. It was a movie truly made after the show was finished. So I stopped watching it and went to watch the eps.

The next runner up is "Hand Maid May". There is one person there that is the word annoying and irritating beyond belief at time. It's like some one was doing an experiment as to how bad can they could make someone in an anime and have people would still watch it. The only thing is people watched it anyway because of the other people in the anime. At the end of it, it reminded me of Chobits. It had a slightly interesting under laying story. Not as good as Chobits, but we are talking about Chobits here. It's from CAMP. Once you get past the king of annoying, it's an ok anime.

This one is the best I've seen since I started watching anime again this year. I'm trying to get three more right now because of how disappointed I was with Ah! My Goddess. So I went looking for a few more grown up Anime. I'm trying to get "Asatte no Houkou" and "Darker Than Black".

Ok, the best one so far, to get back on track, is "Fruits Basket". I'm very saddened that there was only one season and that there are no plans to ever finish it. It did end with a lot of stuff to be resolved if not explained. Viewers have been trying for years to get a next season made, but there are issues between the two forces who would be able to get this done. Her are two links for you to find out more about this anime. Official Site and Info Site.

I just remembered Mushi - shi. Did I tell you about that one? I watched that months ago. It's great. Two sites for you here as well. Info Site and Official Site. That is really the best of the year for me, but for this last batch that I've watched it's Fruits Basket.

Ok... see ya.

November 26, 2007

Catch Up Time.

Let's see. The day before thanksgiving, Jhodie went and got the turkey. That was put in tub of cold water to defrost for a like a day, than it sat in the same tub for like 6 or so hours I'm sure in green seasoning and such. Then they did a little bit more shopping for a few bits here and there for stuff. Then Jhodie and Phillys cooked for the next 6 or so hours on Thanksgiving Day.

Jhodie took time out to take Nika to the Macy's Parade. That might be one of the reasons why it took so long to cook everything. The cooking was just Phillys and Jhodie. I wasn't in any part of it other then when I was asked to help lift something, and taste something else.

We had, ofcourse, the turkey but no stuffing. *sniff, sniff (sad)*. As I think about it, it would have been one of the few things I could have eaten that wouldn't have hurt me. It's that whole can't drink or eat milk products thing. There were two small pumpkin pies. One with crust, one without. Then there was the mash potato. That was the last things to be made. It was suppose to be potato salad, but the potatoes boiled too soft. By the time the got around to making that dish, we were out of soy milk. Then there was the next biggest thing in the oven. Macaroni Pie. I have no clue how much boxes where used for that. I was told that the soy milk was used in that one, but for some reason I still thought that something was wrong with it. It wasn't until my mom asked me a question that I remembered that there was still the two sticks of cheese in there to hurt me. It didn't matter that they used soy milk. It barely made a difference to my insides. Which is way, most of it is still in the fridge. My mom won't let me eat any. There was also a store bought frozen green bean thing that was heated up in the oven. There were some mini apple pies and one bunt cake. Don't remember what kind that was. What else??...Oh, the token can of cranberry jelly. Jhodie tried her hand at gray gravy, I think it came out quite well the second time around. Did I miss anything? Oh, three bottles of sparkling cider. That wasn't made ofcourse, but it went with the meal all the same.

Then they went out shopping, mostly window shopping, for black Friday. They were gone for the whole day, starting somewhere around 7 or 8am. I know that's not as early as some people, but they went to bed late, and since they didn't have that much money, it wasn't like they were beating anyone to something they wanted to make sure that they got. In fact, there were only three things that they went out to buy. One was a 50 pack of DVD-R. Next was some CD-R, and some AAA batteries.  I got my DVD's. *ya*.. but they were out of the CD's. Jhodie and Phillys said that no one was buying the DVD's but the CD's were long gone. I don't know why, but Jhodie told me to think of the computers that I've been seeing that were tossed out. But doesn't that mean that they now have the DVD burners?????? Oh well. The batteries weren't found or weren't remembered to be looked for. While I was trying to sleep they called and woke me up to tell me about a mp3 player that they saw that was for $35. It was only a gig. She, Phillys, said that it looked like it was a bit better than the one she has, but it's too late. I didn't have that kind of money anymore. I just had limp along money until I get my next job, and I know it wont' last me that long. I gave them my second to last $20 to get the DVD's so I could make some space on my mom's computer. That was only $4. Then they spent another $5 on a gift for me. Ya, they spent my own money on a gift for me, but I do like the gift. Every since I got back, heck, every since I was home I've been wanting a normal pop up toaster and this one is wide enough for bagels. They even got two other things from the same maker that were also $5 each. One is for mom, and the other one is for Lynn.

