September 29, 2011

Nearing The Weekend

Well for the whole week I have been getting to school between 12pm and 2pm and drawing. Until yesterday it was for one class, which I didn't finish by the way. But besides not finishing, he didn't seem other wise displeased by it.

From yesterday I started on the other class that I have a very large amount of drawing to do for. I showed up around 2 today because I didn't have a class tonight. It was canceled. I have yet to read anything and I've got 4 chapters and questions for each chapter to complete. :(

Tomorrow I'm going back in and working on what I left off on. I think I an really going to have most of it done tomorrow, so I can switch back to the other one before I leave. The other one I'm hating. The one I have to start on. I hate stairs. Hate them. But I have to design some in the craftsman style.

I have to get there before 12 tomorrow because the school closes early on Friday, and they will not be open on Saturday. So I can't do any morning drawing. This is when I'll be doing my third drawing class work. Perspective, angle, shadows, and entourage times 2. I have to do over what I did last week. My angles/perspectives were off for some things.

Well, besides drawing and getting..'lead' on my hands, I got a new bag to hold my stuff in. The last one had holes in it and my lead holder almost fell out. Odd name. It's a mechanical pencil for architects. :) I shared my coupons for subway and Burger King. Yesterday I got a 6" sub, drink and chips for $3. Today I got a foot long for $4.70 or so. Under $5. Tomorrow I'm going to use my last $1.99 coupon. I will pay $3 after taxes but it's still great.

I also walked into a class I already took to see what was going on to rest my eyes. I'm going to need glasses soon. Since the end of last semester I knew it was going to happen. I can see, I just can't look at somethings for long and using the scales, you call them rulers, tend to make it worst.

Either way, I think the class sizes are down. But in most of our classes we hear all our teachers saying that we are their biggest class ever. We ranged between 12 and 19. I had my first small class this semester. In Rendering Class with the angles shadows and such. We have 7 people. The class I hung out in had 6.

Anyway, I'm home now. I'll have to get up at 10 so I can be out by or before 12pm. I will need the whole afternoon to make it look like I worked on the something. next week I'll have to start showing up at the school at 10 am or earlier. Not looking forward to that. ... I stayed back to school didn't I?

Skype. I'm on skype. I was checking it out for my mom since she is going to Canada tomorrow, and with calling people she needs a cheep way to do it and AT&T doesn't do cheep for Canada never mind roaming. I wish there was a way to turn off 3G like how you can turn off wireless.

Well I got her an account and I'll remind her about putting money on it before she leaves. I'll have to have my skype while she's gone so she can call the 'house'. She is also taking the iPad with her. So no more school access for me. I need to get some songs to add to my play list now.

A whole month! :( Yes I'm upset about loosing the iPad for that long. It's great for research. :(

September 26, 2011

Now I'm on my way home to do it again it again tomorrow.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T
I did it. I'm out the apt and on my way to school.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

September 25, 2011

New Last Stop Over the weekend.

The Q is acting odd. I left home alittle later than I wanted. Remembered that trains run at different times on the weekend and now the trains that I chose are acting odd. I'll get to school in time to collect my sketch book and nothing else.

September 24, 2011

Interesting… afternoon

I have no real right to call it an interesting day since the morning only saw my sleeping until 10am when my alarm went off for me to take my pill, which I ended up taking 2 hours later than I should have.

Either which way. You know of my plan to get to school and how that went south.

The interesting part starts when I went to exchange my new sketch pad that I got from the art store for $16. Lucky me I still had my receipt in my little purse, so it was ok to exchange it. I also looked at some colour pencils. The expensive kind. I had already gotten some, but they weren’t good enough.

While I was giving the attendant a headache over the ones I wanted to take or, and needed, another person from my school showed up to get something also.

I ended up getting a refund on the $16 on my credit card and paid for the odd bits I picked up with cash. I had money on me. I thought I might have had some. I just didn’t look to make sure I still had it for when I need it. Now I have to go forget again. Smile 

Well after that, there was the other colour pencils that I had to return to OfficeMax, but on my way there I decided to swing by Walgreen to see if they had their ink refilling machine fixed. But on my way there, I decided to swing by this indoor market to get some raisin bread, but when I got there, I didn’t see the market. They seemed to have been moved to Sundays. Today it was some kind of rally to get Trader Joe’s to pay farmers 1 cent more per pound for their veggies.

