November 29, 2005

The Pics

This is Nika on our way into town today.

It was raining that morning, so we were dressed for the cold and we both had our umbrella.

The next picture is of the bay front from the bay front. Those houses all the way over there aren't houses. That's a hotel called OTI “Ocean Terrace Inn” and below that is somewhere you can go and eat if you have some money and the right occasion. Actually two places to eat. One is just a bit closer to the water than the other one.

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Wish List - Very Short

First on my list.... which might be the biggest one...

New Computer

It's a steal at this price. At least you can get it for yourself if it's way past the time for you to upgrade.

Next, A digital camera. Nothing lower than 4 megapixials please. This one works.

After that, I'm asking for socks and liposuction. *grin*

Is there anything else?... A printer would be nice.

But really.

I just need money. Lots and lost of money. I would like to get the house finished. Pay my cousin some more money so we can have cupboards in the kitchen. Water seal and paint the rest of the house. Inside and out. Have money for use to and get our green cards and for my sister and Nika to go the US. Replace the back door that is barely there now thanks to the things that were done to it back when Pearl lived here. Fix the windows, get a better stove where the oven door really closes, and fix or replace the TVs.

Then I'm back to the list up top. :)

I was suppose to be blogging today about my day. It was a longish day for me, but I didn't do that much different things.

Jhodie wanted Nika out of the house while she cleaned and cooked. So I got the camera and walked into town with Nika. I took about 77 pics in all by the time the battery was starting to run low. I'll be sharing them later.

We came home and I was asked to help Nika clean up her room. I was tried and my hand hurt from all the fast typing that I did last night at work before coming home. I had crammed about an hour of work and typing into 30 mins due to the late arrival of something that I had to post.

Before I tried went to Nika's room I spent like 30 mins trying to get the pics off the card from the camera and failed. My desktop was able to see the card reader, but it couldn't take on the process of accessing the picture files. So I had to go to school to get the pics today. I had tons of space left on the card, I could have just gone again and just keep on taking pics, but I wanted to know which ones came out badly so I could try again the next day, and not wait two days to see what I had gotten. They came out really good actually.

So when I was in the room helping Nika, my hand started to hurt and I couldn't really fold anything well, then I got tired, and just laid down and went to sleep for a bit. They said that they heard my snoring from outside in the back yard, but I didn't really think that I was out for any real length of time, which really means nothing. So that ends there.

Then around sunset I was sent out to the store to get eggs and a kool-aid. Nika was going to try and get a corn curl. It's cheap cheetoes. Well the first store we went to didn't have any eggs or corn curls, so we went to the next one. I got eggs at $1 an egg. I had $6. Nika didn't want to buy the corn curls there. Then she said that she wanted cheetoes from another store a bit further away. I told her I wasn't going over there. So she held on to her money. When we got home I found out that she didn't have enough money for a cheetoes. She had 75 cents, cheetoes start at $2 if you can find it that cheep. The store she wanted to go to charge $3 for theirs.

Jhodie still needed 1 hour more before dinner was ready so I took Nika to work to get the pics off the card and do a few things that I had forgotten or had come up.

One I had to hand in my evaluation form. I was suppose to hand it in 2 Fridays ago. Ya, ouch.
Next I had to file for vacation time. I wasn't going to, but Jhodie is now booked and I have to look after Nika while her school is closed for vacation and Jhodie is out working.
Then I had to let Collin know about some cds that I got from a teacher for him while he was on vacation last week.

So we got a bus to work, and walked over to the aud, and put $2 into the vending machine for her cheetoes. Then we went to the LRC where I hooked up the card reader to the win2000 computer and burned the files off to a cd. I tried looking for a partly used one, but I couldn't find any. Then I filled out my evaluation form, and my vacation form and I was hoping that Collins office was still open since I walked past Tishion who was now sharing his office, but it was looked. So I left everything on my desk and came home with Nika who for the most past stayed in one place.

We got a bus just as we got up to the top, which is good since it was cold out. We got back home to have every thing done except something to drink. Which then reminded me that I didn't get the kool-aid. She just about threw a bunch of things together and it came out ok. It's a good thing we had a can of juice on the shelf.

Then we had dinner.

Hand made everything. The only thing that came out the box

Ok... back.. took time out to let the laptop cool down. It was burning thought my thigh. :)

Scalloped potatoes
Breaded baked chicken
Cole slaw
and Yellow rice.


since I had next to nothing to eat for the whole day I had seconds. Not as much as my firsts, but I had seconds. Jhodie was happy it came out well. The cake got a little bit burned. I didn't get any of that for like 4 hours. Not that I was in a rush. I didn't even remember it was there, and I took it out of the oven.

Currently I'm up later than I thought I would be. I put up what was left of dinner hours ago. It's now 3:27am. I should have gone to bed since 2am. I take too long sometimes then the time just slips away. Those pictures will just have to wait until tomorrow when Nika is at school and Jhodie is at work. I just have to wake up before 11am. At this rate I don't know if I will since tomorrow afternoon we have to go out shopping.

I'll show you one pic before I head in to bed. Also, I'm saving spell checking and such until tomorrow. I once again state I'm out of time.

See ya.

November 27, 2005

Fwd: jhoy Has Shared Photos with You on ACD SendPix

I like this link better.

I made it with ACDSee also, I just pushed the wrong button the first time.

This one will most likly be up a bit longer than 30 days if my boss doesn't find it.

As you can see, I'm borrowing some space on the server.