While they were off shopping and having their own little adventures, I was home cleaning with mom. Nika slept, woke up, ate, then went back to sleep. I was told not to push her, so when she went back to sleep after I told her to get some home work, I didn't bother her, and saved myself a headache.

We did the kitchen. I was in the cupboard most of the time taking stuff down, cleaning them out and then packing them back in. Oh, that cupboard held the dishes and mugs. Mom wanted me to clean it since the second month I was here, so I didn't make fuss. We got most of the rest of the kitchen cleaned also. When they got back they were studded at all the white they walked into since the front door opens into the hall half a foot from the kitchen. The table was cleaned off and fixed up, and mom mopped the whole floor and moved a few things to other places.

Then before she went to bed, we moved the bed. Mom wanted to change up the room. So we moved the bed 90 degrees and pushed it up to the wall between the two windows. Most the mess was left for me to clean up. Then she reminded me about moving around a few other things in the room tomorrow. I had to move the bed by the way to do that.

I was so tired from cleaning up and watching some anime that I didn't even hear anyone get ready for church that morning. I woke up some time around 11amI think. I finished watching the anime I was watching the night before, and had something to eat. Then I told myself to get going with the rearranging and cleaning so she wouldn't come home and not find it finished. She showed up just as I was finishing up by sorting though some more of her piled up mail. I even found two more shop cards. One from PetCo and one for OfficeMax which I'm sure she has forgotten about. They are both in my wallet now.

AAAHHhhhhhhhhh......*yawn*... I'm so tired. I want to go to sleep, but I can't. I don't have anywhere to sleep. Ms. Brown is back tonight, and Nika is asleep on the couch, and the air bed Jhodie is sleeping on is a mess. So I have to stay up until I get my mom up for work at 3am. I have been up and at-um since what? 7am? 7:30am? We were going to a dentist convention with Phillys. Mom was up and out of here before all of us. She left at 8:10 I think. We didn't leave until maybe 9:30. Jhodie and Nika were slow in getting ready. Mostly Jhodie. She had maybe 4 hours of sleep. She was up way too late and she knew that we were going out. It's odd since she was reminding me about today and asking me if I was coming the night before.

Mom then reminded her that want to or not, Phillys was going to make me come. Then she goes and stays up late and was grouchy for most of the morning.

I took my pill on the train on the way to manhattan. Then about 30 mins before we left I took another one. I'm taking them every 5 hours now. Phillys said that I can take them 5 to 6 hours apart. We walked and walked and walked. I got to sit down twice while I was there. One was in the bathroom and the other time was when I took Nika to get some lunch down stairs. I hadn't eaten all day, and it was after 2pm by the time I sat down to eat anything. I got a small chicken rice noodle soup, and one egg roll. That came to $8. The roll was a dollar.

Nika was a pain. A pure pain up until we sat down to eat. She nagged and nagged me to find something to eat quickly, then when she said that she already had something to eat, and she was just waiting for me to get something I told her to quit her nagging. I was willing to sit her down and let her eat, but she wanted to eat with me. She is darn lucky that I'm not her mother. I wanted to find somewhere that had something I could easily pay for and find a seat. She was just telling me every other section. Walk faster, pick sometime, I want to eat, buy something. AAH! If I could have hit her I would have. Then I would be the lady that hit the cute girl who was now crying her eyes out at the Javits Center.

Ok.. the time is just about here for me to wake up mom. I'm going to use the last 10mins to proof read.

Oh, I crashed after I got home, but my mom got me up to help her move a few things before Ms. Brown got here. Then I fell asleep, then my alarm went off tell me to take my meds at 7:30, then I really crashed. Then Jhodie woke me up to come get her about 2 hours later. The card that I had gotten mostly for her last week was already up. So I was suppose to show up with Phillys' card and swipe her into the station. That is why I'm awake at all right now. Granted, if I was still asleep when Ms. Brown got here, mom would have woken me up so she could use the bed, so I would have been here anyway.

Ok.. off to proof read.

November 20, 2007

I Might Have A Tooth Infection.

Ya, nothing but good news from my end.

