December 31, 2009

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Happy New Year.

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my new years eve dinner. :)

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"We are the sure fire winners!" I have my phone back. I forgot it at s friends house yesterday. I hated myself for that. I had no way to tell time. :(
I'm at the bus stop now. Ya I was out late, but I didn't get his house until after 8.

December 22, 2009

Ended up having to get the 10:45pm show of Avatar at 62 St. So I'll be here for a while. I should have come here first, but no, I had to try and see the 3D one down on 23rd St, to just find out that all the shows had been sold out.

I then had to walk about 9 or 10 long cold snow covered NY city blocks to use my transfer to get the bus up to 62 st. I even had to run the last block to catch the bus and I got on a bus who's stop was another 5 blocks past my stop.

So I had to go walk my butt back down all those blocks after I started to get warm. I wasn't warm yet, just getting there. At least it was along the short sides of the blocks. Then when I got there I had a little surprise.

They had two kinds of the Avatar movie showing. They had the 3D that I thought was only showing at 23rd and the normal one. Fine I said. I'll try and watch the 3D one. I walked up, gave the person my card and asked for a ticket for the 3D one. Then she asked me for $3. I looked at her. Then told her, "Oh no, I don't need the glasses I brought my own." "no" she tells me. You still have to pay the $3. Great. Fine. A ticket for the normal movie then. Which started at 10:45pm. I think it was only 8pm at the time, so I was in for a long wait.

I didn't the line for my movie, but while I was waiting, I saw a few people who came and got tickets for the normal Avatar movie, and when I was finally seated in side I saw the place full up quickly.

It was nice movie. I know. I'm not raving. I blame it on all the plotting I've done for my stories. It is a good movie, and you should go see it if you like anything SciFi, but I know how it would play out after they gave me bits along the way. It reminded me too much of the world when it was being colonized.

When it was all said and done, I was on my way home at 2 something in the morning. I walked over to the 59th St station and took the 4 train all the way home.

December 20, 2009

Chapter 51

Well my chapter is up.

I just haven't gotten a notice saying so. They said to give it 30 mins, but it's been hours. I don't know what gives, but at least it is there. I checked to make sure.

Well we have snow today. I had to go out to get something from the doctor for my mom. She sounds bad, but says that it's just her allergies that are acting up now for some reason.

I finished reading a gay story that I found over at It's called "Sweet Southern Comfort". It was long, but a very, very good read, and it threw in a crime. I think I like it because it has muliti-POV's and I think it reads like how I write.

I've picked up my current chapter, and I have been working on for most of the night in between reading a new chapter for another story that was updated and I did get the notice for. :) I would have gotten one page done if I wasn't reading or working on my niece's computer which froze on me a number of times. I ran spybot at start up and that seemed to have caught what was taking up all the memory, but I ran TuneUp and did a few of it's programs before running my AV at boot up. It's doing it now. Its moved 15% in 20 mins. :) The first 30% always takes forever then it will just fly by the rest of it in less than half the time.

I keep checking the mail for stuff from you, when it hit me to just write. :)

So what are you up to?

Tomorrow I'm going to trudge out into what is left of the snow storm to get a new winter coat and maybe a cheep $10 wig. I may just buy a tub of straight while I'm at it since my hair does need to be done.

Well back to my chapter. :) I'm happy I'm working on it now, and I want to get some where with it and get that closer to the end.

Well, see ya. :)

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December 18, 2009

FW: TodaY

I found this when I got to school at 3:25 this afternoon, and they were still closed. I had to waite 20 mins before someone showed up. At least they let me stay until after 6.

I have a Question for you...

What are you having for Christmas dinner? My sister is asking what I want and the only thing I could think to ask for was stuffing, but she asked for more.

December 17, 2009

Almost over

... I'm off for my construction methods and materials exam.

It's the first of three exams and the only one I'm really worried about. I'm staying after to draw, and just worry about that until Tuesday which is my last class.

I'm out out of here.

December 14, 2009

I have once again been kicked out of my school because it was closing time. I managed to get to my latest goal point for this drawing. I j

December 13, 2009

Is it just me?

Do I have the only mother that cheers for the person to loose all the money on Deal or No Deal?

I am actually doing my math home work now.


I was kicked out the door to do to errands and did one of my own while I was out there. I was in thick layers too... so I cut down how much of me chilled, but my cheeks still didn't have much of a shot.

The first trip was to the church for my mom. She had left stuff at home and I was sent out to get them to her. One the way back I went to the bank to do something that I should have done on Thursday, but I stayed to long at school and then it was too cold to go where I should have. Honestly I forgot about the one here EasterParkway.

Then after I had my lovely dill chips I was sent on a hunt for Tridadian food. Roiti, Palorie, and doubles. I had to take two buses and then had to walk from one branch to the other because the first one sold out of doubles. I was told that I got to keep what change came back. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was looking for more than $3. So I spent two of them on some sweet bread stuffed with some sweetened red coconut.

Mom came home, and asked who the rest of the stuff was for, and I told her I have no clue. I asked for some of the palorie and didn't know how the rest of it went. So I heard her asking, and next thing I know, I see her coming into the room and handing me a double. Five mins after I ate it one of my sister came looking for it (them) and was upset that mom ate them. I told them that I heard mom asking. They said that they heard something else.

Guess they have to go and get their own another day. :)

I'm still wearing my sweats that I had under my skirt still. I seem to have lost my core heat and there is very slight draft in the bedroom.

Ok... Sleep well. :) I'm going to see about posting this next chapter before I go to bed. :)

See ya.

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December 11, 2009

This was a semi-bad Friday

I was suppose to go to school and do some more drawing. I bearly got anything done because I found a mistake and took way too long to fix it. But I've made up my mind to go in early on Monday and start drawing before my first class, during my break of my first class, and maybe, maybe I skip lunch and draw some more. But I think that since I came in early, I would have earned the right to eat something for the day.

Then I'll be there all through my drawing class and then afterwords for at least 3 hours.

That shouldn't be the other think I should be stressing out over, but for now I'm going to stop, because I already have a plan, and stressing just makes me sick and when I'm sick I can't do anything.

I cleaned up a bit of the kitchen. I washed dishes, I labeled, printed labels, bagged and re bagged baked goods and counted everything.

It seems that there is no new ep of StarGate Universe. There was one for Sanctuary, but not SG-U. Oh well. I feel like going in to bed now I can wake up and do my math if not study for this other class, but my mom has her Christian music going and loudly so. I don't really mind her playing her music. Yes her music. It's just that it's louder than the tv when it's on. It's the volume I have the most issue with. She doesn't get it.

Well, I don't feel like braving the room to get my stuff to study, so I'll work on the next chapter to post for Inuyasha. As you saw from the post before I came up with a very short something for DeathNote. It's not really yaoi, but it is about L and Light, but Light doesn't even know that he's in this story. :)

What does someone have to do to get a review I wonder. *shaking my head*....

Well I'll see what I can do.

Oh, this is kinda news worthy. I'm on Face Book now. I have fought being added to that thing, but I was finally dragged in a week or so ago by a long time friend from over in Pakistan.

I think I may just post some pictures in stead. I have barely touched them since I started school. But I'm sure that is due to the fact that I've barely taken any since I started school.

Well night. :)

Well I posted it.

It's been up since like 4am this morning.


It's seems to have been received well....but once again no reviews yet.

42 visits, and I think it kinda made people, some people, go looking at my other DeathNote story and maybe some of my other stories.
I'm sure they were disappointed with the first DeathNote story. I'm going to have to get a real yaoi story for that story. :)

Oh well.... off to pack baked goods. :)
See ya around.

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December 06, 2009

Last Night

My little outing wasn't what I expected, but it was fun in a odd way.

We were 30 mins later because one person didn't show up and didn't call so we waited for them until we said they weren't coming and moved on without them. That left must of us standing in the cold, under dressed in 36 degree weather with snow and rain falling. I need a tripod and better cam. *shaking head*... not that I even tried to take the shot. I was keeping my hands in my pockets and in my gloves to keep warm. I knew it wouldn't work, so I didn't even waste my body heat at trying to get a good shot.

