January 23, 2010

My beta-ing.

Thank you g*d.

I've finished doing the major editing of chapter two. I almost cried at the end. I hate these kinds of stories. Even if my first story to FF wasn't all the cheerful.

So tomorrow I can do my last run through and hopefully not find too much out of place to send it to her sometime Sunday. I pushed myself to get this done since I'm running out of break time.

It's 5:23am. I don't care about the 5 dishes in the sink. I'm going to bed.

Good night.

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January 22, 2010

Multimedia message

The complicated relationship has a new bump. I think I already talked about in my last post but for some reason I feel like talking about it a little bit more.

I haven't gone to see him sine we were caught and I was asked to leave. He is being himself and not texting me. But that just makes me worry. Has his phone was taken away or if he's just not answering me or if he just forgot to charge it again since he is normally good at answering the questions I ask him even if he doesn't text much.

I miss him.

January 19, 2010

My day was a see-saw of bad and good things.

First thing. The desk that I was going to buy on line sold out. Next I missed the bus I was going to catch but didn't care and luckily another one came right behind it. I ran and caught it. As I got to the subway my train showed up. I found pearl paint easily, went to the floor where they had their desks and saw the desk that was being sold on line for $80. They had it for a bit more. Granted the one I found on line was on sale, but I wasn't going to pay $174 for just the base of the table.

Since I was there I got three things that I think I will need for this semester drawing class and left to find the bus to the park. It was two buses really. I had to transfer. Well, on my way there, some really pretty head clip spike things caught my eye and I thought of getting one for my friend's mom. I found out that today was her birthday. I looked at them and looked and talked to the girl at the stall, and then I got the price.$10. It doesn't sound that bad. But I'm jobless, and looking at my last $130 that was planning on spending for a table that my mom would give me back the money for since she said that she would get me the table.


I went and got the money, then walked around the lady and the store, to try to catch the bus, to save my $10, but I then thought that it wasn't that much. I'll would get it back when I got what was left of my FinAid check in March, and I was going to get the money back from mom for the table and my sister was getting me a metro card for my first month back at school. So I went and get the hair bobble.

I got there, picked the one that I thought would look good on her and paid for it. I was also able to catch the bus that I had been waiting for. Oh, when I was leaving Pearl paint I snagged some bubble wrap that they were throwing away. That comes into play later. I then made my way to the park. It was easy enough to fine. I found out that it was just two blocks over from the place I go to watch movies and three blocks down. It's called "The High Line" here is the link.


Now on my way there, on the second bus, I saw an art supply place that was more or less across the street from the movie place that I never saw. But I stayed on the bus. I got to the park with 10 mins to spear. So I took some night shots. I think 3 came out well, I haven't looked at them yet.

Then I walked back to the store to find out that it closes at 8pm. The same time that the park closed and kicked me out. :) Great. So I walked into traffic. I jaywalked, slowly, across a 4 lane street to a 99cent store. In there I found a little bag to put the gift in and I picked up some Pringles.


I then got on the train and wrapped the hair thing in some bubble wrap and placed it in the bag. When I got to Brooklyn I then called my friend to tell him to come and get the gift from me to give his mom since he said that I couldn't come over because it was just family that was going to be there for her birthday, but he said that since I was there I could come in. I came in and I saw the guys from down stairs there. Ok. They then gave me cake. It was chocolate on chocolate. Part of it was so creamy that if it was cold I would have sworn it was ice-cream.


Well she liked my gift, and I stayed and chatted for a while before going up to hang out with my friend in his room.

At this point he kisses me. ... he shows me his computer, we play golf on the new WII in his room and then he asks to do something....and his dad catches us.

I am then told that it would be best if I left, he argues that he is old enough to do this and I stayed out of it and a floor away. I kissed him goodbye and went to catch the bus home.

Now I'm home.

How was your day?

January 16, 2010

T-Mobile, Vonage to Allow Free Calls to Haiti

T-Mobile, Vonage to Allow Free Calls to Haiti

My Friend Tanzi told me about Vonage and I looked it up to make sure that it was true... ya, I don't go for rumors much.

Well I'm sharing the link so that those of you who might be able to use it will know about it.

I didn't realize until now that on my birthday, when I could say that I have a boyfriend the earth shook for the wrong reason.

January 07, 2010

24 hours? How long have I been awake?

Let's see. Yesterday I got up at about 2pm, waited for the bathroom to get ready to leave to find my friends. I got there an hour late I think.  I think. I don't remember what time I got there now that I try to think back. It was suppose to be three girls and one boy. They boy couldn't make it.

He is having issues at home and his folks are sending him to a place that helps him move into being self dependent. So those of us who stayed in the city went to Ikea and then took the water taxi over to Manhattan after sunset, and then walked around the piers for a while. We had gotten something to eat back at Ikea so we saved our money for the train ride home.

They went home and I went to see the boy who should have been back home by now. We hung out and talked until I left just after 11pm to catch the bus for home...

Home yes.

I finished up that girl’s story. I did my chapter, you should review that on line when you get a chance, then I got an update for two stories. I did the shorter one first. I just started reading the second one because after my review of the first one, she asked me to beta her story for her. Dear G**. I told her that I would until I started classes come Feb. BTW, I have to make sure that I'm registered before the first of Feb, since that is the first day of classes. I'm thinking of registering on the 12. You know, start my b-day off with a bang.

Well, I did her story, which was short thank goodness. After all of that reading and editing and my eyes started to scratch when I looked up and started to watch Sun Rise Earth on HD tv. They were in Cambodia today. So I waited for Phillys to finish getting ready and out of the house. I don't like being in her path when she's getting ready. That is my sister by the way. She will stay in bed until she has 15 mins to be out of the house, then she is up and rushing to get everything done to leave just in time. She started taking showers at nights so she can just get up and get dressed in the mornings.

Oh, before the whole cleaning and repacking and such I was helping my sister with her laptop. It's floating in a pool of it's own circuit fluid. Ok, so it wasn't that bad, but it looks fairly dead. You turn it on and it would blue screen, restart, blue screen and restart again until you turned it off. So I went through every xp install cd that I had. One won't get past installing the dll for the keyboard, then the next one couldn't get past this sector of the hard drive, and the next one said that it couldn't even find the hard drive to install the os. Oh, I almost forgot that somewhere in all this it told us that the fan wasn't working. Great. I help her take the laptop apart. We made sure everything was seated, and we cleaned it as much as we could. There were dust bunnies hanging out with hair in there. No wonder it said the fan wasn't working. She put it back together and we turned it back on but it still blue screened, so I'm saying it's dead.

So after that, with the sun up and I started to clean the kitchen. Then when I was done with that I cleaned up the mess that was left of this shelf that was next to the bathroom. The day before it was broken down and scrubbed, but it seemed like I was left to put it back together and put the stuff back onto it.

So as 10:59am came around I crawled into bed, texted one friend and went to sleep. For 4 hours. I didn't want to up, but no one would let me sleep. They couldn't get that I just went to bed.

Some how I was able to stay awake until now, but I just think that, that is because I ate around 5pm and I couldn't get back to bed.

I'm now up because this is my up time. *grin*.


So now, I'm looking at "Launch My Line" on Bravo and I'm thinking of getting something to eat and I need to find a fingernail clipper.

That is my day. :)