The one tooth that got me into seeing a dentist in the first place is the only tooth left that I can't touch on that side of my mouth. I told my sister, the dental assistant, and she said that I my have a tooth infection. She will get me some pills for that. I asked about the script I got from the dentist for the pain killers. She said that Jhodie got it. I have to get that filled soon, but most likely will have to wait until I get a job. I will need pain killers at one point, and I would like to get these while I can for when I do need them.

Other than that, a mostly quite day. Yesterday mom and I, more or less, baked some lamb. But by the time it was finished, it was too late to have dinner. So we packed it up for day. I baked a pumpkin with that and made some yellow rice to go with it and opened up a can of red peas in sauce. It all came out rather well. I once again under salted the rice, but with everything else you can't even tell.

My tooth is just ruining my day. At least I got up and cleaned today. The headache was gone. My cheek is fine, mostly, but that nagging tooth. It's like it wants to get pulled.

I half expected to see snow today. Not that I went out, but I should soon. The weather people said snow today and tomorrow. There was alot of it outside of the city, and I think that they saw a faint dusting of the stuff in Central Park. The snow for tomorrow has been canceled, and thanksgiving sounds like it's going to not be so cold. Somewhere around 50 degrees I think.

I've started job hunting again, but at moments I think I should wait until after I've finished fixing my teeth, then I think that I should go ahead anyway, and just let them know that I have a dental appointment. Ok, time for me to go pack up what is left of dinner.

If I don't go out tomorrow, which most of the odds are against, then I'll be washing my hair, and calling around to find out something about my three month shots.

See ya.

November 17, 2007

I Don't know if they just took the edge off, or if they mostly worked.

The dentist got through with me and the right side of my mouth around 2pm. I was in the chair for 2 hours my sister said. I just know that I will be sucking down pain meds alot tonight.

The day itself got off to a bad start. Last night Jhodie and Phillys went shopping at Pathmark and Tartget. They were gone for way too long. By the time they got back, Phillys had this really bad back pain and Jhodie went with her to the hospital. They were there until 2:30am. They gave her Ibuprofen, and not even a very high dose. She could have gotten stronger ones from work.

First Jhodie fell asleep, then Phillys, then I finally fell asleep after 4 I think. I was awoken at 6am. I didn't fight it.. I got up, took a bath, ate some cereal and got dressed. We left the house more or less on time, and my sister picked up breakfast at the corner store. I had already forgotten that I had eaten the cereal, but I drank the tea on the train.

My sister almost had a heart attack when we got the station.  The person who told her that the train was leaving at 7:50am was wrong. There was no 7:50am train on the weekends. We had to take another one at 8:10am. Which was fine by me. But before she got to that point, she almost attacked the person in the both because of the wrong information she was given and had passed on the dentist as to what time we would be showing up.

Either which way. Everyone ate on the train but me. I didn't feel like it. Then we stood out in the freezing, windy outsides while we waited for connecting trains. We had to change trains twice and there was nowhere warm to wait for the next train.

Then my sister who is trying to prepare me for the ordeal is giving me a number of good reasons to head back home.

It was worst then what she told me. The only thing that didn't try to kill me, an some of my brain cells due to pain was getting the shots. I have felt and heard cracking in my mouth as I was given shots in the past. I have felt needles like they were going into very far reaches of my jaw bone. These were nothing. Everything else was mostly new and very painful. I guess having the Anesthesia or whatever were in those needles wear off twice didn't help. And me, not wanting to seem like a bother for constantly telling them that it was pain full, I let one of tooth drills go by with out saying anything and was surprised that I didn't cry. But he had to put some more in before he did the root canal . Oh.. I had one root canal, and 6 fillings on the right side of my mouth alone. I don't eat much sweets, because they are too sweet for me. I say this because someone thought that I did when I told them how much fillings I had to get. Most of the cavities are were my teeth met other teeth. Where you would floss. But I couldn't because my gums always bled when I tried, or I couldn't get it in to begin with. I gave up trying to floss ages ago.

It has always been very painful for me to go to the dentist, and it will always be painful for me. I've come to accept this. I also know that it has to be done. I haven't done anything about for too long. The last time I tried to get a tooth looked at when I was St. Kitts, the guy wasn't actually asking me anything, but asked why did I even bother to come? I should just let it finish rot itself out in two years. Must I say I didn't go back? I Listerined my mouth for days and took the pills he gave me for the infection until I was feeling better.