My two friends showed up and one of them bought their younger brother. Amazingly he seemed to be enjoying himself. We walked around for abit and then went to the 'stain glass hands on' thing that we picked over watching "Hard Day's Night" because of the conflicting times. I had to apologize to my friends when we got there. We were surrounded by kids. Toddlers! I was just happy that we weren't the only single adults that showed up expecting a bit more. *shaking head once again*

We stuck coloured tissue paper onto plastic sheets with stick glue. Ya, they said stained glass light catchers. But we were there so we made what we could and had a decent time at it.

Well now we had time until we went dancing. We had seen them setting up the stage, but one had to leave because she couldn't stay out late with her brother and the other friend had work and needed to work on her drawing. So I wasn't going to dance by myself so I left too.

It was a degree colder and most of the strong winds had died down, and the snow was no longer falling but a few rain drops still hung around. I came home, freezing all along the way, and made a nice hot meal that my body needed. I fried up some  left over rice and tossed in some eggs and green beans. Everyone smelt my food but only my mom ate was was left on my plate. It's a good thing that I was finished.

I the stayed up reading a story that lied. It said that it was 2 chapters long, but I failed to look at the word count or I would have seen that it was two really, really long chapters at least. But I didn't. So I started to read it before looking over at the scroll bar and saw that I didn't have a bar at all. I had a shrunken  square. Then I read on and I saw that the first chapter was actually in chapters itself. I'm now about halfway down the page and I now see the words "Chapter 5". I then stopped.

I started to think that if I was willing to read this long thing I should work on my own chapter. So I went, got my story, read my next chapter, and fought with the formatting when I moved it to it's own file. I write 3 chapters to a file, but when I get ready to post them, each chapter get's it's own file.

Well I went to sleep around 5 am I think, and now I'm up and soon it will be 1pm. I have to do more than just think about my math homework.

Sooo... I guess I'm off.

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December 04, 2009

Multimedia message

Almost there. Three more doors then I can start lettering before going home, if they don't kick me out first. ;)

FW: My night

I'm at school now doing this. I've made good progress since my class ended at 6. I'm here til 8:30 then I'll stop by Pat before heading home.

November 27, 2009

School is closed until Monday. The guy freaked me out for nothing. We do have a Friday class, but that is next Friday To make up for the missed Thursday. Nardi I think will have the same thing for her english class. Hi Nardi :)

November 23, 2009

How We are graded

 61-80 is a B in my math class. An A is 81-100. So I got a B for both my math exams. Not bad.

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On my way home now. Stayed at school untill we got kicked out. I was there with one other person. I got a good amount done.
I got a B in my math exam. It was 77 I was hoping for at least an 80. :(

November 21, 2009

The New One

Well I'm switching phones. Now I have to figure this phone out. Such a shame about the other one. :(


I'm now home and I've had some time to look at it and use it and it's doesn't seem so bad now. I won't like the keyboard for a while longer still, but I'm stuck with it now once it keeps working.

I now have a Samsung Propel.

This is the color I got. Black and blue. I had my pick between this, green and black and red and white.

I'm not getting a cover for this one. I can't afford it. I'm just dying to see how much a go between is going to run me. Not!

The waved my restock fee since my phone was giving me issues and I just didn't want to change my phone just because. They also seemed to have realized that the phone had issues. Couldn't they have told me that earlier? Heck, they shouldn't have been selling it at all.

As for the rest of my day.

I ended up getting to school at 1:16pm and I found it lock down and dark. HA?!?!? What The Heck?!?!?

I thought about that before I left the house. But I thought they wouldn't been so mean to me. Last time they waited until I showed up with 45 mins to go to have them tell me that they were closing 30 mins early. Today they closed before noon! and how did I know not? How do I know that they didn't wait to see if I was coming and closed it down before I got there?

I was suppose to meet my friend there and draw together, but she never showed and I tried calling her all day to find out what was going on and to let her know that the school was closed. When I finally got a hold of her, she told me that she got there around 11am and they were closing.

I told her that wasn't true. She didn't go to school, saw them closing up and didn't call me to let me know not to waste my train fare. That didn't happen. But no, it did happen. She's not getting any of the candy I had to make up for showing up late and I told her so too.

Well Arial came down to the school and after she caught up with me after I went to AT&T and Macy's we went to where the towers were and just walked around there and wall street until we had to had. We then ate some pizzeria food and then walked two blocks to Bowling Green station and went home.

November 20, 2009

I Have A Record!

This one shot made it to over 900 hits in one day. ONE DAY!

(click on the picture to see a clearer and larger version)

In a month I never got that much with weekly updates.

The closest I ever got was what? 500?

All this is over a yaoi one shot that I made and posted over at The link is on the left side of this page.

My friend tells me that 'Drarry' is very popular in the yaoi fanfic world.

I didn't make up that word. I would say DracoXHarry or something like that. I haven't gotten the hang of which goes first. But in this story, I don't even know.

I'm amazed at the numbers, but I would love a review. I know, how could that many people view and read it, but no reviews. Well I got two reviews. One said 'great story, good ending,' the other was a bit more creative with their praise. :) But I have yet to get a proper reveiw/comment.

But I'm happy that I got anything at all. I wonder how many I'll get today. :)

On the down side of my day... I'm having issues with my phone. I think that I'll have to change the type of phone this time, and ask AT&T about their texting thing. I can't post pics now it seems. I can do it on Saturday I guess.

Oh, the other part of my test from school was to say that I passed and that I got a 86. There was no curve this time around.

Well night. :)

November 19, 2009

News flash! I had the highest score in the test. Oich! I knew I could have done better. I know where I went wrong with some so I just have to learn a bit more and I should get a 90 on my last exam. :)

November 18, 2009

Multimedia message

The man is persistant. Once again it's a shame he's black. He came back to give me his card. Seems like he is involved in a club that is having a toy drop off next month. He still tried to touch me up. Who thought lifting my shirt would get him hard? Yes he showed me the first time, and when he left the last time he said he liked what he saw. *Shaking Head*
The UPS guy felt me up after I fashed him on his request. I had to push him out the door before he tried to talk me onto a blow job. Shame he isn't non-black.

The Last Test

Well the last test for week 10.

That was Tuesday - Blue Print reading. Every class he stops and tell us it should really be called something else since the drawings are no longer blue.

Well, we had 100 questions and I got there at the stroke of 11. I was kinda 30 late. The test started 10:30am. It was to let anyone who thought that they would need extra time for the test to get that extra time. For or 5 week exam he said something along the same lines and showed up an 2 and 1/2 hours late. I was not happy with him since I came early for that test. 9 o'clock early.

Well I did good. I only left one blank because it asked us something that I know we never went over. I stayed and extra 10 mins trying to make sure that I got one set of questions right. I should have done better than my first one. I shouldn't need the curve to get to a mark of over 80.

After that nice test, I got my stuff, set up my drawing for the next class and waited with one of my friends for other friends that were still taking the test.

Yes, I had lunch today. I know I haven't said much about it. But most Mondays and Tuesdays I don't have lunch. I normally work thought them. I got to my drawing class. Set up, and start drawing and draw though lunch and through class and after class too. On Mondays I'm standing there drawing until 7:30 - 8pm. I know it sounds like a long time, and I know my feet feel it, but only on very good days do I get very far.

On Tuesdays I don't much time after class since another class takes over that room at 6:15pm. And from last week I will now be going in on Thursday to get more time in on my drawing since I can't bring it home to work on. I did say something about that already right?

This Thursday I'm thinking of showing up early since for some reason I didn't get much done today. I think half my time is taken up by just figuering out how to do it. Doing the actual drawing doesn't take that long. It's making sure it's right, knowing what I'm doing and then the lettering. For me who didn't really write anything with a pen for over 3 years it's kinda hard. But I looked it compared to some of the others in my class doesn't make it look that bad. At least not the bit I put on the paper this time.

I came home and I seemed to have fallen asleep twice, but I've been in some kind of state close to being awake for over 5 hours. I'm surprised that I'm still a wake. I'm sure my mom getting up and asking me to do stuff for her kept me up these last 2 hours.

Well I was hoping to get a one shot story back from a new friend/beta and post it today, but I haven't heard a peep out of her, and that alone is odd enough to let me know that she is very busy and most likely working on school work.

So it will have to wait until tomorrow. I hope I get it tomorrow. On Thursday my free time from home work will be over until the end of the semester in 5 more weeks.

Ok, I'm going to try and go to sleep now.

Oh, I have a pic of what I had to turn in on Monday. I wasn't finished, but I got close. Just another hour and it would have been finished. The closest I've come to handing in finished drawing in three projects.