They seem to be one of the last hold outs to this … plan. Other stores have already agreed and are doing it. They were to even have a march at 4pm. I didn’t plan on being in town that long and I don’t really march on anything. I thought it was something that I they would have been doing already if not one of the first, so I signed my name to something that they had there, and wished them luck before moving on.

On my way to Walgreen again, after a 2 block detour, I ran into or should I say saw a peaceful march. I wanted to cross the street, but the light was against me. So I stood still and they quietly marched past me. After they left, I kinda wished that I took a pic of them. It was something about Yemen. 

Then I just made my way back the way I came, and onward to Walgreen. There I was told no, to the only question I had for them and should have left, but I stayed to look at the 50% off cart that was right in front of that counter.

It mostly looked like stuff for the Wii, but I was hoping to find something interesting. What I got was a guy wanting to hold my hand. Odd I know. He was nice. It started out with wanting to see how long my fingers were and how big my hand was and we matched palms and ended up lacing our fingers a few times.

It was odd, like I said, but also nice. He was nice. I know I said that before. Well he complemented me on my fingers and hands, and just before he left, he asked me what perfume I was wearing. I know, old line, but we were quite close, he would have been able to smell it on me.

I was thrown and came back with and old and normally right answer. I don’t wear any. It was afterwards that I realize that I did put some on, but I haven’t a clue what the name of it is. I just took one that my mom had. I’ll have to take the bottle with me when it’s out to replace it. Smile 

Well I ended up walk out of the building with him and as luck would have, we were kinda going in the same direction. He was going to the long island rail road and I was headed to BestBuy and office max.

Just before we parted ways, he asked for my number. I am shocked once again and told him that I would be busy with school. As we parted ways I regretted not giving him my number or getting his.

He was nice. We could have been friends. Talk to each other once a month or something. We got along well. Now I want it to be known that I highly commend him for taking a chance and talking to me the way he did. It worked. It honestly did. I was just so surprised at someone talking to me, and in such a nice way, that I reacted poorly.

I wish he had asked for my number again. I would like to think that I would have given it for him. That way once he got back from Long Island he could at least have told me how helping his friends move turned out.

Well I’m never going to see him again. That is one of the down sides of living in such a big place. If this was back home, we would have just said where we could have been found before running off to where we were going, and just asking around would have gotten us to find the other person again.

I also feel bad that I don’t remember his name. I was just really embarrassed that my nails weren’t as clean as they could be. But I was very happy that he didn’t seem to notice.

So I walk on. All the time thinking that I could go and catch up with him, but I still had this wild notion that I would be able to still use my transfer to get back home.

I go up to BestBuy, and pay them before walking back out and going to OfficeMax that was down stairs. I ran into a few little issues. Well I didn’t. The lady doing the return kept hitting the wrong button which would have her re-entering the barcode number and my card’s number a number of times before she got it right.

Then I walked over to bus stop and waited for the bus to show up, which wasn’t long. We were almost waiting for the same light at different corners. I got to the bus stop just in time.

The rest of my trip was mundane. Then I checked my mail after getting home and eating some left over. Chase took $12 out of my account for some fee that I don’t know about, since I haven’t used in over a week since I was down to $11.09. So I moved $20 over from my savings. I hope that saved me from any penalties. I was only in the negative for 91 cents.

But this is Chase we are talking about. So after I moved the money, I sent them an e-mailing asking what the $12 fee was for and if I had to pay an over drawn fee on 91 cents.

The over draw happened at 6 something this morning, so since a whole day didn’t go by before I fixed it, I hope that means a no, but I won’t know for a while.

Now I’m going to give my attention over completely to watching Star Trek on BBC American. Smile 

Yeah. We got it and new ep of Dr. Who tonight.

Almost 2 pm

See what time I got there? Do you see?!.. :( at least I got my sketch pad.

I'll just have to make up my mind to get here before noon for the whole week to get me drawings done on time.

September 23, 2011

Going Home In The Rain

Rainy days make me sleepy, but I had to go to school. I was suppose to be there drawing yesterday, Wed morning really, but I wasn't feeling well.

Well I got about an hour of drawing in before 5 when they said they would be closing. I will have to get here like 11am tomorow. They close at 2 and if anything, I need my sketch pad from my locker so I can do my home work for Monday's class. So much drawing. :(

I was crying last semester that I had two drawing class, and now I have 3. :( I'm Insane. 

September 16, 2011

The Week Is Over...