When I was finally finished with the pain and had a look at the final x-ray to show the work he did on my root canal, I could not be impressed with anything at that time, I walked out to the bathroom. I heard Jhodie go in to have them look at her mouth. They weren't sure if she was going to have anything done. I was the one who needed to be looked after considering the pain I was in two days ago.

Back at the start, when I had sat down in the chair, I was asked what I wanted to do, before they even gave me options. They, he and my sister, were taking between themselves thinking I knew what on earth they were talking about. Then I was told. Since all pain was passing and I would live though it, and it had to be done, get as much done now is what I told myself. I didn't expect the stiffness on that side of my face from all the pulling and pushing and what not. I'm sure the 6 shots didn't help either. But it was over.

I kept my mouth covered all the way home. It looked like that part of my face was trying to slide off, and then there was the fact that I couldn't close my mouth on one side. I looked like I had a stoke and felt like I was in a boxing match and had tooth work done.

The train ride back was shorter then the ride there. We had less time to wait for a connecting train.

Philly said that this was my Christmas gift. I didn't know how much it was until we we on our way back and waiting for our first train. Today alone came up to to about $1700 if not more. The crown alone for the root canal is $500. The next time I show up, it's bound to be around $1000 again. It feels wrong that she is spending this much money on me. But there is no way she would let me go with a month this bad. She has to now tell mom when she gets home how much it cost. I wiped out her paycheck for 2 weeks. I'm the older one, but currently that doesn't seem to count for much.

I will owe her alot when this is all said and done.

I need more meds now. I ate sometime around 6:30am, but I don't think that I will be able to eat anything again until maybe after midnight if at all tonight.


November 15, 2007

No Blood Today

I was late, I was a little wet with rain, and not really looking forward to having that needle in my arm. It didn't help that it was colder out than I expected, and the shirt I wore didn't help me. At least I think I looked appealing when I opened my jacket on the train. :) Yes, everyone knew I had a chest.

Well like I said I got there late, then I couldn't find my SS card, and my donor card. I looked in every pocket I had, and I couldn't find them. I called up Jhodie to have her look for them hoping that they didn't drop out of my pocket on the way there. I had her check the kitchen and the bedroom, then outside in the lobby where I stopped to put on my gloves thinking that I might have left them there.

She didn't find them. Then just as I was zipping up to leave, I remembered where I had put them. I didn't trust my pockets to keep them, or at least my SS card from falling out, so I had put them in my bra. That is not a normal place for me to put anything besides my breasts. I was so happy I found them.

I still had to fill out that form again, and I ended up getting my fingers pricked twice. It turns out that my iron level wasn't high enough for them. It was fine, they just like it to be abit higher than normal for them to take your blood. Great.

The trip out was feeling like a bust, then my sister called me and asked me to pick up some food for Nika at the Fulton Grill. She said that she will pay me back the $5 later. She wanted me to get her some rice and some chicken. I got some fish for myself. I was going to go home and make some pasta with some eggplant to go with the fish.

So I got all that and then took the bus home. The subway was just there, but I rather take the bus home. I got home to my mom falling asleep on the computer and for some reason Nika didn't want her dinner. Fine, I wasn't going to fight with her over it. I made my pasta, found out I had no sauce and added some seasoning to the pasta instead and had it with the fish. It was good. I added some music to our little borrowed I-Pod. I had to fix the ID tags for most of the new songs I added to it.

I think that I have to go see a dentist soon. About an hour or so ago, my upper and lower back teeth, mostly my top one/s started to hurt. I used some mouth wash hoping it would help, but it still really hurts. The thing is I didn't eat anything hard today and I was felt fine earlier. Now I really need a job.

That's all for today. See ya

Just Found Out Who Won...

Then next iron chef is not John Besh. I was rutting for John, but he didn't win over the judges.

I know I'm a bit late in this, but I wasn't home to watch it, and I just downloaded the ep to see how things went. Infact, I found out who won before I saw the show. I was watching Food Network tonight and they were already talking about the upcoming battle for the new iron chef. I got the ep to see how it went down.

It seemed rather close to me. Not all dishes won over the judges, and Besh showed great form in coming up with a dessert in 5 mins out of sword fish, and I think not having it taste like sword fish would be a good thing. Go figure.

The other chef is good. I don't hate him for winning, I just had the other guy as my first pick.

Oh, I'm testing out this new WINDOWS LIVE WRITER on this blog. I was trying to see if I could install something so that I could see who was on line in messenger without running the app, but it just updated the program and installed two things. I picked this as one of the two things for it to install, just to see how it would work. So far not bad.