I'm not even going to back read this. My eyes are itchy. I'm happy I can touch type. :)

November 16, 2009

Lived through the math exam better than I expected. Now in my drafting class.

November 14, 2009

November 09, 2009

This week feels too good so far. I wonder if my fall will come on test day this Thursday. :-(

November 04, 2009

The insanaty is now over. He knows how old I am and called it off. I knew that that was going to happen, I just wish that I was the one to tell him my age. Only the two girls I was hanging around with knew my age.

Now I just feel bad because I liked him. He said that he will be my friend, but you know that works. We will only be seeing each other because we have a class together. This has ruined my day.

October 30, 2009

Guess what I heard the othe day from a boy old enought to be having sex?

I almost didn't believe him. He told me that he didn't know that girls came too.

This is what is wrong with porn today. You heard me. The girl gets fucked but she then sucks the guy off until he comes. I just thought it was unfair, I didn't think it would be so
I hate myself right now. 5 hours later I realized that I gave away $4 at the place I stopped to eat at today. The girl called me back for my change, but I thought that she was talking about the 5 cents that I was expecting back and told her to keep it. It just hit me like that when I was bringing Jhodie home from the hospital.

They said that it was just hormonal, so they are saying that she might or will be put on the pill to help fix that.

In other good news my go between for my ear buds are here. I can play the music off my phone and stop missing my calls now.

At least the quize didn't happen but he made up for that with the homework. *Shaking head*


October 29, 2009

As I step off the bus she calls me.
This is not good. My sister is in the hospital. After all the tests, she is going to call me to come pick her up. We won't know how bad anything is until they learn something.
He said he loved me ... But I might still be insane. At least I got some answers for some of the things he did. :-)

October 27, 2009

Imitator Sues Artist to Overturn Copyright on Sculptural Art

This is just wrong.

"My original art has been copied by a manufacturer who is now suing me in federal court to overturn my existing copyrights and continue making knockoffs. I have a strong case, a great lawyer and believe that if I can continue to defend myself, the case will be resolved in my favor. If I run out of funds before we reach trial, a default judgment would be issued against me and could put me out of business. I don't believe my opponent can win this case in court and I don't believe he really intends to try. I believe his goal is to use strong-arm litigation tactics to force me to keep spending money or risk losing my copyrights — not by true adjudication, but by default if he is able to outspend me."

Do you believe this? Is this that the world has come to? The judge should have seen this or someone should have brought this to the judges' attention. Heck, the lawyer shouldn't be charging him a dime unless he wins or charge half price.

Well here is the link to the whole story and you can help out if can.

Why am I insane? I'm trying to date someone who has issues. Mental ones. Not to say that all of them aren't mental, just that his come with a perscription.

Like I said, I'm insane.
I'm insane.

October 25, 2009

October 24, 2009

The Things I'm Finding Online.

This is the last bit. I'm getting off line now. See ya.

Didn't Happen...

I'm still with my old phone. At lest I can make calls now until I can change it over.

I got so much wrong information that my head hurt by the time I left AT&T that the cold and rain made the night that much worst.

Firstly the place I went to on Court St, wasn't an AT&T store. It was a Radio Shack. Which I thought was a blessing when I saw that I could get the "Impression" at a much better price. I was already to get it when they said that they can't add me on to my mom's plan. That would have to be done at an AT&T store. Fine.

We tracked back the way we came with another block or so tacked on in the now 46 degrees weather. My sister who went with me ofcourse didn't feel the cold. She never feels the cold.

Well we got to the store and what is the first thing they shoot down? I would have the pay the first price I saw for the "Impression". They didn't have it that low. The lady back at Radio Shack said that they, as in AT&T, did price matching. Well they don't. They haven't in while. So I have to go back and tell them that. So now I'm picking the Neon I want the keyboard and I couldn't seem to find the other one that was on my list.

Next, I couldn't get the phone unless the owner of the account, my mother, came to the store in person and gave them permission to add me on. I asked customer care this question 2 days ago. They said that they could call my mom from the store and they could get permission that way. She didn't have to be in the store. The lady at the store said that they hadn't done that in years. Years! .... Great!

Ok, my head was hurting me at this point so I just asked a few more questions so when I came back with my mom, I could leave as quickly as possible. It looks like I will be only getting 200 text messages. That is how much $5  will get me. For $10 I can get 400. For $15 I can get 1500. Now explain that jump to me. :(  So the bill for my phone, after taxes will be about $25.

Ok, next on my very scratched up list was the adapter or go between for the head set connection. I just got some Skull Candy ear buds, and I would like to use them with the phone, but they have their own connection, so I need a 'go between'. AT&T didn't have one. The girl at the Radio Shack store said that they would have it, but they don't. So I have buy that on line at the makers's site.

Next. Do they at least have a design cover /skin for the Neon. He shows me this see through thing for $20. I'm scratching my head.

I'm going to be so happy when I can an fully pay for my own phone. I'm going back to T-Mobile by the way. Unless AT&T stuns me somehow in a good way, I have no reason to stay away from T-Mobile.

It's raining outside and tonight's SG-U wasn't bad. :)


October 23, 2009

The Three Contenders...


I've done some online research and I've picked these three.

Three Contenders

Now let's see which one I'll pick or if I'm talked into something else when I get to the store.

There is only thing clearly stopping me from getting the Neon. It has had some bad history with freezing. The next one doesn't have a keyboard, bit it has a cool feature of showing the time with a colored glow. The last one has the con of expense and the keyboard feel might not be that good.

My mom is going see what I pick and see if she likes it. If she does she'll get it. She needs a new phone more than I do. Parts are starting to fall off. :P One of the features that is one her check list is GPS.  The three up there didn't list it when I did the compare of the phones.

Well, I've off to get dressed and leave before my mom starts talking about the sun setting and saying I can't leave.

Back in a few hours.

The Day After...

I hope I get a picture now that I think it. I might still be able to take my own pic of it. I have a cam as you know, and it's in my bag. So when I go back to school on Monday I can take a pic of it I guess.

I left the bridge there to help keep it in 'one piece'. But I can still see it falling apart when I touch it again. :) Those dumb rocks were falling off of it on the way there. Only four of us used rocks, two of us used the right size, and I was the only one that attached them to the bridge like you were suppose to.

I need to look at my next chapter and get it ready for posting. FF has been glitchy for like four days now. I've had to actually close the tab that held FF because it just wasn't working. I got back in last night and got to see my traffic page again. I saw only like 3 visits then nothing for the past two days.

Well the day has come. I'm getting a new phone and I'm changing from T-mobile to AT&T. One of the first things I'll do when I get a job is detach myself from everyone else's plan. I'm currently with my sister in a family plan or joint thing, and now I'm moving over to my mom's because she can pay for me better than my sister can right now. I have to ask everyone else to do some stuff for me when it comes to the phone because they are in charge of the account.

Tonight I'm going to have to get cracking on some of my home work. I ended up just doing what I needed for the class I had yesterday. Monday is math, and Tuesday is blueprint reading, and both those days in the afternoon I have drafting class, then come Thursday I start back over again, but this Thursday I have a quiz to look forward too so he didn't give us any home. Isn't he nice.

Well, See ya. :)

October 22, 2009

Bad day.

I may not go to sleep today. 

I was suppose to go by another student's house at 6pm because he said he could help me build a 'bridge' for my class today. I got two change times, and when I did show up he wasn't there. Then when he got there he had to leave to get a laptop, so we left together and got something to eat on the way back. 

By the time we made it back to the house it was after 9 I think. By the time we got to working on the bridge because he was itching to open up his new laptop, it was 10:30. At 11 I left with just about nothing done because he had to leave early the next day for another state. *shakes head*

I came home and had to bag and label the stuff my mom baked then I got back to the 'bridge' by the time she left for work at 2am. It's falling down in the middle, but I just realized that I had to use two more sticks, so I can make it stand, I just have to figure out where to put them to keep the middle of the bridge up. 

So right now I'm just not looking at it for like 30 mins or so. Heck, I may even leave it on the table and take a 'nap' for like 4 or 5 hours then finish it up before getting ready for class at 3pm. I also didn't get the writen part of my home work done. I tried to read, but this chapter is dry. It was on welding. I was more interested in the chapters we had last week on stone and masonry blocks.

