February 28, 2006

I Have A Bed !

Yesterday I went to town to get my bed frame, and to leave a copy of my pay slip at horsford for my mattress. We also took the laptop down to town where they are suppose to be dell certified. I looked up the prices for the new hard drive and maybe some new memory. On line they were both between $75, and $79. $130 for a larger hard drive. But when we got there, we start hearing prices of over $400 each. Granted, that was for parts higher then what we were looking for. I may just send the money to my sister and have her send them down to me, rather then buy them here. but I'm not sure yet.

We were told by horsford that we were going to get the mattress after 2. So we made sure to be back home by 2pm so we wouldn't miss them. They showed up after 5, when we were all having a nap.

I heard the phone ring from my room but thought that Jhodie was going to get it, I didn't even hear when the truck showed up. Later I found out that they had called to see if were home, but thought we weren't home when no one picked up the phone, but our neighbor told them that we were home, and they got Jhodie up and she signed for it. She said that the truck didn't come down the street like the courts one did today. They sent the guy down our little ally with the mattress on his back.

Today we went to pay off a few bills and to get some cereal. Since my paycheck won't be this good for a while, we went to IGA to get some. We picked up 5 of them and 5 other things. This all came up to $92. I'm sure the cereal came up to at least $55.

We walked into town and payed the cable bill first. We were also suppose to pay the lights bill, but Jhodie didn't bother walking almost back out of the town to come back to walk up to IGA. So when I went to pay the cable bill, $240, she went to pay off most of what she owed on her shoes, but she showed up at the cable saying that she had packed the wrong paper that she needed to pay with. So she will have to do it tomorrow.

I hurt my back walking up there, to IGA that is. I think the last time I hurt my back on a walk was the last time I walked up there. On the way back we remembered that Tito is coming tomorrow. Tito is my only brother and the last of us. He is also the last to come back. He hasn't been here since he was like 8 years old. He's around 22 now. I'm far less up tight about seeing him again. I'm barley thinking about it really. He's showing up after I get home from work I'm sure.

Well Like I said I have a bed, and a little after Jhodie comes home, which is now it seems. She just came home. Time - 5:45.

She's starting dinner, and in a bit, since it's going to be a very simple dinner, we will then turn to the matter of up rooting my old bed and setting up my new one.

See ya.

Back.... time - 7:05 pm. My bed is up, and my small rug is down, and the old bed is in the living room waiting to be picked up. Jhodie tried to wake up Nika to see my new room, but she still wanted to sleep so she went back to sleep on my bed. Jhodie went back in to plug in a bug mat, and that is when Nika woke up. Now she's looking around my room and asking Jhodie questions about it. She then plopped down on my rub with the corner pillow that I can't use any more and was rather happy with herself. Then she came running out here when Jhodie called her for some ice-cream.

Dinner will done soon. It was going to be chicken and corn bread, but it's turning into chicken(wings) with just bread. That use to be a normal lunch. not a dinner that I've had in a very long time.



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February 26, 2006

My Sister's Laptop is going bye bye...

Well her hard drive is.

It started to fail, and I ran a Diagnose after I couldn't get scan disk to run on the drive.

When I got to work I found out that I should have been trying to run chkdisk instead.

I don't know if she will let me. She tried to open her laptop to get the drive out so I could take it to work copy off the data, but she didn't the first time, or so she thought. After she put it back together we started to hear a very, very bad noise coming from the hard drive.

I'm going to see if I can tonight. If not, I'll bring it in on Wednesday and get the data taken off now we know how to get out the drive when we tried the second time to try and fix what she might have done the first to make it sound so bad.

Other than that, I got to work my normal late self since I was helping with the hard drive thing.

Nothing happened at work other then I tried out a new PDF Maker and editor, and then helped a staff member with e-mail. Then for the last 3 hours I've been downloading parts of and ISO, and installing the new winamp on what computers I can on the floor. I did ok. I got the three short tables and one long one done. Well maybe I didn't take 3 hours. maybe it was 2.