What else.

Well I'm off tomorrow to give blood, and it seems like it's going to rain when I do. I have a new mouse pad. This place I know is up and moving, and they have 20% off all their stuff so I got two pads. One is for us, and one for my Aunty Janice's house. The last time I was there, their mouse pad cut me. It looked like someone tried to feed it to a shredder. They both have little gel pads for your wrist. If you don't have one, get one. Your wrist will thank you. I just wish I had one for below the keyboard. I touch type so I can use one of those things. I'm sure my mom will think that it's just a bother.

I have maybe two blogs in drafts. I should get those/it out soon.

I have just finished the audio book "The Mummy" by Ann Rice. Not bad. I got it because I had read it years ago, and just remember liking it, but not much else. Sad to say, but when the book was all over, I only remembered the ended of the book when I was hearing it. It was a new story for me. When it was over, and it sounded like there should be more or a next book to come after it, I went to see if there was. But no. There is no other book after it. At least not yet. I read up some of the reviews, and I agree with one person who said that there was nothing really there for her to fall in love with him for other than the fact that he was beyond good looking. That might be one of, if not my only fault with this book.

I'm on to my next book. It's called "The Last Days Of Krypton". I really like it so far. It says the last days of Krypton, but has a time line feel of the last year or two of Krypton which is more or less just what they said. After all you really can't just have the last week of Krypton now can you? I think that the names are a bit funny, but you have to work with what you were given. It gives you alot of back history for a bunch of stuff. I would recommend that you pick it up some how. Book or audio form. 

Currently I'm trying out I-tunes. Ya, ya, I'm one the last people to do so. I know, I know. I didn't really care about it until that night I was at Hayden's birthday party and we were more or less allowed to pick the songs we wanted to hear, and it was on a mac with I-Tunes. I hadn't a clue how to make a play list. The only reason why I'm really touching it now, is because I've tracked down a show that I just about never catch called "Tech Now" that has pod cast. That reminds me. I wonder if "Click" once called "Click Online" has pod casts? That's another show I have a hard time tracking down to watch on tv.

I should go back to bed now. It's almost 5am, and I want to go out walking tomorrow. It sounds like it's going to be a good day.

Yesterday I took Nika to PTA and got her report card. She did over all good, but she sank in comprehension. Wow. I spelled that word right the first time. :)

Well it's true she blanks out when you ask her about most things, but she reads very well. She just doesn't listen to what she is saying past saying it, and she needs to write some more. Then she wanted me to buy her a book. We went to see, and I told her that there were two books that I wasn't going to buy for her. Hanna Montana, because she doesn't need to know any real life of behind what ever of kid stars, and no Sponge Bob Square Pants. That thing is a leak on bran cells. After she got that in her head, she didn't want any book even though we looked at a few nice ones. I almost walked out with my own copy of a collection of Calvin and Hobbs comics bound in book form. That is/was a great strip.

Other than that, nothing much on my end. Oh, yesterday I handed in my resume to the MTA. You can check back for that blog on the weekend. I was told that I could ask someone to hand it to the person it was suppose to go to, but I must have gotten someone who was in a bad mod. She was quite short with me. I just acted like I hadn't see the box that said drop resumes here when she pointed it out to me. I then called up the lady that I was suppose to stop by and see and say thank you in person too, but she went home early. She wasn't feeling well.

On my way home I tried to see if I could find some CAT5, 5e or 6 cable for the laptop. The wireless connection in the place sucks. But they were asking too much for 15Ft. I was looking for 25ft. I found it on line at for a good price, but the shipping is a rip off. I think that I found some over at, I just don't remember how much they were asking for theirs and the shipping cost.


Ok, that's it. It way past my up time. I'm only up now because my mother let me sleep in the bed when she got up to use the computer. Then I woke up at 1am because I was asleep from before 12. Heck, I think I was out before 10:30.


See ya.

November 11, 2007

100 here, 100 there

$100 that is.

I put $100 on my bank account to pay a few things. T-mobile because I couldn't pay it in person with out people asking for my brother's SS# which I do not know.

The other $100 went to my mom to help with paying on of the bills. The cable/phone/internet bill. It's the optimum thing.

I had already spent like $50 on little things for myself when I was running around trying to get my check cashed and such.

