September 30, 2007

Out Late

I wish it was what you were thinking.... to a point.

I went out window shopping and such until 10, ate something at MickyD's until 10:35, then had to ride local on the trains all the way from Queens. I didn't get home until midnight.

We went to JCPenny's. At first I wasn't suppose to go at all. It was suppose to be Jhodie, Phillys, my Mom and a Friend. The friend and my mom both pulled out and I was pulled along. Second, I was told that they close at 9pm. As we were on the train, I learn that JCPenny's wasn't in Manhattan but in Queens. I brought it to their attention the current time. Then I was told that it was 9:30 that they closed.

Then I was told that they were part of a mall. Mall? If I had known that it was going to take an hour to get there in the first place I would have brought a book along. Oh, Nika came with us. She was ok until the trip back.

It turned out to be like the Staten Island Mall, except it was above ground. Just one level was below ground and that was where the food court was. And by the time we made it there just about 10pm, most of the stalls had already closed. There were two that were barely open by the time we walked around the food court.

This is Saturday night. Where were the people? Granted this is Queens, but this was a mall. Or am I talking 2 decades too late?

At least we got something for Nika from JCPenny's. They are having a very nice 70% off some items. We got them at about $2.99 from a price of $19 or so each. We got three tops for her. We had a coupon for so much off what we got, but we didn't have it on us. I think mommy took it with her, and that is why they thought that she was going to go with them. When we got home, Phillys looked for it, and saw that it was only good for one day. Tomorrow. Jhodie has work tomorrow. 1-5pm. She is trying to figure out how to get over there and use it and get to work on time. I think she is going to do it before work, then go to work right after and not come home.

After we tried to leave the mall, and I say that because our first try failed. We walked into locked doors and had to walk around to another side to get out. We then went to MickyD's. I walked around to see if I could find something better, but had no luck. I was next to a tunnel. So I got a snack wrap. I didn't think that I was that hungry and that, that would be enough. Wrong, but I couldn't get anything else, I was saving my money for something. I knew what it was then, I just can't now. That is annoying.

Before I was dragged off to Queens, I made a fruit smoothie. It was nice, at least I thought it was. A little bit of ginger, two cactus fruits, three apples, with some water and a little sugar. I thought about adding some milk, but the last time I added milk to a drink like that, it didn't turn out so well so I stopped myself. Does it have to have milk in it to call it a smoothie? Either which way, I left some for mom, but I forgot to call her and let her know that it was there in the first place. When I got home, I got her some to taste. She didn't like how thick it was was. Oh well, more for me.I finished it off with some 15 grain bread and egg plant.

Now yesterday I did the staying out late thing also, but Phillys wasn't invited to this one. Firstly mommy had me look up Babies R' Us so that she could get a gift for a lady at church. I think it was the lady that helped get us here, I'm not sure. But she wanted me to go with her, and Jhodie and Nika ended up coming.

We got her a very nice bottle warmer. Here is a picture and link to where you can look up the specks if you need to get something like it for someone you know.

The store was on Union Sq, and after we went with mom and got the gift, mom went back home since it was just past sunset, and she isn't suppose to be out and about, unless it had to do with church stuff. The three of us, checked out the stores around the square. First we walked around and saw two performing groups, then we went to Whole Foods. I got some rice milk just for me, and some honey roasted nuts that we turned into peanut butter then and there for Nika. I almost took some garlic bread with me, and I so wanted some of the food from the buffet. But I was trying not to spend the whole $10 that Jhodie gave me. The milks were 2 for $3. So I got the two. Nika had a dollar, and spent $ .50 on one butterfly chocolate piece. It was being sold at $25 for a lb of this sweet I think. *grin* It was in house, made formed, milk chocolate.

After there we went to Virgin Mega store. Now I remember what I'm saving my money for. A head set. Mom has one here, but one ear is dead. I remember because I tried to find a cheap set in the mega store. For the first 10 mins I saw everything but a head set. There were books, belts, shirts, bags, and ofcourse the movies and cds. Near the end in a corner, I saw some speakers, and blank disks, and some expensive soft buds head sets. When we were leaving, I saw the more normal head sets next to the door. Ofcourse! But they were still just a bit too much. I'm looking of about $2-$4.

After there we went home. We got home by 10pm or so. I didn't cook that day, or did I cook today, but I have to do something for tomorrow.