Oh well, I'll ask for some of the answers tomorrow if  don't get to do it tomorrow somehow. 

Ok, I'm going to lie down for a bit now. 


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October 18, 2009

I Passed!

Did I even tell you that I had an exam? Well I had three really, but I was only really worried about one. Well I've gotten back that test results and due to the 5 point cure I got 94 and A. YAH! I thought I got about a 89 and I was right.

I also had a bridge to turn in for that class this past Thursday, but I couldn't find the sticks. I know, buy the sticks you say. But the assignment was to find all the parts. The ones I fund were the wrong size and I didn't have enough time to find replacements so I made sure to do the home work read most of what I had to do the home work.

I have been and will be staying late this Monday to make some head way on my drafting drawing. I should have stayed Thursday night after that class, but I really didn't feel like it, and it was cold and I had to get some shoes. I missed the payless shoe sale by a day, but I still got the shoes.

NEWS FLASH......I'm watching CNN.

An all-male college in Atlanta, Georgia, has banned the wearing of women's clothes, makeup, high heels and purses as part of a new crackdown on what the institution calls inappropriate attire.

William Bynum says he discussed the new dress-wearing ban policy with Morehouse's campus gay organization.

William Bynum says he discussed the new dress-wearing ban policy with Morehouse's campus gay organization.

No dress-wearing is part of a larger dress code launched this week that Morehouse College is calling its "Appropriate Attire Policy."

The policy also bans wearing hats in buildings, pajamas in public, do-rags, sagging pants, sunglasses in class and walking barefoot on campus.

However, it is the ban on cross-dressing that has brought national attention to the small historically African-American college. Video Watch students react to the new dress code »

This was not said in the part they showed on the TV. They were talking about a guy how got a very large scholarship to go to Morehouse. They just barely touched on the dress code before moving on. Yet I was waiting to hear about about the ban on saggy pants in the college.

Personally I want to see it gone. It looks like they couldn't wait to get naked, and that goes for either sex. They so look like easy targets for a gay guys who is just itching to fuck some one. Not all rapists are straight men. But hey, forget about being raped. How about just believing that you are gay and possibly a 'street walker' looking for a 'john' and that you are just advertising. In the case of girls, I don't want a guy talking to me who likes like he's ready to jump me in the street. Look like you mother showed you how to get dressed for crying out loud.

Now I don't know what else to say. Oh... now I remember.

I'm working on my 69th chapter, and I've just uploaded my 43 chapter to Fanfiction. I was thinking alot of delaying the posting just to see if anyone would ask what happened, but I know no one would and it would just make me feel bad. Besides, if I didn't post it this weekend, then I wouldn't be able to next week and I would just feel bad for putting off posting.

Besides I'll be doing that when I catch up with where I am at the time in the story. I was quite happy with myself tonight/today. I jumped almost two chapters in one day. I think I had so much time to think about it, that I when I got time to write I just went.

Well it's 5:04 am so I'm going to bed now. I lost a few hours while I was doing a few things, but now my eyes are letting me know that I should go to bed now.

See ya.

October 09, 2009

First Test

I'm now convinced that my Thursday class is the hardest of my first semester classes.

Today was the first of my 5th week exams. Every 5 weeks we have an exam for all our classes. Next week I have two more. Math which I believe I will do well in and blueprint reading which is said to be and open book test.

My other class doesn't come with a test. We just keep drafting our given 'blue prints'.

FYI - blue prints aren't blue anymore. In fact since they aren't blue anymore and get printed like anything else on white paper since most of the drawing is now done on the computer, they are called white prints. I think it sounds funny.

Anyway, back to my test. I know I passed, but I don't know my score even by guessing. I kinda feel that I had issues with 8 questions, but I can't bring myself to say that my score was 90 anything. In fact I'm happy and willing to believe that I got 79 even though I think that might be a bit low.

We even got a project for the class. I have to make a 'bridge' with rubber bands, stones, sticks and string for our next class. I don't make anything. I wasn't going to work in that department. But in school you do everything.

Now I have to figure out how to use stones in making a bridge.

I was going to tell you about Tuesday, but then I think I already posted something about that. Just to make it even more odd, I want to think that the teacher for my hardest class kinda likes me. But since he is my teacher nothing is going to happen. Shame, I think I could like him.

October 07, 2009

RE: College

That is the only thing that should be down with paper work. :) 

I was trying to do a group date thing with some friends from school, but I ended up going with just the one guy that was suppose to be in the group. Because it was just me and him, I ended up doing a few things that I didn't think I was going to do. 

Not what you are thinking. Not even close. 

I left class early to walk him home and catch the train from by his house instead of having him come back to school to get me. I felt so bad, but then I saw that I wasn't the only one to have left early. 

He house turned out to be not as close as he told me. I meet he downstairs neighbor and his father who happened to have been home. 

Next I ate movie house pop corn. My poor insides. I forgot how bad it was it. We did not finish the bag. After the movie he wanted to hang out so we walked around for a while and he got something to eat because he blood sugar was low. He's a diabetic. Then around 10:30 or so we got on the train and we parted at Borough Hall.

The only reason I hung with him for about an hour after the movie was over was because he said that he didn't have anything to do, and I didn't feel like ditching him and I have tomorrow off, so I could sleep in. 

He seemed to have had fun. I came home to do dishes and eat grapes and some sugar cake that was saved from some burned coconut that my mom was cooking.

I'm on the desktop now to just check my mail and play a game that I only installed here. 

Well, see ya. 

funny. i like the way you said 'deal with some paper work.' that's how i feel about work. and often, school, when i was in one.

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 8:07 AM, Jhoy Meade wrote:
I'm just trying to keep up with the reading right now. 

I read before, but not this much. No matter what people thought. 

I feel asleep last night trying to cook something for my mom and burned it. I knew I should have set an alarm for it, but I think I feel asleep just after I thought that. 

Well I have 1 more hour of sleep before I have to be up and go into school early to deal with some paper work before my afternoon class. 

See ya.

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October 02, 2009

I should be doing alot of things....

Hi ya.

I should be studying my test next Thursday, I did a little of it earlier. I should be doing my math homework, I have what I need next to me. I even sharpened my pencil. I should be finishing up the last of the dishes in the kitchen, that is what I was just doing before I stopped to do this.

But I found a link that I had to share. I have been trying to find any mp3 downloads of the songs from the band, and tonight I found it.

For some reason it doesn't sound as great as the tv version, one or two of them, but at least I have something now.

If you believe that you have or have found a better version for download be a dear a pass on the link.

Ok... back to the dishes then on to my math. I want to get them done before Monday so I concentrate mostly on the test. I have hundreds of pages to read over.

September 30, 2009

Re: I got it scanned

I had problems getting it done the other day. I finally got today. Not many classes ha? I'm happy, I have time to read all the books books I have to pay for and do my projects.

I had my first class today. It wasn't bad. I didn't have my book, but it wasn't bad.

I already have another student calling me smart, and I refused to tell the teacher when I graduated HS. He can go look it up in my file, I just won't say.

I thought that I had gotten my book when I left the house later than I wanted, but it was a book for my class on Monday. Great. Oh well. Then I tried to get the 3rd edition from the library to have something with me, but even that wasn't there and I walked into class as it turned 3pm when the class is about to start. Lucky me the teacher wasn't there for another 8 or so mins.


I shared a book with a boy who had his. BTW, I wasn't the only one who didn't have a book. After class at 6pm I got some of my other supplies from the "bookstore" at the school. That came up to $101. If I had known that I broke the $100 mark I would have gone ahead and gotten the the $5 sketch book they had on the list instead of walking over to B&N and looking at theirs that turned out to be almost 3 times as much. I'll just get it on Monday before class.

I got home after 7pm and I didn't eat dinner until 10pm for some reason.

I then spent the last 2 or so hours sorting and fixing the music folder in my mom's profile after updating her iTunes player. She had dead files and duplicates all over the place. Then I had to find out how to make iTunes forget what was there before and see what was there now since it couldn't do what winamp does for me when I need it to see what is in a folder now. I don't use libraries. I think even Windows Media does it. If it isn't there, it doesn't play it, but I don't use windows media player either, but more than I do iTunes.

Well I have to go now. Just had to say hi and talk about my first day of college.

I'm in college. Now to do the reading. That book that I didn't have with me today is needed for my homework that I was given. I'm getting to tomorrow, so I'm not sweating it.