We'll see ya.

It's 8:22pm now. Nice way to loose time. Making a photo albam.


Fwd: jhoy Has Shared Photos with You on ACD SendPix

Hi ya.

I have pics.

Follow the link.


See the photos here:

Want to share your photos online, too? ACD SendPix photo sharing service is included at no charge in ACDSee digital photo software. ACDSee makes it easy to find, view, organize, edit, print and share your digital photos fast.
Download a 30-day trial of ACDSee 8 today.

This photo album will remain live for 30 days. Click this link for more details on using ACD SendPix.

Other Part Of My Work Space

*grin*... The camera for the ID computer got in on the act.

The ID set up is right next to me.

That's my black bag, some tapes from teachers, and a cd burning machine that I can't use since I lost my tower with the firewire port.

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My New Desk Space

Hi ya.

I got my hands on the camera from a teacher who called for help so I'm sharing early.

Here is a shot of my new desk. I tried to send both, but I don't see the other one here even though I saw it in the code. Oh well.

I took some pics of the school for R.

He was the only one who got back to me on that mass e-mail I sent out before thanksgiving. He once again asked for pics of the school. It's the only thing he asks for. Just like I only ask for socks if someone ask me what I need. I still need socks by the way. :) Size 11 incase you want to get rid of any.

Ok, went back to check the code. It only has one. So I'll have to send the other one by itself.

I'll be posting the pics as a gallery that I have access though ACDSee. :) I think it's cool. Not the best look for me, but it works, and it gave me less hassle then Image shack did to set up a gallery.

Well my sister is back. She called me asking me for the mixer part of the bread maker. Tuesday is shopping day for us.

Oh, since I'm here I'll relay how I got to work today.

What is so hard in getting to work you say? Ever watched "Adventures In Baby Sitting"? Ok, it wasn't that bad, ok no where close, but stuff can happen.

After realizing last night that I didn't have any money on me I came up with a plan as to how get money and make it to work and maybe have a snack or two with me.

The 24 hour gas station has an ATM from my bank. So I was thinking of going there, taking off twenty, spending $8 on something to nibble on, and then catch another bus to school. Then as I'm standing there waiting for a bus to come I started to think that it may not have $20's. It's an ATM at a gas station, and most likely it hasn't been stocked since Friday. What would I do if I went there and I couldn't take out a $20 and I had spent my last $2 to get there?? So I said I should go to town then, but I don't have that much time. Should I chance it and go the gas station anyway? Ok, I decided to let the next bus decide. If one came and it was going to town I would go to town and have a pick of three ATMs to get one $20. If one came and it was going towards school I was going to the gas station and hope and prey that it had at least one $20 for me.

The bus was town bound. So I got on and then hoped that it wouldn’t stop at the main bus stop and take me near to one of the ATM's that was 4 blocks away. It didn't. I walked over, walked back, got on a bus that took off after I sat in it. It was Sunday, so the place was empty, but it also had the feeling of like they had cleaned up after a small mud slide or something. I don't know why I thought that.

With all that I still made it into work just as if I had left my house 10 past and had to wait for a bus. I had left the house like 10 mins early, but on the way back we stopped a number of times for other people to get on when I was on the bus to work.

I'm thinking of taking the camera home with me. I want to take some pics of town. I've been saying that I would for the longest time. It has a big memory card, and I have a feeling that the battery lasts a long time too.

I had to connect a sandisk up to the win2000 computer to get it to work and get the pics off. XP isn't supported for this model. Oh, the sliver and black computer is the xp, and the white one is the Win2000 computer. The black box on top is the DVD burner from Iomega. The cds in front of the computers are the cds for the teacher that I told you about. As you can see I haven't gotten too far, but we all knew that it's going to take some time.

Speaking of cds, I have to get back to them. I want to finish the cd that I'm current working on and at least one more. I'm wondering if I should have my soup today. I'm not really hungry but I am getting cold. I think I'll just hang out in the bathroom again. It’s one of the warm places in the building. *grin*. There aren't that many students here again. Now that I said that I wasn't hungry I start to fell hungry.

Ok… leaving now.

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I didn't go by the lady last night. I didn't go by her this morning either. I'm aiming for tomorrow morning. I was also aiming to have a better idea of what I would be doing when I got there. I still don't.

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep, then this morning when I'm ok enough to fully fall asleep my sister's alarm clock goes off. Twice. I don't know how to turn it off. So the second time I pulled out the power cord. *grin*

I slept in as long as I could. Then got ready for work and left my normal time. I got to work and thought about buying something to eat even though I had rumein at school for when I was hungry. But I felt like eating before 7 today. I ended up spending most of my $10 on a tuna sub. At least it was "healthy" I had it with wheat bread. I lived in download world even while I was trying to shrink those pictures for the teacher. It crashed my XP computer 4 times. I ended up doing it on the win2000 computer that also shared my desk currently. It didn't crash that system, but it did crash the program a few times. What were they thinking?? 25 pics per cd. About 25 megs per pic. They waisted tens of CDs over this. I guess I could say dozens also.

The kid tried to help me, but he got though one cd before be bailed on me 30 mins before his shift was over. At least he got me the sandwich.

The lab was mostly empty again tonight.

Back before I started to get ready for work my sister got around to calling me to let me know that she left my card in one of my dresser draws. I was suppose to go to the bank and get some money, but I thought she took it with her. So I'm going tomorrow so I will have more than $2.50 on me tomorrow. I really have to go. didn't realize that I had that little until now.