For some reason, I started thinking that mom needed something else to sell just to have something new and to have only for winter time. I saw some pumpkin cookies, and they look good, but it asks for one Libby's can pumpkin. My mom said that I could just use the raw pumpkin that we have here. I told her that it's a different kind. Either which way, I had already decided to try out this other one. Flax Oatmeal Cookies.

I'll post both of them later and you can pick which one you think you would like most. I only found comments on the first one, so I'll tell you how the flax one turns out when I post the recipes.

Well it's after 4am, and I need to get some sleep.

See ya.

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September 28, 2007

A Bit Of Real News

Incase you were watching ER when NightLine was on, here is one the stories that you missed.


Crimes Caught on Tape, From the Officer's Point of View

A Program in England Puts Cameras on the Helmets of Cops, With Remarkable Effects


Sept. 27, 2007—
These days, it's possible to get an officer's eye-view as a police officer breaks up a fight. How can you wrestle a man to the ground and film it at the same time?
You wear the camera on your head.
In Plymouth, on England's south coast, the police are testing this revolutionary new crime-fighting tool. So far, they like what they see.
"Without being crude, it's in your face," said police officer Tony Brown.
It most certainly is. On one quiet Sunday night, the camera captured an arrest in progress; an officer calmly addresses two people who are both yelling and cursing at him.

Next is this new anime release that I came out last week I think.

I have a link that tells you ep by ep what happens, but I don't want to share it since I'm a person who rather be told it's good, and I go see for myself, rather than have someone tell me everything about it.

If you are a person who wants to be told as much as possible then that makes you want to watch it, here is the link for you. This link explains what happens in ep 2 and if you want to, from there you can go to all the other links. But this should let you know if you need to see the show. *grin*

If you are a person who wants to just know enough to know if it's your kind of thing to sit and watch or buy and watch the set here is your link.

I just spent the last 2 weeks watching all 26 eps. I think its great.


As for me, I've stopped waiting for DR and I'm going to start spreading my resume around again.

Yesterday I cooked so late, that it was dinner for tonight. I needed some more salt in the rice. Next time.

My mom and I went looking for a new side table, but the one she wanted, was the last one that they had and it was the one on the show room floor. We couldn't get a discount because of that, not that I was looking for one. My mom was. And two, they wanted $25 to take it 41/2 blocks for us. We said that we will come back next week when they it have it in stock again and in a box so we could take it home ourselves. If they weren't getting any more, it would have been a sight. I'm sure I would have been the one walking with the table, and my mom would have been carrying the two stools that came with it. Around the corner of a big block, across a major intersection, and up a slight hill for 4 long blocks. A taxi from there to home would have cost us $6. Besides, after spending the $90 on the table, she wouldn't have $15 to spend on a van.

Well, good night.


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September 25, 2007

Not the news I wanted to past on

I have nothing big to past on I'm sorry to say.

I was holding out until I got a job to say something, but they are taking their sweet time. So long that I think that I've already been written off, and ofcourse I'm not going to get a "we can't use you" letter.

Last week Tuesday I went to a work fair to for this pharmacy, DR, and I thought that I was going to get a job as one of their photo developing techs. I talked with one person, and he liked me for that field, and handed me off to them. I talked with someone who would have been my trainer, or the person in charge of that department, and she seemed to like me, but I had to do their 50 page questionnaire, which I thought was better than the other 5 that I've done, but still lacked the right questions to ask near the end. They tell you to answer what first comes to mind and to be honest, but looking at some of the questions you know that you would have to lie to maybe get the job, or you don't know what they want you to say in the first place.

Then there are the questions that don't ask what you are willing to do. Do you like working in a quite place? Well most people will say yes. Are you willing to work in a less then quite place? Yes. But did I get that question? No. They asked me if I was willing to work out side of Brooklyn at the fair, but you couldn't ask me if I was willing to put up with a noisy machine for work?

I guess I start handing out my resume again.

I almost didn't go to the fair. I was late, then I got lost, then I had to back track about 10 blocks to find then place, then hurry home so that Jhodie could go to work.

Other than that, I've been cooking and such. Tonight I just mixed leftovers together along with some zucchini. I came out ok I thought. I learned that my mom doesn't like zucchini.