As in I don't have class on Fridays. Which is great for when you need time to do your projects.

I have three 'drawing' classes and one book/reading class this semester. There was a slight hiccup with one of them. They had me written down for design 2 class and I had never laid eyes on the first one yet. It turned out to be a good thing that class one and two were combined this semester.

I have something of a drawing to post from my first class, just hate showing how bad it is. My first teacher doesn't think that drawing, in and of itself, is talent. The talent comes from choosing what to draw and how you want to draw it. Since I still suck at drawing, I don't really believe him.

Since I didn't have a class today, I made myself write on the last chapter of 'Together'. I wrote just over 3 pages in one go. Before I went to bed, I fought the urge to end the chapter there and start a new one.


Since there will be no extra chapters, it will be about 7 or so pages by the time I'm done. I had one page finished when school started, and I hadn't touched it since I posted the last chapter last week. So now I'm up to 4 pages. I should have it finished by the end of next week. That reminds me. I have to go post the next chapter over at FF . net. I'm behind there. I wanted to post every other day or so there. So I'm back by 5 or so chapters.

I'm rendering now, like I was doing last night. I said that I was going to try for this week's fractal contest over at DA. Two weeks back I had made three to pick from, but I forgot about the dead line and didn't post anything in the end. I'll set an alarm this time to make sure I don't miss it. :)

I just got back from BestBuy. I went to take back a keyboard that my mom spilled water into. I found the last one to exchange it for, but I didn't have my photo ID on me, so I couldn't leave with it. So I have to be there by noon to get it, or it goes back on the shelf.

Well here is to the weekend and the homework it brings.

Oh, my brother is back for a while, so he wants to go out with me. So I think I'll be out a bit Sunday night watching a movie with him. It's only because he won't be here for 3 years when he leaves again in a few weeks.

Later people.

September 01, 2011

My Laugh for the day.

This video cycling screen saver is on my mom’s side of the computer, and like always, she just walked away from it.

Well the screen saver comes up and I saw this, and just laughed. :) It was just funny to me. And it’s sweet enough that a lot of people would like it.


Yeah It’s Been A while.

Firstly, I didn’t loose power, or got flooded, or was scared out of my wits by the high winds.

Secondly, I barely felt the earthquake. It was all the way down in VA, but I did feel it. It was news even though half of us didn’t feel it at all. I just wish I heard some news coming out of that state as to how bad it was for them. For me it was a wobble.

A wobble that I hoped didn’t mark the lack of will the building had to keep standing. I got my attention because my bed felt like it was imitating water. I got up, and put something on incase I had to run out, but as I finished, it stopped.

Then I forgot about it until the lady from next door came over making noise like the world as at an end and complaining that she can’t reach anyone on the phone.

I called my mom and it said that the network was busy. So I told her that, and went back to watching tv. She continued to go on and on over it. I tried to block her out as much as I could.

Thirdly, said woman came over, caused issues, then threatened her kid over something, and that just sent my other two sisters over it. Even my mother told her that if she hit that child for asking to play with my niece, she would hit her.

There was so much screaming going on in here. I wouldn’t be surprise if the other apts stopped and paid attention to what was going on over here. And then, one of my sisters, who really, really doesn’t like anyone beating kids at all, was really, really not happy with what she was saying so she called the cops on her.

Mom did not like that at all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so upset ever. She didn’t think that the lady (K) would have really hurt the girl. The cops showed up. K called another (friend), and she called mom, and mom goes on a titrate again, so the sister that called the cops went out and said something to kinda make it go away. They just told her she shouldn’t be making such calls when the city was getting ready for the storm.

Oh… fourth adventurer, I went out in the ‘storm’ before it really hit. I went to and old school friend in his new place. So new it only had pop corn and liquor in his pantry. Smile and he expected to cook me lunch. Well he did mange something with a box of pasta, some box of crushed tomatoes and a brussels sprouts. Smile It was good, but I think next time we will eat out. Smile 

We then walked home in the rain. It wasn’t raining when I told him I was heading out, but he said that he wanted to walk me home and he felt like getting out. After he fixed his bed with way too many covers and took a bath, it had started to rain. I’m glad that I brought my big umbrella. Smile 

Well have to give the desktop up.

Later. Smile

Oh, one last thing. I’m like a chapter away from finally ending my Inuyasha yaoi fanfic. Smile Three years. I have been at this for over there years.

I’m posting chapter 81 tonight over at