Night all.

September 28, 2009

Just 4 and a half hours...

until I have to be wake and getting ready for school so I'll make this quick.  For some reason my school week hinges on my last class on Thursday. The week before I told you how he 'the teacher' depressed me more than I expected. Last week he perked me back up again. One he talked to me in a nice way during our break. He asked me why I always sat in the back.

I made a bad joke about hiding so he wouldn't call me, then said that it was just the seat I picked when I took my placement tests and kept it. I don't change much. Then at the end of the class we got back out home work that we turned in the week before, and it turns out that I got all right. Ya... one of my few 100 percent scores on anything. :) But then it was open book. :)

In two more weeks we have our first progress exam in all classes except drafting. We were told about it last week and weren't given any home work from that 'hinge' class. Just told to read so we could review this week. I think he's looking for more people to talk in his class and give him answers. I can understand. You need to know that you are actually teaching and that they are trying to learn.

Now I just have an issue with my math. I somehow lost time and I either turn in the home work at the end of class after working on it during class, which I don't like. I want to actually hear that the teacher is teaching. Or I'm turning in incomplete homework. My mother had me cleaning. My sister had me scanning something for her after she displace me from the kitchen by making flat bread in the area I cleared in the kitchen.

Now it's 9 after 5am and I'm hurrying to bed down because I'm going to be up and on my feet alot today.


September 20, 2009

Well I've had a week of this school thing...

I thought that I was doing well.

I did my home work on time, I cut it close, but I had it done before class started this Thursday. Then I couldn't answer a question to my teacher's satisfaction. I think near the end I might have gotten one write, but that was shot down when I left after class, found my thumb drive, went back to ask him if I could have a copy of his power point since he moved past a few slides too quickly and had stuff that was too small to be seen. He didn't sound sorry, he didn't give me a reason, he was just short with me and said 'No'.

Not, "no you can't have a copy since I'm using one big file for all the class." not "no you can't have one because I have some copyright issues." not what every else he could have come up with. I've help make far better powerpoints for students when I was back at Ross. Fine, he can keep his stinking powerpoint.

That class is on Thursday. I have a half class that day, as you see in the paper below. As well as having full Monday's and Tuesday's. I'm taking a lock with me to school on Monday so I can keep my drafting things at school. I will never use any of them here at school since I don't have a flat surface free to use.

I'm still working on my story, and I was still able to post my last chapter. I'm going to keep trying and I kinda have to keep mind. I gave my sister the card for the movies thinking that I wouldn't have time to go out on Tuesday's since I crashed this week when I got back from school. My last class ended at 5:45 and I stood for the next 2 hours before coming home and having to stand on the train since I couldn't find a seat. I'm just happy that I didn't live that far away.

I kinda made friends, but it's really early to tell if it will last the the next few years. I hope it will but who knows. Also I'm like one of the few older people in my class. I think that there are only 3 of us over 30 there. I've only told the two girls I had lunch with on Tuesday. They are 21 and 19. *yes I'm shaking my head*

Well, I made myself write this up. I have to go to bed now. I was just feeling bad about not really saying anything for a while and a new game I installed pulled me in in a few hours while.

Well take care people. Do leave comments. :)

September 11, 2009

I got it scanned


I had problems getting it done the other day. I finally got today. Not many classes ha? I'm happy, I have time to read all the books books I have to pay for and do my projects.

I had my first class today. It wasn't bad. I didn't have my book, but it wasn't bad.

I already have another student calling me smart, and I refused to tell the teacher when I graduated HS. He can go look it up in my file, I just won't say.

I thought that I had gotten my book when I left the house later than I wanted, but it was a book for my class on Monday. Great. Oh well. Then I tried to get the 3rd edition from the library to have something with me, but even that wasn't there and I walked into class as it turned 3pm when the class is about to start. Lucky me the teacher wasn't there for another 8 or so mins. *grin*

I shared a book with a boy who had his. BTW, I wasn't the only one who didn't have a book. After class at 6pm I got some of my other supplies from the "bookstore" at the school. That came up to $101. If I had known that I broke the $100 mark I would have gone ahead and gotten the the $5 sketch book they had on the list instead of walking over to B&N and looking at theirs that turned out to be almost 3 times as much. I'll just get it on Monday before class.

I got home after 7pm and I didn't eat dinner until 10pm for some reason.

I then spent the last 2 or so hours sorting and fixing the music folder in my mom's profile after updating her iTunes player. She had dead files and duplicates all over the place. Then I had to find out how to make iTunes forget what was there before and see what was there now since it couldn't do what winamp does for me when I need it to see what is in a folder now. I don't use libraries. I think even Windows Media does it. If it isn't there, it doesn't play it, but I don't use windows media player either, but more than I do iTunes.

Well I have to go now. Just had to say hi and talk about my first day of college.

I'm in college. Now to do the reading. That book that I didn't have with me today is needed for my homework that I was given. I'm getting to tomorrow, so I'm not sweating it.

Night all.

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September 03, 2009

I'm in. The card is a bit plane but I guess it works. Now to track down some cheep 2 hand books.

September 02, 2009

Nice day to fail a math test. I've already taken it. That is how I know I failed. I'm waiting to take my english test now. That should calm my nerves.

August 17, 2009

More about the day of the missed party.

I was able to get out of that house warming thing, even though I felt a bit bad about not going when I heard only two people had showed up 2 hours into the party.

But before the attempt of getting ready for the party I had gone with Phillys to get her eyes tested and to get new glasses. I didn't realized that she wasn't wearing her glasses. I'm sorry, but I hadn't seen you in 2 months and it wasn't like she lived in hers anyway. Well it seemed that she forgot them or broke them in Canada.

As I walked into to the store with her, I thought I knew the one of the ladies there. She looked at me like she knew me too. I read her name tag but it didn't ring any bells. When she had a free moment she called my by name and asked me how I was doing. We did know each other. She was from school. She asked me why I wasn't at the reunion two Saturdays back.

I was surprised. I told her I didn't even know. No one told me and then I remembered to tell her that I was in Seattle at the time. But for the reunion I might have come back early. I could have saved some money and I might have even remembered to pay my BestBuy bill on time and save myself a $30 late fee. Oh well. In return I got to see my friends from Ross and hung out with Sarah.

Well I asked the girl every now and again who was there at the reunion, but she was bad with names and the one teacher I asked about wasn't there. It said that only one teacher showed up and I don't remember who it was, but I don't think I knew that teacher anyway.

But guess who was there? Hayden. So when I was ready to feel angry with him for not letting me know, I called him up and was sent right to his voice mail. I tried calling him for 3 days before I was able to get a hold of him. and like always he was busy with something and would call me back. He didn't ofcourse.

Back to the day of the eye exam. I helped Phillys to pick out frames. I hated her criteria. In the end it was the same type and style that she choose. She got the buy one, get one free thing that was going on at the time. That buy one get one deal seemed to be on just about everything on the store. Cleaning liquids and accessories as well as glasses. The only place I didn't see them was on the contacts.

We then left after she paid over $400 for everything. The lens, frame and eye exam that a bit more than the normal kind.

We then came home and crashed. Then she did my hair since it well past time. That was really the reason why we weren't at the party. My hair takes so long to get done, that it was after 11 when I was done and we started around 6 or 7pm.

Phillys for some reason thought that it was ok to show up minutes to 12 to say hi, take food and run. I told her I wasn't doing it, but she was free to go if she really wanted too. I don't remember now if she went or not. Actually I don't think she did. She went to get a gift when I thought she went when I was still under the dryer.

Well I have to go now. Either I'm going to take a nap from eating a big breakfast or I'm leaving to do what I tried to do this morning but found everyone still closed.

I have a long list of things that I want to get done today. Put money on the bank, renew or get a new library card, pay a bill or two, talk to BestBuy, talk to Macy's check on B&N, pick up my sister's meds. I don't know why she doesn't get them herself.

Well see ya. :) Oh, I'm back on ICQ again. Tried to catch my typo errors but I really need to lay down. bye.

August 08, 2009


It seems like I've been put back into slave duty and tonight, after I finish with my hair being down, my sister is taking me to a house warming party that she doesn't even want to go to. She says that she is going because she was invited.