Today I got my butt out of the house for a few hours. I went to see T-Mobile about a few things. First I wanted my billed explained. I got some of that explained to me. They seem to be a month or so further back then I thought they would be. Next, I got my rebate check for my phone yesterday. So I took it in today to pay on the phone. One, they can't except it, even though it's theirs. I can't cash it at bank unless I have an account with them, and the check cashing place around there doesn't cash refund checks. So I have to deposit it to my mom's bank account to pay them with her card or take the money out later and pay them.

Next there was the issue that our phone plan didn't come with texting? A cell phone without texting? Great!.... Oh, and there is this nice thing that the US has that St. Kitts doesn't have. You only play for the texts that you send in St. Kitts. Up here for some reason, you to play for the ones you send and the ones you receive??? Ha? First they charge you or at least me $.15 per text, and then they do it twice, and the same thing is going on at your friends end??????????? Insane.

But we fixed that. They are currently having some kind of add on thing for texting. We took the cheapest one. $4.99 for 400 texts. We put that on each phone. To have added texting to the plan, we would have had to go with the unlimited texting for $69 or so. No thanks. I paid for mine on the spot. Next I had an issue with my fav five. I wanted to change out one person for someone else since I can't get them that often, but I changed out the wrong person and I tried to put them back in and taking out the right one this time, and it said that I couldn't do it. Last night I went to to see if I could get some answers there. I found out two things. One, what I wanted to happen is saying it's in progress. In progress since last week? And two, I was allowed to change each of my five once per month, so what gives? I asked the person and she said that I would have to call up customer care, which I did tonight.

But before that.

When we left the t-mobile store, Jhodie ran off to see one of her new found friends, and I was left to try and turn the check into cash. You know that didn't happen. Next I thought about staying out of the house, since there was nothing for me to run home too. So I decided to take the B51 over the bridge and into china town. I fell asleep on the bus, and by the time I woke back up, it was on it's way back over the bridge. Great.

Maybe if I didn't wait around for about an hour for the bus to show up I wouldn't have felt as bad and gotten the next one over again. While I was waiting for the bus, I think I saw them setting up a scene for something. I saw lights, and people, and it was on the other side of a fountain so I don't know about cameras. On my side of the fountain there was the farmer's market. It wasn't that big today, but they had some nice things. That is where I picked up the zucchini. I was going to do it in the brown rice that I had in mind to cook today, but I just tossed it with the left over pasta that I was reheated since there was so much left over from yesterday.

Well I came home and took another bus to get here, but I got off too soon and walked the rest of the way home, which was fine by me. I picked up a few things for later. I got a carton of juice, I got some magi cubes, and a paper towel. I had to get bounty. My mom has told me not to spend her money on any other paper towel. So I spent $1.20 or so, when I could have gotten one of the same size for $.99 then I walked past my street to get some bread. Those 4 for a$1 ones. I picked up the egg plat bread.

I came home and then just crashed. I woke up around 4 pm. I got up to let Nika in when she came home from school, and Jhodie showed up at 4, and she took care of Nika tonight. I've been making sure that Nika has had her home work done and eaten and bathed and everything by the time Jhodie comes home.

I had taken out the chicken that I cleaned and seasoned yesterday to defrost for cooking when I came home, but I realized that I had boxes of KFC that Jhodie brought from work. I didn't need to cook anything. So I put it back up and just heated up the pasta, cut up the chicken and added some zucchini. It came out well, and I didn't have to make space in the fridge for more food that I almost cooked today.

Then there was the call to customer care to get my five fixed. Well I did get that fixed after about 10 -15 mins. First she needed to know who I wanted to keep, who was being replaced and what what contact. But in time, it was done. *grin*.. so now Tony is back in my five. She also doubled checked on the new thing for the texting that I had added on that afternoon, and I found out that the other day when I was texting away, I had racked up 52, and not the 20 I thought.

Other than that, nothing much to say. I've caught up on StarGate SG1 and Atlantis. I know how SG1 bit the dust, and I know where I expect to find myself on Friday when the season starts back up for Atlantis.

Ok, that's it.... good night. I'm off to watch Eureka before I have to wake up my mom for work.

September 19, 2007

Job Fair Tomorrow

Well I'm off to a job fair tomorrow.

I not sure what to expect, but I just remembered to rinse out my skirt. Ya, I'm the smart one.

It's being held at the New Yorker Hotel from 8am till 4 pm. I don't think that I'm going to be there the whole day, but I don't really know what to expect, since I've never been to a job fair before.