I can't afford to get her a new hard drive now. I love how pearl picks the right time to mess with my life. Thanks to her, I've been put very far back in paying Rick and the girl who is holding my cam, and I made sure that there was nothing in my way to stop me from paying them when I said I would. EERR :(

Well on Saturday we went to town, and the "bed" was sad. It's something meant for 5 year olds. I'll take the bed frame, but I had to by the mattress some where else. So I signed way about $800 for the sprin part of a mattress set. I'm hopping that I can pay for the frame in two parts, or I will be sleeping with the mattress on the floor until I've finished paying for the mattress then I can get the frame, then I can pay off Rick, then the girl before she things I'm not getting it again, then I get the box part of the set. EERR :(

Then when Jhodie's birthday comes around again (which is the first of March) then I can get her a hard drive. Great!

Well it's time for me to start getting ready to close up and leave, and I think that I just got the last piece of the ISO.

Well, tomorrow I have to go to town to sign away alot of money and show them my pay slip.

See ya.



- There I share my life.

- There I have links to what use to be my life.

- There you can find out what I might want out of life.

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February 25, 2006

Healthy Cooking: Spa Menus with Canyon Ranch at Epicurious.com

Healthy Cooking: Spa Menus with Canyon Ranch at Epicurious.com

I started blogging tonight.. but I had to save it and not publish it.

I'm still around. I'll try and post the two if not three past blogs that I have sitting in draft.

Above... something to make your weekend a bit sweater.

See ya...

February 15, 2006

Steak and BJ Day

Steak and BJ Day

Don't look at the Gallery.

It's and intresting bid for a equal holiday for the guys like the girls have V-day.

I'm just passing it on. It's a nice note to put in your calender is what I thought if you had someone that is.


February 14, 2006

I Lost.

That computer that I told you about that Little Ray gave me to fix for him, well I can't fix it. I dug up things that I've heard of but never tried, and despite myself, I stayed up until 3 am trying to find a way, but today was it.

I conclude that the hard drive is dying. I won't know for sure if it's some other part of the laptop until I replace the laptop and try to install the OS. But I'm pretty sure that it's the hard drive since

Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser

Couldn't delete the very first cluster since it was damaged, then at the same point the computer just shut down twice on me. We have told Ray to tell the person that he want's his money back for this, and that we would pay him $50EC for it. The battery doesn't work, we have to get a new one, and it doesn't come with power cord, and we have to replace the hard drive. If we had to get any more parts for it, he would have to pay us to take it.

While I was in my last ditch attempts to fix his laptop, I wasted a cd, found out that it was a good thing that my sister saved a new usb floppy drive and disks from the trash, and almost crashed my sister's laptops trying out some software. I fixed that one after the blue screen of death came up twice for her. I did a restore. I'm glad I turned that back on. *grin*

It's just tonight that I really got on line for any thing personal. I first checked my school mail. The lady for the site is meeting me on Friday. I have one thing to post when I get in. I got a thank you note from one student, and the rest is mostly mass e-mails. Oh, there was one from Rick. He saw a small notch the he could fill with most of us taking the old striped computers that the school was going to toss. They need memory, a hard drive, and a monitor if they aren't replacing a current computer. I have a hard drive I could put in it, but I would need memory and a monitor. I just started of thinking of replacing this computer with that one. It's a pIII in that shell, but I would have liked a few newer parts, and USB 2.0 but it could just keep me quite about not being able to do some stuff until I get the money for all the really new stuff. The next one might be for Nika, but then we started to think of giving the laptop to Nika if we got it, and got it going. Either which way, we will need to get a router for this to really work.

My ankle kept me in bed most of the day. It was hurting me really bad when I went to bed something this morning, so I tried to stay off of it to make sure I could go to work tomorrow. Despite my little injury, I was still asked to do a few things, and use the bathroom and answer the phone that was more or less "2" rooms away. Speaking of phone. We, we meaning me, have finally hooked up the answering machine that we got like the middle of last year. I was the first to use it, it turns out, and my sister said that it came out great, but the two that I had to delete didn't sound that great. I know why for the first one, it was a cell call, but I don't know what was up with the second one.