I thought that I talked about this already, but I just checked and I hadn't gotten that far yet.

Let's see.

That day I had to shred the stuff for my mom.. I think I did tell you about that. Well , when I was done, and changed and everything, it was late in the day. I first tried to find the Wacovia Bank that my mom said she saw at Bowling Green. Ha! The only thing I found there besides near frozen fingers and cheeks, were the gloves to protect my hands. I paid $5 for them. They are a little big, but I finger if I get tighter gloves, they can go under for the really cold days. I had asked for big gloves, because I didn't want to buy gloves and have them be too small.

Then I ran back the station to try and get to the branch I knew about on broadway. I got a bit turned around and lost. I have to practice getting around Manhattan more. Well I made it there with about 20 mins to spear. They closed at 6pm. After cashing my check, I had to work out how to get to my mom's bank that was over at the Washington bridge. I knew that I had to walk along Cannal Street, but which direction? I asked this lady that just gave direction to someone else before she moved off, and I got pointed in the right direction. It was already dark and I was thinking that I had like 30 mins to get there. After I deposited the amount on the bank, I looked at my phone and it was telling me that it wasn't 6pm yet, and I check the date:time stamp on the deposit slip and it was telling me the same thing. Gref!

I called my mom and told her that I was going to get something hot to warm me up. She told me not to fill up because she was making cookup for dinner. I said fine. I walked around abit, but I didn't get anything to eat, then I thought that I didn't really want to eat anything on the subway anyway. On my way to finding a subway that I believed was that-a-way, I saw a t-moblie place. I walked in and asked about paying my bill there. The told me that I had to buy this card and I could use it to pay my bill because they would attach my account information to the card, and I just have to say how much money I was paying on my bill and use it almost anywhere. I couldn't find what I needed for the account informaion to put on the card, so I didn't buy it. Ok.. back out into the cold, and off to find the subway. I was ready to just go home and pay my bill later.

On my way to the subway I came across the shop that sold the rice noodles that I liked, and I got some rice cake from them also. That was about $4 there. I then continued to walk in the direction that I thought the subway was in. When I hit this 4 lain road, I had a feeling that I had already passed it, but I continued to walk. Then I looked to my side like a block further, and I was a few blocks up from Broadway and Lafayette, on Houston Street. I was standing next to Whole Foods. The one that Tanzi took me took that day we went out int he rain. I went in just to get out of cold. I walked around for abit, and really thawed out when I stopped by the soup station trying to find one that I would like and could eat. I ended up not getting any after all, but I did get a goat cheese and some crackers to eat it one. That came up to like $8. Goat cheese isn't cheep.

I then went out an exit that I hadn't used before simply because this was the first time that I brought anything here. And as I stepped out I hit a subway. It was for the F line. Fine I'll take it. I didn't feel like walking anymore right now. I would just have to change at Jay Street.

So I rested my feet for like 3 stops then I got off at Ja
y Street and took my dear time walking up the steps. I wasn't looking forward to going back out into the cold. But out I went. Then on the corner was another t-mobile place. I tried my luck again, hoping that I could do it. But no, I was hit with "Do you know the account holder's SS#?" question again. Nope. Fine. I then remembered that I had the paper bill with me when I went to pay it last time at the T-mobile store. That is why I was never asked all this before.

Ok... mmmuumm. Do you have any covers/skins for a razr? She said yes and came back with a bunch on a string. I asked for one that most people didn't buy. I was tired of seeing people with my phone. Did I tell you that I don't share well? I'm not as bad as that sounds, but I always had this feeling that the phone they had was mine, because it looked like mine. I knew it w
asn't, and I was never like on the verge of taking theirs, but I always felt a bit odd when I saw one, and I thought that I would just get a skin for mine, and it wouldn't be like their's anymore. I got... a light brown allagater skin case. It reminds me of the boots from this movie "Romancing the Stone", or Corcadile DunDee comes to mind when I see it. So what was the price for this? Well it was $20. I said that I would have to come back for it after I paid my phone bill. She asked her manager if I could get a discount on it since I was already a t-moblie client. He dropped it to $15. I told the girl again, that I would have to wait until I paid my phone bill. She said Ohhh, like she didn't hear me the first time, then talked to him again. I was trying to pull the case off my phone when I heard him say that I can get it for $10 without extra for tax. Ok. This thing must be cheep if he can go that low, with out looking like he cared that much. Or maybe I was just lucky because it was at the end of the day, and they were closing up and he wanted to get rid of something that wasn't selling well.

