December 25, 2008

I'm Bumbed, I'm Upset,...

I've lost my yahoo mail account. :( I think.

I tried to log into my mail today and no go. I tried and tried, and tried to get my password changed or something until my account was locked for 24 hours.

I hope that it was/is a glitch for yahoo. I couldn't see "My Yahoo" page either.

But if not, then I'll either be moving to my old yahoo account that I haven't used in over 7 years, or my hotmail account. For those of you who know me, and once in a while talk with me, I'll make it easy for you. The name is the same as my yahoo mail, but instead of, change it to

Hey Marty, I'm glad that you are reading this. If not, I'll be calling you in a few days.

I didn't even turn the computer on to check my mail at first, but I always check my mail. Always... I feel so wrong right now not being able to see the 6 mails I have. I'm half logged in to yahoo. On the main page I can see how many new mail I have, but that's it.

My yahoo messenger can't even log in.


December 16, 2008


I went to the movies

I saw "The Day The Earth Stood Still". I've seen the origanl one from back in 1951. When It came on TV, I thought that it was time I watched it, so I knew what it was about. I have been hearing about for years and didn't know what people were talking about.

I did compared both as I watched, and I have no real objections to the new one. It had to be updated a bit for now, so I recommend this one.

And you know it takes a lot for me to like a movie, never mind recommend it.

I wish I had a good camera on me. It snowed most of the night off and on. I passed up some good shots. But when we got to Macy's I decided to try and take some of the window displays. It was nice. One or two are interactive, and we got some people to try them, by doing them ourselves.

Oh, you may notice that I've been saying 'we' for a while. Hayden made it to the movies with me after all, and after wards we went to Harold Square and there is where Macy's is and where were I took the pics. After that we took the Q train home. I transfered at Prospect Park, he went on ParkSide while I took the S train back to Franklyn. When I got out I had to make sure to walk without slipping. The snow wasn't deep, but it made it slippery.

I got home after 10pm.

I was a good thing that I got out that day, because now I'm pain. My cycle is back and I've been in bed this whole day after the lady next door calls at 6am to say that she wasn't bringing the girl over today because she was off from school.

You don't tell people this at 6am! I, for what ever reason, decided to stay up last night for her, and this is when she tells me and my scrachy eyes. *not happy once again*... and she thinks she did nothing wrong. Oh, and before you think she didn't have a chance before to tell me, she saw me leave for the movies and lent me her metro card so I wouldn't have to get one for the night.

Well enjoy the photos, and I'm going to see about feeling like... well this bad.

December 07, 2008

Chapter 45 compleated

I've now finished writing chapter 45 of my yet to be named yaoi fanfiction.

This last chapter was a long one. Six whole pages. And I mean whole. I started at the top of a page, and I ended at the end of the page. I think it's the longest I've been written in a while.

I have not slept yet and it's 8:19am, and I think that I'll be going out instead to do run for my sister. So she will be doing the dishes that have looked at me all night.

The last page and a half of the story is a very nice lemon. I don't know why they call it that, but it's what you call a sex scene, I was just going to make it a lime but I went all the way and made it turn yellow. I think I did a good job of it too.

I take that back... now that I really think about, only one of them got off by design, so I guess it could be called a lime still.

Now, even though I say that I'm finished. I still have to re-read the whole thing back over to make sure I catch the dumb mistakes that I made, and change the wording around of something or things that didn't sit well with me.

I'm hoping to have this finished up come the end of the month. A nice gift for the new year ha? :)

Well I think that I might wash some dishes before leaving the house. I want to finish watch the movie before getting dressed.

This is my first post that goes to all my blogs. :) Cool.

See ya next update.

December 05, 2008

Misty Stricks Again.

I know I haven't talked about my friend in a while, well, she sent me this today.

I just had to share.

I'm amazed how well done it is.