Well I just tried to cook. I hate how some soup mixes from Asia smell like fish eyes. *YUCK!* I missed good noddles with soy and seaweed based soup mix. Each I'm sure is good on it's own, and after I cooked them together I'm wishing I left them apart. I hope it tastes ok, I'll have to find something else to cook, or I'm going to bed hungry.

Oh, about the link at the top of all this. I've been using and testing out some of their products lately. They are good. And Last week I found out that they even have a office suit.

You get a month to try out anything, and they priced really nicely.

I left my soup to cool down under the fan over by the couch. Time to go taste my cooking. Prey I survive.

See ya.

November 25, 2005



I felt like adding some colour to my blog today. That picture is just outside the windows of the break out rooms here in the LRC.
It's 4:53pm and I'm the only one here. I get to close up the LRC in about 2 more hours.

I'm going home to and empty house, to get something to eat before I go back over to my neighbor’s house to see if I can fix her cd-rw drive. I'm thinking of seeing if I can find the original drives from Gateway, but I'm not holding out much luck. It's no where near new. I think it has to be at least 4 years old.

I'm not sure what I'm going to eat tonight. My sister made some pesto bread for me with the bread maker today. I'm sure I'll end up making noodles. I did get one slice of bread this morning before I "ran" for work. It's good, but it was normal bread. I'll find out how the pesto one testes tonight.

Today I was left to myself for work. Didn't have much so first I returned some cds to Dr. St. J, then some pics to Alison. I tried to find someone for the security department office to hand in something, but I couldn't find them so I left it in their mail slot in the Admin office.

My day was going fine until Dr. Moura called. She wasn't what turned my day over it was E. E left and went somewhere with out telling she was leaving and locked the front desk computer. When we realized that she bailed, I was sent out to cover the front desk. I did tell you that they are now sticking to having someone at that front desk during normal working hours right?? Well I was out there when Dr. Moura called. She had stuff on a floppy and she went down to the Media Center to use one of the computers there to open it since her new computer didn't come with a floppy disk drive. But it was telling her that the floppy couldn't be read and if she wanted to format it. After wondering in and out of two related subjects I asked her to come down and see if I can open it for her. She has Win98 at home and Win2000 don't like those kind of floppies, but WinXP seems to work around that issue.

So she came down, I came in here with the disks, and low and behold, I don't have a floppy drive anymore. So I tried a laptop that was in here, but it didn't have a floppy disk drive anymore. So the only other WinXP computer that I could have gotten my hands on to get to the information on the disks was the front desk computer that E locked. I didn't want to, but the teacher needed those files. I got the files off without any problems, then about 10 mins later she shows up. She asked her logged her out, I told her I did because I needed to use her computer. Then she raised her voice at me. She was saying stuff as she walked off. I may have said that I needed to use her floppy drive, but I wasn't going to get into and argument with her on the LRC floor, so I just let her walk way. When she got back I came back in here and finished up the work I had found for myself to do, that I was doing over the network while she was off where ever she was.

When Rick came in to mark on the board that he was going for lunch I let him know. He had suggested that I log her out last week when I was asked to cover the front desk again. I was working with a program that was on that computer and the one in here. I told him I wasn't logging her out. I would just wait until I came back in. So I told him how she got mad at me for logging her out, and I told him why I had to log her out. He had a little talk with her, as I covered the desk again 15 or so mins later. At this point I was about the go use the bathroom when he told me to cover the desk so he could talk with her. Then she came back and I told she was going to the Admin office. Ok. I waited. I did some more work over the network. She came back I closed down to go use the bathroom. She got up and said she was going to another department. Great. I waited for her to get back. She got back, sat down and started calling a number. I had 2 more left so I stayed there and finished them off before leaving. She called Collin by accident. She was trying to get Ron she said. Ok. I didn't do anything wrong. She can all and talk to who ever she wanted.

Finally I got to use the bathroom. When I came back I saw Ron in his office. I came back here to do a bit more work on site. I have now posted indicators as to what kind of file you will accessing when you click a link. FlashPaper, .pdf and word are the only three I have. Everything else is either a web page, a password protected webpage, or a picture webpage. The only one that I'm now realizing I haven't done is the portal page. I may put that one off until tomorrow, but then I wanted to start the picture thing for the teacher tomorrow. The one who brought all those cds. He even came by today to see how far I had gotten. I told that I was going to start this week end and I'll have some for him at the end of Sunday. He want's to get a slight jump start on the PowerPoint for next semester.

*Joan Osborne - St. Theresa

I just remembered about doing that when I stopped to rub my cold hands. Listing what song I'm hearing as I type up my blog. *grin*

*Tom Petty - Won't Back Down

Well, I think that's mostly it.

I'm hungry since I haven't had anything since the slice of bread and some egg this morning, and I'm getting cold now. I've done most of the little tweaks for the website. I should go and finish those last two sets of pictures I got from the dorm site. I've just had them sitting there even thou I got the last set on time. This week I didn't get any. I may see them in my mail this weekend, so I'll hold off judgment until then.

What I want to do is attach one more class since I think he said we had until the 27th do them.

*Blake Shelton - Ol' Red

I've gotten though a few of them, but I have like one or two more to just start. I think I'll do that with my last hour and half. This one I can't do the pre-assessments part. I have to go though the whole thing.

*Enya - Bodicea

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November 24, 2005

I've strapped myself in.