I hunted and hunted for a pic on line to show you, but I ended up scanning my phone instead. since it doesn't fold flat, the tips are blurry.

I paid the $10 and I went to catch the bus down to where Jhodie worked. I was going to try once more to pay this bill before going home. I waited until she was free to ask her for the tito's SS# so I could try at the t-moblie place next door. She said that she didn't have it or knew it. She paid over the phone and wasn't asked that. Great. Now I'm thinking that I should have put the money on my mom's account so we could use her card to pay it, but then I said that I'll just put the money on my account and pay with my new card another day.

Did I tell you about my WaMu card? Ya I got one like the middle of last week. It comes with a MasterCard logo on it.

Jhodie asked what time it was when I came to see her. It was like mins to 8pm I think. She said that she didn't get off until 9pm. I told her that she didn't need to bring anything home for dinner because mom was cooking. She didn't look like I told her anything good.

Off I went. I don't remember how I got home. I might have taken the bus, or taken the train. I just don't remember.

Now I remember, I was walking past the Fulton Gill when I called mom to ask her what side dish she wanted to go with the cookup. I told her that I could bring some plantain. First she told me to get what I wanted. I told her that I called her to find out what she wanted. She asked where I was, I told her, she told me to get the plantain. There. Then I took the subway home.

The cook up was ok. The plantains could have used some more cooking I thought. Either which way I thought that it was a good dinner. Jhodie wasn't anywhere near impressed. No clove smell, where was the onion smell, and she didn't use the right part of the chicken. It wasn't the way she would have made it.

That was the end of that day. I think that was Monday, but don't hold me to it.

Ok... since I can't remember, another day that week, my mother made me go out into the cold. I first went down the pharmacy to buy a full box of that vitamin C thing. It cost me about $19. I also found out that I can't just buy Codeine up there like I do at home. I have to get a scrip from a doctor to get it. Then I went on to Western Beef to get some cassava and coconut milk and sweet potato for mom. I picked up one thing for me. I was going to get a ginger ale, but I couldn't carry all that.

Mom did her stuff early this week, but we lost one of the cakes. One of them went bad before we could bag it. They were left out to cool one night, then the next night my mom went cut them, and one wasn't any good. Mom said that she mustn't have baked it long enough.

The next day she did the patties, and I ran out of the sandwich bags, so I just put the rest in a big bag to buy some smaller bags later to put them in and label them.

Then it was Friday and Jhodie took me out with her to get her cashed checked, and I got to put $100 on my bank account. It was quick and easy. I went to ask T-mobile a question about paying the bill, but the line was taking too long and Jhodie called me just after I walked out to meet her at the corner. We tried to catch a bus to Pathmark to meet mom, but Jhodie got side tracked by a hat. So we waited really long for another bus to show up. Like 5 mins after we found mom in the store, Jhodie had to leave because she had to be home for Nika.

Mom and I did some shopping, got a few things, looked for a few things, and decided to try a few things. We had a coupon book from Jhodie, but barely used it. Like only one came out. I gave $30 to the shopping list, but after we left, I remembered that I was suppose to get some TP and Paper Towels. Later I said. We then went out side and got a taxi to get us home. He wanted $12, but he took $10.

We now had drinks, milk, a few cereals, and a few odd things here and there. We have now reached the 300 points for a free turkey. Phillys will be happy. I don't think that I've told her yet.

Ok, once again I'm up late, and I want to watch "Tech Now" On pod cast, so I'm off before this crashes one me and I loose all this.

Night/ morning, what ever. :)

November 07, 2007

Have I Told You about This Yet?

I found this like what? 3 years ago? Maybe 2 years back.

Either which way, I was digging up mangas to read, and I came across this program when I was looking for another chapter for a story. I just spent an hour or so hunting it down since I got some more mangas to read, and I didn't want to unzip them all to read them.

My memory has so much holes it's sad, but come on. I haven't had to use that piece of information in ages.

Here is the link if you have some pictures that you want to keep in a zip file but still view. You have to right click to use this program once you have it open. Other than that menu that pops up, you see nothing else. The pictures fill your screen and you just click your way to the next one

Link - CDisplay.