I think I'm getting my own card tomorrow when my mom goes to work. I was going to use my sister's card, but I would have to be back by 3pm so that she could get to work.

I'm starting to wonder if no one is hiring me because I just here? Any which way, I hope I get a job form this thing. I don't like not doing anything all the time. I don't mind once in a while or when I'm burned out, but not every day of every week. It just makes you want to do less and less each time until you have to do something, then you feel normal again.

Tomorrow or Friday I'm heading over to my old school and see if I can get in. :)

See ya.

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September 16, 2007


Nothing much on my end.

I got an e-mail back from Sears. They thank me for wanting to work for them, and said that I could just walk into a Sears store and apply there. Let's see how true that is.

Other than that, nothing. My metro card ended Wednesday night, and I've been home since then. Actually, I was out on Thursday with Nika and Jhodie when I went to give blood. That was a big needle.

Lately it's been colder than I expected, and today I spent most of the day in bed, just because I wanted to stay warm.

Jhodie starts work tomorrow and I'm the one picking up Nika. I hope that there won't be an issue.

Well I was just looking for stuff since I woke up late and I'm not tired now. I went looking for the MP3 , I want a fat babe, and I found a flash video for the song. I like the song more than the video, but I'm sharing it non the less.

I think that in a few days I'm going to do another blog here about games I like and have played, or it might be food related. But I really think it's going to be about games.

Well enjoy the vid.

Click to Play!

September 12, 2007

Did You Know?

A person with type A blood can donate blood to a person with type A or type AB. A person with type B blood can donate blood to a person with type B or type AB. A person with type AB blood can donate blood to a person with type AB only. A person with type O blood can donate to anyone.

A person with type A blood can receive blood from a person with type A or type O. A person with type B blood can receive blood from a person with type B or type O. A person with type AB blood can receive blood from anyone. A person with type O blood can receive blood from a person with type O.

Because of these patterns, a person with type O blood is said to be a universal donor. A person with type AB blood is said to be a universal receiver.


Why am I bringing this all up? I'm think that I'm going to donate blood tomorrow. I still have to go to the temp agencies. I didn't go today because of the down pour that happened. I didn't want to show up looking like a cow that swam the Hudson to get there.

Another thing was that my friend AM called. We connected again and exchanged phone numbers. She said that I could donate my plasma for some spear cash until I get job like she did, but I couldn't really find a place in NY that did that. It looked like she tried to find some around where she was in Michigan, but didn't find any. I found two over there for her. The best I can do was just donate blood to get a blood type card and maybe they might ask me to donate plasma.

Other than that it was really nice to talk to her again. She is coming by NY next month and we should be able to hang out for a day or two.

Also I filled out another online application. This time it was for Best Buy. It didn't take so long this time, but they have got to fix a few things. The first thing you do is tell them is where you are, then you have 3 other questions later that ask you where you are again later in the application. Why???

I tried to fill out one for Sears, but it wouldn't let me add my work experience because they didn't have US addresses and phone numbers. So I contacted them though their website and sent them the link I now have to a down loadable PDF copy of my resume, and told them that I couldn't list my past work experience.

I went digging into one of my suitcases for the top to the outfit I want to wear out, but I didn't find it in there. I did find another top that I'm going to try and see if it works.

Well I think I'm off to play a game until I feel like going to bed or when mom leaves for work. Which ever comes first. I don't like sleeping in the couch. My sister may make fuss about getting rid of it, but as far as I'm concerned, it has a hole in it and my back doesn't like it. We are so getting a new one when we get the U-haul and the friend.

Ok... I hope that I do ok tomorrow.

See ya.

September 11, 2007

Still Here - Old post for 04-02-06

Would you know it, I actually had work this week.

On Thursday and most of Friday I was working from the time I came to the time I left, and on Thursday I stayed late to get something done.

Wednesday's work didn't kick in until I got the job that I spent all of Thursday doing and half of Friday. I had a laptop re-install job. It was when I was done the person said that she felt like paying me. I didn't ask for anything I just wanted her laptop fixed, since I couldn't understand how it had all those holes in it and it was supposedly newly reinstalled since she got a new hard drive for her laptop.
Today was ok. I had a little bit of work to keep me from being really board, but I still fell asleep for a few mins.