Ok, it's 11:41pm. I've come from next where I just went to check in on her system, and I ended up crashing it. It's like my fate recently. Anything I try and update date seems to crash on me. First it was my uncle's router, now it's the cd-rw drive for the lady next door. I do question the presence of an anti-virus program on that computer thou. I'm set to go back tomorrow after work to see if I can get it back for her. At least I fixed a few things on her computer before I came home.

Work was ok. I did forget what day it was, but other than that, it went along fine. At 5 I was starting to wonder why the LRC was empty. Everyone went home, except a few strays, for thanks giving dinner.

Let’s see. I got to work at my normal time. Then I went to see a teacher about a few things. Then I ended up talking to two other teachers and helping them out. I still haven't found who gave me a crio surgery tape. I need to find out who gave it to me so I can include it in the description of the tape. I might have figured out who it is with the help of another teacher, but that teacher wasn't in his office when I went to see him.

I don't really know what I did for most of the day, but I know that I wasn't goofing off that much. I helped a bit with getting some drivers for a reinstall. I talked to that girl from yesterday about her computer again today. I knew it wasn't going to work, so I was ready with an answer that was shot down. She didn't say anything about anyone else, but she wasn't the only one in the house with wireless and her's was the only one not working. I even plugged it into the cable modem to see if I can do an online scan for some kind of virus, but it couldn't get an ip address to get on line. So now I'm telling her to do a repair, then if that didn't work then all we had left to do was a full clean install. First she is going to make a backup of her stuff. I hunted down some icons after I thought of changing the pic I had for e-mail on our site. I ended up changing the ones on the "Tips for using this site" page. I cleaned up the front desk. I had some pop corn around 5:30. But somehow I don't know what I did for like an hour. I did make some other web fixes.

Oh, the pop corn I got from St. Jean. I sneaked it out of his office with his ok when I was leaving.

The guy who took over the night shift came in a little 6. He was at a funeral for his Aunt. He said that he was sorry he was late. I told him I expected him at 6, so it was fine. Then as I was ready to leave, he came in and told me how the ATM stole his money. He went to get $80 and it took it back before he could touch it, but it was taken from his account all the same. He went to the main branch to let them know about and to get his $80 when he told that a lady came in just before him and told them the same thing. She lost $800 that way. I'm guessing it was rent money.

My sister just used tested out the bread maker. It's not bad. From mixing the dough all the way to a finished baked good in an hour. Not bad.

Ok.. I think that's it. I'm off to bed. It's 1:48am now. I may have strapped myself down to writing the blog tonight, but I was still able to set myself free to get something to eat, and a few times I had to lift the laptop up so it could cool off. Or I just flat out stopped typing to watch something on tv.

Well Nighty, night.

Tomorrow night I'll be all alone for two nights. Jhodie and Nika are going to Nevis tomorrow at 4 and they will be coming back Sunday night.


November 23, 2005

Two Ships In Port


I haven't run away. I stayed up late doing a blog for the other day, but was falling asleep typing it.

I have other pics to share, but they are on my home computer right now. My uncle came over and had me take the pics off of his camera and e-mail to him. I have to show him how, even though I'm sure I already did.

Well the pic isn't all that recent, but we have been getting ships in again now. It's that time for us. The Queen Mary 2 should be by soon. It came a lot earlier in the year.

I don't to leave as soon as I thought it's starting to look like. I'll really see when I go to get my green card when they call for us. It seems, so far, that I can go get my papers and green card with my sister then stay here in St. Kitts and finish what I have to finish, then vacation on US soil for a few weeks every couple of months or so.

I'm going to miss Nika and Jhodie. It will be the first time that I will living by myself for longer then a week. Back when Jhodie got pregnant I was upset with her and a friend took her and the baby in for a few days while I calmed down or come to terms with it. Choose the one you want to believe.

In a few months I'll have to go ask a bank for a loan for our plane tickets and such when it's time to go. Nika is going to miss me too.

We haven't told much people about it yet.

Well see ya. I have to go stack paper at the front desk.

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November 19, 2005

Ghost Lab Tonight

It was kinda emptily tonight. For the last like 4 hours the most people that were in the lab tonight at one time was 4 people. Granted I did miss two boys in the corner study room when I was closing up. But that was their own fault. I sent out a closing message 10 mins before I started to turn off the lights.

The oddest thing happened. Well it wasn't that odd, just unforeseen. I had already done everything I was suppose to and was just about to pick up my bag to leave with the cleaners outside in the lab when a student came in and said.

"I know you're closing but can I print this out?" I just lived in amazement for like 3 seconds. Then I said sure. Then I mumbled to myself. We are closed. It was like 10 past already. Just as he sat down I saw a girl leave. She must have come from the bathroom. When did she walk past me? I went behind the desk to put back the key when I was leaving when it hit me. Do students just walk in and use the place when the cleaners are here?? As I'm thinking this a cleaner came and asked me about the student and about other students coming in. I told her that when he was done printing up his thing he was going to leave, and not to let anyone else in unless they wanted to use the bathroom. She told me how she had to already tell a student who came over into the library after it was closed and tried to take a few books. Now I think that I should stay and wait until he's finished before leaving. Granted it was already 15 past, and I'm cold, and I skipped dinner, so I was hungry also. But I waited. I don't want to put the cleaners in anything, and since he was here, and I was here still, I should make sure that he left before I did. So I stayed.

