May 22, 2008


I like red. I wore that colour as much as I could growing up.

A few months ago, I got this email about something called "Red".

In the e-mail I got, it was letting me know about a red edition of Vista and red Laptop from Dell. So tonight I decide to check it out since I'm cleaning out my inbox over at hotmail. I don't use it that often, so why did I have over 4 pages in my inbox?

So I'm knocking out this, and that and ditching what nots, when I opened up the said e-mail.

I clicked on it and I did not end up where I expected to. It seems that they are part of something. It's like a few companys got together and said that they will do a red line of something that they make and it's procedes would go towards this cause.

So here is the link for you to check it out and maybe even help out.

I'll also have this as a link over on the side for a while.


Yesterday I went out and today I went out. Yesterday it was for my hair and to wash a few things, and so some small shop runs for my mom. First it was for mini pita bread, then it was for sliced meat and cheese.

Last night I was also going to head out to the movies for tuesday free night and watch the next Narnia movie. But I didn't feel like going for such a late showing of 10:15pm. While I was checking to see when the last showing would be, I also saw a movie that was showing and couldn't believe it. It was only showing for two nights at 7:30pm. So I was there tonight.

The movie. Death Note. At the end I found out that it's really Death Note Part 1. I have finally made it to an anime related something. I know about Death Note, I just stopped myself from really watching or reading it. So I just had to go to the movie. They do such a good job of letting you know what the whole thing is about. I am now caught up. I just have to see how it ends now.

I liked the movie. A few things could have been differnet for me to really enjoy it. One, I wish it was subtitled and not dubbed. I'm not afraid to read and I like to hear the actor's real voice. And two, all the kids that showed up. They were making noise during the show and laughed at points that I thought weren't funny at all.

On a slight upside, some asian kids (boys) showed up as some of the people in the moive. One kid did a passable "L". I don't know what the chain was for, but I seem to remember it from some thing I saw somewhere in the anime.

Well, I had to pay full price for the show. It was a special showing and no discounts were allowed. I didn't think twice about paying full fare. I also saw that they were going to have a Bleach movie showing early June. So besides some rain, and some noisy kids, I had a good day.

See ya. :)

May 20, 2008

Help Haagen-Dazs save the honey bees!

Click on the pic to see what they are talking about.

I just got it in my mail today. I don't really eat ice cream anymore for known reasons.

But there is nothing stopping you as far as I know.

May 18, 2008

No Wonder The Poor Have More Kids.

Mirena IUC

This is where I finally ended up tonight. I've been thinking of going there for about a month and a half now. I was set to go in and get the copper T IUC, but then I read that it could make my cycle worst. I wasn't ready to go there. So when I saw this on tv, and heard how it could lighten my cycle I was thinking cool.

So like I said, I just got around to checking it out and then I went the page for you to check and see if it's covered under your insurance/heath care plan. They also show you how much it cost in cash.

Gazooks! It costs $585.89. US dollars!

I'm calling up my heath care people to see if I'm covered. Almost $600 for birth control. I think that they are really trying to get that it's a one in 5 year thing across to potential users for that price.

Well for the rest of my life as drab as it is, I've hooked up the laptop with the busted screen to the old ctr monitor. It's been next to bed so I can read my stories while in bed. I've hardly had the tv on since I've got it going. It took me longer than I thought to get the laptop to show the ctr screen.

I also got my resume off the desktop and unto the laptop today, so I could send it off to Staples. I can only hope. I'm thinking of looking on craig's list again. I also have to get the finaid going. I know I said it before.

Last Tuesday I went to the movies again. I took Jhodie and Nika. They got the free tickets and I paid half price for myself. They went to see Iron Man again, I went to see Speed Racer. It wasn't too bad. I expected to see more people there. I was kinda early and it was on a Tuesday, I'm sure that cut down on the crowd.

After the movie Jhodie went to see her friend over in Queens. I told her not to go, but she wanted to, and mom wasn't happy either.

What else? Well there is the thing with the second laptop coming from gateway. They were sent the money by the bank, and they actually shipped it out, and it got here Thursday, and we set it back without touching it. Or was it Wednesday? Either which way, the next day I believe we got her printer, and slip case for her laptop. Two things were slightly wrong there. One, the case was suppose to the same size of the laptop. It was slightly bigger. Oh well. Next was the printer. That was really two "problems" in it's own way. One, it was bigger than what she thought it was going to be and two, it didn't have the USB cable to connect it to the laptop. Ya. So after tapping it for a while, she cut out the Proof Of Purchase, and got ready to send back for her $10 back rebate. It was $60 printer. A very good looking $60 printer that also scanned as far as I was concerned. Well she changed her mind last night and said that she was going to send it back. The hiccup is that now she can't find the proof of purchase that she cut off of the box. Great two weeks she's having ha? Today she was on the phone bickering with gateway over getting the money back for the second laptop that she sent back.