At least I had my audio books to keep my company for the day. Jhodie did her things this morning along with checking out Ram's for the stuff for Ray as well as for us, but the really cheep stuff were gone. Like dah. Then she went to work for 1:15pm, and when she got back at like 5:30 she was talking about going out fishing. She changed her mind. Later I found out that it was a paying gig. Someone was going to pay her for the fish. She was too tired anyway.

I found out that the cheddar triscuit goes well with tuna salad. The onion is still with me almost 7 hours later. I have some pics of the plants we have on our porch or landing as we call it down here, and one of Nika asleep in the couch, Jhodie got a few of the outside of the house and one more of the plantins. Now half the bunch is yellow. She said that I could take some for M since we don't want any to go to waste.

I have $7 on me to get me to and from work tomorrow. I get the rest of my bus money Wednesday night. We had a nice family time for about 20mins on my bed with me playing my audio book, and Jhodie and Nika on the computer, with all of us being on my bed.

The sad part of the day was when Nika told Jhodie that someone took her purse from her. She told me that she lost it running around the school today. Then Jhodie asked her a few more q's about it, and it seems that someone walked up to her, took her purse, put their money it, then walked away with it. She didn't do anything. She'll attack and fight us, but she won't fight to keep her stuff in school. How are we suppose to fix that one??

Ok, I have to go wash my stuff for work, and spell check this thing. I don't think I missed anything from today. ...

February 13, 2006

My Sister's Current Prize

My sister "picked" this on Friday if not Thursday.

When she cut down the bunch and the tree, you have to cut down the tree when you cut the plantains/bananas off of it, all of them were the colour green at the top. Over the weekend, mostly today, they started to turn yellow.

My sister asked if I blogged. You know I haven't blogged in a while, but I do have a draft waiting to be spell checked since my last blog.

Today I went walking. I wasn't prepaired for the distance we went. I have to wear pants tomorrow, and tomorrow we are going a bit further than today. We are also going to check on a sale of 5 gallon paints that they are are having at the end of the walk. Then we have to walk it back. I don't know if we are going to get any of the paint. We have to see if they will still have any by the time I get paid at the end of the week.

I'm suppose to some how get a walk in every day. It will be tiring and intresting to see how I do it for Wed, Thurs, and Friday.

Little Ray, I should get you a pic of that boy, well, he brought by a laptop for me to have a look at. It started off as being told that it had a virus to shutting down when you try to fix parts, to what I beleive to be the hard drive slowing dying. I have like one thing left that I can try on it. It would be nice if it just didn't shut down on you when you look at a bad cluster never mind try and fix it. I stayed up until 4 something this morning trying to fix it. Tonight I don't have that option since I have a time limit on our walk and when we have to be back home. Jhodie has a job at 1pm I think.

Nika has her cold still, but at least her ear isn't hurting her any more.

On Friday nothing much. I think I made some wallpaper and posted them on Deviantart and a little work on the website job that I have. I should say had, but she wants me to show her how to make changes, but she really can't. I would have to make them for her. I'm waiting until I meet her to let her know this, even though I told her the hard way before. I don't think she understood based on the last e-mail I got from her. On Saturday I scanned the pages/jobs I had for two teachers. I made it harder on myself than I had too. I waisted like 2 hours on 6 pages. Near the end another teacher showed up and I helped him. M left as I was finishing up so I walked down to "man" the LRC. I'm not sure what I did for the rest of the day. But at the end of the day, I found a nice pen, and an ipod shuffle. They were going to come back for that one. I couldn't beleive that they forgot their music. It must be something new for them. I tested it out. Not bad. Had a look on the inside. I was actully going to give the person one of my songs for the fun of it, but they didn't have real names, and I didn't want to put one on that messed up the whole thing. So I just left it in the lost and found place.