Then I walked up to a still very dark bus stop to catch a bus home. We had a power black out a few weeks back. The light went out and never came back, and no one had looked at fixing it as far as I can tell. I caught one in good time, and got home ok. It was only as we were nearing my stop that I realize that he had buzzers installed so that you didn't have to shout from the back of the bus to let him know when to stop to let you out. I didn't have to use it since I was sitting right behind him, but I wanted to know what it sounded like. It was a very sharp zap sound. I hit the button before my stop at the right time, but he stopped too soon thinking that I wanted off then and there.

I came home and heated up some leftover cookup from yesterday, and my back died on me. I don't know why, but almost as soon as I was in the house and out of my clothes, my back started to hurt me.

Nika was still awake when I got home. She went to bed around 11:40 I think. Jhodie just went in. It's 1:10am now. I have to go to bed soon. I have to be up to look after Nika until Jhodie gets back from work again, but by then I should be starting to get ready for work.

Today she cut it close. She walked in 4 mins until 2. She said that the place she cleaned today was dirtier than normal.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did go to town today with Nika. Jhodie left $20 for me to take Nika to Kidzone. They have small type toys and they have burgers, sandwiches, fries, drinks, and ice cream. We all thought that Nika wanted to go into the bounce room. It was $5 for 5 mins. Nika didn't like it and didn't stay in there 60 seconds. She stayed on a very mini rollercoaster ride instead. She even started to count down before pushing herself off. That ride was only $3 for 5 mins. So the $5 went for that instead. Then she got an ice-cream sandwich, and we left to get her some more rubbers for school. I think the kids at school at stealing them for her, or just flat out weren’t remembering to give them back to her. So we are now telling her not to lend them out to the other kids. So she can keep the ones I just got her.

We made it back just after 1pm. I was hoping that it wasn't too late since I had to get ready for work. If I didn't stopped to eat something, I would have been standing at the door waiting for Jhodie to come home.

Oh, lucky me, my uncle gave me lift to work. He's just seeing the dorms. They are now two stories high. He's asking if it's been so long since he gave me lift over here that he is just noticing them.

What else happened today? Well I got two interesting e-mails. One was work related, and the other was from a very old friend of mine. I sent out a mass e-mail to my friends and picked out a few people to say a few things to and he was one of them. They never send me an e-mail on their own, but at least I know that they do read my few e-mails that I send out every now and again. He just got married. Ofcouse I wasn't told of this pending event, but then I'm not sure I'm even in his address book.

The other e-mail was from my boss asking about a link in clubs. I didn't know what it was suppose to be, but by looking it, I knew it wasn't a real link. I never made that path. So I went looking for what it could be. I found it and couldn't believe that I hadn't erased the links yet. I knew that "club" died years ago. If it's still going, I haven't seen hide or hair of it.

I guess I should say something about this. My sister called me up tonight and told me that immigration had called and notified mommy that our papers are now in Barbados. We will be notified in a few months. I wasn't as happy as I would have been if I had gotten this call say like 7 years ago, if any thing I considered it inconvenient. I have a year and half left to finish paying off my couch set. I have to find someway of getting like $7,000 for traveling. I was planning on asking the bank for the money. But how do I ask a bank for money when I plan on leaving the country for like 2 years.

I don't think that my resume looks that great either. If I can't transfer to Ross in the Jersey office or some part of Devey near where I live I'm going to be jobless, and who knows for how long. I don't want to be unemployed at 29.

Ok.. I'm getting off now. Who knows, I may get a similar job state side working for a college. A teacher who just got back said that I seem to know a bit more than the computer help people at the college he just came from. That's nice, but how true is it??

Going to spell check now.

Ok, spell checked and such and it’s 2:11am now.

I’m going to bed.


November 17, 2005

Long Time No See I Know.

I came by early to blog, but I ended up doing some work somewhere else instead.

Let's see if I can make this a short list.

Two Saturdays ago, I hurt my back by walking half a mile home one night when I thought why not walk it when I had to get out of the bus for someone else to get out. I got home as a shaking, deep breathing, muscle spasming mess. Not as bad as the time I walked home from town and up a very large hill to get KFC for my sister as the buses stopped running, but it hurt. I might not have hurt myself that much if I wasn't moving boxes earlier that day at work. They had taken everything up off the floor because the floor was going to be cleaned 6am Saturday. I felt like I had to put some of it way that day, and my back held up fine even though I almost dropped a printer. I should just have left them now that I look back on it. So what if I saved the guy from having to climb up on a chair and take down a print toner from 10-12 feet up. They were stacked on the counters.

Sunday I got off the bus as close to my house as it could get. At work earlier that shift I was coughing a bit. I knew a cold was coming. Oh, remembered something else. Our router died at 3am when I was going in to bed. I had the computer set to finish download something, but when I looked over at the modem, the lights weren't blinking. I checked it and it was dead. It took another day or so of banging it after doing all the reboot and software things I knew. We have to get another one. Great.

Monday I felt fine, I even went to pick up Nika from school. I think she told Jhodie that she wanted me to come and get her. I walked into the school. It's not like a closed building in the US. I walked though a gate, pass one class room on the first floor, walked across a paved patch of land to her class room on the other side. I looked in the class room, and the kids, who I didn't know, were asking from their seats if I came for Nika. She got her stuff and walked out the classroom, and we walked home together. Even if it was only a block.