As for the rest of things,

I lost my week metro pass. I've spent most of two days looking for it and I haven't found it yet. Yesterday I got my last check from Linda's. It was enough to pay two or so bills and I might be able to pick up some new shoes for when I start the interview thing all back over again. I hate going on interviews. I also got a very nice letter of reference /recommendation. I thought that it was great how he wrote it, my sister and her outrageous standers didn't like, but I don't care.

Yesterday I went out an got my state ID. I had been meaning to get one for two weeks now, but I thought that I may not such a great a time as now again to do this. I got there around 3pm, so I was there for the lock down at 4pm. I don't know how this works in other places, but there is a line to get into the DMV, and when 4pm comes around everyone is told that if they leave for anything, they would not be let back in, and anyone outside in the line are shuffled inside, and watched as they are locked in. And it wasn't just a simple close one door with a little key and I guard stands there to let you out. Oh no. You saw two big steel doors close, then a roll down steel gate came down from the celling over the doors. I felt like I was in lock down. Then we just stood there and continued to wait for our turn to get whatever we came to get. Standing in line was the longest part. And ofcourse you don't want to use the bathroom until you are told you can't use it.

Once your turn comes up, you spend maybe 15 mins moving between two booths and waiting for your number to be called. At least you were now able to sit down while you waited between booths. Yesterday while I was there, they seemed to be closing down that part, and had like the last 15 or so people move to another part of the building so they could get processed. I felt lucky that I didn't have to move for some reason. I signed that donor part of the application, and paid an extra dollar on top of what I had to pay to get my ID that would be good for 4 years. If I had already gotten my check I would have gone for the 8 year one. Oh well, in 4 years times I will deal with that one.

I was suppose to call my mom so that she could meet me over at OfficeMax, but I got no signal in that place. So as soon as I got out, I called my mom to let her know that I was finished. She thought that she couldn't come at first, then I reminded her that Jhodie had  keys and she didn't have to wait for them. Monday Nika was sick and didn't go to school, and mom told Jhodie to take her to the doctor. Later I found out that Nika had started to throw up, and that helped in getting her to the doctor a bit sooner.

But before mom could meet me at OfficeMax, she had to go to the bank to get some money and something else. We were getting a new shredder. My mom stock piles mail just because she doesn't want to read it, so I'm left to sort thought it, but she won't let me throw away anything that hasn't been torn up or shredded. So today before I made myself  leave to cash my check, put money on my mom's account so she could pay a bill and try to pay on my own cell bill, I shredded three bags of letters. Not big bags, it's a small personal shredder. Around a foot tall or so.

Either which way. At first I sat in the center outside of pathmark, but inside the building for a while. I actually fell asleep. I was there for like 20 mins at least I'm sure. I didn't check my watch. I was suppose to go inside pathmark, but I didn't feel like spending anymore of the little money I had left. Besides we were just there a few days go, I didn't think  that we needed anything.

After a while, I thought that, that was enough of sitting there after I had woken myself up and stayed awake for about 5 mins. Next to me two ladies were talking. Their stories I think is what kept me awake. Well I got up, braced myself for the outdoors, and walked down to OfficeMax. I thought that I might as well have a really good walk around the store until my mom called to find me. I found a few things, and just as I reached the end of the normal set of shelfs, she showed up.

We picked the shredder that wanted, but we asked around for a few things, and even ended up upstairs at
CircuitCity to see if they had something that we couldn't find down there. We then went back down to get the shredder. We also got some paper for the printer, and we were talked into getting some kind of warranty for the shredder. I so far haven't been able to get into that part of their website to register it, so I might be calling this one in sometime this week since I don't really think that the site will be fixed before then.

Then wouldn't you know it. As I was here shredding away to my mom's delight, I came across a $10 off coupon for OfficeMax. We could have used this yesterday when she was digging the last bits of money to pay for the warranty. Now she says that they send them all the time, and I could use it and go get the new speakers for the computer. The speakers for this computer doesn't have a jack in for the head set, so my bother somehow got this go between that plugs into the sound card, and on the other end you can plug in your speakers, headset, mic, and it had it's own volume control. The problem is, both
CircuitCity and OfficeMax don't sell that go between, but OfficeMax has the cheapest set of speakers at $27 or so with a subwoofer. I may just do that tomorrow on my way back from paying the cell phone bill. The reason why we were looking for that go between is because ours has a short or something in it and it needs to be replaced. Since we couldn't find that, next would be to get a new set of speakers with a jackin somewhere on it.

I have more to write, but it's almost 5am and I want to go to bed.

I'll try and write some more tomorrow.


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