Sunday Ron showed up, and I worked on getting a new working search page going. I came across this "little" project when I was asked to find out about something that I already knew about that was hidden behind bad handwriting. That day I found an m that looked like and n. I didn't think you could get that wrong. No wonder they were in a tissy over the SN for the comptuers that we were getting rid of. Oh, I remember part of Friday now. They were dumping about 12 computers that they had stripped the memory and hard drive from. I asked for two. They are now in Gary's car waiting for directions to my house. *grin*

Now I have to get memory, hard drives and a monitors. Sunday night was good for me. I had heat, I had something to work on and I only felt hungery twice. I ate at like 12 and I didn't get anything to eat until I got home at 10:30 or so. I walked an extra 4 blocks when the bus stopped at the gas station, and I thought I could walk it home before it passed me. I came close. I had half a block left when it passed me. Now the only "bad" thing that came my was that before Ron left for home that night he sent out a department wide e-mail about our dress code. I was told that I was doing well for the past two years on my dress, and the time I showed up at work was fine. Just don't get sick was my last thing. I'm glad to say that this wasn't because of me. One of the new guys showed up to work, on Thursday in the wrong kind of clouths. So wrong, that he was sent home to change what he had on. Now he had tighted the whole dressing thing for the rest of us. Where as we had a little lee way, we won't have any for maybe the rest of the semester.

The last bit of drama before I get ready for bed. Today after school, Jhodie talked about me going down town with Nika to get something. I think it's some stove top for little Ray. He came by and nibbled on our dinner. It was stove top with scalloped potatoes and some baked chicken. Anyway, I was still sore from the walk that finished like 40 mins before, so Nika decides to go B's for the rest of the afternoon. Jhodie then asked me to go get Nika from B's at almost most 7:30 and just as I was about to ask her to help me comb out my hair, B's shows up with Nika. She was crying. B's said that Nika wanted to come home. Nika said that she thought that Jhodie wasn't going to come for her. I knew that Jhodie took to long to go for her. So I as left to go back and get Nika's scotter. Had to wait until Nika stopped crying before Jhodie could let her go and comb my hair. As I walked up the shop, I realized that B and B's mom was just about to leave. She said that she locked the scotter in the shop. Fine. We will just get it tomorrow.

Ok, that's it. Night.

Forgive my grammer and spelling. I'm not checking tonight. I don't think that I messed up to badly. Posted by Picasa

February 07, 2006

It's almost a week.

I have wanted to post a blog since Wednesday, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

I was going to do it this weekend, but lucky me I received the information for the site I told you that I had been hired for. I spent the next two-day working on it. I didn't expect to finish it so soon. I was planning on showing her a template of the site in 4 days. I finished the whole thing in a day and a half.

Here is a pic of my uncle. He saved our supper on Wednesday. The gas started to act up again. He came by and banged on the round thing between the gas tank and the pipe going to the stove. It turns out that there was water in there that was stopping the gas from getting to the stove.

On Thursday nothing much happened. Near the end of the day I was asked by Rick to install some drivers on a desktop. It gave me a time. Tishion had to help me, and I left him to do the rest of it when it came time for me to leave.

On Friday I worked some more on the computer but that was after our free lunch. Rick sprang for lunch. It's how he celebrates his birthday it seems. We also had something of a meeting during this little lunch. Then in the end, they had a birthday cake for Rick and I. It had our names on it. It's the first cake I think that I ever had with my name on it. I know I had one back when I was like 11 or so, but it was a plane cake with no song or anything.

Later in the day a student showed up with a cam for sale. This is one of the few things that I'm actually going to buy for myself. It's a 3mega pixels cam that can take movies. It took us a while to find out how to just turn it on to take a pic. It wasn't her cam after all. She was selling it for someone else who had already left. I agreed to buy it. It's going to cost me $345 I think.

On Saturday I showed up a little late. I was up late Friday night tapeing an anime movie. “Sprite Away” actually. It came on, on cartoonnetwork so I was cutting out the ads until I was two tired to stay up any long. I made it as far as the stop at "Swapbottom". I think that was what the stop was called.

To tell the truth, I would have liked a change to tape "Whispers of the Heart". It's quite a normal type movie. A slice of life type of movie. I liked how simple everything was.