Tuesday my cold started to set in. Only two things happed that day that was worth remembering since I only really remember two things. One, I went to use the laptop in the bed room to watch some anime. I don't remember what it is now. Second, when I was trying to watch this anime, I got a call from a teacher looking for home computer help. Some how he locked his newly acquired laptop that runs winxp home. I had to look how to do that on this laptop. The laptop wasn’t taking any passwords that it was being given so they called me up to get it off or to restart it. They also found out that I was sick this way. His wife thought that I was home from work because of the cold. I just let her know that I already had the day off.

Wednesday. I had my sister call in sick for me. Ofcouse that day I got e-mail at work. I checked my mail that night, but I didn't answer any of it back. I was going to say to some of them that they will be posted the next day when I got in. I also had a meeting that day with the shrink on the website for Ross Events. I was sick so I wasn't going to talk work to anyone.

Thursday I seemed a bit worst. I thought that I was going to work that day. I really did. I was up until 2:30am, I cleaned up a bit, I was felling better. Then I woke up. The cold was attacking my throat, and I had headaches. I would cough then cry out in pain, then there was the headache. It came to me later in the day, like 6pm, why was I suffering from headaches. Don't they have pills for that? Oh ya, pills don't work on me. By 7 or 8 I was starting to feel ok again. But in the off chance that I woke up and something else plagued me, I told Jhodie to call in to work and tell them that she was keeping me home against my will because I was still ill, and could get someone at work sick. I really didn't want to call in another day sick. She had gotten me some halls which helped. Now I remember. I have some in a draw at school. I could have used one today.

Friday I went in to work. I was ok, but still played off the fact that I was still sick but I came into work because I had to. One girl who had sent me e-mails over the past two days came in to see why I hadn't made the web changes that she had sent me. After I told her that out sick for two days and she started to turn around and said that she hoped I felt better soon. She's nice. She's the girl that I help setup the website for Hill's with. We then had a bunch of e-mails going back and forth for the next two days trying to get a few things sorted. Which just reminded me of something I need to do tomorrow. I may have to send myself an e-mail about it. (didn’t have to, and got it done)

Saturday and Sunday. I don't really remember. I'm not sure what I did. I remember the weekend before, but not much about the one that just passed. I know I had noodle soup one if not both nights. I'm sure I was cold. Oh.... End of Friday I was told I was being re-arranged. ?? They hired a new guy and they were shifting people around. Friday was mostly moving day. Tishon moved over to the other room with Collin. One of the J's moved where he was, I was able to get another desk and went to the other side of my desk. I thought that the desk I had was going to be taken out. Na ah. It was just given to the new guy. I got two desks and placed on the back side of that desk. I got more desk top space and no one coming into the room and see my screen off the bat. Which helps when I'm not doing work when I should be, but I'm pretty good at getting most of my work done before goofing off.

On Saturday I finished my move. I had emptied my draws on Friday, but I left moving the computers and monitor and such until Saturday. I was hoping that I didn't hurt my back doing it. I came out ok.

Sunday... no real clue what I did.

This past Monday was shopping day. Thought we did good, until I got home and my sister told me not to kill her over the lights bill. Now in her defense, the lights company was behind in sending out bills and sent out three or so bills in one month, so now we owe over $600. I almost did kill her until she reminded me about them being behind in sending out the bills. But $600?? Great, just great. Anything else? At least I think we are current with water and cable. Oh, the shopping bill wasn't as low as I would have liked. Like it ever is? Nika got a bunch of board games out of it. Just at Rams we spent I think $379. But that is for 3'ish people for 2 weeks.

Tuesday I don't think I did much. Jhodie had a job, but she had cramps and is going this Saturday instead. Oh, just remembered, I fell asleep early when watching Cash in the Attic on BBC America. I then woke up 3 hours later on my own from mosquito bites. I came out to the living room to see Jhodie asleep on the couch. I stayed up and watched some anime. One Tenchi movie, and the AMV of Emma. I started to watch the other Tenchi movie then I saw that it way too long, and it was already after 2pm. So I called it quits and went to bed since I had work the next day.

Wednesday, I was suppose to go to the clinic since I was sick last week Thursday when I was set to go, but I left to late to get there and get to work at a good time. So I just went to work instead. I stopped off at the shrink’s office to set up a time today for use to meet and get that bit of web work out of the way. We agreed on a time, then I came down and read my mail. I had to cover the library’s front desk because they were having a meeting. M would have covered it, but she's taking care of her new baby.

I don't like doing it. I'm so afraid of messing things up, but I did good. I just had to call up the shrink asked to have the time changed. I helped out a number of teachers that day. Some of that help is spilling over until this weekend.

Today I did more web work. I tried to work on a movie project that I got from a teacher, I may work on it again tomorrow. I burned a cd of ppts for a teacher after I shrunk them down so they could fit on the cd. I have to go give it to him tomorrow. I also have a stack of tapes to return to another teacher. I also worked on a laptop for a student. I didn’t waste much time trying to fix it since she was prepared to have it re-installed. I tried to do a repair instead to save her the hassle of putting everything back and such, but the problem wasn't fixed. I'm starting to think it was her hard drive. She may need a new one.

It's now 2:08am. I have to go pack up the rest of dinner. Putting some up for me to take to work tomorrow, and head in for bed for the last day shift of my work week.

My sister said that she was going to sweep my floor for me today, but I came home to see half my room changed. Now I have make space on my bed for me to sleep tonight. She also left the dirt from my room in the hallway for me to clean up. This morning she woke me up by blasting Disney songs. I came out to turn it down when "Under The Sea" from the "Little Mermaid" was going.