Tomorrow I'm downing pain pills and washing some whites and getting my hair done.

See ya.

May 14, 2008

My mom got it today.

New monitor.

Hey, I just sent it in and I'm amazed that my phone could take some good pics some times, then completely suck at taking other others.

Specs -

Envision - Professional Series G917W1
19" widescreen
1440x900 max resolution. (currently using)
Glossy Piano Black Finish. *grin*
160/160 wide viewing angle

Here is better pic of it.

If you want to see their site and check it out more...

See ya. :)

May 11, 2008

New Laptop


No, I didn't get one. My sister did. Phillys.

She just had to get a new one, and she semi talked "gateway" in getting it to her by or before her birthday which is tomorrow. She's four years younger than me. That's all I'm saying.

Well after alot of hassle she got it yesterday. She was having problems with her bank when she first sent for the laptop. She tried to buy two, but they thought that some had gotten a hold of her card since she tried to buy two laptops at the same time. The next one was to be sent to our uncle back home. She had "promised" to send him one years ago. She had gotten one a few years back, then promptly broke the screen. So now she thought that she could send and get it fixed and finally send it down, but the price to fix it went up to $600. We don't know why, but we knew that at that price, we could just get him a new one. So she tried.

After they deactivated her card and stopped the payments, she called them up and tried to explain what was going on. She thought when she hung up the phone that she had gotten the use of her card back, and that she had also canceled the order/payment for the second laptop. She decided to get him a cheaper one than the tricked out one she was going to get. So I went looking for one over at I then tried to pay for said laptop, to find that I couldn't use her card.

Personally I do not really believe that it was re-activated, but I did see that her bank paid gateway for two laptops. Which is odd, since she only ordered one. The poor person who got her phone call at costumer help. Well, after that, I'm not sure what happened, but I do know that when she gets the money back, I will be told and I may still be sent to get the laptop for him.

But the bad vibes don't end there. She was called once on Friday and once on Saturday by fedex to let her know that her package was here, but they didn't have a apt # to send it to. So she went to pick it up.

She got there and they gave her a laptop slim bag. Where was the laptop? She was told something weighting 3lbs was here for her. This was no where near 3lbs. The lady there said that there was nothing else for her. She told her to check. She just said that there was nothing else for her. I was told she didn't check her computer to make sure. So she leaves and was on the bus back home when they called her and told her that her package was waiting for pick up. It's at this point that she called home and ranted to Jhodie and asked for her tracking number. I think. I wasn't feeling good at this point and went back in my bed to lay down. I had tried to eat cheetos and apple sauce and I felt that the cheetos didn't like the idea or me. But there was a phone call or two, and one contained the tracking number or numbers. For some reason there were two.

I woke up with Phillys putting her new, big, enclosed laptop shipping box on my back. She wanted me to wake up. She needed me to set up her laptop. Connect it the network, add the printer, moved her files over from the other laptop, and uninstall un-need things and put a few things in and update the whole lot.

I am looking at windows Vista here. I hadn't touched that OS since I tried out for the job at Horsford back home. But it wasn't so bad. I had time to really look  at things and understand how it worked. The thing that took the longest was moving her movies and music over. The network kept failing, or it would be ok, but we would loose Internet and I would have have to unplug and plug the router. So who ever was trying to use the Internet would have to wait until I had finished moving over the set of files I had going at the time before they got Internet back.

I like it. It's red, and it has interesting controls. Ofcourse it's fast, the proof that it's new, but I'm sure being dual core helps. Other than my little bit in helping to set it up for her to use, no one is really suppose to touch it. It has one profile and it's password protected. Fine.

My bother came by last night to tell Jhodie and mom happy mother's day because he was shipping out today. He was by late, so mom didn't get much sleep before she had to get up go to work this morning.

Other than watching my sister explode, I'm made a new friendship with a fan fiction writer. I'm even helping her with one of her stories. She's nice.

Well, I'm off to check a few things and trying not to eat a full meal today. Phillys wanted to go out to eat, but between the time that Jhodie gets off work and when mom has to leave for work, there wasn't much time to really go out, so we are eating in. Jhodie and Phillys are going to pick up the orders from BBQ's. I almost stopped myself from getting the tempura again, but it didn't happen, but I got a spinach salad and a turkey burger to go along with it.

Well see. :) I have to go see about some stories.

May 07, 2008

Way Cool!!!!

Hi ya...

I got myself out and I went to a movie. Iron Man actually.

It was almost beyond cool.

Loved it, and had a decent time out too. Took my optimum card with me and didn't have to pay for my ticket. I got a berry smoothly with soy milk, and I picked up some sweet seaweed sticks.

I loved the movie, but I can't really tell what happens since you may not have sen it. And if you really haven't seen it yet, WHAT IS STOPPING YOU??????