On Saturday a guard had come by before I got in. He was early. I expected him to come by after 3. Then within 15 mins of me sitting down at my desk the dean and his wife showed up. That was quite a surprise. As always, he barely talked to me. There is something about me that he doesn't like. He is the newest person there, but it's been years, he should have gotten use to my look by now.

Either which way. I settled down to work, and I got a copy of the book for Nika.

Then the guard showed up again. He came for something that I didn't know about. He brought a job for me to do for him. But I had time before I could start it or even had to think about it. He didn't even need it for at least 9 months. He as just asking me.

I was so into making it that I didn't realize that it was so close to closing time until I looked down at the clock and saw that it was 5 past 10. There were still students in the LRC on the computers. Well what do I expect? No one told them that it was time to leave. So I set up the program and it sent out a message that the LRC was now closed and that the computers were going to restart in 5 mins. Then 4 mins later they got up and left.

I ended up leaving a bit later. I had stuff to do still. I left so late that the guards going home gave me lift into town.

Sunday I finished up the site and tackled a few things I had in mind to get done. I wasn't planning on telling her that I had finished so soon, but I ended up doing so anyway. That was at 9pm. I played my game until closing. I had done some real work work before, not that there is really any work for me on the weekend once it wasn't left over from the week itself.

She never got back to me, but then I didn't that she would once I saw what time it was when I sent off the e-mail. I was after 9. So I waited until it was closing time, and I mostly left on time.

I was suppose to go by my uncle's house on Saturday, but I didn't know until I was leaving, and at that point it was too late. Sunday I tried to get to work early to get lunch or at least show up early considering the day before. So Monday I went by. I got there like 2 hours too late it turns out. My uncle was playing with his cam and somehow was able to get rid of the pics that he wanted saved to the computer. The odd thing is, there were other pictures on there, and they were still there by the time I came over to copy them off. I haven't a clue how he got rid of the other pics without knowing it, and how he was able to leave the others behind.

He was not happy. I had to hold on to the cam to make sure he didn't break it. He was not happy. The pictures that were missing were of a small family reunion that they had last week. If I hadn't gone to town earlier that afternoon with Nika to buy some cereal I would have gone to his house instead. Oh well. As for my short trip to town, we got three cereals, a box drink and one bread. Along with bus fare to get back home, it come up to $39. I was hoping that I was going to have enough money left from the $40 that I took off the bank to get another cornflakes if the one I got wasn't that good. I let Nika show me the way back to the bus stop. She has to learn how to get from some places to other places by herself incase anything happened. I did the same thing on the way over to Uncle Ray's house, but she still wanted to take the wrong turn that she took the last time I let her lead me there.

I always hope that I would only be a short time over at my uncle's, but it just about never turns out that way. I got there like 6 something, but we didn't get to leave until after 8. He gave us a ride home that I said ok to since I had hurt my ankle some how.

It's currently 6pm Tuesday evening and it still hurts. I've managed to stay off of it for most of the day. And for most of the day my sister has been making a skirt for Nika. She just finished it like 30 mins ago. Now she is tending to dinner, I'm writing my blog and Nika is watching tv. Well she was watching tv. She has now been told to do her homework, and Jhodie had gone for a bath. Something I will have to do soon. All this time I've been playing "The Complete Chronicles of Narnia" I'm playing the first chapter now, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Like I said I already played chapter 6 first, "The Magicians Nephew".

Now it's Wednesday night and I am now posting. Tomorrow I have to try and get up early without waiting for my sister. I waited for her to wake me up to wake up almost at 10:30 with her sleeping in her bed. Grief!

I had to call in late, and had popcorn to eat for the whole day until I got home. And when I got home the house looked worst of mess then when I left this morning. She hadn't cooked or cleaned. She went to get fries and chicken. Since I have to get up early tomorrow I think that I get up a bit earlier so I can get lunch from the new Ital place. I wanted some lentil patties today.

Off to spell check... oh before I do.... here's the link for the site I did over the weekend that I told you about. http://www.pigtalepublishing.com

See ya.