Thursday we had a staff meeting most to let us know what was coming for break and one or two other things. Then I got a free lunch from Sandy. It was the best roti I've had in years, and it was huge and it came with Mango chutney. <-- spelling, I know.

I've come to the end of my current stack of bleach eps. I'm getting about 19 more, then after that there isn't much left to get. About 5 or so more, and one movie that I've come across. I haven't looked for any others yet.

Now my excuses for not blogging until now. One, I really had work to keep me busy at work. Two, I had to watch bleach until I fell asleep. Three, had to sleep as long as I could until I had to get up for work. *grin*... I should be in bed now, but I told myself that I had to blog. I was going to do it earlier, but a few things got into my way, like a very determined Trojan. That one was my fault. I went looking for something different from the one that I currently had of a piece of software, and it seems like I same thing again, and I had to fight a Trojan for it.

My sister got a new job yesterday. One more regular. So he now has three jobs a week. She was happy so she didn't cook and Nika and I walked around the village looking for food to buy. Nika got a fish, I got veggie pizza, and Jhodie got chicken and chips and I got some home made lemon aid. I wanted ginger beer.

Tonight, Jhodie fell asleep with the stove on. Now that I'm typing it, it sounds worst then it was, but I can see how bad it could have been. I came home and she was asleep in the couch and Nika was sleeping in the love seat. I got home late because I went back for Nika's stars.

They came by on Wednesday to get the eggs because I was staying until 10. I just remembered that. I worked an exta 3 hours because M wasn't feeling well and went back home. I have to remember to fill out my over time sheet. If they are going to take away my vacation days, I'm taking every overtime I'm owed.

Well, when they came for the eggs, Nika found some paper stars that I had in my desk that a student made when they were board in the LRC. I saved them. She liked them and wanted four. She couldn't take them home because she didn't have any pockets. So she asked me to bring them home for her. Every night since she has asked me if I brought them. So I told her this morning to have Jhodie call me and remind me to bring them home. I was at the very top of campus, about to walk past the guard house when I remembered. I couldn't go home without them. So after already leavening work late, and walking all the way up there, I had to walk back down to get her stars, and then hurt my back on the walk back up. It might not have been so bad if I didn't have to stand for such a long time waiting for a bus to show up. At least I ended up in a new bus.

And that is after having 4 buses pass me when I was trying to get to work earlier that afternoon.

Ok.. leaving now. I'm not posting until I can spell check. I'll try and get that done before I got work.

The time is now 4:27am

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September 10, 2007

It's Still Up

About 6 or so months before I got canned at Ross U, I made a picture gallery from the last time I got my hands on a good cam and walked around campus.

I put this up, using some of the server space, and it's still up until this day. Dare I say that no one had been given the task of cleaning this thing out yet.


This is about what I now have as my last memories of the place. I really loved that place and most of the people there.

September 07, 2007

Pumpkin Fritters Recipe - Changes

Pumpkin fritters recipe


1 cup cooked pumpkin
2 cups flour
1 tea spoon of salt
1 egg
1 cup of milk
2 tablespoons of sugar
600 ml or 24 oz of cooking oil.


You will also need a frying pan, round spoon, wooden spoon and a mixing bowl.

Shift and pour the two cups of floor into a bowl, and add the salt, the eggs, milk and mix well using the wooden spoon. Ensure the pumpkin is well cooked and mashed. Then add a cup to the mixture and stir well into the mixture.

Heat the cooking oil and then reduce the heat to moderate. Use the round spoon to scoop out and put in the pan to fry. When they are golden brown on one side, turn to fry on the other side. As you remove be sure to drain off the excess oil so that you don't consume too much fat.

Now that was the recipe that I got. This is what I did to it.

First the pumpkin. I didn't cook it. Didn't have time, and since I knew that it could be down with raw pumpkin, I just grated it fine. I was doing a double batch so I had just over 2 cups when I was done.

Next the flour. I know that I had gone to the store to get floor, but I wanted to finish up what we had left. So I got all other bags with the bits of flour that they had left in them to use. I almost made it to the 4 cups I needed. But not quite. I needed like 1/4 cup more,and I didn't want to open a new bag of flour just for that. So I use the flax seed flour instead.

The salt I cut in about half. I can't deal with the amount of salt in stuff these days.