It's so good. Congrats to Robert Downey Jr. I loved him in this. I'm so happy he got himself together to show us what he could do in this movie.

I almost thought about staying back and watching it again, but I don't want to just watch it again, I want to turn back time and relive watching it again.

Wicked Cool!

The movie started at 8:45pm it was 2 hours and 6 mins long, and I got home at midnight. Not bad. The only thing that slightly tainted this whole outing for me was that my new shoes hurt my feet. I know, as I was getting undressed I remembered, I forgot to take the pic of m in my new shoes to show what I got.

Next time I'll try and take the pic before I leave the house. :) Hows that?

Well night. Enjoy.

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May 04, 2008

Corn-dogs and Movies.

Two things that I have nothing to do with it seems.

A few days ago, when I went to get my shoes actually, we stopped off at Target and my sister got some corn-dogs. She liked them I asked for one, and it wasn't what I expected. I don't know what I expected at the time.

Either way, Jhodie went the next day and got a box for her and Nika. The first box was only for Phillys and she already polished them off come the next night after she got them. She didn't eat anything else. She is digging her own graves.

Well ofcourse Nika likes them, and is always asking for one when she says she's hungry, not that give it her. Like tonight before she went to bed. I had a tomato and cucumber sandwich. Two really. I like the first one so much I made another one. Mom doesn't like to buy tomatoes to often because she thinks we don't eat them fast enough. She just buys too many at once most of the time. Today, Thursday really, she only got one.

As for the movies part. Jhodie and Phillys have spent 12 hours movie hoping. Some how they sneak from one to another and they left sometime around 1pm and they just got back after 4am. I didn't tell mom what time they really left, or it would just be a saved up fight that I'm going to hear tomorrow. This morning actually. So I just told her that they left this afternoon. I know she wouldn't like it, but it's better then saying that Jhodie ran out of church, grabbed one of the corns when she got home and ate it as she was changing to go to the movies so they could meat their first show time.

Me, I had a less filling day. I should have gone bus riding if I felt like getting dressed. I will be going to the movies myself this Tuesday. I'm not staying as long as them. I only have one movie that I want to see until the hulk one comes out. I also danced a bit when I did the dishes. I wore my new mp3 player. Phillys had gotten an arm band with her first mp3 player but never used it and we just recently found it. So I'm using it.

I should be going to bed, but I got such a good rest before I cleaned up the bedroom yesterday. I also realized that a new month has started. I didn't even realized until I went to take some pics off my phone. I was trying to take a pic of my hair falling across my right eye. I would tell you what I saw, but then you may see that part of me like I do, and I don't want to taint your vision.

I have the air con going.... oh, I fell a bit off track. Now that I know it's the start of the month, I have to go and post for the wallpaper club tomorrow by sunrise. I'm toying with the idea of making a screen saver for my club of Asian girls. Yes they are mostly naked. I like Asian girls. But I was thinking of making it some kind of prize for a desktop contest or something. But considering that my desktop is blank, I thought that it wasn't a good contest after all. So I may just make it and post it. To kina make up for not posting that much naked girl wallpapers on my club.

Well I found a story on a site that I hadn't read yet, so before my butt huts more, I'm going to read it then turn in. Hopefully before my mom gets back from work.

Night/Morning as the case my be.

May 01, 2008

A Better Trailer.

Hi ya.

What does this look like to you?

ulk 2

I may put this onto a black backing and call it wallpaper. :) Why?.. to make up for the fact that if you click it, it will take you to the new trailer that tells a better story of what gives in the new movie. It almost feels like this was how it was suppose to be. I didn't need the new beginning that they did in the first movie. I like the one from the tv show. The one in from the 70's where they changed his name to David and made Bruce his middle name because at the time they said that made it sound "gay". Sad but true. You can see it in the intro when he's looking at his grave before they split the screen and you his normal self and the hulk.

Other than being up late again. I went shoe shopping yesterday with my sister and mother. My mom because she had the money, and my sister because she wanted to to make sure I got good shoes and a pair for the gym. I should be getting the membership thing soon depending on when my sister-in-law sent it off the paperwork.

I'll get pics later. I may or may not be dressed up at the time. I'll see. I also swung by greyhound and asked them how much to go to Key West. $300. Hah?! I can fly there for cheaper. I also asked about Ohio, but they needed to know where in Ohio, and I couldn't remember the place, so no dice there. I'll have to look up the places on line.

I'm thinking of going to the movies this Tuesday. I may ask Hayden to come with me if he doesn't have "homework". He's a teacher.

I think that's it. I do have to make up a new cover letter maybe to drop off with my resume. I have the shoes just in case I'm asked into an interview when I got to drop it off. Not really expecting it, but who knows. At least I will have something to show up in when I am called for one.

Well that's it. Going to find a short story to help put me to sleep, or at least to help me dream of something nice.