It started at 6 something. It's 9:22 now. By the time we get there it will minutes to 11 if not after. I don't want to goooo.... :(

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August 04, 2009

On The Road Again

I'm not joking.

It's a good thing that I uploaded my chapters for the week early. I got here around 2:45pm. Here being Portland. I'm kinda hanging out with them today, then I'm off again tomorrow morning after breakfast. Just when I was falling back in love with the internet.

I then get back to Seattle, and finish packing, say good bye to the guy(s) that I met, and leave Thursday afternoon around 2pm to make sure I get to the air port on time, which is really early, and be on the plane back home by 4:50pm.

Why am I going back you ask. Easy. For me to stay in the apt while she is gone for a week requires me to be placed on the lease. To be placed on the lease I have pass a background check. To have the background check performed, she has to pay the company. She doesn't have the money for the background check so I can't stay.

The cheapest ticket I could find is for Thursday afternoon for $270. Just to rub salt in the wound, I looked up how much it would have cost to leave two weeks from now on the 20-something. It's $158 or something. Just about the price I paid to come out here. Shame. :(

I'll get around to writing about the trip down and back up again when I'm in New York and I'm thinking back on my summer days. Which this has turned into for me. I kinda like it. Just a bit more money and I would have been golden.

I should go upstairs and hang out with the friends I came to see. All I know is that we are now eating, and it has to do with grilled fish. :)

Take care people.

July 29, 2009

I'm afraid of my room. It's 100 degrees. :( I'm going for a shower, then I'm off to healeo .

July 27, 2009

The weather is something to talk about.

Hi ya boys and girls.

I'm enjoying the fall in temperature right now. I'm thinking of getting a drink to help with that before I head back.

I have a picture here to show you what we are currently dealing with.

I was late for my class today, but I think I've found out how to do a kind of problem that I have just not really understood until now. Tomorrow will be my last class then I'm left to fend for myself until I go to take the test.

I woke up late because I didn't want to wake up when I told my alarm to go off, because I stayed up late watching movies and soaking my feet. Then when I did get up I made dinner which was garlic mash potatoes and some carrots with collar greens and opened a can of tuna for something that looked like 'meat' to go with it. I know some people don't consider fish to be a meat, but ha.

I seem to be going though a silent time with Tanzi. I don't know why. If it wasn't for the fact that we didn't go any of the places we said we were going to go, I wouldn't be thinking that much about it now.

Right now I'm getting my chapters ready for posting for tomorrow and looking up some information to help the story along. Come 9pm I'm heading home. After that the buses start to dry up.

Well, see ya. :)

July 26, 2009

It's Sara...

You remember that girl I told you about what I met back when I went to my first volunteer thing for SIFF? Well I got in contact with her and we are going to see a movie this week before I leave the state.

We are going to catch up and officially part ways until we get a chance to meet up again. It will be nice to see her.

'My' guy is here today. I was late in leaving the house, but I finally pulled myself away so I wouldn't finish the book before the sun set considering I ordered it. Then just now I'm looking at what other books this author has written and maybe get my hands on one of them since I was wrong about long it was going to take me to read this one. I then find out that this book is more or less a continuation of another book he wrote and it's more or less a part two. Great. Now I'm upset, and out of spite of not knowing, I don't want to read the first book to this story.

I have two more classes of math, I'm going back to that place I went about my foot to more or less complain, then have a day free. I'll be here at Healeo I'm sure. Then Thursday I'll be out with Sara looking for a movie and grabbing something to eat. It's a good thing I found a very cheep way to get to Portland.

See ya next blip.

July 24, 2009


I've found out a few things in the last few days.

One, I think that guy may like me, but he's not here today. :(

Two, I'm not going back home this Wednesday coming. I'm going to Portland. Something else I already told you I think.

Three... Oh. I've lost readers because of my KagomeXSess couple in my story. I think I hinted at it before, but I checked my stats and they are way down from the same time last week after that update of chapters. To think that Kagome would cause me so much trouble. :(

Well, I've made calls and it seems like I'll be taking like 7 buses to get from here to Portland. Three buses to get from here to Olympia, then one bus to TubWater, then from there another bus. Now I'm not completely sure if I stay on the bus and pay for each leg of the trip, or change buses to continue on to Portland, but I think it's just one bus. *cross my fingers* I hope it's one bus.

I just called my sister to let her know that I won't be coming back the Wednesday like I first told her.

I started to read this book, and there is no way I'll be able to take it with me since it belongs to the library, so I've ordered it. Hopefully it gets here before I leave for Portland. It has about a week to get here. If I knew I could have found it for $1.99 and it's a huge hard cover, I would have gotten it yesterday to make sure I got it in time for my long trip south.

Last night I had a nagging feeling like I was suppose to get back to something. Turns out it was the book. I would read, then leave it, then want to keep on reading it. (a sign of a good book)

Oh, in case you might be interested it's call "Where The Boys Are". I think I got the last one at that price. I just went back to look and I couldn't find the link again. Lucky me. But it's a big book and I'll let you know what I think of it. This will be my third book from B&N. I'm going to have an interesting library for my apt. :)

I have "Ultimate Gay Erotica 2008" and "Erotic Fairy Tales: A Romp Through the Classics" I think I liked the first book better then the second one. There were maybe 4 stories out of the lot that I was really happy with how it was told and or ended. If you don't mind alot of double talk, then you should like it way better than me. I just read a review that someone left for it, and he or she, wasn't happy with it. For some reason I thought that it was a guy. He gave good reasons. One or two were why I was able to leave the book alone and read something else. But like I said. You might like it.

Ok, I think I'll go over and talk a bit on JemPages. :)

I've kinda ran out of things to write here. Isn't that nice. :) I think I caught you up. I hope Cat has internet at her house or I'm going to miss my upload time for Tuesday and it will have to wait until I'm back home on Thursday.

Ok. See ya.

July 23, 2009


I'm a sad person.

I think that I may have a shot with Justin and I'm leaving.

He thought that I was 23. I'm happy that I could look that young to everyone else.

We've exchanged e-mail addresses and he's bookmarked my deviantart page. I know. I'm putting alot out there at the last minute, but I won't be here to chat him up, and he said that he would contact me when he gets in NY this year.

It's just like me to start a long distance something. It would be nice if this one worked out. He said he didn't care that I was so old and said that I wasn't that old. As if I didn't already like him.

Well, let's see. (trying to move on to another topic)

There is the week that I said I would tell you about. I'll call the friend S.

Well she showed up the same day I went to see the doctor about my foot. (it's mostly better now by the way). Tanzi brought her home around 11pm and she hugged me and kissed my cheek and said that she heard so many good things about me. I asked her from who because Tanzi and I were just getting over a fight. Our first one ever as far as I know. She said Tanzi and we looked at each other and kinda smiled.

The next day I went out with S and I think we ended up at Healeo. She got a drink or smoothly of some kind. I think I got a black berry sparking water. I was trying to not walk much, but we seemed to have had a hard time communicating for the whole week she was here. Either way, we walked around for a while until we came back home and I had to leave for my Tuesday math class and my time on the internet at the library across the street.

All my math classes were good, and I got chapters posted over at Fanfiction, but after class I hung out picking up wi-fi from somewhere else until later than I should. S had told me that we were going out and I had forgotten. So when I came home, I had to go find them instead of going inside. They were at a bar called 'The Wild Rose'. Technically it's a lesbian bar, but they seem to let other people in. S danced most of the night away with a very gay Asian guy. I had to pull her out of the bar at the end of it all.

They were happy with themselves. They got to dance my foot wasn't hurting me that bad yet, and they found a guy for me to chat up, but he seemed to have liked them better than me. I got the keys to take my computer home and by the time I came back he was in a flesh sandwich with Tanzi and S. I then accused him of not thinking that I was cute. He said no, just that he was now off the clock and that he was waiting for his friend to come pick him up.

I still didn't believe him and he was still there after we left, and came back and then left at closing sometime around 2am I think. It might have been 1am. Like I said, I had to pull S out of the Asian guy's arms so she could close her tab and leave. No I didn't drink.

We went home and she woke me up around 10am to leave for brunch. :) Brunch turned into Lunch by the time we left. We got a coupon from Tanzi and we at at this place called "Pacific Place" On Pike and 5th I think. It was good. I think that night we went back to the Rose and took part in Karaoke night. Some were good and ofcouse some were bad. Tanzi wanted us to sing, so we looked though a major book of songs they had for us to choose from.