The eggs and milk got cut down, but if I was doing a single batch, I would use the whole egg, since I wouldn't know how to cut that in half. :)

I had mixed the eggs and milk together, but I didn't put all of it in, in the end. The milk I might have cut down to about half, but I would have to see when I'm doing a single batch. But it felt like I ended up throwing out about a cup of milk, so I think 1/2 is about right.

The sugar was the big point of change. I added the amount of sugar that they said to. I wasn't really looking for a sweet fritter. But I might have been the only one since everyone else said that it needed more sugar. I added sugar two more times, but stopped before it got too sweet for me.

Once I got that figured out, I had find out what amount of oil to use in the pan. I know how much it said to use, but it doesn't really say how deep the oil is suppose to be in your frying pan.

I first tired it really deep, but that didn't seem right when I tried to drop the thick bater in. So I took it down to where it was shallow, but it had space to just lift off of the pan. But mommy said that she didn't like all the oil, so I tried for a fairly dry pan. It was greased, but no real puddle of oil anywhere. I didn't like how those turned out. So I put some in a pan for mom and baked it for her in the toaster oven, and then went back to the second level of oil I had. I like it at that point. The rest came out good.

As for my mom's baked one... well I I kinda burned the top, but it wasn't that bad.

That's it for my adventure in cooking tonight.

See ya.

I'm So Full...

I ate too much today. That hasn't happened in a while. I hate taste testing things. I wanted to make pumpkin fritters, but I had to go though like 4 changes before I found one that worked.

Today wasn't so bad other than that. Mom didn't wake me up that early, and we didn't do any washing. We just left a bit late to get some fish. We went over to just about the end of this bus route that left us right in the middle of a very jewish neighborhood.

The place that mom went to get the fish from was already closed by the time we got there. We might have gotten there earlier if mom had taken another boss that came by when we were waiting for another one. On the way back to the bus stop, she went into a bakery and picked up some bread that they had baked for Sabbath. I picked up another bread that was only a few cents. Lucky me. It's a plat bread sprinkled with sesame seeds. It's way softer than the ones mom picked up. As we were leaving she asked at time the fish place closed. They didn't even know about the one she was talking about, but the guy called up another one that I think he got his fish at, and called to find out when they were closing. He then told us that they were down Lee St. which was just across the street, and that they were number 149. We started at what? 33? So we had a way to walk. We even thought that we remembered wrong, but we went anyway just to make sure.

The whole walk was their neighborhood. For blocks and blocks. We did find the place. I wasn't very impressed. Maybe because it was at the end of the day on Friday. As for the outside of the store. That part could use some help, but for some reason, I think they wanted it that way. The other fish place didn't look like anything at all from the outside.

We got there in time to get some of the last pieces of fish it looked like. Mom got five pieces of salmon and three pieces of white fish. For some reason she also picked up some smoked slice fish. I think that will be for her and Jhodie.

We then walked for another 5-7 blocks to catch another bus that turned onto Franklyn and brought us home. Jhodie was late picking up Nika. When we got onto the bus, mom asked if we, me and her, weren't going to go buy the toilet paper and something else. But I told her that we could just get them at the supermarket. If anything, we just wanted to get Jhodie home so she could get Nika. For some reason, the school lets out early on Fridays. When we got on the bus we were already late. By the time we made it there for her to go and pick her up, she was already 20 mins late. Mom and I went to the store.

Jhodie didn't see Nika and walked home without her. She called us, then went looking for her again at the school, and Nika was right there waiting for her. The girl is blind, and made mommy think that she just went off walking.

We picked up a few things more then what we first intended, but we didn't have basic things to cook with, and we were out of a few others. Sugar, flour and mayo. We got home and Jhodie and Nika waited for Phillys to come home so they could go and get Nika's uniform for school. Mom played a game or two, and I put up all the shopping and cleaned up the kitchen a bit, then started to cook dinner. I steamed the fish that mom got, since she made some fuss about it. Two of the salmon and on of the white fish. Steamed the last of her corn on the cob with some carrots in her new bamboo steamer. I put some water in her wok and stacked them in. It worked nicely. I just wish that I had turned the stove off abit sooner. I burned water along with what ever dripped out of the fish.

Next I did the wild rice. It was three boxes, and the came with season packets. I didn't like it when was finished. It was a bit odd to me. Maybe next time I won't use the packets. I didn't use as much water as the box said, or the full amount of butter. The last time I did that for something else, it was too salty and the rice was too wet.