Well that is that I guess.

Yes, it's very riddled with bad, bad spelling and I'm sure I missed more than a few grammar mistakes. I'll fix them tomorrow when I have a break at work. It's just too late to do that now. Sorry.

Night, or morning. Whichever you like.


Ok, I came back and corrected.

See ya.


Are You Cooking For Thanksgiving?

Just incase you were looking for something new this thanksgiving.
To Ronald and Raju I don't have a cell phone, and I really don't want one. You can take me off of your sms list.
To Vasquez, didn't forget your birthday, just didn't around to sending you anything for it. Sorry. So, 38 yet? How old were you when you left here??
Hello to everyone else.
Misty I'm still waiting for your wedding pics.
Cat I'm looking forward to yours. Tell Brent Hi for me.
I still miss all your hair Gregg.
and I still miss the rest of you guys.
Once in a while I see people and think it's one of you.
Well take care.


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November 07, 2005

Transparent Screens - a photoset on Flickr

Stumbled over this today.

Not typeing much today. I have a cold and a headach.

I thought it was and ear infection earlyer, but I'm mostly convinced that it's just a cold with headach now.

Have fun.

Transparent Screens - a photoset on Flickr

November 04, 2005

My day was kinda full... How did I let that happen??

First you arrive 20 mins late.

I left the house a little earlier than yesterday, and I had high hopes of getting to work by 15 past, but I got a lift. What about the lift? The lift stopped off at their house for something. I'm sure she didn't stay anymore than 3 mins, and I was already late, so I have right to say anything bad about her for doing what she had to do. I think I get away with coming in a bit late because I don't take an hour for lunch. I don't really leave for lunch. The longest that I have ever gone missing for lunch is 30mins.

Back to my slow, nail bitting, full, with few things to do day. *grin*

I had no real e-mail today. ooohhh.. E-mail... brb.....

"Please be advised that the cost of electricity will be increased by 58% on your November bill as advised by the Electricity Department. This will be called the fuel charge. Please be guided on your usage accordingly..."

Do you believe that?????? How ?? I pay between $110 and $150. Tack on 58% of that back on to the bill and I will have to cut something. I got this mail at school from the housing lady who finds out these things and is contacted by such persons to pass it on to the rest of Ross.

Are They Insane?!?!?!

Back to work...

I had a meeting today with the school's shrink. The shrinks that we have had at Ross have always done more than shrink things. Well this one is helping out with getting the school accredited, so she is guiding me in the making of a few more web pages that show off events that the school has or takes part in.

Well, before she showed up at 2pm, she came early by the way, she sent me another event to add to the website. So I started to work on that to have it mostly done for when she showed up. Then I ran into a problem with how I was making the gallery part of the page. So I had to go back to the program I was using before, and after I had most of it under control and only had like 40% left to do, she showed up with her corrections.

While I was working on the new information and getting software and installing it and figuring out how to get it to look like the ones before, I was asked to re-pair the photo id computer activation code. That called for an window xp repair that would leave your settings and installed files intact. It finished up around 3:30 or so. There was one or two hiccups after we logged in, but once it was restarted it worked fine. A girl had showed up before we started to tamper with the computer to get a replacement ID. She also wanted to retake her pic.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but for some bizarre reason most of the girls think that their face is too big, that they look bad. I look at the pics and think, if I only had the money to look like them.

Well, the camera decided to stop talking to the ID software at that time, so she bailed for class. Never made it back as far as I can tell, and I tried to have it working by the time her class was out too. Oh, well. At least the teacher from the day before got his ID this afternoon.

I went to see Ms. Cummberbatch, but she was having a meeting then she was gone. I had my packed lunch that was dinner the night before, then I covered the front desk until closing at 7pm. I still bumped into a few students who have yet to read our signs and thought that I was open until much later. One spoke of 9pm. 9pm?? We have never have had that as a closing time. It is the time we open on the weekends, but that is just about it.

So as you can see up until 4pm I was busy. Then I did work flavored things. I tried to get a working psp for my computer inside. The one I was testing out decided to stop working on me when I was doing a few corrections with the shrink. Then I tired to understand a few things about Photo Shop 7 I think. Then I re-did some settings in Dreamweaver.

Then Jhodie showed up with Nika, who was hyper as always when she comes to see me at work. Rolling the chairs around, climbing up in the chairs to get to the computer and talking very loudly. We caught one of the newish buses home, then after we got home, Jhodie told me about Nika's day.

She was mad. She is mad. She will be mad when Monday comes around she goes to talk to the school about it.

Today was some kind of free day/play day for the school. No one told Jhodie, there was no phone call, there was no note, nothing. She found out when another kid from the school told her. The last time they had this, which was like a month or so a go, the students just went with to school in normal cloths, and the were given food and played. That didn't really happen this time.

No one made sure that all the kindergarten kids got something to eat, and they had games that you paid for. Also, you could have bought food, but Nika had nothing. So had gum. GUM! She chewed gum and another girl paid for her to get on two of the rides there. Nika is going though another grow spurt, and she eats now, and she had nothing for 8 hours. 8 HOURS! What are the teachers there for?? Two of them for her class, and they couldn't check to make sure that they all had gotten lunch???????

I wasn't mad as she told me, but as she went on and on, it did start to make me bad. .... and now I'm trying to calm down about it. It's already past, Nika is ok, and Jhodie will have a word or two with them on Monday.