Some blond came over and sat down next to me. She talked to me and asked if I was going to sing and I told her yes, and then Tanzi them came back from wherever they went and took me down the street to this other place saying that we would be back later. So we bar hoped it seemed. We did it the night before. But this time we had Spence with us.

We walked down the block and went to this place called "The Cha Cha Louge". I don't know why it's called that. They have mucha lucha, and Mexican stuff all over the walls and even in a vending machine down stairs.

Well we made it back around 12:30 or so, and we put our songs in. It turned out to be just me and Tanzi who sang. S was fell asleep sitting upright. We got a pic to prove it. I sang after Tanzi. I honest don't know the song she sang so I can't tell you, but I tried to sing "Queen - We Will Rock You". She said that I did well, but I think I sucked. I missed some lines, and I heard my voice going wrong as I tried to beat out the loud speakers and most of the place empty by the time my turn came, so I didn't have that many people to clap or anything when I was done. But I'm still kinda happy I did it.

We went home then the next day we went walking again and I think I got her a memory card for camera because she was only walking around with a 512 mg and it was full. So we went into CircitCity and got her a 4gig one for $10. She was very happy. :) I couldn't do anything about the battires because she was just to impatient about finding somewhere to go and eat and wanted to walk faster than we were. At this point my foot was really hurting and I had to tell her a few times after she pulled me out of the library over at 4th and Spring.

We had some 'Thai' food, she got a nice hoodie with a nice design on it that she choose and had altered a bit. We then went back home. Of the next two days I was mostly saved. I was pulled out twice. Once to go walking to help make a St.Kitts dish that got killed and to go to the beach which turned out to be a cold day and then that night we had some boys come to the apt and make us veggie sushi. It seems that the only person who like the guy cooking was S. Tanzi didn't like him and Spence didn't like him either. In fact Spence bailed before the food was done.

Afterwards we tried to get some star gazing in. I thought I liked him, but I didn't get to be alone with him at all. S wouldn't get the hint and leave even thought she was tired. Later Taniz told me why she didn't like him, but I still kinda want to see him.

Well S didn't sleep the night she went home. She texted me and thanked me for spending time with her, and she said that she had fun. Over all it was fun, and I got to take some good pics because of her. :) You should check out my deviantart page. :)

Ok... that's it. I have to leav now. :)

see ya guys. (sorry.. no time to back check) *hug you for understanding*. :)

July 20, 2009

I messed up Oatmeal

Ya, last night. Just before Tanzi got back.

Too much cinnamon and not enough sugar. Yes, you can have too much cinnamon.

She had a good time. The said that Canada was beautiful and that he cam doesn't do it justice. I agreed. I'm sure it was.

The thing on my foot has started to itch. I'm taking it that as a sign that things are going well. I also think the pain from last time was my fault. I read the paper that came with my ointment and it said that I wasn't suppose to combine it with any other anti-bacterial, which I was kinda doing.

I just finished my math class about 35 mins ago. That last thing that I did looked something like this 4x - 3 = 2x + 4 . I just made that up so I don't know if it can even be worked out right, but it was stuff that looked like that. I had fractions too in there sometimes.

I've picked a day for going back. It will be next week Wednesday. I told Tanzi this before I came for class, now she's saying if I can't stay till the weekend. I told she was the one who told me leave before her. *grin*

I may change it for the next Monday. I haven't gotten the ticket yet. But I will not live on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I'm not all that crazy about Monday either. And I'm leaving in the afternoon.

Well my time is already up. I bearly got anything done. I got two downloads, I answered one e-mail from and I got this bloog out, so it wasn't all bad.

Well I'm sorry for any typos and such that you will come across. I don't really have time to fix them all if any.

So I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe then I'll be able to let you know about the odd week when Tanzi's friend was here while I can still remember. :)


July 19, 2009

I work up late...

I know... I sounds like an excuse from when I had a job.

But It's true.

I was trying this garlic compress on the part of my foot that was bothering and created so much pain that I couldn't go to sleep and ended up getting up and washing it off before being able to go back to bed and falling asleep around 6am.

I think I woke up sometime around 4 in the afternoon. Nope. I'm wrong. That happened Friday night. I didn't do it again last night, but I woke up so late, and had to clean the house, that by the time I was able to go to the library, it closed 5 mins later.

So I left my laptop home and went on a ride on the 48 bus. Ended up at a place called Green Lake. I took that buss to see the that I was suppose to meet Tanzi at on Thursday. It seems that I had seen it before, but it was so early in my time being here that I forgot. The MontLake Library that is.

I also found the Green Lake library when I was walking back to the bus stop after I had very slowly walked around part of the lake taking pics.

Well I got up rather well today. Didn't eat breakfast, but soaked my feet, put on the gel I got from the dr and left the house at 2. I had watched two movies last night. One that Tanzi had, that looked one I was looking for or at least took note of to one day watch, and the other was mine. Mine was "3-Iron". It was a great movie. Koran great. When I saw the cover I remember how I had heard of it and wanted to see from a very long time ago. :) The other one was an American movie named "The Painted Vail". When it got close to the end I know how it was going to end. I was hoping it wasn't going to turn out that way, but it did. But I'm glad I watched it all the same.

Now, on among the trailers that were 3-Iron, I found another movie that I've looked for and asked people the name of for years. The title is "2046" I'm going to see if I can find it here at the library before I leave. Along with a few more disks of "Tsubasa" that I'm catching up on. I found disk 8 here, I was lucky to find that. I have to place on hold the next one or two in the set.

Well, I got here around 2:30pm, and by 3 I had found 8 dvds and one novel. I need a book to keep me company while I'm soaking my foot. I'll be lucky if I finish it before I have to go home. If I don't and I like it that much, I'll see about being able to buy it when I get back to NY.

Oh, ahm... I looked up to see the garlic did anything for my foot or not, it was danging my foot like it felt like it was doing. From what I found, it is an antibacterial and a very good one at that. It kills e-coli, and a very wide rage of other bacterias.

I think it just found something that it wanted to attack in my foot that was somehow connect to what I was trying to treat for the pain that I felt that almost reached my knee. I haven't used any since the "nail raking" pain that night, and I might have gotten a bit better. Abit. But I'm going to try and see the dr again on Monday before my class.

Well, for the last 35mins I've been on the phone with Jhodie. She called to let me know what was going on and that Delma was 'keeping' Nika until the middle of August. It seemed that the same say Tanzi went north, so did Phillys, Mom and Nika. The the both of us have been on our own for the past two days or so.

I cleaned up yesterday because I wasn't sure what time Tanzi would be home today if today at all. For all I know she's coming back Monday morning if not in the afternoon. I have her number so I could call and find out if I really wanted to.

Well the library just gave us/me a 30 min closing announcement. I might make it over to Pike Market to see if I get the tee for Nika, but it's a ways, and I think I should go back to soak my foot before eating a very late lunch... which would be dinner before supper. :)

I'm not sure if it was the hobbits alone, but I think somewhere else ate supper then dinner. :)

See ya.

July 17, 2009

I know I'm a disgrace

I haven't blogged in so long.

I have to tell you the play I went to see. I have to tell you about how I got myself unknowing injured. Then there is the update of my math class, and the week I spent with Tannzi's friend who was here for a week.

Now I'm on my own for two days. Tanzi has gone on a trip for the weekend. It was a planed thing, so I have keys for two days. I can't blame anyone for the trash not being taken out now. :)

I'm hanging out at this place called Healeo. It's not bad. I like it and Tanzi has found a number of good points about here for herself to keep coming back.

Personally, I'm waiting for the soft serve vegan ice cream to change from chocolate. Nope I don't like chocolate incase I haven't told you yet.

I'm about to go riding on a bus for a few hours. Just to see where it goes and such. I'm just going back to an empty house so there is no rush to head back and I'm sure I locked up it up right. :)

Wednesday I thought I didn't lock the front door when I know I should have, but I couldn't recall the memory. It was nerve racking not knowing and hoping that I did really do it. The building has been broken into twice. One 'attack' was on the rent box, the other was to an apartment that the tenant forgot to close their window.

Well, tomorrow I'll be back to tell you about some if not all about the other stuff that I've just haven't had a chance to tell you about.

But last week I have a very good excuse. The friend that I had to accompany for most of the week she was here was very impatient and thought that she was doing me a favor by sparating me from my computer.