I finished the pumpkin fritters last. In the end I changed almost everything from the recipe that I printed out to use. I made changes to it, and later I'll post it.

Mom is home so I have to get off the computer. She went to church and now she is back.

I just checked this thing, so it's ok. Mostly ok anyway.


I've been kinda busy when I'm not sleeping.


For a number of days in a row, I've been the one cooking.

Yesterday my mom said that she doesn't know what I was saying when I told her that I didn't cook, when she knows I could.

Well yesterday and the day before I made a pasta stir fry with egg plant, shredded carrots and onions. The first time, that went with left over chicken and some fish that Nika picked out on Monday when we went to China Town with my mom who had the day off.

The next day I did the pasta again to finish it off, but added some spinach this time, and just heated up the rest of the fish, and and the last of the chicken.

Today it was suppose to be Jhodie cooking, but half way though I was left to finish it up. Saltfish with johnny cakes. Now the johnny cakes were going to be a bit different then we normally did it to more or less try out something. The last week we were in St. Kitts we found this lady that had triangle johnny cakes. Jhodie wanted to try and do that, so she did the normal mix for the johnny cakes and rolled it out, then cut them into odd shapes, with a few of them coming out as triangles. She left me to mix a next batch with a few changes. She wanted me to use some more butter and baking soda. I added the three table spoons of flax seed flour myself. They both came out well once I got it going with the heat and the oil in the pan.

I was also left to finish up the saltfish. She did the gravy before she left, but I had to de-bone the fish and flake it and then put them in the gravy and cook it for abit, before cooking out the gravy she left behind. That was easy compared to johnny cake part.

I think everyone liked it. I heard no complaints.

Before mom came home I vacuumed up the bedroom. Last night I looked down at the carpet and I just had too.

Let's back track for bit since I got myself in here for the first time in about a week.

On Monday.

Monday was Labor Day for NY. That means we have a holiday and a big Caribbean type parade on Eastern Parkway, with food everywhere. If we had money we might have hung out there for a bit.

Mom did have some money and was going to get some fish from somewhere, and she thought about getting some smaller fish for Nika from China Town, and she needed carrots for a some cakes that some friends ordered from her.

So the three of us, Mommy, Nika and I went out to get fish and carrots. We didn't really come back with that.

First we got off at China Town, on Grand street for the D train. As you come up, you are next to fish shop with live fish. Then across the street they had some also. Nika picked out a few that she liked, but once we passed them, she was "tired". That just means that she didn't see anything that was fun anymore. She liked seeing the live fish, and this cat that sat outside one of them.

We stopped and watched the fish, and the crabs trying to make a run for it. Nika, the little drama queen, over acted to seeing the live lobsters. While we were out, Phillys had asked mommy to get Nika a school bag since school started the next day. We went looking for a bag on wheels for her. We ended up going thought a part of China Town that mommy hadn't gone though yet. She said that she talked about going that way, but hadn't made it there until now.

We even found this inside mall place right under the bridge that she didn't know was there. Nika got to run around the play ground that was there. That perked her up for the rest of the trip. On our whole walk, we saw moon cakes on sale, but we didn't get any. We did get a few other things. First, when Nika got hungry, we went over to bakery, and mom got her this cheese stuffed thing, and some kind of shaved melon drink. There were some nice things there, but I didn't know how much we could spend, and we didn't know what was in most of them.

We stayed and waited for Nika to finish eating before leaving. Mom and Nika got a seat, but I had to stand next to the door. It was a small place, and it was full when we came in. Nika ate the whole thing. Mom didn't really expect her to eat all of it since she doesn't eat that much at home, but she was hungry and ate the whole thing, and it was kinda big for her size too.

When that was done, we walked out and down the street some more. We checked out a few more places for Nika's bag, but mom said that they still cost too much. Then we found this place that sold snacks and sweets and such. Well I saw something that I was looking for and we went in. They were in little clear plastic boxes with lids. They had the name of what was inside, in english, with how much it cost at a set weight. One had how much this was cost at 1/2 lb, and some had how much it would cost at 1/4 lb and some were by each unit. There was jerky, dried fish, mini candy bars, chocolate rocks, wasabe/wasabi peas, and some dried fruit.