Lost my fancy keyboard today. Didn't even get to have it for a whole shift, but I didn't think that I was going to keep it. I asked the kid why he even tried to talk her out of her key board for? He said that it didn't look good with everything else. It was white, everything else was black. I laughed when I heard that as I was bent over a chair digging thought a box of keyboards looking for one to fill the empty space on my desk. I was hoping to find the other one we had. I knew that we had more than one. Then I took a normal black one when I remembered who had the others. Rick had one and Collin had the other one. I asked Collin for one like that, and he said that, that shouldn't be too hard. Are any on the island? Was his only question. I think McPenny's has, but I have to call them to find out.

Did I mention what we had for dinner last night??

Baked chicken, baked slices of eggplant, baked breadfruit, red peas and rice, cole slaw, and soursop drink. I added my milk to my share, and she had normal milk in hers. Nika didn't like it, I think.

That I had for lunch today, and for dinner tonight without the chicken. I saved some chicken from last night to have for lunch but that was it. It tasted great all covered in breadcrumbs. Yum.

Ok... I'm going to watch Ballroom Boot camp, then it's off to bed.

See ya.

Boot camp is over now and that “Ying Yang Thing” is now on. I just want to see how it ends. I already saw the start of it earlier tonight.


C1 Anime - The Anime Revolution

To my disapointment, I have learned that I have already downloaded and watched the last ep of Honey and Clover.

There are suppose to be two extra special eps, but they haven't been posted yet, and my never be for all I know.

So if you haven't seen this anime, and like normal anime about eveyday life with a few flooring laughs thown in, check it out.

Now I'm not really sure what web page you will be getting. So I'm going to post this, check the link and finish up how to get to the page that has the torrent files for you to download.

Now if you don't know what a torrent file is, or how to use it just look for and download a program called BitSpirit.

C1 Anime - The Anime Revolution

Ok, it took you to the main page.

On your left you will see a few list. The second one down is a list of compleated anime. Click on the one labled Honey and Clover, and you will be given a new middle page that list all the torrents.

Oh... here is that link for BitSpirit.

November 03, 2005

This is Nevis.. a bit in land.


I saw this the other day and I was going to send it to you, but my day just ended without me sending it off.

So now I'm sending it. I was doing something when I found these... I have like 3 or so more. Sandy gave them to me a while ago to level themout. I don't know what he was hanging out of when he took me, but I got very slanted pics. It was a good thing that a few days before I found out how to level pics out. :)

Ok, it's now6:36pm here. I'm cold, getting hungrey again, and I'm tired.

Jhodie just called to let me know that they aren't coming to see me home again. Nika most likly really tried right now. She use to be up at 7am, and waking us up. Now as of this last week, we have had to priy her out of bed, and she's falling asleep earlyer. I guess school is tiring her out alot.

Maybe I can get a short game in of something before heading home.

They did ask me to help the new guy with installing some drivers and such before I go home, and I did. Now it's time for me to go home. ... "fast forward time to 7pm."

Collin called, then showed up, I helped with one more install, now I'm leaving.

Night all. Posted by Picasa

I have internet again.

I'm slightly marking this day, should have been yesterday really, with an interesting recipe.

Yesterday we got a new cable modem. Why did I get a new cable modem? Because two days before at 1am my old cable modem burned out on me.

The really good thing that I didn't expect at all, was that the cable company gave me a free replacement. Since that wasn't suppose to happen and we had it plugged into a surge protector, it was deemed faulty and replaced. Cool. :)

But we had to spend one night without internet. They couldn't replace it the next day for some reason. Interesting way to get me to clean up the kitchen don't you think??

I'm trying to talk my sister into writing up her recipes and I'll make a page just for them and link it back to the blog, but I haven't pinned her down yet, or dragged her away from her stories site to type one line yet. But I will make it happen.

Work related.
Not bad. Got into work earlier yesterday than I did today. I'm wearing one of my new skirts that my sister brought down for me. My long black one that I wanted to wear I couldn't. I forgot that it was a lint trap, and the sticky roller couldn't take any of them off. I have it sit and pick at it. I just have to remember that I have to do that, or I will never be able to wear that skirt again. :(

I helped out with out photo ID computer that has been down for weeks. It could have been finished yesterday if we had read the manual. :) ya. We went though 5 video capture cards, and would just tell us that it couldn't find a Twain device when we told it to get a pic.

I stayed back late trying to get it to go, and today we found out that all we had to do was tell the program what kind of video feed it was going to get. Collin will stop kicking himself tomorrow.

Yaaa...!! What am I so happy about?? I just upgraded to an ergonomic keyboard. :) Now I have to type right, and stop reaching for the b with my wrong hand. :) I can touch type, so it won't be that hard. I just have to get over the fact that I'm not using a flat keyboard anymore and my b now belongs to my other hand. *grin*

Ok. The time is now 4:56pm. In about two hours I'll be out of here, and Nika and Jhodie are coming to pick me up.

Earlier I was starving. I had some porrage at like 9:50am. I didn't think it was that early. I was so hungry, that I paid $10 for a turkey sandwich. I wanted tuna, but they were out. I didn't want egg for plane reasons, and I can't eat ham or cheese. So I paid $10 for something I would have paid $2 for back home in Brooklyn. Oh well. At least Jhodie said that she was cooking for sure tonight. *grin*

Ok, I think that I should get going now.

See ya.

Oh, I'll be showing off a picture later.

Recipezaar: Where the recipes are.