Well my stay here is just up. I head back at the end of the month. For some reason I'm still thinking of trying to see Cat them down in Oragon before I head back to the East cost. I'll see. If I find a cheep bus ticket and they say it's ok, I might go.

Well take care world.

Oh.... one last thing.... I'm still posting over at Deviantart, and I've started to post my Inuyasha yaoi story. It seems to be very well recived so far. Lucky me. I have made one person unhappy, but I can't talk about it. I hope she continues to read the story. I think I'll post new chapters tomorrow to test that out.

Now I'm gone. :) *wave*

June 24, 2009

Did My First Wash.

Why is this so note worthy?

Well for starters I did it in the bathtub. Two, I had to hammer hooks into the "veranda" out back to hand them up to get them dry. Three, it became cloudy and dare I say cold before anything had really dried.

I made it through one sheet set made up of a flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. I also did three shirts, one night gown, and two bras. And just as I was washing the last shirt and the last piece for the day since there was no sun by that time, A.M. called. I didn't recognize her name when I saw it on my phone.

She's a friend from Ross days that I'm still in touch with. We had a laps while she was out of the country going to college to finish up her vet degree. Not sure how all that ended, but she only needed a year of clinical work to get it. Well she's back in Michigan and she called me up to say hi. Well that and to ask me a Q, but we talked for like 30 mins about stuff.

For dinner I made a cup of that box rice thing, and mixed in some corn and corn beef and had it with some spinach puffs that didn't really puff because I didn't have enough oil to deep fry them, but they came out well. That is what I needed some of the stuff that I bought the other day.  I was still hungry so I had what was left of the Quiche that we had gotten last week. Tomorrow would have made a week. Considering how fast it was cut into I didn't expect it to stay around so long, but Tanzi has decided not to eat too much dairy. So I was left to finish it.

Then about 30 mins before I went to bed, I realized that my left hand was hurting. From the middle of my palm up the inside of my arm to just before my elbow. At first I thought it was was numb from me pressing on it while I watched another movie that I had gotten from the library, but I stayed that way for a long time and I kept rubbing it.

I then up thinking one of two thing until I fell asleep. I would either think that it was too much Quiche to have eaten at once and it messed up my veins or two, for not having washed anything for so long and letting one one hand do more than the other I hurt it. At one point I went looking to see if they might have any anything for pain. Aspirin, hopefully, but of course I didn't find anything. I didn't even feel like reading and I've been trying to read something before I go to sleep.

But I thought that if got under the cover with my arm, the heat would help it. I think it did, and I stayed under cover until Tanzi texted me about the food bank today at 12. I got the message at 12:35. I got there like 20 after 1 and I think I did good.

They were messing with me again. The guys, but I think that is just how they were. I heard them talking before they even saw me. Since I got there so early this time, I was able to see the stream of people that were there for food, including clothes. I forgot to tell Tanzi that. She might have found something that she liked. Also, a lady was there to help people with paying their light's bill or help in getting food stamps.

I got a bit more stuff this time, so I stopped a few times to switch hands and just rest. I was happy I had the card for the bus, so I took the bus home. I'm kinda against taking a bus to just go down a hill or a short distance, but the bag was heavy, and my hand wasn't hurting me when I woke up and I didn't want to start hurting me again.

Since I'm very low on money I took the 2% reduced fat milk. I should be ok with it, and if I fell anything I have pills for later.

Then went to the library up from us on 33 to return some things, renew some things that I have to read, and pick up some other things an to also point out that I picked up a movie, or at least tried to pick up a movie from the Capital Hill branch and there was no movie in the case. I was upset too when I found out. I was going to play it when I was doing my wash since it was only move that was in English and I didn't have to read anything and it was empty. I actually cried.

Well I point it out the librarian and placed a hold on it for when they get the disk back. I also placed a hold on two other things and took a few other books off of my hold list.

Now I took the bus down to Broadway and I just sat, read and waited for the 60 bus to come by. I was in no rush to go anywhere and I was going to enjoy being out. Besides, I didn't want to walk past a certain part of Broadway. I don't want people asking me to help them out and I can't. I'm not that far away from being where they are now.

Well I'm here now. So I'm going to upload some more pics to Deviantart and play my music and try to stay warm until I'm out of here. I thought I picked a good spot, but I'm starting to fell cold. I almost wore my sneakers out today, but then I remembered that I was suppose to wash the two pairs of socks that I have that are dirty. :(

Well, See ya until next time. I might see you tomorrow. I'm going to Fremont for that math class thing, and it's right across the street from the library. :) There is a library person there that I like, but he's so young. I was 10 and he was wasn't born yet .


June 22, 2009

Lunch and Some Art.

Hi ya.

Yesterday I somehow got invited to spend the afternoon or at least the rest of the daylight hours with a friend of a friend's family. It turned out to be two or three things rolled up into one.

I didn't think I should go since I was so removed from the family, but that connection talked me into it. They seemed happy that I was there and it did turn out to be  a bit of fun.

After we ate a really good meal around 4:30 or so, we went to walk around the art fair that was a block away. They said that every day but today, they have had music coming from over there. It seems that the husband was keeping the wife away until that late, to make sure she didn't have enough time to buy anything that she really liked. Or had enough time to find something that she really wanted.

That said, I don't think she was a shopper, but then I was just there for that afternoon.

I got a few pics of the art show.







That last one was just to show you how many there were. Just before I took that pic, I started to feel rain, so we went back to the house to have cake and chit chat until people had to leave. Just because the sun was up doesn't mean that it wasn't late in the day.

The father had picked us up at the friends place, the the mom drove us back. We went through two counties to reach their home. They said it was a 30 mins ride. I didn't make sure.

As you guess I'm in the library today/now. Ya, needed to check a few things, and get out for the day. She likes it when I leave the house for a bit. After all what is the point of coming/going some where if you never go out side. But that aside, Seattle is not a warm place.

Sunday Tanzi took me to a thing that was going on in Fairmont. I think that is how you spell it. Over by the bridge troll. Speaking of which. I got a pic of it and the people that came to take pics of it.


You can't see it, but in his hand that is higher in the front is actually holding a car. A VW Bug.

Well, they had face painting, expensive food, jewelry, and a couple of bands at two stages I think. That day turned out to be very cold. We saw some cool stuff. We also wished that we had some money to buy a few things, but soon Tanzi's shoes were hurting her feet for some reason and she sat down while I went to get us some thing to eat.

I said the food was expensive right? I keep forgetting that they are. Anyway. The cheaper stuff that I went back to get was gone, so asked for an elephant ear with little sugar on it. It was nothing more than elongated fried dough with sugar tossed over it. Rip off for $5.

We were cold and didn't get a guy to kiss me even though I thought he was drunk enough to do it. So we left and Tanzi got a burger from PCC and I got some milk.

At first I was upset that I didn't get one, but I didn't want to spend the money on a soup to begin with. Besides, I needed that money for the stuff I got today. We have some spinach in the fridge going dry on us, so I thought of making those puff  things that my mom makes for church before they are too far gone. But she only has like a cup or two of floor, no spices, and I almost finished all the sugar just to sweeten my tea. So I got most of that stuff just now. I was also hoping to get some more milk at the bargain place, but they didn't have any, as well as the floor, so I had to get the floor at QFC. 

First I was walking with some weight tacked on to my laptop when I went to hand in my application for Trader Joe, and then to the library to drop off those books. They didn't feel that heavy by themselves, but add them up and they hurt my back and shoulder.

Now I've traded the books for over 10lbs of food stuff. The floor is 5lbs and the sugar is 5lbs, then the other little things...I don't feel guilty for taking the bus everywhere today.

I think I'll cook up the corn beef for myself when I get home today. I got a corned beef myself like the third day I was here I think. I needed some meat, or at least something I knew would fill me up. I got it with some turkey hotdogs that I thought we could share, but it had something in it she couldn't eat. Not didn't want it, but really couldn't eat.

I've been wearing a wing for like three days now. This is the first day since Friday that I haven't worn it. Tanzi and the friend says that it suits me. I just have a slightly hard time thinking that it really mates my hair that well, but so far, a few people have acted like it was. I have a pic of that too. That is my last pic, and I'm done. :)


She has a big kitchen. They have closest space that a NY're would pay blood for. Walk in rooms.


See ya. :)