I got the mixed nuts that was more like Asian trail mix, because there was more then just nuts in there, but the covered nuts did make up most of the mix. Nika got some beef jerky. She likes beef jerky. Mom just got bits from all over the place, and a little bit of the wasabi peas. Oh, my nuts were not cheep. I saw $8 on the box, and thought that it was for 1/2 lb. So I asked for 1/2 lb. When the lady was weighing it out, I realized that it said it was for 1/4 lb, so she had to be put back half of that. We left with $10 worth of stuff.

Oh, something else we found out. Most of China Town still runs on cash. So show up with money and not plastic, but incase you do, there are few banks around so you can get some cash.

We left there then turned up a block. There we saw her back back with wheels. We saw a Barbie one a while back, but when I told Nika how much it cost, she said that it was too expensive. I told mom that she know about money from when she had to do stuff to get money and then she had to spend it and realized how much things cost. When she saw this last bag, she was all smiles and said that she liked it. I think that she really does like the bag. It's not all that flashy, and I'm pretty sure that she is the only one that has a bag that looks like that. Mommy doesn't think that the bag will last that long. Well come tomorrow it will would have lived though the first week of school.

We didn't get the bag then and there because mom needed to get money from the bank. There was a Case Bank right across the street, but mom said that they charge too much to use their things, so she was going to walk about 5 blocks to her bank just across from the Washington Bridge. Then walk back and get the bag.

Now, on the way to the bank we walked by a few places. One was a lady selling water. We heard one thing, but when mom sent me back to get two bottles of water for a dollar, we found out that she was saying two warm waters for a dollar or one frozen one for a dollar. So we got a frozen one, after giving her back the two warm ones. My mom also walked into a restaurant supply store and picked up three bamboo steamers that were on sale. She said that she has been wanting some for the longest while. We also got some fresh pumpkin from a guy next to the lady selling to the water.

Now after we picked up Nika's bag, we got the bus to go past the bank we just came from and when we got off, we were back where we started on Grand street. I didn't even know we were there until I walked up to the fish stand. Mom picked up the fish that Nika had picked out earlier, and while they were gutting and cleaning the fish, she walked next door to get some fruit. The tank that had the live fish was now empty. That was quick, and there as alot of fish in there like 3 or so hours ago.

We came back home, but we didn't have any carrots. I tried to remind mom about the carrots, but she seemed to not have heard me, so we had to get them from the supermarket. Mom didn't like the price she saw, considering the price she saw for some in China Town before she forgot about buying some. But it was too late now.

Now, as we were about to walk out the supermarket we saw people running and a bunch of them ran into the store. I honestly thought that someone fired a gun. Some of the people that ran into the store looked scared. One guy said that it was a false alarm and then everyone started to leave. some went back the way they came, out the wrong door, we went out the right way, and someone told mom that it wasn't safe, and she told them that she was going home. It sounded a bit odd, but we walked out, and walked home.

That's about it for Monday. :) I'm off to bed. It's like 2:15 now. I need to go to bed. Mom wants to do some washing tomorrow, then we are off to get her salmon by 10 am that we didn't get on Monday with Nika.

Oh, one more thing before I leave. I'll try and come back to spell check this either tomorrow when my mom is taking a nap, not likely, but on Saturday when she's at church. ***stayed around and checked it. It should be ok... it's 2:43am now....***

Jhodie got hired today. It wasn't a job that she was really looking for, but we need work. She is working at KFC. She will be working night shift, and she will start in a week. That is why I was left to cook. She went for and interview. Next week I'm off to the temp agencies, but if that doesn't pan out, I'm thinking of cleaning train carts for the metro. It's $11 an hour and it's full time.

Wait, that might be a problem. I'm not suppose to work full time. The reason why I'm even thinking about this, is that I will never have to pay for a train or bus ride again while I work for them.

Oh, one more thing, since I'm still up. I was up at 6 something this morning and out the house with mom, after Jhodie and Nika, and just before Phillys to get milk from Target in down town Brooklyn at Atlantic Ave. We were told that we had to be there early since they have the best price for Silk Milk. It's $2 cheaper then everywhere else. So I was walking though their doors at 4 past 8, and they open at 8 am. I was one of three people there I think.

I got two milks, some popcorn and some juices for Nika with a store coupon that I got from their site.

Now for the reason I really came here. I almost forgot about it too.


Popcorn Lungs. I'm sure you might have heard about it, but incase you haven't, here you go. I said all that butter on the popcorn wasn't good for you. Also read the comment at the end, there is something in there too.

September 02, 2007

Walking Home

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